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Ep. 594 Dear Socialists, Do You Have a Heart?

2017-11-20 | 🔗
Hooray for capitalism, your Thanksgiving dinner is getting cheaper thanks to free markets. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-17/too-many-turkeys-means-cheaper-thanksgiving-as-demand-stagnates   So Trump gets this man’s son out of a foreign prison and then he attacks Trump? Is he insane? https://t.co/Wmm2zwazyS   This government housing policy is causing more problems than it is solving. https://www.cato.org/blog/what-effective-looks-hud   This study found that masculine, wealthy, men are the most attractive. Snowflakes must be losing their minds. https://www.studyfinds.org/white-macho-men-attractive/   The media must be kidding with their take on the Rand Paul attack. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/reporting-the-rand-paul-attack-was-it-lawn-clippings-or-journalistic-fertilizer/article/2640906?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Examiner+Today&utm_source=StructureCMS   Is bitcoin overpriced? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-19/bitcoin-soars-past-8-000-as-technology-shift-concern-vanishes
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waiting to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now i wonder thereby juno shovel you should show how are you today and all ready for another action tat week dan you do you believe this far bell a ball one up i ask my ivy these risks for real folks for those you mrs story i mean i'm really have a tough time with this one sure this president trump can do nothing without getting kicked in the teeth by the left wing media hacks and democrats it's really pathetic so for those you miss the story love our all his son as italy angela bomb not really sure the name the actual ball was one of the u see ellie you see allay basketball players
again if you miss the story got caught shoplifting in china you see i lay the basketball team went over there to play a game there were three players who are caught by the chinese shoplifting never admitted aliases nay you know a legit incident david and committed to doing it ok they got caught by the chinese government are they were they were apprehended nay word they were being held in custody so most of you may know some of you may not well drop gets involved the president trump and we personally gets involved and and asks for their release they are so currently release back in the united states and i say this they gave a press conference that three players we angelo and the two others their names are escaping me right now joe and they were very gracious i thought they still thank the president they did not in it we try to put lipstick on it they were like we screwed up we embarrassed ourselves we embarrass their team listen bob
believe in the power of redemption forgiveness i hope their sincere i dont what was in their heads but they certainly sounded sincere to me joe right yes then releases a tweet a very gracious tree to where he says listen people screw up all the time and greece as i hope these guys go on to live really great lives now in a normal non in same liberal learn all joseph rise that's the end of it they its main if i may clapping that's me whitebait my hands of it guy screw up u s citizens president personally gets involved that's them released from a foreign country a communist regime they thank him he says referred you know you guys out everything works out well goodbye well that's not enough because trumped arrangement syndrome this view their role infection like what
like mad cow disease infecting liberals hollywood types entertainers in sports types has just it's like a parasite eating your brains we engine balls dad love our ball comes out says in an interview he goes listen european skies trying to take credit for this and you know even really due to march to get him release them basically takes a shot a trump site we do not this week it am i couldn't get this straight step one sharply in a foreign country step to get caught shoplifting in a foreign country you don't step three the porters percy united states intervenes to get you released from a foreign country step for your dad those nuclear our job in excess of what the heck folks seriously we're living in pizarro superman now what's amazing
the stories that that that happened at you no great its news i you know i somehow stu news they sometimes pick different stuff puts the edges to me about this story joe is the media spin on this again now to me at times it listen to my show and i know there are some i get the emu personally from some producers you know you are appreciate you listening and by the way meet some of morality conservative to prove tried to pit seven still he stood there staffs i got there really great events by the way i will never your names don't worry i'm gonna get you trouble i know you a left wing media god forbid you actually propose stories that are not left wing narratives but what's fascinating about this is that hack leftwing media is now blaming this on trump the truck the wrong tropical we need to get your kid released after he admits to committing a crime in a foreign country right pig he admits a bit he admits it
