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Ep. 581 It’s Time to Get Real on Immigration

2017-11-01 | 🔗
In this episode -   Why are we continuing with a suicidal immigration policy? https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/uzbek-nyc-terror-suspect-was-admitted-under-obamas-dhs   Here’s one thing we most do to fight back against this growing terror threat. http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2017/12/01/nyc-attack-us-needs-to-focus-on-physical-surveillance-says-fmr-secret-service-agent.html   Another terror attack on American soil. Thank the Lord for America’s brave police officers.  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/12/01/nyc-terror-attack-halloween-horror-would-have-been-much-worse-without-top-notch-nypd.html   Another troubling component of the Russian special counsel investigation. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453305/paul-manafort-indictment-mystifying-enigmatic   How keeping the property tax deduction will backfire on the middle-class. http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/31/keeping-property-tax-deduction-backfire-middle-class/
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they don t know all the sandy supporting darwin bombs at me i come right back i'm out here to pull any punches right the deadline juno show this is the great irony of conservatism even liberals win under conservatism ready to hear the truth about amerika are you suggesting you're that stupid that other people can run your lives better than you can even though the cost and quality of what they buy quote for you doesn't even now on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i whether thereby gino show it dad bond gino has gotta get used to that from them up into the renegade publicly stealth still try it i should spend a long night to so much going on do you another ten attack on reckon the first attack in new york city since nine eleven and a lot to discuss about this today i mean you know god bless our cops out their jumping into the light a fire when everybody
rightly so is trying to get out of it and another vehicle tat is new emma by these animals overseas who just cannot stop killing that means or any other way to say did you know you joe but you and i are obsessed with jobs kids family your son my two daughters these animals all they want to do is kill people i mean they're not even as an insult to animals like animals don't live all day but the thought of killing other animals they do that when you want to eat i mean there's no light homicidal animals it's it's really tough to deal with but let's dig it because i want to one solution i want to discuss today with regard to this number one there's an a really great peace written by dan horwitz conservative review and i know i know i know i send you to my show notes alot bungee no dot com is my website where they are and if you join email list will send him to you and i know i say this is a must read but this is really a must really mean it helps also rights for conservative review where i work but you know
i dont she'll for even my own company if it's you know it's a good article or talk about it this is a really terrific peace by then horowitz on immigration three short very readable and let me see opera you some major take away which i discussed on fox news this morning and i discussed on fox business last night joe we have a suicidal immigration policy you you think i mean what are we doing what what what is it purpose of immigration you know i was on a fox and friends this morning and i said the parasol purpose the we purpose there is one purpose the immigration and one purpose only debts we do the safety and prosperity united states there is no other reason for immigration other than that aim in there is no comments the true should all right to immigration folks when you're too go to your left leaning liberal friends asked them where in the constitution it talks about a big our right to immigration is it in the bill of rights where is it
article one article to the article three where is it it's not a mare is it in the the amendments where is it it's not in there there is no constitutional right to immigration citizenship should mean something why by bringing this up i'm gonna have to drink coffee during the showed any excuse me sorry folkestone but never drink coffee in the show but has been such a long night never so much stuff i'm gonna get out i want to be joe was sharp for this and speak with them with clarity in some sense of precision here this guy was admitted to the country on a diversity visa programme what the hell is that another humor as donald trump called this morning beauty diversity visa programme where we admit up to fifty thousand and people from low immigration countries to the united states which and it's a lottery it's not married
place it's a lottery why are we doing that y know what i'm serious rosa i you know i was always taught paint a picture good question i'm i'm asking you the question will paint a picture as time goes on there and to show here why why are we doing that all we don't have diversity country by what measure what measures are you talking about by the way then i'm talking to the liberals out there and the open borders republicans by what measure are we not a diverse country here's a question for you that should spur you a little bit to think a little bit if you're on the wrong side of this issue how many immigrants have we given green cards to over the last fifteen years from predominantly muslim countries this is that it a pretty could do i just asking because if you if you are on the wrong side an issue like this is its diversity we need time for we are extremely diverse as a country by the way but giving here
