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Ep. 575 Liberals are Full of it on Tax Cuts

2017-10-24 | 🔗
In this episode -   Here’s the real story behind the proposal to tax your 401 k plan. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/changing-401ks-could-have-improved-retirement-security-but-trump-and-republicans-didnt-sell-it-that-way/article/2638356   What really happened in Niger? http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/23/special-ops-mission-niger-routine-common-stop-politicizing/   Debunking the “free rider” myth liberals use when discussing unions. https://www.cato.org/blog/myth-public-sector-unions-free-rider-problem?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=7c88d0d309-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-7c88d0d309-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-7c88d0d309-143016961&mc_cid=7c88d0d309&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   Why is a Republican Senator going after Trump? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-24/corker-calls-on-trump-to-step-aside-from-tax-writing-effort-j95kfblv   The hard truth on corporate taxes and your wallet. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-wages-of-corporate-taxes-1508799171
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Damn bone GINO, aiming to stop free speech to this speaker can no longer speak is exclusively a far less than the den bungee knows. I'm talking to moderates and the Democratic Party who actually interested what's going on, not wine lemmings walking off a cliff into an abyss and stupidity, waiting to hear the truth about Amerika the rich: did it either rich? Did they went money to people who bought homes and people never pay the money back? Why sounds like a great business plan on his shoulders, not immune to the tax with your host Dan bombs? You know I was ready to publicly with thereby Giovanni's Joe Hurry, and I am glad to be here- do and will have to do with double counting show tat. I have missed them on the first time we were like. All I heard was three too, I would like one of those
a narrow like me, you don't have to waited seven, six to two point: six five four zero were finally back, which is good, so delay this by about twenty four seconds by my count on a w addition. Are welcome to the show folks good they give me. Get extra the emails! Yes, I got a terrific email about whatever responses. It's you. I really appreciate that. You know who you are I get to that LE while south, it's always good to bring a new sponsors and somebody bought the product before they were. Spots are emails you, it tells you it's a really great practical, hey I'm yeah! Excellent, stop false ma You know I've been on this tax thing for a long time. I'm not gonna beat a dead horse on this again, but I guess I mean I wake up. Every morning, obviously really upset focus of We have worked out. Noise clears my brain, but it's amazing. The rhetoric about this Trump tax planets eating up right. Now, it's just incredible.
How liberals? They never tell you the truth, so I got a couple stories to nailed the bunk more liberal myths because that's all they do, but the anger campaign by the liberals goes on and now it's credible. I saw this thing about them. The New York Times it she's, just a liberal outlet. I mean it's really no better than a daily. My job and the rascal How are we gonna pay for tax cuts now, which I find amazing, because I've said to you over and over and over again I don't understand and the reasoning or the logic there. You know member taken logic in college, in other motives, tone in modus, Poland's, nay, wherever the hell. That was. I don't get the logic here so like the government doesn't take your money, rice or a thief. Walking down the street, refuses to rob you and now. Somehow. The thief is now less better because you didn't rob you to take your money now our. Unlike this. if the government gets to do this using the another little league, you, they have a monopoly on force. They get to take your money. So, You mean by how we going to pay for this, and then I'm going to tell you why I'm bringing this up in a minute was just really I'm getting very bitter about this.
amazingly, no had this argument. When Obama ran up actual dead, other words, Joe Obama and a book, the attitude and no doubt rule or debts under belgian law enormous debts under the Reagan years there were debts under the current years. I totally understand that I am not I viable with that, no matter who's, Otto care for the republican or Democrat, but what I find really disturbing and how many suckers fall for this is the New York I am simply discovered on foxes words worthless piece about How we gonna pay for these tax cuts? These are too this is your money. You are not giving overdue the government, you aren't you over a significant portion, but additional monies are not going to take but did not make the same are when President Obama, literally not fair lively, literally ran up historic deficits and debt every single year of his presidency, so that govern actually spends money. It did not take from you runs up. Massive amounts of debt the new year
times- shows almost no concern about that at all. But yet, when the government refused to take more of said money. Now the New York Times expresses concern that. How are we going to quote pay for this? It's now, why my bring this up because humor, who is just completely jump shark? This guy is a fraud of absolutely proportions. I've been I've seen a lot of frauds up their Harry Red, probably takes the cake policies. Close second Schumann easily a top five guy get humor On the floor yesterday and member I discussed yesterday the the IRA plan and how trumpet said it's not gonna happen. Well, here's this backs. Laurie. I did a little more homework on this plan for for one, and I for one cash should say I re before one Kay.
