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Ep. 585 Why The Left Will Never Win the Argument on Gun Control

2017-11-07 | 🔗
In this episode - This brilliant piece sums up the many reasons behind liberals’ failed efforts to enact their gun control agenda. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453445/gun-control-never-happens-why?utm_source=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_medium=PANTHEON_STRIPPED?utm_source=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_medium=PANTHEON_STRIPPED   In the show I dismantle the silly arguments against tax rate cuts made in this Washington Post piece. www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/posteverything/wp/2017/09/28/i-helped-create-the-gop-tax-myth-trump-is-wrong-tax-cuts-dont-equal-growth/   CNN gets caught running another fake news story about Trump’s foreign visit. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/cnn-runs-second-bogus-story-in-single-day/article/2639797   Liberal universities who have advocated for higher taxes are about to get smacked with a higher tax bill themselves. https://legalinsurrection.com/2017/11/republican-tax-plan-would-tap-growing-college-endowments/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LegalInsurrection+%28Le%C2%B7gal+In%C2%B7sur%C2%B7rec%C2%B7tion%29   How Obamacare repeal would be the biggest tax cut of all. https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/hits-keep-on-coming-obamacare-premiums-rising-by-1k-per-month
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did you know she give where you to hear the truth about america with your host dan bone thereby gino shell british jar you today happy tuesday do you daniel you're happy tuesdays right you know for somebody get right into this sum and tell you talk about before but you don't you you got it gotta learn to defend yourself man you really an and no i mean i mean this texas thing is and i know we ve seen this before sadly does not the first tat with a car and i for bomb a firearm is sunday first homicidal maniac it's not the first the terrorists none of that we ve seen all this sadly tragically before but i mean you know like to get into my jujitsu too much messy outside of rough cuts episode is more of a political show and you know i don't like to talk about it i you know
that kind of stuff ok look i'm really tough it it's all bs everybody is always someone who can book your ass i promise you i hate to day and i mean it even laughed about our pain and stuff the ebony audience doesn't like to hear me whining what time it yet i woke up this morning i'm in really really bad pain today and because i saturday i hadda i took what did not saturday like i haven't taken in a long time we wrestling and yet we do and stand up wrestling which you know for those of you from a wrestling is that took doubly w happened back wrestling wrestling take downs and and the wrestling in a while the judges who class and you know wrestling it open spaces different grappling on the mat because it or dynamic because you know when you grappling on the floor when you're under fair aground ground fighting that the floors below you so you can over in one direction because as a floor you can't move the floor unless you ve developed some shape shifting ability in open spaces differences we wrestled for about an hour and then i grapple and i
what with this guy who is is a check guy classes super nice guy but is just a savage i'm tellin you folks he's your worst nightmare well i mean serious like this is a guy who it's not that he feels no pain he feels pain differently than others he is an unbelievably skilled stand up fighter who you out on your feet in a heartbeat he's an undue we skilled wrestler and he was a guy who previously wade about two hundred forty pounds is now about one ninety will but he still you know people lose a lot of weight but they still retain that nervous system shrank oh is unbelievably strong well like i said he feels almost no pain on bringing this up because i like to roll but this guy and grapple weatherman wrestle with him because he is your what he is your worst case scenario he is he's fought fought in the ring he's fought against professional you have see fighters i think one that fight is a matter of fact in fighting the you have c40 guy fought you have seen one he's just a beast
and i'm rolling with him for about a half an hour this is after the hour of wrestling with him and after the hour of the class i did before that was in there for about three hours and at one point you know he gets the top position any just smashing me and i like folks the worst thing ever i'm right and i am thinking to myself i can't breathe i'm totally out of energy my there's a wrecked right now they can barely move barely see any more because a sweat is burning my balls and i did on a tap out i couldn't and finally gets me in it you know it in arms in our bar and ahead of them we had broke my arm but why do you do why would i do others then i was reminded today because i'm in this is that the agenda this story i woke up this morning and i'm just i mean i'm really a mess my soul fallen apart i can't i mean i'm having a tough time even moving around i went to the gym this morning i got my work
got in and it was really excruciating but i thought why do this and i heard a story about texas today this morning about the deed this awful shooting in southern springs and i was reminded as to why do this you know this normal breaks into the church in body armor and a skeleton mask with a five five six or two to three rifle he semantically and carelessly years murdering and shooting twenty plus people and a mom here the story and a mother jumps on our kids she takes rounds but she falls on of our kids to save their lives you know folks we live in it gary world nobody should panic and you know that i'm not your priest your pastor and certainly not your preacher but my god no not using his name in vain you better learn to defend yourself we live in a different world full a very sick people
