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Ep. 578 The Democrats Can’t Wiggle Out of This One

2017-10-27 | 🔗
In this episode - The Democrats are struggling to explain away their collusion with the Russians. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/26/clinton-mum-on-fusion-gps-scandal-as-dems-dossier-denials-pile-up.html   Who is really paying the largest share of the income tax in the United States?  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/omb-top-20-pay-95-of-taxes-middle-class-single-digits/article/2638746   Here’s a great explanation of liberal’s disdain for patriotism. http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/24/left-right-clash-national-identity/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell%22&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTXpVNVl6SXdOR0V4TkRWaCIsInQiOiJ4NE5DNmtOaEEyYUJuSEoxYlwvNmVIOTlcL0ZFeEw1V1RYckpWN1Job0cxdEx3QStnZEx4WUIrMXBkeTREZFlRVHpUXC9IQXh6Nlp0N2dkSEdIVzhiQ043Qlo3b1VBZTNERzJSaVhFRlh1V0hYWEk4bVRjc21KSUpjZXFkXC9KVjBLaUYifQ%3D%3D   Here’s some great news about the economy. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/27/first-reading-on-third-quarter-gdp-up-3-point-0-percent-vs-2-point-5-percent-rise-expected.html   The head of the Democrat National Committee doesn’t know basic components of the Constitution. http://freebeacon.com/politics/tom-perez-says-electoral-college-not-creation-constitution/   Finally, the IRS admits it targeted conservative groups. https://legalinsurrection.com/2017/10/irs-apologizes-for-targeting-conservative-groups/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LegalInsurrection+%28Le%C2%B7gal+In%C2%B7sur%C2%B7rec%C2%B7tion%29   Sponsor Links: www.itargetpro.com Promo Code “Dan” www.PrepareWithDan.com
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They don T know you want the truth comes at his pipe guess. You want someone to be issued and before the crap go to a political reality, dandelions knows we have to call it what it is. We have to stop being delicate about waiting to hear the truth about America. When I like the left this network, conservatives don't need, say spaces, they don't need lollipops in colouring, books and Teddy bears. I'm good. Ok on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn genes are, I haven't, been eradicated, rubbing their budget ovaries. Joe argue today what you say, Mr Tv star, I'm doing well, yeah I've been a law couple days, Travelin Opera around in our, but this is my show. This is my emotional bedrock. I always look forward to doing this one back in the home studio according to show for you on Friday morning, with Joe Joe. You had a little shout out my lesson. I want to give a shout out to Kyle in done dog Marilyn, who is a renegade republic listener. He called the rating
David, I work for locally in the morning. He hated tell me anything about you know renegade public in anything at all. We get only those go to Cairo. Dunder first thing: that was mouth hey. I want to give big shot out to produce for Joe and S band, Bonn GINO, who Jays Abacus, that's pretty cool. I hurried, although more than radio that's part of it although you see we have shown me I'll, be that's their nice job colleague spread. The word threading word by Jays advocates, steady Jays advocates has taken off everywhere. I was actually me airport added up the fox and some guy next to me look at me- and it didn't happen more more lately- and he goes hey, are you this. Rather, let me tell some right now we have really dumb down the word famous if they had found this. Every sound level is a joke of course, but we had a long conversation. Nice guy lives down here. So yeah things are gone crazy way. Thanks, vermin, spreading much yea geyser us about their Ladys, our eye
bad. Is there a lot to talk about today? Folks, I wanna keep beating this story to death, but this. Clinton Russia Obama, administration. Russian collusion thing is a monster, and I I'm afraid I folks. I want to be very candid with you here, I'm afraid. I'm a little concerned: I'm A little concerned that we are going to allow again for me here and there hacks and the Democratic Party to hijack the narrative and change the story from the true to what is not in fact truthful. Let me the Democrats are experts through the three musketeers of Doom Hollywood. The median academia have said this to you over and over and over on any topic taxes, health care, Trump, Russia pub. Education regulations about gaslight in you telling whose story that is false: it's not opinion its category we false telling you three plus three calls seventy two repeated
that story confidently over and over again is what gas lighting is too gaslight someone and isolating them from the truth to the point where people actually believe in an alternate reality. Now, if you watch that absolute wacko on Tucker calls last night that congressmen, bread, Sherman a Democrat. If you want TIM loses my last night, a talker Karlsson. You will see how gas lighting really works and other now there are people out there who are blue pillars there. It sure it's blue pillars: they have taken the poop, they believe in the matrix, even though its talk they ve been told. It's totally. Europe ethic, your life they get an altered, it reality right and they still believe it. I mean when I say that we told me told by conservatives now we all this with these trump. Russia's story, which was totally now made up now, is the fact come out. We know there is no evidence at all that any of this happened matter of fact, what
