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Ep. 610 Democrats Don’t Want Minority Voters to Know This

2017-12-12 | 🔗
Why the rush to get the NY City bomber in the civilian courts? http://www.nationalreview.com/article/454545/port-authority-jihadist-attack-civilian-court   These job numbers are another reason minority voters should support Trump. http://dailysignal.com/2017/12/11/fewer-blacks-hispanics-go-jobless-trump/   Asian-Americans are being discriminated against and this piece proves it. http://dailysignal.com/2017/12/07/how-affirmative-action-tips-college-admissions-scales-against-asian-americans/   Chain migration is a really bad idea. http://click.heritage.org/f00Ts0e0TS00WH3IMrTJQ05   Another troubling conflict for the Dept. of Justice. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/11/wife-demoted-doj-official-worked-for-firm-behind-anti-trump-dossier.html   Who are the real opponents of Net Neutrality? http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/millions-of-phony-public-comments-muddle-fccs-net-neutrality-vote/article/2642841
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour welcome today about gino show produce joe how are you today show must go on dan and it will and it well today it's been a busy we i was sad that the terrorists yesterday keeps me occupy when it comes to these cable news had speaking because of the of the law enforcement background so yesterday was a super busy day did hannity show last night i do it all from the same studio i do the podcast inside paint a picture for you you know we get the mike my desk in office here in my house up into fraud that and we got a big camera seven these something each tv screen behind me so we recorded i guess you don't go get you each put on a collared shirt and anna bounce right into the cable news stuff so you know last night was an interesting and i was on with asking goals be unhappy debating him about
you know the smaller special investigation which has turned disastrous and i have some couple com saw that later some interesting stuff for developing about that but first thing i want to get too you know we did a show de what was it either the driver who moved down those people in new york to terrorist their savage man beast animal who ran those put down in new york over on the west side we did a show and i was given you kind of a quick law enforcement perspective about the confusion thereabout miranda thief earl judicial process to criminal process but you and i would through you know we're not terrorists if we want you committed a federal crime and the alternative your treating them as enemy combatants processing bottom line andy mccarthy who i really can't say enough good things about over national review is pieces of you not reading by anyone trusted in in tromp rush investigation the federal
judicial process terrorism you're really doing yourself a disservice i mean the guy's incredible oh yes three days up i will posted article today in the show notes upon juno dot com of course she could subscribe to the email list which i encourage you to do at my website i'll send these articles write to you but if he has another amazing peace national of you the question we asked a couple weeks georgia which is why the rush to get this guy the bomb from yesterday morning for those you mrs story guy set off type are managing to injure himself more severely than any one else because terrorist thankfully are some of the dumbest animals on the planet but why the hush to get him into the federal criminal system now folks most of you listen my show no i may die conservatory and who is extremely sceptical of government power me no i don't we should send the kite he'd get more tomorrow i think there's summit at the jews to putting him through the criminals the system but there's
advantage to doing that right now and are these peace lays this out is a lawyer work for the de oj matter of fact he worked for the southern district in new york unit that's actually gonna prosecutors bomber from yesterday in new york couple questions you're so number one why the mr miranda eyes image shut down the interrogation folks i don't want to repeat show but it's this point is worth repeating you don't have to moran dies anyone you know the moray the right you see no idea of the right to remain so and you have the right to an authority everybody's hard these a thousand times on tv or if you ve been arrested probably heard of yourself i'm sure most of you haven't but in i was a kid but a federal agent and you read the same miranda rights to people you don't half the red miranda can't be clear enough and we did we did a whole have shown this before we did a whole her for she was maria here's all you have to remember but miranda
three plus interrogation equals miranda for this guy the bomber yesterday or any one else arrested in the federal or laura or state judicial systems right if i have you in custody and i asked you questions and this is the critical point so custody meaning freely chosen if you are for believe me and on custody i don't have the miranda like this joe homage joe right now is in maryland i'm in florida we're talking vs skype connection if i the federal investigator ta de giovanni skype connection about joe ripping mattress tag apu who this may be time showed you have that sound the ready that our friend ron peace sent us from spiderman children have died you run to you it's your garfield from spider back we shall ripped matters take up if i made a view joe about the mattress tag
