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Ep. 596 An Interesting Proposal to Put Your Liberal Friends on the Spot

2017-11-22 | 🔗
Net Neutrality is a liberal scam to introduce big-government regulations into the Internet world.  http://reason.com/blog/2017/11/21/ajit-pai-net-neutrality-podcast   The writer has a terrific proposal for liberal’s demanding higher taxes. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453964/gop-tax-plan-limousine-liberals-pay-more   Liberal Senator Chuck Schumer tweeted this deceptive chart showing what happens AFTER the proposed tax cuts expire. https://twitter.com/senschumer/status/932302409791148032   This dramatic video shows the lengths people will go to escape the horrors of communism.  http://www.reuters.tv/v/Alw/2017/11/22/insight-dramatic-video-of-north-korea-defector-s-getaway   The economy is on a roll! https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-jobless-claims-fall-record-run-persists-140437347.html
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give way to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby gino sharply show our you re doing good man get ready for thanksgiving yeah man be too big shot out iran pay you know your for sending me that cut yesterday and that ring town where you will get some surprises later for you in the show we are closing thanksgiving message i know our regular of historic reserve gonna love if you knew you may be mildly could views but that's ok you're out overtime irregular lessons that all exactly what i'm talkin about and i just a quick note i will be filling in for the great one mark levant on radio friday so for those you listen in jos morning show w c b emma beyond their network slovene started seven over there than believe six eastern of four live show so albion for mark on friday tearing it up as usual you don't play a player buddy macho for that i thank you randy i appreciate their play him again
jos brown working out a series of cards so macho man's really excited of course about our our stance the ban on friday we appreciate one more time just for the how where china light up to show a little bit folks obviously with all the stuff going on right now makes it are messy before the holidays jos banana and some what they call it a bit this drops in business as sound that stuff so it's retry to keep it will light i speak it heavy stuff so got a ton of emails yesterday i mean a lot and unusual amount and say in the five hundred now and ninety six episodes we ve done data episodes i've gotten the most emails on receive the most amount of emails on have definitely been my debt penalties show where i i surprise a lot of listeners i'd i objected to it you know that guy
what i find out why show i mean i'm sorry i'm not asking you to feel the same webs tell the ivy i owe you the honesty in the truth ripe elegiac and secondly was the net neutrality show so yet we ve done you ve got a few shouted neutrality but they did surprising thing about the net neutrality shows is the condemnation and praise you get email wise is by artists and meaning you'll get conservatives who say dad you're crazy and all liberals or email me you're say daniel spot on and vice versa it's not an issue that really it's not an issue is it transcends part of supplies i guess what i'm saying so i gotta go for we males yesterday said now that the fcc commiserated pie is come out said listen we're going to scrap these rules were going to take a vote on net neutrality the emails where everything from what the hell is net neutrality to can you just quickly explain the pros and the cons of this and what this means for let me just say first i am absolutely
one hundred percent against net neutrality let me say second value and respect your opinion and your emails i get it there are differences of opinion this is it's an opinion show i am i here to tell you how i feel and what i believe to be the facts and the true you're not obligate to believe it i'm just giving you alternate perspective you don't have to digest it and and and and you know about written say this is my opinion do that's ok you know my email daniel upon you know you want to send me an email say he's why this route that is totally cool i promise i'll read it i object that new childish wrongly so those of two point two third point i want to make on this before i move on to that the facts portion of the show here on net neutrality yes i agree with you support supporters of net neutrality and i'm against this completely i agree there problem there's always a problem theirs
there is a problem and free markets you stake is expensive chicken gets expensive turkey's get expensive movie get expensive there is always an issue with allocation of resources broadband five g prices for content on cable there's always issues i am not suggesting to you because i get these emails jonah there there therein this thing i want a muttered something anybody i get these emails from supporters of net neutrality daniel wrong and there lay out twenty years thirty problems with the internet marketing content market over the internet as we see it now joe and they provide no governments solution at all that makes sense and i'm like ok i agree with you all those problems are accurate the only thing i'm saying where i object to your folks the only thing i objective is i don't believe government the heads there's that's the i agree with everything you say in the emails point stipulated you are correct this could be it
this could be a problem this could be a problem that can be a problem its point six seventy two sub see three point four what you say and the governmental fix it where i totally disagree net neutrality was the government trying to regulate the internet under title to which was really instituted decades ago to regulate railroads and stuff like that it was a governor it was largely driven by left this why believe i'm from just being candid suckered alot of conservatives into believing that this with some kind of a suit a free market initiative to treat a bit is a bit going to keep the internet open and free folks it is not going to keep the internet open and free you are introducing the government into the internet arena absent the light regulatory touch it had before that to precisely do the opposite now i unlike some of the above the points of this thing i can actually prove it ok let's get to the facts portion of
