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Ep. 597 Rough Cuts 2

2017-11-23 | 🔗
Most importantly, Happy Thanksgiving!   Here are 7 secrets to better conditioning. https://www.t-nation.com/training/7-conditioning-secrets   Why women should train even harder than men. https://www.t-nation.com/training/why-women-should-train-harder-than-men   Why you shouldn’t eat excess carbs at night. https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/tip-eat-fat-before-going-to-bed   Why firearms training in the “red zone” is so important. https://www.officer.com/tactical/firearm-accessories/ammunition/article/10438882/the-red-zone-training-for-the-ugly-real-world   The NFL is getting crushed in the ratings game. https://nypost.com/2017/11/22/the-nfl-ratings-slump-is-getting-worse/
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did you know she give where you to hear the truth about amerika with your host dan bones i wasn't there but you know show producer joe our unanimous thanks turkey day and i'm ready to go abroad gets the morning here in party city florida and listen folks most of you have heard about my two daughters but you ve never heard from them so they wanted to say a quick happy thanks into the audience so first for me happy day skimming thank you for everything you ve done for me now amelia edison my five euro that you ready this is your big podcasting appear are you ready to say happy thanksgiving giving i get up on my gear happy scan all right now isabel this is my thirteen year old row brazilian jujitsu gymnast former softball play a field hockey player its soccer player as well give them a big happy face giving happy thinks giving good job kids you say i got
the best part of having a hog studio say there my go it's love your thanks for the emails apposite feedback and dear yes you thankful for i am thankful for my my faith my family my freedom my country producer joe my job the opportunities the lord's put in front of me and for you all for putting up with for the last hour glass show what is it three years two and a half years now who know yet i find and ninety seven so i appreciate that joe and you're a good man appreciate uniting and enable us to prevent us from the beginning all right i figured joan i figure to be good day for iraq cuts episode there always a little later i who needs politics they but quickly one quick story it did see which i thought was interested because you don't i know it i know no that was why right i knew it i knew it can help in our region joe s line i saw this story about the nfl again
their ratings are just collapsing and given that is turkey david football is a good time to turn off the football spend time with your family so that's a good note so for that the nfl decided to take at me because i took me on them and now it's that much more time you know hang around with my family and have conversations with the rather to get lost in a football game where they're gonna disrespect their flight but the stories i put it in the show notes that by the way their ratings just collapsing it's just amazing and i tweeted last night this has to be the worst pr stunt the history of humankind and we talk about this decimating a brand but really it's great for us more time for your family i saw i'm gonna put all these articles the stuff i talk about because even when i do rough cut shows i always back everything up with articles and things that are just make this stuff up out of thin air i saw a couple good pieces and what my i wanted to discuss as you like it questions about the workin out stuff and everything like that and sometimes about weightlifting in what one of them i i it got recently was about what kind of
the conditioning work like cardio would you know what you'd i guess some people call cardio i do and i'm a big believe and what they call you met caught met about i conditioning war knocking running folks me just just be clear on this people are or jogging we should say the precise about knocking at its decent solid form of exercise it's not me i beg donors for what i do now if you're a marathon runner if europe you know have drawn five case that's a skill and i am by admire people can do and i just don't think it's the best form of metabolic condition its great if you wanna train to jog you no profit your that's your thing and if you just lie by all means not get out of the park but i don't i don't like i don't like it because i don't think it's applicable towards real life if you are not someone who does that farina whatever joe further for the for the for the glow you're the money you whatever it may be i don't think it's it's great so i saw an article
but a teenager which has its own but of a hard core website folks but that they do really really they write great stuff so i saw arc about the best types of metabolic conditioning for when i put in big capital letters us like normal people who don't run marathons were living who are just looking for a good amount of conditioning god forbid you get mugged you have a tough the office you just want be able to physically respond to a situation that stressful god forbid you see a car acts in front of you and you need to like role a car out of the way what's the best type of metabolic condition for normal book so they did seven seven i'd say conditioning really really good stuff and for me do mix more who does mix martial arts i really like this and here is the first one which i agree with whole heart strong man conditioning now you may say well about us strive nobody me like tat he s p and strongest man of the world stuff yeah basically value of the lift
