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Ep. 625 Liberals are Panicking Over This

2018-01-03 | 🔗

This piece clearly lays out the real reasons for government deficits

This piece debunks silly liberal talking points about the tax cuts.

Liberals are panicking over the growth of conservative media, and their “solutions” are disturbing.

CNN can’t seem to get past their fascination with the “white truck.”

Manufacturing is coming back.

Is school choice 2.0 coming?


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get ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby geo shall priests joe how are you today call dan is eight degrees dude i'm tellin you man this is if this isn't an incentive for all of you up north to move to florida i dont know what is please gautier it's you know it's funny joe it is it was yesterday it was it was already say colleagues i too want to humiliate myself to all of our northeast listeners who are genuinely suffering with real call but it was about fifty i've down here yesterday people were freak out there were like wool hats there were mittens their worry harcars i saw a dog sleds industry i mean it was real the appeal a boy dude fifty five degrees i was outside and cargo shorts and my malloy standards teacher i with archbishop eloi high school for all eu standards out there you know it's mass mascot was a stand or you know what that means now the school was
he called saint ends but the same honours sunday is called the standards after that's malloy standards out there are as the northeast guy out like this is ridiculous it's fifty five degrees are that called out i had the market this around oh my god take our man people of north really suffering but if that is not an incentive for you to move to florida i dont know what is get down to your folks unroll wait for you listen i got a lot to talk about today i got nine stories that are really really good and it was tough for me to prioritize which ones where the best so let me do my best the first one you know it fascinating i sent out a tweet is a short one but it's a good when i set out a tweet last night and i meant it sitting around here are you ever have one of those eureka moments where he'll i got now it makes sense yeah yeah you know i love you the ideas set myself up under you said so i knew you knew extra sensory perception i was i was looking for a couples retreat yoga guy i'm sitting
i'm emptying the dishwasher at alike traps twitter account notice i've set on the show a couple times that when you're doing something that your opponents don't like you're probably doing the right thing yet did you notice the core new copier of people the collection of people who want trump to stop tweeting on bringing this up they're not just this isn't some brain though topic on bringing it up because nobody ministration kids they are roads tommy v tor and all these other a former obama admittedly they want trump john bread in the other families not so much a kid but they all want to to stop tweeting about i ran its edge thinkers who else wants trump to stop treating dc swap rats recollect in liberal big government
cried so who have been fighting they do but eighty trump and been fighting trip from the start run in collusion conspiracy theories lip media hacks so puts the common theme there too with theme years these are all our political opponents and they want trump this stuff tweeting because this messaging on twitter has been so effective breaking through the media wall of silence and conservative principles and ideology that's why they want to stop them do it do it terminals are true yoga guy has the answer years you don't then do it just tweed guide not every tweet is the diplomatic worded i understand i get it the guy's a children from queens he's not a lifelong politician not everything is in shakespearian prose i get it but i've if i had this idea in my homework
twitter is really starting to scare people they wanted stop treating on i ran the obama administration former o o obama administration acolytes brennan john kerry amanda power susan rise tommy v tore ben roads all of these people want to stop treating these former obama administration officials because they know that tweeting joe is giving actual the old tangible support pickets they can look at it they can feel it taken almost touch it right this support to uranium protesters on the ground and may lead to an overthrow with this despotic regime which would be the worst thing in the world for former obama administration officials who too others joe the entire time that once got this i ran deal remember this that it was going to moderate it was moderate i ran that row haughty and come any that
we're gonna moderated they were better would have become less then we'd never been less terrorist thick after this after this i ran down the incentive was good it was gonna be to normalize i ran a bit hard to normalize a country when the people in that country are protesting to overthrow that same regime and a protest thing for fruit for justice and freedom it's hard to say well by the way watching me revolutionary guards beat people and kill people all look their normal you can't do that that's why they want europe to stop tweeting because he's highlighting the obama administration failures this is critical so i'm just ask you don't fall into that trap there's some down i'll do it no question there's some tweets and even trotwood rather take back but on the morrow folks which is all that matters in life meaning nothing black or white is the sole whole bunch a grey meaning nothing's essentially mean oh good sometimes your