so the arguments for this thing right which i'm gonna refute immediately on this here they are as for net neutrality they see well if the government he the internet which is amazingly here conservatives even utter those words but if the government regulates the internet and forces them to treat everyone equally joe by the way the language used by the left that we somehow suckered into they're going to church everybody equally on the internet and a key throttle would slow down and they can't price discriminate against people wait wait what do you understand price discrimination is a focus group tested term by the left to refer to what we call the free market is the school price discrimination joe you don't have our car the dude ready do you by any chance i think i can find it quickly find
dude for me for a second because every time i hear price discrimination i think of the dude there well just like your opinion what does that mean i different prices based on different supply and demand what are you talking about price discrimination price discrimination or different prices for different supply and demand models indifferent customers happens everywhere in a free market it happens on planes other first class pensioners passengers discriminated against you how discriminating against you you can try first class eat you just don't work to where you can't afford it i dont folks i don't fly first class so it's like i'm speaking with forked tongue like a limousine liberal like i fly a first class and unlike a great on washed out there you know i don't fly a first class i've met some of you listen my show on planes you don't want dark about people
her hair was usually tags i promise you haven't met these people at first class those people pay more for food what i believe humbly to be and of a wasted servers of my business wants to play for it i'll take it but i'm not paying thousand dollars to fly the shuttle from dc to new york for thirty five minutes to get an extra bag peanuts i'm sorry if some great do who'd want to do that the board first grade might by fares cheaper because of it discrimination price at its core freedom pricing discrimination europe arched more for a seventy and tv than you are thirteen teenage tv you being discriminated against i just wanted a bigger tv ok thank you have a nice day this whole idea about net neutrality that you're somehow force people to pay more
who consume more content is quite that's why known as economic freedom and liberty conservatives getting suckered by using all that price discrimination you're using more stuff by the way i had said in the show gosh you to go now and in the recent show we did on net neutrality forgive me i don't have the episode numbers in front of me but you can listen to yourself every prediction we made about price discrimination came true conservatives that the liberals who are pushing net neutrality we're never ever gonna use so called price discrimination joe to go after that i took a note on this everything said was they weren't gonna go after throttling slowing down the internet for poor people or they can they we're gonna go after rich people we warned you tat it was gonna hurt people who are poor and middle income the worst and folks that's eggs back we what happened causes agitprop points out the fcc com in an increase
annabelle article and reason at reason doc which will be in the show not folks read it please read it rarely otto man says really this articles terrific adjured pie here's a let me quote you from the article i said to you listen there i'm gonna go after rich people here no one gotta be hurt by net neutrality other than a port a middle class and isn't it convenient that the first case the fcc took up using it template of these fcc net neutrality rules job was against what was it hence the zero rating you know what zero rating is basically being charged data a free plan if who consume a certain amount of content on a carrier they want to have their people getting stuff for free the bridge people weren't heard there was the people back riding on the plate and sewage in the luggage they're the ones you got hurt now here's a from the reason peace for that
conservatives who are being soccer by this net neutrality scam is adjured pie he says it's telling that the first investigations at the prior fcc initiated under these so called net neutrality rules following free data offering says adjured pie pointing toward actions initiated by his predecessor against zero rating services such as t mobiles binge programme which didn't count d use the stream netflix spotify and a host of other services against the customers monthly data allowance folks i didn't read that wrong people who are getting for free were the first ones targeted because company government government always screws up your trusting that gun to regulate the internet it's like i think it alcoholic to regulate these alcohol consumption are you insane here it goes on this is pie speaking here in
he's an article go to the show no spongy o thou calmer subscribed to my email is checked this thing out it's a great short to hear for me it's just absurd to say that the government should stand in the way of consumers who want to get a companies want to provide for the data tat folks that's what actually happened ok that's what actually happened in the actual real world so i get your your your assertion that no no this is given the price discrimination and and i don't want to be charge more to watch netflix and the government's going to protect me they didn't protect you they did the opposite companies that wanted give you the stuff for free literally for free for you you no cost you would all those are the companies that got attacked because it's the government there its theirs oh incentive tonight periods my gosh i
