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Ep. 620 Is Trump Playing the Democrats for Fools?

2017-12-27 | 🔗

Is Donald Trump playing the Democrats for fools?

The exodus from liberal states continues.

A conservative wishlist for 2018.

Trump deserves credit for his war on red tape.

These immigration numbers are incredibly troubling.



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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Jean, I welcome them by Juno. Show produce Joe our you'd be doing well does show must go on yes, really slowly recovering from a Christmas yeah. I was in for Levine last night that mark event they say everybody who listened then, and thanks to all the new listeners for finding the pod gas If you did me appreciated great to have, you are listener? Ship keeps exploding, since we pardon up with westward one. So we appreciate that Joe tells me we have been in the topic Artsnow for now for for the last couple of weeks, so thank you very much. You all are doing do at us. This as we used to say growing up by spreading the word we appreciate it. I'd
interesting piece sent in by a listener. Guy named David W a really good piece you now I get it to trap Russia thing right: people freaking out about an offer that Europe, Russia they, but this leader, I M fascinated by the story for a number of reasons- speaks to government over each eye. the former federal agent fear the federal government in the power of having wielded at one point there. Now you know you should do I can't say that enough, but he said We have fast and aiding peace from the american thinker. We shall put into shone out said I always available at Bonn, GINO dot com, and, if you subscribe to my email is, I will eat mail you these stories every day, but a fascinating theory. I want to throw out there for you just now or identity. I also they give a quick shout. To our body run p. Uganda sent us some other great clips are actually running out of clips on our sound board. Now we have the dude. We have yoga instructor from couples retreat. We have the training places yeah guy macho man ready Savage, but he send it a great one that
you think he's gonna be appropriate Joe. You have that one. Cuba is important and this is agreed and which will have to queue up for Democrats. in the future, who continue to pay Up again dies America and tell people that the russian collusion story exist. This is gonna, be the cut for them. If you're a democratic, believes in russian collusion paid. I can quite that script that is, that only Portman from Vive Revenge Data had seen a movie at rubber. That love a play. That again Democrats. You believe in the russian Very deals for yogi like a crazy. Are you like a crazy versus sit out? It's as they please thanks rod for Thou and it's a good. We will get to keep that one hand. He then actually applies to a lot of what the heck rats type ripe yet tell the purpose of the american thinker. Peace is genius. A start Often being shown once again that in red it please
the premise that the author, that Trump is not a dumb guy you may not like them, you may not like, is oratory skills. You may not like his rhetoric or twitter behavior. You may not like any of that stuff. Whatever that's your bag. Adona try personally couldn't care any less, but that's up to you by saying that he stupid or some kind of a dope or an adult, and he just doesn't know what he's doing just ignores the fact that the man has been a tremendous success in a lot of areas of besides he's at some business failure like everyone else, but ultimately, in the end you know her has been very successful in business and must know some impasse to know something, so they talked about Tromp is also a fan of Sun Tzu. When I don't particularly get into the sun soothing. I think it's one of those things. People say to sound smart, a lot like our sun Tzu, but they do talk about how you son Sue talks about military strategy in his books and one of the things trump like the deal with ambush. people and set people option and the purple the pieces amazing Joe jar with said. The Mueller investigation
Is this one big set up that trump? Is Spain not the euro, orchestrating. Like you know, an orchestra conduct, their bodies proper aware of information out there and allowing this to continue this witch hunt, this investigation into a non crime right this investigation into russian collusion and never happened. No one can prove it. No one can show any evidence that it happened. Is he allowing this continue to continue? Because he has information and ass, continues and gains theme into other things not related to russian collusion of the words perjury charges. Gub business charges against man afford that have nothing to do with Europe is the allowing it to continue knowing that the credibility of its going to collapse any minute because of information. They already have now fair. Quite didn't you ever you Joe inner Vanessa? What what are you talking about? What information does he had the peace talks? about something that has been going on the sidelines. This has been gaining steam with conservative commentators too.
