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Ep: 576 The Democrats are in Tears Today

2017-10-25 | 🔗
In this episode -   CNN shows its bias on the Russia scandal. https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/dana-bash-on-uranium-deal-is-why-conservatives-dont-trust-cnn   The Russian “collusion” scandal was a Democrat scandal the entire time. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/clinton-campaign-dnc-funded-firm-behind-trump-dossier-report/article/2638512?utm_campaign=Washington%20Examiner:%20News%20Alert&utm_source=Washington%20Examiner:%20News%20Alert%20-%2010/24/17&utm_medium=email   The liberal media are desperate to turn Chief of Staff John Kelly into a racist. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/media-turn-john-kelly-into-a-racist/article/2638482?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Examiner+Today&utm_source=StructureCMS   Illinois has gone off the deep end in their fight against choice in the workplace. https://www.wsj.com/articles/illinoiss-latest-criminals-1508886131   Is the bond market getting bullish? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-24/bond-market-confronts-a-make-or-break-moment-again-at-2-4-yield
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they won't you know i have an obligation to come on the air with data immaterial and research i can't you say trade stinks thanks for children in the dim bunge notion alleged jump right in because we have no time for nonsense ready to hear the truth about america when i was a young man i don't remember it being sexy to want it will allow a nanny state to control my life on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host bomb jean i want renegade probability about universities joe argued in idaho on what the show they know not what a bad day for the democratic s collapses emanate folks who accept the republican party may not be doing great right now rowena sit around roasted spores around the open fire second coup by on campfire songs but man the democratic party have you ever seen a party invest
much time in a hoarse hap narrative right is a precious thing that which is consequently turned around bobo rags do in the face with set with same said real or so strongly i mean the last six all we ve heard true the collusion of the world is going the russians road the russians are garbage yet i was like its proposal revere not for the british for the russians the russians are garbage garages i need and after yesterday now we find that the whole time that yes some joe the rush collusion narrative is true even set for one key point is clinton obama do
at sea democrat party collusion narrative the entire to tell your friends that you are thereby apples idea like those apples folks now being really has a nonsense liberal narrative blown up in the face of a political party specifically democrats so badly in modern times like this one in case you miss it yesterday and you wonder what i'm talking about rightfully so as i would say some people say you gotta tell us what happened i missed that i was on mars yesterday whatever happens bed listen i've been busy to my daughter to big volleyball game yesterday the war did post of all places the washington post the liberal what imposed broke a story yesterday that is a bit you know i can't even use that word bombshell there's no as i said a tweet one time the bomb shelly nature the word bombshells god because your bomb administrations follow bombshells the irs scandal fast and furious about shows you immediately but this one was a
an unbelievably profound that impact will story the protests and in imposed washington post in the gist of it is does dossier the fake dossier the violation of information compiled on tromp which alleged that he had some sexual procure could proclivities when each have all that were really unbecoming and he had done some really nasty things and hotel rooms that dossier was paid for by the clinton's and the answer folks you may say well you know that that's what's that what what's the deal with that what's way wise at such a breach there why is that such a big story the entire our trump russia collusion fbi counter intelligence investigation everything the genesis of it was this fate came saying that trump was a sexual pervert when he traveled overseas and the russians know it the entire so firefox is a lot to take away from this noble
on that the media are complete total hacks the fact that the washington post publish this did i don't want you for us akin to think i'm putting them on the back but the real the washington post i'm convinced because they are that their total hacks over there the real the wash imposed published this story is simply what is going to come out and i think they figured while we might as well get the collects and put our own spent on at first because there's no way the source that reached out to them that told them that the clinton the dnc had in fact paid for the dossier there's no way he wasn't going to go somewhere else with that information so let's not send you a pat the washington post on the back they had no and i'll bet they figured out the best we can do now is get the collect from a two so there's a couple it take away from this that are important to you number one the dossier
is very very sophisticated the way this worked in an here's the genesis of this entire thing number one so i don't know i don't exclude the republicans from this is well i want to be fair about our assessment of what happened joe the regional firm hired to go get negative information on trop we call apple research opposition be sir knight wise fusion gps fusion gps was initially hired by a republican now geological question should be well who is the answer nobody knows the washed imposed doesn't know the source apparently didn't know where us would be in the story i no i'll be candid you folks i don't even have suspicions i just when i dont know i do i don't know who did it the list of suspects got from colonel stirred on down are region i mean i could