top intervenes with burning political capital with a foreign country to get your kids released through screwed up or your kid in this case at the other parents think they did saving to be fair but to get your kid release at any you open your mouth and you take a pot shouted the present so what happened to president fire back on a tweet and said you know maybe i should have left him in jail then i can all its typical gino trompe and these can always fire back when he wants to but they play shrub gosh you said he was going to leave the american citizens in jail what you mean like what you mean like obama and otto warm who who died by the way when he was released from north korean pale you mean like that you mean like tat guy folks again you see now i wake up every single day thinking what why are we gonna have with intellectually vacuous liberals that i so
you have a problem now we're trapped who by the way you ve declared over and over to be a racist despite no evidence of that being actually true nobody's racist you he gets three black basketball players release from china we admitted committing a crime the father attack shrub and trot proof airs back is now the guilty party boy but by the way don't apply the same standard so do ababa you know it's ok who did nothing to get did you know i mean why do want to say did not let me be fair but did not get warm be released who is now dead let's not by that standard let's just move on and for gamete it's really disgusting folks and you wonder why the media is a ninety percent of republicans think the media is because i don't want to see the national quack as a national choir once or twice she breaks a true story the media is just toto complete hackers it's just disgusting it's totally completely pathetic and one that no before
about to my next door cuz i don't know if i was going to cover this but on that note did rand paul story equally disturbing paul from kentucky is attacked by his neighbour the guy break six ribs causes i'm kind of fluid build up in around his lungs the guys in the hospital ran poise haven't a tough time breathing afterwards sufficiently attack by his neighbour and the media is still put this story in the show notes that eight pounds you know that calm and if you subscribe to my email is thus entity is an interesting story by the wash them examined about how the media is dying joe dying to bridge this story as a dispute over long clippings year saw them as you saw them despite the fact show that the neighbour this is like one per account everyone else enables like long clippings what are you talking about its despite the fact the neighbour it would you this facebook posts is like a devout socialist and hilary support or bernie supporter whenever it is now joel first the script here and make daddy
democrat lawmaker attack by a republican maybe breaking his ribs coring causing fluid build up around this lungs causing ass publication of very serious injuries and the story right away will be crazy maniac republican racist massage illness they homophobic transit phobic islamophobia photophobia kissed the folk attacks poor democratic senator republicans should all be summarily executed on a firing line in the state of conduct the devil reincarnate yet the devil range of course but because it several republic lawmaker attack by a socialist the story about one clippings one clippings really peace was at the media just it they're just disgusting anthony's they really are there just filthy just or the just ignore them and go out seek your own sources your own credible sources of information because a counting on anything from the media to be actually accurate is just absurd attacking trump joe a tramp tramp does he gets the guy's kid out of jail
shouldn't response that way you know dan that's that's an example is set for your kid i'm sorry man right you know what i'm saying joe limit listen you know may your dad homage our i don't have boys you have a boy i've two girls but honest question for you i mean i already know the answer but you catch your kid sapless some are any admits to it by the way a question of like was approved while the raving about yeah i got caught stealing upset by the way was a concealing bazooka gum ok maybe bazooka the five cent homework is the our younger wishes i got the health bezukhova cod building a pair of expensive sunglasses the guy in china yet it distorts owner let's say brings you bring jacket harmonies like listen i gonna press press charges here but you know me caught your caught your could whatever reason to be admitted to its dealing sunglasses what's the first thing you said ojo i forgive you but you gonna have some time to serve at home you're damn right you're allowed he's gone now amy your phone you punish
and by the way that trip gonna take whatever they might do you know she lay disney irritated at yeah that's out till i mean am i can i don't like did you know i feel like i owe you all a sense of insight into my personal life because you ve allowed me so much inside into yours by playing my show every day but i had an incident with my daughter less you am i going to say what it wasn't that serious but it was serious enough that it bothered me and we stand up by my mother in law up enviro i got mike our job my caboose up there that day was i get in the car you my mother lot and even say like hello when i walk think she knew how serious we shall have any i'm about gimme the kid now is it and like you first response is to defend your kid and attack the president gosh you really have to be kidding me trumped arrangements and dramatic control or i die today show much about but he's filter by a thank you to everyone who has been really helping out and