i believe people are getting a get i don't mean to sound hostile eyebrows i respect your but i get it that people recognize there's a problem but suggesting that guy permit was somehow gonna fix this is absurd this absurd your introducing a government to a regulatory role into by the way from the mid ninety nine these two twenty fifteen where they had the lightest of regulatory touch is and we have almost no significant game changing problems right there are issues of the internet we will get there but i'm talking game changes like it was shut down customers weren't getting it customers were prohibited from getting it these major game changing problems didn't exist from the nineties to twenty fifteen and now you think introducing to the government's gonna fix the government to a regulatory role is kind of fix stuff oh my gosh man are you being snookered by this one are does so first point number one take away from this yes there is a problem
if we suggesting you that the government isn't going to fix it the market will find a solution secondly telling me that all it opens the door for i s peace to price discriminate and charge me but for the services are using suggests that somehow the government imposing a price control and a price cap will work where it's never ever worked and my arm against that is the first fight the fcc pick was not with price caps for middle class people consuming netflix you don't want to pay more the first prize fight they pick was with lower middle income middle income folks who had the plans that were charged nothing that was because it's the government they can't get heads out of their collective papooses you think they're gonna fix your problem it's almost comical secondment debate damn the idea here for a here folks what's that well we force i
please the treat every bar you know every content every bit coming over their lives every doubts of data bit of data should say coming over their lines equally then this will create and well environment and an websites won't be stopped throttled folks what that really lead to was companies that we're investing a broadband before the expansion broadband stop i would like not only slightly reversed it there's been a and you read it in the article of you think i'm making this up there's been a six percent decline in broadband network investment meaning what meaning please it's at our so now we're gonna be forced to provide a product for a car determined not by the equality or the or or the demand for the product but determined by the government ok
we're just not going to invest in it at all matter frank we're going to stop and slow down investing in broadband so basically the people who need broadband now aren't getting it precisely because the government introduce regulations that were supposed to get people more broadband joe you have the dude can you can do for me i need to lighten up a second there were just like your opinion i know it too much of a good big sometimes i'm sorry folks i really i really want to keep its before thanksgiving and i gotta keep the show and i just don't get it every thing we said was going to happen happen the government would it would backfire would be middle class folks who suffered middle class folks given away free stuff work targeted broadband investment in decline and yet people still argue that net neutrality is going to increase provide bed investment and it's gonna help the middle class because a bit will be a bit you won't be charge more no no you were charged nothing
and the government did like it stopped his is there is its bodies and i get a kick out of its hysterical boy why are we gonna do in aid here because i should say that because i love my my spot say some guy email me today and setting off you gonna dominated rough cuts tomorrow which i will do it on thanksgiving morning cato joe and i were we're gonna do it tonight by dies adds do it tomorrow if you don't i'm united everything going to learn evening it's always better but it's a semi live right but an email today you know i was really interested given your sponsorship by i target that company he said you know what did you guys go to hand gun training in the secret service so maybe i'll cover that tomorrow but i think it was pretty sorry i'm gone training is legit and we would do this thing called the stress course which was approved which was keller you'd have to sprint like a quarter mile is vast you can doubt to this range and
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chuck humor who just totally lying to you but the keystone pipeline so the final hurdle there's that distort the genesis of restoring the final hurdle for the keystone pipeline which is an oil pipeline which prove to be but by trans canada which is going to lead to a billion and investment in hundreds of jobs and by the way potentially cheaper petrol resources for us this a win win win win win for everyone the keystone pipeline it's been objected to buy them our left for years now the left is just lying to you completely about the keystone pipeline but more importantly joe there lie to you why they objective the keystone timeline here it is they objective keys for one reason and one reason only they objective keys because they want to keep every bit of oil in the ground and raise your gas prices because they are neanderthals yea tat we can sit around a fire all day were somehow going to save the environment by doing what i don't know roasting marshmallows around a campfire i mean it's
