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Ep. 595 Troubling News Stories About the Damage Caused by Liberalism

2017-11-21 | 🔗
The 9th Circuit Court is destroying the Constitution and the rule of law. https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/9th-circuit-to-president-of-the-united-states-you-answer-to-us   The Left loves international courts and globalism, read this story and you’ll see why.  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/11/20/icc-prosecutor-requests-investigation-for-afghanistan-probe.html   Why are blue state Democrats acting like hypocrites on taxes? http://click.heritage.org/TorMt0Q0V000THY30e5IsT0   Is the stock market in a bubble? https://nypost.com/2017/11/20/why-wall-streets-record-run-may-soon-come-to-an-end/
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds lack of it thereby gino sharply show how are you today often run and brother often run yeah man what at newsday oh birthdays coming up soon not that anybody should really care too much by the forty three satellite bob be up in new york anyway for my birthday but you are for my baby man get another you know i was in the two thousand eleven with the secret service i was in afghanistan so two thousand find me for my birthday i'm pretty sure i was doing the lead for barack obama's trip over there is under the the blanket of liquid yo de official europe zeta want anybody to know why we were there it's a surprise trip and i just remember matter their some birthday memory i remember getting out of their rights and the trip and it was a surprise trippy bounces envy and all kinds of drama during the trip there was like a sandstorm so we couldn't fly into who's supposed to go to the embassy
paul we landed at bog were mere base we couldn't do it they wanted to do it and they were like listen is there's a good chance you know we could crash in this so we don't want to do that we scrap that but i remember getting out of their right and we try to do it here's the deal duodenum biographer based they wanted a deer force one wanted to add a take on offer they only turned the lights on the runway at the last minute because as the idea the indirect fire like mortar stuff they were worried that a terrorist and our enemies out in the you know off the bay would launch mortars seven hate air force one as it was taken also they turned the lights on at the last minute on the runway because the lights obvious made the point easier to see now president we traveller to support plan like a back up air force one plain and that's where i was travelling back i because every at the whole team because as you know the commercial airliner that goes out of being bagua right so occupied gets and yet you have to get the hell out of there and when we take a military for we were taken either military flights or the soup
the plan which is therefore one is too with the same point in bad it's a backup just remember i'm on my birthday like the guy think dead terry base their commander i was dealing with the guy one of the guys in charge he's like dude you gotta go i gotta get out of here like the lights iran and the enemy out in the doesn't know that this is an air force one you know what i'm saying you gotta it's the same color to painting on the plains everything and we're way but this dude at this guy this forget her was walk a guy some and it's like let us leave the guy's a dude seriously like you're running a pretty good chance of getting like blown off the runway right out finally guy pulls up at a car like he's like explain the story i'm like brother get on the epic plane i don't care i who care get the played sorry about the the picture but i try to man and somewhat queen but that's what happened i was so like i dont care tell me the story to play we gonna that they got pilot god did and
down that roadway like you think it was a fighter jet and we got the hell out of dodge man god i remember that that was my birthday fears sorry but sometimes regular thus for people's eight ever tell it all started but your secret service than i try not to because it's not that kind of show but that's just remind you that this morning i folks you know i've i warned you repeatedly over the course of multiple shows and multiple years now about the dangers of discretionary government you know one of my car the aims of the show is that why you know why matters why the left does the way it does and what the left this had this obsession with the court system and globalism for a long time but there's a but here they have that obsession with empowering the court system and globalism for the exact same reason and the reason is that i was surprise no one could have already tested the power
discretionary government when i say discretionary government i mean the left hates the rule of law they hate the rule of law and the constitution because the concept and the rule of law geo limit limit people in government bureaucrats as well remember rule of law the constitution doesn't only lay out a set a series of of rules and regulations and the groundwork for what the citizen can can't do lays out also a series of rules and regulations and laws and limitations on what the government could do manifest the bill of rights as a is a document of negative negative permit powers with the government can do to you do you know that edison shall have the right to bear arms the he's thing shall not be infringed the two assembly the right to have the right to free press these are all things that government can infringe upon you so bill of rights if anything is a document of of negative liberties on behalf of the government of those governments can't take liberties to do these things