and i say to joe i'm federal agent thereby gino joe you are free to leave its skype connection i don't have you in custody i'm interviewing you over skype i'm just want to ask a few questions i dont have to miranda joe to use those statements in court against him or anybody else he's out of custody if you as in custody though and i say to joe ike i take a trip up to maryland i interviewed job ripping the mattress tug of war and i say to joe you are not free to go i to read his miranda rights f f if if i want to use our statements against them in court the reasonable get up the mccarthy pc andrew mccarthy pieces i was wondering yesterday and i dont know when they miranda s him i want to be crystal clear and this obviously was not involved in the investigation of civilian now does content production armada cop anymore when they moran dies him but they should be absolutely no rush to do a job now think about why right job
let's put on you're in spain tarku so shoes for a minute you're involved in this case right what it we have that the new york city bomber yes bomber yes rabbi arena pronounces name because he he doesn't deserve it but secondly and when a butchered anyway and i have had from decided really interested i'm not interested in giving the sky any notoriety all uses of losers savage pig and he d the die anonymously if he sentenced to death i gave him upset as most of you are but at these guys you but you're in to get a rescue this guy joe but now i know you weren't in a cop before but i'm not trying to set you up like if whatever still we have right now that this guy committed is this act of terrorism we have the video yes an individual to joe whose embed videotape in addition to him believe other people
other people yes there are other people are so in other words we have i witness is too so very good it's back their job is on the ball as always arbogast always bring it so there you go joe is right joel a professional investigator joe was not a cop joe is been this content production that for a very long time and even show realises that this is folks it open and shut case it is likely be the reasonable doubt the air century standard needing for a convict needed for a conviction in court everybody knows i write problem cause that he committed the crime is needed for the arrest taking i have his freedom beyond reasonable doubt is now it for a conviction and a federal courts folks it is more than likely that at this point it is being on the reasonable doubt despite the fat i mean she's me not display in addition to the fact that its likely after he was arrested i dont oh putty probably made some statements incriminating himself as well he probably woke up after this
idiot realize you done more damage to himself thankfully than anybody else was public mice my cards the dead bob go up why because he's a jerk geese it gives a loser couldn't even i you know i can't even manage their emmi thankfully these guys are really does she sat up attack fully these guys are so dumb that they wanted to do more damage to themselves sometimes and others he probably said something like all my stomach cards to the bomb go off if you didn't know keep in mind again memoranda if you just upon the scene and he said tediously otters that you you can you that you just take it down of your member book you know suspect said but above all right but of course but of course inspector so i point in this whole thing is in and and and and not to beat the dead horse but as you know dorothy righteous into pieces rather late
the worst thing that can happen is you're not gonna be able to use these statements if you dont moran dies him later not the spontaneous utterance and see but let's say it's a prolonged interview at that point you don't read miranda you taken into custody and you start ask increase unquestionably costs he's got handcuffs you bring it back to the pressing but me the poor yesterday was why miranda eyes if at all you know after use statements are core joe it's an open and shut case enteric it is not out of this guy you don't have to bring a lawyer in there only condition jos you can't use the statements but you'd only the statements in court folks i mean i don't speak would forked tongue you again i don't know everything they have but as former fed here in this i'm telling you like this you don't need to miranda eyes this guy now mccarthy takes us to another level this is why i wanted to include the peace eminem move on to some other stuff the eating to the next level and he aware as i would suggest right now not more
and i him potentially joe four days mccarthy as i you know a better idea dorothy says a you know what the statute of limitations on an attempted bombing john is five years you have five years to charge sky in the federal court system right you have five years to do it before the statute of limitations runs out if you decide to it can do the federal system and not declare banana enemy combated mccarthy sigh cave for the miranda delay for a couple hours like i was suggesting you been a couple days is like why not just do it for years any it brings up an interesting point that i think on the show we should consider everybody this guy could be valuable forever we don't know who this guy mad apparently he's travelled overseas significantly let's say joe in two or three months of honour it comes over of a foreign terrorists from a foreign intel sources hey look out for this guy joey beggar that's whatever i ran
you don't know this guy may now you may say in a couple months because you ve delayed moran dies in yemen you haven't put him through the process yet you may state of this guy hey i'm joey bag it don't swear at all yet i met him in a terror training can it's it's a estimating pointed ibm sarah had considered the lay them long obviously i consider the light because verde talked about it unless you know the choked he's gonna do not try to celebrate our talking by introducing mccarthy i tend to think alike on a lot of these issues but it the fascinating proposal that why does this guy tomorrow the next day he looks like you'd only too well cost plus interrogation only to use the statements in court moran that equals custody is he in custody yes are you interrogating him yes but do you want to use the statements in court i would make the case to you probably not