some evil people looking to do very bad things and these black swan events that may never hopefully likely will never happen to you but they are zero probability events anymore you bet go and learn how to use a firearm you better learn how to defend yourself the government cannot protect you the police department is not your personal security force it is your personal responsibility to realise that the world is changing and as you see societal collapse in some places in the middle east and you see the growth an explosion in ices and twice before our news motivating some of these people to engage in these these horrible acts of homicidal rage what think is going to save you i'm serious i'm not lecturing anyone i'm just saying like i took a massive beating at forty soon to be forty three years old and december i mean a beat like i haven't taken in a long time i am freaking her
man bad than i do wait because i know that's the worst its ever gonna get and then god forbid my wife for my kids and me are involved in a situation where we to go hands honour i have to shoot someone i know how to use that gun and i'm were willing to do it and you need to be too or another story about the shooting this ro again array member who got his rifle and again just country heard this yellow year and it was on this morning he had tears in his eyes and then you know like god this man's cans are you know what he said joe is a quote said i was scared to death yepi did i heard it he was scared to death he wasn't up their pretending to be freakin he manner gee i joe other survive got data so we now know he was an honest hero here anymore we call the hero which most heroes doubt and he said
it was ended in a moment of honesty and can that we should all this into he said i was scared to death could you ll be too and so a lie i was scared this we can get might have really i was running out of breath i was tired and that was it controlled environment into jujitsu school or no one's looking hurt you in the rear world someone's looking dick potentially kill you there is gotta be tappan out there's only gonna be broken arms and you losing consciousness there are real pull out their training in real time to what your but you have to go there are and prepare i was thinking about this all morning i've i've really do feel an obligation to tell you that i mean i know we live in the greatest country on earth and you're all how busy lives and you don't have the time for there's no excuse you gotta find the time go how did you do to school of crop magog school go by a firearm learn how to use it out on that tell you dont want to carry it everyday don't carry a book ass tat
have access to one and not even know how to use one is grossly irresponsible don't listen these leftist idiots i love the car i was one but they are not there to protect you you are there to protect yourself don't assume are functioning societies always gonna be there to rescue you from these situations because as we ve seen tragically over the last few months they aren't i i bet it i marry again i don't mean that in any way as any type of a lecture i'm in no position to do that to anyone i mean it more as a warning from someone who's red and talons seen all this stuff and i think it's only going to get worse as isis collapses in the middle east they ve lost rocca they ve lost all major strongholds and i ve been relegated to the outskirts of towns the only way to maintain their credibility to raise money and new recruits is going to be to attack at home over and over and over and over again it isn't stop
i am less light it was odd tucker show analyses guys on fox now stephenville efforts is named them shut the gun skies amazing i mean was scared scared today you are gonna be scared to death and you all that trigger while you're scared to death can you align those sites can you hit that target well he's got body armor on the tough question now i have to answer that won't do and i've been training for you know i get on the am i pity when those of my early twenties been shooting twenty three years and i no if i can honestly answer those questions please school do something do something learn how to defend yourself and take care of yourself let's hardened our entire society one person at a time i chose on the show last night and they did joe though the show the appearance show is why why it by the left will never win this gun control debate i read an amazing amazing peace
we'll be in the show no that is not subscriber only i still get complaints about that i'm sorry but as a national view article by remit pa upon a runaway you she say as neighbouring i'm sorry but he's a really unbelievable author writer does wonderful work and the pieces it describes in very good detail why the left will never end when this debate was always i'll take some of it now i add on my own thoughts and ideas too because i think he's onto something here now why left will always lose on guns they're getting smoked on this issue and they keep doubling down and what's with what started as an pretty gun control is turned into a rage filled effort to insult all americans now joe he had left their attacking people if you saw this who are actually praying for the victims of southern sprang oh yeah i've seen yet there are been actors sky mike i wasn't mike mickey and this act two i had never heard of alone over he was aware he comes from but he tweeted the prayers were shot out of the people and sutherland springs assets real issues you ricky loser
