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Ep. 628 The Biggest Scandal in American History is Unfolding

2018-01-08 | 🔗

Read this astonishing timeline of what’s rapidly evolving into the biggest scandal in American history

A funny story about a liberal activist who has to pay a conservative activist’s court costs. 

Is Oprah running for President?

Are these the Democrats running for President in 2020? 


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get ready to hear the truth about amerika showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wasn't thereby gino shall producer joe how are you today still freeze and after all these years yet still courtier yeah i saw the temperatures terrible up their duties i really do feel for you have my sympathies yet that's warmed up a bit down here thank god thank god it was called the first time ever turn my head on three years that is their right yeah i've net we didn't mean overworked turn aid i job is bad folks were due in the show early today for a reason and it's gonna pick me up right show a little earlier tonight yeah yeah number put it up within an hour if we finish the rest i'm doing it arouses the most important show i've ever done i if said that before but obviously time change because we do more shows so what where was the most important joe before is now being taken the silver metal to this one can i will end
the reason is i usually do my show prep in the morning i in preparing for the show the entire weekend which is driven my family crazy i have not us looking at i got a new i found the yeah detain the axe and not stop staring at the entire we can what i'm about to tell you is extremely complicated and in an answer it's a follow along onto friday story at a story about the biggest scandal in american history which is this screen of the trump russia investigation to uncover a corrupt spying scandal by the obama administration now not a vat is chick fil a new news especially if you listen to friday show you may be saying what we going to do friday show again no here's what happened folks i was sent to full of websites and i received a call this weekend about from someone let's just who's the source you gave me some information i not have on friday which slow
we too believe this story that i'm about to tell you is even more disturbing now i did get a positive feedback on friday show one negative feedback yet as one of the listeners got confused so in an effort to make this very simple what about to do i'm going to break it down into act one active back three like a movie but it's real sadly and i'm going to tell you the end of it first so that you keep all of these acts in context make sense show you the story to tell you is about the trump russia thing trot brushes special council folks the investigation that the trump any right in conclusion that never happen is simple smokescreen to deflect away from the obama administration spying on trump the evidence is all coming out now everything up i have to tell you is about dish proved you and i want to tell you a story at the end that's gonna blow your mind that way
happened in the obama administration is the biggest scandal in american history that they thought would go away because they thought hilary is gonna be elected so just to be clear everything i'm about to tell you is going to line up and provide almost incontrovertible evidence here that open but spied on trump ok job not exempt act one the emails what are the emails when i say the emails i'm talking about the dnc and what they are the dnc being hacked now let's be clear on this when i said at the end but over the democrat national committee nobody really knows if the dnc was in fact act in the way the democrats have told you they were hack the way this where he goes now joe with the mainstream media hacks pun intended and the democrats is that the russians hacked into the dnc the democratic national committee joe to get me
if evidence on hilary in the democrats or trump could win the election that's the narrative right ok we ve all been told that we ve all heard it a thousand times most people just accept that is true we got it where we got it wired ok you got my nap by someone celebrated the fact that you are the audience ombudsman we can they said you do at calorific job makin afford you the email i think that when you don't understand you stop them so good so far very point job be the audience abutments this gets infusing sammy so the accepted narrative now from the media and the democrats is trump the russians hacked into the dnc so trump could win the say it alleged hacking and i say alleged folks are marketed dig too deeply into this because it it'll do i have a lot to do two and it's gonna divert from the real story here at this ledged hacking occurred right around march of twenty sixty because we know in april election leaks dot com dc let's start com or registered that's where the information started to appear the demon
the emails to possess the emails now i say hacking and i use the airports year but the incipient hacked because the ever sketchy that that even happened now there's no should someone gained access to the dnc and jump addressed as emails but protesters emails who was hilary wanna hilary considerably aries pedestrian males they got to a fishing scam where they send you one of those emails you click here and what the adults and escape i clicked on it also based on some formation about download speeds and none of this is disputed by both sides to be fair bottom line is no one really knows who acted dnc nobody if someone tells you they do their line there is evidence that someone involved in ukraine may have done it that someone involved in russia may spit some kind of pattern but did nobody that was also keep in mind around their time conveniently joe yes and that please taken out on this folks i'm just say an upturn in this out there