the yesterday there was, as you know, breaking news, and we deplore. The EC is Trump card of tasks that out. But there was a plan in Congress about your for one k to cut the tax deductible amount important to you for one k, two twin four hundred dollars a year. Now here's the actual story. What happened- and please please put the story in the show notes. Please go to the website on GINO, DOT, com or subscribed to the email is. I will email you, the article read that Our state examined a piece about what actually went on behind the scenes. Your I dont support this plan, but here's a story in a nutshell and again how the Democrats in New York Times are totally and completely disingenuous on tax cuts and they lie to you every single day, only suckers Believin liberalism, okay, so Joe the plan, is this and was not to eliminate the contributions you could make to your fora. One k to twenty four hundred died.
The plan was the tax deductible up front contribution And you can make to your, for one k would have been too before hundred dollars and anything after twenty four hundred dollars up to a certain amount would have had to be Roth Irae contributions, the difference being standard Irae Joe. You what money in right now, so you put a hundred hours into your area or your fault, you. If I keep saying IRA your for one camp, sorrow you for one key point plan areas of some similar rules, but you for one cape and so job puts a hundred dollars and Joe gets to deduct vat one hundred dollars from his taxable income. Now so Joe made a thousand dollars Joe only place taxes on nine hundred people. Why? Joe had a thousand he gets to deduct from, taxes, a hundred dollars there, but you will only pay taxes on nine hundred dollars. You obviously want to pay taxes on lesser amount of money. That's what may before one case so appealing to middle class Americans now, if they would,
limit that amount to say fifty dollars. That would cause Joe a big headache right, but the actual plan which support by the way at all. I just want to tell you how their disingenuous these fake fraud liberals are too and was not Joe too it will now Joe, you can only donate fifty dollars dear, I won care. Gosh now met an iron. What what is, I feel really got that wise website that may, because I'm too excited about the topic that lobby can almost which the plan was to limit your for one Cato that fifty dollars is only to limit to the four one Kay the tax, the doktor, in advance amount, meaning you still going to be able to give a hundred dollars Joe. But this in fifty, you would be taxed on in advance as you just wouldn't be taxed on when you take the money out later. Remember the four one k as we know it now or the eye therefore, when K observers with ground that before Kay as we know it now works in reverse. You don't pay
taxes when you put the money in now, but you will pay taxes when you take the distribution out later on when you retire makes sense. The raw works in reverse Joe. You pay the taxes before you put the money into the Roth Roth IRA Roth Programme, there's Roth Rough is right, and then you don't the attacks on it when you take the distributions later, so why am I bringing any of this up, because limiting for one k, tax, deductibility Twenty four hundred, but now, limiting the amount you can put in anything prior to what it was before Joe would have done. What would have just lump sum? tax payments. Now that would have been made in the future. You see what I'm changing you would have pay taxes in the future on your for one came, and you took the money out now, the only France's. You would have paid those taxes up front and would have been tax free later on now
