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Ep. 579 Why Does Justice Rarely Apply to Democrats?

2017-10-30 | 🔗
In this episode -   If Trump’s former campaign manager, who was fired by the campaign, committed alleged crimes years ago, then why did he only become a target after Trump was elected President? http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/trump-responds-to-paul-manafort-indictment-sorry-but-this-is-years-ago-before-campaign/article/2638961   An outline of the charges against Paul Manafort. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41804740   This article exposes the outrageous Democrat hypocrisy on tax rate cuts. http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/27/democrats-have-done-a-180-on-corporate-taxes-heres-what-they-said-last-year/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell%22&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWW1VM05XWmpORGd4WkdFMCIsInQiOiIybXlKS2FaeWd6VjFFV2xzdExDU1VyWU5pTk1rNGE4WGkrbXNmMmI2VFFQVmtQVHMraDVrWnhQWDFtaE9wT2hkRlRsUk10Z2Q1d0hwbEhlcEwrNFMzMStzWEU2UUtFdWkyM1BzMWFVNDBmMGhTSldadzFTTEw4a25wWUJxTWtnSiJ9   Here’s some more excellent news about the economy. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/economic-growth-is-halfway-there-livin-on-a-prayer/article/2638882   This explosive technological development could change the world, and our economy, forever. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-computer-that-could-rule-the-world-1509143922   Sponsor links: www.iTargetPro.com Promo Code “Dan” www.BrickhouseNutrition.com/Dan
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damn bone jean aiming to stop free speech to this speaker can no longer speak is exclusively a far less than the den bungee knows i'm talking to moderates and the democratic party who actually interested what's going on not wine lemmings walking off a cliff into an abyss and stupidity waiting to hear the truth about amerika wrenched it either rich did they lend money to people who bought homes and people never pay the money back why sounds like a great business plan mono showed its not immune to the tax with your host dan bonn jean lee most did we miss a weekend of news here gosh whether through the renegade republican on monday man i made after don't do it not even a seven day which i may have to start doing like like the beatles eight days a week i mean it is the breaking
she's coming vast inferior so i welcome back thanks to our new listeners also for joining us maybe for the this time i know i have to fill in four hannity on friday and the radio we get a lot of new people so welcome good to have you here i let's get right in no more messing around here because the the news i go i said you up a producer it a fox when i was up there can't turn off the news for five minutes if you're in the content production business you can't now because the new cycle will pass you by nojo knows i can see they are i where do we start with man afford the grand jury indictments paul manifold transformer campaign manager it turned himself in this morning at the fbi office in washington dc thieves debbie i follow the washed in field office there let's break this down and give you what you need to know and non stop what all the shenanigans because the democrats of course are loving every second of this now why are they loving every second this first thoughts
with the number one to take away number one the leak on friday that someone was gonna be arrest of course we found that it was metaphor we did no one friday who was going to be mad afford again was trumps campaign manager the leak by these be stirred the terms she'll council investigation by bob mahler that someone was going to be indicted charges we're going to be issued ah now on monday or charges whereas you someone's gonna turn selves and on monday i made i opinion and i think strong based on the fact that the circumstances that happened here strongly based on the fact that the democrats are losing the narrative now i've said to you repeatedly if your regular listening to the show you already know this democrats are obsessed with the narrative the narrative meant a narrative always have to control the storyline the story line is always going to be a focus group tested talking point polyte wit whatever it is folks if its tax cuts it's gotta be about a fair share of the rich the richer it's never about the fire
it's about a talking point the democrats isolate everything down to a what i call weedy spock's messaging something they can on a weeds box it benefits them the truth and facts and the data don't matter at all it's the narrative as evidenced by this entire trump rest and rush investigation which it turns out even after today it has almost nothing to do with either trump or the russians that i don't understand how a money laundering indictment has anything to do with russians trying to overthrow the election now this happened on friday the leak i am absolute we convinced because the democrats are losing the narrative the narrative joe was quickly turning towards them they the revelations the bombshell revelations that the dossier the russian dossier of fake intelligence provided by russian officials that it was paid for by the democrats what broke over the weekend like i set out our folks are beyond its recent i don't even know where to start the breaking news
