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Ep. 584 How We Can Stop This Madness

2017-11-06 | 🔗
In this episode - Churches are uniquely vulnerable locations for targeted violence. I address some solutions in today’s show. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/11/05/mass-shooting-reported-at-texas-sutherland-springs-church.html   Yes, there is a hidden “bubble tax rate” in the tax bill. Here’s how it works. http://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanellis/2017/11/04/there-isnt-a-stealth-tax-bracket-in-house-tax-reform-bill/   Here’s a must-read piece on the lasting impacts of Communism. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-communist-century-1509726265   Here’s an unhinged liberal response to yesterday’s horrific attack in Texas.  https://buff.ly/2zzagJF   Another fascinating piece about quantum computing. https://futurism.com/future-quantum-computer/   Is this the beginning of the end of the iPhone? http://fortune.com/2017/11/02/apple-iphone-x-ai-google-amazon/?utm_campaign=fortunemagazine&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&xid=soc_socialflow_facebook_FORTUNE
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Dan bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about America with your host Dan bonds. I live near, thereby GINO, shrubberies jar you today, man, man. What can I say, now. I know I made it said it's incredible. It's like, like I said folks. You can't turn away for two seconds. It's just we. The world is seemingly gone, that it's just crazy another attack Sutherland, Springs, Texas and elevated scary to the point. I been doing a lot of media on this and I got an email yesterday from nice enough guy, a gentleman- and he said to me, I did I hit- will limit the risks can be what happened in case you messy and IBM. Oh of course I was assume you went under but there was a shoot in a church and Sutherland Springs about twice, People shot multiple victims, another Now I want to get into some stuff. You I think, is going to help you. I wouldn't do it otherwise, folks and I did
Yesterday, a cable news had on Fox. I did what discussing the shooting and our churches are uniquely vote upon. I got an email again, nice guy, I'm not being critic. Oliver many many even very nice do, Joe and said to me in the email, the security professional himself, not secret service, but something I'll say I didn't exactly get. The check is bio but p Eight out, some of his credentials seemed seem impressed but often he said I don't think we should be putting this stuff out there. On cable news is again the same criticism I felt would be levied on my book about the secret service debate. You are given bad guys, ideas, z, folks. I can say this to you enough. The bad guy already have these ideas, the all the question is: what are we going to do about it to stop and mitigate the threat? From said bad guys? I'm sorry. Joe email me. I appreciate your and email greatly. I mean that, but you are.
Categorically wrong on this church. our uniquely vulnerable institutions as soft targets. Folks and the fact that a lot of these churches don't have this info. I don't even know this. The reason I go on the air or talk about how vulnerable they also at least they can do something you should go in. Has Joe yeah yeah folks, I would never listen. I don't need to be on the agenda that this is not I'm not in way trying to be pretentious? Please don't take this the wrong way. I don't to be on the air. I have more than enough work. Joe. Can you proud for me? I'm is worthy, please! Oh yes, my friend, I have more than enough work If I never did another cable news it again to carry through yet at an e on really I only go on the air. If I feel like, I have something to say, I've said no to multiple cable news. Its repeated leave, I feel like. I have nothing to add to a conversation. Believe me. I
do the emails if it was actually allow vouch for you now in his well? Yes, you know I don't I I know they had Jojo say what he died, but he asked me to do this. I won't do it because I don't feel like I have anything to add. I feel like this church shooting yesterday, I have a lot to add now getting right too I understand your concerns but cures. Why church is our uniquely vulnerable and if you go to a church, if you are, They parishioner at a church if you are a pastor at a church deacon at a church. Whatever may do catechist, whatever you need to understand that there are people out there casing your locations already, why wire churches vulnerable number one. Ingress. Negress folks says, we did in the secret services design security plans in one of the first things you look at any location, you're gonna secures. What is the entrance and exit points now? Why would Church be a
meekly vulnerable target when it comes to ingress negress Joe, when you're in church, which I know you go off to India, people come in then back of a church, emotion than when I mean the back of a church in me where the people are seated generally, the Florida people come in behind the pastor, Vega, wily speaking, you don't know the people come in the front of the church and I go to and out the same, which is only right and if so, why in light of the wealth, but not when I say the back of the church, I mean: do they come in the back. You know come in across the the pulpit right right, yet the backs Oh yeah, I know what you're sense. Why jointly, but they come in the back. the church is the same in every church everywhere there polo may beside side entrances, but people who The re church generally come in Joe Correct through the same spot, which is we'll call it that which is where the deceived the seating behind all the shooting yeah? You don't in behind the pastor right. A church oaks is a performance, is able