Instigations, but going on on the sidelines. It hasn't gotten a lot of attention, but is now, and that is the I e g investigation into the FBI's behaviour surrounding the Hillary Clinton investigation, a guy. Michael Horwitz is conducting an inspector general she's, like the internal affairs for the federal government investigation into how the FBI handled the here Ray email investigation, and what does this have to do with Trump Russia get that a second, but this The investigations show that was responsible for the tax, the uncovering the text between Peter struck and his mistress regarding tromp, how they hated tram. Now Peter struck with the man who interviewed Might Flint was a senior f b. I figure on the Hilary email investigation. It was the I d, the inspector general essentially in internal affairs probe, which uncovered those tax. It all
One covered a bunch of other significant information as well that the the lot of Eu Weissmann stuff the. Why Andy Weissmann, who is a lawyer? His email about how he was celebrating Sally, AIDS, the deputy attorney general when she defied tromp, was, was terminated after that were ruse lecoq from her job after that, south free and the peace, which is an interesting one, Joe was at this I e g probe, which Trump certainly would be prevented. The information he's the chief executive in the present United states me. We have even more damage information sitting out there about how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton, email, investigation and even more damning emails about how their handling the Trump investigation and therefore he's letting this thing continue right to reach a critical mass. Knowing this information is going to come out the future about how corrupted this investigation spin and knowing that it's going to collapse, their entire credibility. Later on interest
premise: I'm not gonna beat it to death because we thought we spoken a lot already on the show about this case, but read the peace. It makes a very compelling case that Trump is not being wait for a sucker here that he's in fact playing them for a soccer he's letting them it's like that they actually he's letting them run. You know it's either the Charlie Brown gettin ready to kick the football thing right, like Heath, you, no heat, they think Charlie Brown always thinks he's gonna kick that football or that football you get ready, doing he's running eddies. Let them get a head start Bobo moment and everybody they pick up a bomb. The football disappears right at the last minute and football superior Joe just to be clear, would be the eye. Releasing information that Trop may already know now just to wrap this up. One of the questions I posted on the show often is: why is in Trump, demanding the release of the fire of war and application, spy on Carter, page and other members of the Trump team, now the war there was a warrant by federal agents. Yet there was a
are in through the Pfizer court, too. Spy on trumped people trump for Carter, page and other folks. In Germany, this gap is loosely affiliated passed with with Trump team, but why the questions it's been out, there is a lot of people have been asking me included. Is why not just released a born? Now? Why would you want to release the warrant or the application for the warrant? I should say from the debate we have just because in which I've asked repeatedly is? Was the fake trump. It was the fake trump dossier used as A premise to get an application to do in the application to spy on members of the trumpet. If that's the case, we have a hijacking of the Department of Justice by political party right because we already know he'll and the paid for the fake information on Trump, which was given to them through conduit to Russian and tell the Russian would have essentially gotten a warrant. Then in fact, to spy on upon ill Risa political opposition are tromp is tweeting today that have been
F B. I cannot, after all, this time verify claims dossier of russian Trump collusion, tweeting that today, just now modifying now that's the key question was the dossier used to spy in the Trump team. Now I've said repeatedly that an Anti Mccarthy's been pushing this national review, the trumps, the chief executive Joe. Why is it why? and he just for these the application he can just or he's the head of the Department of Justice, the attorney general, but he's the head of the Department of Justice works for Trump. They followed the executor bridge police. The application release owns release him and a lot of you So why not? And this american thinker, peace, maybe by the answer that Trump now It was already that the as a warrant and the epoch for the war was issued on the basis of fake information in the dossier which
gonna destroy any remaining credibility, the Department of Justice Investigation, its trump had, and, secondly, Joe He also has, through the inspector generals report, which he's probably already seen, and it's gonna be really soon- information about emails within the Department of Justice and within the FBI that are even more damaging. They have now makes sense yeah These letting them get that had esteem Joe Malo Ronicky that football The last may be met footballs going to go away. This entire things in a cloud. Tell you what I, like, you said before he's been one cool dude for a guy that It doesn't hold anything here. Yeah struck me. yeah. I mean you remember we we talked about this. I think it was last week, and I brought this up to him very brought up again how much people would say I wouldn't, I think, there's a strategy to the winter war, but most people think he's impulsive very brought this up as we can. We just piazza there. His critics, would say the guy can't control. I'm so glad you know. Look at him he's out of control. Is a madman
and yet, if he's a madman, Why not lash out against this Pfizer warrant and and demanded, be released immediately up? There has to be a strategy here, folks and Iraq. it is, I think he already knows he already knows that the people who applied and Christopher Wren- ahead of the FBI, noses to assuredly rod, rose speed already admitted he knows it and on the road he just said he wouldn't give you the answer. If that's the case, the dossier was used to spy on the Trump team. We have a hijacking of the Department of Justice by a political party. by the way it someone email me about yoga guy for couples treated, there's a couple of other priceless calls from there and are either he's right. One of Amazon, do, as I say, that guy's priceless guy does really great lies, but that's that may be the answer here. Already knows you're.