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sonny i know why these sideways are always uncomfortable between happily stories you note of saying joe enjoy your radio all the time you reporting on you know you know merry christmas folks say there's gonna be it shows up in baltimore that thousand today at an ex stories like a cop is shot like why do we say way they are so these are always a comfortable he's a really story or so now mary oh grady reports on south america for the journey and she always rights really thought provoking good pieces i'm always fascinate about what's going on south america because my spent at a time down there my wife is from there so i enjoy reading her pieces she is a really troubling piece on venezuela i'm sorry joe i never jojo asked me what we had talked about i should have told him like we were going to proceed on to a rather mccobb story afterwards but the easiest the wrong with it so i read the peace and it's about the destruction of a formerly great country swell formerly powerful economy and needs destruction of it since the implementation of social
during the shop as now maduro iraq now folks i'm i'm i'm asking you a personal favor now for those of you listening who have and who are socialists who have young kids who are impressionable i get a lot of emails from parents who say you know them my kid she was she was shears here she was you know we then go on with conservative principles of freedom and liberty and i got to college and now i can't get them back and we're losing in their turn into the left these calls fastest production eight a to have them listen to this peace they can read them but it's you know a lot of its subscriber only but let me read you a cop from what's going on venezuela since the government implemented socialism which again for thee joe what is the ten thousand time umpteen thousand deadline million some thousand times tat time socialism is because we can't argue about the
benefits or detrimental effects of socialism if we have no idea what it is now for the you got there who don't know what it is a professed to know what it is socialism is clearly the government control of the means of production is basically a government of the economy that was implemented in venezuela now here's a quote from a piece that's what what's happening in this is devastating then you can't listen this is a good person a christian a jew a buddhist or anyone who cares about anyone else and not be really physically that you'd get breached by this there children joe talking about the venezuelans they cry all day and their mothers can only give them water they are dying the residents of caracas whenever swell as larger cities have lost than average thirty pounds votes you don't have to have kids like joe and i to be disturbed by that i'm asking you for a second visualize this very seen in caracas we
have say a dad who say an average size daddy's what five nine hundred fifty pounds was now five nine hundred twenty pounds whose i say five three hundred pounds whose now seventy pounds who are now sitting at a dinner table with their kids with no food the sir now crying at a pain because there's no food cape physical pain because they have nothing to eat and all they can do is give them water don't even have kool aid for calories these kids are crying their die people are dying in a socialist country to all our younger listeners out there who were may have partake now pole or had allegiance is with the pull that we spoke about this we show where millennials now a goods
i would portion of millennials thinks socialism is a positive path forward does it bother you at all you know why to make sure i didn't get lost on this and get into a ran rather than a fact based discussion i just wrote one simple lying down below this on my notepad here for the show where's your heart where is it you think this is a mistake do you think that every time socialism is implemented the mass starvation and death that follows afterwards it just some mistake if it is a mistake why is it a mistake you need to socialism why is that stake not happening here in other words for defenders of socialism out there who will defer to the joke local explanation i hear all oh it's that's not really socialism that's just corrupt people involved so
no corrupt people anywhere else joe in other words there only dying and starving its socialist regimes everyone else's non corruptible just socialism corrupts people how is that a defence of argument for socialism so corruption which is a problem everywhere the world joe can we agree the united states it's in monarchies and tyrannies an oligarchy in socialist countries human beings are always corruptible that those corrupt all human beings always seem to cause massive death and starvation when socialism is implemented and that's the best defence you have where's your heart serious i'm really hoping you for a second to ask you to dig within your soul if you are a young kid that's been suckered by a college professor into believe yet socialism and i'm not explain to you in a minute why this is happening in case you have any illusions otherwise that are making this up i'm do you where's your heart