it's ridiculous they did you know that they call it like the green red axis you know what one went happened what started is reds you know communists and socialist they realize the futility of defending that after the fall of the soviet union so the object environmentalist as a way to combat capitalism and free markets and economic freedom they hate oil they can't stand oil they literally want to keep it in the ground they do now one energy because they know energy fuels capitalism they see capitalism is the now that's the argument that use in public because their liars course they ve always about all democrats i'm talking about the far left radical environmental groups that have sued everybody in their mother involved with the keystone piper they our wires capital outliers they are just simply not telling you the truth that's the real arguments wanna keep the oil and round the argument they tell you as other stuff is safe it's not safe chow
okay so here are the numbers so we looked up the safety and i saw a piece in the journal today it was fascinating the actual numbers for those are you interested in facts and data that crazy kind of stuff here's the reality of these so called not safe pipelines compared to rail joe pipelines are two point five times less likely to have a spill than rail and for road it's it's even worse the number of accidents on the roads about seven times higher than it is for four pipeline transportation of oil folks listen to make those are just the facts you do with them what you want ladys chance for the liberals listening you do with it what you want but now i want make you are what you i want you to make an argument to me and i'll prove to you that liberals all day we will keep the oil on the ground as they hate capitalism if you stipulate with them for a second that we need oil wanted to beats their whole argument because any if we need oil then obviously their whole argument that we keep it in the ground is bought great but it first
second mail even stipulate that that we need to work as you and i both know that to be factually accurate the world would shut down we would starve and most of us would be dead if we didn't have petrol resources right and just say to them well what suggested means of transportation are you suggesting for the oil if you objectify pipelines just wait i'm an answer but what are you suggesting star trek tell transportation of oil or what carrier pigeon what are you suggesting bob every stupid ro jimmy where they were accidents or seven times more like you mean i thought you said it was about safety so you're suggesting a mean means that's multiple times more dangerous than rail so not about safety right now it's about sex but you're suggesting something less say so i was it about safety ok what
rail oh you mean real words two point five times more likely to result in a spill then it would if it was transported by pipeline so again you're making the opposite point you're claiming to make that it's about safety when you actually suggesting it more dangerous means of transportation what's your real point and then just get them to say ok we should just keep the damn thing in the ground is really has nothing to do with safety i'm just lying to you the entire type you you see i like that every time you see a girl i had so frustrating to wake up every morning and have to deal with liberals they just won't tell you the truth ever on anything i'm a conservative i will college to any liberal listening just like i do net neutrality there are problems there is a price we'd broadband getting out there at the some rural communities there are problems with slow internet there are problems investment where its needed there are problems with slow service there are problems with getting yet you know it downloads
these are all legitimate problems simply suggesting you wouldn't neutrality government has absolutely none of the solutions are free the free market over time will fix it through supply and demand making the same argument here with petrochemicals there significant problems one its aid limited resource albeit this situation the scarcity of it has been highly exaggerated by the left without reached peak well but it is limited it does create pollution there's no doubt about that and are we frankly is an open ended question on the damage from anthropogenic climate change i made its an open ended question i the left want you leave its climate catastrophe i think they're being ridiculous but you know we should ignore altogether science on this stuff either if co2 emissions are presenting a problem and you can present to me some data that makes which you haven't yet i'm open to it
i'm not i'm not saying you are beauty i just i just don't do alarmist and that's what the climate left two months ago i agree those problems but again i'm just giving you the data on what you are argument is you're saying the arguments about safety when the argument we're making is ok pipelines make it safer and you're telling me you know that's not good enough that which says to me there's an alternative agenda here you're just not telling us and your agenda is to shut it down completely and you think that's going to solve the problems so the problems of joy potential co2 emission rights potential we don't even know right up so pollution all that's up want to serve you want to supplant those problems with mass death and starvation due to a lack of energy which would destroy food production everything that's that's a good one you get grants of solid solution you guys really have all the answers my gosh unbelievable seriously insisting
we have to deal with these people every day it's their brain that hey i'm one more thing before we move on to an stopping i had another writers piece of video are put in the show notes upon gino that come and at my email is it is stunning video you really need to watch of a new north korean de facto from the military trying to cross the dmz effigy actually gets across his shot and he's wounded when the de mille rise out he escaped you ve got to see the video i'll put it up at the show notes folks if it doesn't hammer home to you on a very serious note like to show we did on monday asking our end to say by the way socialists out there if you have a heart this guy died he was shot you have to see the video games speeding in a car to get away sprint across feel this north korean soldiers joe going down own position and engaging when they hit em they hit him with their weapons
