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Ep. 605 Don’t Fall for the Latest Scam

2017-12-05 | 🔗
Tax cuts do not “cost the government” money, they only cost you money.  https://t.co/ZKxNf1NoJT   Was President Obama the real Russian colluder?  http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2017/12/claudia-rossett-on-obamas-russia-collusion.php   The Democrats are not telling you the truth about DACA and illegal immigration. http://www.heritage.org/immigration/report/why-congress-should-not-legalize-daca-the-myths-surrounding-the-program   Here’s the latest Democrat talking point on the phony Trump-Russia investigation. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/454311/mueller-strategy-obstruction-justice-investigation-leading-impeachment   Democrats need you to stay angry in order to win elections.  http://dailysignal.com/2017/11/29/democrats-incentive-keep-americans-divided-dependent-angry/
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i welcome today about gino shepard who should show how are you today chopped beneath the big baby yeah man these laugh it because i set of an email from it felicity recycling that either there look forward to jos open the show i never know he's gonna say my gets what it is joe has no idea what it is going to say i can we open up the chance if i thought about it i would have said i'm champing into bit very endeavour he doesn't take this after we just come this way such a natural so you know what our i tell em another another road show today for the year podgy no operation of up in new york do not buy fox fox if so beyond i think said outnumbered today so if you want to check that out but
as always ton go and i can't turn away from the television for five minutes for you miss what's going on here and i wanted to get right into this because as i predicted joe on the show a couple months now if you remember remember what i said that the democrats we're going to seamlessly move from the russian collusion narrative to the obstruction narrative eu member me saying that you have so do you have a reason why we did a show and i was saying how listen there's no there there there's a whole thing that russian collusion is you have to have actual collusion proof because you know you can't have collusion after an election to win an election as i said on fox and friends yesterday folks and i want to spend the whole show on this but i did i want you to be crystal clear about what's going on and i'm not doing this to say hey look at me go back and show sea or the predictive value they have i'm telling you this not the path myself on the back i'm telling you this
because this is how stupid the democrats are unpredictable i dont mean democrat voters are you democrat listens to the show i mean the democrats in congress and up on the hill that are pushing this i said to you folks forgive me i don't have the episode i'm not gonna play clips of myself talking about in a few months ago you feel this in a library you'll know its air the titles are pretty indicative of what's on the show i said who's gonna happen i warned you in advance that these people these liberals that do that are pushing this disingenuous story that they are there just predictable that this if they don't have anything there is no rushing collusion now they moved on to it structure narrative and here is gonna be the story going forward and introduce shone out i have another piece by andy mccord the national review which is really good and laces whole thing out i'd like you to meet if you can show us are always available by gino dot com i can email empty if you join my email is
the collusion narrative of fallen apart the narrative now is going to be that trump knew that might flynn had i too the fbi and their trump then pride to pressure former director jim call me to make please go away while ah there is your new obstruction case or your mythical obstruction case now a couple thing this here's the problem with this folks again one although he admitted to that the false statements charge i have you it pains me to say that's because i know what comes off is being in the but i'm not i've really thought this through what i've listened to a lot of people know what's going on in this joe i'm not sure flynn lied i'm not i'm sure he didn't tell the truth but i'm not sure i lied now you may say well while there that's really dancing i'm not sure if
we must be clear on this but my point is it is clear that flynn didn't say everything in the interview with the fbi which you didn't have to set you you know you're free to not criminal yourself joe you can plead the fifth anytime you want it was a federal agent you nobody stay incriminate themselves but if you going to make statements they should in fact be truthful i'm not sure flynn remembered ever thank you and i gotta get myself in trouble with this i'm not sure flynn remembered everything the right way i can't say how i know there's folks or how i think i know this but i think what happened is flawed didn't take the interview seriously with the fbi agents show here some things in the inner in interview he probably got caught off guard he didn't exact we remember what happened and i don't think he understood the legal jeopardy he was in by talking to these fbi agents then lay