for other actors out their thoughts and prayers are praying isn't a nobby not we know praying is enough because god will always answer prayers and you know what answering prayers doesn't mean to stop the violence it means a prayer for strength it means a prayer all of us to get through what god is deemed necessary our struggle now holly dobbs don't get that and how they think they're gonna win an election by the way we take a breath you how they think they're gonna win another election by attacking people patriotic god fearing americans you pray for the victims of horrible crimes like this and terrorist attacks how they think that gonna win them another election just speaks to the utter lack of moral values these clowns inside these coastal cities and these democratic major enclaves in cities have they have nothing left these are total moral vacuums now why will never win this debate as always i like facts and data and rational reasonable arguments here is number one why the left will always lose
gun control joe social media and the twenty four hour new cycle has shown p well that this threat is very real now jos favorite book i say that i think the blacks one one of my favorite books bind it does seem to lab they taught you talk to me black swan events in other words a black swans very rare current swans right but the book into more detail on this these are black swan event show we can all agree right united god terrorist acts and homicidal shooting sprays by maniacs like we side sutherland springs are rare the chances of you being caught in one hour infinitesimally small we all need to that mine didn't you know america's were tough people we nobody people don't panic it that's why haven sometimes i've said that on the air and i was regret it afterwards like why we luxury american thought the time we never panic we just don't weed and panic at the nine slash eleven we're not going to panic after this these are black swan events but as the lab always points out in his work it is the case the consensus of the blacks one event it matter the consequences of the eu be
caught in a black swan event like a homicidal shooting spree from some maniac or a terrorist attack like we saw just recently up in new york with the rent at home evolve and joe are death or serious physical injury you will likely not recover from these are pretty drastic consequences for low probability events that entirely changed the calculus now you can say to yourself over again you can say well you know what i'm going to waste a lot of time prepare myself learning how to fight learning how to go i'm fight learning how to wrestle learning how to shoot because the chances of me being caught in this room for destiny small they are but the consequences for you again or turman none of your life there is no coming back ever for me that calculation is well worth it now what is this they social meeting a twenty four hour new cycle folks in the past if walter cronkite did not read if tom broke i didn't cover it if this peter
things didn't cover it on the nightly news before cable and before twitter and facebook joe did it happen no nope are we happen for the people in those local communities right where it made the local news if it did not make the national news folks i'm telling it happened but it didn't happen for people outside because the tree fell in the woods and nobody art it there were still bliss and there have been mass shootings in the past there been mass shootings throughout human history meanwhile you know al capone and did the mobs wiped out people forever but if it didn't take the national news show the point i'm trying to make as it did not it impress upon people the gravity of the threat even though its limited in scope they didn't you was out there because they never heard about corps everybody knew they could be a victim of crime but now with the advent of social media and twenty four hour cable news all the time all of them stories these these
active shooter targeted violence scenarios become national stories like that and it impressed this upon people the idea that this is increasing and occurrence joe even though this statistic stones are really say that so another the problem has been changed this is my point here the wreckage mission of the problem is changed the recognition of the problem is reason number one by the left will never again when the gun control debate now all of a sudden in the past and i some polling data because i love numbers to show you to make me point here and hammered home which i'll get you in a second here but in the asked joe the left could make arguments are you don't need a gun we need to ban guns bad guys i've got this threat is a real estate what are you gonna be involved some kind of mass shootings what are you an idiot that our my kind of looks pretty stupid now would you agree now
two years ago that argument may have held some water because again before the advent of national news you are being hammered every day with the evil and men's hearts now you're seeing it like that all of a sudden people are out there and their say incidents like this and you see i'm doing what you're going out and buying goods now the level the gun ownership to be clear has really changed that much but the number of guns per household has because people who or what or the threat of going out there and say well you know what i want to get another gun maybe a gun i can shoot better more efficiently and interesting today i saw in washington da secrets papa darts column which will be the show notes up on you know that come along with the russian parliament or a peace at the national review their lot could join my email list as always happens you know that com or send them write to you but paderborn says the number of gun checks through october of this year is by we're heading like record levels now
