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Ep. 604 The Scandal of the Century is Unfolding

2017-12-04 | 🔗
As things get better for America, they get worse for the Democrats. This piece explains this well. http://dailysignal.com/2017/11/29/democrats-incentive-keep-americans-divided-dependent-angry/   Yes, illegal immigration is a crime, don’t fall for this liberal scam. https://hotair.com/archives/2017/03/16/politifact-once-again-insists-that-illegal-immigrants-are-not-criminals/   Andy McCarthy nails these takeaways from the Mike Flynn case. https://t.co/kIV5Au7xlT     A devastating timeline of this farcical Trump/Russia Witch-Hunt. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/03/ex-mueller-team-members-role-in-clinton-probe-under-review.html   Some great news for the pro-life movement. http://dailysignal.com/2017/11/27/planned-parenthood-deep-trouble-law-turning-point/   ABC really screwed this up, when is the media going to wake up? https://t.co/VCfKGDdEz3   Wow, MSNBC host caught in and embarrassing blog post. http://therightscoop.com/msnbc-host-joy-reid-wrote-homophobic-blog-posts-and-they-were-just-unearthed/   Wait, the FBI agent involved in the Clinton email investigation and the Trump/Russia investigation is a vocal Hillary supporter? https://t.co/qZzqvHbCHT
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Ready to hear the truth about Amerika upon his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan bonds. You know whether their budget, I shall Bruce jar you did. I am doing well and ready to go down. Oh yeah, another big another, big, weaken and news right. Folks, let's get right into it, so I beg thanks to our present a trial. bye bye, I did. I admit I don't get- how this could come off. Has totally there s PS, like self praise, Zenos thanks, you know, but it's this is cool and you are my listening audience and if you will allow me just for a moment so are over we can. I found out on Sunday, will There is a growing and a lot of twitter followers over the weekend habit. I picked up like a thousand overnight and I looked at it turned out that the president, from his actual verified account there. You know, what's real Donald Trump quoted one,
A tweet said knock. I was sick, okay! Well, that's pretty cool the present United States interstellar jollity is, I really am. I actually focus is now the third time I have been treated to buy the president, so it's pretty cool again. I note self praise thinks my mother used to tell me that I totally agree, but I'm your man. audience and if I wanted to share that with the air was about by the way this finally case, which I still feel very strongly about an orange I'm not gonna, go into because I wanted to it again last week. But let me just say this about a couple of things: with this end and a move on when Europe debating with your liberal friends and frankly, even some Republicans who have no concept of what we really stand for on illegal immigration, we are not anti immigrant for the fifty second thousand five hundred and forty second time we're not my wife is of LA emigrant, almost yeah. I know: Jonah has but she's as just stupid. There's a dumb argued we are not eighty ever grid conservative at all. We are
they lawbreaker, that's what illegal immigration is its lawbreaking. That's the point I made have Immigration is a law that we can conveniently ignore because we don't like it when we liberals than what other. Nor can we ignore Obamacare. Do we not have to pay taxes? Do you understand how the maintenance of a constitutional republic and fidelity to law and order revolves almost exclusively around how this eliminate illegal immigration debate is resolved? If you like? immigration is resolved by saying you know what we're just gonna disregarded, because liberal states don't like liberals, don't like it and therefore anyone who broke the law came into the country illegally allowed to stay. Then How do we have? I dont understand like how we have a functioning constitutional Republican if it's just law by like love, I like armoured cars larger back Giotto follow no big deal. No Josie conservative job doesn't like paying confiscatory actually Signora Joe. It's no big deal, don't worry about it. I got here,
don't please don't take that advice. Job will be. I need jobs, we have a back up, but it's not Joe on, because I, like somebody's, not produce a joke, when no one else will finally take that, if I see them obviously being facetious, could you find yourself in jail now, The point I wanted to make on this is with regard to this timely case, the thirty two year old in San Francisco, who is who was was killed by variety the illegal immigrant who got off on everything, but a felony possession charge even involuntary manslaughter he got off on. You cannot argue as a liberal that although I completely agree with you that every purse no enters the country illegally, not every one of us, obviously, is going to go on to commit another crime artifact a small portion of of people who enter the country illegally will, but that does not defeat the argument, tat one hundred percent of people who enter the country illegally by law shouldn't be here, John, if only