anyone who could have any of these seventeen or so republican primary opponents it could have been a wealthy donor to one of its primary opponents nobody knows but the initial search for opera opposition research on trump through fusion gps joe which was the company that was going to get the research ok gonna get the bad stuff which by the way is not illegal again we're gonna do act dwell journalism for journalists you're even oh i'm not a journalist at all but journalist is a dead art so i figure we can fill in the vacuum so republican paid for that now at some point this republican i'm assuming whose wealthy enough to position research is not cheap folks they were public in who was looking for ban information on trump bowed out and said ok i'm done why is that i don't know maybe the guy he was backing of the woman he was backing or whatever in the presidential race dropped out in other words there was no reason for this
public in the shady republic and operate in to continue to fund opposition measures against against tromp because their horse in the races already out a drop down a camera this story it ended their folks there is nothing to see campaigns paying for apple researcher nothing new i've been to three of them i've had people dig up files on me i didn't even know he existed seriously i had a video of an interview i gave which they cut and spliced from i don't even always on the internet about it i'm a care they were made it look like i supported obamacare which if you listen to show you know is absurd but he was going up all given that given credit for i had this dynamic if story and there is no problem but what happened what happened here this is where hillary clinton and the comes it to a lawyer no mark elias they then come in pick up the funding for this
continued apple research as a result of that continued apple research is this file known now as the dossier the dust yea contain information about trumpet his sexual habits which was very disturbing now the dossier has been dip debunk completely it's not ok it's not true nobody no edible journalist nobody thinks it's not it's fake it's not it's a fake document now how the information got into the fake document is key here before is there some theirs or the incredible theory out there even the washington post puts it out there and other people at the russians may have had an interest joe in getting information to this guy named christopher steel who was compiling the dossier for fusion gps on behalf of the democrats now in hillary clinton who took over for the republican donor who's the mystery meant that makes sense for with you so far ok cool now what
ironic about this issue the russians worthy source genesis of this information against trump which was false they used this guy the first the fusion gps and the democrats the dnc and hilary who are paying for through this lawyer they use whose them to get information to the front where a bureau of investigation to start a massive counter intelligence investigation now why way way way way hey what about remind the table the pencil out put the tape in their view young kids you have no idea we're talking about a soldier folks not spend a tape spend a tape the pencil burn your batteries on tape recorder rewind area so what you're telling me now is for months you ve been telling us about russian collusion with the trump campaign but now how mounting evidence by believe
even never truckers are starting to admit this now pair has now mouth they gave it is that the russians planted fake it's about a presidential candidate donald trump during a presidential election a critical junction in time for the united states to influence the election fake information planted by the russians was purchased by the democratic wanted to drop hillary clinton ended dnc the meeting they paid money for it and then used and fed to the federal bureau of investigation who then consider this guy steel will first said bad information and you just as a pretext to stir a massive counter intelligence investigation against the trump campaign wholly moses that this really happened in the united states now folks
i'm not i don't take any bs on the show i'm not taking any crap and if you're a liberal you know what and you're going to you going to do the conspiracy theory that just beat it go away i don't care audiences big enough i don't need you i don't want you here i do legitimately don't care if you are so not that you think the washington post is part of your conspiracy theory on this honest show by the way where joe and i believe me great pain to me and try to depart conspiracy theories at every opportunity and i do mean a great pain to me if you saw the emails you know what i mean that you are in the wrong place this is a scandal of war a mammoth prehistoric proportions the russians floods the campaign started a counter intelligence investigation using the american fbi the federal of investigation our most prominent investigative arm of the federal government was instigated
by the russians to start a counter intelligence investigation had said merrick as future president don't worry who was had not the f b i then george jim call even will only get worse are weak i'm glad you brought it up because i haven't even got there's like several different angles as i've been in touch you now you have that sound ready right even now with the clinton especially hilary who i can't say it enough i work for this woman she is not genuine she is isn't enough and dick person she rare if ever tells the truth when it comes to a situation that may wonder politically she's i i don't know any other way to say it how do we know something's up here shows a clip of hillary clinton being asked in an interview about this and listen to our response and how she