we at that time the house i t scandal was blowing up oh yeah society scandal was these i guess daddy brothers why brothers who were given acts stu an ipad by debbie washroom sholto was in charge of the agency to the d see emails those brothers subsequently fed the plight the pact's temperature let's not forget about that now that bay i have anything to do with this job but i can see you winking not right may not have anything to folks are gonna be it's yours i dont know that the award brothers had anything to do with it just saying that right that time is when they were given access to the dnc emails that were joe code of the media by the russians okay this is important though that you understand this part this is act one the emails the email her stall the media
the democrats want you to believe the russians did it why is that important it's important because the act one is short it's the shortest stack because it sets up act two and three which are detail because it sets up everything in act to enact three the russians did it right supposedly the democrats need a fall guy they need a fall guy and they need a way to target the trump administration obama hates the trump administration they can't that while the trumpet that point campaign it twenty sixty they can't stand them there is already efforts on going at this point by political operators which is understandable to attack drop of course he's running a presidential campaign understand but legal by the way you know what i'm saying you were good now
the russian narrative that the russians did it make have given some people with investigative and government law enforcement intelligence powers and instead to see if the russians did what they could do to get the trump team to bite on the russians having the emails you see we're with this year how as we approach the trump team this russian information whereby they don't have the russian information this is a myth right now that the risk that if the media's propagating that did the liberals are are putting out there that the russians did it they see in opening somebody at some point and this is the only information i dont have for you that's conclusive or based on very strict time might at some point after this thing is hacked someone it's the bright idea intel law enforcement i
nowhere but someone gets the boy it idea to start up broaching the trump team in a sense type operation from them being very careful my words likely to approach them with this information from the russians now you may say well then that's a big thing you're saying right now you're saying that someone in the federal government law enforcement and intel may have had thing to do and i am saying may because again i don't have the hard time on this is the result of stone this once we find this out this is the key to the kingdom something he gets the bright idea right after member the timeline joe march the demon the dnc is quote hacked april the information starts to appear into twenty sixteen shortly
after that in june and investigation account or intelligence investigation begins at the truck we know that the question is why is the end segregation a sting a set up on the trump team the entire time where someone had the bright idea let's go to the trump team and say we have this russian intel this russia not this russian hack and talented dnc data and let's see but they do with that makes sense show here you're jody have those cuts ready we're all set ok this is most this is the most important sound bite you gonna hear at i've ever put out there let me set this for you in case you're having any nothing nothing i say in the show nothing will be open dispute if i have to speculate i'll say may the fact tat rested a counter talents investigation was opened up on the tree team is not in dispute right after
dnc quote hack question is why what roll illicit activity was the trump team engaged in that the fbi the junction with the de oj opened up the largest most consequential counter intelligence enlarge the most consequential counter intelligent restoration not a presidential candidate in modern american history was it a sting was it a set up now you say well how do you know the fbi shortly afterwards opened up an investigation into the trump team play sal cut of elise the she's a reprieve never congressional representative from new york question jim call me of march twenty seventeen about and the investigation of the trump opened up and i want you to pay very close attention when she asked him why he did notify congress pay attend
the how he answers it play but this i went up it's a lie caught it's three minutes or we're gonna break it down into or basically what we're gonna cut in half as i have explained play the cotonou mr fox wrecking thank you mr chairman thank you director call me and admiral roger sphere testimony today my first set of questions are directed at director call me bra only when the fbi has any open counter intelligence investigation what are the typical products all's or procedures for notifying the dna the white house and seeing congressional leadership there is a practice a quarterly briefing on sensitive cases to the chair and ranking of the house and send intelligence committees the reason i hesitate is thanks to feedback we ve got we're trying to make it better and that involves a briefing of the debate justice i believe the day and i and ii
some portion of the national security council at the white house so it that's what orderly reach them before congress briefed so it's quarterly for all three thence senior congressional leadership the white house and the day and i think that's right now that's by practice not by rule or by written policy which is rife so the chair in rank and giving us feedback we're trying to tweak it in certain ways since in your opening statement you confirm that there is a counter intelligence investigation currently open and you also of reference that it started in july when did you the dna the white house or senior congressional leadership congressional leadership some time recently where they were briefed nature the investigation in some details i said i was a department justice aware of it all along the dna i dont know what the dna knowledge of it was because we don't have a dna until mr kerr