you don't you see what i'm saying just now i bring because there are two stories one a conservative review when i saw and reuters that really really troubled me yesterday and should deeply disturbed you because it just reaffirms my position that the left's love affair with the course its impact this limit discretionary government is really just they guys for their attack on the constitution and limited government here's that let me get you go go to this i haven't one and two a second one first because it really really me i'm got under my skin and a visual visceral fashion which is unusual i know it sounds crazy given my the the hot nature my show sometimes but i'm just mr fighting the left but this one bother me sudan horwitz as a peace a conservative review which i will put up does show notes at podgy no doubt com and if you subscribe to my email list as i always i will email them to your inbox stories are really good months joe the night circuit court yes
the mouth circus which is yeah which has become just a bastion of discretionary government it's a monarchy in and of itself they make the rules they go along its not sought a serious court system anymore now i get a lot of people assume annually should say that you're discrediting our judges no they ve i didn't do anything they discredited themselves i've done nothing they did this circuit is discredited itself as a serious legal institution i've done they ve done that i didn't do it through the most overturned circuit aren't they didn't get they are the most overturned circuit because it's a joke tv level the legal hot garbage that emanates from it as a total complete farce it's not based on the rule of law to joke they called the night circus for a reason it is a circus it's on a serious court now the night circuit just they they put out a another ruling on don trumps dhaka trumps try my any does and i haven't been exactly great on talk but that was the obama amnesty programme in the ruling is disturbing not because the judge bear witness court
car which he lays out three points about this ruling on doc of which was the deferred amnesty for childhood i was it was basically the amnesty programme obama instituted now the trump administration has been fighting portions of that not all of it which is a little disturbed proportions of right job so then circuit now issued a ruling in three things came out number one it basically affirm illegals illegal immigrants and their right to sue in court for privileges in the united states which is an unbelievable usurpation of of the court's power so how that manufacturers on right now this is crazy it's odd if i'm watching fog so in the background right now now we're saying that people who are not u s citizens just to be clear according to the night circus kids can sue that was actually he had slipped by score them i was gonna call the night circuit but i slipped they call them the night circus but they deserve they deserve it they can now sue illegals can super privileges in the united states because remember folks dhaka is about giving them
something is well about giving them citizenship over the rule of law point number two replace is standing u s law with with amnesty the night circuits circuits now said this is this can happen here's to this urban part but none of that new jail tonight's the night circuit is always viewed citizenship is discretionary anyway that forget about the rules the citizenship which is going to reinvent them forget about the rules we're gonna give citizenship that wherever we feel like giving citizenship to the third one shows really troubling the nights it is also ruled that the trump administration needs to disclose these yet needs to disclose all of personal and private communications leading up its decision to decide to suspend darker wait wait wait come again on this the court system a separate moves
the separation of powers horizontally end vertically within the united states government the court system article three courts are supposed to now just so clear are now entitled to the deliberative process of the executive branch when they decide to do engage in what their constitutionally protected role is folks this is troubling stuff i mean this is really chilling stuff think about what this means what does this mean in the future that if the president decides to go to war not saying hopefully doesn't but say were to happen that with north korea attacks hawaii japan and we decide to go to war as the courts are courts now allowed a mean that this this would be no different than what they're doing with amnesty given the president's power in congress power to enact migration lawn defend our borders right can conduct system now say joe now we're not going to go to war where we are and we are vetoing the declaration
of war and not only that we want the deliberations between congress and the executive branch on how you came to a declaration of war and how the president in fact is decided to use our war machinery to combat that war for do you understand how the discretionary power of the courts to suspend aid ongoing effort by the left the reason they do is to wipe out the separation of powers is the separation of powers limits them you have new let me get this straight you now have the power to what sitting on presidential briefings you want oh the personal private emails folks you know i warn and i warn and i warn as other people do as well the court system especially i'd circuit has become one of the single most dangerous most most most dangerous through the constitutional republic as we today don't use that i dont say that lightly we cannot have a court system that you serbs power any than we can have a president that usurps power my complaints about
