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Ep. 602 This Indisputable Fact Will Drive Your Liberal Friends Mad

2017-11-30 | 🔗
More terrific economic news to get excited about. https://t.co/FQyUZKFTPz   The bull run continues. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/30/us-stocks-dow-record-high-tax-reform-senate.html   No one believes Bill Clinton anymore. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/most-believe-sex-charges-against-bill-clinton-just-13-dismiss-accusers/article/2641939?utm_campaign=Washington%20Examiner:%20Washington%20Secrets&utm_source=Washington%20Examiner:%20Washington%20Secrets%20-%2011/30/17&utm_medium=email   Is the FBI in hot water over the debunked Trump dossier? https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/828897?section=Politics&keywords=dossier-contempt-congress-devin-nunes&year=2017&month=11&date=29&id=828897&aliaspath=%2FManage%2FArticles%2FTemplate-Main   Another government gun grab underway. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/11/28/hawaii-police-order-medical-marijuana-users-to-voluntarily-surrender-guns-and-ammo
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then bonds notion give waiting to hear the truth about america with your host dan bones i welcome the damaging i shall produce joe our you did all right on with the ship yes still in dallas due in the road show just got off a fox and friends will shut out the sean over their citys listening to my shows why prescience that shot like you very much shoved into a great nice of you have really appreciate the listener ship we bene rock and roll and lately and thanks to you and word about we don't even have she may be start advertising joe isn't that what they do they do in business get out you have a product the pet maybe we should advertise more people what rocks what are these days will start doing that but where you asked when great that's why quickly big shot out iran p you know who you are right he sends me great soundbites charges can you can pick you up the first one so this one for those you have been regular listens to the show you know my wife loves donny
ask the movie and is a lie we're out potatoes left these talk in adopting brass go on the couch in this house and the sun comes in lefty sought and he's a junkie and he says you know left he says the danube rascal you know my sons a junkie and my wife twice a fascinating daddy's response is planned again that's why my wife loves that so wrong peace edison that sound bite of is it that and we got this other one job play the other what who of course for trading places we don't need you re safe be a no jive turkey this close the thanksgiving that's right you're funny stuff tax write all right let's get right to the material so this is really been on my mind is bothering this not out of me lately there is stipulation trying to be inserted into this tax bill at the last minute by bob quarters one of whom some geo peace centres for a trigger to kick back higher tax rates if in fact expect
did revenue does not come into the government now ladies and gentlemen this is a really bad idea now let me just say in the past i have just to be clear because i don't like to step on myself i've i so confident based on the historical record of tax cuts that government tax revenue is going to expand get bigger for you liberalising can't figure it out based on the historical record that i am absolutely confident and sure joe that after these tax cuts government revenue may take a short temporary dip but will definitely expand over time because the economy will grow bigger and it's just simple math books do you want to take ten percent of one hundred thousand dollars or ten and of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars so you you know even at a lower rate do you wanna take ten percent of a hundred thousand or do you wanna take five percent of a million years five percent of a million so tax rate
but i'm sure overtime based on the evidence and you know what i i was debate witnesses shown oscars i've done it a thousand times maybe i like this one today i'm gonna send in the shown it's very easy easily readable tax tables i want you to get em it's really simple you can't it doesn't take it you know degree and microsoft x out to be able to read this i want look at some critical periods in this focus is for a liberal listen to this is why i titled this thing that you know of a point that will make your liberal friends crazy ask him this question when in american history have we theory tax got a significant what am talking like you know excise tax on pet rocks i mean it different tax got income capital gains or corporate and the gun the federal government lost revenue don't tell me bout kansas kansas is doing fine they recovered quite nicely actually in it that's the nonsensical case they bring about because of some anomalous tax reform that might think even tat kansas if she's me would agree was not there
i am very well on top about at the federal level when has tax caught led to decrease in government revenue i know you regular listeners here this all the time some of maybe like you know it again then people with here some of you may be right you said it a thousand times but focus is a critical argument because it buttresses joe does it not every single thing we're talking about now if europe liberal listener right now and your argument is that tax rate tax rate cuts are a bad thing it's going to cost the government money in the government can do better things are more money than you can and it doesn't that cost the government money metaphorically gives the government more money at a growing economy do you understand your entire ideologies crap its garbage bankrupt it means nothing asking was what you're saying true so i'm asking ask i'm begging you i'm imploring you to ask your liberal friends is again the simple question when is it different tax cuts and the federal government in the history of the federal government cost a government money now alex the tax tables today keep it up on you
