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Ep. 630 Exposing the coverup of the biggest scandal in American history

2018-01-10 | 🔗

Is this former Obama administration official covering up his role in the biggest scandal in American history?

Either Fusion GPS was working as a political operation or they were working as FBI informants. Both of these things shouldn’t be true. Here’s the truth.

Fusion GPS is claiming someone has already been killed as a result of the inquiry into their activities.

Google is now “fact-checking” conservative web sites.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that's not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i work of the devil gino shall produce joe our you pain and their good again looking at that elvis mania yours and our i listened folks here's the deal so did the friday show tromp operation was set up we did this on monday why this set up we did this joe yesterday the cover for uranium one and a lot of things today because we do have to back to some other stories i don't want to bombard you with five straight days or of this poor straight days this but it's only the guess scandal of our entire lifetime today i'm going to sum up for you quickly some remaining outstanding questions on this and a puzzling question have tipp they could of tree house guys that i was turned on two last night this morning by someone
and they provide some for interesting information just amber where we are cooperation is set up it said but it's spied on by the obama team they need to be dirtied up the trump team why because the vomit team needs to cover for the failure of the russian reset the array in one operation all the other nonsense afterwards the daylight happens trump gets elected everybody's in a pack that's where we are going to get to all this in a second before we get started cause i'm gonna break up anything during the show tat shows cuba bodies at i target this is the best firearms training system out their folks love this product we get nothing but spectacular reviews on my email about it there are people who can't put the thing down once he pick it up it is it is a directive which is a good thing anybody can shoot a fire folks we all know that the question is me as a former secret service agent and a cop is obviously matters can you shoot a firearm accurately can you what you're shooting at the eye
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the shooting from your bed you wanna practice shooting from around a corner you could do it safely with the eye target system reason that target it is a great system i target pro dotcom that's i letter i target pro dotcom go to the website i target programme com use promo code dan you'll get ten percent off send me your views on this project will not be able to put it down you'll be shooting the wings off for a fruit fly but that brings me to say something else but i get i love this so much you be shooting ways off fruit fly by the time you done ok some outstanding questions on this trump the biggest scandal lifetime the trumpet russia conspiracy fairytale spying operation so said to me yesterday i still don't understand the connection between uranium one and the trump spying thing well that's what yesterday show was all about and you go back in for all of the details because i want to repeat yesterday show but maybe i should just summon up for you don't make sense theo
administration during entire eight years folks was committed to a rebalancing of power in the middle east way from the saudis and into more of is she a dominated the power balance to the sudanese denied saudi arabia they now joe if i lose any basic starting ok they want to empower i ran in an effort to reach i once power now this isn't a secret the obama administration was seeking it ran deal from most the minute they got an office ok they needed but with the iranians now i'm not gonna go all the politics of that right now you all know was a crap deal we basically gave a path to nuclear radiation to the iranians but nor do that they needed the russians on board because the russians and iranians have kind of a symbiotic relationship as well for all kinds of reasons europe
ports in syria the russians have that they use the syrians or are aligned with the iranians there's a lotta geo political stuff you're all you need to know for the purpose of this is that the the russian reset joan remember the russian receveur the obama administration they wanted to reach set relationships with the russians for those you miss that there was a stupid reset button hilary at all that has to do with one obama thinking he was gonna u know save the world and put a band aid on it you know that since he did think the russians were serious drugs he's not a cold warrior in it the traditional sense at all oh he needed the russians for the i ran the so he didn't want to make the russians look bad obama needed to appease the russians at all costs at yesterday's podcast when the russians bought the uranium thoreau the time in the united states the obama administration does nothing to stop the deal even though they know the russian
pretty buying uranium joe is already under serious federal investigation for money laundering activity they know this this comes up in the briefing about them the russian but he buying uranium in the united states not eric holders and bring it up nobody brings it up on the city is more than us to approve the deal i do i talked about this gesture but this is important to set up because if you miss the connection none of this makes any sense why tromp was spied out the russian reset old catastrophically when look at me you and eager anticipation i love this because we don't rehearse this before it shows i'd really like to look at his reaction to the shouldn't reset fails when the russians invade you create when the right invade eastern ukraine and crimea album realises he's with an idea tat was a picture that as a piss joseph well said in the most dip
