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Ep. 612 Is the Fake News Media Getting Played

2017-12-14 | 🔗
Liberals are blaming “climate change” for the California fires. But, was it liberal policies to blame?  https://legalinsurrection.com/2017/12/cooking-fire-at-a-homeless-encampment-sparked-las-inferno/   Here are some sobering numbers about our exploding national debt. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/454582/congress-profligate-spending-hurts-taxpayers   This reporter may have uncovered the explosive reason for the outbreak of fake news.  http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/251387/why-glenn-greenwald-deserves-a-pulitzer-prize   Check out the US Army’s sharp new pistol. https://www.military.com/kitup/2017/12/09/sig-sauer-offer-commercial-version-armys-new-sidearm.html   Trump’s impressive war on government red-tape. https://t.co/uDMjAFZhgf?amp=1
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby gino show produce joe how are you did i mean you know what's up with all this who struck down stuff man you know listen i've got some stuff today this is one of those shows you don't folks you do is show every day you end up with varying degrees of energy i got it yo today i'm unbelievably excited about by the way in finland in four hannity december eighteenth and are now looks like levine feeling eleven on the twenty second i think it a twenty text of december to all update you on the states when i'm definitely in for hannity on monday i get excited by that i'm super stoked about today show and i may go into some of the stuff in a little more detail and no shows as well because this is just insane stop now if you listen shall regularly know i am a devout none conspiracy theorist to the shore
friend of some to the excitement of many but gotta tell ya i read a piece yesterday that is in the show doubts i know i say go to the show notes i know it benefits me if you go to bond you know that com i'm not pretending in any way to be eyes objective here but please please go to the show doubts at budget so that account today worrisome my emails and read this story at the tablet i tweeted about out yesterday if you're on twitter and united you didn't go to my website at school to god my twitter is there and i this is a most important story the weak and i take a screen shot from my neck short on twitter had tipped m of the most important are the most important story the week now i don't know conspiracy theories but there is a lot of evidence here that there is something going on and that's what titled issue is the fake news media getting play let's get to yeah let's get to the milk and cookies here right so
said that shows like what what joe was even excise extent before jugs what are you talking about ass if i said i can't tell you because i want a genuine reaction from you before them up i'm just going to say i don't know this is true but there's possible evidence that it may be true here's the story so less last week or two weeks ago it was the a story about donald trump junior leaked and needs the story was this that he had been provided by wikileaks down trumped junior visa email day special encryption key to gain acts as the information that they had hacked from the dnc and others now that way be an explosive story now keep him i dont junior there there were no allegations by anyone anywhere democrats republicans even the most livid vitriolic anti trumpeters that dont goddamn junior responded to this email in other words he didn't but none last step would be an
this thing story that loud wikileaks was was trying get down junior special access to some encrypted file of the and see emails right joe would be a big story now what a rehash the story but this story this is critical you understand the specifics of this story to understand the explosive story i'm about to tell you afterwards technical live evidence for the day provided to certain members of the house guarded permanent select committee on intelligence a bunch of congressional members the day provided on that email to some of them was september forth that day is absolutely critical because the email was released publicly after september forth now here's the kicker the story which was then blast
out there by left wing hack media outlets look at this donald trump got special access to this tree you're trove of hacked information by wikileaks by the way we can you can respond to no one's even alleging he did that the problem is that was not the day of the email eight of the email to trump junior joe was september fourteenth not september forth i is critical to understanding what i'm about to tell you forgive me the long shut up i'm sorry for we have you but you have to get the details right here right the reason the september fourteenth date of the email is critical is because the information was already public it's an odd story you see worm college
yeah yankee weeks had already released the information growing providing donald trump witted encrypt encryption key to the job junior i should say to use me within encryption cato data that is already available to help you to host tomorrow on google is a non story by the way an email you never responded to add i don't spoke seriously even if you are a rabbit foaming at the mouth eighty chop is how is that a story one person report and forgive me i don't member whom you know it real story is donald junior spam vibrancy leaks that's the upper limits set antibiotic use of encryption key for me all really which by the way you can't even respond to it but it's alright on the internet for everyone to see an immediate already reported on it now why is that day critical the initial date of september forth which is fake news because somebody in that with this is where there is evidence amount
