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Ep. 623 Will Thousands of People Die

2018-01-01 | 🔗

Why are liberal professors insisting on moving backwards, and labeling their students?

Is The NY Times trying to distract us from the growing dossier scandal?

Are organic foods better for you?

Here are some of Trump’s significant accomplishments from 2017.

Why is the socialist Mayor of NY giving himself a massive raise?

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Ready to hear the truth about Amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host bonds. You know I welcome to the first stamp on GINO Show of twenty eight team producer Joe. How are you now it's a pleasure to be here Dan Happy New Year to happy New year happy New year to you all, thanks for twenty seventeen choke exploded in growth, thanks to you, so we really appreciate that. Hey start off with a bang here in twenty eighty, so I went to a kind of chat in a bit before the shown. As you know, twenty attains gotta be interesting, because now all the liberal hyperbolic mellow dramatic, overly emotional nonsense about tromp in the trunk policies. Now Joe we're going If it's true right, so you We had. Net neutrality was thrown out the window meeting. The government will not be allowed to control the
the internet and Nino millions of millennials, panicked and now we'll get to see according to the liberals in if, when net neutrality, past and twenty eighteen, if thousands of Americans without that's right, we will see again and twenty eighteen of cutting taxes on individuals and businesses will cause growth will cause stagnation, thousands of Americans without you, thousands of Americans will die and we will also see when it comes to the individual mandate, if thousands of Americans without we will also see with the cutting of massive amounts of red tape. I Donald Trump, if thousands of Americans without we will also see with the implementation, hopefully of a new regime and the Department of Education F, thousands of Americans would die. We also sea and air, and more of the opening up of the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve will result in thousands of Americans without we will also see if the continuance
The czech presidency and the failure of the Democrats do insanely, impeach and well thousands of American without yeah submit this will yet folks will thousands of Americans die in twenty eighty, the artist? about twenty eight d with a bang. That's the only way to rank attorney. We rarely redo kind of segment ideas, but I thought there is no better time to give a had Tipp to Bernie Sanders than its thousands of Americans will die than now, because folks, we're going to see we're gonna see right now what the what these tax get, what happens and hears three I bring. This up is not to be yet. I get his silly and you know look at sarcastic opening up the shell, but Very serious note your door in the again years keep this in mind Ronald Reagan, one reelection in nineteen, eighty four the largest land slide and modern american history, he law one state lost Minnesota, we
was the home state of his opponent, Walter Mondeo the only lost that state by around three thousand votes. Now people who are on the inside of the campaign will tell you that they didn't travel to Minnesota late in the game because they wanted to at least let Mondale win his home state because they felt that they all. Speed him in his home state. They almost out of fifty states, sweep why bringing any of this up that was an environment, show with no talk, radio, no rational and by no mark Levine, no show unhandy, no Fox news, no bright part, no concern rid of review no daily collar. No idea review, no red state. No nothing! You Walter Cronkite you had time broke. Ah, you ever, Peter Jennings, and if it appear on the night. We knew Joe, it didn't happen There is no enter web. Choking the internet. Get that David dislike! That's what it is.
Webs, not of that was out there. People work up again dies. Now. Lee on the nightly news and now was perceived by many as reality and against still one election and nineteen. Eighty four reelection excuse me by a massive man. Style. Landslide upbringing now, because now that Trump has a legislative and an n and a secular office agenda IBM separating the two, because his is war against government. Red tape was not legislative, it doesn't have to be Obama. Remember Joe with depend the phone Obama gotta an what Obama meant by that. What he did. Obama couldn't pass things through the Republican Congress, so he just did a lot of it through executive orders and executive fear, while the problem with it,
is the midday thought Hilary was gonna, replace Obama and it was going to codify these things into law when they took over the Senate. The house. None of that happened so now when you, when you regulate and you legislate by a pen and a phone not through the proper way to Congress, show the pain in the phone got handed over to Trump, who probably took the pain in the phone into it all out the window. So his Jackie of office actions by eliminating government red tape by you, the Congressional Review ACT to get rid of a lot of Obama, garbage and clean out the mess he left us also legislatively passing this unbelievably permanent unimportant tax bill. By getting rid of the individual mandate by opening up Anwar. These are real legislative actions. Folks matters now we're going to actually see in real time what happens. The rest I bring this up in relation to Reagan. No, is the results of the Reagan tax boom the economic boom bye bye through his tax cuts. They are always slow.