its they do in the rocks they do but if you have a back yard or you have a big our sincere bless the have that you know go get yours like you know a couple a spare tyres you met one way spare tyres and what are you doing you throw em united abbe as i said before the less rough cuts and i'll tell you now go see ya october first i mean it please don't get yourself hurt like i've enough conditions that i would have known about until i got a check up but seriously if you have any kind of arthritis or hard problems check that out first but spare time here's your grandpa putney article in their some of the things they suggest one of the other great things i like with strong man type conditioning as it is the unpredictability of it so bad the day joe i had a friend of mine he had a big water pipe like a pvc tube any seal did up any put water in it and he left a little bit of air and araby senior level why would he do that one because it really heavy filled with water and it was
oh uneven it was instead yeah sorry he would pick it up he would keep it in a crook of his elbow he would press it over his head he would carry it he would fly like a thou scheme can be carefully and take your own face off but and he loved that he thought it was the greatest thing ever any would do it for you no five and six minutes segments and to take a little break and man s heart was racing so retire flipping pole flipping they don't get eighty in your head but what you know water if you want what else they change the ice to work out in a gym on long island i think it was an ocean side was called iron island and they had these big ship chains you know like you don't neither should we merge with them yeah and you would pick those things up and you would drag those things so soon man type stuff is really applicable towards real life activity and the maghreb
i conditioning effects are almost directly transferable onto real life activities god forbid you need them off of a fight if god forbid you find yourself in in that situation your attack again you're in a coup accident you need to get out these are the kinds of things i really like that number one and i wholeheartedly agree number it was body weight circuits in a nice part about body weight circuits for metabolic conditioning for chip what we call jp general physical preparedness next part about body weight it shows you don't need any equipment you free he's been you don't even need a lot of space body weight circus what does that mean body weight squats push shops the bear crawls i'm not a huge fan a bare crosses a kind of rough on your shoulders and if you have any kind of our three to sir joint problems are probably not great for you but in the pisa put in a shone out you'll see some suggested body weight circuit some more birdies squat jobs squat swat through
staying those kinds of things really really cool stuff in the nice part about it is you don't need any equipping you can move from exercise to exercise seamlessly enough to worry about equipment stations or any set up and you can do it for three minute rounds you could do a tab at a style we do twenty seconds on ten second break twenty seconds on ten second break you could do five minutes on six may rounds three minute rounds and its there's really good stuff so i'm i'm i'm actually pretty big fan of body weight circuits for a warm up but that was number two really solid types and metabolic condition and we're through slide combo this is hard to have to go by a sliding you need a lot of space what's a slut you'll see these it's like the prowler where its literally looks like fled with handles on it and you get the handles and you just push the sled new load it that way you may say that sound too hard give
try you say if anyone has used the prowler knows exactly what i'm talking about it's one of those things yoga brewery it's rough but it is expensive too but the probability requires a good amount of space to push you can push your living room and you know so but that's number three number four sprints this one's raw because if you are bad knees like me and you're in or all the rump forty three is probably not an option for you before you younger folks out their spencer are great me i'm not a big fan of jogging but sprint's are really good though get your heart rate through the roof five medicine ball throws this is terrific let us abolish joe you get like it i think we have a twelve partner here my wife has one but you get it twenty pounds i can get him pretty heavy energy space leather balls filled with you know enough staff to make him happy enough enough stuffing in there and you take em in your throat many slam romania push him overhead and you just you
you do rounds and that another really incredible form of dynamic conditioning six complexes barbell complexes these are little more common hated this is definitely not for new bees or any kind of rookies lifting so but if you experienced you know web if you experience left even in the gym little while you know your your rest get some background of physical activity might want to give these a try com excess are member in when i used to go to cross it once more did the bare complex which was at its tough if i hated this it was a dead lift into a front what into an overhead press behind the neck into overhead press again and it was like back down back onto the floor i may be missing something in there that but it was really really tough and do that you know you don't do with maximum weight obviously you do it for metabolic conditioning but big fan