I dont mean that emit derogatory way. It is a aim. It is eight. It sees quiver. To obey performance. I mean that new strategic way, like a concert where the attention is all in one direction up front and when attention. Joe, is up front. The entrance has to be in the back, because the people doing he performance or engaging in it and leading the mass the pre. Story rabbi or are imam or whoever it is Joe. This outcome be disrupted by people walking across the board, but the pulpit behind them. now, what does that mean that me? everybody is coming in and out in one direction right there If you want to target people, they are all going to be coming out in that same direction. Me You have a shooting spree. Church
Is our uniquely vulnerable second Churches are uniquely vulnerable and trust me People already know this. Why do you this maniac? The adjoining town there one over there and you get engaged in defecated notice. We would call it a chance. point. It doesn't matter what he called it here. there stood likely that people were going to becoming in and out one direction our church being There is a. ceremony going. I want to call the Popo portrait. Performances of is a bad that, but I mean the say, just try to give you the strategically of it here. This is important. You have a celebration going on in this case. In my case, where I go to church, you have a celebration of their last supper of Christ. This in memory of me, where is everybody's attention, front up front?
where is the shooter coming in the back where is everybody looking down fried folks? Churches are uniquely vulnerable. Third, what are you not have in a church? You dont have come, or concealment. What is the difference cover? Is a relatively bullet resistant material Wall obstruction that stop or slow down a bullet so that you can I behind it. Why does church not have that, because a chair Ouch is by its very nature and open congregation so that people can see the performance this immigration that is up front. You do put a wall. I had the parishioners or else
can't see the priest. Or the rabbi. This is is not complicated theirs. Cover now there is, limited concealment. What is the difference? critical. You understand this, maybe I'll covered on a rough cup to episode. Can The omens conceals you, but provides almost they now cover can be concealment if you're behind a brick wall that is covering concealment strip, we could see a mature that does not cover ok consumer. That is not we'll conceal you, but will not stop around a bullet a pew nine out of ten times is made of wood, or you may be in some kind of plastic seeding. I assure you know hundred ninety nine out of a thousand times. You are not in bullet resistant sitting in a church,
You may have some form of concealment if you get low, but that concealment is limited as well is limited as well, because it's an open room where aid active. She but I can just walk between the Isles and see you. It's clause. If it is not a hard room, it is just a bench. If you get me I did a shooter is walking around in there. A murderer. He can see you as he looks, operates not hard, so it's not even good concealment. Folks, Let me go over this again, so you understand this and play he's don't email me that were given the until you are not giving bad guys bed info these p. pull already know this. Let me give you a second things you can do to if you work in a church rating like that to stop this stuff, this is These guys and women already know this. These bad guys. You ingress, negress problems everybody's going in and out of one location, the back of the church. Therefore, whenever
starts to flee. You have another guy. You can pick em off they're, not going to multiple locations. Where is everyone looking their attentions up front where's that going to come in he's gonna come in the back but he's gonna see until it's too late. Third. There is almost no cover and Extremely limited concealment for anyone to be able to hide you know it's hard, but we have to talk about this folks, but I feel like I owe you some out of of of of of my prior expertise that was passed on to me. I didn't invent this stuff. I was taught it like anyone else when I went to the drily, training centre for the secret service, and we try to understand this. This is our lives is what we did every day. I feel obligation to tell you that there are people already out their planning this stuff, do you want to know what's wrong, or do you not? That's the only question now. How do you fix it voted
you're in a church. You ve gotta, get some closed circuit cameras and somewhat should be watching those cameras every time this amass going on. There's no excuse anymore, not do it we're living in a day. for time? I wish we weren't, there's no real a panic, thank God. The likelihood of being involved in a terrorist attack or an incident. This amass attack like this. Thank God, the chair these are very slim Harrison reason a panic there's, nobody could we're. Americans were all tough. We get through every this was a whore Bobby the pastors daughter, kids, that don't mean it's is the stories just gonna get you up here in the air somebody to avoid the gory details for you, but close circuit cameras, a high definition, camera monitoring system that should be watching a camera room or by the fire box whatever it may be, should be mandatory in every church. Also, at this point to not have some form of armed guards Edu, they don't