it was a convenient detail that to be care that I even left out yesterday. I was so obsessed with mortgage interest story. That's a detour I left out too that I will correct today. Irish, for at limiting your Irish for one k, Roth, I ran forward cable and they were just saying you were gonna pay the taxes up front. Not later. I don't agree with that plan. I want to tell you why in a second, but That is why a break in this up because look Chuck a on the floor. Yesterday, the Senate, talking about the plan and saying sorry about back away for the away for second, because I d just saw every day every day we have to listen to these areas. Just these are. These are smart people who just make stuff up every single day. He calls on the Senate floors humor, and he says this is tag on me A classic com: this is an attack on the middle there attacking you retarget, you folly
phony fake steamer. like route keeps coming back. Never snap is this guy, never established piazza you! So let me get this straight. We are concerned about the New York Times at Shucks Humours, how are we gonna pay for aid, accurate caught which, by the way, tax revenues gone up after tax cuts. Don't let that can and wave your good how we get up for letting you keep more of your money, a statement that makes no logical sense at all summer, begins. Floatin idea switch the tax from in the future. On a and you're to the exact, Roth, I array and you're, saying the exact opposite that now this is an attack on the medical. What's it attack, what's an attack either you were concerned
four minutes ago, you see what I'm go with this. You are concerned about how to pay for letting you keep more of your money now apply gets floated to take more of your money now, unless of your money later, and then you turn around and say, this is an attack on the middle class. What is it either? You can see you're. Am I making sense here, but this folks, it's absolutely critical. You get this they want. I'll drop and the GEO P is proposing. Do their tax rate plan to let you keep more of your money. Determine that's a we don't like it, because there's no way to pay for it then turn around and argue against the plan where the government actually takes more of your money now and they argue that that's an attack on the middle class. What is it? Do you want more of our money, you're not did see where you're going Are you sure you, because this is a big for
that's why I'm all over the place us, because I was so pissed off again when I read this morning. How dumb do you to be to be an american liberal minded democratic get? I am not really I'm not going if there were a lot of good people are their meat and I'm trying to be like captain virtue signal or anything? I just. I know a lot of Democrats a lot of their tired again, this crap do you know they're, just people, think differently about stuff than us, but to be liberal requires you to be so dumb tat even sick logic escaped you I mean seriously, you will have to be a moron cause. I'm one arguing in one hand that a tax rate which allows you to keep your money is bad. Your arguing, on the other hand, that a plan that take more of your money now is so we're right. So what is it? Do you on our money. Now, where do you not with Nigeria
gotcha. You followed me right. You pick it up, put a point. I am they hadn't related subjects alone say, but I'm getting it yet they conversed from before I weren't k to the Roth, only means the government get your money now rather than later Democrats very bad. three cut plan which allows you to keep all of your money. Now, that's also bad. What what is it? Folks, this again I am not concerned that saying Republic is have all the answers. You know this. Pointed in the establishment swamp rats as well put I should at least conservatives our wing of the party is consistent and actually make sense. At least it's free. watch your call. We want you, keep the maximum amount of money. You can possible, while still funding the constitutional role of government. That is, clean, simple position, we don't believe in debt. We know We even spending what you don't have that's it there is.