rocco obama and his illegal enactment of dhaka which was not within his constitutional purview to do so are the x axiom complaints i have right now but a court system demand they did the deliberative process of the present united states when he decides to enact some kind of a policy prescription bestow upon him by the legislature this is dangerous stuff folks spend the goal the left for a long time and limit the major say again because this is to this just goes to show you how important it i too like trump and why i get so angry it never tramper sometimes i understand i get it but they never too crowd i don't think you understand this one of those are we just should have elected hilary in the country would have seen how bad it wasn't a four years later we could have elected our guy whoever it maybe bush rubio wherever it may be right in that
for years we would have stacked the courts even more because there were so many openings would left leaning judges we would have evaporated the power the presidency altogether in exchange for the discretionary power the court system folks this is dangerous dangerous stuff second story the acc the international criminal court in the hague this was an reuters i read this i was like what we come again the international criminal court is now as judges authorizing investigation into war crimes by u s military and the cia in afghanistan is the first time this has happened now we are not members of the icy c in the united states but ladies and gentlemen i beg to differ so the first point i tried to make us about the dangerous power the courts in a discretionary government where courts can overrule anyone and when you stack them what left leaning nominees which is what the left is done what are you get show you get a basically bureaucratic tyranny enforced through the government
you choose me to the court system which would be left leaning that's why what discretionary gum why do they want globalism because this this acc thing we see now you're gonna pay secured the united states military through an international court what's next what's next the next the use of of of international global is bureaucratic institutions like the icy see to go after conservative politicians you don't like that's never happened before what about all these attacks on george w bush and the the iraq war what about remember these we're getting our international arrest warrants against george w bush folks this is what's coming next eighty these are but ways to intimidate the first way of through them its circuit court again as a way to enact discretionary governed wipe out the constitution but it's also a way to intimidate by requesting of the deliberative process in the emails ended deliberations at all the the thought press they wanted to the trumps decision joe is awaited chill in the future basically what
deliberation whatsoever who's gonna open your mouth to send an email the future of the courts are entitled to read everything joe think about that was reversed right should the president man the deliberations of the supreme court of the night circuit the left these cookie loony george phony liberals would go crazy like are you sure pressure power that's crazy you can't step on the court system but they have absolutely no problem with the court system stepping up the presidency this is onto chill to chill descent not sure why chill out too so lately chilled the sent to chill anyway then from the left this cause and to encourage everyone to shut their mouths and not say anything the acc is doing the same thing this is why the left is in love with globalists institutions because what they can't do in the united states joe because because of the limits of the constitution they we ate they will be able to enact super
institutionally outside of the government with global its institutions like the international criminal court in the hague you can't get george w bush out of office could you wanna would him or trump i will just issue an arrest warrant at the acc folks do not underestimate this this is not a joke this is the real battle going on i emails a lot out what do you think about globalism what do you think i'm glad pull ism is a symptom of the larger left this cause they want globalism not subsidiary or local control because they know they can wipe out accountability at the local a local level and they can go to supranational institutions to wipe out their political opponents very real this is a joke we are we are under attack by these leftist folks this is what they want to do they love the power discretion because they hate the limited power of government in its deeply disturbing they should bother we want to view this should care
even bothersome democrats but it doesn't does it say we're living in environment now or as long as you get the other guy it doesn't matter how you do it laws rules regulations and the constitution be damned its disturbing i'm not up ok joe yeah yeah we were we are actually talking about the first to the first part of this morning here in baltimore cbs yummy you're now entitled to that deliberative process of the president s if that happened anywhere else anyway as its trump the left accepts this if this anything else i i mean if the president demanded the emails and the account of the deliberations on amongst the left left this members of congress for their attack but its tax plan the left would understandably go crazy and so would i because unlike the three stand on principles and we defend the separation of powers even when it hurts our own individual political cause very bodice and for russia about you but