measuring things on what's less bad what's left bad right now what's less bad is it is for trump to keep tweeting what's more it is for trumped to stop treating i know it's terrible englishman at the point of credit marge and he needs to keep tweeting do it get it done right they show party by bodies it wax our act so glad to have this this company on board we started reading for them yes asia great gray company i had a meeting with him on the phone and they are absolutely committed to this now listen i wanted to do this red because when we were in the secret service i and all kinds of problems i know it sounds crazy but with his ear wax you can't go german those caught swabs interior sets out what therefore that's actually very dangerous caused a bunch of issues once you guys to add problems with as well when years are a clean and get really uncomfortable the itch its painful they can get plugged up can make it hard to hear no good angie many people use
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there's a really really good piece i strongly encourage you to read or be it the show notes today at bonn gino dot com do you want to get on my email list please subscribe it's available at bongino dot com me see the link it to subscribe to email if it helps me get these articles to you if you choose a degree is about something i have discussed often and he puts it in simple very elegant terms and joe it's the effect of these tax cuts plans and historical tax cuts plans on government revenue and without due indian repeating a show i've done multiple times he makes to really simple points in a peace one who's gonna drive joe not because every time i mention it i joe is the audience ombudsman for those you think he asked me to death on everything you're absolutely wrong because there are a couple topics i bring up where he's hit me up after the show but light dude i dont get it unites not make it sent member houses law joe can i bring it out because he's like you you just never seem to explaining that rapid pace to me a couple of times
notes i've because i got an email with joe agrees every no trust me he does it disagrees because it makes sense second idea but this one does too i'm gonna make it but because this guy does in the peace and albeit shown or to set american think grieving this is the only thing joe these oracle evidence shows that effects proceeds to the government how much money the government makes from its citizens earns offices because there's an earned from selling anything it takes it from its it's the only thing joe is gdp now yeah yeah i get that i mean you could you could may if you want to take it to read that the allowed absurdum and reduce the argument absurd egotism and wants to governmental zero tax rate of tax rates do matter the guy it is never had a zero tax rate ever ok it has had taxes duties imposed in excises impose even in the constitution it has never had a zero tax rate on the revenue circulating within the country
its tax that is changed the income tax is at least by his in a historical time might is a relatively new phenomenon right but the government has never had a zero tax rate within reason to point the authors trying to make show is that the only that is going to affect the amount of money the government has its gdp in other words growth whether you have fifteen percent tax rate overtime and we're talking about effective traits in other words you may say well then there are marginal tax rates or seven categories of tax we're talking about an effective tax rate in other words what the country may there's a whole joe and what the government takes from we're talking about the bay it's possible skills that makes sense yes a listener could respond and say what what do you mean dad you know a fifteen percent tax great there's that there's the thirty five percent bracket to twenty five percent brac eight to ten percent bracket the authorised we stated that the person
did you have money the government takes versus the said the judge of money the united states collectively earns that is the effective collective national tax rate right with everything corps protects income taxes import taxes everything joe the effective ray barely moves over time you get when you say that that and that's hauser stats basically warehouses law says that the government is going to collect about seventeen to twenty percent of what the nation hurt but here's the caviar no matter what the tax rate is that's what confuses people you're like wait now now now i'm because you just said the government's gonna take about eighteen too twenty percent of the earns if they tax rate is what seventy percent if its twenty eight percent if its thirty percent the answer is yes yes and yes now
we'll get lost doesn't like well that does it make any sense now it makes perfect sense when the tax rate is high seventy percent what people though pay accountants and i'll pay tax rates so that tax rate is high at seventy percent the effective tax rate is about the twenty percent because the people in the seventy percent tax rate don't pay the governor they pay accounts and i get out of it they move there the overseas they buy municipal bonds they do whatever they can to avoid paying seventy percent which if any and by the way people not subjected that seventy percent rate we'll pay taxes normally but what averages out too about eighteen seventeen to twenty percent of gdp the tax rates twenty eight percent it's not worth it our people to pay millions of dollars to fancy accounts to avoid paying a million and taxes joe thing just pay the taxes so the point here
makes any by the way folksy case you two of you think any of this is in dispute this guy grip nor in the peace and the american think it's a great big short it's very readable sought even remotely wonky he puts federal reserve charts federal reserve that's our central bank it's not a partisan outlets upright part conservative review the daily caller mother jones on either side of the political spectrum are saying that their facts wrong i'm just saying there's no supporting the data on a partisan basis show he puts federal reserve charge you can look at yourself you'll see a relic if we flat line overtime regardless of what the tax rates are looking yourself do you think making this up now what should they tell you joe if the only thing affecting the attack the proceeds to the government how much money the government makes to finance itself is based we growth and you are looking to