the reason you support socialism by the way is you ve never been subjected to socialism how can i give you my exact address because it would expose we is but my my neighbors came from a cuban regime he is some pretty darn conservative the actually lived and so in a socialist country in cuba folks here's the plan i come now to the having in venezuela because now getting back to just a quick economics on this causes pretty simple stop for you call kids are having a tough time and you adults who are having even tougher time shaking scourge of socialism because you're some insights magnetic magnetica lord eu and its rhetoric matter equality before all yea equality in death and starvation you're absolutely right except by the way for the guy and bureaucrats who enrich themselves usual it's happening where price control and economy you're always
gonna get a couple of things or at you you're gonna get for things to be specific you're gonna get increased demand for ex because the product if it when you push the price lower than the market price more people are gonna want them you're gonna get decree supply you're gonna get black markets and quality control they're gonna get increase supply because no one's going to produce a product i e joe food if the government says hey johnny apple seed farmer farmer guy here's the deal you can only charge a dollar for whatever twenty bushels of wheat whenever it maybe you'd better cos me too i was yet but we just said he can only charge without the socialists we know better than you shut your mouth so job you think johnny yeah policy farmer does well this johnny embassy which produce and baby you re right tell us right again they think they're gonna wanna check it better show europe
is it you're only really you're like a phd carbon i think you're smarter than a phd economist you because you're a phd economists like crew going to actually believe in this type of crap yet so your action is more intelligent than they are i'm not getting a mob abram dead serious you actually smarter than they are so producing food this control is a hallmark of socialism when you don't let them determine a price you let the gun determine a price which is below the market price which forces people to scoop up what they have now and produces to produce none of it later it also causes black markets and quality controls because if we are forced to produce at dollar even if you done at the end of a barrel of a gun you will produce for a dollar you're not going to work as hard as if you are actually making a profit so you wind up crap products like the lot of the russian car which fell apart the minute you drove off the lot
here's the problem they're having now show they're going through hyperinflation because what did the government do while the government you know the socialism they're all geniuses they control the economy in the means of production they also control what the printing of money so of course mid bureaucrats have got they ve got the system chow they ve got it pay i got a great idea let's just more money yeah it's with i don't i don't we're living like desirous to prevail and so the government printed more money which devalued the currency they had now so what happened the venice whale and currency collapse because you know you if you make it a bunch of vague for a market for bagels and you knows a hundred people for a hundred bagels and you decide you're going to make four hundred thousand bagels your vehicles are going to be worth anything because you're over flood the market with bagel the same thing happens with money venezuela knob currency is basically collapse and they have no hard currency in other words foreign currency that hasn't collapse joe they have no
hard currency to exchange reserves that they they can buy in farming who told you about trade deficits and not to worry much about trade deficits because u s currency is only spend the ball in the united states or on u s denominated assets the venezuelans are running out of hard currency u s dollars euros their running out of it what's happening now they can by u s products to replace the food or not producing at all do to the price control so people are starving and dying so now happens of course what happens next and socialist regime so they implement price controls producers producing people starve you run out of hard currency because your currencies collapse in the trade value for collapses so you don't have any hard currency to buy things from overseas in their currency joe because you're currencies collapse your your trade value your exchange rates completely collapse you need twenty i've billion venezuelan bowl of ours to get a dollar i mean i'm exaggerate but you get the point you can't buy it
take from overseas tonight you people start even more because you can't supplant production that stop low we need you to price controls with foreign production because you don't have far and money and then what have the inevitably we would always happens in farm regimes and mary you grady puts a sinner there now is penalty of twenty years in prison joe for inciting hatred due to your politics will basically open your mouth and get twenty years in prison and getting a big ass kicking and prison venezuelan present real nice jude folks you i bring it i know like my show i know we have a lighter tone sometimes sometimes not but i know we could be sarcastic at times is really serious it's not a joke you know this is you have a group of people out air in the united states who despite all available evidence of the death drugs this sick deranged economic organization system we call socialism imparts onto people they still say