no conflict, there is no moral conflict. There's no logical disconnect theirs. Chasm in reason this is just a common sense. Basic argued. What is that liberal argument now if you're, a liberal who refused to a Chuck Schumer said said, and you say: oh no, I think the convergence good, because we should get you tax money now rather than later. Then, five Ok, I disagree with you, but at least I respect your opinion, but I haven't heard anybody say that we're speaks for these liberal doped, and this is that they go out there and a parity, but republican bear. Take money now bad leave money, fillet of good high tax rates by low tax rates, bad everything's back they don't know anything. You say did you just say: high tax rates bear them. Yes, because that's what they converge from the higher rate of the Roth. What do we get? Would pop your tax rate up? It didn't want that either folks they don't want this got him
really fired up this more I came out of the Jim. I read because I've read MIKE gosh I don T have to be. This is. There is no consistency on the liberal left whatsoever, because their entire argument is based around the fact that these tat, they know these tax cuts work. Folks, please again to steal from rush. Don't doubt me on this. They are terrified that a goods on corporate re cut bore the highest in the world right now in the industrialized world corporate tax rates, I would break caught on past errors in the woods small family businesses that are not incorporated you, Tom Joad, Jos radios, whatever Joe make so many Joe takes a Czech, been social security number? Not a federal tax idea right, they are terrified that this will use the economy? And these are not, People showed no live. Do the Reagan. Ears were Reagan, one pretty handy over Carter, but why
in a landslide of like pre historic proportions is reelect over Walter Mondeo. Why? Because economy took off like a rocket ship under similar conditions. They are apps lately terrified that that's gonna happen again. If this tax cart passes, that has led them to fight every thing. then, when the logic they're using makes no sense tax money how bad tax money later bed tat too high tax rates low tax rates, bread, there's nothing, there sayings making any sense now the ears wire by the way J. I owe you that cause. I said as much is. Why disagree strongly and I know let it get emails from financial advisers, totally cool send my way. I know there's a lot of differences of opinion on this. I'm ok with it. If you have a difference of opinion, let me one day women should not be. I don't I I do not, I am not being intellectual reasons, I think the plan which has been scrapped
way by Trump, but just in case you know, you're still wondering why. Why would we not do that? Lets pay the taxes up front me better. Now, right, here's the arguments to do that when it comes to your retirement and when I To do that, I mean to pay the taxes now, rather than get a tax deductible now and I'm pay the taxes later the arguments For many, then I've heard from multiple people as well If you pay, the taxes are brought. Obviously, it allows the sum to grow tax free later on, and you know you, you get the tax liability out of the way and later on in your life, you have the potential to be a lot wealthier, obviously, age, job experience, education, changes and things like that right yoga, so that at this hour and the future you're probably going to pay a higher tax rate. Then you would have paid now so you can get out of that higher tax rate later by paying taxes. Now it's a good thing you copy makes sense or that's that's the you made for like a Roth type plan, which is what that plan suggesting everybody do up to twenty four hundred bucks.
now you may say within that sounds sensible. Why don't you? Why don't you like that number one, because I don't like the government get involved in just about anything other than military and, of course, as a result of the government's freakin business. When I want to pay the taxes, if I want to pay the taxes, I want to pay the taxes later and pay the taxes stay out of my way. Let me make my own choices, but I never agreed with that to see why. Both the government could change the rules and the golden rule, I always le by, is never ever ever a taxes now that you can legally pay later on that suggesting tax up. You know: tax evasion, that's a crime! Member taxes! oil is not a crime. Tax evasion is a crime and I recommend that you have got that you're taxes. Do your thing, don't get troubled the lock. I obviously public servants announcement for the day over, but as a golden rule in my study of finance, never we're pay taxes. Now that you can pay later
because there's no guarantee later on, they won't you since the rules. You see what I'm go with this show. So, let's say everybody's converted to Iraq and pay the taxes up front, worried a lobby tax free later and later on. The cover make gets into another debt crisis. Now you find yourself on the hook again for taxes later. To that will never happen. Really government changes the rules all the time they ve already inflated away the value of Europe, all the social security distributions you put in over the years or or inputs you put it folks, never pay taxes. Now you can pay later. It just doesn't make sense, I'm sorry to me it doesn't you're dealing with I hate to say this, but you're dealing with an with an odd ethical counterparty on the governor. As does not have today, of the power of forced to change the rules at any time you wind up paying taxes twice.
Some other reason, although I love the fair tax on terrified because they have a sunset clause for the income tax of income tax goes away, I'm not convinced we will get an income tax ETA consumption tax at the same time, never pay taxes. Now you can pay later ever. Ask I think it's crazy. So that's. Why not support, today show brought you by bodies that I target. I got a really terrific email, it can be permission, uses name, so obviously I won't they never do that by the way you dont have the email me that people put Nemo please but useless Arnie every eye, ever use anybody's name on here. Unless you explicitly tell me it's ok, don't worry about that yeah! I tar pro guy, send me an email and he said: listen. I had this product before you started the the average. I wasn't can't pay with them yesterday and This is a great product for marksmanship I use with my kids. I use with my family and teach me to shoot. You know what to go to the range of the way about buying boxes of ammo.