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talking about i'm not kidding talking about like attacking a way a media personality because he didn't like or and unlike dude i'm report in that manner what are you crazy man get set that kind of stuff what are you nuts but you know violent left us they know they don't have they there there's no ceiling to their anger sometimes so i did this i am really bothered by have covered it before but i wanna hit this one again they hypocrisy obama administration and the above administration officials who are now attacking the trump republican tax cut plan is just studying the proposal to cut the corporate tax from thirty five to twenty percent joe was a proposal that had unanimous by partisan support before tromp got elected which again goes back to my point that the left rarely stands on principles they stand on political power when their guys and empower they attack attack attack regardless of the principle even if the principles they are even if their i suppose they generally believe in a motor reduced
this from the wall street journal today this is a quote now i'm not going to tell you what administration or who wrote a first risking to read it i'll tell tell you afterwards it will only be surprising maybe the liberals conservatives won't be shocked and alexander stand that liberals they just change their mind based on snap of a finger depending on the political opportunities represent themselves here's a cop when effective marginal rates are higher this difficult but they do but where the time at the core protectorate to business tax in the united states when effect marginal rates are higher potential projects need to generate more income if the businesses pay the tax and still provide investors with the required return in other words folks if this is taxed really high there probably not going gauge and many new projects because they still have to pay the tax they then to pay the tax the project would have been profitable copy businesses will therefore limit their activities to hire return projects thus all else while a higher effective marginal rate for businesses will tend to reduce the level
investment and a lower effective marginal rate will tend to encourage additional projects and a larger capital stock increases in the capital available for each workers use also to his capital deepening boost productivity whose wages and output ok so it's some that up in non economic mockery talk ok sk we says joe you cut the corporate tax and wow productivity goes worker wages go up output goes up investment goes on this grace reduce them eight who wrote that i bet would erode or do you think child it couldn't have been almost now coordinate i don't worry absolutely could have been obama despite the fact that it was it was obama surprising it was it was incorrect obama specifically it was brought about its economic team in twenty fifth
in that wrote that now i find that kind of funny because again that was obama's economic team and now you have jason firm in and larry summers from us as he economic team who i've got after frequently on the show these guys because they they write pieces in the wall street journal and and other relatively conserved what's all the time bashing the very same thing that they supported in the past now whether they ve those sentences specifically you know we i can cannot test that it was wasn't obama economic team report my point is simply this if the report was right back then why issue it folks this is the hypocrisy of these people now what are they worried about eyebrow the supper before and i want to be very clear on this so you understand this far left not all democrats but the far left is terrified right now folks the economy is moving its moving fast we ve had two consecutive court
three percent gdp growth the obama administration never had one year not one he has the floor as president in american history did not hit one single year of three don't gdp growth folks just done the numbers he is the worst president i'll just say modern because i don't want to be unfair because all in all the pre in dutch your economies can afford the measure bike apparently today obviously in my times obama has the worst economic record of any president out there that those of to one that you want me apples that's it that's those just a fact tracks bother you and your problem with facts not my problem with reality that your issue ok he never reach three percent trumps but an office six months he's had two consecutive quarters of three percent as i said yesterday show the projections are by goldman sachs by the federal reserve that we may head hi chooser threes again for the year which will do what it would apps absolutely humiliate barack obama
now you may say well who cares and morocco bombers out above o o o o o o you it would be wrong big time now why would you be wrong because there's nothing don't ever forget this nothing liberals hate more than obvious contrast liberals globalism and they loved discretionary the discretionary power of government because they never want competition they want force their power they want to enforce their tax rates globally they don't want global competition and taxes they don't want people with something opinions to be allowed to speak because they're afraid of the contrast they're afraid of different corporate x rays overseas why joe because people with lower corporate tax rates like ireland is another up at peace in the wall street journal points out and i are sucking up investment and jobs why because shockingly joe corporations don't want to pay confiscatory tax rate again the left us