quite ironic, and this is where I want to go with this the liberals and their media allies were using to justify a collusion with the russian narrative. We're collusion, The Russians narrative was Don, Rob juniors meeting with this russian lawyer about magnates key where someone in that email, changes and hay and by the way they may have some really bad information. about Hillary Clinton, the Democrats US, their marbles bread, Sherman Maxine waters off the cast the looney tunes they us? Their marbles collusion. Look at this. Oh my gosh models Russian said they had information, meanwhile, keeper might not have the information was paid for out of. None of the information was even about Hillary Clinton neighbour, and they are talking about magnates. Gaeta use that, as a pretext, get a meeting with Don Junior to talk about the magnet Ski act, which is it as, if effect, did put sanctions on some russian officials who want those
actions remove. There was no information about it recalling actual even exchanged, but the Democrats, lost their marbles about what would have been at that point. Pretty standard up or research, albeit a little untoward that it was coming from a forerunner of foreign officials nothing illegal about it. At all Democrats, one crazy now They are so desperate folks, they are in a panic. I have seen it I follow. I followed there very few accounts on twitter, that are liberal when I say following me to actually followed, I mean I go to their accounts and I want to give them a follow and ivory good at putting out I'm telling you they are in a panic, their panicking, because they know that the story is boomerang and here's the narrative they're trying to pitch now
nothing to see here folks, nothing to see here at all, this is just standard opposition research. The Clinton's the Dnc, paying through us through a conduit, russian sources for food aggression, Intel Donald Trump, now Ladies and gentlemen, let me be clear on this: if the store the ended there as well Does. It pains me to say this, I'm obligated to tell you the truth. They would be correct. It's ugly, it's on toward, I told you it was untoward about the other situation. I don't think we should be dealing with foreign governments and foreign officials represent, information about U S, elections or matter. What but, although out of three I knew I know this comes off is kind of a partisan think this but I genuinely mean it. I really think that Don Junior meeting was just out of a sense of naivete. I mean I'm not that he's a these bright kid he's bright guy.
In Autumn Saint George. They gave political neophytes at our negative information about Hilary. Let's take it and he didn't really think it through is a mistake he acknowledged, and I get it at sounds partisan, but I'm telling all I can say I can only vouch for myself. You know I can't tell you Hilary thing is different. Folks, they paid a company, that had on the payroll, a guy who openly acknowledged using russian sources. We ties to the russian government to get he didn't It was fake information but to get information from the russian government. If the story ended there, it's really really ugly but Joe, there's nothing illegal about it. Although it is ugly where the story. Now, that's where the Democrats I want you to think the story ends follow me here. They were you to think. Ok, maybe a bad call, but we just paid for up or research. Just like that. junior, wanted up or research from the russian Loi? That's not where it ends. That's not. The controversy
it's what happened with this information. That is, the real scandal and, as I said, on Fox and friend yesterday, in my opinion- and you I don't do conspiracy theories think this is the scandal of the Century Because what happened with the bogus russian Intel that the Democrats paid for its what happened with the information that matters folks Information may have made it into an F b. I sworn document in front of a judge to get a wire tap on a gun on you, opposition party from the White House there, but they were Democrats. You Bob Administration on the Republican Party presidential nominee, you know, I've been thinking about this all day away to make this simple for democratic actually interested in the truth, there are very few, but there I'm sure there are some. I don't Republicans you how we get the story by now, but to my democratic
I'm trying to think about? Let's just get all the political politics out of this we're. Second, let's just say I dont like my neighbour, I'm connected, whether I'm an FBI, agent or whatever? I know somebody FBI, it doesn't matter. pay a lawyer to go out and get information on my neighbour. The lawyer comes back to me and says because the lawyer, gotta get something now he's eat these acting unethically like this fusion GPS company was, I pay them or for negative information on my neighbour Joe the lawyer needs to produce right were given a lot of money which declared millions of dollars change hands here. lawyer comes back, as is oh, my gosh. What do I got for you? I've got your neighbour Stories about your I've got stories about your neighbour on bringing this