putting this out there for you to analyse and i hate to what this but this is this is that of explosive story somebody leak that date the september fourth day to the media which was the wrong date folks only a few people have access to that information now very very credible person who i deeply respect and who is connected out though out the was you no one knows where the was is but the was whose important their ideas about it proper something a little while ago rather cryptically on an account when social media that this was in fact day inside operation by government the visuals any i see a law enforcement community to out leakers and the government now how would that be how would that happen while joe if don t junior was coming to testify in front of just you and me and we were members of you said you were a rabid anti trumpet democrat man i am a conservative republican and
information changing hands goes one set of information goes to you and another set of information goes to me and one set of information is purposefully wrong and i purposely purposeful wrong information makes it out to the press can ivory we assume you liked it you could you got the right now i know i yesterday i was talking about the movie miami vice which i love the college rattled did jamie fox he's kind of a turd but and the last i liked movie movie gets path but there's up there's a scene in the movie towards the end where trying to find out who the leak within law enforcement is theirs that there's a mould and law enforcement giving information to our jose euro and nea and a cartel so what they do ways they set up this vague drug doubt this drug the excuse me but they give the date and time of the delivery of the drug deal
two different agencies at different times therefore when they the information back to the cartel look we got the info you're tuesday of day no exit actually tuesday in the evening who they told that too they told that i think in the movie the f b i know they show the leak has to be in the fbi because that's not what we told any other law enforcement you get a job gotcha here is a very very strong headwind going now that there are some kind of an intel operation going on and this is that this is the way that the big could agree here that there's tell operation going on against members of congress happy thank you spider man you are worthwhile folks he's a big deal yeah i did a good deal because you are a member of congress with security clearance that is that title you to leave it to the media now i can confirm this
here's the evidence because i never throw stuff out there and i was very very hesitant i've known about this for about a week and have now been very hesitant to talk about it but here some evidence wave from the tablets by lee smith to desert he says glenn greenwell deserves a pole surprise for reporting about this stuff i think he does for this peace because it's so good it's happened you know that camera attacks from eddie says you're some of us its he says first that the deal j department of justice show got a hold of ten thousand tex between peter struck the thea the anti trump fbi supervisor who was in charge of with a key player in the clinton email investigation and the trump investigation so that the deal j got ahold of these texts between struck in his fbi lover suggest a pretty serious investigation is ongoing folks i agree now talked about the text yesterday these anti trump tax from the sky struck in the fbi in this fbi lawyer
but nobody's s like well how did we get them well there's an idea investigation going on ok folks this pretty serious thought didn't just appear out of nowhere that's evidence peaceable one that there is a very serious intelligence operation gathering operation going on in the inside secondly as where did the pieces well knew right and i think we wish we may have covered this on a show me out on that your pack in august actions jeff's essence the attorney general dan coats did the rector of national intelligence already the amounts publicly that they looking at leaks within the united illegal leaks folks i m not suggesting by the way that any of this is nefarious the ass the geisha into the leaks john that's what i mean the leaves are nefarious but don't say that suggesting any of this is wrong doing this is a good thing i am a fully in support of this if you are a member of congress entrusted with clientele then secret information you reveal that information you are not immune to prosecution for that but they are now
in august show sessions in coats the dna that they were looking intelligence operation to uncover hicks within the government now folks we all know who's been on tv closing all kinds of information now he hasn't said anything at this point classified on television and we know but adams if it is on that day republican from california the virulent anti trump who s been almost maniacal he spent on if claiming he has all kinds of information about trump and how it you know alludes to clean ever says there's collusion he just as while others information out there now job has anyone ever considered that the information she has is wrong then the information has been purposely fed to him and a few other democrats only any information although the core information is right trouble
here was sent an email joe by wikileaks my the key data is wrong now as least myth points out the taboo pieces some of you may say well that's on a wrong you know trying to out members of congress and trying to make trump look good no no no the info nation this is the brilliant but if this is happening and i strongly believe it as this intelligence operation information joseph that their feed it to these members of congress that they know we're gonna leak it illegally does it make look good it makes trop look bad that's how they know that it's gonna be fed to the media in other words guys say trump contacted by email but just change the date to the fourth for the democrats in the fourteen for the republican on a committee and watch cause the fourth day makes it look like it's a conspiracy is sending did information we know the democrats will leak it folks this