two out of a hundred commit crimes. Those two should not have been here. There is a legal process to come here. You didn't do it came, finally would have been alive? It's erotic was not here in the country. That is a fact folks, that's not politicizing anything, that's just a simple fact: houses I pay five fired the gun he disputes idle, I frankly don't believe him, but the fact that the gun- fired in the possession of the illegal immigrants should have been in the country is not in any way for dispute. She would alive today, if it weren't, for really poor immigration, illegal immigration, Foresman in the United States? That's number one number two, and I did I so having decided how to title to show today, forgive me because I, this is really Putin and in its another one of these liberal scams- and I am in a movie if this, but it's important with regard to illegal immigration. You need to know about because
we do a lot of the banking on the show, and I've heard this now say conservatively fifteen or twenty times between the blogosphere. Cable news editorial writings, the new liberal, talking point in immigration. I see this far. Guy does this. All the time is a liberal guy goes on Fox. Is it and I'm quoting? I saw this in a peace today. It is a crime to be in the. U S illegally. What that was an unusually long, the empire GINO Lesser Raw, not all p again, this is that this is the lodge go fallacy to say more may use on illegal immigration, illegal. Well, people can the country leaving not all of them are going to go on to commit crimes while by some the logic Joe. That means some of them will, if you can say not all right, Joe all of them will commit crimes. If you can't say that that is if you, if you
care conclusively say no one will commit a crime becomes into the country illegally. That by simple logic, means someone who comes into the country illegally and should have been here will were german crazy right now. That's correct in that It sends you simple answer. Yes, yes, very much correctly, that was it. You blew it. You blew up, Tat was totally time for your game. Show why he's given your girl, others? I understand that it is absolutely correct was particularly where you got. This is simple logic. Now, on this quote it's not a crime to be in the? U S illegally, gosh liberals or why are they always lying to us? There are. People in the United States, who are Over stays, who came here on a visa came here on a vacation came here on a business trip came here on a student visa who joe their visa expired say January of this year and who are still here that is not technically to pay, can be
but it is not a crime. It is a civil violation. That is not the majority of people, though war in the country illegally, the magician few people in the country illegally Joe came here by evading illegal border crossing, which is Joe. Here you go synchronicity beautiful It's a crime. Of course, it's a crime fact they're called E W eyes entry without inspection, unlawful presents maybe a civil violation. Improper entry into United States. Folks is absolutely a crime and multiple time entry into the United States without inspection is a felony, so this silly, talking boy, that it is quote not it crime to be in the. U S. Illegally is fabricated,
The liberal garbage it is, in other words, a lie and another scam and another herbal dance. They do to get you to believe something that is factually, not correct. Wonder why always bring up things they I had joy have to be candid with the audience I met. You guys get me and Ladys said me a lot of wonderful emails, Daniel upon GEO that com- I read them. I love them up trying to respond to all of em, but it's really really tough, because if you're, so you griffin- I read them all. I promise you, but I take it, complete last and the shows for you guys and lady, so are you complain, I listen peace, illicit, not with the tax thing I've heard about fifty times before the reason I talked about the tax thing, a lot less weakest cause we're at a really pivotal moment in american history, with the most consequential tax bill. In what Joe twenty years I mean maybe, since eighteen ninety three show less than that, but close enough on the pretence,
we get this much go if the house and send it can agree on a similar, build the president's desk. It's important, but one of the reasons on that debate. I always talk about the Clinton surplus in the Reagan thing in the can tax cuts not costing the government money regenerating generating money? Is that I get tired of liberals their false, arguments becoming the de facto truth- people talk in the media, as if this stuff assure you couldn't circles, have forced it didn't happen, it didn't happen there. Begin tax cuts causative as it did not happen. The same this is. Why try to cut to stuff off at the knees and why I'm worried about this silly illegal immigration talking point: I'm worried that it's gonna become de facto truth, even though it is patently categorically false and easily proven false. It does not occur and to be in the U S illegally. No, it is that John biggest ears for these you, you know people like me by gay. You in, and the conservative lectureship gets frustrated by the stuff yeah, the
yeah. This is not a difficult. This is not a difficult thing. It's not like if someone said to you yet so you get some physics or or chemistry guide, he's like quantum sixty seven is an. I should hope. Although your idea like one man is, it would make a bee lines. You get out of the strontium. Sixty seven exist, he could be making up the halting the german people talk. In short, you see when they talk and jargon and a sound super smart, and you don't really know what you're talking about you're like I guess it could be true. This is tat time. They are saying easily proven fault. It is not a crime to be in the. U S illegally, just Google it is it a crime who s illegally, it is, crime edgy without inspection. Here tell even give you this statute. I think it's up a title to the United States Code.