took office now briefed him his first morning in office no that is not true folks that is the most important sound bite you will hear it i think that i dont know if why does nobody in the media reporting on this think about what she would call me just said keepers when that was one that sound bite happen that sound bite i just played for you the recording of a congressional hearing in more of twenty seventeen jim com says in there that the procedure job man this is important when you have a counter intelligence investigation procedure joe is crystal clear he says it's a matter of practice we notify the dna the director of net
intelligence the white house congressional leadership basically the gang of aid that are responsible for oversight over the bureau in these kind of counter intelligence activities but no its representatives stefanik asks him when did this start and he acknowledges it started in july really start around june of twenty sixteen but joe did you hear what he said when she asked him when did you notify congress here as recently oh this is march of twenty seventeen so there to take away from this remember act the damage said the russians did it russians all of a sudden start approaching the truck team folks there on its skier all of a sudden but that policies in a bar and information starts getting back to the americans through other other
tell agents contacts people stop approaching to trump team call me acknowledges and congressional hearing there is already a counter intelligence operation going on against a presidential candidate paying call annie bell send any bells on it he leaves the question that he doesn't notify congress had he admits it and he's stunned at the question now i on fox efforts we gonna city panic panicked is probably not write the term you can see in his face though he's shocked by the question joe because i think he knows right away now is caught it is face he says he says things that are factually incorrect maybe what he said is factually incorrect joe there are three people you're supposed to notify he says it the dna the white house in congress
who is the only person of those three he notified the white house he way in eight months to notify congress on what was said debris according to his word show not mine a quarterly briefing joe a year is twelve months right yes it is doing so a quarter of a year eight months knowing the aim is that at your question yes you're right joe it is not eight months he waited eight months they ask him why you didn't notify the dna he said there wasn't one not true jim clapper was the dna at the time into one sixteen that not true what he said he also says something which i maybe it's just me as a federal investigator i caught it that i don't have anyone else's catching he makes
point joe during that to say this notification process the congress about what you always only the most consequential counter intelligence investigation against the trump team in modern american history he set out by the way the notification is kind of practice but it's not a rule why did you say that to you congress knows what the practices they getting breathes quarterly right forever they understand the practice not think so we could show to you why its call me throwing out there that all by this isn't the law this is the rule what do you think he may do somethin like that when he realizes busted that he didn't but if i can guess about the largest counter intelligence investigation american history just let me draw this attitude you audience on possible maybe the fact that he sees himself in legal jeopardy boom see way see why a cover you're right you're damn right
congress is quite familiar what what the practice is called he understands right now he's in a corner ladies and gentlemen please explain to me again why largest counter intelligence and when i keep saying the largest and most consequential i me most significant count intelligence investigation in modern american history into the donald trump team is going on within the fbi conveniently right still the russian hack when russian start approaching the truck team and jim call me that through the fbi charges forgets to what if i congress is three of that scene few good men where they talk about the you know that the guy packing to leave mandates iq reaches forgets he forgot you for you up would you do if you didn't know i
to pay the second have to play the second half of this cut now this is critical in the second half he tries explain why it notify congress and it's not because he forgot i'm throw it out they are because its did nothing makes sense here he explains why play the cut i'll explain to you why this is significant after which suggested el down on this if if the opening astrogation began in july and the briefing of rational leadership only recently why there are no notification prior to the recent the past month i think our decision was it was a matter of such sensitivity that we wouldn't included in the quarterly briefings so when you stay our decision is that your decision is that usually your decision what gets briefed in those quarterly updates mode decision of the head of our kind or intelligence division and just again to get the detailed on the record why
the decision made not to brief senior congressional leadership until recently when the end the had been opened since july a very curious investigation why was that decision made to wait months because of the sensitivity of the matter wait work come again don't you understand that the entire purpose for congressional oversight over counter intelligence investigations is precisely because of the sensitivity of the matters ten four by the way job don't you remember jim call me say that he objected to the class vocation of the clinton email investigation as a matter don't you for the line where not the federal bureau of matters with the federal bureau investigation all of a sudden jim colonies calling it a matter i thought you'd like the word matter jim what happened the matter