increase government tax receipts which where not but liberals are then you would think joe based on data what did you would want increase growth right you think you what you would because you and i are common sense both that of euro liberal who believes that remit should get a bigger chalk up money to do bigger things i don't believe this i believe the government should get the smallest chunk of money but even if your liberal you should those charts and say well ok so meant receipts and the amount of tax money we get to play with to do our good things because we're liberals is over he depended on growth as growth girl goes up as growth goes up government receives grow as growth goes i got this grows up in my head for some reason talk about growth take when people say don
gino they say they say down is that in the end because of the bond in the gino i say it all you have people who know me as growth goes up acts receipts go up any common sense but we're looking at this federal reserve charge should say what we want growth to go up then but they don't what they want to go up joe the tax rate in the tax they don't know that yes but the tat yes you're right they want taxes to go up but they fall you on the wrong thing they focus on the tax rate where the data is clear as day the tax rate within a band matter twenty eight percent fifty percent seventy percent it doesn't after all it does is impact now this is where power she comes in the cap great will not affect receipts but it will affect growth so now this is where it gets a little confusing and this is
liberals like to throw you the curveball the government will take fifteen or seventeen to twenty percent of what our group of what our gdp as what we produce weather produce a little or a lot i just told you that producing a lot and its devising us to grow and produce a lot is a good thing even for liberals because tax receipts depend on growth here another charge in there that's even more fascinating that shows when you look at growth rates and you look at debt problems and you charted you find out that huh a government spending joe is related pretty well whip which is correlated with low government tax receipts so now lips don't let any of that get in the way of yours we don't be arguments continue to advocate for higher tax rates knowing it lee
low growth knowing that low growth leads to low government tax receipts consider that you're here just a few i mean you're destroying american lives american finances the american economy and ironically your destroying is well your own chances at growing your big government nanny state but it's i have said repeatedly because people why didn't you just laid out the social by white liberals are intentionally destroying the system folks it's not a bad tax receipts to them it's not about the money it bout who controls the money when you want stand that this all make sense it is not about that it is a bit in other words show it's not about the pot of money it's about
who has the money in the pot liberals would rather take the last dollar left in a dead economy and control who because they are obsessed with the power of the state then have twenty five trillion dollars from a pot of a two hundred trillion dollar economy you may see then that's ridiculous folks it is not read the history of liberalism they are obsessed with the allocation of resources are obsessed with controlling and dictating who gets what resources when they are herbs asked with planning they are obsessed controlling the flow of cash they are are obsessed with the amount if they were they wouldn't set device growth and lower tax rates and they will never do that you know one of them important things you can grass from the show is a concept that to the liberal
money is a vehicle it is not an and it is a vehicle to power we all we liberals are obsessed with our body they want to take up my no they want to take away control of your life if you re thomas salzburg visually the anointed it makes a great case for this throughout the entire book view the annoyed university the anointed one's own words that liberals in government hoover no did themselves at you know these these geniuses in these super intellects over your life they are best with the idea of controlling the minutiae of your life and to do that they have to control your finances even if there's nothing left why would my brother and when i say liberals want over the far left minority of a minority of democrats but why would liberals still comments that leaking consistently advocate for socialism knowing that it leads to mass starvation and mass death now pol pot maduro in venezuela why would you do that because europe's
with control if it involves death destruction economic destruction none of that matters its irrelevant i'm just saying folks if once you grasp that everything else makes sense but by one i think i like those you follow me on twitter had a little incident twentieths they want to have a quick shout out my backing to go into the issue because it so frankly irrelevant a bore you with it and for me to take part shouts it do you know people my show is a waste of your time in mine i did it once another case one was important talk about but the other one in the audience did like it i totally understand it's been up emma could wish your tongue but i just want to give a quick shout out on a positive note to my man thompson at the blaze and chris crews is producer folks if you ve ever listen a dark and avoid showed by his great dude and i just want you know there are some good people left in this movie bottom someone took a shot of me on twitter was unnecessary it was wrong i
