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Ep. 629 The Biggest Scandal in American History Part 2

2018-01-09 | 🔗

This is a must read explanation of the Uranium One scandal

Either the FBI or Christopher Steele are misleading us about their relationship.

Read this NY Times piece and pay close attention to the name Alexander Downer.

Read this piece too and pay close attention to the name Alexander Downer.

More connections between Fusion GPS and the Dept of Justice.


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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bone thereby gino shall police joe our you did i do my head is spinning i now i now and just look at you now in jos we always banter before the show and i because we have a lot to talk about we're friends jos like brother see you want to get on with the show i just folks i'm itching because let me just say after yesterday's show right show absolutely one nuclear think we are the number eight oh on itunes which is pretty amazing thanks to you by the way it fully thanks to you joe when i can we listen once each to show one crazy our audience was almost triple its normal size and i think by based on the feedback this entire trump russia thing is try it all started to make sense now joe and the level of corruption now idea
did not tell joe yesterday cuz i wanted a genuine reaction idea also didn't tell joe what i want to talk about today because i'm gonna die this not for you tonight friday show i set up why i thought tromp russia's entire thing was a sting the entire time a set up on the ciampi or that it was set up yesterday show i put together a timeline and joe let me just let me give a shout out by the way i didn't do it yesterday and bend my apology i saw it i saw them on twitter and what we want the right the because i'm linked was from a site called conservative tree house let me just tell you i dont know these pay i don't know who they are they they have not the plumes say i dont know them i've never met them i would never lie to you i don't know who they are i only know that i have separate sources on this case and some of this stuff in their pieces which i think is our very good has been told to me by other people they
summed it up nicely in a link i included in the show notes for you ought to see i want i want to be here i am not claiming any of this is proprietary information to me this conglomeration of sources that have contacted me more the pull sources directed me to different things i put it together you wanna timers that makes sense joe joe and i'd know these people do it to us i hate what people still my stuff and don't credit the article from servant free of the show no yesterday there's a lot of good stuff been links in there but just to be clear all of what i'm telling you it's from there and i to be very careful there for a reason and it makes it's because a lot of stuff i talk but it is not in fact in there but i do you feel bad about not mentioning your name on the air i apologize so the tweets in one of them was a little upset about that now right i would be upset it was not good enough to link bliss before i get into something this up for you today because i
got a question on yesterday's show that's a fair enough question they said why set up the trump team if you thought they were gonna lose i get it this let me just i tell you turn today show because i ve been terrific ripe patients rights my body i target our bodies targeted cheese is one of the best companies out their ladies and gentlemen anybody can do a firearm anybody can i get out of you know wants to buy one usually for self defense owns you're not a criminal you can go out but that's not the question or anybody can get a farm the question is can you use the fire on an attack situation of self defense situation can you shoot accurately that's the question right joe you gotta i bought a hit where you're shooting out we had this rule and the secret service you're responsible for every round you can't shoot next to the president if you can't hit what you shoot it's a bridge i mean what you think about it the highly dangerous situation every toxic environment if you know what you're doing this is the best this them out for dry fire now what i mean by dry fires you know you have lie fire the range of ammunition undergone pull trigger bullet comes out right what a lot of command
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you should do this for a living dry fire ten times what they live fire go check it out the letter i target products com its eye target pro dotcom promo dan they'll give you ten percent off folks check this thing out what your scores will go through the roof you will be abolished the wings off a fruit fly when you're done with this sucker i target products come promo oh dan day and for ten percent off ok now again fair enough question why why set up the trump in writing el i mean to give a new kind of alluded to it yes why set up if why with the obama team if you listen to yesterday's show if you haven't please go listen to it it sets up this whole story why set up the trump team by ouch figures within the trump campaign team at the time lodging that you have russian hacked emails why i do that if as i stated yesterday and the show they thought tromp was going to lose the whole time job
anybody who has ever bet on sports sports game in vegas or something your nest i know a lot of money do you know how our bow bookies make money they make it on the way behold a vigorous biggest if you back folks the book he stopped make money betting on the games book he's always win right we're how you do that out of the book is went on gambling if you're gambling there's a counterparty somebody loses right the booking never loses how is that the book he never this is because they have this thing called the vague the vague is at present sure the bet so let's say a vague but fifty dollars on the national championship game last night right and the biggest ten percent you win you get fifty dollars you lose you don't pay fifty dollars you pay fifty five dollars if the vaguest ten percent that's how the book he makes money on the vague the book