the weekend that barack obama's campaign organization offshoot weapon was obama for america than it turned into organizing for america that obama's campaign team o f was paying fusion gps who pay the russians for this bad entail we do this christopher steal that broke over that we to the democrats and needed to change the story so somebody leak that poor man what was going to be indicted was going to turn himself in or that some one was going to be indicted to change the story back from oh my gosh you're telling democrats paid the russians forbad intelligence while claiming puts colluding with the russians they needed to change the story point number one and take away number one that's the still this down to what we need to know this was obviously a distraction joe the democrats can never lose the narrative now who had it's the narrative joe the medium the three months tiers of stupid every time the media hollywood and academia in this case
the media always controls the narrative in amerika the mainstream media needed a story to stop talking about the devil being bombshell at the obama administration in the clinton's paid russian intelligence to provide bad intel on an opposition political campaign that story was not allowed to stamp so they leave this about man a fortnight needed in a rest now thereby a lot of questions out there about the leak out me as i've i feel this my area of expertise having been a former federal agent i have sat in front of a number of ro juries i'm intimately familiar with how they work others and a lot of questions out there i've seen a lot of coverage and cable news the leak on friday was that in their crime the leaking grand jury information leaking grand jury information can be a crime there is a
rule that specifically prohibits had now why joe here's how we federal grand jury workforce is an illegal show but it's important to understand what's going on right now so you understand how we are venturing quickly at the banana republic territory i'm not kidding there are quickly venturing into third world republic territory reda that they clinton's not in handcuffs and poor man of it is as of today to me incredible i dont know what metaphor dinner didn't do i don't know any specifics of the money laundering case other than what i've seen the present just telling you that the effects i know or put about the clinton's how they're not me here comes to was amazing to me but getting back to the grand jury you have a group pull their panel the grand jury and there's an old expression about a grand jury from the law in force in perspective is sadly i wish it were so but it is that you indeed a ham sandwich now there are two ways to get well this actually three but for the purposes of this is the third ones kind of the same as the second one
there are three ways for me to get a federal arrest warrant for you ok i can issue a complete which basically said joe armor costs did a b c dna mocha every judge reads that that complaint and that complaint indicates that there is probable cause joe there's a probable cause i put the strong likelihood that is a a stand or never standard yet there's probably cause in that doctor in that complaint document that i write up as a federal agent that you then come that crime the judge will issue an arrest warrant guy now there's a third way of an information which is kind of similar so we'll get a scrap that for now cuz that is why i wanted to bring this up what the other ways to do it is the issue is they have to sit in front of a grand jury so now it's not a judge doing it the grand jury will hear the case
oh here you know the information the agent presence or other people's manufacture and if they believe joe there is the same standard probable cause standards no different but if the people oh civilian sitting in a grand jury they're not judges it baby that in fact take this problem because it a crime was committed they will issue very serious at the federal level folks cause the cancelling diamond diamonds very serious at the federal level folks because the cancelling indictments takes like an act of god to cancel my complaint the cancelled a complaint and basically said joe we arrested you on this but you ve been cooperative going to let this go is really not a big deal it happens all time we clear on em the virus joe at the federal level not talking about him why pd state and local i'm sorry about the federal level happy idea secret service if irish show on a complaint i mused they doing it for me i can see no half the time to get joe to cooperate to get the big fish and dismissed the complaint later or an please and to a lesser charge to this
an indictment is possible or to put it down but it's a bigger deal it was a very big deal when i was in the secret service therefore joe not many people we're indicted most people were arrested by complaint because your it's more flexible you see where i'm going gesture why bringing any of this up the fact that man what was indicted says to me that they have some because i'm trying to give you fair coverage unlike the absolute in the mainstream media now some will respond back and say well and federal law enforcement we had a line you couldn't died a ham sandwich which is true could you indicted ham sandwich because joe here's the kicker with the grand jury the defence has no say in the grand jury it or not when i go away to a federal agent i present my side of the story the prosecutor aerial side the investigative side right but you have no then you have