attic unscientific of turkey is joe always we may want to put that on one of our teachers when we get that out that's a pitcher joe erbakan quote that's a picture it is he is in a world of trouble now because entire idea that there are one moderates and i ran back have collapses slowly but also this idea that the russians are in an aggressive geo political fao collapses because they invade their partner in ukraine now what is he going to say hey there kids are great they just invaded their neighbors started whack people maybe they're not so great now in a panic the right do bomb administration men can have any of that information joe about how they bypassed nor or procedures to let the russians by our uranium get out there because be allowed the russians to buy our uranium job was premised on the fact that these were good guys right here the rushes however we were only told the russians were evil again after trump one bright you remember about
the door into care paying job would mitt romney robbie goes hey the russians are our biggest geo political phone call met you know you should get your foreign policy back now he said obama he was making fun of only for pointing out the danger of the russians presented folks this all happened this isn't conspiracy theories of this all happened that is on tape you can look it up yourself we were only too the russians were bad again if the trump one because they needed a narrative to cover their asses russian invade ukraine now the idea that the russians are a friend is out the window now the pound experts in all my gosh resold them uranium we're not that job we seldom uranium new accompanying that's already pledged guilty of money laundering move around cheese i mean this is the connection so see where we are now the above
administration now says to themselves ok the russians evaded ukraine or bad actors but we seldom uranium what happens show if trump wins see that but then i worried if hilary wins and the russians are inadequacy already have dirt on hilary as i said yesterday the russians want dirt on everyone but the bob administrations worried because if hilary wins it's no big deal i'd all got hilary just sweeps and under the rug and it goes away like everything went away into the obama administration right now they appoint people member you know people our politics folks you you appoint bureaucrats the fbi in the oj who are clinton acolytes they're not gonna die they're going to cover for hilary and nor the uranium one garbage saga they have already done it the proof is an now the obama administration after the ukraine invasion starts to panic a little bit and realizes damn if trump get elected the is all going to come out what we did the cell uranium to the russians despite the fact
that a fifth of our energy use new is provided by nuclear fuel but we produce a fifth of the nuclear fuel wait wait you're saying then we'll supply enough of our own nuclear fuel to why our own energy that needs in the united states and yet we export it it the russians we ve just been told by the democrats after the trump election are are a danger to humanity that's what i'm telling you none of this is disputed folks this is all fact now this population granted but paste evidence as a former criminal investigator i'm putting together is that the above i'm administration is grotesquely uncomfortable with all of this when the ukraine invasion happens they dont they are worried because they don't want it to come out of trump gets elected now great now you get to you what did i do understand that how is this tide in any way to the trumps thing they need the dirty up job they need to dirty up
properties players using this players involved in uranium one that way of trump threatens to expose it take up what look look we have on you now we approached your people about russian emails and by the way that sell out of these are the same players involved in the uranium one mahler road since then all of that australians i told you about yesterday there this requires now all of a sudden its you gonna joe rob the bank you want the guy to rob a bank with you you know what it reminds me of john you said something yesterday after the shops dammit why don't you say that torrent sites like it was a great observation we were talking about how their money is circles i forget this keep that you might like enjoys example too because joe said to me yesterday you as you know we should have set about the russians instead of their play in the vague like a bookie they play in both it's against each other because they get the vague he said you should have talked about these people who donate about political parties i suggested
brilliant example why do they do that don't they show they interested in a winner no there are only interested in who win they are not interested in the winter makes it what's the difference they don't our words they ve already paid off both right it does it matter so about you you want to have that reverse their interest in the winter not who widths that's that's actually the better way to say right show their allegiance we're not who will i don't care they already paid off both sides the russians needed dirt they were more than frida comply in this sting and provide formation through the democrats do fusion gps the dirty up trump because they don't ere they want dirt on every body that's number one number two on the circle thing therefore was a cop in new york who did what didn't want play when there were caught they were dirty cops in new york at the time we had our small portion of not at five dirty bigtime those cops