listen to the anger and our voice as she's asked about a play that cut its the same bologna they ve been peddling for years and there has been no no credible ever by any one in fact has been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked its widespread angry she heard this is a classic gas lighting response from hillary clinton who was a political creature only her more she lives in a moral and ethical vacuum she's end justifies the means person she used gas lighting as the sole means to advancing our political agenda our gas lighting technique when you're charged with something in your report you know you're right over the target which we are right now when our starting realised more than enough credible sources unwashed imposed included which is not a credible source but as which is protecting hilary that the democrats and by the way there defence that the seat of this which they put out so they put out a statement to the only defence to be charged they paid for this they didn't deny it
set out new leadership wasn't involve new leadership where was elected after the election nobody saying new leadership was involved we're saying that debbie washroom insults class of dnc leadership were the ones to paid for this dossier and they have yet to deny this neither has the clinic paid and that hat brian fallon who's at the piece of failed he's like outbreak we didn't know we paid for it but if so that comes out of a great you lying piece of garbage brian fallon is a total disgrace that disgusting piece of filth he was users document for miss mrs clinton easy fill these human filth now why is this important ok number one that take away the second one is secondly this important second wanted a second very good beer rob saw this was used as a pretext to use our fbi to stop a counter intelligence investigations joe said he's right under jim call me into a president
candidate who later turned into the present false information planted by the russians number two it was used as a paddle by the media to degrade the of the character temper and basically any kind of principles donald trump it was used to it the president dossier i'm talking about but the problem folks have to understand this case view don't it this is gonna be this is an enormous scandal the price from the media had is they could ever verify the contents of the dossier now why because it was be it was crap it was europe the dossier is fake that's why you couldn't be verified joe i if i asked you to verify that thirty five posts
thirty five equal seventy two you're not going to be able to verify that because you can't happen there's no calculator that's gonna give you that number just like there's no credible source is going to confirm information is false correct but the media in their zeal to take down donald trump and this is take away number two needed a reason to get the dossier into the public arena despite the fact that many in the media knew it to be false in other words you know a lie travels around the world before the truth is heard right they needed to get the lie out there in an attempt to degrade the character of donald trump before the election to hurt him but they couldn't do it with risking these small remainder of credibility the media had so what did they do where the story gets really really disturbing jim call me and the fbi
picked up and found them interest in christopher steel in the fusion gps dossier despite the information that it being a completely unverified that would be the equivalent of me starting an investigation if i had the broad powers of the fbi against you arbour cost for allegations eddie stole a bazooka i mean the gum not now remember presume gum live said this was not the best the kids are not talking about the data this compromise has extolled with great to read the comics inside it's your height bazooka job tat joe amerika stole a piece of bazooka gum twenty two years ago even though its patently false that formations just made up and i use my powers of the fbi to then start investigation its jail for some kind of com this clause violation you may that's really dumb it's just as dumb as starting an investigation gets trop prepared on a bed russia when nobody even though it never happen it will really what's the difference paul things never happened
so the media needed this but they couldn't verify how did they do it they use call me fbi to slide the information into the pity be depressed but daily brief which is a briefing and intelligence briefing the president gets at the white house sometimes every day sometimes not depending on how they choose when and where i've been there they come in and you know they not inside there but when they go in the oval office or wherever and do it ok that it made it the fake us yea the equipment of jos stealing a bazooka pisa bazooka gum better it does he made it into the presidential daily brief was used as a reason to report on said darcy and the contents by buzzfeed and other outlets there picked it up later in other words shall remember just the worry about joe stealing the bazooka gum is fake just like the dossier but if you want facon from
shit about joe knowing he never saw the bazooka gum out there what do you do you report on the dossier you don't report on the pursuit gum theft you report on someone telling someone important about the buzz you could come tat no one remembers that story was about our president obama was briefed about produce you chose the olympics uncle gum although here is producing joe all gum genius yeah here's my genius technique i abide by the media i of course diabolical gene this technique by the media so that who take a ways here what a scam this one the entire time again number one false information was fed to the dnc and hilary which was then fed through so no one knows how it got there yet mccain's name is come up i don't know that for sure his name come up quite a bit
information was fed to the fbi did not verified the information use the information to start a counter intelligence investigation gets the president to get be that's take it won't take away do to get the information into the media despite the fact that it was the bump was actually depart no credible person can confirm any of this ever happened they sleep into the presidential daily brief do call me in the fbi which enabled the media a report about the briefing and reform so dossier that was false knowing the american public wouldn't turn go trump peter ben russia oh my gosh folks i mean it what what are you saying how does that out of the democrats who are ever really i said yesterday has ever been a party so stupid you know i give them a lot of credit sometimes you know me i need someone threads of this it has been that the democrats aren't dumb which they are not you know a lot