also make sure do the odds that there's a near equal number of people betting on both teams that way those people pay each other joe but they are all pay the vague right the losers pay the bill he always makes money that's how the he never loses what the heck does this have to do with the scandal i discussed yesterday about the obama team spying on the trump team and migrants just maybe notifying them and the trump team knowing all this right now why i spy in the trump team if you knew the trump team is going to lose and the answer is the russians were play in the vague the russians understood folks the entire time this is a major world power a corrupt world power people in power or evil over there are many of them this is a unquestioned enemy the united states one of the russians
but more than anything just like the bookkeeper book he doesn't care as much two windsor loses all he cares about is that he gets the vague the russian the vague was information as law is they had information on both the clinton's and the trump team they will either way right now keep in mind what you say well what information they have on the trump on on the other on the on the shoes me on the quantity might get the trumped him in a second uranium one and on our talk about uranium one at another all related this is where it ties in this is where it ties in this is where the light bulbs should go off to you folks the curtains were knee deep in this uranium one thing but let me be very clear on this and i want to have tat because i didn't do it yesterday the conservatory ask as i want to make sure had tipp it andy mccarthy has been off
over this national review when i will include in all their article today it's all there but it's and understand this without reading this peace i will quote an older national view peace by anti which explains the background on uranium one which will make the spying scandal makes sense joe you're the audience ombudsman right i'm with you so far tv i lose you got it you gotta stop ok they already had the clinton shall lock stock to smoke in barrels the russians they had information on the clinton's too take them out i want to say to bribe them wanna be hyperbolic but they had enough information that they could make the clinton's look bad if the clinton's didn't play ball if raillery were to get elected president nora that's what you want if i i am a power play or joe armor caskets elected president i want information on joe i thought you know i want to know something i can say joe you don't want me to reveal this right off okay want to eat we take a meeting tomorrow they already had and on the collins what was it
joe during the uranium one skin let me give you a little background on what i'll do it to deeper dive in uranium one cuz i don't want to confuse me but if i'll give you the overall what what happens here the thirty thousand foot view a company called eurasia that it was run by a guy frank i think it's keystroke gee i u s tar s t r i this guy is afraid the appeal clinton's keystroke keys your runs eurasia or as a chairman of eurasia eurasia wants access through you re mines and cause extend the arabian minds in kazakhstan are worth a lot of money yet now i am not going to make connections that don't exist i'm gonna tell you what happened i ll leave it up to you to make the connections if you choose clinton takes a trip over to cause extent with geese right now they they go on separate planes but all certain job distrust and eurasia
gets access to cause extends uranium mines this pessimism putin to no end because he wants access to the uranium mines cosmic stead peace strong arms the cause dictator the causes dictator arrest the guy has the guy state who sold the uranium mines to destroy and all sudden eurasia uranium one financial interests in this start to panic because why because they own these uranium mines are causing stay and show that now the dictator saying you see what i'm doing barrel middle finger i'm like given at the europe we whereby we're going take you your radio minds back uranium one eurasia interests panic there an emergency meeting with the cosmic government
uranium one did the the eurasia people windup retaining some interest in those minds ok that's important eurasia is then bought by uranium one a key straw is the chairman of this gonna pull your bide folks up only when i die big white light touch every keystroke was the chairman of eurasia sells his interests and in may say three i think it three million amalfi mouth to sleep in a multi million dollar donation to wear the clinton found you shouldn't shocker amazing how that happened joe clinton and fly over to cause extend this guy gets interests in a mine because my in interest is in trouble hilary let me name in the state department dick do this emergency meeting all of a sudden problem solved next thing you know millions of dollars appear in the clinton vanished you make the connection i met here
tell you what to think i'm just here to tell you what happened now this thing stinks but you to understand all little background on this first because who was in buys uranium one later after uranium one buys and interest in uranium mines are just and causing stand but in the united states in my opening where twin percent of our uranium distort you re someone buys a controlling interest in one slash five of al uranium keep in mind one slash five of energy is produced by nuclear energy and we only have the capacity to produce one slash five to the fuel we need joe you're a smart guy you're saying well percent of our energy her is nuclear but we don't have enough of it then why the hell would we export our uranium if we don't have enough of it yet who things that make you go again uranium one buys and interest in my homing in their uranium buys one fifth of our uranium supply your aid
