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Ep. 606 The Govt Scares me and it Should Scare You Too

2017-12-06 | 🔗
The entire Trump investigation is falling apart. Here’s what the media isn’t telling you. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-03/what-media-isnt-telling-you-about-indictment-mike-flynn   Obamacare is an abysmal failure but this I didn’t expect. https://www.cato.org/blog/aca-subsidies-labor-market-participation   President Trump appears ready to make one of the boldest foreign policy decisions I’ve seen in decades.  http://www.dailywire.com/news/24354/excellent-trump-7-reasons-trump-would-be-right-ben-shapiro   Govt is really screwing up the housing market. https://www.cato.org/blog/high-cost-government-housing?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=6609413d7c-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-6609413d7c-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-6609413d7c-143016961&mc_cid=6609413d7c&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   Why was Flynn charged? An interesting viewpoint from a Democrat.  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/12/04/alan-dershowitz-why-did-flynn-lie-and-why-did-mueller-charge-him-with-lying.html
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i welcome the damp juno shall produce joe how are you today bright eyed bushy doubted ready to get ready to go people everywhere and trouser gel always creative always unique in the real sense of the word unique by way ironically as the most over use where the english language is not ironic it's not unique to people use the word you date but your case your insurers are very should show specials hey i'm just a couple things folks i'm still on the road show i checked the trump hotel trump international in dc last night and it is on this and i am not a shell for anybody's private company but we have to tell you i stay in a lotta hotels dodoes this hotels pretty pretty spectacular so if you get the shot check it out trump international at the offer pensively
avenue here in dc it's amazing and i promised this guy given a shoutout i ran into a guy in the lobby joe communities like the ahead i listened to your pod gas so fail i miss vale i get michel out so there's u shout out phil isn't i'd really nice guys for this is that show every nine are at odds very serious note i did outnumbered the other day at the new york with fox and marie hearth was on marine leans left obviously very nice off the air obviously we have disagreements on the girl spicy on the air but i said one point on the show and very seriously saying this to you now and they most non conspiratorial are not parabolic terms possible but the toward given the gravity of it folks i'm really scared of their government and you should be too you know you may be seen where what's the contacts have that come up and you know why i say that now this
a brush a thing is starting to really scare me now me i understand many of who are tired of hearing about it but folks this is no longer about trumpet and russia matter fact i've but can make the case to you strongly joe and now listen that this has now to do with russia anymore this is a soft coup going on now pat tipp to market value has been talking about this forever this is a soft coup and a vehicle to peaches sitting president joe for no reason at all right forget it as crimes meet or show there's theirs there is nothing there is no there there so i into an argument to show with marie you get it was very nice folks it's not personally i'd swear she's very nice off the air but gee obviously feels that there's a there there when there's no they are there for the trump thing and i there i'm
i'm i'm warning you and every one of the said having worked for the government and having and on the inside of the white house and special agent about trying to scare you i don't do conspiracy theories matter fact i get nasty emails because i don't do conspiracy theories but is now conspiracy theory to say you should be really scared folks power the federal government to take your life and take your freedom away is an awesome one i mean awesome into it you should back up and think about that that power the federal government is now being turned is so powerful think about what i am about to tell you it's target the most powerful man in the world there's still almost nothing he can do about it to our liberal friends who listen how does not scare you now what's the genesis of this whole thing
the more i read about this thing there's this trump russia fiasco the more terrified i get there is a ellie tremendous peace is zero hedge which i will put in a show notes always available at bungee dot you subscribe to my email is as we say i'll send it right theory mailbox it's up to you there the piece of zero hedge i i cannot encourage you and strong enough terms to read it how this entire things started or its is this is it theory there putting out there but based in then things that actually happened joe and i believe there is a lot to this that this entire things started we'd sally yeats whose sallies sally yeats was the former number two at the justice department she was an obama pointy in what i think is clear at this point is a a dedicated leftist sally yea storing the transmission during the transition excuse me her com me insane theory that because