i found that's what i do i keep it up in one of my tabs you know how the iphone works a lot of you you have the windows can open up there and i hate by the way one correctional to get sidetracked and yesterday show thank you for listening to the president's he's obviously article to article three of the courts i'm sorry i screwed that up yesterday but i was excited at the point just like i'm excited about this one but didn't want to forget to mention that acts tables i keep it on my phone because you could show your liberal friends right there to name here the tax cut nineteen eighty six ronald reagan where they dumped better older top income tax free from seventeen to twenty eight percent pull it up okay ok here's the tax revenue for nineteen eighty six you know what i haven't right i mean i can read this i didn't tell them do an essential but it's important that i promise i'll get back to this trigger thing in a minute this is i got to set it up right so tax policy centred dot org i will put the short up it's it's unbelievably easy to read my complicate ok here's the tax revenue folks in
let's go back a year before joe nineteen eighty five regner tax revenue the government joe seven hundred thirty four billion major tax cuts nineteen eighty six metaphysic at one of the big tax rates in american history the top marginal rate on income tax joe one from set need a twenty eight percent so the liver argument is home i cautious can forget if the economy is gonna fall apart is going to collapse we're all gonna die that's their argument well what the tax revenue in eighteen eighty six seven hundred sixty nine billion while was the tax revenue in eighteen eighty seven after the tax could surely it went down from seven hundred sixty nine billion joe wrong eight hundred and fifty four billion what was the tax revenue in eighteen eighty nine hundred i'm billiard what was the tax revenue in eighteen eighty nine nine hundred ninety one billion folks it goes on and you may say all what do you know what you're just point the reagan example ok tax revenue went up after tax cuts folks again this is
policy that are dot org put the link just watch radiate watch it look at its own it smell it love it these are facts these you're not this is not the end bungee opinion these well you know what did george w which tax cuts though surely sure they did i said cause massive debt deficit tax cuts it causes nexus exploding government spending did cause more government money came it meaning they spent more money joe you get in the logic and put down here follow and run along with the tag you if more government money came in after the tax cuts and yet the debt one up how is that the fourth tax cuts and not the spending more government money afterwards it focuses i'm really sorry i'm not trying to insult you is the only night i drive me to do my audience i love you to death your entire livelihood of producing content elusively for you masking the liberal listers here too just logically answer the question if we had acted tax cuts tax revenue went up the debt and the end
we'll deficits one up as well then how is that before tax cuts more than money came and not less you just spent more than came in this is we complicated the liberals innovative time a met so getting there my point here too you may say all you're cherry picking examples ronald reagan let's go to recent that's gotta george w bush that surely you screwed us over ok george w we should actually enacting the tax cuts in two thousand three what was that ex revenue to the government show in two thousand to one when a trillion ok thousand three tax cuts get enacted right it's one point seventy two trillion miss went down ok the let's get an act in two thousand three though so this even this the point even more so the year before tax got its one point eight trillion job the year the tax cuts are enacted it's one point seven now look what happens f they take hold in the economy two thousand for one point eighty two thousand five two point one five
thousand six two point four oh two thousand seven to point five six show you folks i'm sorry to do this to you but these are just facts there just max you know a lot like shapiro line i wish i would afford him first facts don't care about your feelings shapiro these are just facts with how you feel about them and if you ever snowflake and you need a safe room because you heard it or a safe space or crayons or color forms or a hot cocoa your pajamas that you need that stuff after hearing these facts is not my problem that's your problem these are facts do not facts don't lie facts when have spin facts are just facts the facts are this george w bush ronald reagan calvin coolidge john f kennedy bill clinton and acted tax cuts and government revenue from those specific tax is one up and not down those are facts