today the class warfare and identity politics they use their not stupid these are strategic moves by them but let me i need a little bit on this in this specific instance i want to be clear on this this i think as one of the initiative into harry reads decision to blow up the filibuster for judicial nominations which i talked about last week i think this you have been the potentially arduous political strategic blunder we ve seen in decades and i'm not being hyperbolic here for any type of effect at all i'm when i say strategic blunder i mean the endless focus by the democrats on a trump russia narrative that they had to know joe these are not stupid people here if they had to know was their false or or at best flimsy flimsy based on pure anecdotal nonsense their endless focus on this they had their
only you may say well damn but why would they do it then if they knew this was going to backfire right i mean jones people at the dnc in the clinton campaign owes they paid for a fake dossier you're not stupid why do it folks the same reason i think obama care we set up the fail i know this sound strange but i i mean this the same reason american theme in america merrick acts get it this at the same reason american dominance is the right way someone's grew to set the same way america was set up to fail by a bomb care and you may say to shovel why would obamacare be set up the failed i act we believe with with with my my heart my soul my mind every ounce of my being that obama we believe that the failure of obama care the the guaranteed issue cost sharing payments risk corridor payments at community rating could not economically work obama's not stupid but i think he understood the entire time joseph that the media was going to cover his butt
at the media was gonna blame that subsequent failure ingredient assurance companies and that was gonna be the impetus to push for single payer medicare for all i believe that they have set it on one of our first shows we dead did obama care i always believe that was the plot what happened no is obama's we're being in an eta prehistoric media environment obama did not respect them our of conservative media file news the social media outlets pundits out there and bloggers to get information and bypass the mainstream media the mainstream media could not continue to cover i want to waste a lot of time on this absurd sorry but the mainstream media joe my point is could not continue to cover for the failure of obamacare because conservative media which didn't exist in the ear of walter cronkite more than happy to fill in the information vacuum and say oh no no no no no obama care not the insurance companies they may sock they may screwed up do but oh but
care cause them to suck because they set them up for failure my point we're going with this year i believe with the clinton russia thing it was the exact same scenario you dinosaur politicians like hilary went in a disgraceful person by any n i mean by really by any measure she is just a she's worst kind of divide which is a platform to do it i leave even though she knew she paid for the dossier even though she knew the dnc paid for this false information that started a and unbelief we disingenuous fbi which on on a presidential candidate even though she knew it she thought that her media allies in the power of the mainstream media which media with strong enough to advance a disingenuous trump russia narrative that would continue endlessly at an end let me give you some evidence for this because you ve been through it herself she had this
i'm sorry it's a lot in full is one of the most important shows however that go with it meant hilary had been through this this started we travel gate in the white house when she fired the white house travel office it turned into white which turned into lewinsky which turned into a vince fostered suicide and i think she said to herself well we ve been through this we ve been able to ride this out with the assistance of the mainstream media that hit all this while we were in office for eight years in other words to me you were a bodies for eight years look what they did they swept all this under the end of the rug the white water real estate deals travel gauge how it all went away they even though you may say that didn't go away really folks president got left office would it sixty percent a brewery you sure didn't cuoco away trust me it went away we all know what happened but it had almost no impact on clinton and all we left office the guy was impeached he wasn't convict
in the senate previous impeached editor almost no we're pack hilary it means dinosaur political mine was so attached to the idea to experience that the media would be there to help our despite the fact that the facts were with her just like they were with her with lewinsky did not sexual relations with woman what that was not a fact folks that was not a fact absorb did of sexual relations that was then she was lying ok hurried lie was no the media would get them through it and she figured as john pedestrian right after the election and her people figured out tat if they vast a lie with no facts to back it up that the media would keep this going almost perpetuity welsh and safer throughout the trumpet in perpetuity the trump presidencies and more precisely to do what i'm saying don't give tat be despite the fact there were no facts it didn't matter her experience with the media's backstop matter my husband