joe found themselves in a pickle and in a quagmire he couldn't get out of and instead just coming clean with the truth thought it he may have just felt like what now i've got a really make this go away from i'm really worried about this because i i i think this guy's been he may be tar he may have been targeted he may have been targeted there some evidence out there's some people really didn't like him and that this whole fbi interview may have been set up there's a story out there that the fbi is were sent to interview him at the white house when they were sent to interview him it was assumed by flynn that it was about the transition show that it was about security procedures in the transition and boom all the sun they show up and let it be the quiver me tell unusual hem everyone you knew about your technical skills and that the imf on gino show next thing you know i've got your for evidence of you want video rob a bank you'd be surprised quite quite help notably origin rubber band
but you you see what i'm saying how flitted point may a panic among before i'm not trying to cover forum he obviously plead guilty to the charge and that china cover for anyone i'm just saying that this entire thing now this entire now that the collusion out of his diet is pretext on the fact flynn lied or they say he lied and that trump tried to cover up for it but i'm telling you i m not so sure he lied in the traditional sense were think in this isn't a bill clinton what is is is moment you know what is what is that to me but does that mean nonsense i mean he may have i really mean that he may have been caught off guard by this and they screwed up but is this really a pretext for impeachment of a president i don't think so now here's a couple problems with this thing for obstruction of ass this at some point there has to be some threat or intimidation or some promise of something in return folks legally now where
was the order or where was the de threat to call me if he didn't drop thus the geisha when the investigation wasn't drop now i was almost yesterday in the radio gregg jarrett whose a lawyer off from fox and he brought up the activating he's right he said that this doesn't actually have to be dropped to obstruct just as in other words joe if it was me and you and i said to the either your hey drop that bank robbery case against georgia costs or i'm you know here i'm going to fire you tomorrow i think you'd have a pretty good case trot you now but if i say to the fbi director hair like this this day against joe go away is out of such injustice because that's what trumps said to call me trump expressing his desire that this go away because flynn was quota good guy is oh cried folks i don't see how any jury would accept that you get what i'm saying joe you see the distinction in one case drop a case against georgia cost or i'm in a fire you jim comin in the other case hey you know
i was a good guy hope we can make this go away or something now could that be proceed is not the right thing to say absolutely a hundred percent i understand but is it a crime folks is an obstruction of justice not so sure so number one there are taken the sun the obstruction charge it's no order here there was no official formal presidential decree statement command to jim show to drop the investigation because they didn't second problem they're gonna have joe even the fbi agents including jim commie acknowledged the fact that at the time they interviewed him they felt that flint being truthful i never say anything i can't back up on the show folks fbi agents who interviewed him i wish there were many sources by the way out on this has been reported widely by cnn as well not just right we you know right wing outlets show the fbi
agents who ignore interviewed flynn said that felt tat he was being truthful so mccarthy makes another great point i love this guy this amazing work in national view if fbi just thought he was being truthful how can you explain away the fact that now you think the president thought he was lying in new because remember the case now the case now to be crystal clear the president knew this what the liberals are saying the president is it a trump new flynn lied to the fbi and tried to get it is to go away with him call me but eighty macaulay he makes a great point if the fbi agents at the time i thought he was telling the truth how the heck what no he was lying interest so there's no water number to the earth i just thought he was telling the truth three and this is the biggest hassled are going to have in their nonsense obstruction narrative joe the order was entirely constitutional folks cunt
what your liberal friends want you to believe the fbi is not an independent agency it is not the fbi falls the department of justice who falls under article two article do the council and by the way thank you to the guy sent me the email about you i said article three of the court's obviously article two on the edges misspoke here we said article three courts a thousand times but article two they fall under the executive branch the f b i of course the fbi's not in the constitution we get that the department of justice is under the executive branch it is the end the eye is not an independent agency the president has the absolute authority to hire and fire who we want to the executive branch joe firing the director under the guise of the liberals are saying that he fired the directive because he wouldn't drop the case against flynn is nonsense scarborough the case was never dropped against flynn the case still hasn't been dropped against they