representation at all i can say what a series of abortion i can approach yourself but i can say whatever i won i mean you say you know joe doesn't like the color blow in jos not there to go i object there's nothing so that the joke a grand juries was you can indicted ham sandwich folks almost nobody goes in front of a grand jury as the subject of it and doesn't get indicted now that's critical its critical you understand those two things to say while you're kind of two different things you then you say and they don't you indeed at the federal level ass they have something but then you say secondly that you can basically indeed anyone you want yes both are true both our true you can indeed anyone you because you can present a set of facts that could beak candidly folks can be completely innocent if a defence attorney was there but he does get the chance to do that now i bringing both of those scenarios because i'm telling you they dont typically indict ham sandwich is even though they cat
they usually use complaints because you get rid of the fact that there is an indictment says to me that there is something there now you may say what are you saying trump with there you don't you said the troll russia thing is bs folks i would bet my life the drop russia there is total bs the cologne generic amongst trump russia is total nonsense the collusion merited met is fact with the democrats snow and hilary benn already put it to that the democrats paid for the dossier which was taken from russian russian officials who fred false information to the democratically so the collusion out of his true for the democrats and hilary collusion trap narrative is false now the man fourth thing folks why i'm saying what you may say may now we're all over saying you know you're saying they have something on em you saying trump russia's fake but then you see
we're venturing into third world republic store status i guess that's all true and here's why let me die this together for folks i have something on all of you ok the fact tat they i have something odd man afford this it's not real may very well be the point is we don't target people in this country we target crimes and don't you find it awfully convenient and awfully disturbing that paul baneful regardless a format of what regardless of its crimes joam he may or may not have committed was never the target an investigation until trump became the president does it bother you a little bit like again i am not arguing groundwater be crystal clear on this i'm not this guy's lawyer i've never met him i dont know what i am not a lobbyist i have no idea what they did or didn't do other than what's been reported in the press i'm telling they probably have something number one takeaway number one number two was
probably a distraction and number three what they had a courtier only became an issue after trouble in the president which says to me this was a political target this was not a criminal target that i tied up you did ok very i've never good now i'll say one more thing on this because this is important ok one distraction numbered our by appointing a couple other takeaway on this there are some steps to talk at their the leak was a criminal inciting get to that yes we grand jury information can be krim if it's leaked from the grand jury meaning the grand jury and people who are panel in panel to sit in the grand jury now folks you may say well how else would they get the information lady skies i experience i but i just want to give you both sides of this again this is a fact show not a bs show you want that listening liberal jerk wads who all day sit on tv drove group like idiots got punches
dancing analogues there so stupid it's infuriating the information probable leap frog one of the attorneys involved in the case i dont know that i'm just saying in my sperience remember that this was i don't want to get out of myself here the so much stuff to get i gotta get back story so so i loved you and the show i'd love to be able to tell you what's important year hears the kicker and here's what was the signal to me about this at the idea the indictment of the league the arrest this morning you says see video now of a vow of manifold walking in it being are basically nine something o clock on a monday morning this was not a flight risk arrest and other work you're a flight risk or wrestles let's say i get my indictment right against georgia cost i want to russia but we think jos going to flee
got a million and assets in the cayman islands whatever it is it's a serious crime i got joe hook line and sink or right joe has no idea that an arrest warrant span issue because it sealed many of them are now on a friday joe has no idea what do we do we we'll get him on a saturday morning when he sleep in you know rose everybody that you know you seen in the movie alive not obviously the overwhelming majority of arrest at the federal level folks us may surprise you do not happen that way now i know josie what are they happen we used to call it a rest by appointment now you may laugh but folks federal government's and ninety five job like anything else i is this some insight baseball i probably should share with you but i will anyway because i think it's important to understand this especially in light of what's going on our governments they ninety five job largely the u s marshals who process these people the judges the clerk efforts shower but they don't
secret service or fbi agents work twenty four hours a day another on call twenty four hours a day there's a difference shower but they don't work twenty four hours a day their human beings ok there's no more shift in the secret service are i your own protection you may you know you may recall what am i saying here the fact that in turn himself in on monday morning says to me that the lawyers were likely notified on friday the lawyers for man afford and his is alleged co conspirator here right show that they were but a fight on friday because there is europe flight riskier let's be honest poor matter for which drive everybody knows we yes he's going to leave the country just stupid they we said listen here's the deal because the federal government opens at nine o clock on monday morning the fact that he octane at nine o clock on monday morning says to me this was in fact a plan the rest now you like what without is absolutely