why did sir pagoda take the bribes to they were drug dealers pay and off cobb saying hey here's a gears caught you know don't arrest us our eye nikobob look the other way there ok serpico things amos francs or because you need to take part these two years that when he set out a wanted and a freak people our job because why now he's not involved in this game you see what i'm saying like if he's our involvement is game he could become a rat court you know what he's sure they want a rat metreb tea they wanted the trunk team dirty tomb so send these same russian players who bought the uranium knew the people about the uranium or were connected connected to people bought the euro to the uranium through putin who wants the uranium they send the same players through the future gps team to set up the trump team which the old i'm a team vacuums up because they want to team dirty to knowing that
tromp wins and their dirty by the same crime just like their taken them the money from the drug dealers like serpico didn't didn't take it data ride of surgical takes the money you can't wrapped because he's guilty to make sense to good way to put it now that's the connection and the connection is made to a number of people some of whom i addressed yesterday but the big connection here i think to all of this is the russian lawyer meets with don trumped junior why meet with don trump you knew what is this lady have to do with anything well she rep presents pressures on she repressed it's a company we tie to the russian government that was involved in money laundering tries to do in the united states she gets in she's deny the ability to stay all of a sudden he gets a visa to stay she then
peers as she represents a company with known ties to the russian government involvement money laundering case joe she then pops in two getting with don junior alleging to have information about hilary which you never produces i don't understand get a meeting with the prodi president deeper potential future present at the time a candidate don tromp you get me with his son one of his most advise joe behold so the meeting is that you have bad if by the way down puts all these down structures but all these emails out there is clearly you'll be a submarine can release all the emails right right maybe a barber see a bad idea to take the meeting i think he's acknowledge that but they show i can say here we have negative information on hilary and what did she do you see how is it you want to talk about russian adoption or the magnet ski act says to me ass a set up the whole it's a set up when dont trouble
if junior by the way leaves the meeting early because he realises this is probably a bad idea to total waste the time they panic they ve got nothing just remember the circle of the good in this case i my opinion on trumped junior didn't take the money he did sit in a meeting and continue to probe about you know hey now need to get us all that dirt you soon if they had nothing they he did them dirty this lady was intimately connected to the russian government next year is the fact that the bob bob administration needs to hide this uranium one deal after that ukrainian invasion they need trump dirt he's so that he doesn't exposes stuff that's the connection granted granted i get it is there a direct money trail in other words you know the idea rose tom chairman paid vessel net skier to go instead
on twelve june we don't have that yet theirs clear smoking gun in this but folks remember these cases are built on first levels of proof first you get you know basic standard evidence then you get reason suspicion then you get proper bull cause and then you get beyond the reasonable doubt which the level of conviction is i'm not making a criminal case right now that these too are connected but air making to a logical inference based on a series of facts were again the deductions making just make sense it's the only possible explanation i mean are you seriously telling me that this vessel skier whose connected to this company backed by backers of poor privacy is representing them accord is your lawyer meat fusion gps horse ending the russian intel on the dnc through the dossier to set up trump
she meets with those same people before she meets with don trope junior she's connected to occur but he connected to the russian government connected the putin she meets refusing gps after the don junior meaning and there's zero connection whatsoever between the russian government trying to cover some of their own interests and set up the trump team function make any sense of course it does it now an outstanding question sorry to check the time here see now the me a job a different set up i can steer may get a switch back and forth sometimes between screens are it but you before i get to the second question we just i do three exists is important because i gotta question yesterday jody that makes sense by the way you have very clear that there is no smoking gun evidence right now that these too are direct we try to monitor i've just telling you laying out the timeline effects i told you all of these things that happen what is the other if you