not want dissenting opinions on college campuses why because they were afraid when those dissenting opinions are aired they will make sense because they rely on facts and data and they will actually convert the stupid into an educated massive voters that vote the left out of office the left hates a contrast now is this what does this have to do with a contrast folks was damaging time but the far left in modern american history the most amgen time bar none where the car the reagan years my the carter reagan years i mean literally the years that ended the carter presidency and led into the reagan presidency why because people saw a man i want to say radical far this is actually on the deregulatory front something's carter did which were shockingly conservative not other than that he was a radical far left this other than that there were
things in the corridor years that happened that letter a far left large to our economy what happened to our economy joe stagflation you remember those years i remember those years you are a little older than me but i was alive yeah they were horrible they were terrible years hey we're you know gas lines the state inflation is famous malaise speech carter what happened reagan gets into office takes a large to the right again not all i mean i'm not i'm not i don't do defy anybody but reagan generally especially on the tax front did a very good job following it serve it of agenda on the tax run put more money back in the pockets of consumers in the economy exploded folks the contrast that call this damage to the left because what the left wants more than anything and maybe this is the problem but maybe in that this point clear enough i'll make it clear now hopefully a match our please stop me will do
when you live in a malaise long enough a country every janet area dominated by left left this politics you don't know what the factual looks like in other words if you are miserable all the time you don't know happiness is if you were happy all the time literally all the time you would know what happiness is that you should stay to being will you do to me you see what i'm saying you when you get you to the misery you get up its view an example europe europe has gotten used unemployment high unemployment stagnant wages the it's gotten used to this stuff to the point where they just vote for it because they dont know many different you see this in california now where the they get used to debt they ve got used to budget problems so nobody really knows anything else because you ve never had a contrasting opinions when you have they contrasting political of a political change in power job like you hadn't reagan annie
exports and people were alive today remember this and you are like okay i bought for car to last time life suck for reagan was grave they are terrified now circle and all the way back to the beginning these and jason firm and larry summers and the obama team that supported corporate tax cuts it before under obama didn't inactive are terrified it's going to happen now is cause they're afraid it's gonna work and when it works history folks can deceive history can't you see but long term it never lies only hide history for so long because people lived it think about history joe is its toll people actually live through their history it's like diamond on a black background always look shiny if the trump tee it's three and four percent growth after the obama team for eight years barely reached two never reach three the left is
fi its entire economic ethos its entire economic the house of of of cards its built is going to collapse completely that what happened in the reagan years and that is what led to a massive electoral college and popular vote landslide for ronald reagan re election in the left is terrified that's going to happen again folks make no mistake that is why this is all for you may say all you know they're just you furman summers and all these obama people people who are attacking the corporate to theirs doing because they hate trope yet you're not wrong you're not an accurate but folks know why i matters that is not the real reason it's it's a real and it's not the essence of the real reason it's not the principal reason the principle it is they are terrified if this happens the economy is going to take off and real americans alive really now in real time who live do the real obama years you're going to be like i didn't realize how bad that suck now look at this
i got a raise my companies hiring i've got better health benefits it's every these go and gray i just bought a new car i don't know maybe this left this stuff i believe in it for so long is really really crap the left hates a contrast they hated data want the diamond on the black background they just want the black background that's all they want they one speech on college campuses they don't want international competition for tax rates manufacturers just think up in the wall street journal today's well about joe ireland is in a panic over this ireland is terrified that this cut plan is gonna go through our businesses are gonna write owing to flee ireland to you what come back to the united states they are billy legitimately scared that this is going to happen folks the law this terrified to there is a thing the modern liberal hates more than exposure british conservative politics and policies because they know they apps