No, I said I wasn't gonna beat this thing: the death, but guy ladys, who listen regularly idle I dont tell a lot of secret service stories on the show, maybe in rough cuts, but you know that I mean you know what I did dead. It's not a stories of better secret unbelief yards out a secret rivah upon intended right, but as a federal agent and more There were federal agents, would understand what I'm telling you you Europe blessed. Then absolutely awesome power, and I think I was twenty four when I gotta twenty four, when I get on with the secret service, little things used to blow me away. I give here quick example up in New York City jail. When I was a police officer right, the EU and a laugh when you think that blew away, but media could take people's freedom yeah, can rule people's lives.
again, some of em deserve it because they, you are probably cause they committed crimes. Are you arrest them, but all things used to blow me away about a powerful, a job or Sars up in New York. When I was a cop Nypd after they should give you these these parking plaques Eco Park around the precinct. It was like a paper play used to put no when she ran back then, before you know, everybody had a camera phone and I was telling you the truth, not saying it's right or wrong. I'm just telling you what happened back then that paper I meant you are a cop because it said it worked into precinct right. I mean it wasn't an and most other cops you no. Ninety nine point. Nine percent of Joe would not give you take it so really men outside of like a fire hydrant on a bus. Stop you can pretty much Mark anywhere in New York now, but the adventure camera phone that all changed. My. Why? Because people now take pictures and tweeted, I look at the sky parked air of a man, and you know next thing. You know that the cop gets in trouble, so nobody really does anyone, but those
paper plates were not as good as what these two call pool plates pool place where these plastic license plate right, they were laminated laminated in plastic. and these were only given to police department, supervisors and big shots. They were called poor plate. I mean to have one: was a big deal so that really stayed away from those cars because Joe, you certainly want to take it to the captain of the deputy inspector right, the poor black, the big deal, so I get on with the secret service and the first they first day in the office. Aren't we first day is an agent. I mean first day as an employee, and even got their training yet right. There ok, here's the keys to your car you're gonna get a secret service. You know the car my quite well keys to, but it makes use of my comic my car's at home. Now How do you get to get a car here? Use the keys downstairs in the garage it's a Ford Taurus or whatever it was a micro it. Well, I got a car. I would, by the way, here's your peers, your black, and they bring out.
Equally, it am poor black on like this. For me, I want to look like a rookie new like a dope Joe, but I'm like. I get a poor black like youth and this guy coming near my pda, where I was a cop, a streak up you how to get promoted like fifty seven times they get a poor black like way way. Money, for you just hand, the keys to a car at a poor black eyes like this is Whaley ever I bought I was blown away now. Obviously, get your got a new she'll. Do you graduate train with it? But you do credentials in everything and I was like oh my gosh folks I was a little thing to poor planty Bob. you get out of trading in your twenty five years old. It really impacts you, like my gosh. You have an absolutely unfathomable power, One calls you from a bank and says hey We think we got a case of possible fraud. This you, SAM
all the time bank investigators dates. We get some suspicious credit card active now. Why would they do that? Because the secret services responsible for credit card fraud right so they would call up the office and they would look for referral, showed the bank can do nothing. Nothing despite the fact that me should work with Bank of America Lodge Chase, despite the fact that the institutions are worth billions of dollars they can. do nothing without you, folks. I'm kidding zero they call your office. The crime happened in your district Davison Long Island at the time in New York, and you say no, I don't want the case it's over that can bring it to the local Cobb's. But good luck with that. The cases Where you see what I'm saying you were that you are the key to the entire door press you now, the boss time will tell you to investigate the case you didn't like, but I was it got some twenty four years old and I'm Tellin Bank of America Chase what cases they can't can't work like. It was amazing.