so there was a running theory that of pillars clinton got elected you no gun sales would go to the roof because of their constant threats against the and we ve seen joe is no matter who gets elected pillory our trump people are you're going out and buying guns so again my point that did the advent of i think when proposing i think pointing evidence to my point that the advocate twenty four hour news is making people more aware of what's going on out there and saying to themselves i need to defend myself reason number two why the left camp when this argument they lie to us and then they lecturers first they lied was joe by saying things like we're a joy to take your guns you don't believe me go to my twitter account roused by the second amendment yesterday and of course of course a bunch of crazy loony tunes left these responded back no words joy to take your and her lobby puddle thank you to everyone including than i
hu i sent me that that give me for a dear it will be a no jive turkey sent me a jiffy on that which is really really fun itself thank you for doing that but they lie to us they say well time you know they tweedy back to go we're not trying to confiscated take your gun so why do you keep citing australia folks what you're citing in australia is evidence of a policy you want to enact was a gun frustration buyback programme which was a fair your by the way so joe the point of trying to make a gun control won't work for the left because you light it wasn't people know you're lying you'll tweet me in one respect we're not trying to take your guns you liar stop say and out on fox in france i got tweets multiple tweet yesterday about that while they said simultaneously tweet about the success of australia's confiscation and buyback ok let me get this straight i'm supposed to trust you in a reasonable debate on the use of firearms in our society and the second amendment while you
tell me on one hand we are not trying to take your guns but then you tell me on the other hand we need to emulate a policy that in fact took your guns do you get now why the left can't win because you're not honest brokers your liars and everybody knows you're liars we can show no to self you're on twitter right he drove you joe has one you chose i've seen some people freedom can you acknowledge that for me and for everyone out is a factual woman not a trick question again if you tweet something people on twitter can see it right here it's not an email now it's not a private message joe i dont know what liberals understand this so if you tweet five minutes before you treat me with the people like australia which engage them a gun confiscation programme and an you treat me two minutes later at say hey their budgets stop lying if you want to try to cover your guns that's kind of like cognitive dissonance kind a moment there
we can see that that's not an email therefore nobody trusts you that's all cause you're liars we're not try to take your gun but we're advocated for policies to take your guns ok you don't know the lecture us from us moral high ground you lecture you say you know americans we to abandon our love affair with guns and whose saying this show hollywood people and politicians who poles have one thing in common my large large portions of them especially the wealthiest ones with the biggest mouths are protected by wife people with god i saw you first you lied to us about your intentions you expect this than the trust you as you expect to win debate where you're lying then you lecturers raffoni moral high ground about giving up our guns or our quote love affair with guns while you're protected by people with guns and
like your scratch a discourse to show you you know i and acknowledge repeatedly i think sometimes democrats at moments of strategic brilliance evil evil urban policies but strategically brilliant their gas lighting and their use of the media is incredible to lie to people but this the moment of unbelievably pure stupidity insulting well who prey for the victims texas the texas homicides inside you think that's going to convince people how is it going to convince anyone you turn around and you try to win a debate on guns why lying and lecturing people from a fake moral high ground ok sore point number one social media made everybody of where the violence around them they are preparing point number to you not lie about your intentions lie on social media where people can see it lecture arrogance in salt americans and elect
from a fake moral high ground of standards you don't live up to give up your guns first you can't do that when the debate there ladies and gentlemen the government can protect you and everybody knows it listen this is not a knock on government in general i know i'm a small government conservatory it but our government does do some things well we have a pretty good court system and we have a deal good military very patriotic many women that's our government on fourchan the majority of what government does is total crap they passed away you're a tyrant of wasted your tax money and they ve caused you to accumulate you in your kids twenty trillion dollars and debt we probably will never pay off but the government cannot protect you now you may say well then that's a pretty no bold statement you are a secret service agent yeah we weren't there to protect you i can't say this enough neither are the cops you'd do you don't believe me
call the cops and ask him to sit out front of your house joe say you're afraid of getting robbed tonight they are not going to stand there it is not that they're not doing their job their job is not to protect you their job is forced alliance not to protect you individually now you may say are now what does that have to do why the left will lose the argument because the left's argument joe is precisely that you should forfeit for individual liberty to protect yourself with a firearm onto the guy i joe that the government is gonna pick up the load now if actually believe that it would reflect an appalling here's the which by the way is in romania's peace inaction review again in my shown us in team fifty nine joe when i asked people public pulling about a handgun ban should you support a handgun ban believe it or not fifty nine sixty percent of people thought the should eat too big number you now the left is