All agree with it because they don't want to seem stupid to other people who don't know you know in professor small follower. Whatever he said, small fry swap I'd prefer tat. We know that guy and edit it gets to be like a cycle of endless utility. Yes, it's like you're all bathing in this stupid soup. I mean that we really have to cut this stuff over and that's why I know what drives you crazy when I talk about things like girl, the Reagan, tax cuts and equip surplus of does, but it is imperative that you understand the fine details of this, because these things have become so imbued anti american psyche is de facto true, even though they are categorically false. There was never ever ever a Clinton surplus ever in the budget. Reagan's Bob tax cuts did nothing to impact. The deficit The spending levels did more. Money was raised, the immigration is illegal. Immigration is a crime that, if you don't These things off the next generation of kids grows up believing this there entire generation, the kids. I do actually believe Bill Clinton read a surplus. They will believe again that does not occur
to be in the? U S legally what folks? It is absolutely a crime or I have for you May I really didn't plan to spend that much time on this. I just obviously give very frustrated with the stuff because it just silly edit it drives me crazy. I daresay yeah I just did it its Trump Russia thing has just exploded. I didn't get to dedicate as much time to it. on Friday, as I wanted to so I want to get you a couple things here because of out of important things happened on Friday and happened over the weekend, and it is imperative that you understand the full scope of what's going on right now. Sadly folks- and I mean this- our slow descent into Third World Republic Justice, the Benghazi terror gets off on murder charges last week Kay Stein these Keller walks out of court, not even guilty of involuntary manslaughter with an open and shot
I opinion case the cliff get off on everything all the time. Every time and we have now might Flynn pleading guilty on Friday, which happened during the recording of the show for base We again, as I said before, fishing for lying to a federal agent, which is rarely charged. my opinion only charged when you have absolutely nothing else to go on in your trying to pressure someone to do something. Ladies and gentlemen, I was a federal agent. I am not going to repeat the story for the Temple the time, but I remember the one time I saw some one charge we one thousand one which is lying to the FBI and the judge. The arrangement was astonished like really I've never, the line with members here she bit zika we get a fiber. That was the light, so we MIKE Flynn. On the rest. Now for five, it now happened over the weekend, we're late, Friday Brian ROS, from ABC who
it's been wrong multiple times now, Brian Rossi was the one who identified that guy in the shooting is a tea party member and it was the wrong guy. Wasn't a tea party guy at all, so bad Ross has a bit is: is a bit infamous and conservative circles for fake news raw survey on these, this bombshell report, which is probably picked up in the middle of the view by Joy Bay. Har, they walk out a car to, or this is breaking she so excited. You haven't seen them the other. The video check it out these, Joe Bay, like, as this is great, they walk out. A car ABC News drew Brian Rossi reporting that might Flynn Epps National security adviser is going to testify against Trump that this is critical as a candidate president Trump. Asked Flynn to reach out to the Russians. Well for why
obviously would be the question, but as a candidate, if that was for some kind of collusion, that's a bomb a print out on this set bans are pretty air, She was flip it out on this, set the hands pretty throws the card everybody celebrating and clapping. Problem, Joe is story, was wrong. and now a b c is in full fall right. If you I have been following this over the weekend. Please get on it'll be in the show today today upon you know that calm get. My email is alimony. These articles, please read this story because It shows you why Americans are done with the mainstream media. Here's that distinction Joe it wasn't as a candidate, It was this. The President elect big difference. Joe here Let me set this up ready for the odd if you don't get where I'm going with this you'll figure it out quickly.