i'm sorry to keep bring this up on the show but this tax argument is heating up specifically today because the senate may pass the spill soon and liberals or losing their minds there on twitter freaking out about the government debt therefore you have replied gets freaking out about a trigger now let me get back to that point this request but a big set up here because rhinos out there are saying well you know governed revenue job is important so we need a trigger mechanism in the trigger mechanism possess the trigger mechanism articles about the stuff and shown us today punch you know that come with you subscribe to my email is the trigger mechanism being proposed is if in a few years joe these tax cuts lead to a decrease in government revenue then this area to your trigger would be enacted that would automatically and still back the old higher tax rates now in the past as i have not been particularly annoyed by this idea might affect at some point i think i may have at least ideologically supported it because i'm so comfortable that this
going to happen that there's gonna be an increase in tax revenue that don't even think it's a penalty but as i have grown older and a little bit more intelligent i've realize it democrats joe will take advantage of anything you have to look for any excuse to take more of your money and that this is a particularly atrocious idea because they will look for any weight a massage statistics and data to find some legal low paul to enact higher tax rate so i'm asking the bob corners of the world with all due back what the hell are you thinking what are you thinking why are you bringing this up why do we do now i have a proposal to counter bob cork or and this is why i wanted to open up this today give ready for this window bob corker really wants to push this is bob worker willing to add on to his own amendment cave river her stricter do you see what i'm going is reversed rigour joe is this is a good one how about we do this we say ok bob bad at the submission but just as an ideological point we say bob
but if you want to trigger in case the government loses money which is nonsense it's your money from tax cuts at the old higher rates but if the guy from it raises more money like it did the reagan or george w bush can we put reverse trigger that goes and even lower rate that gives them have body back to the people or i'm what do you think joe i like it i think it's time for a but yeah guy play the yeah got there were just like your opinion man he's always it is never a bad time for the dude i mean i know i know driving units to do just a funny is correct i think that that that'll be sadly quarters response but that's though this is what we have to do this we have to be greater reverse rigour with the trigger and if we did that
i think worker would would balk and i think it's because corker just doesn't like trumpet this point and is looking to throw any obstacle a robot in the way these tax reform now folks that's not yet but that this is the good news portion the shell because i facts and i like data to be fair and give you kind of a full bathroom analysis what's going on there is some probably news about the economy to so let me just finish up the good news part first because i shouldn't i should have left you with a good news and started with the battery but i have some other stuff i want you to be cautious about it it's a warning sign for all of us you know we don't want is that greenspan i think once those emmy said irrational exuberance that can always be trouble in an economy here some more good news deed was it the job of the quarter three point three economic growth was revised up in the last quarter three point three percent geographic excuse me to be more precise that is a pretty big and solid and strong number if we can continue down over the course of the year trumpet
be the first president in not in what our nine years now to reach three percent gdp growth because it never happened on an annual basis for barack obama let me repeat that och obama's administration never reach three percent annual growth in any year of his presence easily first president not to do that again a fact i know it's a troubling fact but is a fact trump has done now each quarter and there some are saying trump is solely responsible folks i don't believe the president controls the economy to that degree but i am saying that his policies have had a lot to do with this and this is not coincidental he is there as president to do that if if trumped as can be the first present do in a very long time which would be great so that's really good they river they revise the numbers up to three point three percent gdp growth itself secondly the dow across twenty four thousand this morning another good time saying that people have some that some in the economy yet a businesses bigger businesses that are publicly listed twenty four hours
it's a pretty good number and that's the good news there is some bad news though before i get that only just get this too reach where companies they support our show i appreciate you supporting our sponsored by the way it means a lot to me filter by general kids are spending ninety percent of their time indoors i know why do i have terrible allergies your indoor air foxes amass according to studies year you and your family breathing doors contains up to a hundred times greater air pollution levels in the air outside a hundred times as pretty gross ditzy joe often read how we spend a lot of time indoors still too much changes seasons folks this is the time changes filters out filter by how come will send you the size you need within twenty four hours plus the shipping israel of these guys are really terrific filter by using double the industry standard merv rating almost filter sizes i'll spare you the technical staff here cuz they don't want to waste a lot of your time in history but it'll the dangerous pollen the mall the algae aggravating pollution the dust and all the junk your breeding in spending all that time endorse all their filters amanda actually right here in amerika and when and naked