mike flynn had spoken to the russians on a phone call that ike flynn the incoming national security adviser donald trump was somehow susceptible to bribery now please please please follow me on this folks please don't do out of the show this is important her theory is insane her theory joe was this that give the logan act right get the low which is something no one has ever been successfully charged with violations of in the history of the republic nobody's been charged with this ever violations of logan i just to be clear the logan access it was it a gap was passed in the john adams days that price its citizens can conduct foreign policy with a foreign government you may say well here they did what are you what is it even it's it's not even constitutional in my humble opinion and in many others but if a private
edison can't conduct any kind of business with a foreign government or even speak to a foreign gum or for that matter a very valid question is asked than the peace joe remember when jesse jackson when over to north korea why wasn't he locked up logan act why isn't brok obama overseas now speak in a foreign governments now we ve seen em oversees why isn't he getting locked up in the logan act why jimmy carter when he goes over to the middle east are why doesn't he get locked up for the logan i because too low in fact this while others there was a perfect timing there was a junior that the background to do folks the logan act is garbage it's not to be taken seriously what is it nowhere good thanks not now ok i'm wondering should leave that in the shop read that in joe what the heck it's a road showbiz its role
that was actually housekeeping but they were like you needed now i'm good gettin issues seriously red spot that's a nice but the progress we can make these decisions folks logan act is garbage it's not real it's real in the sense that it's on the book somewhere but has never been charge so here's what happened here sally yeats and the obama administration could not stir and the fact that they lost this election they had to fabricate something so they fought try to pull something so they said listen we need some kind of premise using the dossier in this other stuff to unmask and get flynn on a recording to get mike flynn on a recording with the russians they get michael on the recording show you seeing the record and keep in mind they have transcripts now joe let me ask you a question i talk to you on the phone by probably three four times a week maybe sammy
on a trick question do you remember every single thing in detail you ve told me and all those conversations during the week hell no do you think if i came to you under the threat of law using a federal batch right under threat of arrest and take away your freedom and had it transcript of those calls and didn't tell you and ask you to recount them exactly do you think i could catch you and i quote miss statement yeah most certainly perhaps your door right i could and likewise on me folks they recorded flynn calls had transcripts of the calls the fbi age and who is now it seems a virulent anti trompe anti tramper this guy peter stroke and i'll get to him in a minute shows up at the white house four days after the transition starts to interview flynn under a different premise doesn't tell him this is a criminal interview flynn doesn't even if his lawyer president and the bureau agent has transcripts of the call he has transcripts of alcohol
and start asking flame questions and in mike i'm this part i'm guessing a bit but i'm assuming because he fbi's criminal entity that does mean investigative anthony shoot me pat flynn then assumes it may be a few minutes into this that he's in some trouble right joe i mean the fbi shows up to your house you think it's because of the transition joe gets hired as a producer for white house audio next thing you know they're not asking you about audio equipment joe they're asking about your call with the russians and all the sudden you start freaking out makes a few misstatements he says things that might not a line up with the transcripts that joe even flynn doesn't have flynn doesn't have the transcripts the bureau does now all of a sudden they go back to the department this virulent anti tramper this guy stroke peter stroke whose now britain these tax these anti trump tax and has been caught they go back to the parliament
gets back to sally yeats that flynn in an interview where he has no lawyer present probably had now idea at all this was a criminal investigation joseph they now go back sally yeats they tell sally yeats the number two at the department who we find out can't stand trump and they say hey i've got news for you we spoke to flynn you're gonna love this mike flynn said some things that don't mary up exactly with this transcript recorded call we have and by the way we recorded problem lee based on information they got from the dossier because it was clearly not probable cause to be recording a u s citizen clearly there was not clearly this was a pfizer warrant not a criminal war to record is calls remember the show i did months ago jellia criminal side you have to exhaust three other investigative possibility before i can wiretap joe if i'm doing a mob case on joe a criminal case on fire the warrants they
on mass them that was it just like lickety split so now you go back you interview based on a false premise that they were doing something wrong which joe just told you they weren't people have done this for ever transitions reagan was negotiating with the iranians before he took office about the hostages why wasn't reagan arrested paraca but before he took office had negotiations with foreign leaders this happens all the time the logan act is fake it's a fraud it's never been charged ever successfully so start this case under a false premises even interview interview him knowing its an unbelievable set up because they have copies of the transcripts and he doesn't you think during the transition it's the most important time at this guys like you think flynn remembers every single syllable he said to every foreign leader on the phone