and the analogy I used on on fox and friends which, what nuclear, by the way Thank you to everyone who watched it. I said that's like saying headline MAD Robs bank, clarification six hours later, man takes out money from ATM, that's the story all eat. What, if what you say about the bank? I don't know we took money out, but if we didn't democracies money as the whole stories the robbery if we take somebody Joe? Do you agree? The story goes out the window. Yes, sir, the stories gone if the story about the Trump Russia Investigation is russian collusion to win an election job, in other words, the Trump campaign campaign camp. A campaign there three times for liberals, if the Trump campaign for the fourth time reached out to the Russians in advance of the election to all
to the courts in the election held Trump. When you have a enough, Miss conspiracy, and people should go to jail. The fact that they were reported that he did it as a candidate that they reach. to the Russians as a candidate would seeming buttress that petroleum, a very simple question: how the heck do you call it? to win an election your national security, visor reaches out to the Russians after You ve won the election to good question. Do That's the whole story. It poor, brushing collusion narrative goes out the window sill yet the short job, joy, grey, are celebrating about, the fact that they reached out before the election, when the story really was they reached out after that's the whole story, the whole thing, also part now, ABC and Brian Ross left. This thing up right think it was six hours before they deleted the tweet. Now
I'm not going to give them any credit, because I'm disgusted by what they did but to be fair and give you a few scope of what happened in the story, they did That night of the next day issue a category article retraction- and and did Brian Ross without pay. For four weeks, my home, opinion he should be terminated. I'm sorry, but this is the second time this has happened, this guy supply to be adjourned washed out, he's not an opinion purse. He supposed to report the facts, folks, their zeal, desperation to take down. Donald Trump has taken over common sense so that take away number one. The first, canoes media again for the Umpteenth that was the New York Times, reporting on the wire tapping and saying wiretapping, didn't exist and attacking Trump Fort, where there was a times attacking Mark Levine when he reported on what the time said, whether its abc talking about all Flynn reached out as a candidate a Trump and when Europe was a candidate.
By the way, did it when he was president, like, oh, you mean after the election News media is destroying litter they destroying this country. They are ripping it to shreds. All right. I got a lot more to get to this story because I have at least five or six take a ways and developments. This case that you need the folks you have to know about. I before we get that today show much about buddies. Add we all felt, thereby we love filtered by. Thank you to everyone. By the way picture They are filters from them. Changes, seasons right now, perfect the changes filters in your business in your home, because Americans are spending up to ninety percent of their time indoors and according to studies, the air you and you we breathe into indoors contains up to a hundred times greater air pollution and the air outside the perfect changes, seasons, change out those filters. Folks, I have read this horrendous allergies. Thankfully I just swarthout mine and eat with the air, and here is pretty enough. These pretty crystal clear I haven't thank. We haven't any problems in a while, so it's pretty good filtered by the outcome.
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number one with Ross and again you can't collude to win an election Joe after you won the election, ok thing being pretty obvious threat. Moving on number two, I have article the show notes today. I know I say this a lot. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound hyperbolic. I like most trying to tell you something you want to die the main mail is fine. You wanna go to my website. I'm just please read this view. Read it national view Do it there, that's ok to Andy Dorothy and National View who, if you're following him on Twitter, sign up twitter just to follow him because writing he's a former federal prosecutor for the Department of Justice. I think he prosecuted the bull blind shake a full bob. You know being candid here and disclosure I know Andy I like in the alot we're not best friends, but we are friends and I I really enjoyed commentaries commentary on this Flynn case Spain. Amazing, here, down the line guy? He is not a priority trump anything you'll see by his writing. He is shrinking.