Did by the media and I lived through the coverage showed and many of you remember, its job is like, while this is just for their do you know the richer, getting richer. The poor, getting mastery greed you're, all a bunch of Gordon Geckos from Wall Street out there at people are like really I mean I don't know, but you Joe, but I remember those being pretty damn good years- the economy booming just about everywhere by one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, we saw a six percent growth. That's unheard of that street times. What Obama's best year was three times not double three times and people saw it, but now with the assistance. If this stuff works, the tax cuts, the dvd war on government red tape to opening up of Anwar the Dakota Pipeline Interesting piece, and while she journals weaker about how the North Dakota Pipeline is produced, just enormous amounts of wealthy of surpluses in North Dakota right now. All of this combined again, the opening up of the Arctic Nashua, like reserve reserve for fur drilling and oil booms. All of this Joe,
leads to the prosperity and twenty eighteen it beyond that. I think it's going to lead to now with. Ipod part, conservative, review daily collar. I j all these people, I mentioned with Fox NEWS out there all of these outlets out. There's your tv right now but we're gonna hear about it, whereas before they had a feel it directly in the You can use people voted Reagan because they saw their whilst getting fatter. You know you are a younger kidney economy that wasn't necessarily in the job market and your parents were directly affected. All you are on, the news was Reagan was Gordon Gecko. They read it for the rich. Now you're gonna get different eight with these opening. The opening up of these information channels do do all those entities I just discussed now its part.
Well, for you to see and hear and read about these things are people are forward you this stuff on Facebook and Twitter, an email use articles age you here, what's going on in the oil sector age you what's goin on the finance sector, energy here, what's going on in the in the manufacturing sector, the elect the electrician local three sector in New York look what's happening all these buildings, all of a sudden we're building jobs, are being created. Now the information channels have opened up the almost have to try to be ignorant nowadays. Now Joe it's true yeah, it's your even a guy like me, my facebook feet who never lie Anything that is put by Democrats, liberals not even for a post, my will, still get liberal nonsense in my feet from friends of my wife's, I will still get it in yeah, you page, but I will get it in her in her feet. Europe if you are now when I say that because think, if you're a liberal- and you really want to believe none of this is due to Trump ever at any time and for any reason, Rachel soon
later after four five articles week about the economy's go Three percent: the economy is going to four percent unemployment at historic laws, black on employment, show it to seventeen year, Laurina the sudden you're right, so you have to be willingly ignorant you to be saying yourself, this is just ridiculous like this is an absurdity at this point me continuing to insist that truck has been bad for the economy you may say may not like the guy, but it's time to wake up a little bit. Our eye today show part you and what, by the way, no better sponsor for today show then our body the brick house, nutrition. I know it's the new year, the new everybody's that the resolution you're my resolution is so unbelievably counter. Intuitive Well, I'm not a few irregular listener wouldn't be jolts. It shows me that when you meet counter to you can tell me three of my new year's resolution is to put weight on matter whose way
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RO. I would like me, you throw it in green tea. I put a green tea. I made a Levine colleges. That's my super food. This stuff is amazing, give it a shot. It get your fruits and fruits vegetables service great for overall health pusher. But it was this that article I read about people we fruits and vegetables and specifically salads how their brains were eleven years younger go. Give you The greens are shot. Go break our nutrition. That consular stand. That's brick, house nutrition dot com slash the end of these guys hope to have a great twenty, a team with them, and I know those resolutions you looking to get fear, go give them. Products, a shot, brick ass, nutrition that come slash. Then ok story over the weekend. You know not to continue continue to re litigate this tromp Russia thing, I believe me, I'm is fatigued with this ridiculous story. This conspiracy theory nonsense as you are, I get it. I totally totally you stand by it Just amazing how the left just can't take a loss on this too
story is over folks. It's over. This has been investigated. Now it spread. The special council was started under a false premise. There is still to this day zero evidence at all of any collusion for this any collusion between try, and the Russians to do anything in this election. It's a nonsense story. Why Bringing this up because now Joe the time it is. Turning on this investigation. Folks is very, very important who understands the time is starting to turn. There are some very serious questions being asked about what happened. To the Trump team. Now, in contrast to the questions the Democrats wanted asked, which was Joe, what are the Trump team do?