complexes but they can't you have to be really careful it's not the kind of thing i recommend the fewer beginner but again all this is in the peace the seventh one they had something different i forget it was but it wasn't anything was accurate so i added my own in this and that was kettlebells which i talked about the last rough cuts represent we did super cheap to buy a car well is like a cannonball with a handle mean really looks like and you we want those as long as i've known you and you saw me my basement museum showed a basement had whole answer we're kettlebells i had everything from a what they pounder too i have that right now i have any eighty two pounder i use the eighty two pounder and i love it and i like to do the deed i told the told you last rough cuts my favorite exercise in the world is the kettlebells swing because it so up kabul towards everything you do in real life mob at its it's hard to control its just as your core you're back your legs
your your caboose your am strings everything your entire hip complex i'll take the eighty pounder and in the secret service when i was there one of the key tasks the physical fitness test they had for the counter assault team are swat team those are the guy's unlike black ninja suits that are in our motorcade does their whole job as i too take the fight to the bad guy right the secret service agents job joe is to run really it's at the fight they take the present get the hell out of the unified mr presents thereby we're gonna shoot out with these guess that's not our job our job is to get the hell out of here that's it that's not the captives job the cat team the swat guys they are really that it's really tough to get in there they're all special agent can take an extra pt test and shooting test to get in a lot of guys don't make it their job is to do get out and fight those guys why to keep em bogged down we get the hell out of dodge i heard them before your counter or a what are the
the saddest most disappointing moments of my secret service career he used to be the counter assault team the swap guys we had used to be the presidential protection protective division the president's detail which is a small number of secret service agents by the way so the way the secret service would work just reminded us about the kettlebells and i want to lose my place here because this an important story they got you but the cat team the what the way i used to work is after five to seven years as special agent and feel do in criminal investigations and the secret service you would you be knowledge the god of the president's detail now not a lot of people get there and i don't know maybe one in ten i'm not really sure with the number it wasn't a lot you'd have to take a test to get their wants you on the president's detail on the president's detail guys could try out for the counter assaulted now i kind of that was a better way of doing it because instilled some presidential britain
division discipline on the guy's those guys are different once you're on the president's detail its i guess it's almost like a our military organisation they should we pulled that out after the department of homeland security took over the secret service pulled the cat him out of the presents the tomatoes separate division secret service are basically joe anybody could try our fort now again i don't know as a mistake but why that was devastating to me big is my boss came in armaments gaia can and he's i deanna i got bad news for x i wanted to do cat and he says listen they pulled cat out of ppp the presidential protected vision so you know you have to pick up my to have to pick i wanted to both everybody else got to do both you now you can go to presents detail joe and undue cat like no you can't that's not the way it works anymore and i was like what i horrified my whole career that's all i wanted to do and those know what those some of the best advice i ever got though because he said to me which was genius i
what can what do i do any said you have to ask yourself not what you want but what you can live without and i said ass great advice yes it can you live without doing the presence detail i said no he said do you got that your answer and easy can you live without doing cat i said unfortunately yes and at stake a simple answer so that's what i did that's how i wound up on the presidential protection division other than the counter assaulting so distant excited a little bit about me on thanksgiving side girandoles kettlebells yes i'm gonna forget that so that task one of them tested when you're on the cat team is the kettle about ass they take the fifty three pound cattle and you have to say she'd over your head which is like a swing but you rip it over your head tail and you have to do basically a certain amount in ten minutes while my shoulders a bad swaddle snatch overhead anymore i just do the swing but and is it a brutally effective exercise i mean you the ten minutes swing task dinner after use the eighty two pound that's what i use i like it because it develops
explosive hip power and when you grapple guy doing you do a lot of ground fighting folks the hips are everything is out something it's not a little thing explosive hip our being able to bridge off the ground being able to blast and opponent up in the air off your own back on the ground hip strength is everything and there's nothing better than the kettlebells psmith because it's really just a hip hedge so that was seven i do that it near the kennel boughs and if you can afford to buy one a watch videos i think dragon door has about your videos boy i'm really you can go to youtube just put kettlebells swing there's probably a million videos on how to do it but check that in my opinion is the single most effective exercise out there today the kettlebells we will change your whole life your whole body compositional changes do in that are i done before the next door today show body by bodies a buddies filterbuy i'm really happy these guys on board you know my i've unfortunately multitude