is explosive explosive stuff if members of congress right now i need the d a traditionally by the way very non political piece of congress permanent select committee on intelligence in the past year this has not been airborne episodes granted but does not been a hotbed of partisan activity for obvious reasons show intelligent that could destroy the united states is not fodder to win political race i think we all understand that right now their benefit those in the past there but this is traditionally not been a place where you put hyper partisan people the fact it has been now potentially corrupted and people staffers or congressmen and there may be leaking information and abc suckers for intel operation is an enormous enormous story and a story of national importance these people should be sanctioned
and if they committed a crime they should be arrested they should be prosecuted and about mean that this should be the aim their careers i say this and you may say well how does this relate to the title of the show is the fake news media being played because there something very very critical another in this is the final missing piece so first we have the tent thousand text uncovered debts clearly part of some investigation joe no one releases tent there hasn't tax just random let me just released my text while the public something going out there we know there's an idea investigation we know that's what happened there point number two sashes and coach already announced they were going to try to uncover leakers within the government point number three which i think is escaping a lot of folks his back when cnn how to read retract his story joe about the wiki leaks you know you
tromp about the cryptic data by the way the majority on the internet right so they metropolis spam basically when i dont know if you know but would cnn retracted this story people started to ask well are these reporters it work who reported this story gonna be punished and cnn response is very very telling they said no one going to chastise and punish these reporters because they followed our editorial standards on sourcing why's that interesting that's interesting because what's i don't know exactly what cnn editorial standards on sourced information are but to be fair to cnn after the debacle they want their god with the scarecrow muky fake news and the other stuff on that i'm gonna fan i get that joe now and you should get a too but they don't want to be embarrassed i mean listen that's just a fax vienna those who see it as i could unknowingly report fake news can we all agree now they they may be
port fake news tat the president but i can unknowingly knowingly do it destroy their reputation spokes if you if you think otherwise i'm sorry that's you silly sierra we stipulate this cnn cage the president they will report you think too embarrassing but yes you are i want to show it you're not going to embarrass themselves by reporting something they no six seven hours left here they're gonna hafta retract they're not gonna do that stupid that says to me that the source they got that september fourth date from which was wrong and i think planted in for me just lycosa euro coachee lowell the crazy pay even written by every right i think the source of that information was either a member congress or a staffer because that would certainly meet the editorial standards for see an end to publish such an explosive story do you see i would just show you in other words if it was just some joe schmo
but you know some you know like a guy you i don't know the gap to say the guy who was that now he said when he was wash in windows and congressional office and overheard a conversation the atlas at all that would be kind of thing you'd want to double and triple source because willing i it's a nice guy open do you know who knows what he heard he was outside the window he you know he was looking in here you know what i'm saying that's the kind of thing that that might break the rules are sourcing if you report it if you got it from a member of congress or a snapper who is assigned the permanent select committee on intel that probably met their rigorous standards to publish it even know it may have been fake whose intentionally planted and the media if this is the case you just got married you got suckered you just scots you got smokers big time now i'm not a reporter i'm an opinion guy and joe knows a lot of what i know because i've told them but
i have said it before i get knocked on this all the time on twitter fair enough folks people you know something about clinton's put it out there and you do you drawing on the contrary i get it all the time i'd folks fair enough you're free to feel that way i'm telling you knock it off destroy my credibility or destroy the sources i have asked me not to say anything until they could be in a better fishing would say i'm not getting i'm sorry i'm not gonna do i'm not gonna break my trust the people cnn seems to have no such desire they want be first on the story even when the stories come in for people who may be getting kintyre lee suckered and plate had a story one time about mrs kuhn which i put out there that i thought we were getting played on till i heard from the fourth or fifth different source that it actually happened and then i was driving i believed it you're getting played in the media that is why this lit the i believe that is why the deutsche bank story joe deutsche bank toy for those you mr break it knows i forget the media
