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Ep. 590 Please Fight Back, We Need You!

2017-11-14 | 🔗
In this episode -   This Ben Shapiro article accurately sums up why we need to fight back and fight back now. http://www.dailywire.com/news/23491/mutually-assured-destruction-case-boycotting-ben-shapiro?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=092117-news&utm_campaign=dwtwitter   Did you know that Media Matters, a George Soros funded group, is being run by a racist anti-Semite? Read this. https://t.co/wxLEYcMn6p   The federal government has raised an astonishing amount of tax revenue and we’re still soaked in red ink. https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/feds-collected-record-taxes-october-still-run-63-billion-deficit   This is an explosive story about a devastating hack into the NSA and the aftermath. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/11/12/us/nsa-shadow-brokers.html?referer=   Is the Chinese economy catching up to the US economy? https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2016-us-vs-china-economy/
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did you know she give where you to hear the truth about amerika with your host dan bone i wasn't thereby gino shepherdess joe how are you today i am doing good day no pay i know a lot of you asked me about the stem cells because i have really horrible ass the authorized as i get it the questions and emails about it my doctor doktor mark berman out in beverly hills and just a note for you all now keep you up dated you know i had the injections is my own stem cells and checked it into my arthritic left shoulder left knee he and my right elbow on the results have been amazing so i get a lot of emails on all answer you all right now that i can't describe to you enough how many maria i saw the results have been i mean my those joints feel like almost new again began stacked remarked four men in beverly hills loud people ask me but if you look up and put stem cells he comes right up he set the stem cell network but i've had some fourthly folk some way bring this up because i do i get a lot of questions on this sum
the damage i have a rotating cuff tear now my right shoulder because you listen to the show and i recall my miniscule s in my left knee it was formerly treated and nothing dude stem cells i just get off retort because i me and i'm a maniac at my after elbow is now digest it gets well so i'm out i'm going out to doktor berman's in a couple of weeks time more stem cells and i will let you know how that goes as well because that works this guy is single handedly rejuvenated my spot body it's my job but then what is it the six may that women can rebuild him we can rebuild that burma never that but i'm going to suggest he says that when i go out there that he gets together with people we get very dramatic we can rebuild well
take like really dramatic pictures and stuff and put the six million dollar man thing in the background what do you think our nose long doesn't go it's like the right inside right is that he should do that to you should do it like young frankenstein that was jean wilder southern movie is actually s relation the folks we gotta talk by three show bench appear owes daily wire he s a piece of the daily wire it's gotta be in the show notes folks please read it i know i say this every day but the shone out but i really a lot of work into five or six article every day that i equal sum up everything you need to notify the good fight out there for activism this is one of them today substantial a piece the daily wire be avail but my show notes up on you know that com or if you join my email is as always i will send it right your email box and it is incredible peace is very short very sweet is very to the point but he hit it's up to joe you and i have discussed often again we don't have propyloea proprietary ideas we don't need that we just need good ideas
and here's the gist of the peace folks i'm an activist at heart i've been engaged all day yesterday and today in a fight with media matters because are trying to get hannah you off the air and i've been supposing this guy angelo caruso who is unknown anti semite and racist who runs yes i just said that right he runs life weaning organization a in media matters he's a racist ok his eye when article showing his racism on a former blog from the daily call it i've been tweeting out all day if you be kind enough to retreated spin retreated four thousand plus times now exposing this guy right so shapiro peace joe is great because it as we ve been saying for a while as well that we have to fight back folks and the days of the mixed do this right ok this is important we wear it we're in a fight here fight and i want to be hyperbolic or dramatic
but we're in a real fight for existence i had a long conversation with a very well respected former military lieutenant general this morning who is it the mine this very issue how conservative ideas put out over cable social media we are at risk of extinction if we don't fight folks this is not a passive fight you are going to have to do something it is going to get a little bit uncomfortable now what if something is up to you and i i mean obviously we do handle everything peacefully we're not the violent left but action piero brings up in a peace boycotts are stupid they're stupid joe have we know even knowledge is many times during shapiro gradually correct boycotts are dumb you should be making economic purchasing decisions with your money on one thing and one thing only if that price ok adds value to your life based on the money you're about to forfeit for it right if a duck