don't give me guess how much you think they're probably say out or no hundred thousand now try almost two million we are a country three hundred million people was then its rights right you're right put together this peace a conservative view which again be in the shortest every admitted one point eight million green card holders from predominantly muslim countries in the last fifteen years country only has three hundred million people that another thing show that does not i pete does not include the one hundred and if the plus thousand student visas as har which points out the peace that we admit as well for people to come here and to educate themselves in the country this is not a constitutional right folks this diversity thing is they cannot we are already allowing in this is just from predominantly muslim countries two million people over the last fifteen years what is that in point two you here's the problem
because the why matters and i know i focus on the show on the why and i never like to leave you with any guesswork at the end here is it's going on here the democrats will recruit vote measures to enhance their power in their power base in their control over the electoral system will require voters from regions of the world they think they can get people to vote democratic that is all this is about this is not about the security of the united states this is at about diversity this is about none of that those are flowery talking points and promoted by like rats who are concerned only with increasing their vote or numbers that's all this is about and i can prove it to you there was a pause and pale put in a piece of a lot of our immigration legislation a while ago i was put in by republican republican members of the senate joe and it said this
as we go along with a lot of your immigration proposals of this one thing if the people who come here don't get right to vote for a certain amount of years and you know what the democrats said now i remember that and you know why they said no because this is not about immigration and it's not about diversity is always been about to the democrats enhancing their vote or numbers in their power base this diversity he's programme is a scam to me million people from predominantly muslim countries over fifteen years folks one more point on this so that take away this is a scam this is done purely for vote and we ve already admitted up to two million people coming lecter people here people here assimilate first clearly joe as evidenced by another attack yesterday we are having in assimilation problem can we put a stop now to the nonsensical talk about diversity knowing that we ve already diversified our entire immigration pull over the last fifteen years second take away from this
this vetting things could throw it out stop with the vet it i'm tired of hearing about the very sorry tina cups super java there are you gonna do it there's no hope folks here's a dirty little secret of international vetting of people who come here as immigrants i went out on the story i don't think i have when i was an agent the secret service travelling around you're doing a protection mission not not necessarily criminal work overseas but protection missions overseas right you would work what the foreign security services on the ground sometimes it was a military sometimes it was launched foresman sometimes it wasn't intelligence community sometimes they were all wrapped in a one i can't tell you how many times we get a list of names checks for presidential events for people to comment i mean a hundred fifty two hundred aim show these are the people are gonna put on a party and these are the people are gonna be in a meat greet with the present hung about foreign countries i can't tell you how many these countries were broken economies have we would give them too
the locals the name check in with you some of our assets to obviously what we had at the locals they come back to you we are just like area you know we don't we we know we don't have much of what you mean you don't have much well what do you think you're doing overseas checking like the department of motor vehicles or their library cards listen and a lot of developed countries are very good data analysis systems where they have information other citizens in a lot of these countries that we're taking in the diversity visa citizens from they have almost no ability whatsoever to check these people not to be clear diversity visas were not from countries like syria but syria was uses an example once it congressional hearing about a country that has almost no ability to check its citizens at all outside of limited intelligent stuff and people we ve come into contact with on the ground with our icy community in other words takeaway there's no such thing is ready in a lot of these countries is all guesswork so if we can't let these people properly
why the hell we admitting people under a diversity visa which is complete which our luck folks it's not merit based at all that we i have no idea will enhance the prosperity and may damage to safety the united states why are we doing it why now circle back you're lament or start what they want they will start again where we started dollar the diversities important why diversity what did we are the most diverse country on the planned what are you talking about man i gotta clip here of governor com opposition other thing here is another y hear about this attack issue to rebut right away forget this loan both things all such things loan wolves anymore k loan was turned it started as a legitimate term it did joe started an individual attacker you know the john
equally type or whatever loan wolves do not applied to ices and in an islamic radicalized fundamentalists who go out there and kill people they're not loan walls because are part of a larger conspiracy by ices to use these people to terminate the lives of other there are forget lawnmowers now i want to play there good bye cuomo and explain to you why the left keeps insisting on using this term play there is no evidence to suggest they wider plot or a wider scheme the actions of one individual who meant cause pain in the end above lay death and the resulting terror they re joe did i just hear him say he may have meant to cause death and people over with a rental truck you he was doing what i mean