I just hate. This is just like phenomenal. I got this that you have to be an idiot to believe in this. I got stories about your neighbor here that are going to just blow your mind. He was in Russia and do it a golden shower thing whereby we can explain why that is its highly disgusting and you're like why this is a war. This is insane you, then What are your FBI friend and say I need a wire tap. My neighbour, together. information because he may have been in Russia engaging in these activities with the Russians, and this could be dangerous to the country, folks think about what happen, a lie due to weigh personal grudge, which is too. A question the Clinton's had against the personal and professional grudge against Donald Trump. A lie may have been used by federal law enforcement entity
game wire tabs on. I fought on on a suit me. An opposition political campaign what I've been wont? Let me get this straight: Butter gave, which was justifiably a very big deal. A huge deal Watergate where there was a break in orchestrated together, information about an opposition political campaign that has been neither the these add gold standard for political scandals right show for the Censure- oh, yes right, so that the theirs orchestrated break him again. Information of a crime was committed to get information on opposition campaign third case, we're looking out right now. You have a care paying a presidential campaign for my four the secretary of state under a sitting present that paid russian sources for fake intelligence to put in a document to use to get wiretaps against opposition campaign, worries you would all mention electronic break in you know it is it is, etc.
A chronic breaking into our souls into our collective souls into our collective morality is a violation of the constitutional republic. It is a violation of everything that flag stands for. It is a breakdown of lady justice being blind as a breakdown of law and order is a breakdown of the of the hopeful bureaucratic, disconnect between To this end, the presidency, a political motivations. I know the Justice Department works for the president, but they are not supposed to work to advance his political. Full agenda it supposed to be a blind agenda in the end to it to enforce the laws of the United States, which is a constitutional purview of the executive branch, has a breakdown of everything we hold sacred. Now I up, because I wasn't gonna get into this morning, as I once does it so much going on the economy and gosh Tom Perez yesterday totally losing his mind about the constitution, had new head of the Dnc India. You said the electoral colleges not in the constitution, edge blockage. at sea.
You ve really said that not a joke really year. Yet he said that that's, which is which is incredible. I was watching foxes warning and I saw Leslie Marshall on Whose- and I enough, lady, but a democratic strategy she was debating match laugh from american conservative. You wipe the floor with her by the way, but they came on and and she's defending this as up or research or don't worry couldn't just pay for up or research its. Yes, I get it. You win. That's not the point. The it is what was done with the apple research. Remember that two questions? How did it make it fake russian intelligence into the presidential daily brief. How was open, I'm a brief on this. How? How was this information, not corroborated, and secondly, how did this potentially make it into which many people have alleged at this point reporting? This is back, but it's out there if it did. How did
to make it into an FBI affidavit to get a wiretap against opposition political candidate. Folks, I mean, if This is the case if this is where we are right now is a constitutional republic. What you're telling me with a straight face is just to be crystal clear. On this you're telling me bloggers. You pay a foreign intelligence outlet to get information, regardless of the authenticity of fact, based nature that information, if you are in opposition candidates, connections in the Justice Department and you slipped and that information set free information can be used to get a wiretapping violate everybody's constitutional rights. Are you insane do allies where we are as a country. If you acquiesce to that folks, the Democrats I have said to you repeatedly and I will say again right now: have zero principles, the oars. As Democrats or other my democratic voters, the Organised Democrat party has zero principles they made there. It's a few months ago for treason for die junior for meeting
with a russian officials set back up who presented no such apple, and yet when upper was purchased from actual russian officials and me into the highest branches of our government. That's not in question made it the presidential daily breathe. The Democrats are now running around telling a completely different story: it's because they don't have principles its peak. They don't believe in anything. believing power, they believe in the acquisition of power power. As a tool power the total advanced, the power of the state and diminish the identity of the individual, whatever vehicle they need together, they will use this send a joke. We're in a fight functional the real fight, a real fight right now, It is not an argument about you know quickly. our policy trade disputes? those are serious arguments put folks they're, not existential this. Is it