please it straight. He brought up a pivotal pivotal crystal clear. What you all need to take home from this part yesterday today about this Trump Russia scheme. Now with the flag, Case because liberals are celebrating over this giant ever it's amazing liberals like celebrating the downfall of the United States, scraggy we're locking up our own people, forfeit where's the scheme where's, the sky. Jerry, oversee Jerry, Maguire member Cuba, Gooding Junior show me the Mai Jerry. Why Show me the money show that by their member that Macao, as you repeat, refugee journey, Jerry's, Ike, Jerry City, I was sure tat. I had all the authors. People look at around like what I ask that a huge fan of that at that blue. I did like it, but there's so much like liberal drunken air that I've kind of get rid of it every Ilie seriously, but as a kid is funny We, the body, where's
scale. Mccarthy, who is a brilliant lawyer, brings up this critical point. You need to take away from this. There now been Joe three court proceedings. Arrests investigations on Trump Associates man a fort for business dealings. Be for Joe, he joined the Trump campaign, get anything Our russian colleagues in their job before for the bad, a fork and the man afford arrest right, the metaphor: investors all about his business dealings before he joined a campaign. That's right! Nothing! we're, collusion, correct known right, not to it. Ok, the second one, but the police who was arrested for fishing. We got a fiber. who lied about a whatever a meeting in Russia. He had when the Trump team told him not to do it. Ok, Many russian collusion. Georgia, not Damn you sure
we're just never was a wink borneo, yes, wake! So nothing there. The roadmap. Now we have a third arrest and please deal with my plan for favouring again of job. Any russian collusion air either not an under that rock. That Kyoto, you folks, Mccarthy, brings up a great point and I'm telling you Mccarthy, is a straight. A players. You're gonna, get here that in these any right about this I don't have the prosecutor. Aerial experience does he's a lawyer. I was an investigator, but he down high profile cases. Any brings up this one crucial point here when you are in the eye when you are indicting when you a prosecuting when you're prosecuting by information when your prosecuting by indictment on your prosecuting when using a complaint document. Those are three different ways you can get some one into the court system it in of an initial appearance, arrest warrants and things like that and you want want to cooperate, show in a scheme so
Let me give an example with stories work best for the audience you- and I are involved in this scheme- say it. international ponzi scheme, you know, like a Bernie made off scheme- were taken people's money where pretending to invest if it were really just giving it to other people, s return and we're doing it internationally and the FBI. Still you Joe and on the master, my, but they get to you first and I don't know it so they lock you up and have got you a room at the lights going near you sweat and tell I shall we got you against throw the books. You know a by Catch Mccarthy says guinea right, you finally go to court because remember they're not going to send you to court right away because a lot of those court proceedings they arrest you have to take you to initial pierce, but they're, not gonna, put you on a public trial. If they're gonna use you for a subsequent investigation right guy, what they get you to do at some point is to plead guilty too.
this game, whether its conspiracy to launder money can spare you throw away conspiracy against that title. Eighteen, United States Code, three, seventy! What do you see? What I'm just follow. Armed guards out is a little difficult. Therefore, point understand, court point is brilliant. Then you have to understand that when there some actual scheme involving multiple people, a conspiracy, Joe Majority, its involving two do criminal things to people right when they get someone like big: they nailed you and they not me, I'm the big fish in the Ponzi scheme right and they get you cooperate against me when it comes time for you to finally plea in cork, Jacques, and it did not gonna drop all the charges. They'll just give you it's for cooperation to, which is the way it works in the federal system, and it may drop some of the more serious charges. But at some point Joe, you will please guilty to this game scheme, judicially speaking in the legal system, will be some four
typically of a conspiracy charge three, seventy one: where is it? Where is it where's? The beef show me the money random movie or commercial? Why did here? Where? this conspiracy charge. You may say well metaphor version Are you a conspiracy against the United States gas you absolutely correct, but it was not for conspiracy to overthrow the election had nothing to do with shrub at all. It was about his business dealings. Tat would Joe. You arresting me in a paper running a headline. shrigley area by Judo Ponzi scheme gets taken down for conspiracy at an you, read the charging document and Joe gets charge by a conspiracy to phase out the pizza guy and not give em a tip after delivers. Peter was actually wait. I thought this was about an international bodies. Keep folks