now the focus is starting. The shift to the eye G investigation of the FBI's behaviour during the current investigation and the Trump rush, a special council, the questions starting to shift now to hey what happened to this trumpeting. This doesn't sound right. Where am I going with this. One of the main questions which have only set on the show a thousand times and me to say again and the most critical question I believe in politics right now. This was the fake dossier used to spy in the trunk team. The information from a fake dossier with information supplied by Russian Intel make it into a: U S: court to spy on President Elect and people and after the presidential campaign. It is
most critical question in politics today. If the answer is yes, we are in the midst of a constitutional crisis like no equal in modern american history. I believe that with every fiber announced of my being I only bring it up now the Democrats or panicking over this. How do I know that the New York I was put out a story this weekend, Joe This is one of those looked squirrel, This is one of those looks well stories like I've. Never seen the New York Times by the way more anonymous sources does not want source on a record of course, right now, maybe another this. This is the New York Times did you are to the kings and the kings and queens of fake news who have put out more trouble, Russia, fake news stories and they put out legitimate journalism stories in twenty seventeen New York Times, which has been wrong on every major breaking scoop about Europe, Russia right this wives puts out of story this weekend, saying
anonymous sources report that the dossier didn't start to Trump rushed investigation? George Upper dapple, as did it, make this what are those I know I mean I, like you re, you believe this come on guys I beg you Spiderman Absolute, that was a perfect timing. Fridge Garfield for Spiderman play that to get we need ahead of me, yet false did. This is story. There tried at the New York Times, do anonymous sources now I'll get that a second. With this, the story they put down that pop adopt less was in a bar speaking he was drunk in a bar when I speaking with a representative from a foreign government is alleged to have told that representative from a foreign government that,
the Russians have dirt on Hillary Clinton. This is not like one of those pregnant pauses. This is, if you something going. Ok, it's over I was a former federal agent Joe. You remember that about putting myself on the back. I really don't care I just I'm establishing the fact that I've done these investigations before and What you're telling me is the? most consequential suppression Council investigation. In modern american history, and in instigation and spying operation it a presidential campaign, a sin. President at ease. President elect started. Because a z level staffer in a bar.