joe he just plead guilty i mean this is missing something they obstruct adjusted except for the fact that might flynn it just put guilty to align to affirm that you noted for the eyes this is tiredly constitutional the we could hire and fire who he wants third i guess i just sat and i move on from here but this is important cuz it's in the the investigations ongoing folks how exactly you obstruct justice if the case on going i get it the case doesn't have to stop legally but you would think it so point joe it isn't just make sense that if you were going to make it aid to impeach the president and to show a crime structure of justice tat you would do he's have some kind of impediment to the case like slowed down the case was stopped the case was in there right lane is that of the left laid of true none would nothing's happened you ve had like they obstructed the you had you had mad afford pa adopt as you ve had flynn i dont get it like that
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all right i got a question that's a good one in a fair one and i know that guy we may mean zack i get it i listened to your feedback over time folk these like a the tax the tax thing i know i get it i know you're all tired of it but this is what's going on right now and this is if you not since we gotta fight back against one quick point to make about this it was a good question he said and i'm going obviously summer because it was a long email but the gist of it was this he's ok then you know i did the math and i get a few bucks off here and a few bucks off there but a couple people of paying a few bucks more in israel gonna do anything the tax cut belgium and i thought to myself you know what i didn't explain now well that is a very fair question here it is in a nutshell folks the answer is yes and the answers sorry by phone like crazy people always
every all the time even when i put it on like airplane mode they slipped through somehow cause or in my favorite the because he was the way to think about this tax reform right is not just about the rates it's also about the design of the plan i sat here and i stood on this joe and i thought had away simply explained this and i look at you it is an easy way to do it say we have this island than on this island their primary export and the hours cars this island joe whenever it is guam who cares pop one getting it does it matter on this island they may cause that's their thing their primary form of raising x is on the island job is you still there our case are added i hope that in the final ass gentle now that we have a road should have let you go broke don't cut that out that as pretty buddy i forgot yet a deal out of two how you deal with so put your on his part
new guinea they may cars and the primary way they generate muddy joe is on a tax on exports their export and cars right let's say they raise whenever a hundred thousand dollars a year they don't have it the other taxes no income tax is nothing else let's say someone comes into says i've got an idea we're going institute a flat tax on the incomes of all the workers who make the cars but we're going to dump the export tax and our anticipation is it raises the same hundred thousand dollars our fair question like the guy in the email said the media would be well what the heck is that going to do if you're gonna raise a hundred thousand dollars either way what's the difference the differences tax design matters just as much as the rate the design the first plan joe where it was only
tax on the export of cars made those car and i get it most times it's in reverse their tax imports but i'm just trying to make us as simple as possible for you to understand i've given you dramatic examples makes exe boarding cars more expensive right joke as if i'm it let's say i export a car and lets say like the lotta or whatever it is so on this island we make the lotta just like those old russian crap cars right let's say the car costs ten thousand dollars there's an export tax on that of ten percent the car cos eleven thousand because ultimately you gonna have it's gonna be built into the price so it's of someone at some point it that's and that was more because somebody's pained attacks so it makes the car more expensive and it distorts the whole market for cars now why would that matter on the silent because joel primary export on this island is cars so that caught you want the people who you want the cars
be priced effectively not overpriced than that's what the tax does it makes the cars overpriced at the expense of everything else when have a more fair tax code i forget who said it but the line was about taxes the ideas to pluck defence from the goose with the least amount of pain and gray you know at at at at barking about it is possible that's what taxes are to get money of people with the least amount of distortions possible so why i think thing is going to work i don't think it's great folks i think everything shows on i think there are a lot of really ugly portions of this but i think the guy ultimately outweighs the bad is it gets rid of a lie of distorting deductions like that export that fictitious export tax on cars number one here too it lowers rates and number three it lowers the corporate tax which is way too high which is really distorting business investment in the united states so the answer to your question is yes although some people are get a few dollars back some people are gonna get thousands back candidly