well it also says to me if it was a planned the rest will see you on monday morning at nine someone new on friday before five o clock go so someone new on friday before five o clock in the metaphor camp don't jump conclusion that was a grand jury leak i'm again i'm i'm not so it wasn't it may have been out it certainly should be investigated who led this information is cnn there was gonna be an arrest on monday morning that's a good point dania that that is a good point yet when i just don't want our audience to make you know make fools of themselves like the liberal i do literally every second now on television as they jumped here and there and jump to conclusions jos got somebody over hilary will play in a minute this is what liberals do they play dumb all the time but they're not done they play dumb and they want you to which insulting about as they think you're done like them we're going to talk about the fact i'm telling you it may not have been a leak from a grand jury so don't get caught up in that red herring for now it maven
act being one of the lawyers that new one friday i'm just saying does all kinds of commentary on tv and it's like do you know that for sure you just guessing reply i speculate on tv a lot as well but i think joel we fair if you do that to give the alternate side as well you don't say like it certainly possible there's a crime committed but maybe not ok cash would have gathered that was died i think i sum that up i'm really kind of upset about whole story folks i really let me just rapid both for you here i think gum you know sadly we're headed into their broad republic status i mean it's really unbelievably sad that of poor metaphor such a threat to the republic em with such aid die hard you know harden financial criminal involved in all of these very serious allegations he's been charged with armenia the question we should be asking now is ok but why wasn't he a criminal target
before the guy he worked for them drop on the presidency's had not a fair question you know i i i absolutely believe a of this country i love it how much because this is the one place on earth with the little guy can really win in the end where this story the novel ends you know you only not all the time but often them i will end with the little guy winning that novel ever ends that way almost anywhere else but here and that the fact that system of of of of checks and balances of blind justice has as to the fact that the little guy isn't the same legal protection to suppressing the united states the fact that that's lapsing in front of us throwing this all out because you may or may not have poor man afford on a federal crime but that he will four trump
folks to me isn't worth it i've i've i absolutely believing the expression i i'd i'd rather a thousand guilty men go free than one innocent man be put in jail i absolutely a thousand percent believe in that and i think we did is we now flip the script we targeted and afford not because of crimes he may or may not have committed but we targeted oh man afforded a country because donald trump when the presidency disgraceful really disgraceful i folks today's show brought you by our bodies that i target thank you for all the amazing feedback on this product you know nothing put smile on my face quicker because the shows free for you it's not free joe ass they get paid i get paid production takes a lot of time joe puts a lot of effort what a lot of equipment to make it sound very good but the people of cuba riera sponsors and nothing makes me happy when i get emails back about a sponsor where people like wow you know i know i say that a lot but the decision
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that's an hour still in a little bit of a panic i know today we're going to have to deal with a shout and fraud them celebrating man afford being arrested by the way joe no charges i've seen allege any kind of collusion to overturn an election but the outlets for another day of course they're panic a little bit though about mahler being fired bob mahler who is the special council who is running the special council there panic because the the eyes between mahler and uranium one the euro the of the sale of our nuclear fuel to the russians while barack obama was in the white house and hillary clinton was in the state department mahler is need deepen this mahler over saw the investigation in in a couple different facets in do the uranium one fbi investigation about bribery and scandal and almost nothing was done except a plea for years later in conjunction with rod rose and see who is now deputy energy and was the
the usa the assistant united states attorney for men the district covers maryland i know because i worked form in the baltimore feel that mahler is conflicted till kingdom come here conflicted six different ways from sunday again the democrats and lose demerits than our demand is all but there the demo that's an hour in a panic because they can't now the fact that mahler is knee deep any investigation joe he's running knew that that would be the equivalent of armor cost running an investigation as a federally appointed special council the department of justice into a joe armor cascades we can have that big we get no what do you do that germany and the people of that to get to know who is jays advocates wouldn't you know they're getting old i love you guys you're great the audience ladys elevated that the fact you treat me this stuff puts the smiling face every day the democrats i'm about firing mountain they're trying to
