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Ep. 574 Is Our Government for Sale?

2017-10-23 | 🔗
In this episode -   Incredibly ironic that the “Trump-Russia” investigation is evolving into a “Democrats-Russia” investigation. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/byron-york-is-tone-of-trump-russia-probe-changing/article/2638309   Big government healthcare is collapsing in Massachusetts but the Left still thinks it’s a model of success. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/massachusetts-shows-rationing-is-inevitable-when-government-is-in-charge-of-healthcare/article/2638176   Why are Americans dying sooner? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-23/americans-are-retiring-later-dying-sooner-and-sicker-in-between   Scientists discover a chemical in blood that drives predators mad. https://www.yahoo.com/news/scientists-blood-molecule-attracts-wolves-repels-humans-115020698.html   Democrats are fighting this tax cut for small businesses because they think your money is theirs. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-23/this-big-tax-cut-for-high-fliers-shows-why-an-overhaul-is-hard
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger and he's liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves you any examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best than here on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i was relegated public thereby gino produce joe how are you today happy monday everybody you have to do it i am itching to get back on the matter at the grappling i'm dying here if i die and here i ve never obviously not actually that well we're all actually dying is up point but you know it
my shoulder and i it's it up add nothing dramatic but i i've had to stay off the match further want i love this grappling and a thing about grappling aground fighting brasilia jujitsu unlike ultimate fighting type stuff is you gotta get you have to apple you have to actually like grapple spar like role around throw each other round do stuff and that's me thing i dont united haven't told it my jujitsu instructor guy this year but i hate drilling stuff i hate it i just like spar that's it all the cause you figure it out when you got some big dude on top use like three hundred pounds or two hundred thousand super strong eddies like i have gone on the bottom any smashing you at a site where you can't breathe because his guitar is your sucking it into your mouth every time because its falling over your face me like you know what happens you super quick out gotta get the hell out of that because it sucks i just like that
i'd love it so much i've been tell him this is done there i ve been and how much i love it he's going now too i mean it's just a patches and its right it is telling me killing eating me alive inside not being under mats because i've just starting to get real we could like i don't self praise things but now i see things i'd never saw before let's eat me up not the kind of bad enough about me let's get to the show here you know this mahler investigation is just the exploding this investigation that was allegedly started for russia collusion i'd i argued this been focused more a trumpet interesting development over the weekend folks this thing starting to take a really nasty turned for the democrats they teach did you what we would further is linked to tromp rush investigation even though there is no trump russia collusion scandal now it's been leaked at the mullah investigation sneeze special council is look
into the activities of the pedestrian group which was run by john pedestrian brother for those who you to podesta was he was hillary clinton conceivably airy big time campaign salt any was the chief of staff at the white house this is a guy who's been around democratic politics forever his brother who has been intimate involved with lobbying on behalf of foreign governments and now it looks like the special council is going to be looking into podesta as well a folks and does make me a fan of the special council investigations are going to be a hypocrite all joe now the deleted democrats this is just a great idea i think special councils are universally a bad idea we already i have a department of justice that was in no way prohibited from looking into russian collusion whether we democrats or anybody else s best council is nothing other than given a title special did not knew about it ok that what was i think it's a waste of time but i bring this
not that i don't want to get into that unites us is an old story ready but folks our government is for sale and this is really bothered me and i have a couple of stories i'm going a tie into a larger narrative here and give you a solution at the end to not leave you all hanging but the epidemic this story and had to be fair and angle there taking on man afford as well poem afford who was trumps campaign manager fuller while who was fired by the way and believe me i thought i fully understand the trump russia collusion out of is garbage it's not sets out we'll get that please don't email me and say what are you saying that drove the truck proceedings garbage it's completely fabricated but and afford to do some lobbying on behalf of ukraine is well foreign government the cadets the thing is delete the frightening and when you see what happened with the uranium one deal in the scandal that that's been breaking over the weekend and i know i know peter schweitzer wrote about this in this book about the
they'll of uranium assets to the russians while the obama administration was in office and while hillary clinton and the clinton while at the clinton foundation was taking millions of dollars and speaker fees from a company intimately involved in the purchasing of nuclear fuel assets from the united states by the russians folks the gun many for is for sale the government it's been for sale for a long time now i read that story and i was in the gym this morning working out and i'd like why i don't really want to cover the trump russia story again but i do want to cover with problems or having right now with the unnecessarily influence of government against allied against the taxpayers we start with uranium one we sort with some russian interference trying to get involved in our election which nobody disputes i'm only tell that has nothing to do with benefiting the trump campaign at that least by with trumps knowledge as nonsense so i saw a few short years the first one