a boy checking their heads for lies about what kind of how is this from the governor now more importantly you know what's when you play that clip from your actually send it to me she plays on my phone i don't care at last parks that was so taken by the beginning of it where he so eager to show you that there's no evidence of a wider plot now we do facts on the show unlike governor cuomo breaking this morning from abc news you know joe a bastion of conservative values sammy's abc folks latest near city terrorists aspect had come up and prior counter terror probes as a possible associate law enforcement officials el abc now why would the governor jump the gun and start talking about lone wolf ism and no evidence of a wider plot this is what left this do now i dont want past the guy completely because you know what it there's no sense piling on this point because it seems that this
he does need these people to be there even though i don't agree with their politics but i particularly objectives and have to call it out because this is the why matters here and this is an effort by the left the lone wolf terminology joe to make you i believe that is long radicalism is not a problem that this is just people not the ideology it is the ideology the people that there's an endless farm of people out there willing to kill themselves for the cause joe i'm using air quotes out there it's the people the ideology we have the target and the democrats or deathly afraid of that they are definitely afresh that because they are soft on national security and they know this issue works politically for the republicans and i don't want this to blow up in a strong voter brace they're trying to recruit for future elections which are muslim americans that's that's it folks that's it why they will not call terror what it is and when they do call it what it is which they did yesterday i'll get out the applause you did say that but when
did you call it what it is after eight years of dancing around the topic under obama they are in an effort void avoid discussing the larger ideology and to make it about the individual moves no evidence of a larger plant i just read you from abc news that that's actually incorrect that is not correct they were i keep it about the individual joe because they don't want to eliminate a voting block that is this abandoned and bent secondly again they know the national security issue always worked for the republicans because on a guns and butter reproach the republican i've always a fallen towards the guns and not the butter it your gun butter and expression used for social spending versus military spending and i think it's pretty clear the republican party conservatives have largely supported national security and military spending over an expansion of the social safety net that is an issue that has always worked for republicans democratic democrats want to distract at all times from that folks is very real ok the why matters in this stuff
one last point now eminem evokes is actually a lot of stuff to talk about is that this is a tragic horrible story we have to cover it but it put it can't forego the rest of the news because it just so much going on solution to this i've this government needs to be too quick when show tucker last night and on the show if you saw it great if i'll try to get the clip out of onedrive one clip from this morning in the show notes that i can from fox business that i encourage you to look at it's a short one we have fallen in love with it over the years with the idea of of signal intelligence what what we would be called in the i see the intelligence community a cigarette right no tell me this great it's a wonderful thing the ability you know to intercept emails from adversaries that's terrific i mean it's good to have the ability to intercept the way you have enough to intervene looking at monitoring social media accounts this is a good thing it's not a bad thing now i do
it gets a bad thing on the meadow data from which i have been crystal clear about i dont think collecting on innocent americans is a good thing i'm a libertarian in that respect i share you have any to be a libertarian i believe in the constitutional republic as is i know believe unmeditated but signal intelligence is a good thing but joe never gonna win this war on defence and you're never gonna win this war from behind a computer screen signal it budgets has become a bedrock on which we built our entire counter terrorism house on folks it's not work anymore inheres why relying extraordinary we rely exclusively on a but largely on these acts are now these vehicle attacks leave almost no investigative footprints behind that all these are at nine eleven style attacks they don't leave behind flight records flight training cash transactions you see what i'm saying joe a shrine eleven required mass of logistics big money transfers and all those money transfers and all that flight training and all that community you're the communications they leave clues by
clues or dangerous too bad guys why they don't want to get caught these kinds of attacks don't leave those clues you go you rent a car and you go and run people over there are very few clothes what does that have to do with second versus you met human intelligence come shoe old fashioned detective work the only way to stop these things in advance if you dont know about them because there are no bread crumbs to pick up because there are no clues left behind is i've sources in the community that i'll send somethin wrong before it for it happens it the only way what are you gonna do i suggested this is where you gonna have a don't do not rent list don't read cars he's got me very we wonder how where does it in you have got they have sources in the community now i know we have we did we might michael my guess is that that we don't have source because i want to be very clear on this is that we need a marshall plan like effort too weak