but they publish it but it was i wasn't it was in my opinion it does not not a cent not one played plated played straight right is it trumps bag kurds and suffer being subpoenaed storage of bank records it was fake news folks i think it was intentional i think it was part this intelligence operation to out these people the might flynn the mike winced i remember that when you might flints gonna tell you if i again struck that as a candidate tromp was told to cut a trump when was told by job to contact the russians fake news he was not told the candidate has told us the president elect choice for national security adviser to contact the russia's part of his job folks the keeper but that story that i'm telling you was changed was not there when was told the contact the russians true reggio they fake news plan
to play the media for suckers andy's dopey sources that are giving this up with that change president elect the candidate beat one piece of information to this guy other piece of information to the next guy and see what leaks you see worms what is your view on the deutsche bank story tell them a fact deutsche bank book you're being looked into patently that fact but it's not about drop its about other p pull involve would drop change one piece of information it's about tramp tramp frank workers me what to do figures you got burned again i believe your outing sources i also believe that their is a tidal wave coming ashore soon i think i may have been too harsh on some of the people in the oj and i mean it joe armed over the good guys not not the people in the oj when going after trump and sending all these nasty tweets and bruce or and his wife who worked for fusion gps met with fusion gps i think the good guy
this is a brutal but a good news for you all i think the good guys over in the oj are getting ready for something big i think there is a big thunder storm common we'll see you know you don't say it out like i've been very harsh and mike what are they doing there let in all this i think i was wrong and when i'm wrong i get a kind of dialogue back in you know i admit that i think there's something people are getting ready really embarrassed it's maybe of congress and their staff too so i know it liberals listen i would just all right today show brought you buy be careful on reporting this stuff because you maybe getting suckered big time all right today show brought you buy i love these guys i love these guys i got one they sent me one is the greatest they never right what is it listen this holidays i everybody's got
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too bad explosive up at the wall street journal today which ellison everybody knows they try to play down the metal ok europe's i like it i've been reading it since i was a kid but they do go after friends of mine sometimes i wish they would they try to play down the middle and the opposite the gist of which always did the fbi change them outcome of a presidential election i mean it always anticlimactic saying never think about what i just said to you they mainstream american newspaper that tell their right leaning no question about that but tries to play it so down the centre has an opera up today asking the fbi change the outcome of a presidential election we wait why come again i've even i was surprised because they really do they deborah very careful with iraq i've been reading charnel said some sixteen they are very high very careful about their up ads now i want to propose to you
another point i want to do a lot of theories today but this is important because this all ties together folks and i think it explains this scratching my head because i don't want i don't want to lose you all but this is critical save the f b i change the outcome of an election there is another theory out there that we're viewing all of this historically what happened with the call me exoneration of hillary clinton the reopening of the in case for those who you don't remember that member jimmy when we gave that their slowly televise speech about the clinton email investigation where he laid out this clad case seemingly against hillary clinton remember that joe i can't forget it man and no we can all of a the these ike but no real the prosecutor would charge you and everybody was like wait why why come again we're all scratch and our heads like what just happened he later
this perforate case again celery and that's it reach by the way where its alleged that peter struck change the content of that call me speech from grow sleep negligent hillary clinton activities with the email joe struck change that you call me didn't say grossly negligent he said extremely careless now why is a critical because growth negligence is the standard for criminal conduct in that case so you follow i'm saying here joe he struck the deputy you have counter intel involved heavily the current me male investigation and the interviews of whom aberdeen cheryl mills and hilary from what i feel when i remember correctly struck changes call me speech from the use of work that would indicate criminal conduct too words extremely careless which are not in the statute her what now
one of the theories out there now we're viewing this all wrong and this is i find fascinating and i began a bit hesitated talk about it but we're gonna throw out their stuff today is the day to do it right what are the theories now debts gaining some steam as it were you in this all wrong job that window all these speeches at the time which first damage mrs clinton and then saved by exonerating her in the same speech joe and then the speech he gave later member when he reopen the case members they dared cases being reopened because they found they thought they found new e mails honour on anthony wieners laptop remember yeah yeah yeah a couple weeks before the election yet p or say all gas this was commies effort to the democratic