existential fight, we're in right now for the very essence of the constitutional republic. What why What is this I dont know where I really seriously. I don't know where we go if, if this, isn't stop and people don't go to church on the present, unite estates. His desk and use in a court order been involved in the placement of bake, russian intelligence and on the present United States, his desk and use in a court order affidavits to wiretap others, either really at the tough line, Clinton's get off again. It said folks, it really, as these people have zero principles, but it make rapid upon this doll. your friends, your liberal friends, stop at the opera research can see that point? Yes, you are correct. I always is not illegal. I am not suggesting that you, u win. Can we move on
We are simply suggesting that what happened with the upper research was there is where the conspiracy in the scandal is we're talking about. Opera research. It made it onto the present his desk and potentially made it to charging documents or affidavits by the Federal Bureau of Investigation you care say the same thing happen with the Trump care pigs. Let that happen. They don't even at Apple, the apple, never change hands! Don't let them stop their Barak today, Joe brought you by bodies at I target. You know, I got it really cool e mail about this product from couple people have already perched it. My I was talking to my wife this morning we got hours I target pro and one of the emails but, like I said, tell the audience and it's the letter- I not like you like eyeglasses, it's the letter, I target pro dot com, which it is its aid in the letter writer, but my wife's, like this is really cool. Take a video game which it is folks, you take your phone,
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calm. That's a letter. I use promo. Dan my name day and to save ten percent. You would be very happy with this product. It really is terrific, moving on story number today days, folks, the liberals are freaking out now that the budget- a guideline was past yesterday, which it may just get this out away. I'm not ecstatic about. There were twice Republicans it voted against it for various reasons. They were freedom, caucus members who voted against it because it is a grotesquely, a irresponsible budget. In my opinion, it spends blows pass our spending caps dude sequestering the beasts yea. It is irresponsible budget. Now the republican cow point to this from leadership has been well. This isn't the actual spending plan. It's a guideline, their correct. I give you the truth here, not my talking boys, but still what you know
If it's a guideline, why can't we guide people of fiscal Saturday? That ok, I mean it's a guideline. Well, what are we afraid of the guideline like? Why are we not cutting spending so but at what mechanisms about the budget today? Because again it's not the formal budget document, but the budget outline was past yesterday, which gave the republic the ability to pass tax tax cuts with only fifty one votes, do reconciliation, a simple explanation of the processes, conciliation. If it can be shown to impact the budget, do budget savings. The Senate only needs fifty votes and there's no filibuster there. So you really not fifty, because a vice president be that the forecasts the time about so that will give you fifty want. So how they don't need Democrats. So that was the big story. That's why this was such a big story yesterday, while they pass the budget. This is great against some freedom. Caucus members voted against it, for the right reasons could spend so much money a lot of north, eastern Republicans up in New York,
New Jersey, northeastern area voted against it because of the the elimination of the state and local deduction which we talked about a prior shows, which is growing impact people in the northeast. But that's the fault of the state's attacks. There's their citizens to ice on our full say can affect us all. Articles? We? Don't we don't pay stating cutbacks down here. So you know, for us: Does it really matter? You should try the same thing. It may work you're For those you show the year we don't he'd know, JIVE Turkey's on Thanksgiving you're that places the greatest movie ever seriously, really thought of that So that's the news from yesterday. Now liberals are freaking out now, because now that the budget guidelines Repass Joe, it gave the Republicans one point five trillion dollars in room to institute this tax rate can now Krueger
in Paul crewmen, liberal wacko, due to on the left, who writes for the New York Times has completely lost, is minded Skype wanted by the way and Nobel Prize in Economics which really reflex action. He bore early on the Nobel Committee. I don't know what they were thinking. There were now. Let me just explain to you what's going on here: the occur to me, the numbers were released today in the third quarter, grew by three percent. These are the exact same people, Joe the crew minutes. Larry summers, these things, far left economists, under the Obama administration, who to justify I call upon cycle of sub two percent GDP growth under Obama. Members historical standard is around three percent folks. So, regardless of your feelings about Barack Obama, if you believe in simple math, which I know my audience does perhaps Obama, had a sub standard record on the economy. That's a fact: what