talking about this this the tax code need trump tax plan the trump tax cuts tax cuts and the things is bother me is the interest groups now coming out against it and and these are interest groups that lobby they lobby the government in no differently than john podesta did or manner or did or anyone else who was taking money from an anti eu advance that entities cause now and that's it i think we should stop free speech i'm just telling you that there are ways to stop this unnecessary influence in the government that doesn't infringe on free speech i get to that at the end but here another example of this mrs driving me nuts i read a letter from the national association of realtors this morning it's in the wall street journal joe about this mortgage interest deduction to trying to hold on to this has become a big deal on the tax rates cuts now folks as this is going to impact many of you what is the mortgage interest rate deduction at described the before you get did that from your income the interests you pay on your mortgage not us
early principle but the interests of the principles involved because you're paying interest on principle but if you pay a three thousand dollar mark mortgage granted that's a lot of money but it's pretty big mortgage and two thirds so that is interest you get to deduct the solid portion of that interest from your income therefore not in taxes on a portion of the honourable portion of your mortgage them mortgage interest lobby wants to preserve that and they are passionately fighting to hold onto this thing wrote a letter in the wall street journal to this man this morning it appeared in today's wall street journal responding to to all's by many republicans in some democrats as well to get rid of this mortgage interest deduction entities have a flatter fair tax code and they say too joe they say well you know potentially home values will go down because its it costs more than four people own homes for the obvious reason joe if you we're going a tax deduction for the interest portion of mortgage you're paying and you don't get that anymore then that's
more money at the end of the year you're going to have to pay towards housing could you not getting any of equal back from the government because you're not getting the deduction makes sense so the same we're home values would go down because right now that would be that that that deduct factored into the price which depresses the cost the little bit and makes it more affordable folks there is total complete junk ok i get that one or two or three years maybe after which while the market readjust there may be some correction in the pricing towards the actual market price but over time this is far better for the economy now they make another point that social safety nets and other countries because i had said last week during the show and which is act by the way the other country don't allow this and have higher rates of home homeownership so saying that oh we should allow people to deduct the interest on the mortgage show will lead to higher rates of homeownership doesn't comport with what's happening in foreign countries that's not accurate they say well countries have different social safety nets the other countries we're talking about
bigger social safety nets have bigger government spending loads i don't see how that's an example of a positive thing you know you know supposed to emulate or not emulate the different scenarios that they are not related to each other all of them then the tax rates that better pay the financing so they're losing their minds the real estate law because i don't want to lose this benefit secondly another story how governments being bought up now why do i say that because the real estate lobbies out of knock on real estate agents i'm just saying that that are fighting for a fairer flatter tax coach i'll get you in a second they are fighting for their car about to just like podesta was fighting for a carve out for the people he was lobbying for and not a fortress fighting for a carve out for the people they were lobbying for on this biofuels quota what was the biofuels quota folks we have the blend a certain amount of effort what was the biofuels quota folks we have the blend a certain amount of ethanol into gasoline this is this decision is i get it i totally get at it
people who are farmers who produce the agricultural products that guy winter ethanol that these benefits them just like i get it to mortgage just deduction may temporarily benefit people and the real estate and indians bob philistines refuse me to hire whole price and greater commissioner but like this distorted tax odin real estate industry i dont think benefits idiot large does it leads to higher home prices which such more money out of the economy to say things go along with this ethanol the epa on this which is starting to me they allowed to continue this biofuels quota forcing more ethanol into our gasoline despite very little evidence over the long term this is going to benefit as it benefits ethanol i get i understand that there are farmers a proper about knocking you for making a living i've just saying that this is another example of how all of us are gonna have to get big and give up something so