the problems and one of em i ve talked about oftener shows i've really horrible allergies and i spend a lot of my time indoors and the air you breathe endorsement of rosemary spend ninety percent of their time indoors the air you breathing doors contains is crazy after one hundred times greater air pollution the air outside now would you in there so they like me you have allergies that's that's like beth said i tell myself up scratch and all day if i buy didn't have good solid clean air and house it's time to replace your efforts disappeared the seasons changing the perfect time to think about this by the cardinal cindy the size you need within twenty four hours plus the shipping straight they use of all the industry standard merv raining most filtered sizes and when i get into the technical stuff that takes the pollen mall dust in the algae aggravating pollution out of the air which is great for me work inside while there filters are manufactured right here in the united states and they could ship any size at an end quantity has also ship to commercial location you have a bit with a hundred filters this is your company you'll say five percent
more when you set up an auto delivery you never have to think about air filters again go to filter by that company egg at the best price on top of quality filters no ship within twenty four hours filter by dotcom that's filter by that common i deeply appreciate all of you that of us supported our sponsors including filter by their very happy and i'm a static that you all of our trusted me with these people we that than before commenced a great company so thanks a lot i talked about the best types a condition here that my wife's started cross fit recently and i an article as well that are put in the shone out stick so someone said to me some suggestions were women i'm just gonna make this portion of a quick not because i haven't i did just it's easy to explain i'd love crossfire it gets terrific i think it's really terrific for women crossway is a then call themselves gems they call themselves boxes but they use a lot of the things i just talked about metabolic conditioning strong man
type starve muscle lops complexes bear crawls and so article on tee mega put out there for my female listeners which really really good and adjusted the article joe is why women needed harder than deeds the harder that did not that you know what would lesser intensity with mauritania said to my wife agreed gallery this is such a great peace and not the core the article is dead women their hormonal profile obviously is different than men they have one tenth of the testosterone faster or is gonna lead is is probably figured out i'm testosterone is one of the primary muscle building hormones so if you have one the level of testosterone you're going to have it for a time hardening up that was muscles and you don't worry about balking at my hearing i bought a beginner right away but balking up if i lived in a muslim women want to look like male body builders you know not at issue my
i've been doing crossfire now she's jack she looks amaze x y really recommend cross with analogous moderating i think it is a great programme for women and one of them like i said they do the metabolic additional but in the past instead i want to put the showed us that you really should check out even if you're a guide and what you know your wife's thinking about working on it about how the hormonal profile women have that differs from men and their ability to out with the same amount of tens intensity given the same amount of body weight is is it can be compromised due to just different muscle structure its great piece on why you need to really slam it when you're a woman you really need to hate it really really hard in a way it's a little disappointing peasant woman damn i gonna work out harder than the and failures today we only do facts to show and he read the peace you'll be pretty convince so i thought it was fascinating southern onto my why because you re it's hard and cross which is that you think i'm workin out through hardness centres peace and i said not accorded this
you need to work in order so that just the facts folks righteous i joe friday but cross with a great option for women i think are another great piece of putney shown automatic talk about a firearm stuff in a second to added interesting thought i wanna get out there but are put to pieces in their one about carbs carbon take at night and one about protein and take for weight that this first one carbon take at night joe very ad i know we talked about this last time i i i love that on variety massive eating plan all you do is go who am i had of the show notes for the laugh if you look up the rough cuts one i want on show notes the because in air but varieties massive eating plan is really amazing and idea of it is that in a nutshell don't make sure carbs in your fat in any significant amounts but don't don't by any means yet and remember you talk to your doc efforts we have some kind of