The Russians may have had dirt on Hillary Clinton. When joe- and I were talking about this on the show what Joe a year and a half ago when we talked about the friend of mine, who told about the server, so let me We're just ask you this through the FBI folks or the deal J folks who leave this to the New York Times too. In my opinion, I think distract away from the dossier story. How can the men and women of the F b- I don't make any mistakes here, don't dare don't, don't even dare go there, felicity show you know my focus has been on a small group of managers at the top, not the rank and file men and women. But somebody in the bureau or the D J, is very worried right now, Joe, that that does yea stories, gonna become public and the American we're going to find out that
Dnc Hijack defies accords to russian entail and spied on a president elect in his campaign. They are terrified. You see what I'm going to show you, how do it to distract you from that story? There saying squirrel it was, the dossier. It was Papadopoulos now, if that's the case, that at a drunk z level. Staffer in a bar said so thing that was widely assumed in the public and it started the most consequential investigation in modern american history and the FBI needs housecleaning. Then I work Can I go with it. I want to get distracted strategy. I tend to do that. Excited about a story- and I was jumping to talk about this today-. If that's the case, why didn't someone I mean we had at the time Joe? thousands of listening to the show? Why, someone in the bureau. Contact me right:
We said the same thing, but We set a weed actual sources with actual credible, unimpeachable sources who said that this server was extremely strong likelihood. This thing was hacked by foreign actors and we had real. Why they contact us. Even better question Joe. I get it you probably like I don't know, I'm not trying to put myself in the center of the story about being slightly hyper. While I understand the FBI's, probably doubtlessly Mayo, who knows they may be. I have no idea, but my point shows it. You Papadopoulos was the only guy in the planet, a sea level staff for the trunk campaign. I mean a back bencher at its worst, it was the only guy talking about foreign infiltration into the elections of people who may have had dirt on Hilary. Of course, they add everybody a dirt on Hilary. She put all the dirt on a private server that was hacked into this is a shocker
We get this straight because Hilary put information on a private server. Far hostile actors intercepted the information from and took the information. We should now start spying on Trump because a z levels therefore set of that's just that's legal justification, start DR supplying a drop. Are you insane? Are you clinically nuts, you may need to cease to seek help here. Psychologists side. The p hd MD. So one psychiatry psychologist whatever it may be. You may need to seek help you out of your mind. Other thing on this story: four point of trying to make is this: is this the distraction? It's a distress from the dossier story but second point on this, as if that were the case. Really legitimately Papadopoulos. Then how come
The FBI didn't interview, Papadopoulos till after that, the trumpet operation. In other words, if this was such a pressing issue that it a z level back bencher whose it was led to have said, no one could even prove it was alleged to have said that the russian add dirt on Hilary started, the biggest most consequential investigation of modern american history. Do you wait? What's the interview on now No, of course you own. This is ridiculous, but of course, the law, dog New York Times needs an excuse to distract away from the dossier. Had a run with this story. Absolutely unbelievable. Folks, it is the new year. So I wanted a comrade. I bought an item want to do a rough cuts today, but there was one cool story: S Army, to put new shown us that I strongly encourage you check out this, not necessarily political, but I'm in a good mood. Like health and nutrition. There was a story about organic foods like a big, get out. Oh yeah, I Violet
organic food em, so luxury we have in the wealthiest country in the world. You know You got a lot of other countries that are struggling alike. Organic food scare, US food, you can dump the organic label. You know I mean where the wealthiest countries we can afford to do this step, but this peace at the team egg? A website? I I I like about Workin out nutritional hard core, but this information very good. There is a peace summit to put the show notes about some of the myths about organic food. Now I buy and I'm this not submit to be good at Adam knocking organic foods be couple quick things I want to throw out there look at lighter story for the new year for those you especially embarking on a on a new diet plant everything that the first method, people who eat organic foods are healthier and they say myth because Some of the research shows they aren't you monsieur wise at a myth, why it's certainly, MR but remember correlation, doesn't necessarily equal causation, in other words, to healthier. People naturally seek out organic food or does our food make people. How that you see what I'm saying sure do cod,
Why are we so sceptical about those violent video games? Study they didn't violent kid seek out violent video games or violent video games? May kids violent note. Can really tell the direction unless you can provide Could control so answer. Is yes, people we'd organic food can be healthier, but no one knows if it's just because the guy, is a great example he's like listen. If your life, get changed smoking drug attic, the chances of you go and buy an organic food product pretty slip, so that's probably skewing. Today I was number one. Number two was food. The other lesser levels of food poisoning with people either again it funny answered now food poisoning, forger, organic or not. You can still get bacteria fino of fungus in it. You know it's a dentist so get that out of the way they are organic foods. However, researchers better on pesticides, which is shouldn't surprise anyone the whole principle of organic farming is that certain pesticides aren't you so, yes, they are better on pesticide, so that was interesting day
can be better unhealthy fats. Organic meets not necessarily eggs. The article emphasizes, but that some of the means that are again at Joe can of higher levels a healthy fat. So that's a check mark plus for that and fight Leon vitamins and minerals questionable at best the data, whether they provide more vitamins and minerals or don't so so that was interesting. Study there's been a big rush for. Ghana foods over the past decade and staff, and I think some of us spend a lot of extra money on products and I want to be sure I put them out and unwanted you rough cuts, but I think it fits in with the new year and all this attention and new die plants. I get back to our arab hoard politic stories. Folks, What happened and I ran over the weekend. I dont to a lot of foreign policy on the show I don't know why I enjoy it, but this is in for quick, take away because- and I want to beat you to death over this- have you missed it? Because it's an exciting weekend by get it people of things going on there.