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Not really. I love my father at that, but he's not really a great shout at work and I'm gonna kick. I think I think the Turkey has sent me a free beef. So many give this to my dad. Ok, because he deeds that he's good bad, but he's not a creature. I move it out. I got a ton of great stuff I spend a little time on that, because it's really critical haters deserts. Serious fight going on now too, they're going after bright barred and bright board sponsors again and folks, I don't work for bright born. I know people there. You know disclosure. I know I know MA am at boil. I know The ban. In that dropping it all we're not like best friends. I just know them from running and conservative circles, but just quickly, there's an article up a drudge today about this. This twitter group, these these goons sleeping giants and are not that I'm trying to give these guys any free pr for their stupidity, but that this is This is just that. It's it's an example of
or that's, going on behind the scenes to try to bankrupt anyone who hasn't alternate political ideology from your far left world, what theirs sleeping giant, has been doing. Is they go after the sponsors of like bright, Its website, p, like that of water? By the way I get just going back to you, surveys, show little bit. How do you left this position it is assumed to be a majority position when it's just a bunch of freakish hacks mean really the egg. liberalism is is, is that is religion, worshipped by an increasingly small number of people Why we give them so much power and our societies ridiculous sale. It's only because they on the media, Hollywood, academia, but they're going their Bob Mercer right now, who runs a hedge fund, called our renaissance technologies, Bob Mercer is one of the founders of of bright bored. I figure some kind of a financial interest in it and they're trying to attack. Came to, and folks
This is why I am you know what I mean up in the morning, and you say why does this fight matter to you? Why you get so passionate? Sometimes because of its use. People are kidding around. we're in a really very real battle right now we are at the point now Whether its college campuses conservative website, whenever it maybe these a ruthless people on the other side who are trying to destroy the very livelihoods of people who have chosen to make a living out of five for this conservative cause when I think to be a very noble endeavour, believe me very You people make any significant amount of money in the conservative arenas. Some do, which is great people are willing to pay for content, but the fact that the left is absolute, he determined some on the left to put these people out of business is really disgusting output to show their story to me. In the show note, I strongly encourage you to check it out. It's really really disappointing
ok, I'll, but more story. I put in a show notes from the daily signal it's about this this nine year, the four heroes who were killed in Nigeria on account of terror, operation, folks, I am all for those who know me and listen to the show regularly. I am not a big believer on our intern entered. national obligations when there's not a direct? U S! Interest! I've frequently said to you that I said I have two Fox Connor's rules. War ever go to war alone, never go for long and ever go to war unless you absolutely have to- and I understand I'm not naive- we're there is a international war on terror. I actually believe that David. Where Bore on us and that's the thing about asymmetric war, you don't get to say in a joke. Someone says I'm putting hit out on, thereby GINO. You don't get to say. Well, you know, I don't really like that. So I hope you change your mind. It doesn't work that way they don't care. This is an asymmetric battle. They ve,
play born in the United States, I'm not naive to that. I'm not naive to the ramifications of the terrorists targeting our country in the world by ninety two again? Some international obligations there. So let me just be clear on that. I'm not I'm about that too. bending us being in places all over the world. I think that you know the international community needs to take on more of its own defence obligations, are not pawn off on the United States, but, having said that, the great piece in the daily signal today, which will be in the show notes about how really. Nothing is sacred anymore and how the law. it is trying to make you believe that this operation in Nigeria, where these for green bird, is, were were killed that. This is somehow an unusual event. Now, folks, again, I only preface the opening by saying you it's a fair argument for you, and I too have about what our international aid are used quote your obligations are and where we shouldn't shouldn't, be. I understand that, but the liberals, Painting this out this operation to be some kind of an anomalous strain