a propagate the myth that this is a successful path forward it is so deeply disturbing to the college kids out there you please i'm begging you i'm really if you like me you don't like me you trust me you don't trust me just do you homework on this outside of your college professor who lives in an insulate environment with a garret the ten year its end and financial security he knows nothing about the economy or she nothing all they know is ideology because they're not subjected to the ideology themselves they should that's how not of them go and voluntarily live in cuba north korea or other communist regimes that strike you as slightly odd frustrating guys and ladys really is all right i got a couple of things get through so spend a little more time on that i cared to but the important point is good piece thank you should start on market my phone again because it looks like every two minutes i today show also birthright bodies and i target folks with christmas around a corner now crazy in there
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i urge you to read it if you are either an investor in bitcoin or crypto currencies are considering folks they ve been over the place in recent weeks they ve had three plunges or more of twenty five percent of their value now my caution it would be quite i'm not saying it's not a good idea that does not investment show i'm not telling you to invest or not i just i give opinion this is my then if you don't like it disregarded that's fine they ve had three hundreds of twenty five percent or more value in the recent weeks and eva recovered they recovered substantially it's now over thousand forty five dollars bitcoin as if i think last friday when they close here's a couple issues i haven't just why i'm encouraging just to be cautious about telling you dont to invest don't investigate we clear on that joe is i know i'll get it about inside the folks the point is an x is a value exchange it's no different than
say the use of gold coins to buy something with the use of f r ends federal reserve notes but we would call them hours in the united states understand this is not in investment this is an investment in money now you may say oh what were investing in the technology blockchain ok kinder but there like saying you know with the with the federal i have noted what word venting in the end to where we are investing in the attack leo printing process that's not what blockchain is in other words the use of bitcoin is as a proxy for currency which is a store of value right we don't trading frigid raiders show but i was you know i'll give you two refrigerators for our your work what we give you money why but it's convenient its transport a ball and its exchangeable and its relatively liquid so if you're
vesting in bitcoin understand that it's not the technology your investing in because the blockchain technology by the way which is very good there are other ways to invest in that we're it's not in back the money you're investing in what i'm saying john there's gonna be blocked gene technology for everything encryption methods everything that's fine you can invest in cyber security copy but if you're investing in bitcoin based on the technology that's not what you you're investing in it in the actual currency that uses a technology my point and this is it's a simple one investing money or monies or transferable you don't liquid assets like this on the hope that is the time knowledge you that's gonna get you through because the tec knowledge is by the way i think in the in the relatively near future due to quantum computing in the use of cubits over bets blockchain i think it future will
a be rendered obsolete may so i just a cautious unpick i'm not saying it's not a bad idea i'm not saying it's not a viable turn but understand this people who invest in currencies as investments people who invest in gold as an alternate curtain or investing it for a security security is the value it adds to their life and i understand that you get what i'm saying till i get it like if you're investing in gold because you said the united states government is printing money and the money is going to be worthless soon your pay premium for gold for money europe you pay paying money for money but you're paying action money for money a premium because you believe in the security it offers you rather than the security of united states currency the federal reserve note i get it but you have to ask yourself what bitcoin is that premium for the safety of bitcoin blockchain technology is that worth the premium you're paying now at eight thousand dollars i don't know i'm not sure you know san i've actually seen a bitcoin being some these firms advertising this is for retirement accounts
yeah i mean there's there's actual banks out there now that our be doing futures in bitcoin it i'll listen i think it's a wonderful idea please don't send me hate mail on and again i'm not telling you not to estonia or look into it to diversify your portfolio at all as an investment show i'm just telling i read the story this morning i'll put it in a show notes about bitcoin going up and down and i would be very cautious i read a story a while ago showing how near the value bitcoin right now you know it's it's it's more than the value of basically most of the products you can purchase with it based on the liquidity of ammunition to make any sense so just be a little bit cautious there boy oh hey here's some good so we get some good news by the way because it is a monday we need good news and this is really good news so you could smile at the end of the story there are a number of different entities right now that are extremely optimistic about the future growth potential of the economy and folks i have to a great having said