engaged in an all out war against the second amendment four gosh a hundred years now if not more what are those numbers now and twenty seventeen while here the numbers now there are seventy six percent against twenty three percent for so sixty percent supported a handgun ban nike fifty nine only twenty three percent support that now you losing now why are you losing on things like a handgun ban because well understand the government cannot protect you all you doubt me i have more facts and data because that's what we do universe background checks and assault weapons bands here's how they paul people support universal background checks and assault weapons banned this people support them joe a majority of the people support them in a plurality people support these things of of respectively agree that make no difference when it comes to crime gun crime so let me get this straight you
port universal background checks and insult weapons ban while you simultaneously acknowledge it'll make no difference and gun violence do you see how this absolutely support i premise that people understand and the government is entirely ineffective on this type of yours one area this yes i support the democratic deports universe the background checks are sold weapons ban is it going to work now ok thank you thanks for plan what does that say it or you debts as the eu that people understand because they don't support a handgun ban anymore they support universal background checks and some who support a sob is maybe even a plurality of those people agree that it's not gonna do anything because the government can protect you finally and this most important this is the biggest take away as to why the left will continue to get smoke
down this gun control debate folks gun control does not animate the left but it does it made the right there people on the right side of the political i'll who are single issue voters who will absolutely not forfeit their right to protect themselves why for all the reasons i just told you they know the government can protect them ac see a twenty four hour news and social media cycle joe that they could be the victim of this small chance but a chance nonetheless and a chance that results and death of your involvement it they they they been lied to they understand they ve been lectured single you voters will vote on it uncontrolled issue or i should say against it dil for their own gun right show you followed worm go with this but anti gun people the gun grabbers will not vote on that issue for themselves cause precisely because this is where our measures take away in a peace but it's a good one the eighty
an crowd understands that everything they are proposing is a steaming pile of horse waste i was very restrained yes i'm trying it's a family friendly show they get aid they are i'm gonna go and vote on this one issue on that thing it doesn't matter to them but i'm do i'm saying to you and i know this because i ran a democrat largely demagogue leaning district as a big second amendment advocate and it didn't hurt me at all because liberals will not vote to vote against you for all kinds of reasons taxes your republic any support them but they will i generally be animated by a oh god candidate because they understand everything their proposing universal back projects assault weapons ban handgun bands data we they don't work how do i know that because they ve studied and poles so there i'm gonna go out and vote on that issue the voters
the girls joe taxes obamacare but that's not gonna animate them but conservative side they we'll go out and vote for a candidate who are passionately defend their right to defend themselves because they want to stay alive and they want defend their wives in their kids in your mom's in your dad's democrat you can't win on this asymmetric warfare is actually a call to arms conservatives edgar dare bright it is yours damn right it is you and when selling adrian right now and rocky for you can't you can now you're serious a u cant went on is it is we'll asymmetric warfare is a
you're suggesting things your own people acknowledge won't work while the other side you ask them in the forefront their right to stay alive and a firearm fight what we will lose this is a loser now because if this is what i think is wiping you out large portions of america that used to be democratic leaning in the car your wars is why can't when a race and west virginia anymore keep it up i'm telling you to change your mind obvious telling you this for a republic take this is a glimmer of hope who man that was a long one that was eight that the intended to be like a ten minute segment but its sub requires a lot about their hour i today show brought you by bodies that i target you know i'm a huge fan these guys it's kind of convenient that we open up talking about preparedness preparedness is my thing and am delaying here as i'm talking because i forgot to put off the eye target it there's a couple of things i gotta rita there you can leave tat it shall cut his speech to the