we're not talking about guys in Ninja suits year, beady use at the door, care, how your dress, a sport coat and a pair of khakis their hats. The be some form of an armed guard, I'm sorry it's just irresponsible at this point, with everything going on and better I, the maniacs out there and ISIS and the thief: the growing use of soft target terror closed circuit tv, is an and Anna Armed Armed Security are just a must, I mean, I'm sure I am absolutely sure I buy volunteer my church. I don't say this to pat myself on the back. I say this to make a point, They asked me to volunteer as security. I would do it. You don't have to pay people but tonight, just irresponsible this point now. Secondly, you have to get some form of a hard room in your church. There has to be some room somewhere that has
door, no windows and three harden walls, so that if someone can get in there and at least call the police and do something the people on the stage the only people on on the on the M, the people up on the altar, the only people can really see what's going on, they should be but a fleet of a hard room so that someone can communicate with the police. Are they at least have some idea. You see what I'm saying you off your priest of your deacon. If Europe, a musical performer up on that stage, that God forbid, there's a shooting, you should be, but a fleet of hard room, a hardened room, usually a bathroom that can't be shot into that you're. Not you can stay save for a moment. There should be some kind of a phone or you have a cell phone on. You should be able to communicate with the police from that may be able to describe immediately, which going on you have have a hard room, we this secret service news, Flash Ouida, zoos and private information. It's we don't go anywhere without a hard room. Ever
for any reason also, need to make big things small. If there's action of your church. If there The section of your church that He closed off should have an emergency response plan where people can do it. In other words, if there's five or six side entrances isn t your church and people, can fly out of those entrances into some kind of a hallway. You should have some kind of a roll down gates so that people can follow you, notably killers and shooters, and terrorists our new church I go too, there is a hall they use afterwards right next to it where they do coffee and doughnuts after which was very nice. You drives their food drives and things at the sort, people, be able to flee into the air and they should be able to close the access to that behind them the old door rolled down gate or something I call it making big thing small make me Think small make a big
such a small, safe area, so that some Paul get out. Thrilling sick that on a Monday morning, we have to talk about this now folks kind of depressing kind of thing. It is depressing, but I was taught these things, I'm smart guy, but I'm no smarter than you. I figured it out all. I did my pyre life it's time that All of us have to become like many secret service agents, ourselves and start thinking. Are we endanger to sorry but this is just where we are a lot more to talk about so we're gonna move on from that dumb, I get it unbelievable story at this is not a subscriber only peace. By the way I put in the shown us the Wall Street Journal job. There is a piece about communism, it's it's a its long, but reads about a thousand words. You can read it in ten minutes, but there's a
peace in the Wall Street Journal. You have the red, I will put. It showed us in a bunch. You no doubt come off, you go there. Are, you can read the shone out or you can subscribe to. My email is, as most of you know, and have done. Thank you or email us. This exploded bodily. I will eat. the story right to you to your inbox are today it's about it brief history of communism, but it is an amazing peace and I have some coach from this and they are eerie Joe straight up here as to what's going on right now with liberal identity politics before we get there do. I we have to pay for the show. I thank everyone by way support responses and we got a new spots or so welcome back you to our friends it. built by we're in a lot of requests for partnership. So we really appreciate it. You know I very like the better we take on a response we may say of filter take on aircraft accompany yes, because most of you dont know this about me and be in that I release part of Jos, medical history and the frightened he shall he didn't see began. So I did mine heated either. I also refer to cut it out of the show