one is then bought by a company called rosa tom rosa tom is a russian sponsor government backed gee i see almost russian back company close to putin that buys in interest in uranium one rolling interest in uranium one matter just do a third party trucking company to export some of that uranium out of the united states don't believe the liberal talking point at all the uranium was never export of that a united states that is nonsense it is not true it is factually incorrect now we following uranium wanna get sick interesting because extend minds bill clinton goes over all of a sudden get this interest the russian let me interest emergency meeting interests are ok radio one themselves to russia die russia
the nature uranium in the united states here's the kicker folks there was a case two thousand ten and earlier a federal case involving rosa tom one day after the collapse of the soviet union joe there lot of uranium lying around so they were dead was drawn up in the it prior bush administration not the recent one to forty one forty three georgette stubby there deals to sell russian uranium to the end it states that were run through a subsidiary of rosa tom these united states suppliers joe or buying uranium from the russians run through this subsidiary i think it's ten m of rosa tom ok this turns into a major scandal this is years before the uranium one deal in question we're talking about now it turns
do a scandal because the supplier of the medium from russia who is connected to putin these others is shaken people down please and being higher prices than them it would allow and i'm giving them kickbacks in order read this scandal he hired a lobbyist a lobbyist two becomes very uncomfortable about what's going on here supposes the department of justice and the fbi the entire thing this i from russia is selling uranium to the united states is demanding inflated prices there lol bring money he's taken the money in giving kickbacks to it it's a brilliant scheme by this guy who's connected to the russians who selling the uranium to the united states because as anti mccarthy points out new species correct to things happened joe demanding inflated prices he gets more money which he uses to by people off but secondly what is do as well he dirty
all these american buyers of uranium that he now has bribery material on khazar involved into kickbacks ah so now the russians have american uranium virus by the you know where i'm going ass i do just like you said that told because that's exactly where they have you buy stuck with that's what you would sound like when they grab you there again lobbyists they try at a higher from the i was a tom subsidiary goes to the bureau and tells them everything that's going on the bureau open a massive racketeering case that run by whom rose and steam who is now the deputy attorney general the number two but it was sponsible for the russia case against trump because jeff sessions are accused himself way we hold on i get it you may see this this is all for
none of them tat what i tell you said dispute why any of that important who is the fbi director when this rosa tom ten m kickback racketeering scheme is going on in the fbi's investigating it bob mahler what happens in this case again read them dorothy peace for a time line on this one as in this case not big rapids why does happen they ve got informant they ve got a major international scheme by the russians too are to engage in money laundering for the sale of nuclear fuel to the united states man joe that's the kind of thing that should be on the nightly news right did you hear anything about it you have heard about this case you know from frank probably ninety nine percent of our bodies has an heard about it i mean you know why having heard about the case because it was sealed and the witnesses were gag now what is any of this have to do with me knowing the tribe team on russia
collusion in sending a bunch of dope scenario to try to give them hilary females to get them dirty this candle i just told you about about the rainy and one and the the ten scandal the rosa tom scandal was well these scandals are dirtied up the obama administration as well as the clinton's do not make the mistake of thinking for a moment that the iraq the more scandalous solely a scandal about bill clinton going over to cause extend and smoothly over a deal for the purchase of uranium mines that's not what it's a bit is bathed that that's bad you get it i'm sandro that's not good especially given back their bill clinton accepted five hundred thousand dollars in speaking fees from renaissance bank who was convened we involve in the uranium one deal crazy joe how that happened still yeah that's bad enough the real scandal here though joe is the
bob administration was so committed to the iranians deal the i you would never happen without a russian reset and some form of russian imprimatur over this they did not why to expose the level of corruption going on with the original rosa time kickbacks scheme and care so what do they do they d a prosecution and they waited about four years right before the statute of limitations is gonna be up on the on the scam where their selling uranium through the united states the inflated costs they play out before a holiday they play out to justice parliament allows a guy to to a basic conspiracy charge with eight which mccarthy explains well is is really just a what awaited to let him off easy rather than having the plea to say money laundering or more serious charge and the thing just magically disappears into the night now what is that have to do with uranium one lawmakers knew about that
this case was not a secret the initial case for the kickbacks ok that involved rosa tom when tom wanted to buy a controlling interest in the uranium mine in the united states to buy our uranium we needed the russian come but he is buying our uranium people already knew rosa tom was knee deep tentacle deep in a case i already told you about there players in the kick back scheme so you may save yourself joke is you're a smart guy how did the united states government allow a russian company that's already under federal investigation through a subsidiary to then purchase our uranium and export of the answer is the gag dewitt says and seal the case yet yes sir now sir p s counsel foreign investment in the united states is a boy