event where nobody knew and we left there are people out there to die in its complete we totally disingenuous these Green Bray operations happen all over the world. Every day just green berets, other special forces units as well. These happen everywhere and again up its affair. Argument that have, and that is it is a political argument by the wage or the umbrella argument about where people shouldn't shouldn't be, it is not, I think, a fair arguments have when our people are there. Be the one, obviously let them die or, secondly, if they do die to use them as a political pawn later on, to attack your opponent when, in fact people knew they were there. Now this happening: Neuro Senators out the Lindsey Grandma, my gosh, we didn't know anything about this. There is absolute evidence that their Senate committees were briefed on whether to decided to attend their briefings or not or these other folks. It are saying we didn't know that that's on them the president, the commander in chief and say
now these are somehow unusual events these these, these debates the operations we do where we try to reinforce local military operations, teach them some of our tactics and things like that. Insisting that this doesn't happen it is unusual is just beyond stupid. Ok, I mean I've worked with these alot of green brazen artifact. I look at my wall here. I can't really see it. I'm sorry, but I have a big big huge plaque on my war. When I was over in Indonesia, we present Obama. We could use some some green berets there. I can't see that unit cash, maybe for tomorrow, shouts too far away. I wanna get up walk away from but they were really unbelievable, guys, Maria. Overseas in a foreign country, especially Hartshorn, which Indonesia at the time was We use our counter assaulting the Sesar Secret Service agents, that's our swat team. They have black beady use and we, They have some of the heavy weapons bubble bullet
Joe will request, reinforcement from from special for is overseas, especially if it's a dangerous area that can work tactic, He was our counter assault team to lay down a base of fire, so the secret service agents get the president the Hell out of their god forbid, there's an attack, so we use that was the lead advance on a trip and we use the really great team a guy's, a pretty sure they were green berries. I gotta get their their unit police. Guys were amazing. So again, don't disgrace the memories people, if you're a liberal. These two four heroes by suggests. Yet this out with some. This was some kind of a scam Joe, like we just slip for guys in an african country for no reason at all, it is being a jerk right so up with the daily signal peace in its written by an expert in this field. Far more knowledge and I do but explains exactly how these operations happen, what their king, and what face zero means, how they get in there before international conflict break out. That's would face zero, so check that ass, a really good piece. Ok, one elsewhere.
today, haitian little bit of a shout out by the way to mark Wolberg. Here, thanks to mark Wolberg fur, skewing, not completely, but a little bit saving a little bit of my faith in Hollywood. You know he's a devout Catholic, from what I hear and is an interesting piece up at the daily wire about the Euro. Well, they're, gonna love! These are really my lot, yeah. He he was the one who criticized Hollywood for living in a bubble and lecturing americans- and you know it give you a lot of bad stories about Hollywood. They deserve it. They are one of the three musketeers of stupidity Holly with the media in academia, but does it. one and he came out, and he re acknowledged his faith and said how he regretted doing certain movies and one of which he says he That's pretty mightily is buggy died, switches. You know he lay a porn star in the movie, which was a pretty articular idea. Dirt dig That's right! You hear that I've. I haven't seen a movie of be honest with you. I didn't have the opportune.