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then up auto delivery and never think about air filters again go to filter by dot com today, filter by that come and get the best price and top quality filters shift within twenty four hours, plus free shipping filter by that come that's filter by tat. Calm, go check him out. Folks, tell my damn bungee Yosemite! If you're talking on the phone there, so we ve got to get new responses. We love. So there is this. Here's summah some info from this piece of telling about which was really blew. My mind. You know it's at the weekend. I try not folks. I noticed a little bit disappointed me, but I try not to read too much politics on the weekend because I just have to get away from it because it's infuriating most of the time, but there is peace which is incredible again means may talks about the north, a body count from communism. Joe is really rough estimate. How many million you think died three hundred sixty five million, I mean what Europe what you're at sixty five million right. I mean it. It's like what
Stalin say was it Stalin? Who said he in a one one that is a tragedy of one million, is a statistic: Your answer thereof is evidence of that that sixty I have a hundred two hundred everywhere. Countenance millions think about the epic scale, the tragedy, but the similarity what's going on right now is absolutely eerie. The let me read you this: this is from the peace right and think about. What's going on today, pay it. pension out with liberal Democrats are doing now with identity. Politics show you employees, everybody web Minority ease, immigrants every bodies a victim somehow when it comes to liberal identity, politics now listen to this quote from the peace and think about where they got the idea from from the peace in Europe. Areas the soviet regime was able to draw upon armed factory workers eager recruits to the party and secret police, on your add on young people, impatient to build a new world in there.
Countryside. However, the peasantry some one hundred twenty million souls had carried The rose revolution deposing that gentry and establishing de facto peasant land ownership. So who did they target the early Communis? They target. Factory Workers and young people right now, preying on Three workers show this sound familiar know based on class warfare rhetoric, here's another quote from the peace talking about Stalin, Joe he incited class warfare against cool ox, better off peasant sets forth the coup locks were an end. one who defended them. If they sit on this one, I was in quotas for mass arrests and internal deportations of those evil, well off those better off peasants, sound, familiar those evil, ridge, people, people fair, share, pay your fair share! Folks, you wonder whether stuff comes from you think, I'm making this up. You think I'm total psycho when you listen, whose show that I'm really this peace thinking
so what's going on now, so they target the factory workers using class warfare rhetoric and they target young people knowing I mean this is a blanket insult. Don't take this the wrong way now that their youth comes with it ate a certain lack of knowledge about how the world works strictly as a matter of common, illogical time, Jody but we disagree with that. The longer you alive, the more you learn, much pretty much drove them. how soon meet them? Trying to confuse anyway, I did have a trick question, but the longer you're alive do pure experience alone. You just learn more if you go to school and enhance that learning great. But if you are I've longer all things given equal. You will generally no more than someone who is not alive as long as you bid just through weeks. periods alone, so they the advantage, the soviets of younger people impatient as this peace says for the revolution. Familiar jail, hello, you with these young birdie brows now and then it's these suckers in colleges, liberal suckers, who believe in this socialist revolution. Despite sixty five million dead votes,
class warfare and identity. Politics has been a staple of the far left for e odds, don't be a soccer gosh, I mean Do you think these tactics are new, I'm gonna put the peace in there. I strongly encourage you to read it because not stop is new folks. These ideas are not original. They do been doing this wherever they go. this from the Soviets, folks they need. To create victim groups and what I like about the pieces of talks about an idea. I've been discussing for a while. Now it's not my idea. It's not original to me. It's not proprietary manufactured God. I got from David Horwitz. Nothing are. We conservative, conserve review David Har, what you wrote a book called unholy Alliance for liberals understood a long time ago with the Soviets did in the past, you talk about how the Soviets never knew Joe, where this was going to wind up now, why? Why would the Soviets not know the end game of communism because it
never been tried successfully, Joe of pain, I? It is never worked. The soviets they have a utopia appoint to jobs, american Censier year. In other words, they could point two like look: it is tuna fish over a year, and this is this Selby. This is what it's gonna look like. They didn't have that now there were failed societies and there were failing societies and never societies that we're on the road to bigger and better things that were generally free market. Capitalist society had problem Nobody disputes that. Nonetheless, the early industrial revolution. We had problems in the ices, but we were on the way to big in better things where we are now still moving in that better direction. The Soviets didn't have that. I didn't know where any of this was gonna end up so they did as they relied on? What, with David Horowitz called the anti anticommunist approach, meaning Joe.