bit of stakeholders in the united states government state department other folks ok the age ass they sit this poor and i think it's fourteen members they have to approve sales of things like uranium to the russians that could be danger to our national security who sits on that board hillary clinton here it clearly not the only one just to be clear but she's on this board scipios still prove joe the sale of uranium from the united states that we need that could be used as nuclear fuel night too as the time this russian back company nobody says anything pacific us about the ongoing case it magically disappears so the sale is approved folks this thing's stinks the russians no it stinks the russians have
love for the coincidence the clinton's word the ukrainians loved the clinton's the russians are not big fan of the collins the russians already know the clinton's or need deepening dirt because of the five your thousand dollar speaking feeder from renaissance bank member quid pro quo it's hard to prove but i'm just telling you the fat also the donations from geese dora annie prevention and causing stand where clinton saying it didn't happen couldn't sing all i went over to kazakhstan whatever have starbucks or something what you figure it out folks now you see what i'm go with this job with the clinton the russians already have their dirty need they play in the vague they needed on both sides now i'm being the ombudsman here yes a lot of information is there any way you can kind of bullet point the time mind before we move on so well i'm getting lost yep ok earlier
the uranium one scandal where the russians by by nuclear fuel anthea his before that there's restoration going on to a subsidiary the very same company rosa tomcat rosa tom's involving kickbacks in the sale of uranium to us right ok there's an going case nothing happened in the case for four years because the obama administration needs the russians on me i ran the thank you the case this played out in the dark night nobody goes about it the united aids then approves the sale of our uranium to same said russian company without any college merely whatsoever put out to this he's board about the prior case maisie some people knew you but it was not advertise now why were the russians trying to buy up the world's uranium i'm not going to thirty interest for the russians here's what i mean the russians is asthma
it was probably a national security interests with an economic angle or their mayo economic angle with a national security interests for the russians here's what i mean the russian as mccarthy points out is peace these correct our first world military power and like a ninety world economic power their economy is a complete mess the chinese economy is about ten times larger the russian saw an opening joe and a twofold purpose controlling uranium obviously because it can use this use of nuclear weapons is now for your national security a nice thumbs up right so also nice because it's a nice lucrative business as they found out through the rosa tom kickbacks theo through tenant so there to interest in them controlling this the united states folks knows this but we have such correct
people in the obama administration that for speaking fees and other stuff people seem to sideline a lot of those interests to make these things happen and the obama administration is interested in this i re india so all of these jobs secondary interests things crazy things like selling our nuclear fuel and empowering the russians are all sideline ok that's where clinton's dirtied up now we were the trump team comes in the russians to have no idea the trumps gonna lose they think he may but they then interest obviously and making people look stupid on the trump team as well just in case he wins so i'm getting the show notes today again the new york times own reporting it's not me you call me a conspiracy theories did ya gotta bring the new york times it is well i'm just going to put their art go in there the new york times i'm says in their peace recently that i'll put there again
at whole investigation into the trump russia connection joe started with george papa doubtless in a meeting in london bar george george papa that plus its rwanda taper bit papadopoulos is a low level back bencher who claims more connections to the trump team than the trump team can make claims them now to be fair he was one of their foreign policy advisers but nobody on the campaign disputes the fact this guy's a low level backbone journeys he's a he's a climber these ambitious pop doubtless who doesn't know much about the international relations especially with the presidential campaign is a cry wants to set up a meeting with russia he's disguise desperate to get us put his footprint on the campaign i but if the russian sniff this out early a guy i shows up in a bar in london in australia diplomat
this australian diplomat foreign affairs ministers in this bar with papadopoulos doubtless the new york times as well in a night of drinking papadopoulos show tells us tells australian diplomat that he know the russians have dirt on hillary clinton now is said to you in a prior episode if you re we believe a drunk guy in a bar samia dirt on hillary clinton the russians with everybody in america the world already new stuff this investigation i've got a bridge in brooklyn also you super cheap right now but this is the new york times on reporting i was ok according to the new york times it is that conversation joseph with this australian diplomat about the dirt hillary clinton that gets the fbi while their stirred up we got to investigate the trump team for russian collusion that's what starts the whole thing that's up if you listen he s regime but that's their allegation this is where the mind blowing begets scramble your eggs the australian
