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Ep. 587 Democrats Sent a Message to America, Facts don’t Matter

2017-11-09 | 🔗
In this episode -   Here’s the hard truth about who is responsible for the latest economic growth numbers. Here’s a hint, it’s not Obama. http://dailysignal.com/2017/11/07/why-the-left-has-been-so-wrong-about-the-trump-boom/   Why is the CBO screwing with us about Obamacare?  http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/453539/cbo-and-health-care-debate   Here are some hard numbers about the national debt that liberals choose to ignore. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453359/entitlement-reform-required-tax?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NR%20Daily%20Monday%20through%20Friday%202017-11-02&utm_term=NR5PM%20Actives   Confidence in the economy is exploding, so why are liberals so angry? http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/boom-publics-confidence-in-job-growth-highest-ever-recorded/article/2640005   Contrary to Obama mythology wages have been growing but, not for the well-off. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-09/why-is-u-s-wage-growth-so-low-it-s-all-about-the-top-80   New Jersey is bankrupt and yet, it just voted for more spending. http://reason.com/blog/2017/11/06/neither-major-party-gubernatorial-candid
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waiting to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't thereby gino shepherdess joe our unity and i'm ready to go have at you i've got folks i love your emails i really do daniel happens you know that combine gosh if you are gonna correct me on the show which i people do all the time right job natalia especially about horrible cultural references pop culture which nearly always wrong but if you're gonna correct me you take that have you got to get it right this is now the third email i've gotten about my reference to the cat guru courts in the eu one of the batman movies than that may movie would pain in it tar vision reply but be afraid doktor coms led by i love that character tom already by the court was and by the scarecrow
abu we're not wrong i've had suddenly youtube club to at least three people thou have tried to correct me if it's not pains cord it's the scarecrow there's what guys great eyes guy emails me i think have turned from a couple does but he's like ok but it wasn't really the scarecrow just the same character places go voice was so talking about this issue guy this saves home guy row you a photo irregularities have saved guy same guy say you know the current reference virtue gulf same guy it's the same guys scarecrows gordy gosh i cannot say that you too good to any more people i promise all right all right i got a letter by three listener i'm a little i'm in a good mood hey i got a couple of hours i am a little salty in some respects too because again i woke up this morning the germ of course some injured as crap spa apart everywhere so i had to quit my work out halfway through which i never do but i came up
put together shown for a guy was followed a parliament is surprisingly good mood today they allotted great news coming in a future not a lot of surprises for you but i was written a bunch of articles and a bunch of eu listener emails i got not like my gosh joe we live in a factory universe i'm not kidding we live in a fact free universe right now politics it doesn't seem like outside of the conservatives libertarians anybody who cares about actual facts on the ground so we're its what's the genesis of the city where did starts on read an article in the journalist money by their energy and these cora the peace was that the lessons that member i said yesterday how the republicans are gonna learn all the wrong lessons from what happened virginia and new governors races yesterday's you're well it's it turns out joe conveniently the democrats are learning all the wrong lesson still now what a top
near and dear to my heart is the democrats obsession with identity politics in other words calling everybody racist her massage finisterre transit over a foe before by is the folding fell before everybody eight someone if you're a democrat that's how they get people to vote by telling you republicans age so as it turns out the republicans going to take all the wrong lessons out of this meeting their taste distance themselves from conservatives conservatism and moderate more even gillespie was a moderate lost by nine points the lesson democrats are taken away korda hannah journeys right because i've heard this from a couple people on an email list as well is identity politics works and we gotta do more this photophobia kissed a phobia area like why cause more this really it's never going and apparently the turn out numbers virginia and these are in fact based numbers turn out joe was very high
in younger college towns monks single women groups again targeted the former phobia esta phobic identity politics in a war war on women you know with her young yet or that they appear you know it's all about rights and its about algae bt right listen nobody's taking anybody's rights away this is so the the identity politics wing of the party they feel like they are vindelin joe after getting just frankly annihilated using did politic strategies and you know thousands of seats across the country during the years of obama so you as someone are treated me yesterday you no good luck good luck democrats nice job when he knows races nine hundred eighty more seats and you'll be back where you were before obama became president which is true you don't know your post more seats in yo yo gain back what you lost their usual obama so fine amazing about this is the democrats are willing not a double down a stupid despite eight years of