i took in care they will keep this fall tromp russia narrative going the entire time they will damage and destroy the trunk presidency it will rescue in turn my image and with respect to the public and i look like i lost for the russians and i will go down in history as the end of the day the queen bee of the resistance story you know everybody thinks combine i may have lost but at least i leave this important female female figure in in win a progressive politics folks they knew it he knew the entire time this entire story was made up now i say to our liberal friends do you feel i idiots maybe i should be so harsh i'm that's a reasonable liberal friends if there are any left do you it's the enemy not insulting before once i know i get pots and pans but feel taken advantage of these manipulated i mean
being really serious i know i have and we elected president's and we ve elected republicans stand by republic in principle something that was the whole genesis of the tea party moment we elected people to do something they want the congress the senate and i'm cases the white house i think in the bush administration it did the opposite and the conservative and libertarian base rebelled that's what progenitor the tea party revolution was you been sold out if you are a liberal or a left leaning democratic is maybe now that you maybe you don't identifier suffers liberal too how do you not feel used and abused right now how do you not feel like a doormat i mean i i beg you to stay within the harsh adjectives interior case a noun but being quite restrained there're because i'm really joy you know i know i don't my showed a liberals because i don't the same it doesn't matter but maybe by we have tens of thousands of listeners to each show i
others someone out there who is a liberal listens to this maybe to catch me in something or whatever i may can you a serious question don't you feel like you got you sold out that to date i didn't care paying which showed you lie about a trump russia collusion narrative to win an election has been ache we ve been russian out of the entire time your own liberal media outlets are exposing this isn't it i'm the dialect back is the time to say we been used that the clinton's have to go i mean for politically get leave the violence for the left gosh cost that deal always distort outwards but you know got that use the less she will words and you know it doesn't matter but don't you think time for them to leave the stage politically now devil by the way i didn't even i had four or five other points here i was going to get to but i have some other things i want to talk about maybe i'll get to him in tomorrow shipping
folks we haven't even talked about the exoneration letter by call me call me whose reputational spanish commies finish that just pilot you said joe you seem to really not like called we have noticed that they were brought this up do you want here but whenever i bring up call me or i failed or brain i've told you always have a heightened reaction you like despite he said you have you noticed that is set out in magic formula but it was tall william was in charge of our eye thanks we tell me fingerprints out we seem to be all over the place soon and in what i met should call me ever saw but i don't mention them you mention and about what i meant symbiotic gas call me like that guy trading put you're we don't no job turkey on thanksgiving ever equation yearn shows that guy whenever you magical you're gets someone sent me that a duty on only listers regret yeah they set everything never like here it is here's the trading places you're that's joe with their when it comes to call them even like call me
we haven't got media we get to the uranium one how this is exploding now at special visa permission was given to lobbyists for this uranium one deal as we we sold off our uranium supply to the russians have the unmasked king i mean it just was a really really really bad day for liberals yesterday by the item you get to respond i thank you for all the feedback by the way on i target i am super excited to have these guys are born i got an email from see are a little while ago and they said he a couple weeks ago would you read for this product and up folks i mean it i have to time it's a no because they can run a commercial but i'm not going to leave some believe in i saw the product and i was like oh yeah now the feedback now i'm actual convey these may be one of the best parts is we ve ever i target folks these guys are incredible marksmanship is diminishing skill and shooting the good enough you gotta hit what you shoot just
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numbered to morrow or i will be on fox and friends to morrow and i was on fox in france this morning that brings me to the next topic i was debating immigration today and did you see that s of easy clip below the immigration with so msnbc is down at the border and they are doing a report here you know what time so msnbc stop at the border and are doing a report on how you know it's msnbc so it's basically to downplay the immigration illegal immigration crisis we have in the country and to pay we say that the wall is kind of unnecessary and you know really needed while there they are doing the report a bunch of people climb the wall and illegally to the united states i'm not kidding i'm not making this up if it was a video podcast i would show you the actual cut you can look it up just put msnbc immigration if it's kind of hysterical that because now i was on fire friends this morning debating with more staff i forget his last name about immigration by it
guy but i think it is wrong and the issue any brought up a point there here from liberals often on immigration that i need to the bank on the show and ready to give you the ammunition to do so as well the things they ll say which counter attitude to the logic they use on guns by the way similar cow they fail an abortion to do the same thing say well the guy this morning at don't have of time response all respond here he said well build a twenty foot wall which i made the point you can't jump over i don't know any human who can leap twenty feet you joe now i don't nonetheless we have some kind of superhuman with who got some kind of us mute next year a high rock near the eye rejuvenescent i don't know anybody who can jump twenty feet so what twenty football would be a natural barrier to stop people from leaping over the wall and his response was well we'll just build it beat you foot ladder which seemed kind of ridiculous because you would only need a twenty four ladder forms a twenty football but whenever i get the math wrong but you can you get