we didn't notify congress because it was sensitive that's the whole purpose of congressional oversight what do you think we're stupid also by the way he doesn't mention the name which is all we convenient of the cap intelligence head of the fbi we says in that clip told him not to say anything that person's name is bill precept now i don't know bill pre step but i know his wife's omega donor to colinton passions mega donor but a pretty big donor to hillary clinton now folks i have an article in the show notes today i kept joe notes brief at bonds you know that comment please subscribe to my email is that will email you these notes every day i haven't the call from a website i dont know these guys i've never met them i just i call this weekend leads me to believe that something suspicious going on i can tell you from their information that they linked to everything
the article in the show notes lays out this time line i'm about to tell you it's the first article on the show notes that i its long it's about two thousand word peace if you'd read this piece you were doing yourself a disservice to the country because when you read this piece you will be absolutely blown away and everything i'm telling you well not every they have added some stuff i've gotten from other people but most what i'm telling you hear the corbett is laid out in an elegant timeline in this peace that absolutely blow your mind it's first article there is also some links in the article where you can follow everything there saying are many get back into this british second i have you read here but i want to just set up where we were in where we're going because i get one person was confused on friday and i feel bad because this is only the most consequential show i've ever done act one the emails that the
see as quote hacked into the media wants you believe they want you believe the russians that it after that happens people start approaching a trump team and i swear i'm gonna go right after this if this reach people start approaching the trump team alleging show that they have the russian emails or the information right at the same time the fbi now look we acknowledged starts a counter intelligence investigation into the trump team who joe and does notify the dna or congress about the dna is a separate issue but fails to notify congress about this dispute their quarterly policy to do so call questioned about it in march and studies and stammers its way through it ordinary you guys that's cool as the other side of the pillar something stinks here and i'm telling which stinks is this was set up at the trump team the whole time many get back into this were in a second but
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z especially for our work were found that here and i work and so this is a great system goes and get up ok getting back to this now we're still in act to the set up first the emails act one act to the set up all of a sudden people start approaching the trump tee remember the investigation it's right around june july twenty sixteen it happens joe in june of twenty six theme a russian lawyer through a condom wines up getting hold of a friend of down trumped junior a publicist and says to the friend hey we have information about hilary that could be damaging we need a meeting with on trumped junior well let that happen
who shows up for the meeting job a woman with though a woman with the last name a vessel net skier sure russian lawyer whose backed by the way to putin through it company she works for that's run by a friend to put right who does this russian lawyer meet with before she shows up to the meeting with the trump keep in mind act to the set up don't freak that's where we're going with this aids with fusion gps before by the way and after right meets with that she's there would simpson from fusion gps glenn simpson whose fusion gps fusion gps is the company that was paid by the the sea and hilary to go get it fake russian intel that
telling you was later used to get a pfizer warner's at met a minimum sum components of the press is already see airlines already reported this by the way to then for emily spy on the trump team in october of this year members june the fighting it's not even file to october they try to yet one in june they were denied now think about what i'm telling you in june right is this meeting with don tromp juniors happening right around this time gps who was paid by hilary the day and see to put together fake russian intel on trump right around this time the fbi the oj actually theo j and they see i community here is applying for
foreign intelligent surveillance act warrant do the fish the foreign intelligence surveillance court to spy on the trump t wait where they are denied the court says no you investigating investigation stop so they come back in october now keep in mind you may say so this russian lawyer meets with fusion gps chrome these four they hilary campaign and the russian government before and after the meeting its retard trot junior goes in air she wines up now keep in mind joe she doesn't give don t junior anything right russian emails metaphysic john trope junior just minutes it becomes frustrated with the crew go on in this meeting he leaves the meeting not only does he leave the meeting he then publicly on social media releases in an unbelievable active transparency all of the email surrounding meeting by the way
where are those thirty three thousand e mails hilary all we don't have the market that's another topical together don't you were put remember there's still insisting russian collusion happened and remember the globe i the act one i gave you act to remember the whole story line here is this a diversion to destroy away from corruption the fbi and the obama administration in the form of spying on a presidential candidate the biggest scandal in american history this is the spine so they go in jail making story even otter they meet a trump tower the woman is not an american citizen vessel net sky the russian lawyer he's not allowed in the country job de applies for a immigration parole pipe exception to get into the country don't be confused by the words in it she applies for she once they get in