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or inflated asset values ahead when i say acid values basically but they're saying as this is the stock market where it should be as the bond market where it should be right now are we in another bubble and if this bubble burst we all in trouble now hasn't been a massive explosion in the chinese bond market and you don't need to be fair worthy of concern but it's it's it's it's not the bond market apocalypse but it is true some inheres why folks when interest bates go up in the economy and this is what has me where it a little bit just follow the summit of makin a bore you to death wankers but you have to understand when interest rates in the economy go up it's not always had thing but you cannot have two relatively pernicious side effects number one when the federal reserve or any central bank weatherby in china the federal reserve in the united states raises interest rates joe logically it makes the cost of money in the cost of capital higher rank
i mean if in interest rates two percent you wanna get which is ridiculously low but say the business loan you can get for two percent generic and happened happen but and you can spend your business you know jos making computers or whatever he needs to get another product lying go and alone if jos pay two percent that's that's nothing that's penis jos essentially get money for free just rates in the economy where to go up what say you know its use i example acidic off the six percent nay triple the just cause for joe now on any future loans archer actually higher the interest costs you can it be three times i right yeah that's a big deal so i mean this is this is the obvious point that when interest rates go up money in the cost of capital goes up in its harder to invest in your business at those high rates now the good part of that is people who have capital you know all this folks have accumulated assets over the course of their lifetimes yahoo are lending the money get a higher interest rate back so it's not all bad but i just
i give you a fair analysis now up then i promise our latest historian a second but secondly the second it's a dangerous side effect of growing interest rates in the economy is a lot people are invested in bonds bonds or just get a more securitized asset instruments people by them a you know government bonds by business bonnet guarantee with certain payment at a certain yield overtime depend one with interest rates as its interest rates go up in an economy bonn prices go down for the very simple reason that if i can buy a bond two percent now and that's the best i can do that return me to just like i said the interest rate before is two percent if i can get a bond it's gonna return me two percent i'm willing to pay a certain price and in all sudden interest rates jumped to six percent all doesn't show that too bomblets pretty crappy right because would you can why bother there's gonna give you two percent if you could pass on that i'll give you six so interest rates in bonn prices move in the opposite direction the problem with that is as interest
its go up again number one it makes it harder to get your hands on money but number two if europe the robins you can be pretty much why down now that's kind of what's happening right now in the chinese bond market as interest rates are rising a bit now i bring this up because folks weird the good news i'm optimistic when each be clear on this but be careful because chris rates at this point are not going to go down in the united states i think that's clear based on the economic recovery were in that the federal reserve going to raise interest rates the kind of tighten up money a little bit out of fear of exploding bubble economy as it should rates go up there a lot bondholders out their folks step out these bonds at very low historic rates many of them could be heard in bad faith it be hurting real bad this is not a small market ok this is this is this is a very big market for those types of assets whether its government bonds you know bluechip companies of corporate bonds whenever it maybe we could be in order
trouble secondly warning sign here again not the scare anyone about them but just keep your eye out on all pollyanna sets with the democrats due to start work get your right now a little cash i'm not a financial analysts folks do what you want there are people who spend their entire time looking at stock prices and i'm sure you have some great and for obvious are you the alchemist give you the numbers and you do with with what you want this market now at least historically speaking is unusually high using a met trick pretty standard one we sent the most detailed metric out there but if you use a price to earnings ratio in other words what's the price of the stock compared to the earning show pre simple right me you know what to say for the price of the stock is fifty thousand times the earnings of the company had how you gonna get that money back you know the essen p the p ratio now the yes m is twenty five point two that sixty three percent higher than the average so again i'm just saying be cautious i think a lot of money given