but we know they're gonna lose now having said that we don't pay back the favour although joe we would like it that people voted conserve if a certain entities at the lowest why we appreciate local control by the way not globalism conservatives that is if you want vote in your local township if you want a low vote in new york city if you want to vote for far left the radical far left policies our thing is well you will suffer the consequences of it we don't want to enforce i mean do radical means our europe they unconstitutional super constitutional europe a who said power means we don't want to enforce our ideas on others we believe in free no liberty and voting and you want to vote for that stuff higher taxes go ahead but you should suffer the ramifications of it liberal
i believe in the save tat liberals believe that you should not be able to do that we should shut down dissent we should shut thou competition and you should all be able you should be forced by global institutions to accept high taxes and everything else it's it's it's disgusting it's really really grotesque folks makes me sick i'm sorry or i ll explain that well enough i think everyone was able to follow that very clearly i hopes up because its importance and am i know you know that these these these shows about the why sometimes can get a little wonky another but it's important understand that because when you understand the why you know levin does a good job at this in his radio show when you understand the why you know the why really matters everything else falls into place i shall also brought to everybody's a brick ass nutrition big fan of these guys thank you for all the feedback about aren't the dusk i mean it i get the everyday five six seventy miles one guy wrote to be back in their permission or not but he wrote
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innovations really really good brick house nutrition dot com slash the and give it a try it's called onto the semi review i'm that a mac comforted by give out my own email daniel up on you that combat so much i know you like it give it a shot are folks euro evidence doesn't matter anymore i mean i've said but the liberals all the time it did the facts and data their worst enemy and as i just said before they never want to contrast they never want to contracting argument because they're afraid to defend their own policies so i've read a couple pieces this morning and i would like these people are the even interested in the real world anymore or is this just like do is george could stanza seinfeld episode real for their member that one george does everything backwards and it all worked out form what liberals do everything backwards and nothing works after them it's like a jewish stanza george stanza episode where they followed the george stands episode in nothing quite works out the way it should what am i talking about so look at where big govern
you don't liberalism liberal principles liberal voters have enacted what they would consider their you you know you opium means of governing themselves and means of organization ripe connecticut chicago puerto rico so there's a piece out and wash your journal today it's it's it's disturbing folks it really is troubling and it talks about there the two types of their a couple times about securitized bonds are there in these general obligation ponds right so these states in cities and entities be a porter rico chicago in connecticut show their going broke it are going broke why because even get big government policies in they ve run out of other people's money and the problem with the states of folks estates can't declare bankruptcy so at some point there have to find a way to talk more money out of your wallet and go into more debt without declaring bankruptcy so what states will do is issued a lot of my balanced budget amendments chip suited to circumvent these
things they'll issue these general obligation bonds which are basically like bonds you pay to the government just to the state government you know you're getting united states government bond your same thing from drug connecticut investors or bodies will what's the problem joe with these parts well these governments whether the state level the city level or in the case of porter rico the government has no money so what happens people away up to the fact that the government has spent money doesn't have overtime its accumulated massive amounts of dead it doesn't have the money to pay the bond sir joseph yearn investors not at your question and your investing in a bond expecting a return on their pond over the years ripe and you i doubt that the entity that's supposed to pay you the state city local or rico upward wreaking government is to give you that money but in fact has no money is that it i'd say you're a good thing that a bad thing that's a bad thing data should not top we need the best game show boys the urgent thing dan that's all
thing i'll take it's a bad thing for two hours and you would be right that is a bad thing so what is happening with the general obligation ponds oil that's why we're here to explain there is a premium on these general obligation bonds that premiums about three point five percentage points higher than what with the market would charge or other similarly price spots in other words they have to pay or interest now to issue these general obligation bonds he's liberal governments because what because they have no darn money to pay any body back so that people buying as in a future like i'm not going to take that risk you are this much more money to take that risk instead so what's happening now ro governments run by liberals are dominated by liberal voters of ultra liberal policies that break liberal places break their finances break their economies break the people in them now i say what