country to represent our client in this core proceeding pre pereira southern district in new york who trop later fires by the way who have nothing to fire and for that i believe different reasons but this is no friend of trump joe it himself denies this woman of east they come into the united states now himself and in conjunction with the d j and southern districts unum saying he says no so where were you said they said now had a sheet if they said no to the visa then how did this russian lawyer get into the i did states to meet with the trump deep and to me fusion gps that's being paid by the day and see later and hilary to get information on tromp how did she get info out of the state department issued a visa the obama state department wow yeah a rare risa she gets by the way for a quote people
significant public benefit so dear just stayed state get together and say no i will give her a visa for significant public benefit obviously a benefit nazi forget enough that the department of justice that was actually working on our case ass she was representing this russian company they didn't think it was never get enough the letter in but all of a sudden state upon in conjunction with the age s works the letter in for some significant public benefit right around the time the eye is initiating a counter intelligence investigation it gets the trumpet has happened joe that's just crazy isn't it son of a gun you son of a gun like a crazy paid him we are we are like crazy people because we're ok
putting out dear information that folks nothing i've told you is factually and accurate we're now getting to the as if the people on the website say outcomes aser which is essentially given off possible explanations always accept the one that's the idea that that has most parsimony basically keep it simple stupid is this break any sets dammit that's what you do believe russians hacked emails democrats kay prove russians act emil's they need some our trump bob administration h trop fbi all of a sudden opens up investigation on trump doesn't tell congress that they're supposed to disperse the telecoms does hell congress there's an investigation on trump all of us russian gets into the country to make what trump alleging too i've russian emails or information from the russians jim lawyer care get it through the country obama snake
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yeah me too damned by jean here that would be great we do we really know where that is that is true it is the email that recycle care put the damn thing down people love the system its currency are now let's get to accurate act three we're gonna call the daylight so act one emails back to the set up on the emails that we explain that enough joscelyn morgan ever good we're good timing has everything here by timing is everything act three the daylight little melodramatic but at night couldn't their honest to god could think of anything else to call it ok is a piece of the puzzle i was given this weekend that blew me away that i did not have on friday after trump wins the election joe right on november admiral rogers of the usa whose decorated military man
runs the national security agency but you say right before the election mike rogers gets very suspicious about what's going on an end to be clear what i am hearing in reading we're trying to mike rogers is the hero with a story of accurate again but trying to give you an overview so nobody gets confuse worm go with this we're good right before the election my rogers of the usa who would be ready and basically on any kind of cia operation counter intelligence operation was going on at they did at some level not all of it its compartmentalized information in space the agencies but has an idea what's going on becomes very suspicious show about spying procedures of the usa and they gather if email and phone data on
people in the united states we know this it's in the timeline i'll give you its length you can read the pdf yourself now what's this frankly concerns my rogers i don't know but what i'm about to tell you are all facts just want to lay out what i'm speculating on what can mike roger so much about the usa basically spying on people joe for him this submit to the fire the court that there was a problem which he does at the the summer of twenty sixteen ok now i dont know but what i am about to tell you leads me to believe that it was is spying on someone in violation of our rules that's not in dispute is that the trump spying i dont know but what i am about to tell you leads me to believe that it was
rogers says self something's going on submits this review right around that time the person who submitted the review addio j national security division a guy named on carlin accuse the john doe one of the deer j national security vision resides the j national security division is inch staying there unique because they don't have oversight by the idea so they're kind of they are doing their own thing because sally yeats and twenty fifteen submitted a memo which is in the peace by the way sally eight submits a memo say you don't wanna be under the idea supervision the embrace internal affairs so j and ass these almost doing its own think joe a guy the j and as de who would he read in on the application to the fire court to spy on the trump team resigns right around the same time joe that admiral
gradually essay says hey some fish going out of the usa with the with weird easy how that happens i just resides he submits this for he estimates this review the review comes back and its negative and rod decides they're gonna change procedures at the end i say going forward about certain queries into the system about foment phone and email data and other we're thing here's the air here's the coup de graf rogers mike rogers right after the election we about ten days any goes envisaged trump in trop tower and tells nobody about it nobody in them act these nobody in the military or nobody the obama white ass about this visit now to question show