or value to your life because he's gonna fix your shoulder for stem cells and you're paying that doctor that money than that worked for you what the doctors political thoughts shouldn't matter at all you go by a bag of i love these these buffalo wing pretzel chips my daughter got me into now addicted they believe we they add significant value to my life folks you have no idea i love these things i should not be buying them based on what the pretzel chip maker thinks about donald trump on four finally the left who started this war in germany we are going to finish it is time to get involved we get off the couch folks this is a serious fight we live they very prosperous me wonderful time to be alive we have everything from flat screen televisions to the biggest food problem in this country being obesity we have set for once we have a wonderful wonderful country with without state
the transportation networks we got a few puddles you never trust we travel around the world like i did and you will figure out you live in the greatest country on earth who are free we have a relatively corruption free court system we have good cops we have a great military we have a pretty darn decent economy you have been the greatest place on earth but it's time to get a little uncomfortable and it's time to get big as i always say it was printed in the secret service and people worship was shooting at us with the same rounds and we were pretending and in these assault on principle exercises and drilling to protect them president these exercise they would always say get big get pay get big never doc you have to take bullets that president you have to take we all have to get big right now it's time to go during get big and do something and disappear brings up this boycott and reverse boycotts and boycotting the boycott as are the way to do it it sucks i
he acknowledges i of acknowledging this is dumb but it's not a fight joe it's not a fight we picked we don't boycott i a boycott stuff i'm only doing it as a counter action through the left to for them the futility of boycott it we do what we did i'd rather not do this at all this is the not because yesterday i was going down this until we block me stop because yesterday i was going down this until we blocked me by the way angelo caruso known racist and anti semite for media matters he block because he's a coward a pajama boy loser you're a coward lists enemy angela because i know someone tweeted you list i know you're listening today to you're a coward tell your parents i said that you're a coward mommy and daddy i called you a coward and no know this there's nothing you can do about it nothing
because that's what cowards do they take it because you're a punk and you're a coward and you have no capability to do anything about it at all because you're a coward you hear me tell mommy i said that you're a loser here at this grace you're an embarrassment i said that to me you up address email me stop on by you're a coward how does it feel to be so helpless i think you can do about that you just have this back and take it like the one you are because you're a chump so i've been going after angelo corazon i went down a twitter feed before block me because he's such a chump and i found out other companies now proudly by the way on social media answering back a racist anti semite that all you we're going to pull our ads from hannity jew in whatever joe best answer to an anti semite honest
our financial khorasan we sacking is not a joke peep national you saw them this is a joke folks through national is answering a known anti semite all they had to do was read the article we put out to the plot you're done some homework there answering unknown at they semi by the way how did you is inhabited avid supporter i get it hebrew nationals namely the company i m not suggesting anyway the religious affiliation o the name of the company they have more than enough employees were not jewish really but my point is that maybe the company's heap or national and you your father you taking orders from an anti semite angelo horizontal we're not gonna run aids i'm ok so now i'm i told them i demand that a response they apparently think i'm kidding asking you are our earth thousands of pino listeners out there please do by hebrew national police spread the word to your friends until we get response from them as to why they are boycotting sean hannity a patriot
american ask him what an answer and we demanded now also hello fresh i've never heard a halo fresh before yesterday apparently some food delivery service have it cancel it they jumped on board the boycott drain he boycott right back folks acknowledging all the time is shapiro didn't is peace and he's right this is done this is dumb it's stupid i get it but you know what folks war is stupid is it not joe wars pretty dumb what's a battlefield kill each other what war is a necessity because evil man wanna do evil things too good people and good people have to stand up and fight and potentially kill those evil man wars dumb and so is boycotting and thankfully not merely is painful as the heroic men and women who could on the battlefield would patriotic carts and defend us against the evil man out there that want to do us hard i'm asking you a little thing i'm
asking you to treat these people at hebrew national and hello fresh to facebook these people to boycott these at the tell all of your friends to do it to a system absolutely other good people who work there tons of em but folks this has to stop it has to stop and i'm sorry we are now engaged in a guerrilla war this is no longer the you know roberts rules of order verbal combat here folks we are really war with these people for our very future they are trying to get fox off the air they are trying to get had of the off the air they try to get me off the year but i've gotta i ve got a battle plan my avatar just don't care because they know our products sell their products cell on our show but joe you and i have discussed this off one of the pod gas button folks you wanna come after me come after my avatar go right now go to subscriber model you're not gonna hurt me one bit i dont need to be multi millionaire at all i live