Protests that have broken out all over? I ran and, in my opinion there are to take a ways it you need to know from the story this then the two thousand nine Obama sat silent while the iranian people protest against these these terrorist set that run this regime over their troops broke out right away, but to take away from this What makes these protests different than the iranian protests? In two thousand I hears number one number one shot protests are happening outside of very specific areas. In two thousand nine, they were limited to certain areas where the regime, the terrorist regime in charge Joe painted the protein, there is as these thirst and how will type elites who were you know? I almost a class warfare struggle like look at these wealthy liberal elites and where here, where the regime and where protecting your rights- and this is working to crush this protest, that's not what, happening now, folks, the geographic disbursement across the country or in in many many big areas of I ran out
Side of the air quotes. Liberal elite areas is king, taking away a talking point from this terrorist regime in crushing throughout. This is just a movement by the wealthier leads to. You know that they did. Tell agenda and we're gonna take care. You did. This is working class people who have had enough take away number one: that's what makes these different. Secondly,. Be careful of the narrative on this. The narrative, the narrative, the narrative folks, that is all that matters to the left, the liberals a slight there in a panic over the dossier, Joe, are also when a panic over the uprising in IRAN. Obama's legacy, was centred. Is foreign policy legacy his most important accomplishment them believe me, I'm using that term loosely Joe. Yet thank you
you're lucky. I chose IPCC failing to vomit, as I say that this most important accomplishment he thought was a rebalancing of power in the Middle EAST, away from Saudi Arabia, George away from these Sunni Stay, two. She estates like a ran. He wanted re balance of power towards a ran from a sound maybe I'm not extolling the virtues of Saudi Arabia or anything else. I'm just telling you that he fell like the region should be balanced, but which was a nonsensical thing, because the Saudis for their legions of false, at least their leaders don't openly professed Deaf to America? They made. What did going behind the scenes is that there is a different issue just as important in some respects, but they dont openly like chat that, like the Iranians, ok, so giving things to the Iranians in an effort to counterbalance the Saudis is insane you can
I power against the Saudis by exerting your own diplomatic pressure, not giving weapons to a regime the chance that to America bottom line is: is the bomb administration to sell this. Wanted you to believe that the iranian regime in charge now had moderated. Few look up the it's a ban roads, one of his national security advisers and chief clowns in charge Ben even said this in an interview that their effort was to change the narrative on the Iranians to a narrative tat they had moderated and that moderation, Joe, is what led the Obama administration tissue. Gay rapprochement with them right some form of reconciliation that now This garbage the I'm administration was seeking reconciliation with I ran way before this quote moderation. Now Why is this so troubling for the Obama regime? Well they had moderated Joe and the p.