back like i always do of course that's why i'm i going to get into it this it really stupid irrelevant but do you have a lot of friends in the movement then their idea that movements not as unified as you think and joe i know now this everywhere really thinks like what you know because we're all conservatives like everybody's friends and the truth is phocis waffle on our side too there are joe and i've been victims of it you it's a lot of jealousy and envy in this business said that's why joe and i like to do our own thing because we too wanna get tied into that but i just want you to know there are good people out there and dark thomson from the blaze and chris is produced i'm really good folks and i appreciate what they did yesterday so thank you but you by it filter by to filter by folks better time to change filter the now we just had a change of season into the winter you're gonna have spring come up soon to you're gonna wanna get all that allergy aggravating pollution mould mildew all that crap out of the year the holiday
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then show which was very bizarre he was talking to the news press a news when i'm pretty familiar with their actually pretty decent when i ran for congress over there and he made a bizarre statement about the tax law is a stumbling down from the last article we talked about in your up i'll make the connection and a second it makes sense any sense something puzzling did that the gist of it was you know i think we too generous to corporations which is bizarre benyamin you too generous yeah are you giving them money not we let them keep their mobile has a generous allowing air boats allowing corporations to keep their own money what are you giving them we are coming out of his own pocket to give corporations money do we miss something is yet more a trillion era or no i didn't i d never saw that i haven't check this i'm angels but a pretty shows that europe at any time
why were you know will be generous these corporations was overly generous and a task as some of the major scorned by back their stocks instead of like investing in the united states and i thought my gosh again republic republican violence is not really my thing i don't like it if they get into it sometimes because its its critical this is the case rather stayed away from but folks issues dopey report book a republican saying how corporations way by back their own stock now peace in the wall street journal today but more importantly peace in the wall street journal links to a better peace and not to knock the journal peace is good but it links to it perfect peace by a guy have cited on the show many times john cochrane who is a terrific economy who writes the most readable elegant economic pieces on his blog i've ever seen you be doing yourself a favour by reading it
you could do yourself a favor though by going to budget to combat subscribing to my email is because i will email you as articles whenever i pick out a real sweet one and this one was great inner peace he can t only the bugs this myth that both savannah three for for what is it and be sea or a beatin even now she's at me your personal on one of the network's she attacked paul ryan about this we ve got it venice msnbc false talk about this and so we had marco rubio bring up this idea of the by back fallacy joe in other words the idea that the corporate tax cuts these cup buy back their own stock increase their stock price and their shareholders get wealthy and everybody else is gonna get screwed now cochrane does a great job dismantling this real there's this nonsense is garbage it's a steaming hot pile of garbage job as
tom its soul is always that you know i said often you know you have to think passed the first the winter effects that a second order effects so let's say accompany right you know it chose computer company whatever it may be you get a corporate tax cuts joe you know you you have you now have some extra money you have before you get a fifteen percent tax gotta thickets core protectorate twenty one percent it was thirty five before little more when you factor in the because you get about a fifteen percent percentage point tax cuts you have a little bit of extra money right so you are you all right is right you were publicly traded company let's a u buy back some of your own start were rubio saying might happen in savannah guthrie in these others if you buy back your own stock the snark prices gonna go up because it increasing demand for when you increased demand for anything the piano if you view have you know a hundred people bidding on a product and in a thousand people bidding on a product on ebay the price goes up right you have the punish their number one on ebay and one person wants it you're not gonna get much of a bit ten thousand people want it that prices
pretty hot so when you start buying back your own stock in you increase the demand the stock prices gonna go up because you have more people even though its our own car company joe bidding on it makes sense so the real fear room which is i mean silly is that by them better up the stock price by buying back their people own there's that company are now going to make out because the valley with the stock they hold is gonna go up to so think of it we have an ebay analogy joe you add one hundred throbbing one guy says i give to fifty other guy i'll give to fifty one august you didn't hear him say pretty simple right now the polish your number one must go in for two and fifty dollars now a thousand or bidding on it then the price goes up to five hundred because rural bidding one guy says i give to fifty other guy i'll give to fifty one august you didn't you get from saint pretty simple right how does benefit people already own punisher number one pretty simple
because now they know on the market that their product isn't worth two fifty anymore it's worth five hundred how because they can go to ebay and look at it the same thing works on the stock exchange if computer company buys back its own stock and bids up the stock price from fifty to seventy five dollars all the current holders of jos computer company now can go to a stock exchange go wow on twenty four dollars richer would show stock right right they make sense yeah so ruby rubio theorem seems to be that that additional money that although stockholders have been jos computer company better just vanished into thin air and goes away now that's nonsense awkward walks do in his peace very simply what happens to the money well spent stockholders increase their value in stock from say those computer companies fifty dollars now at seventy five dollars joe alive