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orders always spike they're fine there's no specific promo code for them expect you do get the five percent off and you said abortive livery but they know i appreciate you all trying to take care of us but trust me filter by ecstatic about our audience you all are fantastic thank you so yeah your view geyser you guys your great so we really appreciate they now ok so yesterday something happened yesterday in the case i got a ton of emails on and i and so you know how i'm getting all this because i did get a couple questions before i get to the one i just addressed couple of email increase came in how do you know all this folks i have couple really good sources one specifically was personally impacted by a lot of what's going on i am obviously can tell you who they are but i've been direct the certain places by certain people who know things there are some people who are
get out of their caboose isn't don't know what you're talking about there are some who have really good sources there somewhere good sources but are often certain things i'm getting this add to me by a number of different people and assessed is the show takes off there want to make sure they show remains a vehicle to get the truth at their job it's how i'm getting all this i i just want to be sure about that want to be sure you nobody so i got a question yesterday was i was glenn simpson effusion gps why was his testimony to congress leak now a case you missed it yesterday was a major story don't let this slip by eu glenn simpson who is the one of the owners error you know big each effusion gps guys which views gps just to be clear as the company high by the ira by the dnc and here ray clinton to go and produce the dossier on donald trump which they get from russian intelligent sources russian intel
feeds information effusion gps glenn simpsons crew over there they then give to the dnc it makes its way the fbi now you been listened to show that's all basic view but i want to make sure we understand we're talking about their cell fusion gps schools glenn simpson is goes up and testifies in front of a senate committee in that senate committee the testimony is within those four walls it's not supposed to be released right mysteriously yesterday a democrat on the committee diane feinstein released is a transcript of the testimony without going to chuck gradually the chairman of the committee now i gotta people set out an email me in treating me like crazy dan is does it make sense if the democrats are covered bring for fusion gps that got in for patient from russian intel and was being paid by the damn grants to do it and then
information made it to the fbi to attack and sting the trump team right why would it crash diane feinstein released the transcript of his testimony i think this through think this through shall you remember mike flynn trumps national security adviser yes i do then mike flynn view since the chose again was might flint was was charged and plead guilty to a achieve by the fbi right the church large was eighteen usc one thousand one false statements made the fbi now i was starting to come together the democrats einstein included or in a panic about what i told you over the course of the past three episodes job they know it
basically what i told you about uranium y know where you're going they know exactly what i told you about this thing operation that once this specifically on this committee not everyone on capital is read it to the whole programme nunez knows the whole thing on the republic inside einstein knows this thing is a mess for the democrats when they find out the level of spying that one on by the obama administration against the trump team we also know that now the precedent job for law enforcement spin set that false it means for the f b i will be prosecuted and you will be put potentially in jail i now would diane feinstein not notify anybody else its rules and procedures and everything else release a transcript of exactly what the future gps guy said in congress i'm an answer that for you right now and most of you probably already figured it out jos nodding in approval so
every one else called to testify in future has exact transcript of how to answer every single question so they're not charge would fall state i am a lamb at sit bab elaborate jab on sovereign created shows up at your door because you know this entire house of cards is coming down you are involved in uranium one you are in of them despite scandal all of a sudden you pull up your handy dandy enlightened simpson for views a gps transcript six point what are ya do you feel about the yankees versus the mets i like the yankees unlikely he's still mr every age copy that roger dodger it's a fair should be more why would i thought they were and i thought they were trying to hide all this they our trying to hide all this but if you read the three hundred plus page transcript of exam finally what simpson said you're fine that its it makes perfect sense from there
these are the critical questions eda refuses to answer the questions does answer he answers in a way that completely discredit his entire organization did you fight is well not really i mean it's a mess it's a mess when it comes to sources well you know what to give up our sources problem put any throws out this this this winter joe simpson terms the testimony to congress that instead of committee this is by the way a source is already died because we released information that's why we want you know we want keep our source for real light but source is already died are you sure about that folks it makes i got emails about all kinds of goods that are gonna think it's me did they restock satellite dead left this use that to its but all kinds of connections people are making here that i am not willing to we're not gonna do that yeah