i'm calling everybody you racist and homophobic transit folks in the obama administration and illiberal liberals despite getting i doubt they ve a mild success in virginia and new jersey to blue states accession say mildly virginia was pretty much a wipe out republicans i and want to be like democrats and why but they are taking that is a referendum on identity politics now you may say well done or they write or levers identity politics work or does it not right i mean you you you see marking it like it doesn't work folks it doesn't and it's interesting because even inheritors peace he doesn't want to get to into this but here allergies said ralph nor the guy who won the democratic one the virginia governors ratio really a moderate on a lot of things i mean voted for george w bush george w bush twice he had kids being a republican about listen i'm not i wouldn't have voted for the i am not endorsing the guys i'm just telling you that route he doesn't he hadn t andy flip
up the sanctuary cities and said he would not would not vote her sanctuary cities so we not like these and that's it thing disguise a good candidate i'm just telling you he was not a bernie sanders kind of guy beat us anders kind of guy in the primary what telling you joe is it was identity politics they did this this is a huge mistake but the devil crowds love calling people racists and massage it's your thing they're just angry angry peoples i said yesterday so i'm asking you what am i to start to show off today amended the bunk some stuff here because we're living in this fact we're universe and appointed all things i think people are being suckers you beat a soccer you are voting democrat you are being a sucker and i put in big pulled capital is on my show prep be here
our choosing a political party over your kids and believe me i mean every word that no matter how painful that is for you to hear i mean it you are choosing a political allegiance to a political party over your kids your future your while it yours potentially your pension fund you are throwing essentially your pension fund you throwing away at your feet sing down the toilet pull your entire future over and allegiance to a party bran that is absent we destroying you know what i mean by that look at what happened in new jersey joe new jersey a deep blue state now used to be relatively republic enemy ronald reagan want it george w bush one new jersey is effectively bankrupt new jersey is bankrupt from far left big
government spending policies you need the numbers because we do not because you think i'm making any of this up new jersey by grub show their pension their pension debt alone i'm pensions in new jersey their pension that alone is in starvation staggering a hundred and thirty five billion dollars tat is pension debt that is fifty team thousand dollars for every single man woman and child who lives in the state of new jersey just to pay the pensions of government employees in new jersey a guy they elect thrill mercury is run of the mill sam standards the we socialists former goldman sachs guy it's amazing that work the goldman sachs and wound up becoming half a communist they elect a guy who promises the double down a big government where we
nobody where you getting nobody every single person in new jersey needs to pay fifteen thousand dollars now to fight it's just that debt in to pay them i'm in a point who aren't even working any more at a pension you water to about our governments public where we're can i get the body the money fairy i made i've i've i got more these i am sincerely asking you citizens of new jersey prove but for this guy how were are you thinking a job where to send a message what what to bankrupt your kids we ate trot so we voted a back up our kids got your job that's great
really so large a guy look talk about mike i got like mucus coming out of my local somewhere but so are you should overlap euro jokes nor tell people about you but i can i woke up this why can't believe it is even in the wall street journal articles i call robert wrote a piece to call new i like rome i don't like is as establishment politics but approves a nice guy work with is not a big i don't like to make personal attacks on people's unnecessary i don't get it concrete is inside a brand of politics but he's always been a decent guy me secret service guess but he's like they wanted to send a message to trouble what what's that since we have no money our state is completely bankrupt so let's go the guy is going to spend more money we don't have what what message is that the joe another kicker about it and when the way i brought a national the internet
international shall we get a lot of emails from people out of the country so i appreciate that she may see why you talk about and then i've got more other stuff here but the umbrella point i'm trying to make is you are choosing allegiance to a political bran despite living in fact free universe you voted dammit that new jersey despite all of the facts showing you that those very same democrat policies have bankrupted your state there is no money but you may say while we had a republican governor i'm not i'm not allied to the republican brand yes the republican governor did democrat things the republic incomes of bran its fiscal responsibility tax effective tool rates and low tax rates that's not what christie dead
call himself a republican but i don't align myself with a brand i align myself with the policy i'm telling you the policies and bankrupted you and your state and you voted for a mathematically certain arithmetic lee certain bankruptcy there is no money if you really but this guy phil murphy's the future the state why not fork over fifteen thousand dollar check right now and balance out the state pension fund joel i'm question that that's what you believe this is a fact paying state pensions they can't you there's no wonder you can't afford them you didn't write a check no i don't want to write a check it everybody else eradicate did you funny you're you're just a few but you're just a fake joe last year if they were to just balance out the pension fund last year they would have had a cut