Folks they should frighten you a little bit. Only later on that I process how much power I was really given at a young age. The abyss. the federal government to go after people. They just don't like it, based on their own discretion of agents who may be compromised compromise based on political beliefs, like shock, appeared to be Peters the investigator in the Flynn case and the Clinton email case who admitted the hating tromp. They call them an idiot talked about insurance policy against them. How does this not scare you? I am not suggesting that everybody was political beliefs, is gonna, be compromise. I had political beliefs, I protected Barack Obama. I left the after our daughters, political beliefs, not what impact my job but we're starting to take over good portions of my attention struck. Didn't do that folks. struck, not only remained with the FBI, Brock remained the FBI and the two most critical cases of our time, while openly texting back and forth how much he hated Trump.
Ladies and gentlemen, how fair is that you don't get? I look the secret service and when I had no inclination whatsoever to do my job better or worse, because my political beliefs, but only because I knew it would be unfair. It would be unfair out to have such outspoken. You know powerful political affiliations and an essay on, but the democratic ministration. I walked away these people and do that. How does not concern you on this. Our liberal friends very seriously. How does not concern you that should do We trouble you lay. Justice is blind. Apparently not apparently only for Democrats is blind to their malfeasance. Just bothers me together sorry forget. Not ever usually tell those stories, but the power of the federal government is awesome. Folks, we should all be a little bit scared of it. We shouldn't have to be It should be a keeps. You want your toes that
are allowing this investigation? It continue unabated with no evidence at all. You know, there's another piece of drugs today in a daily beast, Rigel, On this I promise but there's a piece: daily basis headline in. I drudge today. it says it all the investigation. I was turned into like a money investigation with the following the money all over the place and Joe it the critical take away. The daily it's no right, leaning operation by any measure rang, says people on both sides of the ILO start in a freak out. Why why? Why would that be global? they're following the money on man afford, This trumps campaign manager for while in and was terminated, was fired on this dealings but Joe, who is a matter doing business with him. doing business with Tony Podesta Tony Podesta, the brother John Podesta Hillary Clinton most trusted adviser, so the art clearly indicates that mothers, Mulish probe Mueller,
probe is starting to freak out people on both sides of the academic. Wait wait, wait Joe. I thought this was russian collusion, not democratic, John produced His brothers lobbying efforts- I am I dive substitute that I take money from Tony Podesta again folks, we target. crimes in this country. We'd all target people. you don't walk into a secret service or FBI office and say I don't like my neighbour, I'm sure he committed a crime. Can you go get em? We don't do despite the fact that he may have in fact committed a crime. walk in a you say: hey my neighbour stall, three hundred thousand dollars from me from a credit card fraud skin, that's different, there's a crime involving a person, Joe right, A person reported that May in of a crime that makes sense. We don't do that. We, do that in a constitutional republic. This is what did
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blue exit. As you know, this is a story. I love because I exit from a blue state that you always still live again. Do you know who knows shelf things at a new year? I may never now is changing. Things are changing window with a dubious whatever, below news coming in the new year exit continues I'll peace in the daily cholera put up at the show notes today. Folks, Talk about this story often, I hope I'm not. You know it's then you're intelligence by bringing up often, but it speaks to the argument that the Robert writers of the world- and these far left economist when they put out their videos, they try to compare states to California and they talk about how wonderful California is all the time in these blue states. Now these blue stay models are so successful, but the data does not does not back up. but there's a date it. The reality is different. Now the data one p One data point that should matter to you is is the exit is ray? What why are people leaving your people
leaving a state and moving elsewhere. That should tell you that there is a problem now, as I say often- and I mean this- I am suggesting that everybody exiting blue states is doing so because of the taxes, the regulations and the liberal liberal dominated policies. I am not suggesting that at all, I am simply suggesting to you that it is a reason and in it Morton, one and a reason, a lot of people, maybe not all frankly, maybe not even a majority in some cases, although we all know that's true, maybe that even a majority, but if a hundred, people leave your state and move even forty of them, say I'm doing it because of the taxes. Some people would call that a clue now, to do so it you see this story yesterday about the algae BT compliance in the California textbooks? Now I didn't hear you this was on foxes and seed anywhere else by another step.