at about cubits in quantum computing and blockchain which i think is fantastic the technology if the quantum computing doesn't crack at by the way find some way to weaken it minute i've been never crack because of design but find a way to weaken it in a future but these are all unbelievable thanks jean coding stem cell technology which i'm going out obliging oh by the way i'm going out next week to do my shoulders again which then since we are on the verge folks of some really big things and i think the fact that donald trump has got some sanity back to the court's through our relatively conservative constitutional court appointed show i'm here engaged on a pretty robust vibrant anti red tape agenda reg a tory reform in washington d c and poor she's doing for tax cuts if we can in fact get them tax rate cuts and get more money in the hands of private consumers i think we are on page four a m absolutely incredible twenty eighty nine on my own here have said that before i'm you know why i'm a big believe
brenda power the american economy the federal reserve right now is anna put this story the shown us by the way is one of the wall street journal and one from bloomberg beat you know it in case you think i'm randomly poland these numbers out of thin air the federal serbia is looking to potentially three point five percent growth next quarter which upping from three point four percent growth that is an extraordinary number compared to the two years are admission the eight years of two percent and less both by obama member obama during eight years in office never folks now ever reach three percent growth in any year of his time he has the floor first president to never do that any had the worst recovery based on gdp growth in modern american history postwar war too tromp has now hit two consecutive quarters of three percent growth during his presidency just to be clear and beak fair i don't play every single economic problem on obama prelim every single economic success on trump but i do
if the president sets the tone i do believe that it is a fact that president obama was not a big fan of capitalism as we know it and set a generally anti business environment do obama karen tax hikes and things of the sort i believe tat reverse that trend that i believe is this confidence is skyrocketing so as consumer confidence the fetters predicting three point five percent growth folks that is a big number in the next quarter that is a huge number you know that means that means the petition for employees because businesses are going to grow that's what it means i'm trying to be sarcastic but that's what three point five percent growth means and they were do sing more stop businesses are growing why would they produce more stuff joe because are selling more stop that's going to mean what they're going to need more employees which is going to mean what competition for lay which is going to mean what which is going to people like joe and i and everyone else competition for our skills and labour and services joe i couldn't it will allow us to do what for more modern now
just in case you say while the federal reserve and i and grant that i agree with you there i'm always skeptical the federal reserve cosette three point five percent number to be clearly they are prediction for the next quarter goldman sachs is predict two point five percent growth which is still pretty decent number compared to where we were now i am not a you know huge advocate for goldman sachs they ve been right they ve been wrongly sometimes all over the place but even at that number we are still looking at enhance growth in the obama what shall i say around this christmas season thanksgiving season this holiday season at the end of the year where people are generally pretty jerry and great to give gaps in the economy gets a little bit of a boost from the ec the eighty the extra consumption or on holidays i think twenty eighteen is gonna be a really really fantastic here and i think you cannot i think you could all smile i think it's going to be a now you know this stuff is always of course i hope we don't get the tax cuts this could all change in a heartbeat but one quick note on that
just to the republic existing i don't know i don't know if they understand show how deeply in peril they are if they don't pass this tax could plan you will be in a world of trouble i'm out there i'm still an activist i talk to people or have you better get this tax thing done you'd better get it done it's gotta be deeply disturbing if you know ok cash man i miss this is really pissed me off himself i was talking about the venezuela thing in a beginning and i had a quick contrast and i missed it because i'm so excited think about the bitcoin his story that i've casually glossed right over it but just a quick note i'm sorry about returning back in venezuela star before those you you know you the show you in just two and in right now obviously you heard me talk about the destructive power of socialism and our kids are starving tragically in venezuela so is the point i wanted to make further for the socialists listening and for the parents to enlist having them there's their kids listen to this