four billion dollar check in new jersey you know it check they wrote seven hundred million per he's abacus around we haven't gone to jays because in a while poor j j sab disorders is other people come j zap kiss i found a bit was diary somebody personal pewter stuff that's got to you got it keep tat we had steve's dictionary too we haven't got two thousand a while but i got a private you in advance for our should believe into the ok now i'm gonna give you two numbers i want you to tell me what's greater so they were supposed to make a payment last year four billion so that's your first number four billion get the abacus ready move you things around we're bill natures can be complicated manlier four billion payment they made last year new jersey to the pension fund was seven hundred million with an now move your stuff random gonna ask is a complicated mathematical question all jays abacus can figure out what is eighty four billion or seven
jude million of four billion dear for in full really is greater hush operating this in a gymnast more exactly did get my cardio before i really rip my shoulder i tried a bench press by your body weight you know five thousand times four billion you didn't give due didn't even picked up more clashed year because seven hundred million is therefore billion it's less and a quarter by and pull math you didn't even have the muddy last year no less the hundred thirty five billion more you need to pay off the prejudice man again we live in a fact free universe fact free we need to vote for a democrat take care of those pensions where you gonna get the money i don't know you can write it i ride no check ok
i'd use another when i get an email yesterday from a young man nice guy so sorry i really like caught fire they send me an email saying it man i can't leave this sum arguing with my lips friends and you know that economic growth has been good in the first six months under tromp they're saying that with all due to a joe joe joe i i can't folks you can't we live in a universe of stupid we live in is who played soup we're like they did you know that the other chicken noodle soup we liberals are like the little junkie pieces the chicken floating in the stupid soup this stupid soon it never answer these people so let me at this string under a here's a barack obama we have met
additives to recover it from the recession with any substantial growth rates matching anywhere close to our historical rights obama leaves office turn comes in office growth each pick up immediately to levels obama said would never happen again three percent and paraca gets credit for that tat and tat makes sense to you are you seriously are you clinically insane wasn't the scarecrow one of the bad memories wreck a psychologist or something may you need to go see that dude because you seriously out of your mind you are loony tunes now a case you think i'm making any of this up these numbers i have a fact piece in the show notes today i am imploring you to read always available bon gino thou com and again if you wanna subscribed to my email list
we will send you these these show notes every single day but there is a wonderful piece by steve more who have a lot of respect for formerly the heritage foundation of the wall street journal is now writing pieces for heritage at the daily signal which is their blog and is a daily signal peace very short probably five hundred words unless this being the phenomenon exactly as i'm telling it to you now in direct quotes joe from obey my administration economic advisers direct quotes he's not making this up steve more of obama people and economic advisers jason firm and who you know i can't i dislike a lot he writes that peace and wash your journal today today's isn't horrible but he wasn't obama administration economic advisers well firm in records from him and others larry summers saying how three percent growth will ever happen in the future transmitter office six month we fit three percent growth twice the latter must of course i've just giving you too
what's up just giving you want i have just given you virile quotes i'm not making it up i'm sorry i didn't even find a quote stephen more did a require this how easy it is to do this podcast sometimes all you have to do schoolgirl like obey administration three percent growth and you'll see everyone saying you know what they say about three percent gonna happen it just happen folks we are living in a fact free universe it just happened just look it up go to the iter web just look it up just go economic growth rates less two quarters how the hell no obama do that he was in office eight years never hit one year one year of three percent growth that's just a fact if you are liberal driving my by listener crazy you email me today about how
farmers somehow is responsible for trumps economic growth rates how please wait to me how the minute he left office the economy picked up he learned now free you a year's p lady years of groundwork he the old president modern american history than ever had three percent growth in any this presidency despite being elected twice unlike jimmy carter and yes obama's responsible for the growth rates to growth rates the minute he leaves office that makes sense to you can you be this dumb i guess the answer is yes you can now this even more pieces for if it's just quotes from obama people grow learning gonna happen idiots trouble stupid we pursue grow that's not going to happen it just happened it really happen in the real world now joe the obama administrations average