fine life because my audience allows me to do this and i am absolutely confident if i had to i could go to a subscriber model more we be absolutely fine big double barrel middle finger to media matters in their racist anti semite i dont care yea hurt me you're not gonna hurt me one bit i get it that this is bad but we have got to fight back pillow fresh and hebrew national add them to your list with these their clouds to go to his is hashtag is excuse me his handle local research for those we want twitter is at go angelo so make are you treat him the article from the daily call around my timeline about his blog to and let everybody knew what a racist and anti semite he is secondly folks the show is more about tactics in battle tactics here
there's some talk now about a special council being formed for uranium one in the clinton foundation scandals joe i have not changed my mind special councils because unlike the left i'm not a hypocrite these are bad ideas you're bad ideas why do we have a special council why do we have a special counsel for the trump russia x files conspiracy theory fairytale why we the department of justice when you have special counsel and you're a hammer everything looks like a nail if you are special council form to fine rush in collusion with the tribes you are going to find russian collusion even if you have to fabricated and invent the story at some point on that invent the actual facts of the story but in other words with the papadopoulos thing the guy's a fiber all of a sudden indicative of this is what we form the special council border arrest the guy who light on the roof really
special councils or a bad idea how does this relate to the bench appear peace and boycotts so my my principal argued about the boycott says i'm acknowledging to you they are stupid i'm all so acknowledged you analogy to a lot of things are stupid but alas things have to be done at least boy that's encounter boycotts have to be done for us too this fight on the spot council folks i am all for special counsel i listen i this may sound hypocritical but folks we are an existential fight to keep our ideas out there i am a special council on uranium around the corner and equip vanish why did you just said special councils are a terrible idea there were no awful idea put shapiro stated in the peace i am alot of bench appear only but as unless we show joan we talked about the roy more situation he eloquently
and accurately brought up the idea of the prisoner dilemma in other words prisoners dilemma applies here too if the rule the prisoner dilemma by the ways of trusting coordination is you folks what other words why is it why does a prison exists why do we i dont the prisoners take over every prison america joe they can write what are they outnumber the guards twenty two one easily it is so is our approach of the prisoners just coordinate what thankfully they don't about suggesting they do but the problem there's a trusting coordination issue what would happen with dismay guys we're gonna take over the parisian amar welsh criminally doesn't trust criminal b because he's a criminal she's like about do a properly if you do not allow and then over ninety start sleep and i guess what he's going to do it and if i do and i'll be the one to get beaten up by the guard because no one else is going to do it that's the princess the prisoners dilemma and it's the essence up prisoners dilemma is a trusting coordination issue it's hard to
warden eight amongst the number of people to do things like do things i take over a prison with the roy moorish you ve heard last week show the issue is so they re more we say these if these charges approve correct he knew he needs to go ok but the problem is democrats don't do the same thing now what are you left with you have a guy robert menendez under federal trial for potentially meeting bribery will know the results of that soon you have bill clinton where'd you have a number of people guilty of a really horrendous things on a democrat side and yet we coordinate with them but the rules are you see what i'm saying joe like if the rules were clear like democratic republic in your guilty of bribery sexual harassment whenever it maybe you have to go go i am all for it absolutely put this dilemma here is we don't trust the democrat just like the prisoners don't talk trust each other therefore we're
going to coordinate a prison right with them in this case rules because don't trust the bill in force from just like the prisoners don't trust the other guy would write you get me joe no you what's going to happen as you spell your guys and then what are you left with other democratically oh yeah yeah that thing we told you might get rid of our guys we're sexual harassers an alleged prob a bribe bribe takers yet we were just we're going to keep our so now what are you left with you are left with a bunch of sexual harassment and drivers who are now democrats my wife less light marguerite double whammy now you're not we stuck what people or harassers and alleged bride takers but there are also ideological enemies to this is prisoners dilemma to the special council yes it's a crappy idea just like a prison riotous ok it's our horrible idea i stand by that put if its aid horrible idea that is all he applied to one side i e donald