Then a blow your mind. California, is now mandating in their textbooks, dad recognized algae BT, historical contributions to the country now on on its face. I have no wish you with that here: problem, Joe you if you're dead, How do you know they were gay full is not us smarten question? Ok, I'm not trying to be a smart rhymes request, I'm not trying to do I'm asking a legitimate question: the California textbooks or are now that the victim, the m them a date to recognise contributions of algae BT. Americans are claiming contributions for gay Americans. They don't know we're gay and new ones,
there. Why? California, by the way, who cannot teach kids at a red, has an overall failing public education system by any sensible measure right, they can't teach their kids maths science. A reading is worried about rewriting history. They are, citing the contrary, like here's a perfect example job one of the two books written by this this phd, who is gotten his textbooks, approve talks about? contributions of of President James Buchanan, who they were allegations were day well. What Who cares? I've got a series of laws that deal care at all, if he was gay or not at all, you know have you spend in you are in your fruitful, fifty plus years on the planet you're kidding. Have you spent Zadig Joe? Have you spend ten seconds and your entire life thinking about a change? We can get out now. Of course we have it. That's chose
hundred recently. The show very savvy carry a very light everywhere. We as it does not really cares its said. Nobody even knows if he was gay great. If we want to regulate every wasn't, cares Nobody, nobody cares, but this is what California is wasting its money on now that probably reason number two why people are leaving not because of this specific story, but because liberal governors, liberal legislators, liberal state Senate this is what they waste a lot of time on the x continues now job the number of peace, leaving these three states now we're going to do. Look. It up Joe I'm accosts trivia. This is always total. Now jobs on fire. Joram accustomed, trivia, Lavie, here's a folks. For those who are not regular listeners me a job
escape where I pretend it's gonna be a tough question, but I set it up so Joe CARE, possibly get it wrong. I'm just say I know it takes this thing out of it and maybe it, but you have to know of your new listener. How me a job I became so jobs. Are you ready for Georgia? Trivia get down, I'm ready to go, show ready to go so these three states share something in common. Ok, I'm gonna give me these states now one of the things they share in common. I mean it s you at the end, what did defining characteristic, you think is, but they ve had hundreds of thousands of people in these three states leave. They have left for other states like Florida in Texas that share something else and common. Now here here the three states number one New York, new. You got it through your number two. California, California now for three Illinois now
these three states, Joe, have seen hundreds of thousands of people leave now to be fair in New York in California, have had a general population growth only because birth rates, though an immigration into those places because of loose immigration policies. Now, having said that, oh states would have grown substantially more population if people weren't leaving by the hundreds of thousands now job. This is a tough question, but though three states: New York, California and Illinois. What Political ideology dominates those three states conservatism liberalism, Joe I'm across got liberalism is having arrived at, taking arm accosted right again, liberalism dominates these three states where hundreds of thousands of people can't escape fast enough by the way, although
before any New York, so small uptake and population due to immigration in birth rates, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are a vacuum waiting, Illinois actually lost. Thirty thousand people on net So, despite the fact that immigrants are moving and people are procreating Illinois still lost. People with. Amazing. Amazing number now those places just one more question for you. This is gonna. Be equally is tough me. They are fleeing in droves towards basically to states which are growing dramatically. Those states Florida and TAT Are those states dominated by conservative ideology, are liberal ideology of the broader Joe Homer Cosgrove will Dan I'd say:
Conservative pay right, John! You would be right, you would be to it all. On this issue of Joe ARBA cost trivia, you be absolutely correct. Now, again, liberals. I put this article in the shown us that eight, the daily collar- I am that's, just say to you to be fair. The taxes are the only reason I'm just telling you if Robert Rice do is videos up in his facebook page was a far less far left. Pseudo economist is correct. The California has such a successful business model. Then why is it that is people become successful? They are exiting the state taking billions of dollars of income with them. Why I've just asking Europe ethical question: why is it if you think Texas is such a mess? Its rice in his latest video takes a shot of Texas. Why are people leaving California New York to go there you think Florida is such a mess. Why are people leaving too? I don't understand people vote with feet a noose where they are not voting for you and they're. Not waiting for your economic model that you pay