your opinion matters or not, and only matters to you. It does it. the outcome, Barack Obama. average two percent or less every year of his presidency, and never had three percent growth trump comes into office. There instant, deregulatory pushed to get rid of a lot of business, red tape, there's an instant we're tax cuts and there's a lot of optimism in the economy, the economy, is now grown for three percent over two quarters, which same liberals same said: liberals job men. All these other liberal hacks said would never happen through percent of ever happen, secular stagnation, Joe secular stagnation, which is a fool I bring this term up. All the time is a fancy liberal term for everything that's been invented already been invented. The economy can grow anymore. Wasn't Barack Obama's fault. Remember that lessons, because there that's what really matters. They don't really believe. Everything that was invented is gonna be has been invented. They don't really believe that just needed an excuse to observe
of Barack Obama of a mathematically, horrendous economy he presided over. We follow me Joe. I owe you So they use terms like secular stagnation, to say it wasn't Obama's fall. Now we all know it was Obama's fault. There was his: or a close and merger issues mean investment and pushes for mergers and acquisitions companies that invest in their own products. It is part of their companies because they just didn't feel like. There was any other opportunity out there. Under the Obama administration, we had a bomb care that suck billions of dollars out of the consumers while its to pay for higher premiums. We had about this tax sites, which sock money out of the economy. The reasons the Obama economy sucked were obvious, but the liberals continue to want to blame this odd, secular, Agnes, meaning the economy just stagnant, because nothing else can be invented, and this is the way it's gonna be forever now This is a mediately being disprove as so falls and now that the budgets pass, that it looks like tax cuts are going to happen, they are a panic, because they are terrified. Joe
that the foil effect is gonna. Kick it now. What's the foil effect, redwood avoidance fact is the Ets so reason when, when you go to a jewelry store, they put diamonds on a black background, because the I'm in looks that much shinier on on its boil lead it. It's a contrast. That's a sharp contrast. They are terrified the foil fact is gonna take effect now now, if the Obama administration in the truck administration were separated by a period of dino stagnation is well, then there wouldn't be that. well, because they wouldn't have married up timewise what they are. Aid of joy, they may have said that no confusing way they re debt, people who were alive and working right now, obviously remember Obama. Six months ago, I remember the Sukhi economy are I'm going to say. Well, you know about model democratic, open and new ideas- and I gotta tell you- you drop guy, but gosh. My four,
what carriers up? I just got a raise at work or hiring more people's tromp aid. So bad, that's what happen in a rake years. Where do you run? He? We won. nineteen? Eighty by resounding margin and one in nineteen. Eighty four by an even more, is out. They marched because that's what happened? We re going to terminal it Democrat Day or tariff this could happen at Joe. You see the point of making oh yeah yeah that they d contrast is right there in front of you black background diamond. These You can see it. You can look at it if the if the black, if you, if you walk to the store, there's this black background, but nothing on it can you walk. Can you see a diamond on the floor to diamond? May look nice, but it's not going to look as shiny as it did immediately, accompanied by that black background from the contrast right there. That's what they were afraid of. They were afraid that the economy- is picked up so fast since Obama left office that the american people we're gonna, wake up and go wow your Bobby Minister. He should really sought
Singapore, and a little bit like the the economy's been waiting for a chance to jump on that black velvet pad. recent debts are good about way to describe it. They were waiting weight and now it's here and airline wow. This is bad for So now there in full attic mode this right. Go with this, I'm sorry for the wind up, but it's important to understand all that now, you're in a panic to stop the tax cuts Joe because if these tax cuts go through, they are absolutely convinced that three percent, pretty good, that's the historical average one. Besides, it means you're over the target. They are in that is going to use the economy even more now, because you say well, three percent pretty good, that's the historical average! When you know how high can we go? How I can we go out? give you facts and data which we do in the show you what nonsense garbage opinion? Go this to a show. Nineteen, eighty, four Reagan hid six. Almost seven percent growth folks do you know what