diplomat in the bars guy by the name of alexander downer just right the peace folks it's all in there and their doubter and what does he have to do it any this alex their downer is the foreign affairs minister for australia when australia made a deal with to the russians to do what to export uranium to russia that even some strange warlike who hate come again folks you think i'm you're not up all include a piece from australia's o news identities showing you this guy doubter supported his deal to sell uranium to russia through australia who an outfit and australia one ago so you're too let me this randal alexander doubter
magically shows up in a bar in london no weapon to do it whatsoever has authorization with a low level trump campaign guy joe but nobody the care pay knows outside of a limited circle people they have this conversation mysteriously out of the blue about dardania hillary clinton all of a sudden it initiates the the consequential counter intelligence investigation the united states history folks that is the biggest pile of steaming horse i've ever in my life gee i i'm convinced that this meeting was not random with doubter at this meeting in the london bar some they put down are up to this ores somebody came to downer afterwards if they if they didn't put him up to it directly and ask them for a download on the information my point
this whole thing is that there's a conduit here because now you may be saying all right so its work the little confusing and i want to try to tie it up for you a little bit ok now you have the russians their interests here's one sphere joe the russians their age enduring up trump they already got stuff on the collins why because they play the vague they want on everybody by the fbi's incentive for starting investigation here and how it the fbi start investigation if the russians if russians put down or up to it through a conduit why would the f b i get involved and here are the three players the russians the fbi and the bob administration we already know the russians interest sturdy up every one what's the deal administrations interest in getting down our trump the bob administrations interest in getting dirt on trump
or to hide everything i just told you about uranium one in the event trump wins the cranium one scandal is not just the clinton scandal it is a mega ten days some degree obama administration scandal the sale of our uranium and the export of our uranium to a vote a dangerous hostile foreign power or overseen by the obama administration with a blind i look towards even prior criminal activity they already knew about the barbara team can have that get out in any event they lose out play in the vague to the vague he's playing is hilary wins i'm good all goes away hilary loses within today at the end and an effort the beginning you no exact he's screwed he's not stupid
obama knows there's a small chance trouble win but he ate taken at chance the open administration ok because this is not just one person he's ahead of you secular branch they know something's up trot may pull this off they figure joe if they can dirty him up trop and his team and get a meeting with trump himself or trumped junior with the exact same players in the uranium one thing that they can make scandals go away at the same time because lessen the best way to get it i did not admit he could watch you commit murder is to get him to help you because head he's implicated through now it makes sense now why i a lot of this information that could not coming out who was the who is the lead on the case because the can branch of rosa tom was located maryland who is the disk
she's media the united states attorney for marilyn i know i work form as a secret service agent not directly but in that district in baltimore field office rod roses rose and steam handles the case now they are set up perfectly someone smokers the tribe team into get this guy did not get better rosen early i should say at making a deputy agee now there because rosen steam doesn't want this out either these managing a special council who does the appoint the fbi actor why over the entire rows tom investigation was going on bob mahler by the way you want another angle honest you for a loop putin bob mahler that appoint as is old dog on the special council to specifically go after the trump team allah reappointed reports andrew weissmann andrew why ben could mediately was the head the d j fraud division while the envy
legation it arose at times corrupt dealings in the united states was going on in the end he rose and steel mill mueller case which was which was gag which was sealed the guys are all in it folks uranium one scheme and this scheme to set up a trump bites being in these people vessel let's skier maybe other folks who met with papadopoulos and try to ties carter page may these people were done too dirty up tromp knowing that if they were dirty by the same people involved in the uranium one scheme if trump got elected it would all go away make sense yeah now we have the obama administration motive they're playing a vague to win dirt on tromp with the same players to the russians
we need dirt on everybody because where the russian so that's what we do play your number three the fbi how does the man a man not the men and women doubt there go there with me the men and women of the f b i grant cannot say that after the best i'm talking about a corrupted by of high level managers here how does the fbi b get suckered into this this is the genius part of this the fbi knows there well joe that take these these people at the top they can't work with russia intends to produce a fake dossier on a presidential candidate my gosh that would be i mean the email trail alone that would be enough to have people put the handcuffs tomorrow morning too much the f the eye joe needs a wall you need a wall between themselves