and he still makes it across its an amazing video that should again hammer home to our the bureau listeners college kids and older liberal listeners who still believe in socialism the horror people will endure to escape the ravages of communism and socialism but you know what people even if that's ok you don't have to live in it so yeah you pay no price for your beliefs you just impose their price on others said really said ok we shall also bought you our bodies a brick house nutrition appreciate the emails on this in their pretty voluminous their product on the dusk is this you need to get to bar you cook and all day you need a product to keep but gets ago a dog the dusk is the way to rock and roll i love this stuff it's available brick nutrition dot com slash then let's break nutrition dotcom slash down or if you subscribe to my email is there's a little link at the top which has this been doing parker sales they people of this stuff they keep coming back for more here's the kicker with listen folks is energy products everywhere by a cup of coffee ok here's the problem with it
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humor these the liberal democratic senator from new york a momentary this did it i didn't may have taught us perform it here's my chuck humor story from the secret services at the thought like anything bad but the so around hamptons with mrs clinton who is running for assent it at the time in new york and now i'm doing a motorcade and she said he it is she she had that relatively short motorcade it wasn't it wasn't like you see with the president with if you have thirty forty cars in everyday oh it was ten ten cards so but you near the transportation age and you have to do the motorcade if the motorcade route line up the cars and to be out lining up the cars is the worst part you would think designing the motorcade route and the security forces and all the tactical medications and medical emerge he's an alternate routes and second there s outweigh the hard part the hardest part show is turned into darn cars around its the worst
trip and croatia where i spent eighteen forty five minutes trying to turn the cars iraqis report that is tiny little parking lot right it's the worse now it is the worst thing ever so we go out to this house in the hands of scott one of these circular driveways but it's a short driveway and the way the street was designed and would like to make a u turn you how to do in austin powers you turn member the movie austin powers we tries to do the u turn and he's got it's like a seven hundred point turn that's how industry you know to talk about julia yeah it's like trying to turn my raptor on the street where my daughter goes wrong you you have it's it's like a seriously it's like a five hundred and fifty two point turn tried doing that we'd like ten cars at random motorcade ripe subdue and is forever and i know this is the discussions i think hey we gotta get this congress music congressmen time you gotta get him in a motorcade now mike listen i've got ten cars haven't even turn these cars around why does this guy have to be in a motorcade all he's got get to the next site with the quincel haven't jump in the car were there any could pick up a scarlet are not he's gotta get no motorcades gotta get the market they get
car to turning the car out it's this crappy like night i love ford by the way but this car resigning what it was like a rusted through ninety in eighty whenever tourists or something i was like the biggest you ve ever seen in your life and here we're doing to turn and i got to deal with this for tourists at the end of drivers know what they are doing i'm like this is the worst thing that's my church humor stories accounts and i never forgot that ever my dude dude get out of the car and let us do it thank will in the motorcade just gettin scooby do van whether we'll come back for your car later i've been driven a car myself there rather keep that doping and probably told that story before yeah you know yet you would because you ve been here obviously for every they ve never missed an episode now either via obviously but joe is i've never had a son
well we have had to work on a backup planet case god forbid the producer joe dies of a heart attack or some let's hope that those that's me not gonna woodrow russia too horrible thing to say what is your approach so he walked i will keep my life i will i say preference so schumacher text that this thing out yesterday he says bring this chart thanksgiving dinner in come in handy when that family member who always talks politics tells you that the republic taxpayers hopes a middle class number one that is the dumbest idea ever yokes i do not doubt it but you job idle i don't talk politics a face giving you seriously want to politics with me at thanksgiving good luck knocking ass you i'm not interested i love politics but i'm not don't it is it is not appropriate it is time we liberals conservatives we are all americans we have this agreement we should all j cans and thank god we live in the greatest country on earth i do not want to debate the taxpayer on thanksgiving now
tumors a maniac of course far off this of course once the debate the tax bill on thanksgiving sets what maniacs do with crappy nineteen seventy two for tourism rested through trade slide nor motorcade unhampered but here's the funny thing he puts charge up which i'm looking at now not put a link to the tweet in the show not just in case you want to look at it yourself he puts a chart up and the chart shows after tax income for the middle class and the poor going down and after tax income for the very wealthy going up and you may say all like really so this tax our plan is gonna cost poor people more money and it's gonna cost rich people last monday cash that's not fair well as always joe the wide matters what's the catch cause there's always a catch when it comes to liberal liars and that's what they do best