in this situation with the special council for trap russia and never applied to the other side that has actually more dangerous situations on their hands like the current foundation and the selling of our nuclear fuel joe we have a classic problem here where the bad stuff i use special council only happens to us other side by the way joe just so you understand is a real penalty to this the beside now understands their completely immune to special council edited sent devises them to call for more special council why joe because it's never going to affect them not being it's always go to work the other side so now please understand this it's not hypocritical what i'm saying i'm telling you that special councils are bad and boycotts are bad but we still need them in these cases i'm talking about why because here your two choices now spread your councils are bad for the united states
the question here and don't ever forget this is not what's good neither are good boycotts are bad the left allowing the left to continue their boycott your bed the question what's good to question and is what's less bad don't forget that that's the entire world of ethics has been formed around these questions there would be no need for ethics courses if you know what towards ban good was always so obvious but this sophie's choice right this is what are those who draw up what's less bad as it looks spared this situation davis she'll council which we already acknowledged socks because going to find whatever you ask them to find even if it's not there or is it less
they have one side completely immune to special councils that uses them as political weapons against the other side while now ever suffering the ramifications of their own decisions themselves i would thank you it's the latter point here is they stick but the other side joe now needs to feel how bad they think so i am recommending in strong terms that we take their crap misguided special council and we sick up on the clinton's and hopefully find out some stuff about what's going on with them and maybe they'll figure out that having a hammer looking for a nail everywhere will always find something is a really really bad idea and folks it said it's a damn shame that this the world with this is the world we live in but make no mistake the the started this fight the liberals started this fight we after ended it's time to get big folks
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congressmen rod blood from iowa one by the way i interviewed him on haiti is a cool story folks you miss some of you may have heard the interview adam homage of jordan and other strong guy out there and these is her solid fiscal conservatives i interviewed him when i was filling in france the other radio and we got into a talk a tax revenue and folks many of you know one of my cause is out there is king this silly liberal idea that income tax cuts in the past whether they were under ronald reagan under his tax cuts george w bush john kennedy whatever it may be calvin coolidge one of my power peace is this idea that is going to cost the government revenue despite no its whatsoever that that's actually happen now what what's picture building a about this as i was talking with with with the kind which plum on on the pieces why does nobody bring this up at me joe
times have you heard from liberals oh my gosh where the tax cuts to govern it's gonna cost price of deficits and debt in all other yet they say it all the time had nausea ad nauseam and i always think to myself frustratingly so by the way why does no one in congress just come up on the floor just say like hey guys have you ever look this up like here are the tax tables here's a highlight here's the tax caught during the reagan years here's the tax cuts for the push years here's the tax revenue going up so i said so the congress i said congressmen i will blow that up on social media if you go to the house floor and you just how much heart show the america that the liberals are lying joe this this is not hard to figure out right this is not hard all you have to do is put the government's own website so liberals what say we made up the numbers right just put it this is a difficult guys this is really so i beg the mice congressmen summit does
now blow it up on social media well the congressmen he cut back the law from other had these show i love this guy eddies like tat will do that we're gonna allows floor so i basket we favor folks please go follow on twitter if you're on twitter is at rod glum that's at oro d for rod beloved b l you em what a good guy i will one anna he's gonna go as floor add supposedly do that so major league shout out their him thank you rod blow him and i haven't back when i host naturally advantages are that is really call you to do because job don't let facts get in the way you know your unbelievably stupid opinions if you're liberal about tax as you can see ever you want but you can't restate historical facts about tax revenue at a joke i asked you to download a car you got ready you know some
i'm spokes i'm gonna get it through a story a second here by college campuses stuff but you're gonna get tax return but when you argue liberals sometimes you'll get a really smart liberal right when you arguing with them and he'll give you unbelievably intelligent response to things like that like hey i'm so you say ex cots costs the government money can you show me where that's happened and this is the response i get from the very intelligent liberals play they got there just like your opinion man folks let me tell you that i have been this showed our job for gas three years i have been dying to use that cut from the big lebowski from the dude forever and poor joe is running a little late tonight because traffic come from his guys like ten thousand job these come from a radio show this morning and i felt there but i go dude you have