right through its eight years two point two percent that i'm sorry that fact bothers you i'm sorry you have no access to the internet i'm sorry your brain functions like that of a seven year old just look it up they obama's responsible for that this is when you grab head and you smashed into desk here like ok that makes sense right eight years the only president modern american history to never hit a three percent growth rate whose economic advisors are quoted in this peace today telling you three percent growth is nearly impossible obama leaves office we three percent growth twice over two quarters and net may want to tell you about my didn't despite obama's people telling you obama can't do it and no one could do it so let us be clear on this obama no three percent growth obama's we cannot make team three percent growth is impossible obama's i can do it no one's going to do it or bomb at least
where's trump three percent growth twice and your conclusion from those data points are obama's risk you have to have why did are you a moron whoever i mean you seriously have to have like i've did you drink formaldehyde what is what does your browser your neurons like the danger its drawing up our is so an old transmission not happening what are they call those things my own she's so that they rotted away they know the rain veer are they not working are yours oh transmitters being blocked somehow do wonders where do you live in a fact free world a you say is backed up by anything that's actually real new jersey you're broke obama's economic theories are broke these are facts these are their own people
these are things called numbers in case you don't know what quotes our folks finally quotes courts me someone actually said something and you are quoted it so well quote obama people saying three percent growth is impossible ass three percent growth is actually happening now that is out of office it's pretty difficult to include that obama's and subsequently responsible for three percent growth if you are not a colossal imbecile joe i love i love my life my life i love my show i love jesus christ bad i do i've read what by my kids life is good it's good joy do in this but man it is so hard sometimes to get up and i have to tell this every day now that will grab a few people and will change a few hearts and minds they get the emails
but that on a massive scale people won't hear this and just wake up and say am i really in fact free world yes you are it is now years spouting off republican talking points pouting i was afraid you slip i'm not i don't care i don't care but disappointed by the republicans we're done entire shows on but that the crap they are producing the mean freely we did what are they are they doing right now nothing i mean i just told you on yesterday shelve you missed it that the real they're losing in virginia because they can't quelled democrat angry because they have nothing to talk about looking legislative accomplishments we did good night job that's a great one i got more these before i get that we have a noose answer this week really happy to have these guys on board i didn't tell you haven't had a great conversation with these guys the other day now i love these guys because there
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before hours free shipping filter by dot com as filter by that can go check these guys out there really great all right they are not living in fact for you by the way these guys have a very good business sense they know they want to satisfy their customers yesterday either i had this sent in by a viewers who said to me this morning but i got a bag i gotta tell you buddy i was way on top of this story before you sent me the email did you see the usa today story joe about the air fifteen nodded oh my did you mr doozy who you guys not cover this morning a w c b i'm u r u need to walk in the shot and frank tomorrow they both in this week i did work today our amethyst that's why you didn't hear it just shows off this week you need to call w c b and have put this idea so folks if you miss this yesterday you today and when i saw the tweet i wanna be crystal clear i swear i thought it was a joke and that's why took me so long last night on twitter to jump
the twitter train and start fire and back no pun intended they usa today tweeted out like a moving pictogram like a little video about the eight hour fifteen and the gist of it was an i'll put it up put an article in the shown us we could see it yourself about this this is this is you're not gonna believe this vote like here's the are fifteen used in these sutherland spring shooting and here are some modifications you can make to it in their first starts out innocent and after like you know but stock flash lie you know laser site you know what i'm saying i got an optical tab i whatever and it gets crazy it's like shot gun bayonet attachment and let him go i'm not getting it says here's another one chainsaw bayer that dude what dude
saw this thing and i make this a discard ban someone hacked the usa today twitter account you today thinks that this is people are you just help workers well i don't want to mess this up for you because i was so excited tug by this i tend to subdue stumble over my words out of your passion for the argument here say today is seriously suggest that you might have america's formerly newspapers data kids are out there modifying the our fifteen with chain saw bayonets joe you what i'm talking about right what we want to pay and at his right sure yeah of course you know joe your legs gone just like other chain such as this not a joke they really what this out show now as i tweeted out last night i really don't twitter pylons my chair now i dont like
twitter because i've been on the other side of him and it's not funny but man this kind of stupid absolutely deserve the twitter pilot and i jump in that the minute i found that this was in fact you're so people started sending back other alterations people if you're going to suggest that that's a commonly made alteration a show of you ever in your life so a chainsaw bayonet an fifty now you ve never heard of it before yesterday you terrorism terrorism is a video game game of war or something i don't know someone email me and said that in that video game the guy has a chainsaw bayonet our fifties or maybe the kid who wrote the usa today peace plays video game i don't know but i know these are actually available so i mean you can make a bayonet out of anything i mean you some guy are sent back to them you know you can