But were generally happy with this new positive direction. For I ran the deaf to America regime. Are they in the streets attacking web Revolutionary guard buildings and and scream do you know, death to row, honey the deal? Why are they doing that? The Obama narrative is falling apart front of his eyes now, My bringing us up in that sum this up the liberal media again. First, the shrank from the dossier that restoring a born to destroy away from the Obama failure on I ran is our trying to change the narrative. They are trying to do these protests about the economy I tell you because when you read these stories in the slides and rationing compost and all these garbage far left outlets out there. Be very cautious reading them. If you see these insinuations and threads throughout the pieces that this is somehow linked, the economy a may have started,
And a small scale, as an uprising about prices and the economy, but Joe. I want to be crystal clear on this. It was now about the economy. It was about the terrorist leaders who, for the bad economy on them and, in turn, have used their fifth? The weight of their government power to crush their own people. That's a far different narrative now be very cautious in the reading of those pieces? any time you see something about. While these are protests about the issue I go with to show, these are not just about the economy, that's the media. Doing a look squirrel moment. Just like the dossier Papadopoulos story. There cover for King Obama. Again, this is about a terrorist regime imposed a bad economy imposed in terror on their own people imposed draconian laws making war then go out public. You know why in a ninja suits, I mean it's ridiculous, ridiculous
and the media can never tell the damn truth and it's really upsetting folks economy might but right You go next. Ok today show also brought about bodies at my patriot supply. This is a good time folks to be prepared for the new year when I say be prepared. You know we have to prepare. You ensure your homes. You know it's a wine. Europe North. You know you whether strip your windows, you keep the heat out, but one of this one of the things I'm always shocked to hear this from peoples. They don't prepared. Prepare an emergency food supply, and when you schoolmates, interesting? You know I, when I get to talk about my sponsors as company comes up, sometimes my patriot supply, and they like why you know it's not gonna happen here and maybe the way we have supermarkets and stuff like that? Do you you sure I mean you sure if we had a mass of black out on him The attack we had another super storm. Are you absolutely sure that you are prepared now, here's the thing: My patriot supply like the food last twenty five years. That's twenty five years you can get a one month.
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you're not gonna, die twenty five years. We love you banner was while thanks. I appreciate that so I dont say that anymore, but its food will last twenty five years me I'm still up in here and I'm not sure but go give it a shot. Prepare within dotcom pick it up today, she spy for all right. Let's see, oh Oh, I saw this one this morning right at the last minute new years ahead of the fox and friends this morning, so I had a busy show proper morning how to Surely you know after a late night, get all the stuff done, and I saw this want to make. Is the greatest story ever build a blog Zhao, the socialist mayor of New York City, the Plaza give yourself a ratio of a real Yeah yeah nice, if I'm right, given some re who used to twenty two a year to twenty two case given up, suffer raise up to our two, fifty two or so at three thousand dollar rays, and I just have a really simple question and am I really
asking these questions for our liberal friends out there, because I know we have liberalising because I get the eighty mail from the Mets. Ok you're welcome here. We also welcome the sun, Haiti male. How does one Joker emails me all the time and I even I'm back a large is to mess with them, and it's like you it gets enough. He keeps email me back and I keep you bet it's kind of fun to back a force of liberalising other, ever really simple question for you. What have you are. What he described when you ve talking points, because it's only a talking, I really mean it. What are you are key talking? it's an issue, especially things like health care and you ve heard this before Joe. Is it enough should be no profit and medicine. Now there should be no problem, Madison enrich need to pay their fair share, and you know governments a benevolent force in our lives. We should turn money over the government because the government knows how to redistributed to other people, and the government knows what's best. You don't now just focus for a moment, because I've heard this talking point over and over repeated, there should be no profit and healthcare. Its
amazing that people like the blog who subscribe to that ideology on things a profit, some kind of evil thing have no proof whatsoever, Joe profiting handsomely from government. This guy is gonna, get over a million dollars for his for years in office, not even including the parts of the office by the way and the post office post may arise book. Deal and everything is this: guy's gonna become a multi millionaire, but he's getting two hundred fifty thousand dollars. You give himself a thirty three thousand dollar rays and what nobody sees this as a little odd, I mean guys ladys if If you genuinely believe what you're saying that Romania is a benevolent force in our lives than white. Is a guy like the Plaza support, taking an additional thirty three thousand dollars a way for government, and putting it into his pocket according to your own, your own stance on healthcare should be no profit out, he's profiting and Europe