They never tried to sell people either in the no, at least on the benefits of their communist society by pointing to anything real. Why? because they didn't have it so they do Joe, they just attack their enemies. That makes sense it just made stuff up so where the thanks to your damn right, so where the Anti communist, what were they? They were the anti anti communist. That's what liberals are now they can point to their perfect society, so there at the anti communist they just go after people like us that very idea of a perfect world. We, We socialism socks as this making sense, They are sitting at a room. Imagine a budget dopey communist. They have nothing to point due to say to people, hey guys, vote for us or that voting. Obviously communism. It's the very opposite, our other of a free market in a free electoral market as well, but they can't pointed people say: hey,
support, us. Here's, we're gonna, get you we're gonna, get you Paradise and hears what Paradise looks like because it exists. They don't have that. So all they do point to the existing system now Joe, which we have We can see right capitalism here and they say guy look at the United States. Look what Stewart Emma grids. Look, what its due in a black people look what its duenna Muslims! That's what it's doing a union workers with what is still one of the poor look, what the door of the middle class, but they care point to anything themselves, other than death and destruction on their site that why they are the eighty eighty communists. That is why they hate us so much because they don't have anything or they have is hate my identity, politics. Do you understand they don't anything else. Why do they side with how come they don't go away? There are people in the muslim world who are at
I can gay people how come because their anti anticommunist, they see the muslim world attacking free markets and capitalism in America and there on the team. Go there everything else all they as aligning with people hate freedom, that's it don't have anything else poked. Please read the peace. I know I it's obviously, My website get it and obviously joining my email is benefits us Mckenna smoke Europe. It does mean that I'm happy to have a habit of so many names, but please read the p just go to my website and read it it'll, take you fifteen minutes and air. thing. I've told you in the show about how liberals don't have anything they stand for. Other than hating us, because they don't there's nothing that will all make sense, they are the anti anticommunist. you understand that and the Jen of their hatred. Genesis of their use of victim ology. Every thing falls into line that ok, Joe Dams.