people are going to pay more some people going to pay thousands more i think in the end the overall growth for the island and our the united states in relationship to my examples gotta be far greater than it was before very good question i appreciate the question but yeah the answer is designed matters not just the rate cuts because it makes major distortions in the economy that we don't need speaking to that a short really good article this is a little bit of a longer one by dumb if yours i should add as i am about what's going on in the movement really interesting facts and data and you liked to read good piece but not overly wonky stuff i mean i like the monkey stuff after a while you drive me crazy doesn't really really good peace by ethical hans vance bukovsky i love hans good did off from the heritage foundation it's it's about fifteen hundred words little lengthy maybe three pages i will put the link
to it in the shadows for today show and it's about dhaka you can't read this thing and not be in my humble opinion be fully informed on what's goin on a dark and for those you don't what doc is dhaka was the i'm administration immigration amnesty for what he said all the kids member joe the kids report he only early it's not their fault well that that was his baby deferred amnesty for child that arrivals that's what dhaka was the reason i opposition ongoing debate about the real authorization of dock at the sessions in the oj slowed this entire process down the democrats want doc why do you think they want dhaka joe for votes meant votes power control i mean that's what they want they need to replenish the ranks of democratic voters and tradition as i said yesterday i teach the dennis prager article dennis his right success reed's damage for the democratic party because to claim victimhood need people who were damaged damage by something and that as the
me picks up the democrats are going to lose those votes and lose there appeared a victim so they're trying to replace their voting ranks with a lot of illegal immigrants and illegal immigration the democrats are fighting passionately for four ok but hans hazard it's it's a basically debunking myths about dark apiece it's so good so i will but it has shown us but i'll summarize a couple key take ways i had from the shell right now number one myth about that you hear them say well you know these the did there in unity the people who come in here are all you know educated and open in the end there all you know that they were kids a party by no you don't know author their own listen many of our are many more well educated i'm certainly not knocking anyone as a group i don't do stereotypes on the show but here's just the facts folks forty nine percent only fourteen percent of the people despite their age were here under dhaka when our old wrathful school the plum so i'm just given you the numbers we should be able to
fairly about immigration policy of citizenship matters but here's another one that i found interesting one of the talking points that i find it equally disingenuous show that they ve been thrown out there is this idea that although these are they have been fed it to people coming here they have been vetted these most amount of adding we ve ever seen maybe they have been put defending rigour nonsense folks hans points out the peace at the age ass department of homeland security joe admits that fifty in hundreds of the doktor recipients who got this amnesty had the darkest that terminated due to either gang membership or felony convictions and people sat later in the peace that the obama administration themselves and our quota year admitted to a lean and light background check on them so let's not if we're going to argue about darker who's coming into the country and whose not coming into the country let's argue honour our fair ground using facts and data let's not make stuff ok not ever
but he coming here is a phd in nuclear physics some maybe but that is not the case forty only forty nine percent of ice with upon secondly that all these people have been found they been vented over and over again a natural that's the there is a very proud it's it's obviously better than the voting process and the refugee programme but it is a foolproof setting process by any stretch we ve already had over a thousand people have slipped through the process for being gang members were these convictions so let's just nonsense i don't i don't like with democrats thorough snuff out there because then you can't make a rational decision that it's really not fair are good piece check it out the show notes upon gino dot com couple other things are really wanna get to hear i mentioned yesterday the prager peace that's in yesterday's shone out it's really good it's in the daily signal and it speaks to see
then that the five discussed on the show here often the idea that the democrats the the new democratic party of victim s is no longer the party of john f kennedy at ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country that's over that's dead those democrats have now become a moderate republicans in some cases conservative republicans our party is dead the party figured out when transformation was made some would argue in the vietnam war era with that movement the the anti war movement i think it goes back a lot further than that fred seagulls book points out the roots of this planet a long time ago but the democrats got away from running on positive ideas like that and i am not talking about like i'm not taken a shot again at individual democrat voters i'm talking about the party but they got away from that long time ago and they figured that they were gonna run on an anti mess