Seven percent growth is seven percent growth. If where do that over ten years, which grant that is probably the little much even for me, and I'm a big free market capitalist but seven percent over ten years would double the real economy, the real economy, not the map, fake economy, up the nominal economy, the real economy, meaning the word, salary of an amount if we had seven percent growth over ten what Reagan did and nineteen eighty four is very rarely do whatever ten years, but he hit one year. We did that over ten years the average american salary would be about eighty ninety thousand dollars in today's money. Today's dough how much growth? That is this the reason the liberals are in a panic because there's, change of themselves. Hence the wind up. Ok, guys we're a little bit trouble. economies growing by three percent in the last three quarters? Timidity trumped got an office meeting, our guy really sucks. Okay, now it looks bad job tallow use what they say if these tax cuts pass
We are it acts would have within he d we our screwed better way to save be friendly, show right because There are terrified there what actually happened in the Reagan years, as tax cuts here it now. Eighty six, eighty four we had got the tax cuts have been four solely plays that over time they are tariff. That money is going to filter through the economy into Europe. ages it the productivity in the cheaper products, and they are not going to know what to say, because now people are going to remember Here's a here's, here's the big here's, the coup de Graf there go to remember the shock of the Obama years, just like they did in the corridor years, which, while the damage that's from power for twelve straight years. Reagan. One two terms: George H, W one in a landslide and georgics stubby would have one reelection, probably if it weren't for rasper up it's hard to prove it.
Factual and like to get into counterfactual buddy. It's a good shape, She would have one reelection. The Democrats would have been wiped from power, possibly for twenty years. Folks? They are terrified They know the shock of the Obama economy, they know it, they work just hoping for a it extended sock under Hilary so that he can drag out the story, and could say: look it's on Hilary. It's just secular stagnation. We just invented everything in this is the new normal Google Utica making this up. You know I, like back up anything. I say: Google economy new normal, just Google, it you think I'm making an end notice, no one job. Nobody in any of the articles. You pull up. None of our conservative economists, they're all liberals. I was waiting for that become out the new normal Avenue new day. They want you to believe our economy such that it wasn't Obama here it was. Obama and his economic policies and the training of capital from the economy that destroyed it and now
it's. Turning around, they are in a full blown panic. They cannot, allow these tax cuts to pass. You can expect the hysteria to increase now, because I love numbers and data great great peace I have examined today. Please go to my website. Broadway and subscribe to my email us, I will send these articles few to your inbox. You don't have to do anything I'll send them. pike. I call the internet every day for the best articles out there, there's really great peace, pauper, dark notaries, wash them examiner about. The liberals are now going to double down on. This is a tax cuts for the rich because they don't have anything else. It's the old marxist class identity theory. You know, let's bits, pit the class, the classes, they even aware. Classless society, we don't have classes, there's no formal classes here, ok, but class. I Eddie politics over national identity.
progress, a really good piece in the daily signal about that today, which are also put new, shone out, which is really I mean I get to a threat which are really really good piece. Mammy gets what later unhappy and feeling of her shown on a radio. If you want to listen Here's some data! Folks! Let me again, I do Maxie or so. Let me be completely candid with you, the tax rate caught package. Now as it stands, we don't have the numbers. Yet no, nobody knows what the income categories are going to be for the marginal rates. Having said that I'm telling you? There is no way this tax cut doesn't benefit. The middle class and the rich. Now willing to tell you that what people we will call the rich I have zero problem with that, because I understand basic economics, liberal who down and who are hack politicians, will tell you all this benefit. The richest gonna screw over the middle class that they're lying to you, I'm telling you the truth. Now I have that
We do numbers, liberals do not set in the washing exam. Repeats. They point out some o n B numbers he's your government numbers is not a conservative think tank office management budget numbers that make mulvaney put out yesterday during a speech, Joe Gimme, a number Your question here you know. Sometimes I try to mess with show little bit, but not today, giving a number just gimme a gas, because I expected to be all over the map on this, because even I was off big time. What do you think the time Twenty percent of earners, meaning the top ten, He had of one hundred earners and the United States what percentage of the federal income tax load. Do you think they pay the top twenty percent? I would say I probably close to forty or more for our more per cent brought. I am so glad he responded that way, because I guarantee you Nine hundred and ninety nine out of a thousand Americans would say forty or less folks, I'm always candid with you. I was surprised by the actual number.