when he was trying to make what she's not wrong a twenty two foot ladder could probably scaly twenty foot war but the law turkey's using again is faulty and it just to show you how liberals they they have a very difficult time with consistency when it comes to arguing their positions joe so that what he's i was trying to say and the argument you should always be making to your liberal friends is a this is not a black or white situation folks know lie is in other words we don't make laws about but homicide about c p w criminal possession of a weapon or assault with these it lists the goal of eradicating that society do you see what i'm saying joe it's ridiculous to suggest that ok we made a salt illegal so no one's ever going to get in a fight again that's that perceval law practically speaking
i'm not sure about morally or ethically morally ethically obviously the goal for homicide laws is to stop people from killing each other up you know that we get it but practically the laws designed as a deterrent it is not design it's not a black and white situation let me just use analogies could sometimes i get to deepen the rabble a border wall twenty football with security features cameras motion detectors whenever vibration detectives whenever we want to implement the while act strictly as deterrent yes it's not stop every ladder yes it's not stop every drawn from flying drugs over the border yes it's not stop some people from drilling a hole in the wall and walking right through it is simply deterrent to an activity we have deem pernicious to our society which is illegal immigration the key take away is where deterrent now what's funny about this joe is liberal
will use the exact same deterrents ethos to argue on behalf of gun control and i give you a specific example waiting periods we all oh gun waiting periods which they have in many states is down here in florida if you don't have a concealed weapons permit you have to wait i think it's days down here in florida dubai and gun you come back seven days to pick it up well joe that's a lie well that's not a conservative idea that conservative approach that has always been well that's all they dumb if i've been checked for up you know fine to buy a gun why he's going to commit a crime our market to commit the crime seventy he's like you cannot have sadly really want to off joe arm a quasi really upset me joe was he wasn't late this web it was five minutes late this morning for the parties i'm driving up the baltimore to whack joe arbiter bring up joe we beg doughnuts would be we're takin joe out a puppy take me seven is to get my schedule up to it doesn't matter the seventh day waiting periods are going to do anything but the liberal arts
for the seventh day waiting period on firearms joe is always been well it'll be a detour two people who might otherwise commit a crime it's not going to stop all of em but maybe it'll stop some of em no it won't they won't stop anarchy of up ok it's not gonna do that it's a hacker stop eddie wanted dead bugaboo your grand that's not your choke point so these people are complete hypocrites so my mommy deliveries i bring up these analogies because the only way to break liberals in an argument is that you facts and data but to use their own arguments against them and make them live up to their own principles you know a linsky for all devious devilish tactics literally many moments admire leave admires lucifer spoke sallow risky but what are they tactics he uses which is smart strategically is to make people live up to the principles they advocate themselves and if the liberals are going to claim deterrence is a legal matter and effective legal matter well look it works on gun seven they waiting period that how we
the torrents not an effective legal approach to illegal immigration by deterring people by creating a more pronounced robust border which is going to create more obstacles to them entering the country illegally i dont get it what is it is deterrents a factor in the law not die i don't it makes an overly complicated but i don't have enough time went on you know fox and especially in debates in their five minutes segments and you know you get the idea that twenty seconds but i was just trying to make the point that this is about deterrence and if their willing if every deterrents isn't an issue then why are you engaging in any kind of a gun control debate with me at all because your whole premise for gun controls but you're going to deter people from committing crimes you verde college you can do nothing to stop the supply of guns they were technology there are what we need to stop them from getting at the hands of bad guys are determined its natural i don't i don't mean it loose connected but one more thing on the immigration think so
can always reframe the argument to your friends and your liberal friends and liberal buddies and your liberal college campus but he said this is about the turret and unless you're willing to waive off the turns completely then i'll expect forego your approach the gun control too but our number two about this why is immigration what are the only crimes we talk about in a country joe where we only discuss it in terms of the perpetrator or not the victims go to the american people get to say in this at all folks are the victim was crime there paul come here and enter the country illegally who don't come legally precisely because they have criminal records that would preclude them from coming here legally so they the country illegally those are people who would likely be deterred by border wall at a more vigorous legal process those