in small letters joe underneath the headline of the van i'll put a link to the tweet if you think i'm making this small letters you purposely design for you to nazi it says this is class i need a mine a man after this by the way done rated a secure cute that baby right up all right here here's the subtitle in very small type average person its change in after tax income twenty twenty seven q my body red what are you twenty seven now what just one year we in two thousand seventeen today seventeen right and went out in twenty twenty seven right now we're gonna wanna go you have he's abacus around use i do go we haven't used jays abacus awhile he isn't that comment that for he's confused gardener lesters ok
mr savary has wrongly so can you do me a favor many years if you subtract theatre twenty seven from twenty seventeen how many many years from now twenty twenty seven horror years tat all ten years a worry its radio it said for real friends like objects humour that how to get jays abacus out because he's abacus is the only way to get through to liberals that that's ten years away why is ten years away significant ten years away significant because that's when the tax cuts expire and why do the tax cuts expire because the democrats folks i am not making this up it if you show this chart the amount is it thanksgiving what you're an idiot for doing it at thanksgiving but secondly you're even dumber because it's a chart about two thousand and twenty seven when the tax cuts go away and why does it scots go away because democrats want the republicans to push the pact
bill through reconciliation meaning demo crash won't vote for permanent tax cuts they want the republicans to push for attacks cut bill where they can only get fifty one votes on the reconciliation which would force the tax cuts to sunset after ten years think about what i'm telling you hear the democrats like up chuck have the power made these tax cuts permanent by saying to them publicans were on board you don't have to go to reconciliation ok democrats are not saying that they're saying go to reconciliation which means that they have to expire after ten years so that the republicans can pass it will last for that make sense joe reconciliation reprocess only requires fifty one votes meanings and republicans capacity without any democrats right but the catches caviar here is that they expire after ten years now why would you want probably want to expire they don't that's the point
there are only going to reconciliation because no democrats are on board with the tax plan or else they be permanent sharks you were this classic democrats this supplied epic failed them crap everyday tweets out a chart say in ten years the rich people get a pedicure poor people gonna get screwed after the task expire that by the way the democratic party is is forcing the republicans to make them expire after ten years that's asked you guys you guys what you you're just awesome do evokes again why i wake up every morning like what democrat liberal stupidity am i going to have to deposit today on the show i'm i'm going to put the link to this going to copy this because this just it's it's just a priceless so i tweeted to chuck yes chocolates destroy family holiday by showing them a chart which shows what happens after the tax cuts expire which you don't want to make permanent you can't past
we be this ignorant ye can because he is this is this is exactly what they do they lie to you all the time it's just disgusting really by the way a friday we have a real are really cool sponsor join in the show i know it's weird to tease sponsor nobody i'm serious we got had a conference call them the other day would add new sponsors left and right the one on friday black friday i strategically placed this one because it is one of them who is sponsors i think we're ever gonna get this is enormous affright suited the friday show seriously just to hear the commercial its instead good they send us april by the way and i'll explain to you the job of this edwards its priceless so tuna variety of one of our new sponsors i'm gonna put that out there
ok let's story the day there's a really terrific awesome peace in national review by the royal murdoch who really rights great stuff i really enjoy his content and the rhine murdoch has a terrific idea joe by the way something we proposed often on the show that try to take credit for his idea but it's just i think it's great i want to give him a big pat on the back but it's something we ve been thinking about for a while he's ok listen you know we are not the taxpayer by the waste as democrats the liberals have a big problem with this tax cuts plan and he d discusses in the beginning this group there are four hundred goober wealthy people including george soros ultra liberal george soros joe go off this letter and sent it off to political leaders that said don't cut our taxes manufacture not only cut our taxes we want to pay more ok put deal sounds good to me go right ahead
so the remarks as i've got an idea let's in produce the hot tax like eighty embassy you're saying things twice atm zone tell machine but the high tax it should be the high the high rate optional tax tax just like atm machine machine the hot tat is a brilliant idea high rate optional and this derive their and our proposal is to allow rich people to check box on their filing joe and on finally may i get to declare whatever rate they want you for a hundred hooper wealthy vote should want to pay higher taxes you are going to go now you could do now of course but they don't but let's make a formal joe let's this is this is where the roy takes into a new level of genius that unfortunately joe you and i didn't think of first i we