You are the audience. I was very good. I mean you know that the parallels her pretty self evident. It's definitely time for a training places they aids safe, be a no jive turkey. This close the thanksgiving That's because I know someone's gotta say Joe away agrees with your doesn't always agree with me that you know that's a training places thing we the short member that guy freedom over you're they take. You chose the year. Guy he's totally, isn't it aids? If you know just as it is, They waited what you're back They show brought you by a friends it I target as well. You know I'm a big vanity, guys love, I target their terrific I've been getting Oh you with emails, even from all campaign people up in Maryland, breads am I who bought I target and can put the damn thing. I'm anxiously. Deb did their response about telling you
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the laser in place of the boy worse with a phone avenue detect exactly where you shots are landing is like that This thing every other play video games. After this competitive Shooters people do this for a living by the way dry fire. Not letting life rounds go through their gun, they try fire ten times more than they live fire and the eye target system Take your dry fire practice to the next level. Semi your scores, I'm not making this! If you watch your marksmanship go through the roof. Go too, I target dot com. I got a promo code for you for ten percent off use, Promo Code Dan Dossier and my first name get ten so I've gotta, I target pro dotcom gimme your view. The product people to go bonkers over this product. They love it. let's see, ah ah, oh, oh so and if I've been getting emails about this topic, you know the tax bill. We talked about at length. Last week. I'm not going redressing the whole tax bill. You can listen to shows
from last week, but I miss something less. We met in the bill. I might I support it, I saw it, but I do understand the implications of shame on me, but over. We can. I got bombarded with emails. Did you see that all tax rate. Now I'm gonna, including article it's it's it's via its on informs? The guy disagrees with me, but it's a good piece and explains how the bubble tax rate works, that you read We really need to read at the shone out. Ok, go check it out from Forbes people's aid there's a hidden tax rate in there for high earners. Yes, there is, there is an armored explained quickly one, why it's a horrible idea, but first up she had to number one how it works? And, secondly, why it's a horrible idea? Now the author of the Forbes peace disagrees, he doesn't think it's a bad idea. Talk I, but he explains it well and I said, I think it's worth reading. So I put that assurance is a hidden tax rate in the taxpayer. A lot of you picked it up story kind
broke this weekend. There's been a body mark Levine is bingo a nuclear about this as he should, it is absolutely horrendous idea, but at a military, I it's in there and how it works. First, whites and there it is hidden tax rate for people who are making over things married couples over one point, two million or so, and it is a higher tax rate. Contrary to what people are going to tell you, then the highest rate we have now now class warfare, nonsense at its worst. But why is it in there? It is in their because Republicans only had one point: five trillion based on the rules are using attacks the bill to do she's made a possibility. Only had one point: five trillion Jonah work with, so they need it somehow to try to think of a way to accept is by now lower rates. That makes like how to keep some high tax rates on high earners to give lower
accurate, the to lower orders because they had a fit that one point: five trillion dollar window make sense. Ok by down that lower rate they put in a bubble right now: here's how its technic he described, don't freak out I'll, explain it don't worry about it, but how described in the for peace, peace by rain else. That was made at your bike or but did you hear that you're not say he says no yeah, that's why we all knew no jack. It is our braided six percent phase out where John incomes exceeding one point: two million for married couples and one million for everyone else. You want what the hell is. Abbe, ok, folks,. watch you make one point, two million dollars or more and your mad, you say Mary for a moment because then you gotta go, do both for married single just most of us that that aid should be married anyway, especially that in Cumbria, once you would,
seed. One point: two million Joe remember: I was splaining to you how marginal tax rates work. The bill now has a twelve twenty five. Thirty, five and thirty nine point, six percent tax rate. You pay a those tax rates on the income in knows ranges no matter what you weren't, in other words, a job let's just for the sake of round numbers, say your First, ten thousand dollars was taxed at the twelve percent rate. Ok, I think it's. Ninety per cent in the bill, but this is for rather for the sake of making it easy, let you say your first ten thousand was at the twelve percent rate tend to twenty thousand was at the twenty five percent rate. Twenty to thirty was at the thirty five percent rate and and three thousand dollars ring come at above was, at the thirty nine point, six percent rate the way it works You only pay that tax on the income and that range of you only make ten thousand dollars. You would only pay the twelve percent rate if you make