spanned our network you would be stunned the listeners to the show you would be astonished and i speak from experience on this house committed our physical surveillance capabilities are in some these communities folks if your investigating the russian mob where do you go to it are you communities you gotta run communities and you too ella sources in those communities we have gotten away from that and become obsessed with reading signals intelligence we have got to get back to you intelligence development on the ground is how we cracked up the mob it's how we ve crack organised crime it's how they broke up the fault and fish market you need sources we are not being a good enough job there and i if this is more of a reflection on political interests than it is on law enforcement measures because they are afraid joe party are we can't have sources in the most community it'll look like we're we're harassing target you're not harassing targeting anyone
you're harassing targeting potential criminals and nothing to do with muslims i've said on the show a thousand times and i say it again don't dare there fuel unless you're willing to get annihilated on social media or your email derek me of your photophobia is the folks i've clearly on the show to you joe and everyone who listens i remember after nine eleven lothar a americans i'm gonna be muslim calling our secret service office in saying hey remember the story saying hey i got a tip i've got a tip for you here's we're going out my you know my neighbour that happened all the time someone's gonna tell me about you then stop making about almoner ones making it about all muslims lou idiot left this are doing that but there are people in the muslim community doing real damage just like there were people in the russian community and the italian community and the eye community with the west these stop
making this a political issue and let's make it a survival issue these people are at war with us don't be played for a fool back to human intelligence get the sources underground today show brought you our bodies that i targeting thanks for all the great feedback i had a guy e mail me yesterday joe and firm backing to say what reason but he can't make it out of his house allied take it out of his house a lot but he is a firearm owner obviously each didn't self protection and staying proficient with his weapon folks anybody can fire a firearm rights at heart really firing at currently is what makes the fire on worth habit it good marks ship is a skill like getting a baseball anything else you know practice it it's gonna go away at most expensive range time it's tough to get too i know i gotta required for my free super monsieur i haven't been able to get enough i have been able to get their this product i've i've gotta listen i get a lot of sponsors and the show but i've the reviews had been raised so the guys i can't make it out of the house he said i've been using i target
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have an interview like every ten minutes what these are working to leave the coffee sits in their data here yet leave the car as it is today the other matter fort case an eight eighty mccarthy over national view is really if a phenomenal writer i can't say enough about him and i have been including in the show note some of his pieces and i'm an acute another one today about this russian investigation the man afford arrest the the papadopoulos arrest and plea and at a piece yesterday and he he just he nailed it again the sky is just incredible and he's a really nice guy taboo yeah surely during the show in the discussion of it if you haven't i can't go over all three should form a time it if you miss yesterday shall please listen to it i discussed why you indicted federally verses using a complaint to arrest someone when you want to rest on one of the federal system you can indict them you can issue a complaint to get unrest where you can do and information to but usually when
do an indictment the eight men to impress upon someone the seriousness of the crime as an indictment is very hard to dismiss you can superseded but it's not a complaints get dismissed all the time so mccarthyism incredible question joe which torn i think i'm mr in yesterday's shown up i'm so annoyed at myself he said if the indictment which is more in my opinion more serious and more serious to defence attorney it sends a message than a complaint if the indictment was issued then why not come out with the whole kitten caboodle to scare them in other words joe tracked me here for music if you're trying to send a message to a defence attorney right to say why you ve got your client man effort in the bag and because you guys didn't talk now we're not gonna do it arrest warrant warner information we're gonna go for the full kitten caboodle i've been to we're going to take you to trial
then why not fire the entire nuclear bomb at them and other which put everything right here you're trying to scare the right so in other words the point of trying to make sure if i'm trying to scare you i don't know we oppose the cloud mask i do it a penny wise remit right mask that that goofy stephen king movie you're with the scariest clown mass possible a party says that's what they did he's like listen with this indictment in any asked the question is why are there no tax charges in here i'll be the mostly diamond talks about money laundering in some form of tax fraud fascinating joe is theirs actual tax evasion charges are there so what not hidden the hard way hate him hard out of the shoot now are these clear and i think it makes a good point i'm gonna make it with you to sniff we obviously don't know what