the russian information in the russian conduits approaching trump team members to dirty them up look we got a healer email take it take it take it take it take it get thirty authority so we can hide our uranium one thing the trump the trump team on this they don't shoot me the fbi needs a wall they needed disconnect between them and the russians they need the information launderer makes sense you know you their money doing legitimate businesses too dirty means they have done the information they need to log into a conduit who's that conduit fusion gps the fbi already has an established relationship with fusion gps the producers of the dirty dossier through it best legation joe they did into some our dealings with was it that fifa they already know you know christopher
feel they have a prior relationship with this guy christopher steel whose contracted diffusion gps christopher steals in all british intelligence guy they already have relationships with these people do prior dealings the bureau now knows that fusion gps this is why the bank goods for fusion gps or such a big deal they oh they can run this information this dirty information the stasi a crap all of these approaches to the trump team vessel net sky who met with fusion gps both before and after the don trumped junior meaningless in yesterday's show for that portion of it do you people are all dirtied up with fusion gps they can clean me information through fusion gps and christopher steel steel all them start approaching some republicans to row row row is right now
john mccain snapper meets we steel information is exchanged the information makes it back to the fbi but the f b i keep my jos already had this investigation because if you less information has felicity yesterday show jim call me already acknowledges that the counter intelligence investigation which he never notified congress about started in july of twenty sixteen june july twenty sixteen folks this thing freak instincts now a couple more things on this this is why the bank records for fusion gps they are desperate to hide them they can't anymore leon demanded that they admit the bank records show if it appears there is on the fusion bank records and there's another great peace by arlene mccarthy today in national venuses from today chuck
gradually is now sent a referral to the department of justice that they lie get to potential false statements made by christopher steal the fbi this is not as easy as it seems on its face there are none a vicious you're going on either the fbi i lied to congress or christopher steel i too the fbi but one those things have to be true job because something someone i don't have all the information either this mccarthy or anywhere else because we don't know what's steel and we don't know we gradually knows right now about what's theo told the f b i we don't know it all we know is the dossier joe steel allegations in the dossier we also oh there were statements he made to the fbi we know that one of these things is in truth we know the das it was but we know either the allied to the fbi or we know that steel
what's the or said to the fbi in those representations the congress we're not you i know that was little confusing so let me just meet someone up in a better way the bank records what's fusion gps paying people in the media steel then briefing the media working with you gps on the dossier and misrepresenting joe that fact to the fbi in other words was steel feeding information on the dirty dossier to the fbi while also free either steel is feeding this information to the fbi and lying to them about talking to the media in the deep sea at the same time one of these things is true steel who is well king with these rations to get this information either
steel is feeding this information to the fbi and lying to them about talking to the media in the dnc at the same time or an area to which is even more disturbing the fbi knows steel taking money from the dnc is getting russian information and is talking to them at the same time there the scandal and that the genius of the grass we referral for false statements because now the fbi is going to have to come forward and either acknowledge that new christy steel was working for the dead sea filter dirty russian info or their goal you have to acknowledge that they paid a guy who is doing so thing by near back with the media and they had no idea because joe they didn't very why their source and why is that important as it former federal investigator for
you to use and represent information to a court to get a warrant defies awards joe the warrant to spy on from whom i have to do what two things with the source material i have to show oh a track record of noted success with this source in the past and vouch for him or for the first time we're using and we're second time or use them i have to verify and authenticate the information or some combination of the two if the fbi i the genius of the grassy thing comes up right here the fbi ass to admit then that either it knows it was working with a guy who is working with hilary benn the russians or it oh it didn't properly verified source and it got burned and walked up in front of a fisa court joseph raises i'd handed said this informations legitimate when they never did their homework they are screwed
folks this whole did the swamp stench of this thing the swamps stinks stanch me it's you you i don't know now what by the way the trump team knows a lot of this some of them are not on our team not going to say who i'm saving that for a later date as sources start to feed me stuff i got an interesting one today there are sources on the trump team on people in the trunk team i should say that hard maybe not dirtied up by this joe but when a lot of this come it comes out are going to look very foolish and they are not giving all of the best ice they should because they're looking out for their personal interests keep it mine it's not just