colon cancer issue is certainly not going to suggest we twenty five pounds a red meat but for those you ve done that nor comfortable with it yes the massive eating is carbs aren't your enemy fat isn't your enemy carbs and fat at the same time in big amounts are your enemy that's why for surprise or so bad for what he asked essentially a relatively simple carbohydrate in the potato fried in oil at the same time so the carbohydrate in your system elevator insulin levels insolent storage hormone and what are you storing the fao the fried oil that's flowing through your system now because you ate french fries and doughnuts now pay storage hormone is not necessarily a bad thing insulin if you really your carbs and you're eating them with protein what a store some carbs you want us to offer energy want to store your protein in the form of muscle tissue they amino acids breakdown of form new muscle tissue so with
read the massive eating plan i covered it in a first rough cuts and again i guess inertia gonna covered again but the article i read about carbon taken night is exactly that show that at night you want to be very careful about eating a lot of cars because you're you're i mean you're sleeping your activity it was obviously lower and europe your body is going to naturally as a condition of the lower activity level bread down and utilise the lot of fat that you had said shut up for energy overnight not carb so few stock up on carbs at night before you go to bed and i'd say a big bowl pasta that the chances view utilizing that and not storing it pretty slim because you're not doing anything you're sleeping so you when a load your carbs where you're insolent sensitive earlier in the day when you're activity level is higher so you body can use them such a really good piece of put that in their nets just it's a simple the gist of it is go easy on the carbs at night when you do is eat higher fat
high protein meals s is what i do at night i'll eat a whole rabbi fat everything you folks have you never see me eat it's a disturbing thing to watch this did joe now it's right you can i can i e a member that one too i think i've had enough of it with you at them you see began but that guy who comes in who will give it the court any idea he asked me like hey you want anything from mcdonald rebecca what's a guy's honorary members knows mikey magyar mutter and obviously got yet make i get like five egg mcmurphy it was like are you kidding i'm not i know he's bob i like a horseman you ve never seen anybody but follow the variety massive eating planet and forty three and i still got a pretty damn good said abso you don't think our without one over this people love yesterday second articles about protein and take this is always a bit controversial was too much protein gonna damage my knees lobo folks
you have normal functioning kidneys you don't have any kind of compromise condition the research she's no it will not but there's no need to overdue at the article i put in their says listen if you are a natural wait left their meaning you're not on steroids you're not on p these performance enhancing drugs or anything like that a gram of protein in per pound the body weight is all you need your to underpin that means two hundred grams that's a good amount of protein folks me remember ass a milk is only about ten grams of protein so you talk twenty glasses a milk but a full blown stay it grew by you probably get about thirty five forty grams in that you have to be a bit of a food hi this is depends how serious you are about your body so you need about if you're looking to build muscle you need to fit in during the course of the day about a gram of protein per pound of body so first say an average size guy a hundred sixty hundred seventy pounds you're talking about a hundred many grams average women between a hundred one twenty about a hundred
when he grabs a protein a day if you want to maintain a muscle any more in it pc talks about how much more can be damaging others make sense protein more muscle none are not necessarily folks they talk about how more protein can lead times what they call glucose near genesis where that you and your body learns to convert excess protein joe you just have to do two forms a carbohydrates that you can use to burn want to do that you don't want to meet your body to burn protein for that you want to teach at the store does muscle so it's actually a pretty good piece and you know take a look at that while you're here deanna these these way protein supplement ok which it makes and water yeah i am here's the thing weight protein isolate way protein isolate way protein concentrate way party nicely the super expensive it you get it now i mean a lot of protein supplements haven't you have to look at the back of the ingredients will say way protein ice way protein
that's a traders little less expensive i'm a lot of stuff is filtered here's the differences way protein iceland is a really really fast acting protein so if you're getting back from the gym and you are you you just smoke didn't work out you were there an hour and a half you want a fast acting protein because your bodies probably breaking down muscle tissue at this point a relatively rapidly a rapid rate so when i use a protocol surge by a test surge it's really good work out drank its expansion is not cheap but you never even one the gate arrayed after a work out you may to think adoring if you're an intense work and intellectual rights so you're a football game or something like that but after work want something that has carbohydrates and away protein isolate because it's fast acting now about five minutes after that i get a little scientific with designers driver the crazy blouse when about the timing is now little going if you re protein isolate right away i mean