the words it's not a message how are we going to do this and we're going to do that the message was an anger message at the other guy hate you and that where can it be the ones to save you from the other guys that make sense to organise it might yeah yeah it's it's not what we're gonna do it with the other guy's gonna do to you and we're going to save you so pray rights is really good piece which aligns with that and something we ve talked about in the show all the time i may be to be discussing a lot the old identity politics our agenda the left and he says how the democrats or in a real conundrum here because any points out these groups job how up black voters latino voters and how couples who are now going to you're getting married the re emergence of social values have been met it gets better and stronger in the united states how women black voters get richer and wealthier and jobs are picking up and black communities how when emma prince and latino arrears and latino voters and general come into the country
it start you know developing nice for one k accounts and long term long to long term job prosperity you know nicely birds middle class neighbours that dependency on sheer numbers alone joe is for them to vote republican doesn't just the facts vote those that's how it works and how the democrats are anchored now to this entire sense of what are we going to do now like if we can push victimhood because we're running out of victims are they gonna do that's why i mentioned the dock happy read the prager piece it simpler for a very long but it's good he talks about this how out the democrats need i think the title the peace of the democrats need you to be angry because they need this make you appear that you're the victim of republican politics and they're gonna be the ones to save you no matter how bad your condition is now which is billy sat folks i mean it's unbelievable that's all they have to offer these days combine that with the story i just told you about dhaka and i think it makes a little better sense
this is why nancy policy and the democrats want darkest so badly they need it because they are running out of people to you this political pawns in their victim biology game their running out a groups danger folks that's why i'm so against stock because up to me it's never been about immigration it's always been about control and i think you need to understand or i can issue also bertie by bodies a brick house nutrition and tyre thanks to break the cycle it's a really really long date i don't mind the road shows at all it gets a little lonely here hotel rooms the shows give me something to look forward to you know i like talking to you all this is fun for me i really enjoy good there is i do i enjoy it i mean i don't know to do it anymore i mean text did all the opportunities that opened up at i really enjoy your so pleasant to me an email on twitter i mean it gosh i gotta
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but were really starting to lean towards some very dangerous trade policies and i think now is a good time to kind of warn you that we can keep going down this road now what do i mean an article in the journal was it monday or so am i can put it shone out some subject because it subscriber only and address people crazy but i'll give you the gist of it up or maybe i try to find another piece that's not subscribe rarely but here's the deal there's been a big battle going on about steel imports at an end the yeah you be talked about this before the steel but now it's going to aluminum as well and he had the trump administration are pushing for what may be pushing some tears i should say may be fair on aluminum folks this is a bad idea this is a really bad idea let me just give you one i have given the example before the two islands you know you have these two islands riding in the best way i can explain why import taxes in other words
access on say chinese imports to us which sounds good theory and i will want it you know chinese imports taxes taxes that folks this is a really dumb idea you know when you have these two islands and the if you have island be that wants to make a bunch of stuff and give island day for free you don't hey if you're an island a person oh no we don't want that stuff charge us a whole bunch of money for it that's what an export pack she's mean import taxes on imports you your basically using the price of imported goods that you're getting cheaply why you would to do that is very puzzling to me now here's the problem with that so that's problem one that you basically increase in the cost of product your your by problem number it was a big one and this is what they brought up in the piece in the journal and in you know you at the journal i have a lot of disagreements with them on immigration sometimes on taxpayers but they're pretty spot on a lot of trade stuff and a break
interesting point that now the international community if this aluminum terror for proposed terrorists because we ve been accused of dumping ladys countries go through joe players in the internet community what you think they're saying they're saying while you can slap a tariff on our staff who work in it patera on your stop now aluminum is that we get this number right we have six hundred million and aluminium imports every year a lot of money six hundred millions allotted a lot a box now you slap in import tax on that bear your raise a few dollars but remember folks we have a twenty trillion dollar gdp you really think attack on six hundred million dollars a product of the borders can make a difference let me give you another number that should scare this not at the agricultural in america's farmers have worn people in the administration not to do this because job the people sending aluminum in are now saying you know what