i would make rogers the head of the usa after the election of donald trump keeping my trumps the president elect now it's about ten days later why ready the trump interim tower not tell anyone and secondly why would he wait ten days to do it i'm going to propose to you as a former secret service agent that the skiff this so they ve compartmentalized information facility where you can share information free of spying i'm not going to tell you how they do it but it's not complicated they set these things up in a room with certain countermeasures so that you can talk freely jello me no one not be spied on right that what price possibly take between five and ten days to set up her mike rogers who's the head of the usa who is submitted the eta safer review and complain to the files accord about some spying going on that he wasn't comfortable with runs up to talk to trump about ten days later when it
give us set up where he can talk privately and not worried about being monitored he talks to me four november seventeenth what happen on november eighteen joe i'll give you know because i have a brief do others on november eighteenth the trump team evacuated trump tower and most to bed stu new jersey where it does all its subsequent interviews remember that place in weapons bed myths that are jersey about heat wave what other people why do you think that happen maybe mike rogers knew the entire time that something for he was going on with the entire guy permit counter intelligence operation that donald that obama the obama team had its midst and its end its tentacles in that they were spying on the trump team the entire time and rogers went up the trump tower and didn't tell is that what the white house about it to warn the trump team folks i don't
what mike rogers told donald trump and i'm telling you it is damn suspicious and you don't have to be a criminal investigator figure this out that the next day they left trump tower why why do they do it remember all those interviews trump tower of joe remember it everybody was covered up the elevator given press conferences next day carrying their gone well joe i do not tell you any of this before the shell right right now is that not blow your dear mind oh what it's like running into a brick wall on that kid you i've eight o clock news weekend to double pull check this not did they dates are obvious is that you can just look these states up on my way did mike rogersville trump when did they go to bed mr this is a complicated but he waits ten days for escape to get set up here's what i want to suggest to you probably happened mike rogers vienna say knows who sets up the skiff walker the white house communications agency in conjunction with tee from the secret service technical security division gets word
someone that the skiff is set up in trump tower in other words they can talk their free of being wiretap spied on surreal whatever you want to call it he takes the trip up telling no one here orange the trump tb are being spied on this is not right you're being spied on right now by the obama team the trump team rapid decamped tromp tower heads up to bed minster where they know their not being spied out does the trump tweet later on in march now makes sense about i'm being wiretapped in trump tower foxes belle finally go off i understand the level of corruption we're talking about here you stand now why jim call me panicked actions pack he has an unusual response at the least to the question about why he didn't notify congress about the most significant counter intelligence operation in u s history folks
people may have committed a crime the bomb a team was spying on them the upon it he was spying on them and joe not one person involved in this not one has produced a predicate crime yet that the trump team committed to authorize surveillance on them and their team i'll give you a wait and wait for you to say something i'm speechless not take a breather here first second because i hear joe you can see me that this it's mine i'm only up to here and i want to wrap this up and tie this up for you i just folks goosebumps talking about this i literally spent sixteen hours this weekend on the phones and read through material sent me to put this together for you to expose you what i'm telling you is the biggest in u s history they never thought trumpet win
never thought any of this spying was going to see the daylight when trot one they panicked nobody knew what to do when trot one they freaked out be realized all this was going to come out so they need diversion and joe what the diversion right jeanne collusion pam at that the whole time this is what did they vented they invented a fake story with the by the way it convenient carlin the guy in the oj and as the national security division knew all of this but the spine joe who resigns right is mike rogers finds out what's going on who do you think carl and was chief of staff to before he the head of d o j national secured vision obama mahler data this your council while
i don't know you put two and two together come onto joseph if you read the shouts today i'd tell you everything i'm telling you it's true let me throw one more angle attitude who else do you think knows what's going on here because of his position in the federal government beforehand let me just just you maybe it's mike flynn whose whitefoot might flame is appointed trumps national security adviser when trumps elected when was the head of the dossier the defence intelligence agency does he know everything that's gonna do to the sensitive compartmentalized nature the information he probably doesn't know everything the extent of the spine joe but i'm tellin you he knows something conveniently right at the time of the mike rogers meeting joe up a trump tower we're trump fleas what
since the very next day to rogers i get the flint and the second but this is important the very next day the obama administration officials start com looking for that but think they had anything on rogers outside of the fact that he was exposing them because my rogers is the hero in this entire story in the obama team realises they just been out to trump here's the problem now and i'm surmising here a bit because i want to be fair to you i don't think they had anything on rogers out the fact that he was exposing them in other words they didn't have anything autumn to get him on easy so he there's gonna be a difficult personal lock up but also be very suspicious flow on the other hand they needed a setup so what's the