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practice to the next level watch your marksmanship go through the roof with this stuff you gotta be prepare folks i target products com use promo code dan yea and my first day promo code daniel save ten percent i target pro dhaka ok when we go next are someone sent me an email about a piece in the wash the impasse which i will read locked in way put in the show notes today because it's written by bruce bartlett who worked in the they get administration but has become a advocate for far left economics and i dont know bruce i did so i dont and i dont know what happened to him but he worked in the reagan administration and easy there's a mouse mouthpiece for the left that was a friday and slip a mouthpiece for the left who advocate against tax cuts pretty much all the times what you'll see as he cited by the left often because of his prominence in the regular administration joe obviously what i mean this than we do it to a kind of the way we use to use
dick morris alot to rebut bill clinton who were and the clinton administration because it gives it more bona fide more credibility if all a rag and guy saying tax cuts the work what they can mean they leave out is the ninety nine point nine percent of former ragged administration officials including markel then by the way who will tell you how terrific the reagan tax cuts work you know art for in these other people who had worked with reagan on these taxes they ignore all those for this one guy who i don't office disgruntled or what but allow of what he says is junk so a listener forward me this piece in the washing post came out the other days written by bartlett anytime you see this guy's name again be very sceptical i think he's got some kind of a grudge but he wrote a p saying how listen tax cuts are crap and you comparing this tax cuts ragged years the reagan your tax cuts basically sock debutante or any other way to do so a pretty saying but i took a few bullet points from the peace i wanted to put it because i know your liberal friends will find this and use it against you at some point so point number one makes it goes listen aggregate real g
p p was higher in the seventies thirty seven point two than the eighties thirty five in other words show guy is reagan really couldn't be that great locked the aggregate gdp growth these were reagan wasn't present was higher than it was in the eighties now try there now if you're a regular listener you're probably already picking up the scam i've always warned you about using household data an aggregate data if it's an aggregate gdp figure one of them are things that should come to mind is well when i got an office in nineteen eighty we were still getting out of a deep recession that happened in the carter years now they were coming out of a deep recession but we had really atrocious inflation is well so if you factory aggregate numbers using the entire decade by the way a two of which reagan was not present use present from eighteen eighty two eighty eight of course
you're gonna get skewed numbers if that doesn't take into account again the recession reagan came into office with he lost almost two years of his presidency and the recovery from the disastrous jimmy carter years right but it doesn't take it look out the two years afterwards were george w did not really pursue reagan s policies aggregate its a scam it's a scam to avoid it but now if you really want to know the effects of the tax cuts which bartlett doesn't he never does he wants to skew you were tortured statistics what would you do you'd say well what was the economy like before the tax cuts gear the economy like after all is more to figure out let's its tease out the effects of tax cuts but by doing it lets tease out its aggregated data so it confuses everything let's look at the data more tax cuts and after reagan cut to tat great economy grew at six five and four percent the highest numbers we vat and what thirty years we haven't
he knows number since no mounted again at that what conveniently ignores that brought all the butchers aggregate dana let's not tease out what happened after the tax cuts out will you that's just stupid that's it on scientific pseudo tortured statistical garbage ok secondly i now put the peace in read it yourself going to appeal does right given washed imposed clicks but you gotta what europe against because partlet again he cited all the time secondly east well you know the reagan boom wasn't due to the tax into my rubber keep in my pocket this is for you firstly says it was no boom right the eighty suck the seven these were better which by the way summit to tell people in the eighties that who there was the victim of the run run eighty shit out the economy of a great show and i lived her when ok a baby it was damp reagan wanted a massive landslide so firstly says the eighty socked any could any talks about the boom where there was a noble sir
where he acknowledges the boom in the subsequent paragraph which you know seemingly refuges for logging but again the guise of the left this now so let's not confuse the fact reality and he said the bomb was due to interest rates being lowered by which he is correct just rates were lowered during the course of the reagan presidency many came into office they were very high as an effort by paul vulgar to combat rampant inflation the economy interest rates suck up money from the economy bits harder to get loans and basically prevents muddy our money from chasing fewer goods the cause of inflation but there's a problem here joe now we're gonna use logic partlet seems to be incapable this bartlett's point here not economists rights is out of your question again become saying lower interest rates but with it also the reagan boom or one of the key right k so lower that that taken note of this low interest rates low it was now got it
interest rates and the reagan years interestingly enough drop that their one of their lowest points to nine percent after coming down from around sixteen nineteen percent so low interest rates good right low interest rates you are the audience ombudsman there's nothing this is partly poor right let's use caveman language for the liberals low interest rate good ok so lower the lowest they got me initial years of the ragged administration when the boom started around nine percent would you the interest rates were under obama let's say about one or two percent the entire time so let's try caveman logic again for bar the law interest ridge good reagan nine percent good led the boom obama two percent that mean very good right joe even in cave man logical good vote to say tat joe is decent he's got this job has even joe resort into his neanderthal state has figured this out that now