joe you smell and set up now em now they go back forces is scary stuff i mean i know i do a sarcastic kind of funny show sometimes we try to put an edge on things but this is serious stuff a man was bankrupted three our general with a a d the english record of service to this country was bankrupted and is now a federal criminal based on what based on what so they interview now they go back to follow me here folks this is how we got here this is set up they go back sally eight and they say yeats misuse got something here we may have fallen on false statements so this is the devious disgusting genius of what they did the aids goes back reefs the transition team and says hey
transition team i've got news for you this guy might flynn is acceptable is susceptible to bribery now an airport looking around shall write rightfully so go in the hell are you talking about well here a conversation with the russians about going easy on the response to sanctions and about of an israeli resolution at the u n and it in exactly tell the fbi that he may be bribed by the russians because of false statements charges that that what you would generate joe please if i'm not getting this stance is critical do you see what i'm saying not do this is scary it's getting scared your bonds the second your door right so your your theory is what win now should fired and should be
let go and by the way they knew they were going to go after them legally to so you can ruin his life get him fired you going to go after him legally wish they did your theory is what the russians can bribe him because he made false statements to the fbi on a recording we have that the russians i'm assuming don't even know we have ladies and gentlemen that's how we got here today based on the low get act byron lord byron your kind of peace and project its in the shone out summarily industry where he said this up how the logan act a nonsense crime the federal equivalent of jaywalking a crime that exists in people's minds only was used take this entire administration down and flynn in the door at a minimum on false statements charges was i'm telling you it's a federal agent was rarely done and when it was done it
universally marked one thousand one false statement charge now here's the story gets fascinating noticed still no russian collusion any this nor will it be right right flynn it turns out his said some things that were in exactly accurate and i'm partner feel worse and worse for flynn by the way every single day folks because it looks this guy got railroaded like you wouldn't believe so now they have a scapegoat so happens now joe well jim call me gets fired a perfect we legitimate constitutional act by sitting president united states who is perfectly authorized to do that according to the constitution the department of this is not an independent agency as i said yesterday and i will say repeatedly it they work for the present united states said charge enforcement of law he dismisses call me so now it feeds this second narrative that was fired precisely
because he was trying to obstruct just this into an investigation that should have never started in the first place folks where light in banana republic third world territory right now i am really having a difficult can i just say quickly to i accept there's another part is i want to get some other story stupid to our liberal free i really undressed and then i mean this for a moment i to put aside your anger at what happened here i get your man he lost i get it i was mad when obama loss to very met twice even manner the second time you're taking their country to pieces i dont think you understand the ramifications of what you're starting here we are at the wait right now will you have criminalize political losses when you in that pandora's box of using the dreaded arm of government so powerful that the most
or for man in the world literally cannot stop at right now when does that turn around boomerang on you i may went who's next senators the majority leader harry red nancy pelosi obama who's next your congressmen who's that might lead ted crews that they all got we start arresting everybody folks were in big trouble here are moving on just again because this is important and i talked about this last night a talker show folks the investigative team investigating in investigations show that should have never start it into an into it into a crime nobody can acknowledge is even a crime because no one's ever been successfully charged with it leading investigative team as one of the deputies
is andrew weissmann one of the prosecutors andrew weissmann just been caught an email based on a foyer request by judicial why judicial watch excuse me had tipp the comfort and in their group over their heads been caught in a freedom of information act request in an aim i'll joe using someone further decision to defy trumps travel ban you think that person was i give you all a second in the audience to think about this sally freakin yeats so andrew weissmann the prosecutor prosecuting the case based my crime no one's ever been successfully charged with that as dreamed up in the mind of the number two with the justice department deportment appointed by obama sally yeats is prey