even remotely copy with a lot of people to me and said i know it is i'm going to i'll find out what i found i don't mind even remotely comfortable put it at one we believe since it is telling the truth if anybody people died in may we don't know who died we have now why we re exactly larger people apparently this guy's got zero quit about the entire country was wiped out and you never know but here's the kicker here he says something in there it's three hundred and twelve page transcript that's released which a b done so everybody has the script joe everybody's got to play book ok but he said something in there that's killer no pun intended he says i spoke to the everyday ask him i should gloomy sent an upright that's why i'm very deliberate i met the pregnant pauses or not for effect they have to give you time digest this so you are
stand this laid out methodically rationally and not hysterically i mean it this is critical these are the this important episodes joe and i have ever done dead serious here i know we ve joe i messed around a lot i was born for this case i cannot put i've been reading nonstop by them a little announcement of putting together a book on this joe i tell you this how you did on putting together an a with my a watermark colombo on this it'll be out soon folks so all of you asking me about this time line it is all going to be laid out a short sweetie become and right to your baby i've been i bit i have not been able to put down information on this we have a float art of players in this madness that what looks like a criminal case on a board i am obsessed with this case because it is the biggest scandal in u s history getting back to us sorry to get to spend money to put that at this i'll let you know an epoch available the bribery
simpson says at one point that he because they ask him why he approached the fbi with this information drove it was unverified remember the information we're talking about the door be the russians provided on trump that's fake it's not true so they ask him why did you give this to the fbi he said something that nobody's covering on the news again and even the people i follow we seem to be read and on social media seem to have missed because i approached the fbi because the information in their with so damaging that have trump was elected president he could have been bribed wit now this hasn't wrong jos bell yet because i can tell but joe you and i recorded a podcast about a month ago i was in trump international on a trip in rome are we recorded in early that a of the night before because i had a fly out and i said
joe i'm really tired and this is gonna be a crap show and it was one of the best damn shows we ve ever the classic remember the day forgive me but call back and listen to that show i gotta find a date on that baby we're i talked member though you talked about sally yeats logan yeah yeah yeah yeah that show you don't but then aimed i did you do i which is killing me i was one of the most important shows we ever did all makes sense what i just said if you listen to that show here it is a sum it up for you this the exact same argument used to be my point joe i know you joe let what you say you when i have a friend bobby riot barbecue if be goes into a local gas station and is under charge for gas he buys twenty in gas and pays nineteen but it's really that i'm not a serious crime police would investigate but he knows
we pay is nineteen he walks i do you really think the cops are going to estimate that lets say the gas station or does it could play training now he that right nothing happened right and from setting this up i just want to be clear folks because i'm trying to give to you that there are three it happened that are in clear violation of law he took twenty in gas we paid nineteen but there violations of why anybody cares about so we don't waste law enforcement dollars is a free society and you know people jaywalk all the time you're breaking the law nobody gets therefore why because nobody cares society is deemed this not serious enough to waste taxpayer dollars on ok support now bobby joe and ice friend who paid nineteen for twenty and gas is bobby subjected to bribery by me and joe if we go up to as a bobby a station owners my friends we found out you paid
in tee for twenty hours bobby turn over your entire business and assets to us and if you dont we're going to the police with this nineteen and twenty bobby's gotta go fungi go to the cops about that what good luck it's probably say to yourself now i don't get it you will what happened by coming to get back to lose my place here i'm gonna get back to what happened with the bribery thing in fusion the second but i want you to their stand the circular reasoning going on here to cover their asses sally yeats sally aids deputy attorney general it d o j and known eighty tramper the water fired by tromp for not enforcing the travel ban tat we yeats walks into the trap administration tells them that day
information on mike flynn the national security adviser has been appointed there information on my twin so bad job that he could so bad that he could be jackie to bribery now show why what is this what are they have on flynn now what's are we doing she's covering her but for all of the surveillance that happened on mike flynn in the past now they were surveillance mike flynn and sally yeats is telling trump and pants and everyone else what is this crime joe what is this astonishing outstanding crime that my jewels like gosh what happened here i waited the logan act here he did what son of a sir what shows like what now joe already knows the logan exotics or the joke it the gig is the chicks up on him but the gig to but the log in