they call me try it hurt hilary he's trying to destroy or some folks just sort clear now i don't want to lose you but this is really critical you get this is so important what's going on right now to understanding the sad state of american politics democrats were saying with the initial exoneration even after the damning speech public speech call me did the right thing rachel look exonerate an hour he said she made some extremely careless decisions but ultimately even no power to exonerate reason investigate or not i nodded knowledge not a judge and jury or prosecutor right democrats love them there three weeks before the election or whatever it was a couple weeks before call me comes out again and said in a reopen the hilary email case because we may have found additionally emails arenas let them democratic screaming copies jeopardizing the election the theory that looking at this all wrong and i said i am really starting to believe is the theory now is is that jim call me peter struck
and other fbi officials at high ranking levels round this another do rank and file i wanna be crystal clear love em all men and women were absolute we convince job that hitler clinton was going to win this election now joe you and i both know cause our shows from those days are still on tape on our part kitchen go listen to every body it's convinced veins was is gonna win yet everybody so i still have a screen shot of it put out article i think was at the washington post saying donald trump chances of winning the presidential election close to zero have a screen shot of it no but he thought tromp was gonna win nobody nobody can serve review talk shop was gonna when i got no argument with their our wits about an argument but we got to a spirited conversation the day of our election cover just tell him he's got no chance of dan but i stand you're wrong trumps trumps gonna win this thing i thought i was not why any of this important because the theory now
is that the entire charade joe the initial press conference at all she was extremely careless but no reasonable prosecutor prosecuted in the reopening were all efforts to get a head of an effort after hilary wind to de legitimize her election as it makes sense if it please tell me now does europe like cairo yeah it'll be ok since by your hesitancy that you're not you not eaten you not even a chilly put not applaud your neck the the theory now is it call me and struck we're so in the tank for hilary that day knew there was bad information out there the email investigation we all know about that that we're gonna corrupt or future presidency if this email investigation was hanging overhead so they exonerate or in this speech but they gives this speech any lays at all outshone over its call me says hey guys he'd call me away no this was the thinking that
hey we're thinking call me you think it pay all this information is already out to buy hilary batty malpractice let's give a speech on each other waits all out there we clearly our right and edit the endless by the way we're not gonna prosecute ok the speed three weeks before the election or the public pronounced with the competent we're going to reopen the investigation the theory there is it call me people on the inside knew that there was separate investigation going on for wiener that may cover something really the about hilary ok so was another effort to say listen she's gonna win anyway let's just get out ahead of this and say we're reopening it and we can shut it in a couple days and that way no one can accuse us of being an attacks that makes sense now yet got yes it then that focused as if that's the case this is just amazing if that's the case the
here i led us out that the men and women of the fbi but the rank and file not the rank of the management of the fbi that was in the tank for every may have in fact change the course of an american election and done it only because thought they were helping that's what i'm trying to say joe and words call me this is where we this is where i got confused and why it took me you were seriously a week to get this so i can put it out of my show without confusing the hell out of all of you call me i have kept his mouth shut the entire time joe there was oh obligation for him to do a public speech about a a sense investigation hillary clinton not joe there was understand that it was he had he could have said nothing there was no obligation for him to do that to give the first speech or the second speech about the reopening of the investigation what somebody
it was done he says he only gave those speeches because he was so sure hilary was gonna win here struck in these other guys may have been taken jobless get it out there she's gonna win anyway and that way her presidency later on won't have to deal with this hanging over their head does that makes any little see why a lot to see why as young as cost this is a sea why aid for the bureau look we put out there to see why for hilary later who says look they put it out their own over on president too it is the only started because they were so who comforted she was gonna win you the desire not to the votes of europe picking up put up put down your mrs potentially one of the biggest stories political stories in a hundred years that an fbi director may have
on all of this only under the belief that they were fine hilary was going away no big deal trump had no shot let's just clear the decks for a presidency later put it out there but by putting it out there they actually acted twaddle shrub oh my god i if your head spit in right now it should but it please listen to it again then go back and i know it is you're really long set ups but this amazing story the first i told you my blowing the second one is is blowing the remnants of your mind that weren't blown by the first one that there's an italian this operation going on it gets leaking members of congress who are using the press to destroy the president with fake news spread through them on purpose what secondly that the b i or managers at the f b i would show in the tank for hilary and it we're so after what a victory