oh you may say to yourself this is a fair question you may be thinking this you're ok are you going to set yourself up there a little bit right because if custody interrogation to use in court and then later on he identifies joey bag it though that's that statements gonna be admissible according answers now but you see five intelligent we beg about its second stop and attack so is that you are we tree urging our responsibilities are not our possibilities to stop attacks or depressed few people after the attack any answer is obviously to stop attacks if you add too choices job to stop a terrorist attack in new york by intercepting a terrorist before he does it or success so we prosecute him after he kills people the answers obviously number one right interesting please please folks read it it'll be at the website bongino you know that come in and shone out it's a really good piece and i just struck we encourage you to follow his writings at national review he's he's a terrific right ok i'm at sea what are they going to excite let's go to our number
to hear this is a question that has a story number two that is good number to actually taken a couple the four ways some wrong you ok your i've kids and that's the first they'd five five euro that's the first that it comes about by the way by five years obey the both expense a piece of walmart last night and i bought gino family history what what do you mean you say my wife's do these christmas cards right in here we got a lot of what we take you know we take care of but if we set about people who are our campaign and everywhere we really have a really long christmas list so my wife goes in the post office showered buys you notebooks stamps lots of like having a lot of it yeah you're jones met my kids jobs by five year older yeah so we in a room and love mobs thinking as everywhere it was like a i seventy dollar peace a warlord so i like that my wife's i gotta really even care about the money it was funny at that point you know it you care about wait none darn light at the post office again hotly stem cell
my amelia gotta love that kid she's the best not mobs dickies everywhere those are stamp so's our rapid sticky his boy so get back the story number do one of these things is puzzle me for a long time if you ever heard any my speeches on youtube and i was run for officer anything because i ran in maryland twice is the almost unquestioned allegiance by many black blackened hispanic orders to the democratic party now i say in maryland because marilyn has one of the largest population to black voters in nine states and when i was knocking on doors i saw but up close and personal first hand up a really puzzling phenomenon i would talk to blackmail prison hispanic voters who would you know pledge to me right off the back as i too am thereby gino republican run for senator congressmen i ran in maryland and
who would say you know i'm a democrat you're all supervised but they talk here you know but then you get to talk into a lot of the black voters in spanish voters in their stated i'll use that they would tell you betcha were almost always conservative why are we not all about trying to stereo type a group of voters in any direction of just telling you based on probabilities and percentages the people i spoke to the overwhelming probability was you were gonna run into a black voter who was largely conservative the percentages were super i haven't i conservative i mean very pro life very religious what why me what else is on taxes judge on taxes you get both answers you know i think taxes are good support the government i i think we should pay less but on and on social values things like in know position of religions society pro life i was always astonished how many black into spanish voters were i mean not just
socially conservative joe but very socially conservative right at a bigger i myself gosh i mean it why don't i don't get it like the unfettered allegiance just based on percentages the democratic party believe that number's up and then let me know how many voted for barack obama ninety eight about the black voters ninety plus percent and you thinking cash is king why am i the sun daily signal has a really really good piece agenda being shown us about i can despotic unemployment and the numbers from occurring we do facts a date on the show the numbers are very very telling that damn delaware one year get get ahold of after i read these numbers play run peace i don t want it pretty five years the daily signal cape black on appointed folks under the prompt administration our almost a year in office black unemployment
his fallen from eight percent to seven point three percent the labour force participation or in other words the amount of people working amongst black boat has gone up from sixty one point nine to sixty two point two more nothin hispanic unemployment has dropped from five point seven of four point seven percent the lowest level of forty four years these are historic unemployment oh which has got you haven't you want less amount of people unemployed first and its lowest number forty four years and this is critical listen listen listen and the lowest number for black of americans unemployment number since two thousand notice two thousand a year barack obama was not an office some other
the eight years of barack obama presidency reached no prior level of unemployment as successful as donald trump has had in attaining for offer black americans this is very telling stuff how you may say to yourself ok you know what that's a blip that some kind of being alive anomaly it's not indicative of the effectiveness of republican policies let me read you something here this is a i had to take a screen shot of some of my own notes i took a while ago hold on this from this is men in black on this by the name of joseph perkins you can look m p r k i s he studied the affair so reagan's economic policies right on black america joe here's some staggering numbers ok he found that after reagan tax cuts gain traction african american unemployment fell from nineteen point five percent eighteen eighty three to eleven point four percent in nineteen eighty nine black