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accuracy always grows and governmental always get bigger, because absolutely no power and yes, every governed regulation promulgated in peace of red tape, added to the federal register is another way for government to tell you know you want Will the stream in your backyard, let's ride a rule the waters of the United States telling people they can't do it. Why, their power and that presented old, said stream in your backyard. You have to go lobby congressmen who gets to tell you know they follow me. But the power and they fall in love with your ability to lobby them and then all of a sudden, you have to pay a lobbyists who s the kind of campaigns contribution for you to get this office and lobby for your ability to do what you could have done without the regulation, which is build a downstream in your backyard democrats. love regulations. They love regulations because its thousands of ways for the government to tell you Know- and they are in love with control and they are intoxicated by power Regulations should frightened you just as much as an unregulated federal investigation should now
here. The numbers on this to show you just for all you, anti trumpeters out there and never tromp out there. None of this happened under prior republican administrations at its happening now, and I'm gonna give you the evidence, because we do facts on the show chapter, six of the seven highest years ever for growth in regulations as based on so we're clear new pages in the Federal Register, the federal There is a log of of new regulations so page, growth is a good thing. see for the growth of new regulations, privacy, four pages mean more regulations. The document writer six, the second highest years on wreckers. Unsurprisingly, belong to Barack Obama. Two thousand sixteen being is highest with ninety five thousand eight hundred and eighty four new pages added. That is, a staggering number cover this yesterday, Rachel, I don't think we didn't know
I didn't think so, either major. I ten amendments be sharp eye folded. My paper, it make sure I didn t historian talk but another one, so two thousand in sixteen ninety five thousand, eight hundred and eighty four new pages at as a record. No one is added that amount of regulations to be federal? Government and its federal register nobody now be fair. George, W Bush was no saint on this either in two days. his highest year of new pages added to the federal Register, meaning new regulations. Seventy nine thousand four hundred thirty five, which is anywhere close to Morocco Bomb, is ninety five thousand eight hundred ninety four, but is still I hype now. Trump become to the end of twenty seventeen trumps first year in office, forty Five thousand six hundred and seventy eight now, you may say, while sit still forty five thousand new pages folks, even those new pages were at a quarter,
while she Journal peace, follow ups on Obama regulations. They just haven't been able to get rid of. Yet you know what I'm saying joke. Otherwise they had the detail. I'm administration had in you know, issued a regulation that required some follow up and an additional pays later on and the tree administration just hasn't been able to white that regulation clean, yet so by law. They do have to add something but think about what we're talking about this, again. Ninety five thousand pages under Obama bomb record recording of government of ways for government to tell you know Trump cut, that in half in half full five thousand six hundred seventy eight. This is where I don't understand the virulent strain of never Trump ISM out there. I just don't get it supreme Court of appellate court appointments Circuit court appointments, the elimination of the individual mandate, three percent GDP growth over two quarters may Your tax cuts for prep, promoting economic growth slicing in half of government red tape. I don't understand what you're so aggravated about. I mean outside of personal. You know
billows, you think he has. What are you so upset about now? I took them a note on this at the bottom and, like I covered a little bit of this on, live in last night, but I I didn't cover this part. I don't like to repeat content in too much of it on I show, even if it is another, show. Why do you think Trump has been so bold on this because folks, as I told you even George, WWW Bush kind of fell in love with the regulatory state when he was in office. Seventy nine thousand pages is a lot of new regulations. Why is Trump that have. I have a theory, folks and I've brought an empty before in the show, so regular wishes may have heard it before, but it's worth repeating it My theory on this is that the Democrats did this tat. You may be they what what active Democrats- eight trump what're you talking about. They certainly love regulation. Somebody mean they did this folks
Pushed arrangement syndrome was a serious thing, but it did not really kick in until the Iraq war. When the Democrats on opening to take down Bush, they saw the Iraq war, Joe, is growing and unpopularity they got. On the second floor, some of em declared the war already lost. While we had a fighting men and women overseas and act of unbelievable moral ineptitude, but the book The arrangement syndrome, although it was bad, was now you're as bad as this? And it didn't start today. Bush got an office, they wouldn't let now listen courtly after the Gore election. There was a lot of her feelings, but there wasn't talk at least at the level that is now of immediate impeachment. Russian collusion investigations. I don't remember that you won't either because it didn't happen on a smaller scale with the kooks. Of course it did, but it mainstream as it is now against Trump, I'm convey the trump wasn't sure he was gonna win. This thing, manufacture, We convinced Trump thought he was gonna lose.