they knowingly came out in advance would public speeches that so damage their reputation because they thought they were helping that they actually did the election the donald trump now as it makes out so yeah i never i never ever would have looked at it you know from that point of view or other me either and i am glad you're the audience ombudsman because bisbee care the ready for this this theory spun out there for a couple weeks now metaphorically kim straw so wrote a piece about it in the journal and up again be a totally free can honestly i had a really tough time getting where she was going with it you know it's enough about their interview in kinshasa like so i can't what what did you mean by this but f reading and home working this and doing like i mean i was reading for hours different pieces about this by just google it finally like a light one off our i now i get what you're saying he thought he was helping
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he is going with six hour and the the pistols pretty incredible i have not seen it personally but i've i've seen it on the news and i six hour had a successor to two nine the secret service it's an amazing god social justice outvoted she's very interesting story i will the show notes go check it out so thanks to the guy some pretty cool stuff i'm just gonna get right to this when there's another great peace by michael tanner in national view today should be you're not in any kind of you know it struck a nerve with me folks because i'm all in for a tax reform good tax reform and i think the bill you have now it is imperfect i've done tire shows about a shortfall so i'm making a real indicate that now but more money in your while it is priority number one for me i were king for a day the fur thing i'm concerned about is absolutely fattening up your while the reason i say that folks as we are in such a perilous destructive debt situation right now that if we don't go
the economy there is absolutely no way we're going to be able to pay offered that now there is an interesting piece rhesus hey listen hurrah great tax reform is terrific but folks we have to be honest we are not doing a darn thing about government spending an up why this is not a eight international crisis right now because it is international joe if the united states goes bankrupt the entire world i be collapses with biggest economy in the world by far and don't believe i did that the chinese are gonna catch up to us i don't buy it i don't i don't i am not in a planned economy they work if the end it states goes bankrupt the entire world economy will collapse couple point from this piece the tanner has national view its great short sweet not overly walkie but he says tax cuts terrific joe but what are we gonna do about spending we have republican draw the house republican control the senate and we were not doing anything manifesto what we're doing is in the wrong direction the new budget deal job
posed by the year by the geo p this this is like one i'm not getting these numbers run by the way first the democrats proposing two hundred billion more in spending this year two hundred billion were already projected free six hundred and sixty six or what is i guess it's like evil like daimio from what do you mean what members but that will open member eighty jumps after of ten it's very sick hundred sixty six billion dollar deficits projected for this year so the democrats you're proposing next year to spend two hundred billion more now if you're right listener you like our rights of the gnp of course you know where the party fiscal restrain the jail we surely is in proposing two hundred billion in spending more now proposing yeah don't you
two billion shock eyes nicer take only proposing one hundred and eighty two billion that you are proposing any cuts at all you're just like hey stems manner big spenders so we have a six hundred and sixty six billion dollar projected deficit determines what georgia barrymore we're gonna really what's all this are you ready to buy off you guys aroused that's really whether for what are you guys doing up there no i'm serious i i know we have staffers it listen i know it because i see that the emails what are you guys doing up there you're you're now in charge you don't you you want your it can you want to eat it too and you know i had a mature and i don't want to make a personal because then you lose people i mean members and staff members may be listening but do you have no gots at all you know i mean it listen to me that there's no
my mind that the republicans up on the hill innocent no this is rock they know you're spending money we don't have they know there is going to be at some point in interest rate apocalypse and yet you continue to do it i don't get it talk now bailing out in a multi state pension fund that the government has almost no obligation to bail out now the pension benefits guarantee but that's broke too we're spending money like like we we have it when we're twenty trolling and adapt projected to go to thirty trillion and we're looking at six hundred and sixty six billion next year and you can't get your i mean is going on here by the way the deficit this year folks section sixty six billion is up three billion from last year under republicans are in charge guys couple points on this
we you may say to yourself now and i know i d address this a few weeks ago but it's important because some of you didn't get it i know a guy sent me an email to evade an understatement us talking about i thought because joe did he did but maybe joe only understood because i've set it to attend as die so maybe you do mr seriously you get stuck because i've set it to you so often i understand even a lot of republicans are now that our national debt national that who cares like what nothing's happening with the move and i still got my flat screen tv i got my job economies homing along a three percent folks these things hit they hit you like a thief in the night if you could predict is it wouldn't be a crisis because you'd avoided remember everything was moving along just humming me before what happened with the housing market polar punching a gun did joe side of a few people like people the bush administration did anybody see that coming now now because