folks contrast this which go with what's going on in the united states so again we had the starvation in venezuela on average lhasa weight of thirty pounds in caracas kids are crying because there's their cause from hunger their parents have no food that may horrible a human interest story going on right now compare and contrast with a relatively free market a relatively capitalist society in the united states what's going now joe job turkey demand surround thanksgiving right you know turkey demand is doubled in the united states in the nineteen eightys with no i didn't i found that interesting what does this have to do with venezuela meeting us and it states that been stable sense so just to be clear venezuela food demand is going up socialist government because the population is growing socially government is implemented peoples carving losing weight their kids a crime in the united states turkey demand doubled in the nineteen eighty six states
people ever since and by the way out and article bloomberg about this i'll put the shown what you can read it yourself turkey joe is one point six percent cheaper this year in the united states than last year and the whole meal is the cheapest since twenty thirteen oh way way way way let me get this straight so let me put myself into the college kid mode right now and the college cameron salting college kids you doing the right thing in college but your list to your socialist professor whose extolling the virtues of socialism where people are literally losing weight and dying and kids are crying have no food drinking water so that this them you haven't you having increased demand for food and increasing and for services you also have increased starvation increase death poverty and destruction everywhere you go the united states the you know
what does your socialist professor would call whenever the evil empire the imperialist nation the white privilege racist phobic homophobic racist massaging the islamophobia transit foe bake algae bt phobic nation the worst country on the history of mankind turkey demand doubled a stable safe stable ever since and turkey is now one point six percent cheaper than it was last year in the whole meal is the cheapest it's been in four years big round of applause for capitalism i would say round one thing they then capitalism now day again given the of do you want to live now just yes yes or no college kids right now humans goodbye social do you want to in a country where the price of turkey and the whole meal is going down me while people are working less hours to pay for the same food they ate four years ago what do you want to work in a country where you having squirrel for thanksgiving if there is a squirrel left in your backyard because someone as needed just click yes or no which one you want to do you want to live in capitalism cheap
turkey cheaper meal or socialism squirrel thanksgiving if there's a squirrel left which one just click ok that's yet thanks you can't get through to joe you can't for more folks societies reduces another story so in the journal today you know the the tax bill right now has a provision and to get rid of the exemption for state and local taxes so in a nutshell if you live in who stay where you pay an exorbitant lehigh state local tax rate where joe lives in maryland new york before new these are typically blue states that charge high state income taxes local taxes that exists to be exempt you be able to write those often your federal tax bill the effective that is high tax states people get in there and i want to call a subsidy because are still keeping more their money but they get up
break and they basically make the pang of state local taxes less impact full on their while it then for people in other states either florida there is no state income tax so i don't get the benefit of that but if you live in a blue state you do you basically gonna write off i don't get i don't think that's particularly fair so the tax it is getting rid of that the that she's me the tax law joe new jersey lawmakers are going bonkers let me give you a quote by their senate present a guy named thieves sweet he says there quote going to have to re evaluate every day now they were now they were securing passing a millionaires tax in new jersey and now that they have elected this this far governor phil murphy looks like this millionaires tax can pass but now to show you the power of common sense tax reform got an email from a lady new jersey joe she's really upset as you seem to think you were attacking new jersey on that ok new jersey i'm trying to get your taxes lowered what are you talking about and bite
rid of this state local tax deduction at the federal level wonder understand how now this is even hit the liberal lawmakers hard how labour law makers now wanted to institute a millionaires taxed yo r quote this is therefore the guy's a democrat vote sleeves it sent a present new jersey the democrats that a quota after re evaluate everything why because they are now not being you know i hate towards subsidize but there now not getting their little carve out for police state taxes that they got before this forcing them the reevaluated because now they know that the taxes they are imposing on their citizens are actually going to be paid by their citizens that the citizens of other states makes sense child yet so i down your conservative throat in a blue state is gonna have to be re evaluated on the actual costs not the cost joe midas did that local tax deductions a horrible idea i'm