same sally aids praised by the lead prosecutor in the trump rush investigation for defying trumps try or ban where sally yeats was subsequently fired for just days into the administration remember that when joe cats follow me here and i'm going to wrap this up and tie this up for you in a neat little bow yates fake crime charge him with fake crime get them on statements for not acknowledging they committed a crime second start appointing people into it third world republic star chamber like special council investigation pick people who hate trump first a point andrew weissmann sends email gets caught too our yeats praising delegates for defying trump weissmann hoop by the way there's some allegations out there there some other emails out there that are anti trump as well will see if that comes to fruition to other people whose number two how the special council get started the special care
so get started by jim call me jim call me gets fired by donald trump for doing awful work by the way mismanaging the entire fbi jim call me knowledge is by the way under oath up on the hill the former fbi director that after these fired he'd lee sensitive information to the media to get a special council investigation initiated that is subsequently started and by his friend bob mahler who points andrew weissmann andrew when the prosecutor who can't stand trump and his good bodies it turns out looks like with sally yeats who really can't stay in trump and started this whole thing based on a fictitious legal theory of a violation of logan i wait maybe maybe gets better procured the fbi turns out interim a cape who had he sent up to the fbi joe his fingerprints are on all this as well
impugning demands integrity i dont know him thou well but german caves wife these are just facts you do with it what you want and germany abe wife decided to run for a state senate seat and state of virginia as a democrat was vigorously backed by terry mccall off known clinton could singly airy and enforcer for years who was in fact the governor of virginia something to see their dont will you figure that one out finally now we find out over the past few days that not only was the special council investigative team being led by bob mahler who is a friend of jim call me who was fired who acknowledge getting the special council investigation started by leaking information because he was fired that team is also being led by a wise man who hates trump the number to with the fbi whose fingerprints are on all of his wife runs for office as a democrat is supported by clinton supporters we find out now
the deputy director of counter intelligent use as fingerprints in the mail hilary email investigation and it was the air for the interview of might flynn is a virulent anti tramper fbi agent may peter stroke who likely reported to sally aids who started this while did formerly reporter who started this i investigation based baseline effect just nonsensical reading of the log enact ladies and gentlemen what the hell is going on is this the united states anymore i mean i'm starting to theirs story drudge output in the show notes were even so liberals are starting to worry about this sum not all for some were celebrating it but ladies and gentlemen we are a big trouble if you allow this to continue
sorry i didn't write i know i know some of you get tired about repeated topics but folks this is not about noticed that had did the that mention the word brush only three four times this is about destruction of fidelity to the rule of law and the same the sense of a government of negative liberties what a government can't duty we have now expanded the government's power so much that there it i get to an interesting one how damn how kiddo are essential but the government how they they pretend to open a kick in the teeth we get up there its couple more stories i wanna get to an interesting one have had them how kiddo yeah what you want every stage of at the government how they pay for ted to help and they kick you in the teeth as you get up this is actually a fascinating one in cato and one quick thing about moving the the embassy to jerusalem before i get to that sure but you by bodies have filter by the i've really shit you as i always say supporting their sponsors you really make us look rachel when i really appreciate it and i just maybe we should tell them job out west would be having anything to the audience
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do i will feel you had soon when i get a bit but as a huge meeting today donors but i'm not allowed to say anything but i'll let you know if it turns out well now my dad's by dab dad how did it go to dad good ok i saw a really great story a quaeda is coming down on the train and the amtrak a seller from new york and i thought this is incredible and any kind of relates to the question i stunned yesterday show that that fascinating listener question i thought was a great one that hey listen if this time they'll passes and we're all basically pay the same amount of taxes in aggregate just in different ways writer we may not pay an export tax or assault the main can i get a salt deduction state local tax reduction but we're gonna pay it somewhere else than what's the difference and reader yesterday show but i made the point in design what i should have said maybe to be more precise and clear