change the narrative right now because mahler the firing of mahler i think at this point is completely legitimate i end it's a mainstream republicans are saying ok this is getting a little shading why are they pay because again they have to keep the narrative focused so what are they doing now want to play a quick clip your job what means one this is hilary amateur think about hilary and adam shift how their desperate again too which from one failing narrative to the next but how none of these narratives actively actively incorporate the truth in their story way that could provide hilary benn does strike me that in the last few days at least fox news seems to think that's where i live in the white house because they spend a disproportionate amount of their time talking about impeaching me so work if they want to make it britain i'd be more than well this is beautiful joe
set me this morning this clip he said you want to use it i said everyday sends me stuff some yes no no i said yes because this it's too what the democrats do all the time let's walk through what and in this investigation and how the democrats have stepped on their own narrative repeatedly and nobody calls about new media at all the media hollywood academia and bring this because alyssa mulatto ways to watch growing up and use the boughs the boss the like alyssum olano had a crush on or when i was a kid right she's a huge steam and live treated out this week which i laughed at we're going to take to the streets if they fire mahler so there's the hollywood portion trying to change the narrative to making this about firing mala rather than education wards about an hour right then mothers conflicts which putting out owes about you see when you see the church out so hollywood switches than air if it's not now this is not this is intentional its
others conflicted everybody knows it now let's switch to do it's about firing mahler to get everybody's attention away pillory hilary sees now that the funding the dossier is coming back on her boomerang in her face and makes her look like pop a potential echo conspirator here and they shuttling of russian intel into the white house for a present she'll daily brief which happen the president was briefed on this bogus russian tell she paid foreign or campaign so what is it radio version where is all about version virtue boxes visit at stupid democratic we will obviously this is like ivy these are dopey lemmings work these people are said these are sad pathetic people pay no but he cares and all that a hillary clinton campaign paid the russians forbad until the but used to brief the present potentially unmasked and wiretap a presidential opponent all they care but fast
bad pillory how so stupid such lemmings such tops just its telling that there's a schism on the republic inside of the isle between this never trump camp and a trumpet listen i support the president when when we needed which is often and sometimes or not but i find that fund get on the republic inside we have people who whether they think it's principle or not they don't believe in the present if they just they rather stick with others set up he is our eye whatever the democrats let they're just lemmings right off the cliff joe right off the cliff every single time that fast vacuum yeah i think so where we did you dad i'll we just made it up because we have nothing else to do this is like how stupid are you people ok we got mulatto we got hilary now we had adam shift this weekend adam shit do is i mean do you want to talk about captain clown up
congress this guy and ted lou i mean bread sherman maxine waters it's what's that red rica wilson i mean it's embarrassing dig with balls on the left is in fact what a motley crew they have over their atoms comes out this week and because he realizes now that the gems were caught switch this story why what's the story and how to switch you're gonna mulatto we had switch switch from mothers conflict stay we can't fire modern so what can we do to make it a firing while a ragged ok pillory it's not me and audacity it's about fox ruins ok than air teneriffe minerva bear blurred milburgh variable adams i realise that the apple research line is now not working any more child now what happened let's walk do this quick because this goes to show you the pure stupidity lemming democrats who formed walking right off the cliff where not all but they good majority of this is what that's right i don't like bernie sanders but i actually have a little bit of respect for people
the support of who are calling out hilary others you want i don't agree with your socialist redistribution is crazy kooky economic ideas which are at a critical eye my but at least they like you know what hilary fuller crap but that's us all portuguese democrat party so the for research lines started out but this opposition research is campaigns paying for research about their opponents which is typically not good you don't you know you're going to publicize good information could publish i'd better than we saw you know amboise gino what steel bazooka joe peace a garment from tommy's dally when he was seven years all by god i've had for research down on me we ve got it on others it's there's that there's nothing i can say this enough i've said this from the start i will say it now we ve been completely consistent on this from the start no one will find anything on my part guessing otherwise there is nothing wrong with opposition research the morals or ethics i'm talking about legally it happens the time everywhere we clear on this just circle examine any liberals coming about up of twitter back and forth to the data that fool