i want you in the long run this is gonna benefit you not hurt you because now every tax like they try to rammed down your conservative throat and a blue state is gonna to be re evaluated on the actual cost not the cost joe minus the deduction used to get in the past and maybe i'll get the tax at all so beautiful i began i appreciate your emails but it was not a hitting blue state people site your fault i'm tribal trying to save you from your own lawmakers there i know some of you can't leave i get it i was trapped in blue states most my adult life i get it hey on email by the way another his tangents right i got an email from a guy this morning is here all upset about their sometimes i veer off into the topic of you no religion and spirituality a man i'm sorry they viewer feedback obviously matters to me listener feedback i should say matters a lot but that's part of me that's not going to go anywhere and i
strongly i mean i have to strongly suggest then that you'd this may not be for you i know it's not you know the think you're supposed to this business but i mean it my faith in religion matter to me i mean i get it i'm not bergopzoom sure i'm trying to converge anybody out there i'm just that's the bedrock of everything i taught about freedom liberty god given rights and he said something and which i found kind of strange recycling he was here your alienating at aiding least thirty or audience and i thought job say what yeah in a world that i've got how does he know that as you have access to her lips and account that's kind of strange because he hacked in that's act we entirely inaccurate our audience for that show was enormous so i don't i don't know what you're talking about i suggest me why just making that up and i dont understand also why you would the offended about a common sense non profit sorrel very non preachy conversation about your actualities you know and and the orange
of consciousness and religious that bother you meet our stand by that bothers you shall you do so bothered by confrontational ideas you too out you may have that's fine about bobby i appreciate you listening but this may not be for you that if you you're a committed hard core atheists and any conversation about any alternative idea bothers you the show is definitely not for you ok i'm sorry i don't want us today ivories iris the average atheists do emails me lie he s a very thoughtful comments more than welcome here but again i listen did commentary about atheists him all the time because i try to sit there and say well why are they thinking what they think if you can't accept the alternative again go tune in one of the show i don't want to the diet but i really was bothered by the email that's the kind of commentary that i really don't you hate are one more quickly get back to the point great article in cato today about a new the liberal programme designed to so called help joe air quota year that actually kicks you in the teeth of nazi you but if you try to get others
program at their called the low income housing credit i've talked about this before a credit given to developers to provide low income housing for poor people butcher grey have you told her purple so wonderful the government so smart aren't they let's give accredited developers low income housing and what the price of housing for poor people whose again so there's a great great report cato would be the shown us today one third one third thirty three percent repeating it s not retreat thirty three to thirty three percent of that goes to tenants were labour hold up low income housing credit your surely this helps poor people get one third of it ok we'll work there two thirds x x x x x x x x whereas echo banks bela accountants nice job covered you guys are really terrific and here's that doubt this is great this is that they want talk about like legs completely kicking unity that you gotta get up nero
one hundred percent of the low income housing produce due to the low income housing credit is offset by a reduction in the number of unsubsidized low income housing so now you have got taxpayers subsidies going lightless i got no problem with developing their accounts but i do have a problem you taken taxpayer money you get two thirds of goes to accounts and developers right only a third of it goes to tenants at a hundred per cent of the homes are offset by the decrease by building of low income homes when they're not since it is this is it greater you guys are this also by the federal government and they write about it is apparently i love then carson but he was touting the benefits is probably a day cato was like wait wait what come again on this i love the guy but listen get the gun get out of the housing business my gosh have we done enough damage at this point i folks like yet for tuna and please go to punch you know that calm subscribed to my email is then again you always free to come in here daniel up on gmail com is my email i read em all try to respond as many
can i see your you just heard in bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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