but we do to get around paying at three point five percent extra joe but we were out of people's money before now we're definitely add a people's money and the ability to pay more interest because then the government would have to pay more which require them attacks more to pay more interest because where does the government and its money from the people on the taxpayer so the governing you're safe beer no job turkey this close to thanksgiving year that's actually pretty read this week for thanksgiving yesterday i don't have the body they don't have the money to pay the debt ordinarily no less a premium on the debt so to get around that some of these major deciding to go with these securitized bonds basically saying this in our future tax revenue you guys have a beat unless this future tax revenue so the bonds would be backed by future tax revenue and not just a general obligation which is
to make them more secure yet now here's the kicker folks this what's hysterical about this store the future revenues don't even add up connecticut they were they out there estimate i had to take a note on this when they get the number right cuz i don't want to screw this up there s so now if you're an investor is buying these bonds right that are supposedly backed by tax revenues directing the cardinal chump we're safe not worry i know i'm gonna get pay back cause kinetic its promised me that this surplus of tax revenue they're gonna have is going to come my way academic the estimate of their own tax revenue last year alone was off by five hundred and thirty million dollars folks these things have now this is how they describe these bonds by the way trying to sell them to investors of their linked to it large and relatively stable revenue shores larger relatively stable two five hundred and thirty million dollars later
south you're listening please i'm begging you free for a moment if you're a liberal listen to show a college can you even remotely interested on why you think maybe you then because you think conservatives are not used the show you saw the descriptions shall we tackle republic in politics we tackled democratic politics you found that i'm republican you think i'm a total psychopath amidst that's totally possible i get it maybe a listings for a moment i want to ask you issues really crazy no seriously who's not are you not zero minors is anything i'm telling you hear factually incorrect right i'm telling you that can get budget where she was off by five hundred thirty million dollars that can it is out of money that in order to are more money connecticut has to pay a premium on money had borrowed from its own people because the money paid back in the past isn't there either in we get around paying more agers for money it doesn't have to get back to the people apart money from before it is now guaranteeing the people's future tax money to its other bond although the issue more dead based on it
extreme that are saying is large and relatively stable despite the fact that they were up by five hundred thirty billion last year whose crazy mayor you whose crazy so camacho man read these are member in i am ready w w offence back in the day yet w w e now oh he's elizabeth europe favorite life is worth much romania's dead runaway grand management for they ask him a question and he was in the end if you ve never got out a character mean gino go and be as requested he be like no are you still love that don't matter fact my but when she asked me a question sometimes and i really have no idea about the answer she should i go through the motto man thing and i guess i don't know whose crazy are we that's all you know you borrowed money you can't even pay that back you
paying interest premium which means paying more taxpayers money and interest to other bar was you're out of that money so now you guarantee the future tax payments it would have want to ports paying all dead but you can't even guarantee that because your budget estimates last year off because people are fleeing your police state yes we're all that's joe you argue these liberals i wish i'd i'd you not where the crazy was yoga you spare pre paul you a poor people who want to throw off the cliff you want to poppies and kittens you guys are not you wanna take who's not taking care of people is we're doing this folks i'm warning you now i do not if you are an investor right i get it as on a financial show i don't provide investment advice is more common sense is not a financial adviser so i'm not dave ramsey but man alive
you're investing in these bonds these core provides a general obligation bonds muni bonds securitized bond you're out of your mind you're out of your mouth ok you think you're getting this money back good luck i'm serious man walk right in its bid your junk and a funny thing is securities bond show got a triple a rating repeated whilst like wait wait what are you kidding me aaa based on what triple a rating based on what their ability to go bankrupt faster than the next guy triple a rating on the path to bankruptcy we are triple a rating you you will go bankrupt the quickest you will beat everybody the bankruptcy finish line circle back again how i serves evidence matter anymore that the question we started off what does it matter are you asked you yesterday during the socialist shall we covered socialism in venezuela breaking down please listen yes show you missed it do you have a heart this any of this matter or you just going