businesses saw income rise from twelve point four billion in eighteen eighty two to eighteen point one billion and nineteen eighty seven an annual average growth rate of nearly eight percent the black middle class experts expanded by one third during the reagan years from three point six million to four point eight million q a body down delhi's that i don't get it we gotta that was from run peabody way shadow i dont understand i've die by being serious vote i get it black voters hispanic voters are not one issue voters am i stay and that i am certainly not trying to paint with a broad brush any group of voters what i'm asking is a very simple question how is it that ninety percent plus a black voters support in some areas of the country in a baltic or in other areas almost
firstly democratic candidates based on it the voting percentages at the national level democratic candidates in the case of barack obama we know that for a fact given the numbers at least economic numbers the two simple facts and data anybody can look up are almost universally better firstly better for republicans republican leaning policies you know i don't want to thing to death because the numbers speak for themselves vote but this is kind of puzzling i mean when you look at areas of the country that are struggling when you look at places like baltimore play some intimately familiar with from my time living in maryland a law population of black ass citizens black motors large population in the city you have said going schools you have a strong economy you have a struggling public safety situation and yet you have
you haven't had a republican city council person in the city of baltimore since in eighteen thirty you have not had a real conservative i mean you had republican mayors there but you haven't had the eighth serious conservative women in the city i think in forever anyway given that the numbers and the fact that there are black what does after joe experiencing this right now the revival in the economy under trump because our getting jobs these are real people in real life getting jobs you wonder why at least law you're percentages of of black voters and spat affords aren't saying like a gush of some sort of different under ababa we can i wasn't getting a paycheck ends and things were quite workin out and now all of a sudden unemployment is going down median wages are going up i just i don't get it i don't know why it's hard for me to debate it to death i just wish if if there's people listening to this who happened to be
hispanic voters were absolutely convinced that the democrat parties is the only path forward i'm not suggesting to republicans have all the answers i'm not i've just suggest did you based on my experience running for office knocking on doors in my experience with the facts and data i just told you made it's time to consider that there may be an alternative out there maybe it's out republic is maybe it's libertarians maybe it's a conservative candidate maybe it's an independent but maybe democrats are not the passport disappeared i can show much but he's i target i like the letter i you know big supporter of this company because their terrific one of the things in the secret service when i was an agent we prioritize was marksmanship in a very simple reason folks your car bringing a high powered firearm near the present united states that is to say in the secret service you are responsible for every single round now the government has a lot of resources as we all know we used to go to the range every month and shoot a course of fire and we used to go quarterly by the way too
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a dandy yea and you'll get ten percent off i target pro back up our i see stars number three discrimination is alive and well in the united states amazing public story this is one of those stories you mean you're not going to see a lot about the mainstream media joke as a largely avoid this stuff but is sad story you know i mean it it's it's yours the states in the daily saying what is that the stories about asian americans and acceptance rates into colleges i have some numbers here that are going to really blow you mine are all in this peace at the daily signal which are be it the shone out but it's me probably because you want to believe in the in the greatest country in the history of humankind the united states which i passionately believe i know we make mistakes but this is a big mistake that needs to be remedied asian american students cannot get the college working at the same
speed rate and level of effort as other minority groups can and acts by definition joe unfair here some members way from the peace asian americans must score a hundred and forty points higher on there s eighties than white students the gained mission the college's look gets worse moscow or two hundred and seventy points higher than hispanic students together colleges and four hundred and fifty points higher than black students to getting the college's now folks this is by definition the scr nation and the reason i bring it up is of need over why matters and the overall the ro umbrella view thirty thousand foot few why this is happening should matter should matter to you you know if you read x the road to serve them friedrich i act which is an amazing book i strongly encourage walter reed its evergreen it's good from now it's good talks about universal principles one of them