you can slam it down your dear throat the minute you're done with the work out a good postwar drink away protein actually do it thirty let's do it our forty five minutes whatever after that i take another protein drink in whole milk and make sure it has casein in it case in his mill protein and as a very slow digesting protein the reason is so now you get a quick it back into the muscles joe casein now is your bodies is breaking down muscle tissue over the day the casein is slowly filtering into your bloodstream to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild so that's how i do it and folks i gotta tell ya even if forty three it is worked swimmingly for me i mean i'm that by no means in our professional body builder of the lee hany dorian aids type but for a guy who has relatively poor genetic some very comfortable with without everything's worked out and it's really i think due to just meticulous nutrition and timing so good question
protein eisele great it's expensive but it works right after the work out and after that take something we can see in it and that'll give you a little more of a slow burn which will keep you from off from melting especially if you workin out really really hard makes yeah due to a days too simplistic when did you jitsu at night so i need it i need that constant energy source or i today show also brought by bodies a brick ass nutrition perfect time it is a great episode for them to be about the right now i got a really again and now i say this a lot but i got another email s night they they were sceptics is i'm not so sure about that daunted thus catches are as you privation man sold i'd say is a may i told you folks i wouldn't i would never does with this stuff is crap it's great stop ability i've always had a problem with energy products out right problem is you take em an hour later you crash at just the way it is it's horrible well brick ass interested figured out a way to a time release energy products they have all kinds of really great product developers out there to do a tie
release tat our time release energy bills called on to dusk it's a really amazing product my wife loves it joe joe loves it chose kill years it's terrific stop i've used it i've lost i've had long media days i've used at a couple times and it's really really amazing i mean that this stuff is just it'll get your across bitter enemy person working my working that assembly like blue collar white collar it's really really amazing that military folks give it a shot my emails daniel at bongino gino that comes me reviews i'm so confident you're gonna love this stuff and i send the brain onto miles again it's called d the dusk dont dusk the attain a nutrition that calm slash damn that's brick us nutrition dot com slash then why you there check out foundation to it is an absolute staple of my work opera maybe they creating eighty people when that for you do that there for women out there take the mere test give
shot seven days later look at yourself again after being for seven days matter fact have your wife her husband look at shit i've i've got some emails i would you look different stuff is amazing i give it a shot broadcast nutrition that calm slash there are a couple more quick things here so i get a lot of questions about firearms and firearms training and in just a couple of things on we did a lot of simulation training and the secret service and i can speak highly enough for this stuff now i dont know if you have acts as to this type of training what what is it for such very tabled city and is assuming the semi addition firearm is its built like a standard firearm so what say you you know you we had sing too to nine in the secret service sig sauer pete you tonight it's the same guy it just they swap out the barrel and the bear fires ay a plastic bullet joe it hurts believe me
it's going to penetrate the skin and is filled with a colored waxy material or why because you know you change the collars that way you know who had who when it gunfight right now when you money when you play simunitions right you put that face mask on i mean you put up what y'all should get shot in the eye and i'll still take your eyeball out so you the padding on but what are they i really enjoyed about some munitions is unlike target shooting where you shoot cardboard cardboard never shoots back and you ll find out do it do bring simulation training how much of your standard training is crap but i'm serious joe like one of the things i noticed right away in submunitions training is the use of cover shooting cover so let's say joe you know you see the movies a cop gets behind a car and he's behind the wheel internet gunfight issued city ducked back and he shoots of ducks back folks
you're a simulation training and you get pop than the hands a few times the minute your hand even comes out from behind a car from behind a wall that hurts like up it hurts bad like really bad i'm talking about your hands we go about a headshot emmy you get it in a helmet so you but does matter you'd be dead in the real world but it hurts my point is you learn right away like cash when i was doing target practice from behind cover i had this thing all wrong when you shooting from behind cover behind a wall you have to stand or at joe this makes almost no sense you would think because you ve seen it new movies like say a shooting around a corner rachel what you see this in the movies a thousand does what is a guy do you like hogs the wall ripe rightly hogs the wall pull me turns into shooting that's the worst thing to do and you once you see doing simulations you pop the view tat your figuring out what are they stay down here and sat right quick you'll figure it out right click the way to do it is to be echo way from the wall now you may say