eight thousand. You would pay the twelve percent rate on the first ten thousand income, the first six months of yearning year Rachel. in the last six months, when you made ten to twenty thousand dollars, you would pay the twenty five years. Right makes sense. That's marginal rates work you! You only pay the tax rate on the income you made in that brackened. I hope this is making sense We don't know where they wanted it, yeah yeah, that's her! don't pay, they wanted to buy back some money, which is absurd by the way too, to be able to rates, for the middle class is what they did it. they phased out. That's what nieces calibrated six percent phase out weight with means is watch you hit that way, point: two million jobs and income as married couples you get a six percent. Basically like a levy, On your thirty nine percent point six percent rate. Your pay now are you say, wait death and then I don't get it. How is
phasing out a twelve percent rate. If it's a six percent phase out, because folks to twelve percent rate now applies on up the ninety thousand and income. Ok, if you're paying this half of you getting a six percent kind of Our charge levy on what Point two million or more that wipes out what twelve percent, or ninety thousand would have been a pretty simple man? You see what I'm saying Joe to twelve percent. ninety thousand or six percent of one point: two million you get. What I'm saying that? Why doubt your euro, you rate so it's like a little trick. They did history. I dont have met with terribly complicated to know. If these, coupled with you, Meat is higher percentage at higher incomes, because a higher amount of money makes extra makes perfect sense. You dont need, because you're a twelve percent of ninety thousand, you do the math yourself oaks and six percent of one point: two million. You start wiping out any cash benefits of that twelve percent rate. So
was designed to wipe out the twelve percent rate for people who make one point: two million on their first zero to ninety thousand, because they get a surcharge later on. How do I tell ya you're going to pay twelve percent of that zero to ninety thousand Joe, what we're going to throw a little Levi later on one point: two million bucks: it's a crap idea, it's a horrible idea and we Definitely don't need no JIVE Turkey's on this one right. This is too important. Never be Europe is too. port. Another time, why are we playing class warfare, politics, This is simply a claw back any big. By the way the author of the peace likes the idea, I hate the idea he says. Good piece always have the Sequoia back of the twelve percent radius. Try to hide. Why is it a claw back? Why should people one point: two million dollars: why? Why should they have to give back the benefits of a twelve percent rate? Folks
I dispute strongly by the way. The reason I said this witted about a note of scepticism will be opened up that it was going to buy back. Anything Is we ve shown, as on this, show You'Re- probably tired of hearing it over time that the Reagan, tax cuts which, by the way, Joe Gas, it was a bubble rate in and Reagan tax cuts, but they lowered the top right to twenty percent. What's the top right now, Joe thirty. Nine point six throats be the Reagan Babo rates and under the Reagan tat scotch by the way from seventeen to twenty eight percent. That was the top Rachel before Reagan got an office. Seventy percent, the rich I've do you repeatedly? They got a tax cut from seventy percent on the margin at their top right to twenty eight percent. The rich, not only paid more in taxes. They pay A greater percentage of gdp of the taxes is well than they did before lip What part of that is difficult to understand
point I'm trying to make. Is I dont think: Papa rate, is gonna. Do a darn thing to raise any money. I think it's being scored improperly, and you can compare the Reagan tax cuts, because the rates were different. It was a different time. Interest rates were different. I think it is the message. In other words, he says that then I say that, because Alice the pieces. While you know there was a bubble rate and Reagan tax cuts. While he's writing it does. Its homework is not wrong, but I did to compare. The false one issue but what does show they cut the top patrie from seventeen to twenty eight percent. It was different tire and not to mention that. Twond are paying more anyway folks, once we fall prey to this Red Dick It was class warfare, car buyers, this extensive, smelly, hot garbage that a rich should pay, but why should the rich pay more? Why why? What have you done what the money you pissed at away? Why should we? If you more, I want you know what I want