had blue that congressmen who wants to impeach trump because he made up charges this week about this the democrats now adam shift and others in ted lou were the ones who made a big deal about the donald trump junior joe meeting with the russian lawyer because as the russian lawyer at some point someone who told trot junior they had information about hilary of interest the damage that's then made a big deal remember this gesture in all my gosh opposition research from a russian lawyer and truck junior took the meeting my guess keep a mine nobody has shown in income we have evidence that actual opposition research change hands as a matter of fact donald trump junior can i have been clear on this he released all the emails they weren't flattering but he released them by the way where a hilary thirty thousand missing you must all i don't know but then again democrats this shiny red ball don't let's not the standards here let's not actually you know it still is
standards that we all have to apply by let's just change standards reach party so hitler can the leader ii but dont trump junior releases all the emails on it there's no evidence at all any opposition research actually changes hands and democrats me think about it saying oh my god opposition research with russian staying they had this is horrifying what will happen well what happened joe is it was uncovered of course the hilary campaign dnc and now breaking this weekend unbelievably by the way barack obama campaign organization pay fusion gps hundreds of thousands in case inane hilary case millions of dollars to go and pay for opposition research that well money one that bananas of actual right about by the police christopher steel who then what actual russians and solicited fake information pick up big information from the rushes then
of a sudden joe what happened it was known we're about opposition research i have a tweet look up my twitter feed if you think i'm making this up from this wacko ted lou this congressmen pete it had me this weekend what paul what position research don't you understand i dont understand apart you made a big deal about a month ago when it was down trumped judy boom or a couple months that's the part it i never i've been consistent on this you dope i have said the start this is not about opposition research what is it about its our opposition research the democrats paid for make it onto the president united states desk which was used to then make decisions about wiretapping his political enemies and donald trump not better that matter to you well it's not a our opposition research so now it's about happened to it it made
into a presidential daily brief liberal muckle adds what part of that don't you understand that was then used to make decisions so now what happened this week in folks i know this is a lot of info but it's my job and for five minutes to the still all of this that leave this endless black hole of liberal garbage and immediate doubted some easily digestible bids you can go argue with you friends all that's the sole purpose of this show for you to take the fight to the public now they realizing show that the opposition research line is not working either because they change their story apple edwin donald trump had down from junior shoot me but do you a habit that's the catch i oppose now no problem because hilary paid for it so now there like ass what do we do now how do we switched manoeuvres menard adam shift we can in again a stir of of democrat strategic
genius and by genius i mean manipulation lying in the sea he says this weekend it's not the dossier in the upper it's dead some things in the apple may have been true zone it's not about up ojo now it's about opera research that portions of it may be true now why did he say that because folks yeah they're losing the narrative the narrative that opposition research is bad to turn into a narrative about opposition research being good now there been caught in that so now they're trying to refocus it not on the term opposition research because that arguments lost you following jobs gone they lost that they taken two separate propositions now trying to refocus back on the dossier which folks i want to take the back a head with a little higher ice i'd shaved my head pretty close the lou i have left and batshit through my desk because unlike wait now we're at
beginning again try to say that the dossier portions of portions of it are true despite the fact that this thing has been debunked fifty's i've different ways from sunday night you understand how desperate how lying how manipulate the snakes that this think snakes these people are like shift this guy absolutely is a filth bag he is pure filth filth please now back to insisting that is discredited couple times debunked fake crap dossier about trump sexual proclivity proclivities overseas which has been debunked by democrats republicans in pendant martians jew precarious although i know they're not called you precarious based on an email address at me it is pretty the everywhere now they are desperate to because they have not you understand they have nothing else they are now back to relying on the same why they started with the dossier