Did he? But here you he regrets trip. He apparently threats that- and he is happy that he's a Hollywood actor with some prominence who can come out and talk as christian faith, you know it Here's to me a lot folks! I get a lot of emails from your bottom up, your preacher, but Yeah, I'm a sinner, but I was saved myself. You know that things changed my life when I realized that it wasn't about me so happy that someone and how he would have the guts to stand up. So little bit of shadow, write, more Wolberg Alright, let's see what else we get here I put. Today show also brought you embodies a brick house. Nutrition pig fancy Has he been with us from the beginning to make some of the best supplements on the market? How to do apple load up on foundation this morning foundation. Is there
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nutrition that calm slashed Dan, I practice what I preach here. I take this step. I take it with me on the road. I have a couple bottles in my bag and case actually forget it forgot this weekend. double dose this morning had a really good work out. Even all molly do my left side go, give it a shot, recast, nutrition, that calm slashed and try foundation. Today another work. I saw a bit Cato a great website, see eighty yo that I strongly encourage world. join up, for they have great pieces, are little academic and get walkie. It has been a really really good. There's a case breaking: what's it's gotta be heard the Supreme Court soon, it's gonna really break use a tradition with regard to public. You know, with unions union fees and the cases it centres around. What's known as agency fees and the scam, these things have become folks, you don't let me purpose. Told thing by saying I don't have a problem with unions at all. I have a problem with worse
I was a member of a benevolent association that kind of acted like a union when I was a member of the patrolman abroad, patrolman patrol men's benevolent association, apathy and my PD in New York, David argue on behalf of the police officers up in New York, and I thought they did a pretty decent job. I have an issue with unions. I have a problem of being forced to join. You needs now. This is critical argument that the left is making at they need units. Why do they need union? Show they union because unions generally in a campaign in a political campaign will use their money and there You, like, I discussed with the teachers union on yesterday, shown to back democratically. Which allowed you needs to take which known as agency fees, agency fees or a huge scam. They ve always been a huge scam now to be clear. What these are, if you are in the years was do a Supreme court decision which allowed unions to take what known as agency fees, age, see fees or a huge scam. I've always been a huge scam. Now
to be clear what these are. If you are in a union, you cannot be forced with your you induce pay for political advertising on behalf of the union. So if you're in a union right, you can't before define at say a political campaign against or for a political candidate, because that would be potentially against your first amendment right, but what you can't be forced to pay for what they call agency fees and the myth here is that these agency fees are in fact, political millwards if a fee paying to the union, may not go towards quote politics shown that, but what will go we'll go to the union, though, to argue on behalf of you for salary and benefits, and things like that. Some of your listening mythical. What's the problem if it can be used for politics, and it's only being used to argue for benefits and salary and work conditions, and things like that will what's the big deal folks debate
do you hear is. Is a first amendment argument there too? If your union, if you are forced to pay them and they are lobbying on behalf of work conditions, especially in the public sector and that work conditions, involve the pay of higher salaries using taxpayers, money understand how that is inherently political argument, so, in other words, show that say: you're a limited government guy. I work for a public sector union or frankly, if any work for, Sector union. That's now advocating for a national minimum wage and there are for a minimum wage or or an index to minimum wage in the private sector, are inherently political arguments row matter. What that you are being forced to finance whether you agree or not. Now, Unions, come back to this in what you hear from your liberal friends, all the times are well. What do you expect you? the union too,
you on behalf of of employee rights and employee benefits, and in some people get to be free riders, in other words, show they don't have to pay anything, but they'll benefit from a work. Contracts are not disputing that too. see the pig to free rider argument that the left makes their position. Is this what you happy? People should be forced to pay because they are going to benefit if the union gets them. A higher wage, ok fault, but that's the union's choice. To do that to you. Does it have to bargain on behalf of every single person out there, that's the EU The union got into this arena, unionized specifically to be the representative of all workers. The fact chose to do it despite the fact that not everyone is going to support, you was your call that was enacted. Tat was eve and active. Free will on your part. We didn't utopia. I didn't want the union in the first place and in there first place, nothing changed for them. They stop wanted. It