now we want to give up the mortgage interest adoption but which benefits may on that stud don't they now maybe like oh yeah real pray with a nerve you'd know it ain't hurts me directly i will tat actually lose bobby on that but i oh it's better and i'll get to the solution and if we do acts which i'll talk abandonment just i know it's better in the long run to fight and the highest the best use for our corn supply other than sticking it in the gas tank of a car that doesn't mean it third the job right out of your diameter among a couple email is still from maryland whenever was run for office up their sort article this morning again i'm not having a hard time believe in this that this that kind of stuff that amount against aren't you starting to see through right now we're all going collectively broke theirs governors race in maryland reelection racism republican governor by the name of larry holding up there
scott allotted democrats in his feet he wanted to upset i think he's going really tough time we elected you know i hope he does is now is generally a generally ok on some issues but a bit of a disappointment on others but i'll be gets reelected for the purposes of redistricting you know joe knows and met him i did i pretty well as well and there's been a there was a conference out neither was an ocean city with the maryland teachers unions so there of course all the democratic candidates running out there to lobby for their endorsement here's a piece for his from the baltimore son folks again how you government is entirely for sale says one by one over the course of two days the eight democrats running for governor climbed the convention centre stage here courting one of the most coveted endorsements maryland the support of this olenin powerful teaches you miss it so this is a kicker the candidates offered big
promises to increase funding for public schools sometimes by more than two billion a year this is a great this is a basic now it goes on to say later in the peace that the benefits of these democratic candidates for governor offering the teaches you in all this free stuff that you're paying for bandwidth in two billion a year to build dollars a year by the way the benefits while this is did that georgiana union gives out roughly two million and donations year provides two thousand volunteers how is your government not for sale hey i that that like legalized bribery we the teachers union we get paid by the taxpayers the taxpayers will that do elected governor the governor will then take more the taxpayers money to give to a teachers you too that will in turn give money involved tears to have said governor elected or reelected folks here government is for sale now not to beat this topic up i spent twelve minutes on it but it's your frustrating stories i read them and unlike where when are we
keep talking about getting big folks get emails all the time for people never discuss anything that someone's gonna take it on the chin but do you understand that we are all going to sink together if someone doesn't change soon there is no possible way to continue odd is a society we twenty trillion dollars and there too money out of the visa free market economy into the annals of gum make the dish out to ethanol to dish out in real estate deductions to dish out in in in in in expanded benefits for teachers unions at that we both we don't have the money weed have them there's no money i mean a show about social security people one guy got twenty thirty people want bloody on me cheaper but i wasn't even suggesting people now despite i know i'll get messages nobody does it matter doesn't i say people still here what they want to hear i wasn't suggesting people even on social security now lose their benefits but people fifty five and younger
there's nobody there is just no more i don't know where why what makes you think there's my oh it's a lot party it where's the lot pocket i don't know someone told me that what's that there's no money they spread out our food the government's spent it its day the government did it bureaucrats did it but elected politicians stated but that doesn't absolve us so the reality that there are simply no money again i don't i get that the real estate lobby wants to keep that for higher oil prices i get the ethanol lobby wants to keep it for people who produce farm products that lead to ethanol get the teachers union wants more money but why don't we are going to say collectively that it's time for something a little more reasonable bail out this and other quote by the wave nepi psmith teaches you this is a kick your job this is from the teachers union representative at the meeting we're ready we'll be all in and to be the biggest player the progressive side of the marilyn pull of maryland politics progressive map
taxpayers side joe there's nothing in there about the taxpayer financing this large ass nothing they did interested in being a big player on the progressive side of public their lobbying against you they're lobby and against you would your money folks we are all and i have to give something up now there's a solution folks we need a flat tax and we have to we should have no more public units i'm sorry was it i wasn't employee i know i've been there i was up public employ in the police department in new york city i was a public employ with the secret service we had no union with the secret service we got paid just fine you know why secret service how to attract people with the skills necessary to accomplish the job and the only pay with those skills demanded a certain amount of money to get higher
secret service has a very complicated position you needed a four year degree practically speaking you needed a graduate degree hammond on paper you need a four year degree but i don't remember that many people getting hired without a phone degree in some significant work experience afterwards people with those kind of skills are not going to accept less than a certain amount of money why do you want a public to do what to lobby against the public this taxpayer money get rid of public units that's it full stop now second we need a flat tax because these distortions in the tax code now i do wonders and the real estate lobby and their their argument he remembered this does did i lose money on this i understand point show that point as well why should we give it up our deduction nobody else i totally get it that is an absolutely one hundred percent reasonable response you shouldn't if the tax oh there's gonna be a bunch of crap crony handouts and we're not going to wipe it clean at the same time joe and take and just do it