ten percent is low two percent must have been awesome and are being generous they were even lower than that of certain points in the obama administration obama the economy must have been awesome then a low interest rates lead to economic booms good what would happen never reach three percent in any gdp growth in any year of his presidency after the tax cuts reagan double that six percent ah i meet again folks that was somewhat logic get in the way of far left ridiculous this low interest rates good but just now for a pilot programme makes sense is another one well tax cuts basically sucked and it was due to the defence build up and highway construction so basically bartlett saying always government spending that's within it yeah yeah cosette always does ok government spending
caveman logic again i'm asking you to revert to your neanderthal stake as liberals really have a tough time and as they have been vaccinated the fact ok no prob government spending good or bad good who does stored he defends the french build up government spending the construction infrastructure projects by the reagan misery good ok government spending good now the urban administration comes into office explore the federal buddy massive levels spent up the four trillion dollars and enact the arduous stimulus in u s history over a trillion dollars of government spending now joe kay em on you you ve government spending is good is rare government spending good good yes its varied even caveman joe gets it so what happened under obama this is poor i had this guy at the people site this guy's a me embarrasses himself in his own peace he sang the governor
spending rescued reagan rescued reagan but then he fails to say how obama's stimulus which was a magnitude larger than the spending on the reagan i peace than that still has failed to rescue the economy from anything we had the worst recovery person over to an american history a post war workers economic history one more because this is just one another well there's a lot more to peace but the i just picked out for it so stupid i had to pick out the best of the best the best of the worst from evans fund he says our listen the reagan tax cuts didn't do anything because not only was it government spending and interest rate booms and by the way let's aggregated data to confuse everyone he says i was just a simple bounced back from a deep recession all ok joe one more not please put intellectual side that let's go back to neanderthal joe again to make this easy for lips so here's this point caveman joel
he says recessions bad but after recessions economies bounced back so post recession joe good you follow and bad special bad story session good and he uses the term and i'm quoting it's a simple bounced back from recession ok so caveman joe your track unripe somehow obama comes in the office even worse recession why now joe keep your last question for you if obama came in office with the recession bad right ban tokay now what a post recession knew now be good or bad started work like uk virgil here's the problem it was a good one the worst recovery from a recession post world or two and our economic history
this guy's logic is the dumbest thing i've ever heard because our by the way the tax cuts suck it was just a simple bounced back from a recession but he's rails imagine that we didn't bounce back from the recession postal babo ivy it's really so so easy i mean you know i i i want to graduate school grade cares gives a damn i mean i study i love economic some passionate about refuse in keynesian stupidity but it's just like these do these guys even read their articles disease read it and go like this doesn't make any sense or i write once in a while i don't do as much anymore but he's all right enough for conservative review and europe before i submitted something that date accurate i mean they have editors read over it and a couple times they ve sent me back southern sudan can you clarifies how does that the post run this peace and that they do this really hope premises peace makes absolutely no sense that dublin snake ever upward
these are they read it adjusts just you'll see how damn it sounds now that you're some background are today show also but you are but he's a brick house nutrition i thank you for supporting this company but what before beginning i love these guys they produce one of the best products on the market can a really nice email last night but a guy up a new york similarity alma can essays name but i hear really long gates he's doing crop magua he's per unit which is is israeli martial arts he goes to school he's been doing all this time he's like this and i couldn't get through without the hunter dusk this is a really terrific product both the desk is an energy product x release energy product oh that's the difference here listen to anybody a cup of coffee or an energy during the problem is two hours later you ready to pass out because you get these highs and lows who wants that really who needs that fewer working parents erect the additional work out person mix martial arts guy military cause you work in a hospital pilot sort of get emails from everyone construction workers blue collar white collar and you really long days you need to get to have to get to a long they're gonna eleven o clock appearance to china china bream show on fox do