go velociraptor bayonet you know like a fig velociraptor on about i mean if you wanted to when you are strong of you can make a shark bayonet like you could fit for a shark and like time around a barrel and like discharge spiky snapping at the bad guy now you need some water once about a run over his skills we i mean you can the bayonet out of a baseball bat right job get a few belts belted yet the barrel and you could hit curveball baseball sliders not whatever you want peace usa i may usa today aims it's your american publication put out a moving picture video kind of thing insinuating that change saw bayonets worry ray functionally and readily available item americans are using his modifications that array or fifty folks we live in a fact free universe i changed saw bayonet is that not they scare tactic meant to
el dopey liberals who are unbelievably impressionable that this is actually happening in the real world because it's not this is a gag no shooter i know competitive shooter hunter someone just just in self defense who as they are fifteen would seriously put a change saw bay and that at the end of his firearm a change how would you even hold that up you know curiously if i'm gonna we engage with a dude i'd want to do with the change sorbet enough because he's not gonna hit anything because he's too busy trying to hold up to dance jade saw matters is stupid and lip we'll go out i mean not to mention on the sutherland springs tragedy by the way that liberals cannot seem to get past the fact that the law this guy already broke the law as these simultaneously advocate for new laws and their fact for universe they are unwilling to accept the fact that the the shooter and sutherland springs joe already
the law you people steam the skull of his step son he was convicted stick abuser here broke the law so your suggestion is what more laws that won't work so well as we have now he didn't know bay and buy them a bureaucratic screw up by the government allowed him to buy a gun to just the same government that skirted option introduce more laws that what he wants break in the future you're just again you're in a fact in europe factory universe people or using change saw bayonets and laws work despite the laws that working in this case because the government you want to introduce new laws forgot to enforce the old laws forgot to put his domestic violence conviction intermix debts great that's really you review you lives really make convincing arguments all the time so new jersey he's broke let's vote vote for more bankruptcy obama's
responsible for trumps gore despite obama's own people saying those trump growth rates are impossible and obama ever reaching them and yes chainsaw bayonets a real and morgan lazo work despite the gun was already on the books not working to stop the crime we already saw that you're that you're sitting there suggested new laws would have stopped i mean keep potent democrat folks keep it up i mean seriously i know the republic had i know it's not all of them but didn't good smart believe me i've been betrayed by that's why i'm trying to get out of this million doors my friends i know anymore i don't trust anyone but man you live in a fact free universe signal job do why what what what signal what's your name yet but you don't their basic facts you know joe when we set up our shop that's coming soon i gotta say we have to produce it abacus but will aim at
do you recall jos advocates for the ep seriously because it's like liberals they don't even understand basic facts ok here's more case you think i'm crazy so is an interesting article national review and i get artists maybe a couple days old but there's still relevant to what we're talking about today not everything was produced today and that's why my email is i mean avi seeds bit self serving me to tell you this amount naive to that but it's impossible maybe objective about things that affect me i like my that's because i go out to all the email is out there so you don't have to subscribe to five hundred different email and i picked the best art for me national review zero hedge cato and you every day so one of my found which i thought was interesting was about again just a simple exxon on social security and medicare now beatenest source to death but your voting
democrats voting for expanding these programmes have no comprehension of the basic math of just how bankrupt these programmes are in the national review piece which i suggest you re not put it the shown us today is tax reforms irrelevant at this point it almost it it's a relevant we are going back corrupt on social security and medicare payments that's just a fact folks no i'm going to get an email from from people on the social security that's fine i get it i read your e mails i respect what you have to say but you're never going to change the pure math on this the program is bankrupt that is just simple math social security nineteen trillion dollars and unpaid obligations medicare forty trillion the interest on these things twenty three trillion on the debt to pay for money we don't have you didn't do it it's not your fault for the fifty five
thousand times do not email me honest i will delete it immediately i suggesting any one fifty five or old or have their social security benefits taken away let me repeat that do email me honest i'm telling you i will block your email up so i can't take it anymore i am suggesting that it doesn't matter if i suggested even a legislator and i will never be about running for office and that's suggesting any legislator do that yes who painted yes it's your money i've just telling you the simple fact that if you are fifty five or younger you bill there are not be planning your life around social security payments cause there's no money there's no more it's not there it's not real they're paying interest in the future on money they have to borrow to pay people now it's not your fault you pay you worked hard but whether it's your fault or not it is real man it is real get you arms around it did government