people will come in the country again a small number but not insignificant who then victimize american citizens we a vacation texas where you can come here illegally and get an abortion funded by taxpayers folks taxpayers paying actual money in actual time and the actual world for real people who have come here illegally and who have never paid into the tax system they may they stay they may be more likely will not but you ve never paid and now they were entitled to the to the largest of what taxpayer revenue in a country like you know i would stress with twenty trillion dollars and that this is not a thomas crime why are we talking about this crime only in terms of what the power of in other words like job we only tub what about these people and what about those people and are always talking about the illegals you should
simply say to your friends every time they say that but what about the victims that they get a scientist you keep talking about what about the kids and what about the families and what about the people for jobs and they came here and what about the people of haiti but what about the american victims of this crime what about that do they get to say in this talk about assault or something else we don't talk about in terms of the person who did the assault well what about gas if they jail they're gonna have a tough time getting do their job and you can have a tough time making copies what about the guy who got it cake does he matter folks there are real penalties to this in real time and its darn shame we're not willing to recognise that arbitration also brought about buddies brick ass nutrition you know i'm a big vanities guess i got a super busy week so don t dusk his help me get through my wife said to be this warning that god we get an extra supply in the closet miles always good to us thought that that is a great
ok get a pot of really good reviews on this it's an energy products in the nice part about is if you send me an email on it by the way i send it two miles great part about daunting task as it takes care big problem the energy industry the option that doubt you all know what i mean everything from coffee being pills to energy drinks take him in an hour later you're ready to collapse the nice part about daunted because you get a nice mood mood energy elevation get you to the entire day can last up to ten hours these guys have really good product design is on their team they know the best of the best and they put a lot of legwork into this product and on the sales and the feedback on the return customers i'm telling you this is one of the best energy products on the market working mobs work dad see egos assembly line workers union work at anyone out there go pick up the product if you have a really long data get
and i promise at all in a work out near favorites really really good stuff it's a really great product if you do reviews on it have been tremendous i get reviews where billy from cross bidders to emma guys the pilots go check it out savell bullet brick ass nutrition that calm slash then that's brick ass prison that calm slashed aunt check it out don't that's the reason i stumbled on it you need they by the way what my story i wanted to mention that because i have all these things i go around my head is you can tell by mild adhd i never run out of step with this article the wall street journal today is fascinating always available by the way to show notes but but you know that confidence grabbed my email list i will email you these stories i'm sorry if it's fiber but you can get the first couple paragraphs you'll get the gist of it to the market jobs we're talking about that supreme court case the other day you know the shows we try to time to get i can't repeat that show but there's a supreme court case coming up the janis case about agency fees basically unions getting to take your money and spending
our political activities of disguising it is lobbying for other things that's that's what it is because monies fungible ammunition common sense right so with this case coming up the unions are really fired up because they afraid now if they lose their agency fees they're gonna try up and is going to be no reason for a union anymore well that combined now the explosive growth of right to work in other words where its legal to not be in a union which sounds insane that's all right to work is legal did not join the union and right to work states ripe roy which is a far left state dominated by chicago politics they tired of not being a right to work state right and there are there are localities in illinois there actually relatively conservative their time losing jobs to people who are leaving for right to work states so they did joe is clever right to work zones oh there's a story in the journal about this town that's ok you know what we may not be in a right to works they but we're gonna make a right to work zone and in that right
the word zone you dont have to join the union while of course what happened the union sued because i love force you have to do there's nothing i love more they hate government monopolies but they love a monopoly on labour these unions which i find that a credible that they can continue to advance this position with a straight face what are they no i do so not only did they soon to make this go away i'm not kidding they stay the legislator past legislature pass the law overriding the government's veto i think i have to wait another house forgive me for this is that the senate pass the law where variety the republican governors veto by the way to me it illegal to actually lock up legislators that allow people to natural units kidding this mad or well can speak this is about big area this up you didn't want to put in jail
just leaders who allow allow airports there people turn that joint eu vessels darn socialist you you can't make it our problem have you can't make it up el story output of the show today it's kind of fast sudanese taken note on that's when forgets others have somebody stories i forget which wants to put it on a box sk ever tuna please go to budget that cop such scratch my email is thus no stories right to your inbox i'll see ya you just heard tan bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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