stance on the rich will they should pay more? They should pay their fair share. Why are you giving more this guy according to your own economic rules. He doesn't Joan, need it. You know they always tell the rich within Europe need all that money. You don't know what I need. You know clam up, such as don't call, or you have no idea what I mean you don't know what I need or don't need our hard work. You but what you need is up to you. What I need is up to me, but just find it so hypocritical that a guy who openly subscribes do socialist principles so easy really takes more money out of the government. Coffers puts it in his own while it as he's arguing against a profit motive for anyone else, any in any other arena. That wants to do that for themselves, but don't Joe, no hypocrisy their whatsoever. Just a little more equal in you and me too, I love that line. That's a great line yeah. He believes in a quiet, just him being just at TAT bit more to cash. What's this
is lose! There's a book. I always right at the most inopportune time, I think of it up of we're bringing up by two Marcia Why was it animal farm ideas that over a four year, the animals all animals are equal but yeah? That's right! That's what I was thinking about. It is that at the most inopportune time, sometimes my brain goes into. I doubt, but I did see or hear Celeste story. The day this is this is another: do you have all these in the show notes. Folks, please I'm I'm asking you as a friend that helps me a lot. Please now for my email is that bunch you know dot com. I do you know. I don't want to force if you don't like it, not emails. I totally understand, but I put a lot work into putting the Iver Sixed. I think best stories and conservative media on one email list every day on there always available bungee dot, dot com- that's fine, but if you subscribe to my email is I'll: send them right your e mail box, email and box. I really appreciate- and here is a really good one- there's a professor at a college Joe who is recommended
that is in the washing examine students display under pronoun name cards now, so you know, this is prevent any confusion between the professor saying, like Miss Jones. Mister John. What are your beard? Mister Jones? Well, I don't know Mister Jones, you look like a. To me, you have the biological parts remit. I am not Mister Jones, Professor. I am Z back, that's a real thing. They use. I am Z, or they o k Are they me. Why do you even follow that up with a question? But they did this paper does requesting these gender pronoun things now. I've. I've it's just amazing to me again and it's got to show. The absolute hypocrisy of the far left and how they never see a following up this. What did the plaza your story, because, again a blind to living by their own rules. The plaza
What's the rich to pay more thinks the governments a benevolent force in his life ass, he takes more money from the government and doesn't pay more. He takes more away so forget that you know that forget living by euro principles, but here this is fascinating, because for decades liberals, have told us, while public, as were fighting the civil rights fight by the way. Folks, that should always we kept in your head. I don't wanna over dramatize history, but it critical you understand that the civil rights fights were led by Republicans against Democrats, danish Sousa brings up a fascinating point. Some of his lectures. He says this is a fact. There is one pro segregation law that was passed by anything other than a Democrat, led legislature or a democrat governor, not one that's an amazing little tin bit of information. It was the rope,
publicans you fought the civil rights fight, not Mitigate history, why my bringing this up because for average Joe, we have fought these fights against the law. A bowling of people, the labeling of people by physical characteristics, the labeling of people by? sexual orientation, the labeling of people by by gender and just treating people equally, in other words, It was Republicans. You fought the fight against what would we say that hyphenated Americans, Hispanic Americans black, where you're just americans- we want you to be treated as co, equals in this government in this. In this collective landmass we call home and watch Billy disturbing in troubling it Now the left and the liberals, who have resorting back in wretched, the great fashion energy evolving. That evolving two way
labels based society dictated exclusively by it aim card. You put on your chest now explain the a little bit about that. A one redo last week show, but I expect why they want that why they want the label to matter marriage Joe. It should be clear what I'm saying if I'm gettin confusing your style but for four four DEC is we ve, been told by media folks tat, liberals who led the war against labels. People need to be treated equally, and none of that actually true again, it was a Democrat Party that supported segregation in every way, shape or form now republicans at all. None of that, duly true, but it's a media. The wants. You believe that, as the liberals fighting for equality there not fighting for equality there fighting for sub categories of people? That's what they're fine for they are now fighting to relabel label society. They are. Relabel society, so the label or the hype in American takes press.