mueller now is bought me or the special council we don't know that i mean that goes without saying right but folks doesn't make any sense i really think case mueller he's got some top notch people work and where the most of em democrats who are making i think a partisan investigations but they are not stupid people i really think joe this is all they have in other words mccarthy says are they hiding something or they waiting for later are they going to supersede later but if you're gonna supersede later with a bigger indictment what to do to send another message we invited you because we serious joe now we're really serious with another that what's the point why not with every thing right now if your goal is to cooperation and folks the reason i bring this up as i'm sure this is gonna go well for the democrats and i'm not kidding i think we
i'll have to listen i totally objective the special council right now i don't care who they investigate we already have department of justice let me be crystal clear on it and i am not back bob smaller i think he's totally conflicted i think you should step aside that these hard all the wrong people we need clear on that ok great every your speech yep speaking for the audience ship i get all of that but i do want to suggest to you this may be all they have this is it does your opening punch this maybe all they have they may have hoped cooperation gotten on several we're screwed we can't just tell him we're going to indict not and this may backfire on the democrats again because the secondary targeted this maybe maybe the possessed people were called on what is a good organisation or group be in the indictment possess this brother
was working with the m working with me for group and lobbying fur for four bird for foreign governments i've just say folks it is very rare to come out within a dive in punch someone in the face rather than a complaint looking for operation but they're not hit them with everything if you're going to now it's an unusual to leave a complaint light because you don't want tell the defence attorney what you have you know what i'm saying germany or dismiss it later right to leave an indictment like this when they ve already signals there's not going to be any cooperation is very strange to me enough could have been talking about it for three please it's important because this is i think the did this status our justice system is at stake i mean just as clearly as implying anymore it's totally a political animal today show also brought you by friends a brick house nutrition gush seriously joe thank thanks to them for that that does go but i do it out by the way i gave up
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your bomber care topic its old i totally understand that and you know they'll tell you in radio joke and probably tell you know you never tell the audience like in advance i think you're gonna get old because i wanted to know no i i don't do that i consider you all friends and i've i just one a preface that by telling you it does get all that's why i try to avoid discussing obamacare up because i feel like we beat the debt but this was interesting because there was an angle to this story that i did not see coming i a scam i didn't see what was going on and am i dammit i gotta bring that up to my own it was of course story so here's the gist of it i'm not going to put up with today folks i get a lot of complaints about put while she journal links in there because it subscriber only so i'm try to find a different article but i'll just tell you that just the stores good whereas in the journal a couple days ago and it said how long i've been hold in this thing
the above a care premiums for the silver plans are scheduled to go up thirty seven percent next year he nice jungle bodies are barbecues terrific in it i mean if they're not going up by double digit they're pretty soon it'll be triple digits that'll be the old quadruple digital it's so ababa care premiums are going up next year thirty seven percent meaning you're gonna get a bill if you're on a nobleman care compliant plan that is gonna be through rufus monthly premiums now that's the story about what's going on behind the scenes the democrats or in a panic for obvious reasons showed that the bill despite its actual name the affordable care act everybody oh care would you agree yet now it they thought this gonna be a strategic asset but now they're starting to realise and this is why as i mentioned in a prior show that when you hear i'm a crass talk about oh papa care now they never say obamacare they say the affordable care because they don't want this thing tagged without bomber data a tag with obama there
on some you no other worldly sounding name which separated from the democratic party cause i know it's crap they're trying to figure out a message to explain away going on right now with the start seven percent premiums going up next year so they did what they've settled on joe is at trump sabotage that you're going to see this word all the time ever the democrats live off the talking point at the talking point is it was sabotage by trump because trump won't advertise obamacare a young invincibles meaning young people who should buy into a folks think about the is this isn't the dumbest talking the point in the and the democrats they have somebody does talking pointed sorting through the dumb ones is genuinely tough to do this this breaks up their choosing top two or three dumbest talking points ever they're saying now because trump did not advertise obamacare like joe joe nobody knows about obama kids you know that nobody is heard of it now