artificially low interest rates we ve had over time at the federal reserve allow out of money is flowed into stocks because people are chasing that higher yields yoda having a hard time finding it would all those low interest rates and embrace it people have money benefit from higher interest rates because they can lend it out at a higher interest rates but when interest rates are low and you can't let that money out at a higher interest rate what do you do for you if the chase yield somewhere and i think that yield is this is not mysterious about the only one obviously has its opinion but a lot of we'll been chasing yield in the stock market and they yield is the monies flowing in there that would at once somewhere else under more normalize conditions again is it to test no i think the tax cuts will help significantly and of gdp growth picks up like i think it worth three four percent after these tax courts if these that's i think there's a darn good chance that the economy the speed of the economy can catch up to all the investment in the stock market joe because the so the stock may then reflect the future growth of the company but just now be cautious about that
all right i got a more stories to get to that are really important so that's just to be cautious nuisance they are muzzle foxen friends this morning and i discussed this trump dossier folks i know i've mention is too before but please please hear me out on this i have a story from news max in this show notes today i want you to read it's a short one not not long boring and its devon nunez who is now who is who has been on the stasi things a republican congressmen from california nunez then all over this case in the critical question he has been asking but the dossier and just to be clear what this was this was in a democrat and republicans republican state financed the dossier the republicans but they finance the opposition company produced it did democrats financed the dossier and just took over the contract if they bought this document
had all of these more it disgusting allegations about trump that have been debunked by every serious person in the arena these are not credible allegations they were a lot of sexual nature they are pretty disgusting allegations it's been the bank its false everybody knows this was not a partisan point folks everybody understands the document is crap this document may and i want to be clear together we do facts here may have made it into charging mentions say charging dogmas aphid david's in front of a court and those court documents may have been used in the unmasked king or to start investigations against tromp officials folks think about what i just told you have a political opposition party the president the democrats and hillary clinton buying a fake set of charges largely planted by russian officials into this dossier that fake document is then used to go to a gun
federal law enforcement agency with massive power and it's used as a precursor to start a federal investigation to spy on your political opponents guys ladies i mean i'm really serious when i say this to our democrat listeners because i know you're out there does this not scare the heck at you you know folks what was a secret service agent a federal i was in all the power we had i was a young is in my twenties my early twentyth they give you a mission book says this is of this standby indeed always a federal agent bub over they give you are gone they give you a badge and you the power to room people's the folks cue to you kids their freedom away if these people are i mean involved in some of these investigations and even though i knew i mean i remember my first federal arrest i remember it well they obviously emily essays neighbour what he did or anything but
i remember when we showed up at his house was in long island new york and he had no idea none you were common form his life was over that daily it is life changed forever it is awesome power and i mean that and a frightening kind away as someone who is on the inside if we're at the point now where opposition parties and nothing's going to be done about this then i'll get to the point with the point of this in the second avenues mac because it's been a development i might just repeating an old story if we're at the now where the f b i can do this can rely on political opponents and just get a bunch of bake information and start investigations on people ladies and gentlemen we are all in trouble because we are a country that again investing its crimes we don't investigate people you may say well people commit crimes yes but we do not start federal investigation based on personal biases and personal dislikes of people you cannot
walk into a local after you shouldn't be able to at least walk into local fbi office and say hey like dan bonn gino i'd like you to start an investigation ago how and by the way here some information i found from his political opponents unless campaign by the way can you spy autumn ok of course folks are you gonna do something of course that i probably rip the mattress take off once you are who is going to find something when you target people and you don't target crimes the way it's supposed to work cuz you're supposed to walk into the office the fbi office and say hey listen someone stole my credit card and all the syndic all my guess is unbelievably yet this big international credit card scheme he's given him saying joe and all of a sudden a fine joe we beg doughnuts who started this whole thing but you don't target joe he begged doughnuts unless you have a crime is that make sense you don't do that
now what's troubling about this and this is where the developments been breaking is nunez has been trying to get the fbi to admit what is the golden question right now yes or no did you or did you do not use this political dossier this political document full of debunked crap information against the trump team to target a person not a crime in investigation did you use the dossier or not joe they won't answer the question they will not answer the question do you know how frightening this is now not only may made have useless and and folks if you're asking me for my opinion i'm airing strongly based on their obvious station near leaning strongly towards yes a big time yes does a troubling development noon has been asking for the seventy f b i won't produce it they will not then the documents he is how to