there's no conspiracy charge related to a conspiracy, I'm not telling I'm not saying this may not happen later it may. I dont know what I'm trying to be fair, you, but my hovel pity and I'm gonna to leave it here. My bull opinion on this folks. Is they ve got nothin? They ve got nothing if the best you can do over three in Astrogational arrests right now is to try and flip Flynn. on a one thousand one charge and no one any point. Is gonna plead guilty to an actual conspiracy. There isn't one now I'm not telling you mothers are involved in fishing. Expedition is going to find something else. Everybody's rich rip, the mattress turning off by the wayside, tat made me about that. The leg is not really illegal. You get the point, it's a joke, I'm not that briefly, I love the listener email, but always a little weird. It's a joke. The mattress tag I dont think anyone's actually prosecuted, ripping
what matters dagger, the joke, but everyone's appear. War criminals. They want to get you on tax evasion. Folks, I promise you find something they may find. something on on not someone. Tromp White House, but that was not the purpose The special council and the bottom line looks as if you had a special council investigating every single facet of your life, looking at it a grain of sand you ve ever stepped on. I promise you be in jail too, to be very careful what you sport? We are descending into Third World Republic. Justice. Make no mistake. Ok, your point number You can't collude after an election. Brian Russian abetted sources. Point number two where's the scheme, no one is, yet shown and actual scheme point number three did the EP. I have Pfizer recordings of Flint. Why why Why is the FBI as you? Don't I get it? This question is getting worse than all of us. Now, as the former die,
A director defence intelligence agency should have known that when he was talking to the russian ambassador. After the election he should have known, being recorded. I love them. I can find men and women of the FBI, their terrific, but there does not absolve the Federal Bureau of Investigation from having to explain away to the american people. Why was MIKE Flynn unmasked? No one is it. You should go with this house. They know it was like. When talking to the russian ambassador, you may say He was talking to the russian ambassador levies on mass unmasked, because you must talk in the russian ambassador. No, no! No! No! No! That's not the way. This works. We can monitor the russian. ambassador, but getting the eye identity of the person talking to the russian ambassador. Essentially spying on their conversations. Folks has no other easy way to say this is supposed to
we formal one masking process. A formal and masking process is not supposed to be political and yet Joe to this day One is told us why that happened. Are you we? interested to our liberal friends- and I mean this- I understand. I understand your politics, I get it. I will back conservatives over liberals nine hundred and ninety nine thousand times out of ten million, because I get it No, you feel the same way. I understand that those you political leanings, you don't trust, conservatives, I don't trust liberals. I am com I'm making a plea to you, though here and I really mean this passionately. I'm not telling you who to vote for you wanna vote, liberal vote, liberal the rest of your life. It will change nothing. I'm just ask you. As a fellow american citizen and a patriot, I know some of you are some. But in fact most of you, I just have a different ways of you in the world. I'm serious. I have liberal Friends, I'm sure you do why
you not concerned about this to you understand how? If the Trump administration did this right now to come, Allah Harris Corey, Booker Bernie Sanders or list Warren. We would have a very serious constitutional crisis on our hands. Why mention those names. What are they all have in common the wrong probably gonna be presidential candidates and twenty twenty as Democrats, folks, don't want to live in a country present United States at the time Barack Obama can by an american citizen MIKE Flint with no evidence of a crime at all member, his crime, talking to the russian ambassador. Now Joe, you have that sound by ready, give it a go. You think I'm making this up. This is a set. This one's a little long decide sought sound on tape. Here's a cop sharks all ensure efficient was shot. This sound on tape thing here. This clip it's about a minute, but I'm back