is how you pay taxes matters not just what you pay that make bets you know what i should do so that yesterday that makes more sense folks the same thing happens with designs of other programmes as well how you impulse ned entitlement men program if you gonna give away free money to people and free services matters just as much as what you give them and this for he was a ringer it'll be it's in cato to be in the please read at short sweetened super good it talks a study that came out a while ago that worried alot of conservatives and they had actually predicted this show they said well listen if you're going to create these income cliffs what we call him and economic scene as income clear for obamacare you gotta have a difficult problem because the incentive is going to be too good right up over the cliff but not fall off what do i mean by that u r l the ball for federal subsidies federal meaning other
taxpayers money that's a fancy wave saint joe giving me money but person will use their legal for amid it will play their game for a moment because it will be if it'll make sense if and when you read the story if i use the terminology they use it or between one and nearly four hundred per cent of the poverty line and by insurance through the inshore exchanges private insurance you're eligible you and your family for other taxpayers money these federal subsidies you can get money from the government to by health in which show you and i both know right now is extremely expensive writer oh yeah what's the problem is able to end what's wrong with that well what's wrong we try to imitate jos gameshow guy voice ever do it well well what's wrong with it is if your creeping right up to that four hundred percent of the federal poverty level income cliff and you
or at four hundred and one percent of the federal poverty level by your salary just let's just say your salary is that's issues around number thousand dollars you get big federal substituted by health insurance for you and your family at eighty thousand dollars but a few eighty seven in one dollar you lose let's say seven thousand dollars in subsidies a year you're screwed then that is what we call an unbelievably how a marginal tax rate you are skirt time in jos best games your voice you are right you're screw damn thanks wing here screwed because you made a dollar more you make eighty thousand you got seven thousand and in taxpayers money to buy healthcare now you king eighty thousand one dollar you making one dollar more but you lose six thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars now i beat is it not obvious white income cliffs what we would call those are dangerous yeah now joe
economists correct you never been do phd trading and in economic wit right because february that yes that's correct in weight was that in any way difficult for you to understand that simple mathematical example no that was very easy to thank you apparently this was very difficult for the designers of obamacare to figure out because they of course the liberals and they don't really care about things like math and you really care about effective design they care about control in this enabled them to control people so they did it it enable them to get people to get people on the subsidies would you get on subsidies and you give people six and seven thousand dollars for insurance a year it may not be the exact amount but you get the point shown you can more effect if we control them that if you give them nothing you can also get them to vote for you democrats are always about power and votes it's always about the money it's about power and votes so they needed people on these subsidies while what happened and the cato this covers this pretty pretty well so
very bright economists by the way idea ideologically very bipartisan economists at what we have a problem here joe the problem is the incentive is going to be for people than to work just then i have to make eighty thousand a year and not make a dollar more because if you make a dollar more you going to lose the seven thousand dollars sub so you can make sense to joe and i know this make sense to you i'm not trying to talk down to anyone i'm just trying to show you how dumb liberals mixing obama dynamics was so some economists came out with a report show that said this is going to cause a massive loss in productivity in the united states because what's gonna happen is people are going to stop working at a certain point who would have worked more if they dont work more joe they're not gonna produces much stuff right night and produce stuff is what makes a country i mean this is overly simplistic but it's true it's not false producing
the office will create gdp gross domestic product and which makes a country prosperous so you create a mass of income cliff that incentivize his people to not work any more than a certain point there is going to be a dramatic economic effect now where do we go from here but he just came out that they haven't cato here that's fascinating because there's it i didn't see this come in here is where the curveball comes in folks and this is why i was so fascinated by his cause could show you even the government account for its own stupidity the government so who put that even when it does something stupid the stupid boom ranks and hit some back they don't even realize they don't even see the stupid come it so this study mountain it showed that surprisingly joe middle class folks were largely working and almost large we're working last step active work hours are going down because they're gonna lose the subsidy grant we already talked about them but this is fascinating it