it's all been exit it's only existed now four years through multiple elections you know obama practically celebrated it when he started so did that saying although these young people are joining obamacare because they don't because they take you don't know about it and the republicans aren't art but keep him when they are spending money to market it because it's been allocated but they're not spending with the democrats think we should have hundreds of millions of dollars river to advertise theo people to join us here is why this is so dumb i may turn a paper that i took some data points on which i thought were hysterical it is our barbara cares own frankly pissed poor design that is keeping young people from joining actual obamacare what's happening right now folks they need the money from young healthy people their premium money to be paid to health insurance companies so that health insurance companies can keep premiums down for everyone else but where are they people go to jail we're not going on obamacare their staying
and their pledge plan to twenty six till there twenty six but why are they doing that because that was written to obamacare ladies and gentlemen if this is not one of these most decisions i've eight thousand and thereby the way young people we're supposed to offset the premiums for all their sick or people and joy obamacare are now not joining obamacare because obamacare had brad had a young aligning it which enable you're the same young people to stay on their parents plan until their twenty six and not join individual market upon the carriage she just if you're like a path that yes what i miss that angle and i was really really annoyed at myself oh my gosh i should add to this is this is the who do you have democrats stupidity they blame report kids for writing a law where they need young people to join a plan that incentivize is people young people to not join said plan and joint another plan
joe when i got some numbers were you the second the american expansion obamacare spanned medicate two way beyond the poverty line whose join renegade who this same young people who are supposed to be joining obama care which it will be clear individual market plants are they doing to join a bit you think we don't have the numbers ear here's how many young people are in medicaid right now in contrast to people on individual market obamacare plans that would be you don't just for these young kids alone not group plans not medicaid not ass chip none of them there are third three point four million of these young invincibles on medicate our three million on obamacare woe i've gotta leave it at this when you're liberal friends want to argue with you because you're trumps sabotaging the plan b like no not hold on time out how other
marketing not more clearly their marketing enough joe what how do we oh that because young people are too george are joining up obama they are just not obamacare plans to join oh care on their parents plant solar twenty six which was obamacare bomb do the medicate expansion which you are paying for their just joining actual obamacare plans so how baby sabotaging a plan that sabotaged itself but again you know dopey debs don't lie back it in a way of another stupid argument about howard all sabotaging destroying obamacare when it was written to sabotage ourselves that make sense show used and we got a problem to use that we got a big problem you wanted young invincibles to join the individual market while incentivize exempt to stay out of the individual market side up for medicare and stay on their parents plant grip
that is partly a democrat would see that as a viable way forward on an economically effective healthcare only a democratic has two plus two equal seventy seven to them my gosh guy that's all i did really terrific peace they m there was a pause in the journal this week in that i i really took to it they do these profiles the wall street journal which originally no longer profiles unum dub too sometimes two thousand or more words on people we can always find a fascinating such a diverse group of people but this week and they did a profile on a woman named erika commissar think is how you pronounce it forgive me miss commissar from saying raw maybe commissar but they did the peace it was about the left's war on motherhood now this woman does not profess to be any type of conservative i don't think she mentions are party affiliation and peace but its clear she's not a conservative i don't think she's a republican it doesn't really matter but
you did some research joe and the research is something you all need to hear because it was a real eye opener for me and my wife and we sat on the couch and talked about this for a good you know saturday morning so i can let my wife relax each time not relaxing relaxing which i was kind of fine kind of funny so where it talk and we're chillun out and we will we ve caught a sense of regret minimize be candid my wife's gonna kill me thought about this but we real sense of regret because the core of the peace was s folks this woman who's being attacked now by the left put together scientific research is on our opinion it's an opinion based on science tat the thousand days of your child's life roughly three years that you're the mother you're a nice said the mother and father but very specifically the mother the mother has be there for them child to develop in the most money be very careful
the most efficient best way possible now why is tat joe it's not just like all because it is because we we love me of course we love me get all that she's real science this wasn't you member the joe the level of science remember that never that that myth but this is fascinating joe she says in the peace that goes to show you how sick liberals are they loved today how much love size than the first thousand days the up up a child has almost no functioning nervous system and a right dilatory front i mean the nervous system works obviously sending signals i think that's obvious but she said it has no ability the up a child's nervous system to regulate their own emotions and she says you know think about it and she gets into some detail on it says no one child cries an infant you know one two year old infinity six month old infidel and you know this you know i mean i know my kids they won't stop not less