download this cut of the dude shall play that again the liberal response the liberal response the intelligent liberal responds to when you ask my basic question about tax cuts there were just like your opinion man so gotta keep at odds be dial that's it features are they gonna say geysers government chart of revenue when we cut taxes actually going up so again just explain to be again how tax cuts costs the governments play that again so well your opinion congress read just be congressmen blah be very careful that is there what's the comment you're going to get from the house floor where do you show that chuck what do you say to that what are you saying just look at the chart yeah
oh that's her videoed where i have been dying for three years the use that's it we're going to keep that one eyed speed dial for frequent use its be up there with what are you gonna do and up there with you where aid save to be no job turkey this close that they give him one of my favorite movie lives walter you nick you're you're i break it up i actually was gonna use that cut in relationship to a different but i was on a roll into a different pieces of talk about you're gonna get you quickly here really good article in the wall street journal today about them and i'll make a quick because the point he makes his quick about the the had already described the dissolved via the disappearance of a better word without an alpha seltzer tablet after all the discipline hearing of of of ideological back and forth on college camps semi not a mystery joe to anybody here you know the idea that the college camps are dominated by liberals it wasn't always this way by the way focus and hit the author brings
really fascinating point i just wanted to put out therefore your he says normally in a normal ideologically diverse situation leaders say of a conservative and liberal movement i know it's not that simple you have libertarians agrees but let's for the sake of argument just keep it simple right you're so when a normal environment let's say you're in a room with a hundred people and whatever forty percent of armour conservative sixty percent or liberalism i mean i don't even have to be fair it just has to be diverse enough where other ideas can get out he said leaders of those movements as there's a back and forth who were which are typically the ones who can defend their arguments in the most effective way joe right so like i think a diverse conservative podcasting environment which we have now you have really brilliant voices out the abed shapiro mark levinus upon cast
you got a lot even on the left you got robert when i went to thank dave rubin or outright but i think it's dave rubin but greg got felt loves me some really reasonable liberal and i'm from out of here very nice guy he's a very popular podcast to what you say their competitive podcasting environment thankfully shows like this that you all listen to and i appreciate and why conservative podcast like this succeed joe because we're not cakes are charlatans like we actually go out there and back stuff up i data mama wrong we corrected it maybe actually provide show notes that linked to the stuff we talk about night we don't make this stuff up he says what what's happening college campuses is a real cancer which is pretty obvious because what happens show when you college campus where say conservatives are outnumbered by liberals tend to one you know of that ideological back and forth therefore the people on the ten side the liberal side that are overwhelming the conservatives it's not
strongest advocates for the cause that wind up in leadership in the loudest positions it's just that out of people because there never refuted so it doesn't matter the guy who just yells the loudest is the guy who gets the floor why joe because he yells the loudest in a competitive back fort when the year when the yellows and the screamers are refuted by conservatives who were also yelling and screaming back it's the people who will be followed who are the ones you make that make the most salient europe a powerful fact data east arguments it makes sense that people he says none of that happening there how does voices are winning because they are not exposed because there's no one to expose them which is really really a wonderful thing to say and he's right because he's you're any says this is the danger and this is the date for the left is well the danger created a day of great they ve created an intellectual vacuum on their side we're on
isolated college campuses liberals or isolated from opposing ideas joe your then sending these people out to arguing the real world where conservatives exist and they are wholly and i really unprepared joe because they ve never been challenged if just learned to be loud so he brings up in the past through the earth which is great i think it's too to buy to bilateral he says are but you water maybe he says that they say in the in the in the piece it this why you're seeing this growth in violence and bogus charges of white supremacy and racism because they joe they literally have nothing else right they have never had a make a fast fact based argument ah and he was right i this stuff together on tax rates all they ve heard while they were yelling at screaming college campuses the rich should pay more tax rates cause a deficit and growing national that no one
zephyr respond the bags it bothers you see this short where's that happen so they ve never had to defend it so now there the real world folks and nobody in the real world wants to you wrong right emmy morally human you wanna be right so now these little baby snowflakes ichorous zone the racist anti semite when they exposed what are they respond back with either violence course zones kick ass a torp and he's a coward i swear they want more time how does it feel that there's nothing you can do about that gosh as it is a horrible puts it well never i'd self the fences joe mamma would only use it self defense ever but i'm proud to rally take a defend myself and even a tough guy in the world i know at at least give you fight for a little while because i know what it feels like beat non badly and it's not worth losing my pride over how does it feel to be such a was that there's nothing you can do about it but this is the cornerstone problem they don't have anything