it's the way your money it's not there you want benefits fifty five and younger europe for your own benefits plus interest on monday the government's borrowing to pay for money you put in that they already spent that the hard facts it is in their stop the fact free universe i i got more so the scipio thing is really really i mean you want to talk about you get my bangles that i i know i've been too about this obamacare c b o theme is another great national review piece it put it today show no time it may happen in the other day and not short but either way or to put it in that no kind of exists one came out last night another p about how the scipio again why you never ever trust these guys and when
at the sea be i'll just don't trust them folks it's a magic act people congress mightily included by the way mike leaves a great senator at a utah he's in the senate but congress actually refers to both of em but ass representatives and but people likely in this writer at national review wrote a really good piece about this are starting to ass simple questions about this sea bio scan to quote from the sea bio joan i'll explain what this means in a second some of you will already pick up on it if you listen to the shows in the last few days see me i was about to engage show in a major re evaluation of its approach to the individual mandate all opel always it can be i know you know what go this is it that can be a member that that's into that special the less days harvey church lady is in that's sweet this
we always going to engage you a major re evaluation of its approach to the individual mandate now why thou with they do that because if you listen to the show the last few days you ve realized perhaps at the c b o four years have been over inflating the individual mandates incentive for individuals to buy insurance meeting miss the individual may it's a penalty joe if you don't buy obamacare they have been over inflating the at the number of people data spending to the mandate why why with the sea be oh do that i'm tired of hearing other honest brokers either after this i've totally tat we forget their hacks i ve been doing it because the republic oh care repeal plans they want to come out and say
over a hundred trillion people are gonna lose insurance under obamacare fits repealed peak there are over inflating the numbers if you follow and john so they want to scare you about an obamacare care repeal so they want the number to be large known this individual mandates causing all these people to get insurance and if you repeal obamacare they're all lose insurance sick pedro you're more will were alive hey that's the sepia now there is a major re evaluate this is a close by the way it's in the peace read the peace yourself made a re evaluation of its approach to the may they now why do they want to do that all because now that tax reforms come about
the sea be always quickly realizing that if their sixty seven trillion people who are going to lose insurance number is correct did you get my point of exaggerating for effect but you can read the actual numbers in the peace if that inflated number of people joe if that's an accurate number and the looking repeal the tax penalty for you not getting insurance plans if that numbers correct then that is todd of savings for them to pass on the form of tax cuts why because over inflated number of people that supposedly obamacare if it was repealed was gonna call people insurance had insurance in the first place because of obamacare and knows that europe is largely medicaid and subsidy funded obamacare chores and other word folks if you're going to say twenty million people are gonna lose insurance of european obamacare you it was soon by the very same exact same math that twenty
we had people joe got in or install obamacare you track and exactly that twenty may people costs a lot of money medicaid money and subsidy body which is your money so of the republicans peel the mandate and the scipios math is correct then we don't have pay for those twenty million people anymore and i could give it back to those people are tax cuts but oh no no no no other at the sepia figure this may work in the republicans favour because they may be able the people the romani back till i know that sixty seven point two seven five trillion number of people that was actually wrong we need to do a major reevaluation are meant to give two big double middle fingers to republic now we want the number as small as possible now we want to say not only to people would have insurance other obamacare so there be no savings at all by repealing folks we
if in a fact free universe what just ass the sybil basic questions very questions are you crazy or not that's the question where ukraine the first time you gave us the twenty million number or are you crazy when you gave us the reevaluated number afterwards when you figured that number would work for republics which is right i don't you but it was just math because you see a man to post do we for today and tomorrow that's gotta how math works that's why we have changed abacus onto show that as it asked frequently tickets people knew less there's even further you'll get it eventually its thick with us other lesser laugh at you know what a diver what do you need the right way isolate code words addition that have developed over time you really i have listed almost from the last year to get all this that's alright i'm just asking what i yes is immediately that's elsewhere matthew use yesterday or the major reevaluation matthew using today because jobs