The number is now nine, the five percent Lee oh really like they resume later. Member fell resume voting Aggies. I grew up on the watch. W p I ex ante Yankees we kept my grandmother, grew up with fuel resuming window, but little to night the five percent, twenty, out of a hundred earners taxpayers. Ninety five percent of the federal compact slowed man. Why am I telling you this because folks, unlike the left, that will lie to you, this tax rate cuts will benefit the middle class, the research on the corporate tax cuts and how that money filters down to employees in the company conclusive now they dig If it is up any, are you gonna get a thousand dollar rays of a thousand dollar raises the, as the administration is stated over ten years honestly. Folks, I'm not I've looked at the research and I'll bet
somewhere in there could be two thousand. If it's worth thousand great, and to be a little more cautious in my analysis and I'm very sceptical of Econometrics your raises probably gonna, be on average, closer to fifteen hundred two thousand. Here's. The bottom line needs a raise to do the corporate tax, scotch will benefit you because the money has to go somewhere, it doesn't get burned or evaporated it filters into productivity which helps your wages, but having said that and set table. Yes, this tax great cup will benefit you. I M not to deny that this will benefit the rich and that's why I just gave you that number folks, you can't have twenty percent of the people, the twenty, percent of our highest earners. You can't than paying ninety five percent of the tax load, which is almost everything and then say well we're cut taxes, but it's not going to benefit the people paying the damn taxes,
way joy case. You think this is like some anomaly. Sprint going up These demands are paying more and more and more in the peace, sites that two years ago, just two years ago, they only paid eighty four percent, I mean what are we? Are we we get to the point of society where two out of ten people paying all that nobody, nobody pays. It are all. Nobody pays for, military. Nobody pays for the court's. Nobody pays for us. As Democrats, we say approach she's, everything's roads and bridges and open he's paying for that, but to add a ten people. That's your eye do you have an egalitarian society, the society so free? The two people are financing eight other people's lifestyles. This is insane too can people pay? Ninety five percent of the taxes how How are you gonna have attached cut that? Doesn't benefit the people actually pay the taxes. So, unlike the Democrats, I'm going to acknowledge that wealthier people and well off People will benefit somewhat
The point is some of the economy, and so will you and, as I said on outnumbered yesterday and Fox I'll, say again on the show I chair any Democrat out there, anyone to email me and show me where a tax rate caught lead any long term law, I'm charm loss in tax revenue to the. U S, government want job. I could give you a short term. Mother was dead if there was one period after the George W Bush tax cuts years later by the makes ink revenue increase. After with where taxes, went out after the recession, but that's not a surprise to anyone with a dinner with common sense. The economy took downturn, so you were taken a percentage of a smaller economy show me either short or long term where tax revenue went down overtime due to a tax rates show me show me. The numbers folks by this on national television yesterday, because they can't do it. Tell you girlfriends time out. Tell me what,
tax revenue went down if their attacks tell me. Show me the numbers they can't do because it's not true making it up now, just one quick thing, as they point out these amateur piece which really get very readable to their talk, about lowering marginal rates. Folks, the way marginal tax rates work. They are not absolute numbers in or it's when you say we're going to lower the top tax rate from thirty nine point, six to thirty five, which may or may not be in a plan. Nobody knows yet there talking but a rate on a dollar earned above a certain amount. So if there's a let's say, there's a ten percent rate, income earned Joe between fifty and a hundred thousand dollars. What we could all consider relatively middle class in United States right, if I say I want to cut the tax rate for people who make, Fifty two hundred thousand dollars from let's say twenty percent to ten percent cut it in half that
fifty two hundred thousand dollars doesn't only apply to people who only make fifty to one hundred thousand meaning fifty sixty seventy, eighty or ninety that tax cod folks off it to people who make a million. May say we're how's that because Joe at some point in your earning of a million dollars. You had to cross the fifty you a hundred thousand treasure. I right right. That's the if you paid on that money on that money. Only so you we'll get a tax cut on that way to what are you going to say? We're gonna cut the marginal tax rates for people who make fifty to one hundred thousand dollars, but on your course making fifty two hundred thousand. If you make a million you're still gonna pay the higher rate anyway, like a big f, you did, I mean, are you kidding? There's no cut taxes without benefiting the rich they're, the ones paying taxes. You know why, because they could us all of those margins. You get my point yo yo.