upon flynn who by the way joe keeper my why set up flynn because telling you he knows not everything rogers knows but he knows a lot about other trump team was being spied out how do they nail flynn the few gps dossier the fake rush in town phony provided to the democrats finds its way into the d o j do nellie or poor man two bruce or whose an upper level manager in the d o j was access to d o j officials including d o j and sd johns god john carlin before now we or works for the company that's being paid by the dnc together fake russian intel on tromp you following here that fake russian intel through know you infusion gps gets over the bruce or her spouse whose working at the oj upper level manage reposition who meets with them and fusion gps they then
who's that information to reapply for by warrant do the pfizer court that was denied to them and do they get it knocked over they get the ability to spy all of a sudden they have recordings and phone calls but here's the kicker here is where i think you're gonna totally re evaluate what happened and mike flint mike flynn takes a all day vacation joe after all this to the dominican republic flynn in the dominican republic doesn't have the network of secure coms obviously has in the united states all of us the obama administration he possesses a russian facility in the united states and kicks out the russians do it right around the time flynn is over in the dominican republic starts getting calls as the incoming national security visor from the right ambassador
flynn knows he's being monitored but they record the calls nothing illegal happens on the cause it recalls the recorded those calls are recorded now although i can't but i think the special suspicious timing of kicking out the russians knowing the russians would call flynn while he's india are strange who you figure it out the cause record job flints in the white house in the transition in the white ass the fbi comes over other the guys that they're gonna talk national security council fbi coordination nobody tells him this is a criminal interview he has no lawyer present the fbi joe in the interview led by peter stroke right peter stroke was having an affair with lisa page and text to lisa page d o j lawyer that they need
insurance policy a case trump has elected and it is a known tromp haider peter stroke for the fbi leaves the interview bar that's fair that's what sounds legit europe has the transcript the a person in the interview which stroke they you fly about his call with the russian ambassador keeper mine completely blind side against the other agent in the room you will never get flaw in the same way after this other age in the room goes back and tells andy my cape supervising this investigation the number two at the fbi whose wife is a noted democrat who took hundreds of tat of dollars from hillary clinton considerably airs the number two the room joe i see you not in your head the number two in the room with flynn goes can tells eighty mikhail that flynn open put honest nothing to see here wait what i was flynn then prosecuted for false statements of the fbi because stroke tells in my cave
i'm not so sure mackay m turn around and decide to prosecute anyway because what was seventy interview didn't marry up exactly to the transcript which show us at a transcript of a conversation with you i had this week and i would never be able to married up i'm telling you flynn was taken out legally because he knows exactly what i'm telling you right now and these charges investigation being held over his head by mothers she'll council our way to shut him up from exposed everything mike rogers in him knows now the final piece of the puzzle devon nunez who's on the gang of eight the of aid that has oversight authority over counter intelligence operations show devon nunez in march of twenty seventeen right after the trump dna there you're of national intelligence dan coats right afterwards after
and i coats is up by the senate his nomination immediately afterwards that taught it's important don't forget that fact devon nunez congressmen california has oversight authority over counter intelligence operations goes overdue was skiff on the white house grounds the only place the information would be available because of the cap metals nature but remember joe computers are not connected right here the sea at the white house buddy only can see it after the dna is approved coach pooh smell somethin wrong here and it's probably notified by rogers at something's up new he has goes over to the white house and reads on their computer the only place you can see it here it's an account of what happened joe so disturbing betty immediately walks out in front of the cameras and gives a press conference about how
sturbed he is about what he saw in that room and that it had nothing do with the russians what since two devon nunez right after that denmark it's in the house open a disingenuous ethics investigation which by them is cleared of just recently eddies kicked off the investor ace kicked off the investigation temporarily oaks i'm not mess and whether man i'm not mess and with you when i tell you that this is only the most important critical consequential deeply impact for junction we have right now in american history i dont know oh how any of us can go
our knowing what i told you annex to have any semblance of a constitutional republic left when i just told you is true where i had to spend i was clear i will pay the article on the show notes do yourself the bay favour you ve ever done yourself and take a half an hour and read it start to finish do yourself favorite rita twice matter fact read it three times and by the third time i think it's gonna blow you away that we have now earned a federal government under the obama administration into a third world government and forests buying apparatus against their political enemies dispute anything i told you the shell
i see them up you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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