pino this this is a member of congress charge representing the people on committee looking at this stuff and abuse oh i don't understand the folks the bureau will not provide the information this is deeply disturbing stuff that should bother every one of you regardless of your partisan stripes how does it not how does it not imagine if this were you you have a bit mr competitor down the block walks into the fbi offices is hey i need that you use to go investigate chose computers i think he's up to some but what is the uptake well i don't know but don't worry we show he's really gets it don't worry i'll come back with a dash here in a few minutes you go back you pay a you go hey hey bobby bobby two times when every a name is bobby do me a favor can you got produce a fake email them a competitor road about some sexual thing he didn't russia i'm gonna go give it to the fbi then you what
but can you go hey happy i guess i got an email about my competitor it says he was in russia one time any didn't this isn't it ok let's start an investigation and start spying on foot how is what i just said anyway exaggeration for effective hyperbolic when i just told you is what may have actually happen this very disturbing and and i worked with the men and women and the fbi their great i do not think it all this was an issue with the rank and file they are their wonderful their super talented their smart we have the best federal investigators in the world but i do think someone but a political stripe on them whether it's an fbi or indeed j someone with a big ball political stripe in their back started investigation based on politics not criminality and they need to be uncovered uncovered immediately and my advice the fbi if you're willing to take it i know we got listeners you better come clean come clean now hiding behind this you weren't there you're gonna be found out and
thats was used people i'm sorry but people have to be terminated like fired believed the violence for the democrat mean fired thanks for clear nedda yeah yeah baby we got media matters proof suit listen and they're so violent they assume you mean you know like terminated like arnold schwarzenegger i mean fired from your job and that's tough for me to say but you have to go i mean there may be some potential liability there as well this is a serious thing right me folks again i know i understand the u s empowered never forget that guy's look what we locked them opto i mean that that thousand yards stare like he's just looking right through you like he has no idea what's going on and we got him in the early morning when all this com i believe in and it was bad they demonstrate the family was crying and even though the guy was a criminal i mean he was convicted he wasn't it wasn't like you know we got it
guy there he had done so really nasty things i'm only human you know and i seriously i felt awful amerika cash skies life over even i knew he'd ruined a lot of other lies but i'm just telling you the truth folks i i know i probably shouldn't but i did now i did feel bad i felt awful about all and it's an awesome power if it's been abused by the bureau it's to fess up ok today so also puts remedies a brick house nutrition no big fan of this company they been with us from the beginning these are our regional sponsor and feedback on their products is always amazing i really appreciate it it's i get about twenty miles a day people extolling the virtues of dawn to dusk what is done the dusk i know you live in a busy life are you i mean i am i mad at all day getting on a plane later go back at the gate tucker showed an item is a busy day how do i get through the day don't the dusk but what started us it's an
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so national reciprocity is coming up again now for you second amendment advocates out there like me who you know folks its it's about as happened in conversation issue i cannot emphasise this point you not because it was a brilliant point was brought up the second amendment really it's not about guns i don't know of course as has the right to bear arms it's not it's about freedom and its about living and it's about god given big our right now it mentions the ability to bear arms but the arms portion is just the enforcement of your right your god given right from india permit documented former second amendment of your ability to protect yourself that's a god given right son of right granted to you by may it may be protected by constitution the bill right sure you know what i'm saying is given to you by men you're right to defend yourself using arms is is a god given right now a bothers me
because i mean i'd i i've carried a fire on my whole life and i've never seen a firearm actually shoot itself it's you know it's a tool it is it is it all for self protection nations i support these come up again now this is i bring this up not because a cause it is kind of a in interesting issue for conservative listeners but it's also in an indicator of the rank inch of hypocrisy from the democrats and liberals again what is national reciprocity well in essence simply if we have a chance the old carry permit for your firearm in florida national surprisingly would mean like let's say you tar wyoming sum of mind of them are ready i think they do but even place like new york joe would honour the he's the conseil weapons permit that you haven't florida makes sense so if you hold up to say in new york in new jersey if you're firearm you wouldn't be arrested now ice and being honest year i'm