people to do. I want rich people. Invest in their door, businesses given the body, the government, its assess pool, I want the rule, Since the businesses, where we work a lot of us, you know why Joe We could be rich one day to this, isn't a hard line gosh I Support is quick stories. I thought were fascinating. I want to put out there, but please read the pc ex, that about the bubble rate. It does exist. All anybody tell you doesn't ended some. It said that the author of the peace I put in their Forbes explains it. Well. I read a really interesting piece about that. The disease, the ended the Iphone. It's my show notes that I'll put it in the show notes as well check that out, but you know what the Iphone X Ray come in our Joe here. That path
every this has been getting rave reviews. I want to get one as a matter of fact. The Iphone X is like everybody's going crazy over this. They left the Iphone up the Iphone. I I m not a huge fan of apples politics, but I do like that. Annex I have an eye for myself, I have a six plus and determined why the pieces. This is basically the beginning of the end of app on. I thought what the hell like this is what I believe gonna be one of their counting achievements, the Iphone it. But the author makes a really really really good point, and I I had really thought this one through, especially in contacts with the quantum computing. I discuss this week and what I think is the burgeoning growth of artificial intelligence. He says: listen, the summit are before you he's like these things are Can I be dumb screen soon? He said not about you said. Apples addition to the market show their value added was not just a few you can play music on a phone. It was the fact that they need,
great at a whole, app technology right, everything's apps. Now I use apps to work out a use, acts to listen to dilute F solicitor, Joe into mourning, and w C behave as I listened to Joe Wegg. Joke absolved of tabs at a border got his morning, show everything's it up now everything that conservative view as an app. You could listen on a package that was one of em. only thing, but it was one of apple signature value added moves into the market. You track Emmy job now the eye, own acts as the you know, the could agree, this. Is it bad? They made it. This is like the best for ever better screen technology cameras, the guy- two pieces. Now, it's not! This is the end of it. You know why I thought about apps anymore. It's about skills and other. When he's writing it maybe about a I've computing in the future, and it's not going to be about what an app you have on your phone can do it's going to be about what to do knowledge in your house, what skills they can provide and these things are going to need, isn't say this part of it, but this is me, jumping get something it up for you in my own way that thing
pocket we call smartphone Jos gotta- be a dumb screen soon there's gonna be some transportable a I'd based technology chip or whatever it is coming in the future, not very long into the future membership Nor do we figured you know. Blackberry was ever going to go away. Member planetary. That was it of you at a blackberry. You made it now blackberries been relegated. the dustbin of history. This guy thinks, with the with the advent of of artificial intelligence chip technology. one of computing, all this stuff that this thing is going to. A dumb boxer, it's gotta be nothing but a screen. It all beach. It'll be a chip in your M Noora Amazon, echo in your house. Whenever it'll be what you you know, it's a used to go to your phone play, the rent Republican, and I are radio right now, Joe You're just gonna go to. Are you gonna, go to Amazon Alexei you get to save their indicator populated, thereby geography of cells using a threat
go to Amazon or whatever the smart chip technology play, thereby Juno show. Where do you want me to play? play it on my speakers. You're. Not. I have to use your phone anymore. you wanna say I want to watch your tv network, which is completely convenient plug for network button Non intended, but nonetheless I want What's the mark, Levin show want to watch tv show. I wanna watch Gavin Mcguinness Shelf, though Phil Robertson. Where would you like to play it? the tv tv. Can it be a dumb screen? so is the little tv in your pocket, the smartphone- and I thought it was an ingenious peace- show that this May the end. The reason ball by the way you may civil war. Why is that the danger to apple pie and dumb boxes and all the seven point is trying to make us a Google and other companies show our way ahead of Apple. I own apple stock by the way. So it's not you get us out of my benefit to tell you this and I think I'll catch up. They only have wifi. Your trillion dollar would simply other folks right, but
The point, is trying to make Joseph Google and a lot of these other companies like Amazon, are moving ahead of apple quicker on the air I front, while they are investing in hardware and the sum it up. The point is not going to be about the hardware in the future. Joe, it's gotta be about software and the skills things can do not necessarily the piece of plastic and silicone stuff in your pocket, the habit of saying yes pretty interesting. You have really procure peace go check it out a bit the shone out today. I folks thanks opportunity and I really appreciated- please go to budget that com subscribe to. My email list are check us out. We do a lot of work, putting together these articles for every day, so we appreciated thanks a lot You just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.