again joe i'm not set me up i'm alleviate this the pop quiz for you i'll ride what's for pause for thought blessed forsake dan eight say yes is immediately that's how smart this guy is now i'm going to undergo a major reevaluation of math right now ok did joe what we're postwar seventeen dan seven this is why you do the major we re evaluation of mass produced the job is absolutely correct forepaws for equal seventy about it right now you're wrong it actually equals ninety seven so you are wrong because i did my second major reevaluation among these are the same people like internet versus mirth but not a map doesn't tat way that's all asked works there i do do we tell you we live in free pizarro superman land is at hand regret sucked this up they suffer
they loved they think this is just e that we live in universe where facts and data dark matter man i added a wider one more point if a patient also brought you our bodies a brick ass nutrition love these guys been with us from the beginning miles pow these guys i've been using my email less use of use want to click and by if you're on my email is there's a link at the top because they ve been good to us so up i think that's from work and well they have a product called foundations the original product the advertised with us it's a creating teepee black folks all ask what this thing is you take the mere a test a messenger i had a guy tell me his wife was like dude whenever you taken with that stuff you better stay on that stuff i'm not kidding make up emails ok it's really it's a creating eighty people and i'm addicted to the damn stuff it's terrific and it's like having to extra gas tanks in the gym but the benefit is not only work harder in the jim and log irregular making this up log your data why did this
wraps on the bench this on squat go back away later a watch your numbers go up but the looks theatre effective stuff is amazing listen i know a lot about some you just care about the performance component but it's nice to look to give yourself the miracle try the stuff given about when these to load and unload yours seven days later it's a terrific products call foundation he just sent me a few more bottles i got people coming to my house asking me if i can get i'm not kidding whenever my gama given unaware me miles doesn't get me gives me a lot but you know i didn't simulate foreigner by seven out of time it's really good stuff go to break out nutrition that calm slash dan that's brick nutrition an attrition dotcom slashed and pick up a bottle foundation today air if you're my email is just click on the link pick up a bottle foundation take the mere attest you won't regret it where am i gonna go next listen i'll give you one more here
oh well i six like i'm reading three or four more i had i get to some tomorrow but this one's important it is not a serious i know i've been sarcastic and i like to mess around with this very serious ok i opened the show saying the demo that you're now choosing a political party over your kids and you may have thought that was harsh no no now i'm going to actually prove it to you cuz this one the pieces that really piqued my interests its inner and wash your journal trainer up had column kind of infuriating some gratitude at the end of the show and not at the beginning cause i'd lose my marbles we have just voted to re elect comrade the palazzo the openly socialist mayor who is just decimating the city why you voted for the sky i lived in new york i am stop trying to figure new yorkers out a love you to death but man i don't know what you're thinking right i mean that the guy's kill the city so job the teachers union of course was in
as for the plaza now what is the teachers union fighting for now and now that the blows use reelected that they're gonna get past this one's gonna really piss you off the department of education is now lobbying and and want not lobby has already done they have now committed to fill vacancies in the schools teacher vacancy show from what they call the eighty are or the absent teachers reserve may so how you time what is this because they pool of really saki teachers who have been our are weapon taken out of the classroom some for legal reasons sat and on average these are teachers that are rated twelve times worse than other teachers so they're not in the classroom so universal universe so we accept the devaluation of the eighty or teachers is sorry but you really socket teach it ok that's why you're written dislike reserved pool and you're not actually teaching kids so that the part
education is now committed because of it teachers unions to rehire higher teachers into schools and to go back to the eighty or two your kids so they suck entertaining europe is a new voted for by day good job but it gets worse what a kick him cajoled it gets even worse as teachers union is signed a lee it violates a lawsuit against charter schools and cuoco non traditional hires what does that mean this is what it's like to be democrats your factory universe chart schools joe want to hire people with thy phds and real world experience to teach in their schools that may not have a teaching certificate so these are credibly skilled brilliantly maybe retired retired actors maybe they want to just give back their works thirty thousand a year and a charter school you can't do that now
because of the teachers unions teachers unions lotta we say you can't do it they are firing a lawsuit to keep smart people out of the classroom while simultaneously pushing all of their might to get this turkey is teachers in new york back in front your kids nice work there you guys are freakin awesome cost i wish i was a democrat ha and alive keep it up i gotta go i'm going go crazy i folks see autumn on you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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