look how bad tromp as this information now these people are swine balls the dossier folks here's what they'll do now they'll refill some dossier to get people to read about troops bizarre sexual habits overseas which is fake this false nobody thinks this is true but adam shift cookie banned the democrats knowing there's probably one portion of its choice of its true now you may say while that's been folks they used to catch we don't know a portion of its true what if it says in the dossier which you can read you know donald confirmation name was mark or something oh ok that goes by the way i'm in trouble to mars when he was six he really has seven fingers on his left hand his hair is really not real it's a wig syllable at this rate we are now
suppose they again take the dossier seriously according to adam ship because it started off what is correct confirmation aim out even though its confirmation is uneven always been good for another he's catholic folks do you weren't going with this imagine if the shoes were reversed the republican already paid the russians for both this information on barack obama that was used to wiretap para obama's associates before you a novice imagine if that happened information spring completely this credit is totally fake the now all of a sudden they turn around they go well portions but our true what proportion to beginning his middle name is who say netted whether the now that it's all false barack obama was born on mars you know her obama as has a unique gene code with alien dna and it would be like we re we see the media would be openly marking and laughing at the republican party joy my crazier oh you're not in if the report
can party release the dossier about morocco bob is sexual habits that was this credit good by every single credible analysed in the community and yet one single sliver of it was true they would be the atheling stock of politics but because their democrats it's a protected class the media doesn't care at all and they ate up this adam shift narrative this week in a while i would say that about up or research anymore because we already set out now it's a portion of the dossier or to which are going to make people joe go read it again and go oh my god this is what is alleged trump it's not a legit fake cost how stupid have to beat a by that these people are on believable unbelievable shameless sleaze filth filth human filth disgusting what they ve done to people today show also by through our bodies and brick house nutrition
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i wouldn't do invoked jos son's name in vain i just know could show tells me it's really really good stuff my nephew loves you want to drive up from fort lord there to get an extra bottle give it a try brick nutrition that comes less them brick house nutrition dot com slash they go pick up a bottle they should tat you will not regret you'll never get off the stuff it's terrific took a big dose before the shots website eat up there i am like twenty five stories that talk about today are clearly not going to get to all of em but let me give you some good news ok though that do that gaza have theirs actually for here i wanted to get to a ones really important because i know on the show a lot maybe in cannes urban if that sometimes we tend to be very sceptical of what happens in government how governments road economy would say our rooting healthcare we get all that right but there good news on the horizon and i read an article this weekend
i'm tired and was an article about cubits not hubert like the old video game cubits which are basically quantum bits see it's the use of of of quantum theory to expand the horizons of computing let me put so put that on the shelf element which will make computing and crept put that on the shelf here i want to start with this on a differ now it here because import we just had two consecutive quarters of three percent gdp growth folks which is good not excellent but very good the a scratch you scott on telling us after eight years of obama joe noses because we talk about it on the show we put articles in the show notes and i will put this nicole about cubits by the way and the economic growth in the shown us today but you know that complete subscribe to my email listen i'll send them right through you and you're off the way go to the website if you dont want to celebrate your box newly mailbox box consecutive quarters of three percent growth a democratic government telling us that that was not possible
but he knew normal that secular stagnation and said that the new normal was going to be two percent or less growth forever trump gets into office and we have had six months now of three percent growth folks i'm not making any of this up just google please if you don't believe me secular stagnation you will see bunch of democrats and democrat leading economists telling you that three percent growth is not possible and that we are stagnating sex our meeting the reasons are kind of difficult to understand all the things that have been bent it had been invented it's over it's an overly flowery economic term for this is just the way it is now ok i told you on the show for two years that that's garbage that that is the idea of secular stagnation is a democrat fairytale and i can prove it to you now i had two consecutive quarters of three percent growth and i want to get ahead of myself i don't wanna tribute all of it to trump i think he's deregulatory east