to continue to walk blindfolded like none of this is happening one last story story the daily signal it it's a dumb laying down on the story i covered yesterday but it's important daily signalize apiece up today it's the heritage foundations blog really good are put in the show once again the story about the new jersey state senate president steve sweeney new jersey blue state sweeney a democrat they are now starting to think twice about a millionaires tax and in in new jersey why because as i covered yesterday in the signal covers in the peace that now that the state and local seduction joe is me be pulled away in other words the ability of people to deduct their state local taxes and high tax blue states from their federal taxes
they're saying well we may not be able to act at millionaires tax despite as they point out the peace joe despite the fact that the democrats governor elect phil murphy who is just elected a new jersey ran on this it went on how beneficial this william tax was going to be for the economy support let me get this straight if the millionaires tax as they call it the text never milk as a millionaires don't pay they just leave state right which is what happened in maryland member germany lost money we're like gonna gate hundreds of millions from this millionaires that they lost one hundred thirty seven million dollars it became like a comedy act in maryland had a repeal such joe this guy ran on this if you're saying that turning over of the citizens money in the state of new jersey to the new jersey state government to a millionaires tax or any other tax is a good and benevolent force joe that's what you're saying that this is a good thing for the economy
and why are you backing off from it now that the people paying the are actually going to be forced to face the full brunt of it montenegro is clear of this is going to leave on this point boxes the less story today but the real i'm covering this again is for exhibit a why matter shows but we believe we jump to thirty thousand feed a lot of stuff is critical if the why reason behind your millionaires tax is that the government can do far better with your money whether in new jersey or the federal government than you can yourself and this is a benevolent force for economic growth and for the betterment of the citizens is state of new jersey why are you now backtracking on that tax because people are act you gonna feel it i dont understand i mean what i love doing talking head can tell as you can tell a lot fox
joint but i wonder sometimes why we don't make these bigger larger why arguments why higher taxes are a good thing why does it bother you that people are actually feel the impact of higher taxes it's a good thing in other words joe conservatives don't make the argument about tax cuts that way we think about it you to take the liberal why oh tactics are great just don't make our millionaires feel it what what what are you going maybe you're turning over the government monies good thing that's what you said if servitors pickup how ridiculous it would sound if conservatives were such hypocrites joe i wanted when actor three cut plan but here's the deal i dont want to actually cut your taxes or you to feel it so what we're do is we're gonna cut your tax rate from whatever thirty percent to fifteen percent joe any money you save you're gonna turn over at the end of the year in a sir tat yeah that's a grandson some idea that that's what
liberals are so turning what is the money the government new jersey in the federal level it's a good thing just please don't turn over the money that govern actually have to feel it this is dead i can't let my brain is for i really does it matter to these people socialism people are dying in eating squirrels i keep getting now for my body jeff by rotation policies they start back and squirrels their delicious back and squirrels i just would need so you have people squirrels and socialist countries you have new jersey connecticut puerto rico going bankrupt because a liberal policies you have them doubling down a bankruptcy by promising future bankruptcy bondholders you then new jersey reach right now on a guide democratic governor elect you ran on a billion years tax backing after millionaires tax because people actually have to pay taxes you set are a good and positive force of people's lives can we just when the show and along poor diet i have nothing else to say
my brain is fried dealer within city it's all that i can't take it i gotta get him the lobby with why do you call the media's cosette i'm sorry i rather they are they are on that talk about all democrats that make it its i should say your economic idiots you're not maybe your real life you really nice a lot of you probably do good things you just total economic gideon some sorry this makes note you are totally immune to facts and data packets illicit vocabulary and only begin so hostile i just i get upset may i please go to budget that come to scratch my email is i'll send you these are articles and check out their daily signal piece you ll see how quickly the left house back its rhetoric when people actually have to pay for it see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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