it makes no sense no trust me watching videos on it you see what you and effective use of covering consumer the far away you are from the wall you can art to see the bad guy but he can't see you or off we can see from you is a little bit of the gun barrel the distance gives you the perfect angle to be able to fire at him obviously around the what you'd want to shoot a wall you want to shoot at the other guy this gives you the ability to fire at him without him being able to hit you and i know that doesn't seem like it makes a lot of sense but if you want videos on distances your friend from that covering concealment and other things it seems you learn is that so my point of trying to make is if you have the opportunity to do any kind of live simulation training at a shooting centre whenever may be or i know that that's crazy even like paintball type training i guess their paypal guns are not real firearms but folks train under stress you will quickly how much
what you learned in the real world is he junk i'm serious weed i mean sims we did it every day that was the best damn training i ever did my like you figure out how to squeeze york who's behind a fire hydrant we did this thing in the secret services hooligans alley type thing joe with love walking down an alley and like the opt for the opposition force the ed guys the secret service training staff instructors they pop out of everywhere with these same rounds and you just have to go find cover right away start shooting back but there was just one time all that was left was a fire hydrant folks up six one to twenty hours about one eighty back then you you're like devil like then my dear might this and so what they like i've never in my life seen a six one one is a punk i fit behind a fire had you like that let me tell you when you're when you're but he's gettin plug by submunitions initiative you got purple wealth all over your caboosa your legs your reply that the fire i d right away the odds
serious radio for you know the fire i judge over the side and has the little out shoot within the whole connect tab is using that from my head like i'm not getting hit back it did it hurt bad bad so if you can paint ball simulation this stuff has some applicability towards real life in alert it'll it'll achievable how to add operate in a red zone where your hearts beat and really fast and you re you realize quickly how much what what you learn shooting a paper targets are really really thinks i get asked about what i want i carry i have a lot of guns i married because its florida glock forty three which is a compact nine millimeter i really really like lock there there there i was gonna see cheap othello mean cheap like they're they're built where their cost effective is probably a better way cheaper some negative connotations there very cost effective they're not gonna break your your bank
you can hammer nails with the damn things and they still fire you can you know i don't recommend do it but this videos people poor unlike coca cola hath a barrel thereby to stick still shoots no prof sand that it you'll at least get a couple rounds off again you shouldn't do but these are really really good guess i like my glock forty three it's a nine millimeter i carry the warranty critical defence ammo which is really good but i also if you were to ask in a perfect world i we and i carry up a pocket holster right but i have a pair cake as well a pancake hawsers of is a wholesome joke or on your bout like you know you senior just standard possibly taken the site perfect world i would carry a sick too to night we had it secret service it's a three hundred and fifty seven sig round you lose a couple rounds there's twelve in the magazine one in the one in the pipe so you get thirteen rounds total so you'll lose a few the clock
as a thrifty seven sake that has a sixteen round magazine so you'll lose three rounds but i really you really like this two tonight i've my humble opinion if you can pancake cuz you're knock on effect in your pocket it's a full size gun if you can pancake and meaning he put on your belt cause you gonna europe i'm in florida nobody knew me people barely we're closed flora citizens so avoid the states a big nudist colony because it's ninety five degrees everyday use that word hide your gut but if you have state that has seasons and you can carry with a jacket the sig to tune it is just a big they know sponsor the show rethink its at my humble opinion is the cadillac a hand pistols i shot but that thing for a year in the secret service for years the rounds is amazing it is so power for that thrifty seven say ground and the ganges shoots like a baby got this i'm just the recoil is so natural it's just that the book on i don't fortune right now i don't have one lights the
to turn yours in the secret service the am i pity gave me my gun back but i wish i did i'm to get what eventually just such a terrific by only suggestion with a blocked by the way i love glock but if you go with the compact forty three which is greater i highly recommend it change out the sites they come with these really crap whites identified issued a crappy but they just get other did the glass keeps their product cost effective and the sites are not great trade after some tragic cons or some night sites and you'll be fine akashi a hundred extra hours or so but yet so sir that it comes with these white sites and i really dont like that's my only complain otherwise it's a great god i can't recommended highly enough are one last story here so as to gotta my my wife you they're watching a movie in non oda we'll watch in russia tv show at a guy in the tv show was trying to choke the other guy