union that decided to go away? Zeppa show like saying it's. A free ride or problem is absurd. You basically saying it well we're lobbying on behalf of people that don't want to pay for the union yet, but you're the one who wanted to go in there and do that. That's the argument you're making that your value added is you're, going to go in there and argue on behalf of people, despite the fact that they don't want you to argue on behalf of them out. We're supposed to feel bad for you both Nonsense argument keeper the national labour relations are you there? Doesn't what about the Cato peace by the way? There's nothing preventing the union's from engaging in members only deliberations on work conditions, otherwise they don't have to lobby on behalf of people pay. They just want your money now. Folks, remember this. This is an interesting argument. I heard a long time ago. Forgive me, I always forget, with his came from gush of those one I use that. I wish I could remember it's this one, because it was such a brilliant point
I was reading one time in a peace, and the guy City notes fascinating how when a position, a political position, benefits liberals parking parking, the beginning of the show. We talk about how to take opposite positions on things. The Roth Irae versus not paying for tax cuts. Same thing here is fascinating. What that you know when the trough ends up when the money trough winds up. In the hands of our liberal friends right that they'll argued at the government never spends enough money right so think about it. The government, but think about things. The government they say, there's a spend enough money occasionally like, while we need to spend more money on educational. Why? Because teachers unions, as I said yesterday, Joe largely better, progressive causes, as at Ocean City Maryland story discussed yesterday, where they actually said. We want to be a leader and progressive party. So to be clear,
those union funds coming from higher salaries, eventually wind up many of them in democratic coffers, advancing progressive policies? Liberals will then argue that we never spent enough money. Energy. We gotta spend more. We get to spend more. Yet. When the money in the end, Joe wines up The coffers of non democratic entities? Hospitals a minute made of management of hospitals, doctors, doctors offices, people who are exclusively progressive, lotta Republican, actors lot of sea Provera. You know hospital owners, that aren't exclusively democratic. its fascinating, that liberals will make the exact opposite organ. We're spending too, about childcare. We're spending despite no, we make evidence on either side of the equation that that their position makes any sense. We spent more money on education since nineteen, seventy one hundred percent more and your results on standardized testing levelled off have not gone down in some cases, and yet you are You for more money and yet what hospitals
we ve generally had some better outcomes, and if you like, I was spending too much it's because in the end, the money winds up in public sector, our union. offers and private sector union coffers and winds up with Democrats, that's why they want more money, is agency, thing is a total scam. Folks, don't fall for it. Hey out one last story here: there's ed fight going on. I've been talking about for less couple days, have gained about this democrat tax plan and its get Billy Personal now they so Kevin ass. It who's the chair, the council be I'm a good for Trump recently gave a speech the tax policy centre, where he just dismantle, these guys, the tax policy centre is really turning into a kind of a hack group. They analysed the truck GEO P tax plan, folks without any the brackets in other words, they had no idea who is going to pay. What may analyze the planet basically said. The middle class you're gonna get scrutiny cover to show less regret right. So
It goes to the tax policy centre in a brilliant move and just destroys the viability gives a speech is covered with peace, and while she Journal today, which are put to show to teach us a neo later now, the dog, bid let out on the left, because they have to defend this legacy that this, of course, this tax God is not going to work because again, as I said, a beginner afraid of this tax could goes through its going to benefit the middle class, so they put Larry summers out their former secretary of the Treasury, really are the M about Larry Summers is working with MRS Secret service agent. What that many kept wiping his nose and the speech, which is the weirdest thing ever summers called acid speech, ignorant disingenuous, genuine dishonest. He called it. atrocity which is fascinating. because a couple of economists went back and so One thousand nine hundred and eighty one piece about Larry Summers about some of the same proposals in the Trump tax cut plan where he said the increase in gross wages which results from the ink capital intensity arises from eliminating capital taxation in short
trumps tax plants could work. I don't let Larry summers own words and nineteen eighty one, don't let them come back. Your Larry ready to let you say the opposite thing now began: why? Why is this happening because they need a a quote, credible, liberal voice with some kind economic bona fides to go out there and attack the Trump tax by just like humor attack the raw, I already conversion because they're dead, they're afraid their terrified that this tromp taxpayers gonna go through. What is going to use the kind of its the hell out of don't Polynesia, don't me for a second on this day, are en route. They are really starting to work. I folks they You ever children, and I really appreciate it- please go to bungee Godaddy com subscribe to my email is I'll. Send you these stories everyday, conveniently right now, re mailbox, I'll, see you
you just heard in Bonn GINO she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.