there is a reason for it to be maybe they are hungry but it's it's it's probably more energy exhaustive to continue crying that it would be too stop and preserve your stupid but kids don't get they can't self regulate so she says in that thousand days the mother who has a unique ability through the presence of oxytocin answer hormones that the mother has that the father doesn't is the fathers instinct is to be protected and cases aggressive while the mother since the issue this is her words does their science not mine he says the mother acts as the baby central nervous system which i found fascinating in other words it children in their first three years learn to self regulate through with the mother the mother absalom joe suits them pick them up you know you ve been earmarked mothers are probably yet yet the path the child the abuse burke the child you feed the child and the child eventually learns through the mothers signals how do you
as its own central nervous system to regular and this is important control their own emotions so she you know she makes a couple a leaps in here and you know talks about some things and i'll make a leap she she doesn't make directly but you know is this the cause right now of a lot of our societal problems with crime you know bib behavioral polignac see mean i don't know it's a big leaned but the point i shut which and i believe what you say is absolutely true by the way you know my wife and i sat on the couch and we were like ass you because my wife worked really hard we did we know we wished you know we have to make it we we had we had to make money and me we going to do what you going to do tonight you know we're not done but none of us are rich so we had to put put our youngest in daycare and i've been i sat there for a good half hour an hour like feeling really awful about you
first child and she spent a good amount of time and day can we brought relatives and we did the best we could and we felt terrible about it and and here's that point i lived through that so you know i gotta get a lot of emails from people but the woman whose job did a scientific study it's not she doesn't she not making political observations on it means suggested tat a child tax credit the less going after a show and they won't out of a more even published the articles of the research because are you going to make women feel bad profoundly to make anybody feel bad i mean it's a genuine question a genuine question should be are you are you not interested in may or may not be better for the development of your child i am it made me feel bad but god i wish i would have known as before joe right maybe we could have made a more informed decision maybe we could have of that and will destroy our war on women aren't we can't tell women that the first hours and days are critical why not
speaks again to a liberal agenda of nothing but controlling how people think even when people think doesn't aligned with the science or the reality dont let beyond my we can have that it will destroy our war on women narrative we can't tell women that the first thousand days are critical why not why can't tell them that of course but every woman's gonna have the idea of the or man or household going to have the ability to they home with their could child for the first out these of course not but can we all just make form decisions without the left's constant effort joe misleading gaslight all of us tell us lies and isolate us from the truth it's really not fair a bit too really great peace few google it you'll see edges again it's a subscription only peace but i gave you the gist of it ass i get them one less story gum wrap this up quick
the story and legal insurrection out there about a proposal to oh no i'm sorry this was another journal peace but that they would do business i got the idea of it from a bench appear a speech which easy prepare apparently parent to give at a college and they want to charge a needle massive security fee and have warned you about these security fees in the past the secure if these are nothing but an excuse right now to shut down for speech making people pay money they don't have known own danger for so one of the people sat there is well if i saw this they did this was from a right leaning guy network maybe we should start pulling funding from universities not support free speech i just want to leave it at this maybe we should not be getting in the university funding business at all right joe i let the market decide you want to send your kid to a crab school that bans conservatives from campus about a there let's just get the federal government out of it all together i think it's a really bad idea federal funding in the first place i don't think we should argue for pulling or
giving federal funding anywhere let's just pull federal funding all together and let these university stand on their own meteors just a quick number quick number this you on this yesterday yesterday twenty fifteen thirty eight billion dollars went to universities from deasey sixty percent of all their research budgets you know what let the market decide folks keep that money back any account let's not get into who should gather we should not get monies universities are doing us a huge this service with their war on free speech but any time we started the government funding and arguing for or against that you're making the case that government funding initially is a good thing and it's a big mistake i think
yet for tuna and i really appreciate it please go to budget that commerce subscribe to my email is there are sending these articles right into remit but thanks a lot folks i see autumn i just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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