buoyancy hammers and the book repeatedly is government enforced are quotes your quality and outcome is i definition the trading of people unequally think about what would he saying its principal matters and it matters that you understand this because it applies directly to this story in the daily signal and the genesis of the storage or not thrown out asian americans are discriminated against what why while the new story is the department of this is now looking into harvard university for what they believe this discrimination in fact joe against asian american students that's happening now and it bought my humble opinion long overdue but take up but i just told you right out forced equality of outcome means the government has to treat people on equally the this is of the actual idea if your a pacing any of this on achievement and merit and george
ass basing this on skin color and you're saying in other words a black students can score four hundred fifty points lower than an asian student to get in liberals see joe and this is critical what liberal see is the benefit to the student only member thomas saw he was as you know the problem of liberalism is they they only see the first order fattened they never say ok then what the second what effect the third or affect ok then what after that right john all these he's a virtually all look where this is benefiting black students were getting into harvard despite lower test scores great that's wonderful people get opportunities but by forcing that outcome on the college or by the college using racial preferences and and de facto quotas joe to enforce say we're only can accept this but some of the wicked and not of course they'll say oh it's just a holistic evaluation and racist just one factor which i think we all know is it
nonsense peace based on the facts in this than the data when you say we're only going to accept this percentage of asian students and no more regard so they're scores dead that's liberalism stops liberalism stops at their first order analysis you see what i'm going to show like all look we benefited black students who get an arm in a perfectly clear right step to take yeah but who got screwed over all this poor asian kid whose work in his part often in the peace and a daily signal they talk about this guy because he was michael wang you this guy's resonate joe he was like a top score and his class you know perfect gee ay he's like a number one piano play here it is town or whatever baby this guy's got a ringer reza bay and arm or one of the ivy league centre of harvard bits and not a fax michael wang and weighing fairly and i said what was it my last name what is it
guy deserves and answer so here part of this lawsuit that the deal j is up against harvard another ivy league where people looking at that this is a fair i get it there's a history of discrimination in the country has been very severe for black americans nobody disputes that no sensible person would say that jim crow in the history of slavery to not have some generational impact but our asian americans were discriminated against to grant did not the exact same way or the over the exact same period saw nobody disputes that you know you the interment evasion americans during world war two i mean at some point joe we just have to say ok the country's got battle scars significant ones in the case of the black community any community although bobby wait job but at some what we have to move on and say okay battle scar such recognize them let's not repeat the horrible atrocious sins of the past
moving on in the future let's presented level floor for everybody where everybody can get access to the building based on based on the access to the building of opportunity i mean based on their merit and their ability to work hard let's not picking jews winners because when you pick and choose winners in society it whether its admissions or anything else show and you're the government you bite a pic losers too it's not fair folks she's the matter was a matter of simple fairness the why matters you're too this is an effort by the critical theory left this who believe that every is enforcement of the white patriarchal power structure including college admissions so in other words they are lying to show what the system did so black eric should be held responsible so who should be aimed americans so my
weighing who's trying to get into our works is off the entire time peace we kept out of an ivy league because what didn't what did he do wrong folks we should not be enforcing equality of outcome we should only be enforcing equality of opportunity that opportunity is up to you at this point its absolution aura forgiveness what happened in the past where these are horrible things we should always recognised that it's part of what happened the country of men and women we had a lot of mistakes but going down on the mistakes going forward by discriminating against asian americans in an effort to help racial group is by definition discrimination what's next i mean seriously what's that you get a group of arab americans who get let's say you get a group of arab american persian americans i come over for my rather super smart do we keep them
college to base not ojo we are over our percentage of persian smart americans and that is impacting other groups so let's keep all the persian americans out i mean where does it this is insane guys important stuff because every minute of our colleague of american life that we engage discrimination in reverse discrimination and white privilege talk and keeping asian americans out of college only further engendered the next generation of animosity towards a government that can't seem to get its head advert spot on this moment that's it brother it's the only way to do it i'm sorry we are were battle scarred i get it i told again i have not been subjected ever in my life to the indignities of having a drink from a colored water found there are people alive who have had to experience that we should never ever forget the sins of the past i can't even agent getting so