if we're going to say i you know what side made some decent money on this i bought the stock at forty it went up to fifty i would seventy five armada cash out and take thirty five dollars in capital gains joe what he says you you're a stockholder in your own computer can be when you that out right do you take that money go throw it noora though in a fight into fire put your backyard out now allow is right you down very good yours disguise that's why i love that cut now are you of course you're out what happened to the money joe tax it goes ay i got a really interesting stock tip from a body snapchat i'm gonna take that thirty five dollars and i heard snapchat is too i don't know what's that i've own some snapchat your recent i say that pop in burma discover this advice about battle care and that it does not a financial if i show just the first thing pop in my head but that's a snapshot revolutionary technology that you
about publicly you're not insider trading or whenever an you think now that could be a good i'm gonna buy snapchat i think snapshots twenty swore dollars or something to share it and then i want to take ten dollars nobody who invested in whatever company acts that's a new company start up but it may have some growth potential it is second order effect that requires deeper analysis that rubio savannah guthrie you're missing now snow chateau if it were say it it was an initial offering a mean takes technically media by snapchat you really buying stock from someone else but say what an additional offering for snapshot now snapchat get your twenty five dollars company tax your ten dollars of additional revenue you ve made off these stock by back and what do they do they invested property what happens snapchat goes up to thirty five dollars instead of twenty five and all those people holding snapshot make ten dollars and what do they do it they invite
then company tax because they heard company acts has an artificial intelligence technology that's terrific and income yeah i suppose that up and company invest in and you know their stock goes up and all the people invested in company tax take their money and go invest in company and company as a blockchain technology and a nap los up this skyscraper mecca in the world how do you think that happened think we got from writing horses around and undeveloped manhattan to taking overrides around the greatest skyscraper mecca in the world how do you think that happened i mean i have a serious question i'm joking around you think angels came down from heaven and you don't if some magic wand and and and more automotive technology appeared and skyscrapers built themselves in companies populated them of random phantom
they pulled out of nowhere how economic growth works what companies by back their stock the money goes into shareholder pockets yes all oh my a shareholder but what did they do with it or will that's where the liberal thinking stops they take them he had invested elsewhere it'll take is put in a bank ok then debate takes them and invested elsewhere folks do banks happen overnight lending rate bag stone the whole body for twenty four hours you think they're holding your money for a lifetime borrow short lived long sought bags arbitrage things they lend money like does the best thing do your bill what is money in the bank the bank gets rid of it like that lends it to someone else someone opposite skype rosetta a bank loan for ten thousand increase my business why don't you go
i spent a year ago push why do you think there given given the oars betty roses business he pays backed attend bag procedures who then give it back to the rich with interests who that goes and buys a stock that finds us but another shareholders pocket who invested in another company this a personal against rubio but i don't understand why he said that because as the author the wall street journal poppies points out accurately so now liberals joe are taking this talking point a running with it that look even marco rubio saying that this is just going to result in a shareholder increase too they are because of course because it's going to happen dear holders are value but then what that's the question what what did they do with that liberal stop thinking now they burn it that's what happens you just don't under
stand economics or even worse and i get a much to make this personal against anyone you're lying do i need please give me a third option you either don't understand basic egon mixed cash flows and how an economy works because what i just point he was a fact it's not open for interpretation you either dont understand that or you do when you you for tom bizarre rees you're lying to people i don't get it i just don't understand it again and i have no interest in republican on republican violence i think he's a great speaker super nice guy but that is just bizarre why rubia would say so like that it makes no sense at all pleased now i know i say this every day but i do a lot of work the summit s ready sympathy show is for you like i get paid very well thanks to you all and sponsors take very good care the shell to keep it free
but i am asking you to please check out the article today from green his blog be shown cochrane that explains is it is very readable and explains exactly what i just said in a little more advanced terms but by no means in any way wonky you'll read it and come to the exam same conclusion i did afterwards which we set the show multiple times you explain they try to take credit for cochrane's for smart or economics and me most people is it s genius but he except is it in really elegant terms how it takes it really low level in almost grades cool level of thinking to think that even if but he's dead engage in massive shareholder stock by backs that share all increasing their their wealth is somehow gonna hurt the economy is juvenile and just plain silly or today show about you by bodies that i target pro by the way for those you listening you know i'm always open and honest about our sponsorship of the show so