said that my wife you know it's amazing how basic there like learning how to defend yourself the chalk up that suggest that you practice this on your friends please our seriously get someone killed her but of mixed martial arts and jitsu and i could tell you especially for smaller frame the guys out there are small bring guys and and women out there i say all are frame because of your attacked and yours subjected to attack by i was the average size are bigger you're not i have the striping it's just i'm just giving you the facts that's why i said smaller frame guess you really need to learn at least one like basic choke or joint locked get yourself out of the situation and lip and one other thing i saw the dvds you watch tv and they always cheated and the joke the wrong way so
i say in apollo unlike let me show you how this thing actually works and in there's a big difference folks in india they teach you this introduce you unlike they want and ground fighting between a win pipe choke which is very dangerous i would never practice out of any one you could seriously kill somebody hurts what do not do that and a carotid choke which is basically a blood choke a windpipe choke is what you see in the movies where they did that you know what you seen this joe where they get the the bony part of their though their lower arm and they put i guess it s neck and they take me alone a grab it may lean back and try to suffocate the vagina suffocate the guide try to that's very very very dangerous maybe you can collapse someone's windpipe and can seriously kill them you can do some serious damage eve ada folks my neck is super thick from years are getting choked than jujitsu and i was the night with a new guy writ really nice guy younger guy he's about my body and we were working on the guillotine choke an hour
four he got that win prizes are totally new guy got that windpipe choke and that's not what eighteen years he did it by mistake and i was i mean it really hurts luckily my neck is taken up but you do that hard enough you can collapse someone's windpipe i highly highly recommend if you ever forced into a self defense situation where you have someone's neck and you do not do that seriously kill them are you could potentially killed the weighted effectively choke the star the fire stop someone from attacking you if you get it and i dad if you're in law enforcement by the way i just want to be crystal clear on this most of these are banned so this not for you you have to follow your ever you use of force guidelines are that it seriously why do the stuff is banned by police department i don't think that's the best advice and the windpipe choke gas but this one not a carotid choke is different you can look this up are you can go to any kind of martial arts coolidge and check it out but you know i know joe rogan talks about a lot of stuff and his podcast too you have to you know when you
here what new render jujitsu school you see what i'm talking about the way that works is the wind pie rather than being on the before arm joe the wind pipe is in the crooked the elbow which you say well knew how does that make sense what what creates as it creates a v between you upper arm in your lower and actually protects the windpipe you don't because it and you crush there you're gonna kill someone and which besides morals and ethics of doing that is obviously a pretty crap then you do you're you're gonna even if you mr wynn piping they live they're going to sue the hell are you with the carotid choking the way jujitsu works as you get that in a crooked the elbows he almost protected and these cinching of the v closes off the carotid artery on both sides of the neck and within second you'll see that the the guy the woman whose attacking you you can't zone you can do it doesn't matter if you're on drugs if your analyses the cocaine crack the computer once it's too
it's getting that blood flow you'll see they start to get light headed quickly and hopefully you don't have that they put him to sleep but they'll go to sleep on within most we'll say five to six seconds of essential border but go see out an instructor knows what they're doing i highly recommend everybody take up procedure jitsu don't watch it on the internet try it on your friends but i bring this because you see a lot of this stuff in the movies and you get the impression just like would firearms at this stuff works in real life and it doesn't it doesnt work and real if i take a rocky what he's on the whole coggan snack murder the thunder lips the ultimate malady that's tough doesn't work you have to do is right way to do it in a wrong way to do it and everybody should know at least a few self defense techniques so member go seek out a good qualified instructor learn a few joy manipulations and learn what differences between a very very dangerous windpipe choke in a carotid choke so you can god forbid defend yourself if you had to it as situational to be a black belt in jiu jitsu to know a couple of things
i folks i appreciate and i hope you have a happy thanksgiving giving out today show was light enough for you i d tried not the bog down to my part too much politics but tomorrow we will be back with of course some hard hitting cometary as we work we still thanks again folksy autumn are you just ten bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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