attacks on when i say a flat tax i mean fifteen twenty percent tax rates across the eu everybody pays the same amount nobody gets a crony deduction that's it it's the only way to do it but nobody has the guts to say that why because just going back to my initial point i opened up with our governments for sale these are the same lobbyists to go up the capitol hill they make two thousand six hundred dollars five thousand two hundred dollar donations to re election campaigns for members of congress to local state federal officials the united eight centres everywhere and they buy off our government and our government is for sale to every the high basically to the highest bidder o the real estate lobby we can't have set them the teachers lobby began upset them the ethanol lobby became upset and what about the american taxpayer lobby do we get to say in this folks i am not better bidding from i'm losing on this and i'm telling you the best thing for the united states economy is to stop the distortions
the tax code the miss allocations of potentially trillions of dollars and assets over decades towards crow businesses that europe where prices are not reflecting reality and let's start doing a flat tax where people have to actually compete on value its frustrate madame raffoni stories this morning in a jiffy marilyn teachers epa you'd have john possess under investigation have now the mortgage interest deduction hannah montana mike got gosh went we get to say in this holy also seriously when do we get to sit down at be like eight we have a seat at the table or we just once constantly getting screwed its frustrating hey i'm really stoked here we have a new sponsor a board now folks for all of you people out there will you listeners who were even remote the interesting self protection the second amendment you know you got a train at your feet
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clearly one of the waste all this in the range is great but one of the waste as much time go check it out i target products com please support our sponsors a support us and welcome on board i target pro happy to have these guys around specially for such an important skills are more breaking news over the weekend there is i got a couple emails from people about the deduction for your forum when k contributions potentially going down to twenty four hundred dollars you hope people were pissed ivy like emails i want a hobby caps exclamation point asked asks you know covering up for their cars it now i mean i had stuff that we sent the spam because people put everything in camps they were fired up i hear them aegis this up for you to not show it what it's not gonna happen for those of you heard that they trump tax plan is going to eliminated
action we have now for one cannot eliminate it reduce it significantly to up to twenty four hunter to down she's me to twenty four hundred dollars a year trump put out a tweet this one is not going to happen forget it ok so forget i think so horrible idea if it ever comes up again your legislators immediately folks the issue i have with this in addition to the other solution i just put out about a flat tax and the elimination of public unions another one is i would like to see a almost quadrupling of the deductibility of four one case i mean i'd like to see at the fifty thousand algae why do i say that folks the economics of this are very simple the capital stock there's not to use walkie economic terms i want to point out that the capital stock matters the capital stock is productive capacity our hour capital our ability our land machinery joe the things that enable us to produce tee shirts computers iphones everything
i mean we have a tree form becker tree form down the road of ninety five always impressed with the amount of capital about tunnel land to produce a tree for all this stuff was was was created in the capital stock was created do savings due eric get an international savings people save up they buy the land they buy the equipment don t shirts they buy the equipment produce iphones they buy the equipment a produce computers this is accumulated through savings whether hours or others maybe you say well i took alone i didn't save it no doubt someone else save they gave you the loud to build capital stock to build more stuff cheaply which is what matters productivity matters to build stuff cheaply we need to build the capital stock of means saving for case are a significant source of that cutting that again it's locked happened but i got a lotta email so i want to be sure i dress it cod that or the ability for you to deduct only twenty four hundred rather than what is it like fifteen thousand now a future it would be
i mean seriously folks one of the dumbest ideas i've ever heard in american history i'm not kidding so people ask me my opinion that's my opinion one it's economically incredibly stupid you destroy the capital stock of the united states and destroy our capacity to produce stuff in the future and secondly you you would appear ex bill significantly because now you be pay in taxes on ten a thousand dollars in income you are paying taxes on in the past could mean three four thousand dollars and taxpayers depending on what you tax rate is joe no harm my but trump tweet it out this morning which i we appreciate it's not gonna happen so don't worry about it got a lotta emails on one of the cover it but don't worry that are a couple of their stories i saw this morning which i found it here's one kind of unrelated i published cover this rough cuts but it's a we'll do another one of those two