still troubled as to why this is a controversial issue i know why the far left thinks it's a controversial issue is ages hate firearms because they want you to have to rely on the government for your protection khazar obsessed with control and one of them mary ways did to latch you're the people to the to the to the mechanism at this stage to latch them permanently used to take their health care education and joseph their ability to protect themselves you take away guns you like people to stay because they need the state for protection i think that's obvious but amongst reason people i'm really unsure why this controversial now you have a driver's license in maryland yes i do too now when you dry between states can you be rested in say virginia for driving with a maryland driver's licence is not a trick no dan i can't they gabby gag joe you know what it is time you play a little daddy brass comfort
the answer is you gonna drive rigidity and i could i have a problem at all encyclopedias you right now joe again not a trick question does the bill of rights anywhere meant driving of vehicles and nickel manufacture the bill of rights was drafted weatherford mustangs now just plain all mustangs they played almost that ignores the as yet as there were good boy by the way yes but they were not ford bus tags correctly they certainly have obviate edged they took our hey not oil workers power yet that one horsepower exactly just what order you good point job so there were bust anxious afford mistakes so just to be clear driving isn't even a constitutional right enshrined by our national governing document right it's it's it's it's not but would claim seriously that the active driving a car is a bigger god given right it it's not i mean you're right protect you shall vision you know the right to drive a car abc it's not the constitution because it's not infringe
i think it's just a way to transport you suffer ass are the only way there if you ways there to protect yourself against a firearm and the right to self protection using a firearm to counter a deadly threat is one of i think the founders understood the danger of taking away to people imagine him the government my point and this is very simple if driving is protected across state lines how can you reasonably make the case if you're even a liberal listener right now that sets open minded how he recently make the case that a constitutionally enshrine protection the right to bear arms which shall not be infringed should not be protected and other states as well you argument makes no sense at all it makes not now i said i would without out the hypocrisy of the democratic party and liberals that wasn't even it let's be just laying the groundwork as to why i think it's utterly absurd that we don't have national reciprocity havoc fire on permanent florida you should be able to carry your firemen california it's ridiculous but secondly
what's fascinating to me as an aside disappointed love for you to ask your liberal friends liberal conveniently switch and alter and turn the federalism argument on its head and they will not they won't back their own principles whenever the art it is convenient for them here's what i mean on the immigration argument arizona past and identification bill when you pulled over you'd have to have some form of identification and if you are not in a country legally you could potentially find yourself illegal jeopardy in arizona if you did not happen right notification to be here the bill was not very controversial at all but the left made a big deal about it and said no no no no this is
national issue the federal government is in charge of immigration and the state should not be legislating this at all by the way they were total hypocrites on that as well because we california turned around us we're going to do with different thing here we're gonna make ourselves a sanctuary stating sanctuary cities in all the other stuff do you realize liberals made the exact same argument joe and reverse yet they said well immigration isn't exactly a federal argument anymore to state argument californy can do what it wants come again you just said five minutes ago without arizona than ours when a camp here stricter immigration rules because it's a federal issue and then when you want to california to pass a less strict immigration you said it's not a federalist california could do what it wants liberals are hypocrites about breathing folks i'm sorry i'm sorry to break bad news to you i'm sorry to disappoint you but liberals will spin on a died because they are not principle there not grounded in anything the houses built on sand for them it's about
acquisition of power it's not about the maintenance of principles in the long run which is the difference between conservatism and liberalism strong conservatives always support the same thanks x make freedom through tax cuts education free of do school choice healthcare three i'm through patient control medicine we always support the same thinks it doesn't matter who's in office it doesn't matter what their political ideologies that is our bedrock for support federalism we support the powers not delegated the tenth amendment powers not delegated and the ninth by the waves were not delegated to the to the federal government are delegated to the states and the people having said that though this is not a right the right to bring yourself show em again not a trick question this is in the love rights this is not a right delegated to the states joe the constitution how to trick a the constitution for the united states correct yes it is now it is