thrown in my eyes i was a black american sitting at the white counter in some places down south you ma my heart pleas for you whether you believe that are not because i'm a conservative is irrelevant to me i know what's in my head you don't even seeing it in movies in movies that's all like i didn't witness it up is a new no it's fake it's a movie even so movies movies brings tears to my eyes it's so troubling to watch this happened here but that there is gone recognize of never repeat them in the past but let's not double down on report the skins in the future against other disfavour groups it's not fair i'm sorry and its reading a story about michael wang i think you'll feel the same way poor kid in his bought off he poppies entire life wants to get into an ivy league school and he can't because why he's been subjected
some random racial goro we have enough asians and here i like it's an object of automaton robots deviations are coming this is ridiculous sire minette spend our time and that is an important story folks red tie up the road to serve them and i understand the damage government does by force then you quality it's real the enforced on equality inequality and discrimination there are three show also about your buddies it brick house nutrition hey i'm always uncomfortable segouin three but you know these guys keep the show free a really good i wanted to show you something folks they am i been privy enough i get free stuff from them because there ass a brick house david my answer for a long time and he sent me their new products and i actually took a screen shot of the lake of their newest product which i am crazy about coffee agreed now we all the
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of firing bob mahler and i think it was we mcgovern road who does great work in where's the special deletes investigator on the special council looking into tromp russia and folks i have to tell you i wholeheartedly disagree number meagerness very smart guy and he brings up a couple interesting points peace what if he fires bob marlowe deaf dumb trumped ahead of the special council into the fake tromp russia investigation he says it's just going to invite more congressional groot knee basically gonna be talk of impeachment and it's gonna becky has something to hide proposes some other mechanisms and one of those vehicles he proposes kimberly stressful made a point hey how about we disappoint someone within within the fbi i d o j to make sure fbi compliance with these demands for congress for an investigation ok fair enough point but ebay he says you're the point of his peace is don't fuck bob mahler to mistake folks i disagree and
it's not reactionary it's not me trying to be the hyperbolic you know screamer under a viral babar lower as i can tell but ok it's ridiculous i can help it in data from a strictly practical perspective bob dollar was assigned a special as the special leave special council led of the special council precise did you investigate trump russian collusion we have seen none of that we're nothing i think we're there having a hard time prove showing how the russians infiltrated the election to change the result that is russians are always trying to hurt our election show no doubt if they're not our friend let's be crystal clear on that so is no trump russia collusion we get that i've done shows on and turd there's nothing there there's no there's no not one shown that get nobody's shown any evidence at all of any collusion overturn electron whatsoever but vested geishas highs streamed off the beaten path you see
this investigation into poor man afford poor man afford his business dealings prior to a book being trumps campaign manager has nothing to do with tromp russia collusion it may at a lot to do it man affords collusion job but that was issue that could have been handled by the fbi anyway those i'm going out there no need for a special the special council folks to be crystal clear was organised put together specifically to go after tromp under the allegation that he had colluded with the russians to overturn election of which there is no evidence at all and this is turning into which on for everything but trump russia collusion it is on the fire this guy think they will but your premise for not fire in gothenburg erna and against a bright guy i live columns all the time it needs to but by just respectfully disagree with them not firing of joe under the ito
the idea that all look it's gonna one least the press at least congress and make em look at the trumpet make it look like he's guilty up or what that's already putting now and they hate this guy can we talk of a piece with just talk of a peach were now our green that representative just to introduce the resolution a peach when articles the other day announced for in other words joe nothing's going to change fire mahler it's not going to stop the fbi from investigating anything that shutting the f b i doubt as i can stop congress from investigating anything it's going to stop a special council investigation that is clearly by any reasonable measure gone off the rails it would seem did you investigate trope russia nothing there's nothing there so now the mad afforded to a couple flippers they call you know flynn who are at this point i am telling you i think history is going to judge might flint completely differently by the way but you my poor child you don't
air mahler because if you know it's gonna fire up the pressure on the press they need fi hurrying up you home after donald trump are you crazy invent fake news now what's going to fire the impeachment talk folks it's already happening it's gonna look like he has something to hide their saying that now the guy nothing to hide dont juniors been releasing everything dont juniors like guy dm me on twitter here's a stop here is that you well shit what i mean what are they hiding if they evidence out there was collusion step up stuff you know we have that fill robertson duck commander show and see our tv as this great episode about prepared shrimp he's like a view could prepare something better you need to announce it that step up i love that so five watch you two thousand does that step up folks if there's a practical step up if not fire this guy i'm sorry there's no reason for sound and anything joe it's an effort to get back to a normal system of justice in this country please and yes