you did you want to solve your house in advance or gotten out of debt or sold your stocks i'm just telling you the obvious the overwhelming majority of people had no idea that was coming this debt so we're living in right now while republicans continue to spend money we don't have is going to be a similar crisis when it hits in everybody's critical what happened what happened it's happening now here's what's going to happen there's going to be a call at some point in u s debt this man you were spending is real money in other words just six hundred sixty six billion we don't have but it's real it still being spent there money being given to people on entitlement programmes where are they getting it from the air because they're taking loans from people in the united states by u s bonds frumpy from
the chinese from the japanese were buying u s tat they are lending us money to support attacks space that isn't there to support government spending so make sense show the government spending please don't out ok we're where's it getting the money if joe armored car spends money he doesn't earn where's he getting for while he's probably getting from a credit card whose creating it from oh do people who were spending money at the credit card company there just lending joe money to spend that he doesn't have the united states governments no different states government spending money lent to wit by other people well just why joe spending money on a credit card like a drunken sailor that he doesn't have which is not but you get the point sooner later jos credit card companies going to say wait show us a hundred thousand dollars on an income i don't know what you're makes it sets its forty thousand just for the sake of easy numbers here sooner are they going to say wait you're spending a hundred thousand a year forty thousand and income
swear not when did you money time to pay back o the sudden jos cyclical spending habit of a hundred thousand a year supported by a credit card and an income he doesn't have tries what does he do show us these people money every year jos run up a sixty thousand dollar tab on itunes is here all of a sudden nobody get nobody this is what's going to happen with the united states government it is inevitable side famously once said what can't continue won't this cannot continue sooner or later just like a credit card company the chinese the japanese and u s dead holders are going to say u s dear sir painters our money back what what do you mean now what mean what do we mean i want my money back but we don't have your body and all of a sudden like the credit card company other gonna cut off future credit we're not going to have that money anymore
interest rate on loans we have now is gonna go through the roof because mrs my spanish about interest rates at the guy and email missed an interest rate on alone just like the credit the companies given money to joe ever you to spend that he doesn't have otherwise what is a measure of risk that is all but it's joe if joel is it a relatively low risk to default on at age and other joel pay the money back the credit card company dont have any need to compensate they want to do joe the money because they can make some interest on right now if i give you the money and i you know what you want me to give it to you at eight percent i know i'm going to make a steady eight percent on geo because he pays back as long as all the time joe doesn't pay back because he runs out of fun short term funds cause people stop giving money to pay back to tat he had before joe all of a sudden a critical company goes joe you don't have the money to pay it back ok now we're going to charge you eighteen percent why because you're risky
and now to give you any additional money they have to be compensated by almost confiscatory interest rates it makes sense to vote yes in all bets are paid all i've said often it as you excitedly remember i m glad you pay attention when i talk yes milton friedman set all debts are paid whether by the creditor or by the debtor either the person taking the money is alone doesn't pay it back and therefore its pay by the person who gave him a lot i gave you the body or the person taking who pays backed by all debts are paid all debts or paid the question is who is going to pay for it we the chinese is gonna be the japanese is gonna be european citizens have the government money and when those dead are paid they're gonna be paid by you or by them we are going to have a mask of massive fiscal crisis i had another story i really was eager to get too but we spent a lot of time and some very serious stuff going on do me a favor
folks i know i don't have to say it but please do it in tomorrow i have a really poor story about net neutrality and netflix and it it it entirely completely one hundred percent de bugs every piece of crap garbage story you ve you been told that airports net is nothing neutral barnett charlie you ve never heard any it's so simply and easily you're not gonna want to miss and are going to summon up in a way that i think hey joe when i do on the show i can't i can't get through today because it requires a bit of a set up but it's really really really get are i turned to my folks i got a bad you know that calm subscribed to my email s i'll get you the stories from today show cedar you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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