they either resort to violence with weapons because god forbid the even use their heads in many cases or they resort to charges of white supremacy and racism because that's all they have it was interesting p now he leaves it up by saying that the left no is their theories are garbage show they know that they can't back their tax arguments they know they can't back up their facts on government controlled health care because it leads to rationing they know they can pick up back up their facts about government control education controlled education does public schools are failing so the only thing it can do is isolating gaslight on college campuses and the way they do it is by keeping the faculty in the thought leaders the loudest people in the room and suppressing conservative thought really show me wonderful peace you know i'm always hesitant put them in the show notes cuz it's subscriber only but it's a really good piece of none the less check it out all right today show also brought you by bodies of brick house nutrition big fan of these guys folks love brick house nutrition they were one of our first
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do it at the just a bit his isn't there argument show is it well if we raise taxes on the ranch that that's not gonna disincentive em from working producing more jobs right numbers tax rates don't matter really because i actually have evidence at your facts and the obvious facts and data and i know your immune to all that kind of stuff but let's just try this ok so journalism peace from two thousand twelve june two thousand and four tina i'm going to ask your question is on a trick i'm in a name a few states and i want you to tell me joe what these states have in common laws i closed you yeah yeah yeah you might we ve kind of one down this road before new living in maryland and be living in florida you probably get rum going but nonetheless i'll give you that the latest data i love this stuff twenty fifteen twenty twelve to twenty fifteen data about the mass exodus from certain states here is how much money in adjusted gross income has led this day now listeners and joe this is it
it's gonna be a heavy ask i'm gonna ask you to tell me what these states have in common ok a five billion dollars and adjust gross didn't come has fled new jersey mental no six point two billion dollars has fled connecticut surmise b of private parts howard stern when he's doing that like we're trivia contest would robin and jackie eta get kicked off the ok he thirteen point six billion dollars has fled ella no i now joam illinois new jersey and connecticut what political party dominates those three states or do you need a minute do you need a minute joe now i've got the is right now the answer as democrats crowds jollies right again waiter wetter check your dinner i just
adulator out by microgram so excited joy is clean out of its authorities just good like firefox again liberals these are just acts don't let them get near are in the way of your argument that tax rates don't matter as people flee high tech states now you may say prove that she's like european union mad well a low tax state or a no tax state like where i live there's no stating cutbacks here down in a wonderful great state of large mouth ex rates don't matter you say well they have no state tax or nobody cares so surely flowered is lost people to people are just leaving show that just the explanations that they're leaving from blue states show there just leaving everywhere they're going to mars like total rico there are going to mars to meet up with arnold sorts and agreed that female actress i can remember a day like this disappearing joe
there being like star trek zapped into other dimensions right aren't so florida must have lost billions to write you pay wrong because florida has added an astonishing thirty nine point three billion dollars and fifty percent of fifty seven percent accused me of the people who have moved into florida make over two hundred thousand dollars you yeah does it those are definitely not demonic you don't want to keep those evil rich people in your stay choke god forbid you know therefore get him out now we only want people it is they who dora money right that's the way he's got maryland me remember that marilla do as people flee marital between virginia soon to another democrats want folks liberals again please don't let these facts get in the way of your stupid narrative the tax rates don't matter now couple things on this this is going to get worse always what were damaged freed from this peace an internal cases killer is lobbying to
i actually just passed a bump in their flat income tax rate twenty three thousand two hundred and forty four back to four point nine percent illinois which is already in a massive two hundred the billion dollar pension crisis here's a call from the journal but the tax increase more raise enough money to finance the states two hundred and fifty billion pension liability on funded pension liabilities long time goal of unions has been to enact a graduating compacts the affluent no they'll get soaked eventually the affluent no annoy that is and are seeking shelter top earners listen to this folks up earners made up forty seven percent of illinois income flight two thousand fifteen compared to thirty three percent for years earlier this is ardashir job income taxes the three hundred and six cook county denizens that's in illinois embassy who decamped i'm beach down by me in twenty fifteen with two hundred and fifty eight million dollars of income could have