sure they cross zero. Two fifty where the tax rate, let's say, zero. Fifty two hundred, where its, whatever fifteen a hunch the three hundred words twenty three hundred to six hundred, they cross what they pay all of those rates under way up to the top man. This is like basic econ, one o one benefit. The rich who pays the taxes, the rich or what I you why I lose understand, there's no, what you gonna screw them for five out of a hundred out of a hundred. People were picking up the rest of the load, it makes no sense whatsoever to have a home. If you can't, you know she would you let that be really it's it's it's it's Lahti. In our today show brought you our bodies at my patriot supplied through. You know. This is a great red in conjunction with with the item.
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tv cameras were honour raw. If there be no, it didn't really matter. Has video cameras are everywhere now, but especially with tv cameras off to speak with absolute precision. Especially in my race and Southwest Florida, because it was a clownish as Rapporteur for the Naples Daily NEWS. I can never get anything right by the way and she was. She would fact check your dispelling of your first name and I don't mind fact checking, but she did Democrat back checking which is synonymous with lie. You know towards statistics, so I was is careful to speak with precision what I find in credit. About desirest scant on the reason this is in the news again is yesterday final. The IRS admitted wrong doing and said the lawsuit without our what's with Atomic a tea party, patriots and other groups that word discriminated against and targeted by the IRS, because they were conservative now this was an epic scandal in the Obama administration, but I want a ride but upon the symbol of Dino Onawandah relegate the irish scandal. You all know what happened the IRS targeted these conservative groups because they were conservative,
it's as simple as that immediate they pop there's, not John there's, no more disputing this. They settled lawsuit, yes or in the hay. Arrests. Apologize, ok lives, so you can continue to argue all you want. The IRA scandal didn't happen, but the millions of dollars and settled lawsuits in a formal apology says you're an idiot, not me. Ok, so I bring this up because Iraq Obama, given it You bill, O Reilly from Fox where he was asked about this at Barack Obama said, there was not a smidgen of corruption. In the irish authorities, folks remember: You know I'm hesitant to use this word. This term How does that not make Obama liar? How why you don't? Let me government out for a second here It either makes him a very ignorant president who had no idea what was going on in his own IRS, zero curiosity at all about what is was doing or it makes them a liar, there's thirst. What's the third explanation
no I'm serious liberals email me what the third explanation is: either Obama was the present United States had Oh curiosity and all about what happened at the IRS but commented on it anyway. Bill rose smidgen of corruption in the Iris or knew about the case, which now is official sought open for Europe. Interpretation lives. We don't care what you say on at the iris. Formerly apologize acknowledge what they did makes you a lie or too by the way. If you, if you refuse to acknowledge a or parochial Obama, did know any lied to the american people in a nationally televise interview, because that's what he does and folks, I don't know. I just find that incredibly disturbing. You know my credibility matters a lot to me on that. I'm very careful, but I tweet and when I say something I can't back up, I have to go That did not happen sometimes, but that's it. That's a course of conservative or any kind of common aromatic, and if you know what's up
funny about this. Is I'm not a journalist? I don't claim to be. I am not a journalist, I don't. I don't claim to be a journalist. I don't want to be a journalist, I'm in a bit of pain I offer conservative content, but the authentic they show, I think is: is is our use of facts and data contribute to its authentic nature. At it bothers me that I was rose so careful when I ran to not say things that could be categorically proven false President United States couldn't have cared Eddie less really disturbing thanks again for tuna and please go to Bonn GINO dot com subscribed to my email is I'll. Send you some really cool articles? I found today, I'll. Send you one more really cool one too about again Tom Perez, the head of the Dnc who apparently not read the constitution and is unaware that the electoral colleges in article two of the constitution is actually pretty fought. It yeah their everyday again, a guy. You gotta, think about a guy who just puts out there stuff that so nonsensical, but these are Democrats is what they do
Ok, listen me out had he can I be fill in it and I will see you all. On Monday, you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.