Can you please listen to this, because no one in the years to set up again explain to me why someone was listening in on MIKE Flynn not derive ambassador and He was unmasked for talking to them, ambassador when the old administration at the time. Membership was the transition period had salute me, no problem with that. Conversations. You don't believe me. I back everything up on the show me wrong woman wrong. We corrected this is the Obama State Department. Spokesperson talking about that communications between flint and the russian ambassador, while Obama was still in office during the transition play the cut you probably, You have seen reports starting yesterday with them more of them this morning about contact between The incoming national security adviser and rush, ambassador, I'm just wondering from its state departments point of view
Is this something that's of concern at all or to sleep? There then Again, not necessarily I've seen reports available, they ve been confirmed, corroborated yet, but you know that's. It is part of the transition team. That's really for them to speak And how they are engaging, I mean at present in a light? Is also engaged on his own with many world leaders, so only speculate, and I dont want nothing you do. This building doesn't see anything necessarily inappropriate about contact between members of the incoming administration and foreign officials. No matter what country there
right now and again, this has been ongoing. I mean we stand ready if they want to work through the Save programme to contact some of these individuals, but we have no, you know no comment or no problem with them doing such a narrow. Folks, What part of that is hard, I know, was a longer buck sound cut in and my apologies couldn't you know and, as you know, is in the radio industry in the you'll like to play long cuts has people too and at least in the middle, the radio show. If it's like you, don't know what you're listening to what is a press conference in part guessing worsen with different, but I wanted you to hear that in its entirety, TAT was more told. Her Obama administration, State Department, spokesperson, who was involved in the transition, clearly laying out two things that the Obama administration knew about the context and it no problem with music. What does he say? What poor? Georgia's hey, it's a transition seem like that's what they do folks again point now,
Three number one kid collude after the election number two where's. game, no one's proven ischemia number three. Why I was MIKE Flynn being recorded if even the Obama administration acknowledge MIKE flame was acting within the scope of its duties. Why. Why was it being recorded guys? Ladies I love this country, man. I know you do too but this is serious stuff, this isn't a joke! Revenge bring into like Charles is venezuelan politics here, nobody themes the care care. rose, you say, listen! I liberalism is my ideology. I love and I think it's the best path forward. Can't liberal say that I am going to vote liberal in the future, but this needs to be investigated
sneeze. Someone needs to figure out why the american government spying on citizens for and no one is yet yet to give a reason. Why aren't you know just having benefit agent, understanding the awesome power, the federal government folks. This really frightens me all this case worse, I promise you really not know. The story gets worse. I've got more here before we get to that We shall also brought you by target. Got a nice email on Sunday was working at a church in apart I've read my emails and our guy city potter. If I'm so, I appreciate that you must have three different got three different fires. What's I target, but I target like the little ride. Sites I target products com for Seattle by fire, you we're your weapon, a lot dry firing your weapon is a good way to practice. Of course, safely be all get that you know you want to make sure loaded empty the magazine empty that emerge as we say in the secret service check it check. It twice, really check it. Three times finger probe the chamber: do it may yet be
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Stating timeline of an FBI official, a guy by then of Peter shrug Peter it the amount of Saying that Right S, T r, Z, okay, who involved in these special council. He, but this was not a. All time grew later in the F B. I don't mean small time in stature. I just mean like IE. This guy was high up in the aid, seems a deputy director. Why does this matter you folks this guy was involved in the Trump Russia Special Council investigation. Not only that from the Fox news peace. Wait till. I tell you what this guy did a source close to the matters quoting arose as peace says, the OECD officer Inspector General probe, which will examine, strikes role in a number of other politically sensitive cases, should be completed by by early next year very early next year. Listen to this task we'll be exceedingly complex. I haven't told you really did yet but keep this in your head given struck.