people have asked me at seven decided where scientists this was on drudges morning and i think a sort of zero hedge to cite this this this is kind of creepy job they covered this chemical in blood called e to de right he too d ye to d like our two d to either direct aid to day it's it's a chemical and blood that gives it a metallic type smell and apparent even in my new quantities it dry i was predators crazy like they start salivating wolves to her going nuts that if you're a predator like a wolf even the smallest said to this chemical will make you gonna in blood i want that it makes sense right i mean if you're a predator a wolf you know you sense of wounded animal bleeding the wolf wants to go and what's lunch so he's gonna go eat the damn animals so i don't they get surprising but what was surprising
the story when i found interesting was this e to de and even my new quantities up to it says in the article one part per trillion which is very unusual for human beings we're not necessarily or factory creatures like other animals that pigs are human beings are human beings are repelled by the smell that they did this study where they they put it you know they put in frontier sniffer and people go away and if you have read the peace and bluebird i'll put it the showed up and you know that come of course if you subscribe to my email is now now you the stories and neighbours a really cool story and you may why's that the answer i you know and as i read out i was a little surprised as i thought we were predators right like we were the ones hunting that what he mammoth and you know we were the ones hunting for our meat and i said i'm not really like we were really insect eaters and gatherers you know they hunting the woolly mammoth or whatever is only a recent phenomenon an evolutionary history and the truth is we
pray most of the time so human beings valve to smell this chemical this e to the end the hell away from there because it usually means are some blood fees going are somewhere with wolves and you better get out of there before you're you know you're the year dessert this seven course wolf rediscover the wolf's look at it like eat to day today you are you are you to report that one on about direct yet was god i don't ever that story those i got one four trillion in human beings for getting the anti pheromone here anti pheromone yet there ok couple other things i saw this weekend is this frederico wilson lady is losing or mine she's the republican congresswoman ass she accused the chief of staff of being european erases this is one of those two you know we talked about fifty thousand ways to say dude you know when you're scared did you know when you ask
i didn't do when you see for eureka was name come up twitter you like to do you just like you can't take it so she treated out something i found interesting this weekend because it goes to show you how powerful far left narratives our folks how they pay aid this society and their accepted is as as as the moderate default position you know anything at the end i felt the nfl played again this week into multiple stadiums with thousands upon thousands of empty seats is not open for dispute i'm telling you it's not the hyperbolic it is not actually incorrect go look at the photos if you take any this if if you're saying i sancho we just make an arab go look i j r r j review they all they have these pictures bright bar pictures of empty nfl stated the nfl playing empty stadiums cause they accepted as the default position the narrative that the left is the dominant
little force in the country the far left anti american left we hate america the national anthem socks americans and imperialist empire that yet fell decided to accept that to allow that thinking there we're going to appeal to a massive number of people and what happened they got screwed big time because that is if that is a fringe wacko doodle position now that's because of the our the media academia and hollywood out there now you see it again with this with this treaty often frederico wilson this weekend she treated out she said all this this thing that happened in nigeria with the four heroes these for u s servicemen were killed in a counter terror operation in nice year they said that robust between had all but this is gonna be trumps benghazi and i don't wait wait although time out i thought the entire narrative of the media and the left as are the same thing the entire time is at benghazi was not there was nothing to see their up which i wasn't
can i would have nothing your folks we did everything we could do nothing controversial nobody move out right that was the far left but of the whole time now this is a story to show you how sick these people on this front it wasn't a lot it drew wacko on the left who has got to go to war with the white house over a condolence call into a widow where she she was in the car and it was put on speaker shit town the president of condolence call you have to be a sick all but this a wilson out there now tweets that this is gonna be jobs benghazi meaning meaning what there's nothing to see here do you understand you can't have it both ways you can't say on one in depth in gaza was just a was was a loss but there was nothing on toward about it and then treat this is gonna be trumps benghazi as you try to insinuate that something untoward happened in niger it says to you folks it
these people are liars that this frederico wilson and all these other left this hacks including their media bodies they understood joe the entire time that pink gauzy was a disaster that they say they know that it's just interesting how they slip at the worst possible moments and nobody picks up on it now just to be clear on this by the way pairing what happened in niger which was at an end military operation in an app in country where they would do the battling it was a counter terrorism to a diplomat the commission and the loss of an ambassador in benghazi is really the height of stupidity but that's what the left does turkey that might folks the next time you have left this friends tell you god you guys are all conspiracy theorist your immediate response should be as frederico wilson too she's a democrat by not she's not a conspiracy they embody mean she's she's