there are five hundred and sixty million dollars and regulations i think that's how they talk of tax cuts is going to help significantly but it's these corporate tax cuts that are going to make a big difference these corporate tax this is where i want to just point out quickly some democrat hypocrisy radio tromp was talking about low bring the business tax from thirty five percent to twenty percent we ve covered this on the show multiple times but i took some screening this morning from an article the daily signal by emily miller which is very very good i'll put it in the show notes again an email tv on my list talking at the president proposing corporate tax cuts now here is the president i said every cryptically there maybe you'll get the joke in a minute talking about it protects cut putting the united states and lime major competitor countries and encouraging greater investment here at home talking about the core protects cup but president was that barack obama
super aqaba talking about the effectiveness of a corporate tax cuts saying i would put the united states in line with major competitor countries and encourage greater investment here no paraca papa said that its in the peace but show it to your liberal friends you try to track is i'd give you a job but lay utility true etc they had by argentina it so it joe it's you so easy this is not for these people go on the record contradictory amartya chucks humour on corporate tax cuts the cut in the corporate break with hardly help the everyday american workers this is trickle down a republican colleagues don't really talk about trickle down because they know most of its most of american doesn't believe in ok so he's attacking the corporate tax got rightly trickle down it would hardly the american worker ok if our naturally made just last year humour on corporate taxes man i'm game to doing i think it's really important whom competitiveness that did you ok chalk you got it why
we believe chuck last year chuck that always it either it sucks or its great this otherwise as we say about current for regular this same guy same bill clinton the golf course when a guy had a bad shouted a good shot he got same guy same guy come on you can do it same guy it's the same guy i'm not done mother quote please read the peace yourself you think i'm making aid us up the policy on the corporate tax cuts deceptive maybe they're misled the republicans are deceptive misleading same need saying to the american people to cutting the taxes of corporate amerika is going to produce such growth that will eliminate the increase in the debt ok nancy policy in a press release two thousand six eat a like the cloud our it is long pastime for tax reform that would lower the corporate rate folks team guy tape same gal same guy
this these are the same people please read this peace printed and highlight a formula proposed which way which one which one about the true corporate tax code is true policy last year schuman last year barack obama this year or the democrats that where which under ascii which want to shoot no no the one now it's true that's what they'll tell you why why and what does this have to do a cubits folks you are on the verge of this corporate tax rates cut this is the good news of explosion growth in the economy i am not when i tell you over the course of a couple decades we are talking about trillions of dollars pouring back into our economy non residential investment dominic aiming to cover this mortal more and more detail is exploding being about housing here we're talking about this this investment ay i quantum computing self diagnosing medical devices on your eye for we are on the verge of an unbelievably prosperous tomorrow and this article i read
chop witness showed in the wall street journal i dont know if it's subscriber i'm sorry but it's a really unbelievable piece about cubits show you show that secular stagnation that we can grow every basement invented is steaming pile of horse crap we are on the verge now or in the big carpet it can with china are they want them back computer gel that will blow the door open on just about every facet of your life might encryption jean repay these are my notices in the pieces are just two things i think quantum computing are gonna just explode jean repair medical diagnosis gene language translation v there were analysis for rockets to be able to process information instantaneously the computers can't now navigation gps if you can do this because quantum computing and i'll explain mortimer this is gonna be a really really good segment tomorrow quantum computer
is thousands geometrically faster than even the fastest computers today imagined having the power to do that in every household and american twenty or thirty years ago folks you talking about the ability to do things human beings have never ever a man before we are on burgess something very special and i think this stupid i'm a theories about how everything spin invented corporate tax cuts so bad i'm telling you right now if this corporate taskmasters through that this is where i'm going to this up for you you're gonna see explosion and artificial intelligence quantum computing and the reason the democrats are running scared right over this tax could and openly openly refuse their own prior statements on the corporate tax cuts is because no the economy is gonna absolutely blow up in a good way and donald trump is gonna get the credit and looking at another potentially at eight to ten to twelve
years out of any significant power base i'm telling you mark my words fraternity folks i appreciated please go to punch you know that comes from skype to my email ass they are and i will eat you these articles that emily miller what is priceless by the way make sure he got check that out of the daily signal put it showed us today martha you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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