it has never been enforced successfully an american history and no one pigs are seriously matter factors and solid you it to be baby that it's not even constitutional the logan act basically says it's a hundred year olds dodd statute that nobody has ever prosecuted in u s history it is the j why king of federal crimes it is paying ninety four twenty dollars and gas of local crimes thirty april i bid citizen cannot engage in foreign policy with a foreign government nobody's why isn't jimmy carter and you are talking to the palestinians why is jesse jackson in jail for talking to north koreans what joe why dennis rob been in jail forego to north korea the answer because this isn't even constitutional nobody's been prosecuted except my point to be fair flynn was prosecuted for false statements not for the logan act but what do you want
spare me analogy here walking into the white house and telling the president that might flynn page nineteen dollars for twenty hours you guess therefore we were surveillance you're here team at random drops thing operation and we're gonna put flint in jail is re dog gillis that's a level ridiculous so absurd it's insane he was subjected sally age very legitimate case i choose me in her mind she made an actually illegitimate case tat mike flint could be bribed by the russians because the russians knew he conducted foreign policy with them in violation of the federal jaywalking of crimes the logan i argue carrying me now is the simpsons story coming together simpson of course knows this job he know
who's the back story for the obama team to cover for their spying too dirty up the trump team make sure their dirty so they don't investigate the obama team after they leave office he knows the back story here is all of this was done invite the of the logan act which would have them susceptible bribery how to simpson notice because he's already seen these he's already seen a story this is already out there the wash them examiners than some great work on this and it has byron york york is already expose this how sally yeats use the logan act talk about delicious prosecution near so simpson shows up now you listen to yesterday's show you'll know that the big problem with simpson mommy checks up here eureka the big problem with simpson is why i the heck were you talking to the fbi
felicity yesterday show you'll see the problem now the fbi has simpson is what simpson your source and you exclusive source and you failed to verifies info therefore swore on the record for a fire of war which i get to this in a second time this information was authentic even though you never verified it meaning you lied or what simpson not your source and simpson was dealing with the press in paying off press outlets do is both both of those stories campi true either emphasis was paying the press off that's why they're hiding their bank records to get this trumped assay out there and was essentially a political operative working for the clinton campaign or he was a legitimate verifiable fbi source that was not doing that and the information was verified and therefore he was the source of spying in attempting both for those things cannot be true folks and authentic take
viable credible fbi source cannot also be paying off media outlets deploy political dirt do you see how do you get what i'm saying makes it yeah yeah yeah the f b i would never in a million years be able to go into court get a pfizer born saying that their source for the information was paying off the media and being paid by an opposition political campaign to plant dirt on a political candidate to judge what lock you up in court right right both of those worries cannot be true does that involve this if both stories care be true syn so needs and out as to why you talk to the fbi while he was working with media outlets to plant political dirt because then just looks like he's knee deep a conspiracy to spy on a trump team so what does he say he's already read the stories about sally yeats bribery mad is explosive if it
yeah jaywalking so what does he do he walks into the room the transcript of way of others testimony simpsons testimony they ask him why he approached the fbi now now than before photo you may say ok but you see until this why he really approach the fbi why in other words i make this up about the bribe anything here's the kicker this is a dramatic pause because i'm telling you this is where the case blows my mind i'm willing to bet dollars to doughnuts he didn't approach the fbi the fbi approached him and that is explosive if in fact true now keep in mind is it if simpson percy fbi casino working relationship and pass on a different case it's bad boy
it is catastrophically worse if the fbi approach kim already knowing joe he treating information political information to media outlets to damage donald from that why i believe he's covering and making up this reason about well i had this any reason again which which is nonsense is i had this thirty dossier on top of unverified crap and he could have been bribed so i put he already read that story about sally eights painting himself with some white knight you see john look what i was doing i was saving the republic the russians could a bride that's what on fake information this is nonsense folks now makes sense by the way they caught up citizen has the hide how the connection to the fbi was maiden because if the f b i reached out to him the floor
questions can be why why would the fbi reach out to a guy knowingly being paid by the clinton's and getting information from the russian until i mean sound like a sting operational me stay here it's the cover this answer no matter what he's already heard the right answer from sally yeats here and now every democrat out there are liberal and attack machine already has the information from simpson to be so now keep her mind folks that's why transcript was released watching but you're as more people appalled in front a congressional committees an fbi agents growing narratives gonna be all we did all of this because we thought trumped could be bribed by the russians because we had this information that was fake that's their cover for the biggest question in all four shows now put together why the hell was that