you're going to tax our aluminum we're going to catch your farm products you now much that's worth driven sixty billion folks that is a symmetric economic warfare at its worst you seek juice make an urgent so china it send us aluminum and work in attacks it accusing them of dumping and export we're gonna do we're gonna put it poor tax on she's been taxing their exports our imports making aluminum more expensive bad decision i for a number of reasons you making products more expensive when they want to give it to you cheaper secondly if they fight back and start taxing our agricultural exports folks we're gonna be in a world of trouble you're gonna we do significant damage to the american farm industry and i should know good reason to do it other than to make a point and it's a silly point out that so we really have to be kept
with this tariff policy adam i sometimes i don't understand where we're going home with it i just i get it i understand that you know fair trade and is is definitely connected with free trade the rules have to level on both sides or else you imposing cost rules that makes sense show i mean if you if you know if if your posing a set of rules for island day like island day you to do this and you have to take these environmental measures into account then i'll be your free to do whatever while i'll beacon and dump all its industrial waste into the ocean they don't have to pay for why while the other island has to process the industrial waste and thus makes their products more expensive because they have to taking into account environmental measures given of say i'm sure when the rules are unfair which i totally understand that people who say i'm a free trader but it's not fair you know what you're right in a lot of respects if the rules are the same
imposing a cost on someone else through rules and regulations that don't apply symmetrically to both sides so i completely agree but folks we have to be smart about this getting into a trade war right now with the law not just china by the way but a number of other countries i regret that they point out in the peace that china is not even the biggest export to united states we we dont import the most of our aluminum from china anyway there there like top ten but they're not number one by four we'd be doing damage to other countries as well if we institute this aluminum tariff so it's a philly bad idea folks and i just wish the administration would back off is it's gonna really damage the economy if we run through it ok let's see what s all this when i wanted to get you yesterday so odd i don't get into this much social issues on the show i should more
there's always so much going on but the trump administration that you know i feel obligated to get you the important news of the day in the week but i'm an avid pro life from conception to natural death i may have had an epiphany on this along i'm ago in its life is life not trying to lecture anybody i'm just telling you that's how i feel that's where i stand the life movement the pro life movement has been largely taken aback at least on the legislative side show for the last thirty years now on the public purse in public opinion side we ve been doing quite well there's a theory as to why the tape of turned on the abortion debate for the pro abortion is out there on the public perception jive sideshow any one of the dominant theories i've heard is that its due to ultra sound ben pre alter sound when you could not see the child in in the wool you know that
idea that it was a call clump of cells joe was so i mean you can't see it you don't know different you know what are the theories there's the reason america's largely moving in a pro life rather than pro abortion direction right now is because the advent and scientific make use associated ultrasound have allowed people acting parents and others to see their child in the womb and joe it gets really really hard to argue that that's a clump of cells near like looks like a bunch of angers me third way doesn't look colombia cells the me they're daddy oh so the public perception cyber winning on these legislative side we have been getting crushed and parenthood as you know it most unfettered access to taxpayers money it seems like nothing ever happens to get that the taxpayer money to dry up unplanned parenthood they ve been pulled
all kinds of scams on us forever they say oh plan parenthood not allowed to use the money the wreck lee for abortion that's all nonsense you no money if if you give parenthood money and they and that our capital projects or whatever and you know they decrees up money to do abortions is well it's still money flowing into their bank account the end so it's nonsense money should not be going to plan paranoid i bring so because as an article in the daily signal a bizarre advocates integration it's either interracial notes yesterday's about we're finally starting to curtail the corner on this and is two things two quick points here number one deeply and parenthood savagery remember that those those cases joe were they had these videos out there and his lady says one point she goes well i'd like to do a little more than break even clearly showing that this was a money making operation for entities associated with and put you to planned parenthood now that case unfortunately the
the california one after not plan parenthood became california one after the filmmakers on that because that's what liberals do which is extremely disk pointing finally we ve got a breakthrough it looks like one of the committee's up on capital hill is going to make a referral to the justice department and we may see an fbi investigation thankfully of this disgusting human infant by part trafficking operation which is no easy way for me to say that you folks that's exactly what it was it was an infant body part trading operation dead that's it i'm sorry that that sounds horrible here on our part guess but it looks like we may get investigation so that's a really good development on that front secondly