It's over the american part, in other words, show, yes, you noticed liberals, never say american Black American Hispanic, yet I say black American Hispanic, American, that's not by mistake. This is done, to put as a prominent feature of your life, a label they put on you now By playing this silly pronoun game, you are playing until the liberal game of label. First everything else. Second, why do they want the label for because the label, is what enables them to place you in a very specific victim class? We can once they have you in that box that victim whatever the label. Is you proudly pin on your chest in the form of a gender pronoun hyphenated American Label Union Non Union Man, woman, whatever label that debt is rather than american? call week will citizen when you place there label first, it isn't avatar that at some point liberals
will tell you how someone is coming after you and they are going to protect you. They need you to believe you are under constant attack when you're not to place in your head. The idea that they are gonna be the praetorian guard. This gonna protect you against the coming onslaught. This is the sole value of identity party should left. I know I said some of this month prior shows, but I saw this story and I thought to myself. This is it. This is what they do it is they re labeling of society and what sad about the story- and I think the salient point here to take away- is how people so easily really play along that you're in college and instead of being their Joe to get an education to build a lie, for your spouse, your kids in the future, to build the law. If, for yourself to be able to take care of your parents to be able to take care of your brothers and sisters to be able to add product
leader the greatest country on earth, Your sole reason for being in college is the pen a name card on your chest. Pronoun frankly irrelevant to the continuing prosperity of you and your kids. Hard work is. Did this thing, you know what it may be important to you personally. It matters Nobody is going to judge you by that only the negative if you place prominence and that over anything else, but they go air, and this is what they have you, believing that painting a name card on your chest was It was the focus for you being in college as a soul effort to create a victim class for you, so the entire for years in college you can learn to get out and learn. Why during those for use of college. Why everything wrong that's happening to you, as happened to you, because of conservatism and liberty, it's just it! It's just disturbing folks. It really is it's just troubling how so people so easy,
play along. I mean. Is this really it hyphenated Americans, gender pronoun labels? This is what we ve come to. Can you just? exist as an american citizen and focus on being treated as a person as a human being a value because you are not because you some label, the liberals want you to live, I mean, wants you to live your life under the umbrella of don't you realize. Being played for a full european play for a sucker I know I should have left her, but one quick. No before we go, I am I brought up. They asked me Fox, but I thought the most important story of twenty Seventeen was, and I think the most critical story was trumps personnel decisions. I want you to never forget this folks in government people are policy and the appoint. No people like Naomi round regulatory affairs to get rid of these boat, boatloads of red tape, John Kelly, to streamline, what's going on in the White House after bit, of opening chaos rate deployment of me
mulvaney and it won't be. This is the genius of Trump trumpet after no everything Joey, doesn't have to be forced our general. He doesn't have to be a phd economists. He doesn't have to be a phd in organizational psychology Ali. To do- is find the right people who understand these things and understand how to make the make them make me machinery of government work and work better and that's what he did people are personnel? I brought upon foxes money. It's a point. We should also continue to hammer home that you know that did this up promised trumps. Genius has been putting a team on the feel that can win games. I thanks again for It involves happy new year. Thanks for everything, please go to bother. You know that council tried to my email is then I will see you oughta mark you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review Don com. You can also get dance podcast, soon, Itunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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