fbi in the department of justice national security division investigating donald trump that is going to you see the circular reasoning i said to you from the start the most critical question i thought was the dossier was the pfizer warrant was the dossier used to get a fine words spy in europe are now telling you that's not the most critical question the most critical question now is why where people approaching the trump team in a sting operation what started what started not one person has produced evidence of one predicate crime not one that would indicate tat the trump team should have been under investigation not one where we are restarting random investigations against political opponents now not one that is why simpsons covering for that initial contact with the fbi with this nonsense bribery narrative and you're going to see this bribery narrative come up again in the future as every be covers why it started this
kill reasonings clear why did it start because we trump the bride by the russians because of the dossier well how the dossier right back to the start what we had investigation gets trump worldwide i've investigation arrogance trouble because we gotta be bribed by formation the russians that year but how did you know trouble deprived how did you start investigation when we had the dossier cause erotic there's no reason it's just one big stupid circle now here's an interesting question conservative tree asked i put out to this morning that i hadn't considered you ve been operating on the principle the entire time here that there why a pfizer warrant from the pfizer court or an intelligent surveillance court these are separate warrants from title three criminal warrants i've told you before us
former fed there's a wire tap provision wires are really capped anymore the way work is totally different than it used to be back in the day but a criminal ward different you have to exhaust all other avenues you have to produce a probable cause document and i can listen to joe on his phone if i get that warrant from a charge pfizer warrants are different you have to show your acting as an agent of a foreign power and you and violation of federal law by doing those are separate warrants we operating on the principle the entire time that there was a fire a warrant issued in october october what he sixty that that pfizer warrant was or a computer server in trump tower it's been widely reported by cnn by the washed again i'm not saying monseigneur credible just saying that this has been the opera in principle that the bomb administration had so a pfizer warrant to spy on the trump team in october of twenty sixteen they were done
i'd in june for the same work which is odd by the way because there never deny which says to me this is a crap case to begin with but conservative tree ass guys pose an interesting question this morning what if there was a final word at all now disagree with them on that not get to my reasons in a second here poor wrap this up but before we do that they be these guys i'll tell you what they link their stuff ok from credit have they listen to my show or not they retreated at the other day but i get various sources were pointing needed them and other people and emails they have in signal try victor given me and staff and is an interesting point they make you have cut ready jump yet this is jim plan her obama's director of national intelligence who keep in mind knows
out all this stuff he overseas all the compartmentalized information within the various intelligence agencies the united states government if there's a eyes a warrant just to be clear if there is a fine a warrant to spy on the trump team issued in october he would know about it this is clapper in march of the following year obama's out of office he's a civilian now on meat the press being asked by chuck todd about this fine warner before we play it let me be crystal clear of theirs five award this dude knows play the let me start with the president's tweets yesterday this idea that may be present obama ordered in illegal wiretap of his offices if something like that happened would this be something you would be aware of i would certainly also cancer obviously not i can't speak virtually any more but i will say that for the part of the national security apparatus that i oversize dna there was no such wiretap activity
the mounted against the present the president elect at the time were there as a candidate or against this campaign can't speak for other title three rising entities in the government or state or local and how does it say if the fbi for instance had to face a court order of some sort first surveillance with that information you would know are not now yes you would be told that i would know that if there was a vice a court order on something like this something like and at this point you can't confirm or deny whether that exists i can denied there is no vice a quarter not to my knowledge anything a trump tower no why of course there was little joe or because the dish it at the end which i love jobs out of britain did you hear that