there was a case out of arc and saw where they d funded a plan parenthood funding they stop the lot of arkansas money state money going to plan paradigm in the case of course plan parenthood sues they feel like they are entitled to fleece taxpayers money which is extremely disappointing and it did they lost in now the eighth circuit was supposed to hear that case or orange juice to choose me refused to hear that case which means that is a big decision means that that case is going to stand and now planned parenthood is going to at least in arkansas is going to have lost access to money that focuses the deal because a big weak for social issues plan peril but big win plan parenthood potentially to big wins if we get that justice department referral and we get investigation but the k k starts we too joe the k cases me and heard opening arguments today there is baker i say you know the cake of routine gabe
to gay man walk in having a gay wedding they want a cake customer the support they dont want a cake there a custom made k guy says listen i don't i don't believe in gay marriage are marketed sign a cake for that but you're free to basically by whatever other cake you want of course happens later they sue cases it heard the supreme court this refocused focuses its huge now let me just say i have i and i mean this i know joe feels the same why i shouldn't talk for joe but i know well enough i dont harbour any or will towards any person of any orientation i don't it's it's not you know it is my job to see moral clarity and a lot of these situations but it's not my job the ultimately judge you the sooner you know i am i shall be judged myself your lifestyles up to you you have to pick what you want to do i know what i pay
i know my lifestyle and i'm comfortable that the problem here with these cases with the king and the way i would strongly encourage you to look at this is there's only in application of government force in this in one direction if this ace is allowed to stand that you have to now baker cake under penalty of law for a gay where it no matter how you feel about the apple asian of government force only goes one way and that is deeply disturbed remember folks cases like this are judged on these two criteria is the a compelling government interest in it and is done at least restricted meat is theirs compelling government interests to force a cake bakers have the baker cake for a gay wedding the answers on typically you might it didn't my opinion absolutely not and secondly being done through the least restrictive meet me if he doesn't do it they'll put him out of business and bankrupt and the answer is of course no swine
this case on legal grounds is a winner but on just two reasonable and and kind of moral grounds show the flow of government worse goes in one direction if those if that their gay men those two game in if they walk out of there and they don't get that cake from mecca they made a feelings may legitimately be hurt i understand they may not like it totally understand but you and i both know nothing will happen to them by their government the united they cover it penalized them it will not put them in jail feel it may be hurt understood fine i get it people may not like it totally get it but government will not come after you we live in a constitutional republic you should fear government force the fact that when the if we lose the case though
if we lose the case government forcible flow freely in the other direction should bother everyone knows to gay men included because think about a job although its now obviously not appeal the outcome for the for the gay men involved in this nothing here to them by the government but if the cake maker refuses to do this and doesn't for the heap his fee may not like it either he may say you know what i feel bad these are too nice guys but my religion doesn't allow me to be involved in that mice virtuality sorry guys the government for does flow freely in his direction because he will now be the subject of an investigation possum a lawsuit possible litigation in the case of kim davis who was a government ploy in kentucky jail time folks the government force than the use of government force is is not the only important question but it's the most important question is an that's
i would strongly encourage anybody making this case why brought up the plant paranoid things can be a big social issues we kay starts today you gonna hear a lot about it the outcome of this is gonna be dependent on all of these cases in a future i shrunk encourage anybody evolve with the court's unity to up to that's that's the appropriate lens then i think we should all be looking at this from what is the application government force here and it's not obviously supply of applied symmetrically only one side gets damage by government for and that is decided and ironically joe it's decide expresses is sincerely held religious beliefs or hers bad news i folks think four june and i really appreciate it please go to bonds you know that common subscribed to my email is thus enjoy these store try to your e mail box every day conveniently so i always appreciate you tune in it
see autumn you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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