that on net joe collectively we may not be losing a lot of work hours in the country now you bobby sameness of then you just said middle class people we're gonna work less because they weren't gonna get the subsidy if they made too much money now you're saying that collective work hours didn't go down aspect poor people started work and more i'm amateur titus into the tax question from yesterday on the how matters not just how much money the how you design something now you may see what what's the problem it's a wash them middle class people work less you know we eat dinner their subsidy but here's the problem here folks out of those middle class folks many of you in this listening audience are many people who are by and by when i say poor do not mistake there for unskilled by the way i say poor lower income that could be eighteen year old college kids whose in college just because he's working at
local parties doesn't mean he's he's not gonna be a ceo in ten years different show don't mistake due to poor both are working more in low or wage jobs working more hours rather than developing their skills in our job to get away from government run healthcare medicaid and get into the private exchanges where you have to meet certain income level or else you get thrown into medicate on that yet i am left because this is just like this is so dumb it's up so now think about what someone gambling middle class folks obviously working less i don't wanna fall off the income cliff didn't want to lose the subsidy so you have people the price of their lives the eighty thousand dollar workers to fifty thousand dollar workers yours the workers you're yours dear you're steam fitters your carpet there's u electricians you're you're arc attacks you'd have you you know you you're bankers you have
i met him at the goldman sachs timing people literally work in the bag day they sign loans and staff there in a small town the middle class i folks standard some of the most productive people on the planet have stop producing stuff after a certain point because of this stupid obamacare and now in order to maintain their health insurance because they want joe crazy they want to stay alive at knots its in the actual stay alive and keep their healthcare now you have poor folks decades sucks so badly it so off but they want to get out of it so poor folks the thing go and in getting an education some of my work and jobs and getting an education but their dedicating more hours than they would ordinarily making up for the loss of middle class hours to get away for medical care and to get into the price if it insurance arena where joe they can get the same amount almost the same amount of government spending but they can get it in a forum
the subsidy to not by medicare but by private insurance on the exchanges with the same subsidies middle class people get folks the government is so damn it trips over its own foot i say that because i was walking through up i'm walking through union station which is beautiful by the way washington dc and i have one other smaller banks as i carry on my equipment with me and i almost trip i talk ass there are so many people around could imagine if i did a phased plan but that is the government the government trips over its own four six and seven times a day thinks it did nothing wrong it gets up and collapse for itself this is just outstandingly stupid the design this programme is so bad that you take middle class workers some of the most productive people in the country making decent sometimes pretty he's a healthy salaries especially in a small town you inside devise them too were horribly design programme to not produces much stuff and work less hardy me economy overall you then buttress them with poor folks hook
our working more now to get away from a government programme they hate to get more government money to get free market insurance so they can get the same subsidies amid middle class people they're the ones making up the hours even though they haven't acquired the skills to demand the middle class salary at wholly crises you cannot make the stuff up this is real this really happen what i'm gonna put another cato peace in are i'm not gonna dig into too much but it's about housing as well because it applies emmy joe is this is hard to believe is it's not the dumbest i mean it's like can it can the government ever get out of its way there's but peace near about housing in san diego when they talk about how the date remember i talked about the low income housing credit less we will get story where the
the government gives incentives to builders to by low income housing at heads up with the peace it's ok up his greater joe the average cost in certain areas that they're doing these low income housing of the law become housing homes five four thousand to produce five hundred thousand that's yet good folks that's real low income out my house i don't think he's worth five hundred does red story another example of how the government can't get out of its own way because of course when you blow up system administratively but taxpayer dollars nobody's responsible for what are you get you get bloated budget bloated administrative costs and five hundred dollar house five hundred thousand thou houses following conflicts emmy justs wrigley stupid read their peace they will be the sheriff but i want to move on to the stern forget there today show also brought to bear by the brick house nutrition these guys really got me through the last few days up you know don't i they haven't asked me to talk about this new product but i'm gonna do it because i am just really really