was the media. The media was convinced. I have a screen shot of a crystal. Is a peace and washed impose saying trumps chances of winning the election are approaching zero while Trump one. I think he was surprised and I have to tell you, I think he was also a bit surprised. I think he knew it was good. This was going to upset the Democrat, obviously chowton their chosen, one Hillary Clinton had lost, but I dont think he is back to the level of hatred directed at him. Now about why you may say come on then little naive. Is it really think about p? he'd, had personal dealings with in the past. That turned on him like that. Kirsten Angela Brand, Mr Buzek Curse children's a democrat senator from New York cheapen in his office and asked him for money. Shocks. Humor turned on him like that humor in him had been friends. Folks, Hillary Clinton was
at wasn't she trumps wedding, got it there's some function. I wanted want to speak out of my caboose here, but there was function is a picture of the coins into traps. There. They were friends. I genuinely believe, being queens guy like Trump. Tat he figure job our eye. Tumors gonna, be mad kilograms Can it be mad there? Their chosen one lost their democrats, but they are not how can it be personal, like it was The penal underbrush like they did pushed arrangement syndrome was a political response to the Iraq war. They away from me. Pass tax gods- they'll over hasty fear, but you're not gonna, come after me. Personally, try to jail me put me in jail sort of fake investigation. I am up of of abuse. absolute opinion. In my mind, I am convinced of this than he was Joe, it was genuinely surprised that they not only made this personal, they made it vindictive and they made it on ethical to trial. charge someone for a crime. They never committed. Trap knows eating collude Russia, Joe. How would you know that? Because these
He knows what he didn't didn't do by companies. shove committing a murder chose pretty chose. Ok, good show knows he didn't do it, how you can talk all day about Joe doing he didn't do it. He knows you. Do it he's job? I don't think he expected this. So wrapping up the thought here I, think after a few months to this and it not, obviously see Joseph this is showing no evidence of of running out of steam. This trump collusion trump there's trumpet peach men Trump, put him in jail, lock, em up all the stuff. I think you saw that there was no easy at this point, no path to this drying up. He knows they have information again on the corrupt nature. The investigation- so I think This point him point: his advisers probably sit around there. You know with their feet up centenarian in in one of their offices over in the EAST wing side and saying you know what screw. We got nothing to lose now. I bring so because I'd did kind of a
extended monologue and eleven show about for five months ago in us feeling for Mark- and I I don't know- I think I am not suggesting that my monologue add anything to do it to be clear. I don't have an ego that big or ridiculous, but did give a monologue on the show that got a lot of attention when social media and during the monologue Joe, I said that the Trump team should Just go for the hail Mary and other would show do every Republicans have talked about for ever and ever done because afraid of the media, because the media hates Trump, so much is nothing. He could do that's going to be good. So if there's nothing, you can do that's going to be viewed positively by the media. You might as well do things. You personally know we're going to be good tax cuts rid of Obamacare. Appoint stricken construction. Is judges on the court's get rid of government red tape. These are things about rhino Republicans in the past, and the presidency have been afraid to do so because they were afraid of the media backlash. I absolutely convinced that the war on trumped by the left that they did this, that
and of taking a responsible political approach to attacking him right children making prince. positions and ideological fights against his stuff the against his approach, tax cuts against these judges. Instead of doing this, show they committed to pure obstruction. Annie and trying to criminalize trump and in their efforts. to do that. They actually incentivize him to take that football and not hand off, but to go down the few every single plight So I say to the Democrats listening thank you. I mean it. I Thank you would have gotten a populist president. If you just what a play ball with Trump and in Stan you are you're. A majority you're vindictiveness your nonsensical emotional driven, not ideologically driven behaviour. Cause trumped a large part of the right, and I think it's only going to get worse for you,
I think in the new year, given the success of these tax got, you are going to see some really terrific changes fed up, What means better, judge appointments, Obamacare, going away dad go away. I think this is just the beginning and Democrats. You only have yourself to blame, for falling in love with emotion,. Rather than reason, political arguments, you have screwed everyone over, including yourself. first, thanks again for doing it in, I really appreciate a please go to Bonn, GINO dot com check out the show. No Savior articles are pretty good and sign up for my email is. If you want me to email, em right, your inbox awesome remarked, you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get Dan's podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.