they doubling down on this by the way on this the special council because this is the deal j but the special also has its own problems anti war men who is he gonna quota bull dog and the special council who was at hilarious actually night celebration which turned into this esther he's the one the email to sally yeats congratulating her the number to adjust this were defined tromp these guys there clearly clearly biased clear yet delete investigators send it ten thousand need that text about trump or something like that to his mistress i mean come on who is also on the special council but we find yesterday to some stella reporting by james rosen the associate deputy attorney general's and the department of justice a guy by the name of bruce georgia not only met with fusion gps the producers of the fake russian dossier but his wife work what i see you're good
i like to see us i'm giving you for control of the sound board that i get it as of now you are you are to go forth with full control of the sideboard reference rod p is that a nicer he said a job for the show this wrong i don't have to go out and get it he's out pepsi sets of doing this is terrific jos got a nice little cortical which are at the beach up to which sound but it is what that's good folks tat guys i worked for future gps so let me get this straight a high became department of justice official at an bruce or he made fusion gps who produce they fake document on behalf of hilary team olive salacious allegations provided by russians so of just walk it bringing the dmz paid the russians through this guy christopher steel for fake information on tromp the fake information on trumped guy who produce the fake information on trouble who is the conduit for the money christopher steel effusion gps met with a
iraqi justice official who by the way didn't feel the need to disclose this job and by the way just to set justice officials wife was working if you should gps the time nothing to see your folks don't you worry at all no problems no problems the wrap this thing out folks i'm sorry the country needs to move one quick last thing i usually do this but i want to we just thinks it'll be in the show they said that sometimes i turn stories and get to discuss but if you want to laugh read the story the washed in examiner about the opponents of net neutrality listen i get it there are passionate people on both sides it is but i want to ask you a very simple question that i've ass before but i would ask you again more directly who are the worthy supporters of net neutrality now when you get the supporters if you are a conservative you should probably say to yourself wait i'm not one of them here is just a less than this wash them examiner peace it is of the greatest that you have the a creative cecy commissioner what is adjusted
arose in warsaw you have democrat better from new hampshire mag maggie hassen you have new york attorney general who is a far left liberal eric schneider men these are all supporters of net neutrality has been open advocates over the last few days of basically government control the internet that's what it is make no mistake just want to show you the grass roots the fair you have grassroots the total astroturf nonsense going on behind the scenes by some people to make sure that government through net neutrality gets its meets on your internet now there's a there's a vote schedules coming up very soon to get rid of disasters obama administration control over the internet and that's a pew research did did ya cerveza throughout people's boarding government choosing to the internet right david
eve twenty one point seven million comments from april twenty seven to the end of august you may say wow gosh you're so many people out there supporting net neutrality want the government taken over the euro that's amazing twenty one point seven million this is hardly a pure bottle i sat there bungee opinion putative and that many of these use duplicate email addresses or temp email addresses and many of the senders names of these emails supporting government that control unit joe me here the sender name showed up thousands of times in the comments astroturf astro and i saw this on twitter i saw this twitter a couple times adjusted atomic two times do times i i the other day and i can't do it that's easy quick little risks we'll spat with a guy about neutrality and i went to net neutrality in the search box shown funny i twitter the
that same responds one of the guys was sending to the other guy supporting that neutrality had literally been caught copied pasted by thousands of bought accounts that were sent me to say that its astroturf folks net neutrality is a scam to get government involve any internet and as i said recover this week ago it should tell you something if the first action by the obama era f c c using net neutrality to attack was to attend people who were getting me internet sites on the internet for free z ro raiding the ability to give your site away for free using certain data provided that was the first thing the obama administration when after so i don't believe this eyeball they're gonna go after internet fast lanes a rich people are gonna get a different note on all day what after poor folks and middle income folks who actually needed to go to certain sites and use data for free that should tell you something i folks thanks and effort
i really appreciate he's gonna budget that cop subscribed to my email s and i will send you these articles cinema you just heard tan bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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