i don't hear now it's gotta be really long they try dawn the dusk try it is a really good piece you're gonna love to help you get through the days give you a nice mood elevation energy level elevation last a ten hours you're not gonna get ups and downs he's crash is one of the best energy products out there always happy to advertise for go to break nutrition dot com slash then that's brick house nutrition dot com slash deanna pick up about but don t dusted i give it a shot this will help you get your days it's a tough world we live in but now that we ve got to knowledge to get through it with a little but of assistance we don't need six thousand cups of coffee give it a shot you'll like it semi reviews daniels punch you know that combine you know i love it it's good stuff and i love to hear from you about it i one final article because i thought this was really funny you know again i'm always hesitant to bring up obamacare but it's just such a cord you copier of good store these about dopey liberal so you know
for years the liberals have been c b o estimates about enrollment to show how successful obamacare is despite the fact that the enrollment was was it's really not in obama care plans but medicate right so they been saying i gotta look how successful obamacare we have all these people sign that they sent for medicate they basically signed up for free healthcare you're paying for that's not the market success anybody give away free stuff if i if i gave you my home address and today i'm giving away free copies of my book i'm sure people would show up at an idiot can give away free stuff that's what obamacare did but there have been relying on these scipio estimates forever for roma numbers now this is blowing up in their face huge huge or a hugely using our are the new language even corporate ally or port is a piglet or big league jointly as bigley appeared blowing up bigley i love that that is why
because these constant over estimates of the number of people that have enrolled than obamacare are being used against them by public law makers as even though its not cost of luxury everyone has the tax cuts you're probably that what the hell are you talking about and this is really a cool story oh the or in other words that say they sent a hundred people working at you know cbs pretty much wrong but everything let's say they set a hundred people going to sign up for obamacare joe and really only twenty five did the democrats site that hundred figure even though its not close the browser it but now can't run away from it because what's happening is the republicans have said hey i'm i got an idea how bout to save some money govern money in this tax cod plan in other words need to save money to fit in the scoring need to said that they need to cut government spending to be able to cut taxes because of the score you give it
thanks also to give you a dollar a tax cuts right now they're trying to find a dollar of of savings the budget to give it back to you so when their efforts fine savings i think it was tom cod knew the oh do dream this one up i'm not sure the centre not positive but i've read it somewhere this was ingenious he said what have we done the individual mandate and other the legal mandate to buy insurance under obamacare how would you blow up in their face by using the c is overinflated numbers of the directions and the number of people who are going to buy obamacare those numbers are accurate which they are not but the demo what does democrats going to say now they're gonna say over so no obamacare is unpopular scipios been wrong what we i do joe it would save a fortune because if they do the mandate and the sea be oh said o a hundred people next year are gonna buy obamacare cause it's so wonderful even though we know it's true obamacare would cost
medicaid money because it's in you know you'd have to pay for these people to medicaid rank from the medicate expansion and joe even in the eu visual market some of those same people would be eligible for taxpayers subsidies softly baby oh if we use them over inflated numbers now of a sudden we use their own numbers against and we go you guy said obamacare is popular a hundred people looking to sign up now dumpy interval ginger virgil she's me individual mandate and we don't make people sign up can i use your hundred number against you and look at all that money we say because we don't have to pay for medicated subsidies that you see what i'm gonna they answer do what aid listen i'm not a huge fan of the establishment tarrying class and am i suggest in cotton is one but genius move my point is this loss coming up here no mandate means no medicate expansion and means no subsidies which means savings in a federal budget which means additional tax cuts and what bell of the democrats gonna do what
i gotta say joe although not all our estimates of how popular obamacare is taken forever and is really no savings in air because no one wants to sign up for this crap obamacare therefore there'll be no savings when you stop people from some mandating people from signing up for this crap obamacare there's nothing naked say there's screwed thereof the greek beauty beautiful moves supports your legislators to get that individual mandates scrapped in the tax bill i have a lot more room for tax cuts and democrats will be left go back to caveman joe what do we do now they will have nothing to say because to acknowledge it obamacare not popular people just don't want to sign up beautiful staff are rife thanks again for two today please go to my website again bongino dot com and give us a show review and itunes be on my rough like seven hundred plus reviews i really appreciate it i i try to read them all i got to get through a few more though so i appreciate it
that comes out of the shots i will see you all to mar thanks again you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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