like rats it knew about the rosa tom scandal when the uranium one sail was approved so folks a lot of swamp rats so just to sum up everything in a neat little but you know before i summoned up i have them sorry for we gonna pay for the show to that matter so let me just get to this is important critical by way thanks to everybody who supports our sponsors it means a lot can you show us but you by bodies have felt by our holidays or over folks but the winners just begun according to studies the air indoors can take up to a hundred times more pollution the era sigh something it drives joe and i wild because we're in basically all the time breathing polluted air every time i really am i mad i did these filter by guy said midsummer felt there's this guy causal this allergies it unnecessary wear and tear new h maxim happened to me cause me twelve thousand dollars a unit to get rid of to get rid of my old ones leading to a costly repairs or even worse the premature replacement of your entire system you gotta maintain it folks resolve to breathe better with filter by emerge
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so folks to this the sum this up again for you so this makes sense the trump you had to be set up they were outsiders being an outsider was a problem for the obama administration joe why is that because they run for office myself i can attest to this the people involved in politics joe for any length of time all have third on them whether that dirty criminal jos met probably a thousand politicians in the course of his daily duties at the talk radio studio come in and out i'm telling everyone a mess dirt is all that there are criminal know but i'm tellin you right we're going to have on him as as basically david an outsider to the process joe poos reputation is a renegade combatant annie basically stir you know what i mean and the fat tat they had already out at all this negative information they thought they were going to have on him as as basically de facto bright
or immature was already out the access hollywood tapes jody ones and they had nothing on tromp yeah yeah this bothers them right democrats have things on republicans and politics and republicans happening democrats and what does it do joe it benefits the why always because it makes sure that the next administration never goes after the behind five years of the prior administration no matter how untoward will all sitting together with all smell together in the same garbage can you do your tax well do our single payer but we're never gonna go after the criminality or the destructive babe you because i got stuff on you you know because we know about what you did before they had none of that on trump there's a total outside or to it and everything they thought had they had a fabricate the dossier they needed trop dirty because they needed him to play ball this
operation on trump which i'm telling you i'm absolutely convey had a genesis in the russians needing information and the open i'm a team leading dirt run but when information wash your infusion gps to make it all look like they were disconnected there interests were symbiotic joe they all needed dirt on trump because they all needed trumped to play ball they took advantage of suckers in the upper level management the fbi who let their pure political hatred for trump allowed them to be sought and based on a prior relationship they had profusion gps because they wanted to either suck up to the obama administration may be because they thought they would in favour in a future hillary clinton administration for promotion or maybe they just hated trump so much as evidenced by their email traffic their political affiliations and their failure to even do basic things joe like notify
congress eve tape yesterday about the investigation had ongoing maybe this was all due to a latent just of talks i hate to say it because i am absolutely not i regret the rank and file the f b i am talking about the select group of managers precept mackay stroke call me maybe they allowed their own personal ambition to align with their political affiliation with the democrats do either themselves or their families member all of these people are they're married to broke hilary people who are themselves rabid anti trappers the fbi i allows itself to be used as a tool by to see bridge spheres the obama administration and the russians who are both interested in dirty tromp because he's not a politician and they don't have the dirt to make him play ball and make the uranium wanting disappear when trumped gets an office like every other republican politician would have done
it makes sense now joe i didn't lose you along the way that i am good folks please listen twice three if you can't we don't get any extra credit for and i promise you but please i understand that this was all in f from the beginning to dirty up the trump team they had thing there was no credit genesis for this investigation whatsoever there was none to warrant it this was an effort the end i time to put a target under back of the trump team to make europe me i'm one and other scandals the obama administration was involved and disappear when trump garden office that is the and that is what this entire investigation has been about bob mahler about this but broadband he knows about this they ve been involved in cases that they have effectively gag people from talking about and when the information comes out especially by the informant in
regional rosa tom prosecution that rosen teen and roses thin and mahler review played out an and gagged witnesses when that information comes out how corrupted the russians were in their uranium sales to the united states in the fact that information didn't get out there before we gave uranium to them in it and in iran leave ably corrupted sale when information comes out this is what everybody's afraid of and i'm afraid model who doesn't want to be embarrassed is afraid that this is gonna put a stain on him as well larger yeah that's a lot reset your hang and with me and others more to come on this in future as let's just say information filters and go to my website bungee know that come i'll have these out in these articles up there for you to read today if you want to subscribe to my email is that bunch you know that come i will eat male these articles you can read them yourself right here in box and you will be as stunned as i was when i was directed to them
you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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