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can i be sure we're getting through we're gonna start throwing three spots in here because it's getting expensive to produce and am i want to keep this audio portion free for you so i'm sorry for that long when the explanation but i feel like i always you you are my audience and i love you too that today but you buy a sponsor you all now i target yeah target pro system the letter i by the way now yonah firearm you a hunter fire on motor for self defense cop special ops guy you miss terry person you looking to join in the play the carbon need to increase your marksmanship folks anybody can fire a fire from any one is sought heart pull trigger bullet comes out very dangerous but my point the safe directorate anybody can do that the old we question is can you fire it accurately that's what matters additives shooters people do this for living dry fire their weapons fire meaning pawing the trigger with with no round in the chamber just goes collect napo right
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the item get bored they were fixed it that there is no problem at all of his little but a use airbus at its very very very easy to use kemp s it up okey doke lotta crap you get a lot of crap has always year i use a good one this is an older peace i'm the bay medicated there sits in i do this on the air sometimes because given the flow of the show sometimes my i order it out but suppose i have to change things or am i i was in the gym yesterday workin out and i saw this guy mike it's ours will follow on twitter who writes really could stop any set out a piece and it appears from the peace because he references the obama presidencies if it still going on but i can't find a date on the peace it appears that it's an old peace it doesn't matter tat the federalist it's really really really good peace and put it in a show notes today and of as of course i'll summoned up for you what i think the big take a ways are from the take away this
he references this report from a bunch of left leaning authors better suggesting a joke i fix for the new media environment now no i like to something's up and make it easy for my own digest what's that by gino take away here liberals freak out that they ve lost control over the new stats the take off and gives alice the good job it's not like us and overly wonky peace where he like what's the point he it's a great piece but liberals are freaking out over democratization of news in other words riper conservative review the daily collar fox news one american news news backs all of these outlets then are now putting out leaning commentary and fox which does have straight news they abrek bears stuff like that browser losing their might delusion them because they're losing joe narrative denote all about dinner liberals
always on the narrative when they had the big three abc nbc and see bs walter cronkite peter jennings you know tom broke ilo but later on when they own that there was no cable news there was no bright barred conservator view fox none of that work for they sat on the nightly news was what the nation was forced to digest yet now how they digest that it was up to the nation reagan one without russia lamborn fox news so pete obviously were were were not digesting some of this stuff the way the liberal media wanted them to because they voted for reagan despite their relentless attacks on reagan ask is this his intellect and everything else but starting to freak out now because you're starting to realise that this could get a lot worse joe in other words as our core options pick up and tradition tv programming goes away people cutting the coup
people who joe don't care about nbc abc or cbs that is it's you joe you and i are in this business we know especially work with see our tv which is entirely out of court we're seeing it now cord cutting is picking up viewer ship of traditional media networks are networks are going down and people i didn't go to netflix hulu slain all kinds of different options to get things our car that's what this podcast is it having grown up in the terrestrial radio business it is i mean it's not a strategic shape their doing ok but i think are you having seen it over what the twenty years now yes it's pickin away both podcast are starting to pick away as the car dashboard becomes divorce from traditional radio fm m bands and becomes a plugin
podcast people are gonna get no car and play the damp on gino show the venture piero show the dock thompson show now there's still gonna be another generation of people and theirs i think i'll always be a role for terrestrial radio terrestrial radio may decide the pot guest itself it shows in on a relatively popular morning show one of the biggest ones in maryland shouted frank china frankly just part cast it and then you get car plugin you for europe's age and so on and i think people figured that out slowly the i'm trying to make folks is as our court options pick up all heart beating you get to pick and choose whatever in the old days you turned on a car radio your local morning shell was it the morning mayor in europe to everybody's the morning marriage you notice that i have seen and all of you ass a guy in western mail id suborning mayors guide florida morning by the morning may local talk show guy anymore that was your guy no matter what right don't talk here's what we're your choice we hardly case the morning this out