he suggested they should voluntarily pay more right here's murdoch's proposal which is chinese he said let's actual because if you do that now let's act we change the law and make that the law the high tax the high rate optional tax lex the law as as an addendum to the bill now and let's hear the list frozen come out against it lets you right here stick it in a law that way every time a liberal comes back knows taxes for the rich which it's not by the way actually i told you blew state millionaires and billions of people who lose in this tax bill but against all the facts in the waiver dopey arguments we can just come back on the bill has a high rate optional pact so all you lives are free to pay whatever you want but it's right there what there's a joke let me just pretend to be the liberal on tv when confronted with that they're gonna go are you choking not a wishbone our turkey like ten
you know what this say know don't we we don't really mean optional we're not actually gonna pay more we do so everybody else to pay more ok so you don't like the general tat you want to force other people to pay more who can actually do better things with their money that given that the government's going to crap it down the toilet bob that makes a lot of us the genius mu bai murdoch where listening out there and i know there somewhere in the senate europe hell or in the white house stick tat in the bill stick it in their stick it in their make the democrats you against that if every time you go on tv just say not order where we're all good folks all the rich people i want to pay more said they want to pay more and all the liberals out there you don't have to be rich if your liberal you think i tat is our benevolent philanthropic force in society you're welcome to pay more matter even give him the line make it like whatever twenty three see point sixty five there you go
right there you just check it out here you gotta pay fifty hundred you gonna pay a hundred plus more next year you wanna get extra credit taxes next year go right ahead paid five thousand percent of your income take alone to pay taxes you're you're welcome to do it folks they flip their lids they will not know what to do because they don't want to pay higher taxes they just want you to pay higher taxes now this is where the murder peace and which will be the showed it takes a stroke of genius again to the next level i was but the federal witness ro experiment words voluntary now joe and i think a banner year for them was twelve million dollars thousand this is about their taxes so let us be clear and so the countries the age of thirty million people you figure let's go unaware when just to be generous the liberals and the math here let's say twenty million that process probably a lot more than ever since twenty million if every liberal in the country
it donated a dollar extra one dollar extra but make eight million more than the highest voluntary tax load they receive voluntarily from the country in any year again going to show you that people are entirely completely full of alone you're full of it lives you don't want to pay our taxes you avoid taxes at all costs and if you just want everybody else to pay so cut the crap but here's what murdoch makes a leap i did make either he's ok has been tried at the state level which i was entirely unaware of and i'm pissed when i don't know stuff joe massachusetts did this i read this i was like how did i not have this material some talk about this form of in on friday to here's a quote from the peace massachusetts hints at how little those who clamour for higher taxes actually pay when so empowered the bay stage yo caught it's fine point eighty five percent tax rate in two thousand down to five point one percent today ok
back then citizens for limited taxation proposed that the five point eight five percent rate remain available to anyone who rejected the lower tax so two thousand and two joe and annual twelve hundred of the state's roughly three point five million tax violence have embraced the higher rate now here are the numbers on this to choose its follow liberals right you would think ok so here's the essence of this job so far as they cut the rate from five twenty five to five point one but they left the other rate available to all liberals in massachusetts who hated the idea of a tax cut you would think this day rate did a fortune right your massachusetts follow lips higher taxes their great for society of course you'd be wrong here are the numbers that this is hysterical the quarter million dollars they collectively generated is like a of sam sam adams logger in the boston harbour that is
to choose its forty point three billion dollars state budget so out of a forty billion dollar plus budget all of these points liberals do only asked joe to pay the difference between five eight five and five point one we're going about a five year five percent rate and a two percent rate when you talk about a little hike only twelve hundred people did it raise a quarter million bucks out of a forty billion dollar budget you guys and ladys are frauds hey i applaud the twelve hundred who did it good for you i did i agree with you i think you're wasting your money but at least in principle to the other who fought for this thing it didn't pay our tax rate for odds for goods from what's your frauds rights sorry so big had tempted the roy murdoch i love the idea the high tax tax just like i love the idea of the atm machine machine hits
great idea for anyone listening to hill stick it in their right away are again give a shout out to our body run p who's gonna say he sent an especial thanks giving me six which i joe and i would just like to quickly relay to our audience shall play that message it could be a long term so close things get a job do you have anything to add to that thanksgiving message i love you guys a lady all right i'll see you tomorrow takes giving happy days just ten bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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