what insinuating there's something wrong and bagasse she's doing it now get it it just upset me because the four position they left always always seems to win the cultural narrative here and it's up to us the we put it out there to fight back folks it's really frustrating a couple no it's beyond our out numbered this week by the way on thursday fly in up to new york so make sure you to infer that that'll be fine i'll be the hashtag one lucky guy so check that out to be on fox and friends morning to finish your body by bodies a brick house nutrition thanks for all the emails about through the dusk but always product just keeps rock and roll and people love it it's been doing terrific business in conjunction with the show it s because a good product and i knew that from the start brick acids she's been with me from beginning that one of our best sponsors they eat the customer service there by the way is incredible i get more easily about miles answering people personally the owner of the company writing and letters and stop them
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i do not always the same thing me single payer means the government runs it completely government run means the majority of the time government has some involvement and in the health care industry and distort prices i we i would suggest that the country wordy involve right now with government run health here because the united states government actually de facto state federal local government governments pay about forty to fifty percent of health care as is right now obsolete involved in some form of government run healthcare system but the arguments are here our left this friends and i use that term loosely make all the times of those they will look what happened in massachusetts there the single payer type healthcare system in massachusetts and look what happened air was so great and that was a republican idea mitt romney sign up here the heritage foundation was involved than folks don't care i don't know why i should care than a guy who put a republican label and one of his name side the bill was bad although our job middle
we decided therefore requires no additional critical analysis at all i'm here to talk ideas you wanna talk about party labels and your obsession with the de versus the are knock yourself out i don't do that on this show trials call the retrograde republican ok it was a bad idea i dont care of me romany signed it or hit tommy does it matter to me i don't care who say it was a bad idea now i'm sorry this up because there is a great article the washed in examiner please read it had he's manning wrote it i'll be in the show notes today it's a spectacular article about what happening right now in massachusetts folks there's a lapse going on right now in massachusetts which mass health which is their medicate program that this by the way to keep in mind this is an example by the left of their success programme ok so mass health which is their medicaid type programme
institutions joe added for hundred thousand more people to their role since two thousand forty four hundred thousand now one in four people in the state of massachusetts are covered and its sucking up or by this programme forty that's of every tax dollars spent so what's happening there is no money just like with the real they people about getting there's no more money for this just like what the ethanol folks there's no more money for this just like what the teachers unions there's no more money for this we're all gonna have to wake up to these realities and lifting shift we're all i have to do that now what mass health what's happening folks if you're a liberal in your listing you're not interested in the facts to now i dont care this is for real i'm serious this is from intelligent folks who want to work
i don't evaluate prose we want to analyze cons and we want to say in the best in the what's the best in the end are the pros pig in the cause of the cons bigger than oppose what's gonna benefit us off now joe there's rationing going on a message use it surprising absolutely no one because it running out of other people's money is margaret thatcher said so many times waited with the problem of socialism so what are they doing now joe they're going to close formulary systems long and short of it is wait a shot down choice in description drugs for people on this medicaid programme in massachusetts because the monies drying up so they're going to offer people basically one option so you disease ex you're gonna take drug why i don't wanna take drug why i want to take drugs e well you can take you're gonna take drug why why why because we said so because we're out of money vote this
what i've been warning you about the entire time there are only two ways to effectively allocate resources in society medicine drugs a doctor's time you can price it it will encourage more providers to get into market is the price goes up or you can ration it that's what operating now the rationing it because price signal is so screwed up because the governments pay therefore this connecting you and a doctor nobody has any idea what the prices are you pay your tax money some government bureaucrat pace for you have no idea so this closed formulary system is another form of rationing by telling you what you can and can have why me i know that ignore this joe i know it doesn't matter the frustrating part about this whole thing arguing that liberals but folks you use this as an example of a success story that's the most disturbing part of this entire thing they don't even think any