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it is insurance for your health if you can't consume sixty five thousand bananas a day it is freely and we got a pianist we i'd still need a lot of fruit vegetables with it but i'm just not much of a believer that it is the key to health god gave us these things to eat he did not give us toasts vetoes he did give us bananas he did give us blueberries and that stuff though and i eat hack attitude so feel the greens brick ass nutrition that calm slashed anna gave a little bit of a long period first time i've read for that but at super all right i don't i don't do a lot of foreign policy stuff and i'm not gonna beat you to death with it now either but it is a really important crucial story that's about to break and i want to cover you because a sensitive topic with me i am a passionate supporter of the jewish i understand and respect that there are their various opinions on foreign policy issues are but you know i i this is my show and i'm never gonna lie to you ain't that would be an authentic to do that a passionate supporter of the jewish state have been for a long
been israel i planet taking another trip soon my family and is a lot to me so shapiro has a very good piece of the daily wire about an interesting proposal joe that is at conscience show me but it's gonna be controversial in the left wing media and trumpet now proposing to move finally the u s embassy to jerusalem no most of you know this but some of you may not the the u s embassy is not in jerusalem it isn't television now this is a interestingly enough joe this actually passed by unanimously and ninety ninety five to relocate the embassy to jerusalem on a bipartisan basis and every six once this decision has been deferred because there are people in that area world who would like to see the jews ba by permanent subordinate class of people which is discussed thank you know i have said many times on the show you know there are
herbs in israel that have more freedom than arabs in some portions of the arab world in may portions of the arab world to be candid and what the jewish people have died with that area the world is incredible they have brought toll prosperity there like intellectual you today but the point is every six months since ninety ninety five they ve delayed this move president's of both parties to be fair they ve been aid the move under threat basically from a lot of arab states about all this is going to lead all kinds of chaos and violence and all the stuff you know what joe the chaos and violence seems to happen in the region whether they move the embassy to the rightful capital to jerusalem or they dont so that threat to me sorry but it's kind of empty at this point i'm done here and that this is an important move and his team from what i am hearing are going to announce this soon you're going to sign another six month waiver so so just to be clear joe they're going yes we're going to delay for six months but we're
the planning stage now to take the embassy and move it from tell us if the jerusalem am i this is long overdue i think that we were state is entitled to have its capital in its actual historical capital which is jerusalem i've been there i think in my opinion it should be undivided i think that be up for negotiation but i think it should be absolutely the undivided capital of a vibrant prosperous jewish state and i would say to any one in the region i you know respect the play the people in the area as well but to anyone in the region in listening that those abba abandon once said the unity herbs i've never miss that the palestinians have never missed an opportunity excuse me to miss an opportunity a piece but have any illusions that's gonna happen any time soon but once
capital is relocated we gonna run out of reasons really quickly to not get to a peace deal is time to get to the table get something done but shapiro has a really good piece in the daily wire seven reasons they should move it he talks about some of the historical context show how jerome let me mention obviously repeatedly and jewish sport is not mentioned in the koran so this is obviously an important area of the jews how this is but has been their historical capital over time how you know this an excuse for violence for arabs for a long time and you know how this isn't gonna matter either way of violence is gonna continue seemingly no matter what the deuce do so they might as well have a cap all that is rightfully theirs in a state that is rightfully there's way agree but please check out the peace it's a really good one i just hit on most of the points from it but it's definitely worth reading and ivan currency sport as well but this and i understand there are different opinions i don't do a lot of foreign policy and the show but this is something i personally matters to me
folks thanks again for tuna and i really appreciate a please go to punch you know that common subscribed to my email is then die you know i'm hopefully have some more good news for you next week and alike to tease i gotta stop by just know a lot of this was because you people are taken real note the podcast ladies and gentlemen it is exclusively because of your a mouth and everything you ve done and that means the world to me so thank you very much you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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