Consequential portfolio, wait for Joe. He participated in the FBI's, fateful interview with Hillary Clinton on July. Second, twenty sixteen just days before that before then directors. Use me James call me announce. He was declining to recommend prosecution of MRS Clinton injection in connection with her use as secretary of state of a private e mail server as the record as that the director for Counter intelligent, struck, also enjoyed liaison with various agencies in the intelligence community, including the CIA, then led by direct your John Breton, well interesting folks, because We found out this weekend that struck how to in very this stuff, various anti we're text with a colleague, apparently this guy's a Hillary Clinton supporter, whereas this part, when just about every consequential investigation against Trump had to make a big Hillary Clinton. A liability seemingly go way. This guy's been involved in his role in making this stuff go away,
not exactly sure, but this is where it gets interesting, whereas this part, becomes due all the folks. One mortem, don't make a quick. You house, intelligence committee investigators, we're contacted the last year by it in for suggesting there was- and I am quoting Here- documentary evidence show that struck was pointedly obstructing the house probe into the infamous dossier, Geiss Ladys again Now we have an investigator at the ECB at very high ranking investigator within the FBI involved with the number one. The trumps special council investigation number two. Apparently the dossier number three. The Hillary Clinton email Investigation and we find out that this guy has been a basically the entire time. Exchanging Anti trump messages, with a call worker.
we also have quote. According to this report, documentary evidence that he's been obstructing the house probe into the dossier. Remember what I told you about the dossier, the vague dossier about trumps. Activities in Russia that was fake, totally facon debunk that the ep I may have paid this guy. The dossier producer and a dossier may have been used. Man we're tied together May have been used as a pretext to monitor MIKE Flynn and Trump Associates whom so now now does this makes sense? I you a question before. Why were they listening to Donald Perhaps transition team and spy was our governments spying on their political opponents, Barack Obama. They said la produce the reason Joe, the state, carbon acknowledges conversations, we're happening and had no problem with them, yet they were still spine. Now we find out one of the
reasons for that spying may have been the dossier which was fake. We all find out that one of the people who may have been involved with the dossier is a deputy director, the FBI, by the name of Peter struck, who, by the way, can't stand Donald Trump, who was also involved. In the Hillary Clinton interview about her email that she was not exonerated on who also, by the way, was appointed to the special council and how to be dismissed when he got caught for these anti trump messages. Nothing to see here. Folks, fantasy, or this again remind me of that that Giff over of Leslie Nielsen from the naked gun where he comes out outside is nothing fox and factories blow it up by them. There's like missiles going off guys you you still debating my premise that work with this is a third world justice system, we're living in right now, man time to pick the pineapples mean seriously
I mean on believable one last. No, these things at his walk you through and put the piece together. There ve been a lot of leaks in this case, but if you find that credibly haven't heard one week still about any Trump involvement with the Russians at all, that is in anyway country Two colluding to win an election are just cut. quick things before he was to be a busy week I'll be got a lot of fox hits this week so I'll be on outnumbered on Tuesday, by the way, if you want to check that out, be traveling around a lot that wasn't why we don't miss show so we're used to the roadshow ah joy, Red MSNBC, you know resident the liberal Democrats clueless joy reed. She just never knows what he's talking about ever am sorry. She attacked me once it was like farcical because wrong that so much step.
I agree that she's been outlawed by the right scoop it'll be in the show notes today, fur at Dub basically seriously homophobic on blog posts. She made why, without a job, a possible judges, illiberal that doesn't happen, red she's, making fun of former Florida governor Charlie Chris Colony, Miss Charlie, how heat he won't. He won't look at his wife naked because he likes man and stuff like that in the three deposed they are so deeply disturbing. But this issue, liberals, are their total forty member Joe she's, paying the algae BT activism, except for the fact that she's not, but you can. We yeah peace. What else you know it tomorrow put them down, the article in today's show notes, but tomorrow's p, I want to cover this article by Dentist pregnant daily signal by how America, when it gets better liberalism it's worse and Libya. If we there's a significant improvement in american standard of living, how democracies is, is gonna suffrage,
really great peace and he goes through specific categories. All talk about a little more marked marriage. The black vote, the Tina vote depend. See victimhood how, as a man. it gets worse. Liberalism gets better, and as America itself, Liberalism gets where suspicion. Peace by this programme. Discuss Mortimer has written if I got a raw got a lotta going on today, busy day appreciated they please I signed up for our show, notes at the budget or that calm sign a fairy molest I'll, send these articles. I appreciate you: did it and I'll see Audubon you just heard TAN Bonn, GINO she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance podcast, soon, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.