those guys it conservatory s are pulling up their cut which i i've seen but it's been out there but these guys put it together really well what the hell jim clapper the audience director who would it says on the job you argue cut says chuck taught am in no uncertain terms would you know about it if it was air the pfizer why yes does the finds warrant exist no now the tree our skies put out a really cool other clip which i'm gonna play zone a longer but it i'll just summoned up way an interview months later withdraw amendment on cnn we're clapper does the same thing there's no is a war and they make it elegant point joe if clapper was lying chuck tightened and understood hence the gravity of what he believed me he knows the trouble there in the house of cards is coming down does he returned don lemon agree to do a media appearance on cnn number one and number two
one the air and give the that same answer months later after use that time this do about it if he's lying no he's not going to say the same why twice he knows you're in trouble but he says you may be saying what then i don't you just said there was a fire of war now you saying clapper said there's no pfizer warrant here's the owl you think he gave himself because folks here why this is such a huge issue in this case the fact that the trial team with spied on jobs to what the word is bad enough if tromp team was spied on without a warrant now joe sees what a bill why when we go live to video intent on our part can begin you see what i'm doing to help oh we crises we
only have the biggest scandal in american history we have we have a very solid criminal case you cannot both folks let me ask asked to critical questions lonesome don't clamorous tell him the truth and there's no pfizer weren't joel we ask you this if there's no five word how that held to get their hands on the transcript of michael in conversation with the with the russian ambassador that they used to prosecute him on false statements have they get that what we have a tape recorder in this house it wasn't it is house by the way flint he wasn't even when the conversation app how they get conversation sets our heads rapture that the perfect time we haven't use it briquettes gradually folksy a thick secondly on temper seventh of twenty sixteen judge ralph contreras was assigned to the flint case the false statements case show refused them
out from the case but the way what why why would a federal judge refuse himself from might flints case awareness judge rudolf contreras also sit on the fine he's one of eleven judges sit on the court happened i'd have under the radar yeah folks since the part where i dont know how many times when i don't know but i'm gonna put this there for you to email me in backyard on themselves i got some would me today some hope and have some more information for you on tomorrow shall maybe if not next week on this question here the question i want to leave you with if there was no pfizer worn in this ace and jim clamorous tell him the truth how their hacked they get their hands on ike flinch transcript and how is poor man afford the wire tap a poor man
implicated all this member clamours so let us be clear that no member of the trump team either joanna fort was a campaign manager yet has been widely acknowledged in the press that the wire tap the matter i ve been up and running for a long time how they get their hands on flinch transcript if he wasn't being wiretap and how did they get myths on man afford how if there was no pfizer war how is the united states government spying on someone without a warrant if jim wrappers tell him the truth this case is even worse than i thought if jim clap risen telling the truth this case even worse than i thought now one quitting about clap or and this is why i am sceptical you may say you sound like you're making a case as to why there you know please tell i don't think so and here's why you go back why not progress listen to equip again he
is conclusive in his conclusions intended that way but he's not would you know yes i would now if the fbi had advise a warrant or british over at issue you try to get a prize warrant issued by the fisk would you know i would know but there does he say joe he says but i can't speak on behalf of the other agencies you just did p just did chuck touch they asked him what you know about this if there was an outstanding warrant against the trumpet yes i would know he says it twice but then he also says twice but i can't speak for the other agencies i think clapper knows the upper level of the fbi that were involved in this yet the trappers had far exceeded their authority and say it down with that and he knows there's a pfizer warrant but he wants nothing to do with it and this is the key what does the coup de grace here
doing it because he knows later he could be subjected the prosecution and he wants it on tape later that he knew nothing about this even though he did died but you that's what happened that's that i can't speak about the other agencies why put tat in there this is not enough put guy why put our meat the press so we can refer actual guy i didn't know look what i said on march twenty why go on down months later and refer back to your march whatever march appearance on on meat depressing just say it again i don't know why that if you had nothing to hide whom folks please go to buy gino that company please i have my email is i'm gonna put some more killer links about all of this articles by any mccarthy conservative tree house peace email em right your inbox go to my email is subscribed today you must must read this
have to be read in what's going on it is is it you couldn't write there's a spine our folks people would were publishes would refuse because it would be so crazy but it's not a conspiracy theory if it actually happened i folks see autobahn you just heard tan bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and followed then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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