sometimes you say stop it's like with this automatic right to describe it like with this guided tone and ten or two editors father you like yes and yes it is business it is like overly foe academic voice that makes it really funny it's it's not the constitution maryland has a constitution but the bill of rights is not it that is federal constitution for the virus the republic this is a right that should be protected everywhere and yet the democrats again or making the exact opposite argument to say whilst they should be i ought to do what they want take do wonders and the constitution they can't do what they want when it is in fact and enshrine federal big our right folks this is a really important thing national reciprocity and i'm i'm i'm gonna skew humbly for a call the action of this kind since you contact your congressman's office just put in
and my congressmen and google they come right up i promise you and i'm gonna you to ask them where they stand the national reciprocity now just of dull rap on this i will give you the liberal counter attack as here's what they'll say there say well how this is going to be a race to the bottom because you can go to a state like i don't know they'll say utah florida where there's very few requirements and new york should be able to say these are our requirements and by forcing us to enact florida's requirements quote race to the bottom you hear that term all the time but show here's the problem race to the bottom number wondered when they use that they're using focus group tested turn to the the bottoms always bad right oh my god there is no ray to the bottom the bottom is your big our right to fly where is you have a right to protect yourself there is no below that you can't go with sub basement that is the ground floor the ground floor as we all have a right to defend ourselves you can't
that right away you can't make it overly restrictive you can't make it so that people don't have the same rights in different states when it's a protected federal that's nonsense that doesn't have and were driving it doesn't happen with anything else and if i want to stay alive and i want to protect myself in florida should have the very same right new york and this is a you can't have it both ways you can't say the federal government is all powerful when it comes to immigration but then the states are powerful immigration when it suits your thing and the same thing on gun right you know we should the powerful federal government we should have a big expensive federal government say you're a liberal but then when it comes to actual federal rights institute at nationwide by the bill of rights for a constitutional republic a governing document that know those rights don't apply nationally it's nonsense you have the right to protect yourself everywhere to crap so asked them where they were they are a national reciprocity one more thing in the gun front a rapid up for the day one of the reasons i've always been afraid of you know lists
gun less men federals look databases of gun owners which should freak you out folks big time database a gun owners in other words the first thing they come for the gun owners and i would they find you a federal database you mason a lot of you liberal issues i know you i know you i've been i can predict what you're going to say already got a starbucks fruit cup yeah it's not bad by the way you may say this federal database a gun on his right this is this is it slippery and other democratic state a slippery slope had no one's gonna come for your gun shot and they're not going to cracking down on a daily oh you sure about that now if you go to the show no today because i always back up my stuff with stores see the majority at the place what happening in hawaii joe hawaii bastion of deep blue liberalism in hawaii there are
medical marijuana dispensaries joe that half the register they can sell medical marijuana so thereon some state government less than whoever jos marijuana factory whenever they beira well i recently they sent letters off to their men cool marijuana dispensaries and what do you think was in those letters in those letters folks they demand that the echo marijuana dispensaries surrender their firearms oh how did they get those names all this of hawaii cross reference to less of recent gun sales and people who are medical marijuana dispensaries and said oh by the way federal the use of marijuana you can keep your guns by the way get fit surrender those babies folks again when are we proven wrong leave slippery slope arguments we long time ago you know what
what's going to happen with you know with men in the women's room and in an activism on that side and social issues and at how all this stuff they beat that that the democrats constantly all you scare tactics are scare mongering scare mongering has come true now just happening at the national level no cause there's no national big database of here's where joe his knees were his gun is another reason that you should be able to protect your right to defend yourself it secondly joe you're right defend yourself should not become some public database searchable file what people can basically target you neither take your gun away or act be you know show up in front of your house one day with size disguise it gunnar that's none of their as this is your rights a second amendment it you are right to do it big alright i folks say
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