think of it that this thing the rationing sucre remember obama when he said that line you ask about obamacare and they were talking to the grandmother with their they hit problem isn't while united is all near grandma with the hip prom maybe you just need to take that pain pillar this is how the left thanks would you rather be prescribing cyanide pills again just urge me folks also one other thing they argued about obamacare was this was going to improve the status of the american healthcare system another piece out today in i've seen are bloomberg either way not put in a shown its other good piece out joe u s age adjusted the mortality rate right was one point two percent from two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen the first rise in two thousand five rotating more people are dying we're we're not oh fear now there are the reasons for this i would argue obamacare is probably one of em because at the end and i
let me just make a quick case for this so just to be clear this article and i pretty shirts bloomberg you'll be in the show that i read this ties into the massachusetts pits massachusetts all look at except massachusetts took over the health care system of our great it's been there rationing it's not working secondly the second our before obamacare will look very because it would be so much healthier the wrong to have access to healthcare it's not happening folks more people are dying now there number of reasons for there i no i don't want to go to want to create a direct aid be causal inference you're ok but there are reasons that are related to obamacare i am absolutely convinced that the balls of skyrocketed gone through the roof along with premiums forcing people who don't have liquid cas assets to go to the doktor to avoid going to the doktor when their sick which is not healthy activity to engage it do you have emphasised a view of hiv few have cancer
and you have to delay treatments because you can't afford year deductibles you are probably going to die sooner now the article recently leaves our part out choke has god forbid you know what is it but they did berger reuters either one of em you know god forbid they actually tell the truth about further policies but what reasons at the end of the day side in the peace is a sight of the rising drug use in america alcohol use basically and i think they're right about at the drug use and obesity i think alcohol especially monks teens is caught thou bob gone down a little bit but they go be city obviously has been a big epidemic in the country for a long time we have the richest country on earth and with that comes a supply of food obviously large enough that we can eat when we want and you know some eat literally when they want
eat all the time and it doesn't work out if you dont work out so i think that does have a lot to do with it but ignoring the fact that obamacare has actually i think decreased access to people when it comes to beat trips to the doktor but you don't have the liquid assets the cash to actually go and see the doctor pay the bills i think that has to have something to do with it so that refutes another silly argument that the less been making from the beginning about how great obamacare as including dopey massachusetts example support rationing out us whereas well that's what's happening in massachusetts close women i want more quick thing i'm sort of posturing going on right now with the taxpayer now i know i said at the beginning and i opened up the show kind of tyre back together about how i support the flat tax and no public unions that's where i stand why tax export a fair tax but i think sadly right now this very few ways to get there but a flat tax i will take its worked in a lot of the bells the baltic states estonia latvia
when it's done very well and some of those states there's a lot of posturing going on right now over the past two rachel pastor raiders if you ought to small businesses do not incorporate a so whenever you're joe armor costs and you get paid by will you do joe does on a small but passed through joe gets you get paid by conservator view right you got it a boy you somewhere else but he gets paid past joe joe s to pay the tax rate for that on his bird his income he doesn't pay the corporate rate so this this talk but trump of cutting the corporal the twenty percent that's what it wants and attacks plant but they also want cut the pass through rate which is can't you just europe it would be people who just declare payments to themselves as personal income they don't incorporate end up paying the corporate let us talk of in the past through re to twenty five percent which would be for some up a pretty a tax cuts because the top marginal rate income tax rate now member you're paying it as income if it's a pastor you not corporate paying it joe armor costs on to you so security number the top right
i was thirty nine point six so there's a big fear on the left about my gosh these rich people than on small businesses they'll pay less taxes what the hell are we argued with these people for public goods are like the republicans are taking by the way as i said before the default left this narrative that the rich should pay taxes extra taxes good economic reason at all just because they hate rich people why we even arguing this my suggestion to any republican listening you turn around ago listen when you can make it estimates that success while the americans want small businesses their money would be better spent by government bureaucrats i'll listen to till then shut up it's their money they earned it there paying a good amount of money you're talking about paying a quarter of their money so telling me that you are entitled to their money it's their money they know what to do with it you don't that's why you're government and married business thank you have a nice day
i appreciate you tube and antics rather reviews on items for the part guessing please go to punch you know that common subscribe to the e mail list will send you these stories in your email box everyday thanks a lot see you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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