a two hundred and two hundred teacher salaries on their own thoughts you think this isn't real come eating up screwing around you think a mess we think this is a freak and jokes sometimes you have in illinois your union member you don't understand basic economic listen god bless you for work and i'm not how can you for working but i'm telling you right now the state is bankrupt the do the state bag of yours i was a state employees tell me i'm speaking with forked tongue here ok i wasn't they play word sitting play word for the new york city police department was a federal government play for the united states secret service i saw the writing on the wall long time ago telling you that you have two choices right now you can either negotiate good faith and others then that you need economic growth first not taxes or you are going to lose your pension there is no third option listen to what i'm telling you again because i like you and i respect you and i mean this people of work
the government are not the problem you work if the fact that the folks i'm being genuine here i'm not trying to be like virtue signal pollyanna people will get up and put their workbook who taught and chose to work for the government are not any they go to work every day the fact they took a government job isn't is if they work ok the fact that the guy it made the promises that are absolutely impossible to keep is also not their fault either but i'm telling you the real world right now peers the real world there no money here no money you can either negotiate and good faith with the understanding that you better cut taxes to grow the economy with any hope of recouping any of your investment and a government like they invested in you or you get nothing in the long run because there's no money there's no money do you really believe illinois has a tax base just gave you the numbers that is fleeing in mass do you really believe that the people who are left
middle and lower income earners are going to provide the tax base to pay you two hundred and fifty billion dollars in pension money we j j advocacy or for this although he beheld we folks there's no money i'm so i underline folks i worked for the state i get it i worked for the government i'd tell you at this time with a detective friend of mine a little while ago whose getting ready retired from the mit asked me what i should do i i'm telling you you're not going to get paid your pension you're intact you're not there's no money you can go she ate in good faith and forget this tax ike because people are leaving you what're you gonna do in prison i'm in your state you can't get tax money for people who live there or you go bankrupt those you're only options i'm sorry sorry to have to break the truth here boy one last story this
duty folks now this amateur provide rarely do this but there is a link from the new york times i know i know i hate given him collects provokes is a really important story and i think we at some point we aiming to put the mai boycott of their material aside for a moment because it's a really frightening peace that i think you all should know about in here about it really scared me when i rode when i read she's got him right this is one of those wait what moments this anymore times piece about this shady group out there if you ve heard of this called the shadow brokers now and heard this story before yes it's a long peace it's probably about fifteen hundred two thousand words it is worth you reading it'll be it the shown us today you know what these guys did joe what would the women we don't even now the shadow brokers stole all the hacking tool from the usa now in the the pieces rhino you like while i don't mean to be like anticlimactic eleven but read the peace
do you think i'm making up how severe this is the guys like thanks edward snowden was bad you think so install a lot of stuff these guys stole nearly the entire portfolio from the usa on all of the little new poles to windows and linux and all of these different operating systems that now for our governments foreign operators have unleashed brokers are now using to break into computers in the united states but even our spokes it says it enter the peace that the head of the usa at the time admiral rogers tat he was not fire because obama this is the new york times folks i'm not saying this palmer was singularly obsessed with the trump russia x files probe and new rogers had information or had some information that may be able to help them in their misguided efforts there and they kept roger because that this is the new york times not saying that i dont know mike rogers folks that's
pretty stunning revelation that the entire an essay vault of hacking tools poise bay equally fleeced by a bunch of operators who have it now and that they will no disciplinary action taken does the obama ministration was distracted by the russian x files investigation oh my pretty fascinating stuff folks tells you where the crazy loony tunes obama administration was priority priorities were please dippy i know it's in the new york times but once in a our job once in a blue moon they produce a piece of these internal is very rare that it happens but it's definitely worth your time i will put it in the in the shown us today so please give it a look i folks again for june and employees go to bond you know that can't read the showed outsource subscribe to your email less than i will far you have to shoulder its right to your mail box and follow rod bore my twitter good mandatory these do another
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