maybe even though that this guy blob do not kidding i do not believe that everybody supporting their your radio part radio only got the wattage that was within a certain sphere you couldn't hear what's happening in l a how you want to listen to w c bmw may w c p m as an app called us into it you can do it on mars you probably got if they the toolbars we get it this is all happening and the democrats a freak out they don't know what to do so these people wrote this report in it astoundingly undemocratic these two left these worsen ojo are projecting some jokes motions for this or you hear somebody said suddenly left right seriously turn around a row is always going to be something that involves under awkward ties in their democratize able their solution is this that liberals in their like minded folks should gather together and through
outsourcing learn basically but to click on an manipulate manipulation essie o search engines like google and in and being in staff and things like that and click on only certain articles that of course or liberal leaning joe because those are the articles that come up first now we can suppress all those evil bright barred and conservative reviewers and and daily callers of the world like way that's your solution now that's there's a couple other ones in the piece you can read about but this is amazing that day just canada tolerate joe in alternative view view of the world view of the universe view of how things work they have such little tolerance for that they'll engaged open strategies on papers anybody can read too press information from you as if you're not smart enough to distinguish between what good news and what's terrible news vision the anointed anyone again these annoyed
folks they annoyed themselves planners over your life even when they don't have official government power now he point out in a peace which is interesting to find out how this happened and says it was basically the internet the web tat shattered all barriers to entry for news now this is the critical take away so you their solution for us i kind of red reverse their solution is liberals and all our bodies don't click stuff and we can manipulate the s yo and we could suppress all that conservative garbage got that show but gives it's up how they get to this point there like well internet shattered barriers to entry and what they mean by that is backing the day joe again if you didn't turn on walter cronkite there was no ass to get the news other than the newspaper right and to get the news four requires you to own a printing press which required massive amounts of capital and distribution network so basically all the companies were liberal
were really not that many strong competitors labour stammered aided the industry and it the barriers to entry to get the news out what was the barrier to answer joe you either had only tv channel or own a printing present and distribution network come along with those are very expensive people and do it the internet changed everything blogging i'm about to give some interesting examples of new stories that were broken for the media could get them out talks about like whitney houston staff and how stories were broken on the internet and social media by people who just sought i wouldn't use then all we got you know a pass joe how would that get out get out unlike the ap remember the wire you know the news why get out a loose wire and that's how these companies will make their money now there's no need to click on a peace story and pay their advertisers if you ve already read it a thousand times and social media from joey beggar don't you see what i'm saying joe theirs no money there's there's no money anymore i should say not this this
no significant returns a regular news anymore why because nobody is going to click on a story they ve read six thousand times on twitter ready before you broke it makes sense show so therefore eunuch get your sponsors because sponsors pay for clicks people are now gonna do that so pray number one of the peace is it straight news joe is not profitable anymore it's commodities anyone with a cat anyone with an iphone anybody with a twitter account could put news out their bam he says but what is profitable and this is what really scaring the left and hence there manipulation of esa yo strategy what's really profitable joe is differentiated dues now that's a fancy wave saying opinion like us what we do there has been an explosion in could serve
and to be fair liberal podcasting ipod pod save america which is a liberal show does bonkers numbers thereby gino show the pen shapiro shows the crowd a shout bonkers numbers tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of listeners a night millions a month these the differentiated news is where the money is in the future and the album there having with this is differentiated news opinion joe puts it two alternative explanations of the universe where in their prior universe when it was just what they called straight news right walter cronkite tom broker it was just one and one piece of straight news was really news with a liberal slant that makes sense that's why so then what the i broke off the new york times they love that that was joe go straight news and it was with a liberal slapping now that straight news is dead because any
we can put out straight news and social media beaten with upon their theory as opinion news takes off debts the money is now podcasting blogging that type of stuff that takes off conservatives are now going to compete on a level playing field with liberals and people are going to be able to form their own opinions and their freak out makes sense but i tied up much it did did a good job superman you super good piece by sky mind gonzalez are put at the shoulder sedates at the federalist go check it out punch you know that come thanks again folks really appreciate appreciate you bear with me any explanation but i feel like i owe it to you you are my audience and we do this show exclusively for you we deeply appreciate your loyalty please spread the word check this out on spotify i santa claus i tunes are you can also listen up on gino dot com if you want a listener we really appreciate it i will see you all
you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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