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Ep. 632 Just How Big of a Scandal is This?

2018-01-12 | 🔗

Why are the Democrats rehabilitating the discredited Russian dossier? Here’s a theory. 

Here’s a report from May of 2017 which is troubling given the still open questions surrounding who the FBI shared classified intelligence with.

How big of a role did the dossier play in the spying scandal?

Here’s a FISA court document exposing the misuse of raw intelligence information by the FBI and NSA. Pay attention to pages 20 and 83.

CNN attacks Trump, again!


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Ready to hear the truth about Amerika upon his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan bones. You know I wasn't a damp GINO shall produce Joe. How are you today to be abandoned? Umbers outnumber spin, it saying thank you so much folks, a suit me by the numbers you ve been joined. The last five shows very like double than triple the hidden settle thanks a lot I'd up. I got a lot To get through today, I'm open, get to some other topics as well. There is a lot going under the news. I had a sideline due to this pressing urgency this this Fiasco being exposed, but the spying on the Trump team have a few more points on that to its unanswered questions. At some emails I don't usually do shouts by the way on the show Joe, but shout out to get an email, and it was I've. Seen seen these guys foreshadow to the Donald
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It's got a bit of a cherry and a little bit licorice flavour. I love it. It's delicious. I put it in green tea. I think it's terrific go pick it up field, a green that's, feel the greens better health, its folks. This is really really Gauvain ice. Pick up nice, better energy pick up really middle data have to worry about, eaten all these. and vegetables try it if you can to Edith he fruits and vegetables with it. But this is a good fruit and vegetable backup plan. In case you can't get a moloch go pick it up. Today, ass nutrition that calm, Slash Dan, that's brick! Ass nutrition, dotcom slashed Dan pick up your feel, the greens tonight, ok Joe! Yes, a lot going on and let where do we go? We seven answer requested. Let's do this first came Strasser. Has a wonderful piece in the Wall Street Journal today, I will put in a show notes at punch. You know that calm join my email list, I'll email mail write to you maybe subscriber only in the journal of some of the pieces are some art, but give it a look regardless I'll. Stick it in their day,
Dossier. T rehab has begun and she has a really fastening theory and that's gonna play into the second portion of this, which is the unanswered questions left from the spying scandal in the trunk. To now, where we Where, if you listen to the shows during the week, we ve expose the couple things we ve exposed. That there is now. No doubt me more that the Obama team of spying on trumped up there is also no doubt that some people on the Obama team have denied that Susan Rice being one of them she has since recanted about on masking Jim Clapper, has now stated on tape. If you ve heard you heard the last few shows who was a bomb is directive, national tells us that he has no information about a Pfizer warrant. The question is again the Obama the spying on the Trump team? We now know that, how are they doing it and why or certain Obama officials first lying about it and then some denying it altogether, at least through a warrant? Why are they doing that now? we're gonna answer those in a second but straddles pieces, important Joe. This is critical because
She says something I hadn't previously considered and our up one quick, on this too folks, I'm getting lot of information from a lot of different people and some emails Joe from some people who have information, saying hey. Why didn't you cite this guy or site that guy folks, I get information Joe. Have we not been clear about where it came from. The problem is: sometimes I get information like a letter I got, you know said that your lesson show that's why you sent it from people other people may have reported elsewhere and that's why incited able to say? But why didn't you say so our because he said that first on Twitter, I dont know I didn't regional, warm accosting, twitter. I got in a letter in the mail so a polish summit stealing anybody's word folks. Ok, a lot of sources on this, and that's why I've reported this. The way. I have I mats and we ve given credit and linked to everybody stuff when appropriate, I promise you supply, the emails. I get a few of them that we're like nasty like they think we're stealing peoples, not there
the bull sources out there given us stuff. Ok, this is important. I got tipped off to some. But a couple days ago and endless docile peace, kind of map extra chimney. Shrapnel peace may put two and two together on this, so the dossiers come back now they're trying to rehash the dossier. The Democrats in here is why here's what's going on when I say Ray The dossier, Joe remember, justify we see that we saw that New York Times peace come ass. I ought not to pay any attention to the Trump dossier as use for a template get a Pfizer warrant. It was just a Papadopoulos is thing that data tat. We started this investigation, it wasn't a dossier, don't worry, it was this pop adapt. Listening now, p. I just recently folks was threatened with a contempt of Congress, citation Joam and had a produce documents. They ve been delaying producing for a really long time. Now, all of a sudden, the Democrats
they leak the testimony by Glenn Simpson, diffusion, GPS, the producers of the dossier right in conjunction with Christopher Steel, daily his testimony member Diane, finds that, and I said to you that they were leak in the testimony. The Democrats, because they're trying to get everybody else? That's going to testify in front of Congress and potentially the FBI a script. Follow, so they don't get into a false statement. Charge makes sense so. A second part of this is well, though, is the day A crass must have seen something folks. This is critical. The Democrats on that many who have seen the documents to be clear? What I'm talking about produced by the FBI that would just produce joke about this whole thing surrounding Trump still seen something that boy their them so much. There they are realising at this point that even
this dossier started the Trump investigation narrative, even though its it really stinks die. Heaven that that's the best they ve got What did they see as the question? That's for me to get through it a second. What did the Democrats in Congress see now been exposed Joe to almost. The entirety of the FBI's background on this Trump spying case. What did they seated so scared them that they are our back to square one. The DAS I did it knowing the dossier is complete otter, crap, you see what I'm going in there now back to this narrative that we need to do. The dossier Strasser, saying in peace, to link back to that. I now I'd folks, I noticed gets a little confusing, but this is like the greatest spy novel ever accepted its actually real, star so saying, in addition to my
theory on this, that they release Glenn Simpsons testimony is a script for every other bad actor in this, so they don't get busted for false That's right now start this theory, Joe, is that they are all so doing it, because things Simpson said in his testimony. Make him look kind of a white knight in this. Like all. I was just doing this because I was afraid the trump could be blackmail that it gets a bribery and a private. I did meet black, but thank you to people you mommy trump. Could be blackmailed and what's nonsense, information, you sure the example I use less time to. If I know, Joe, has nothing to do with international terrorism, and I don't hate you threatened, What are the police? If you don't give me five thousand dollars and I'm an exposure lakes to international terrorism is gonna. Let me the middle finger go out or out of no, I don't care go to the police and yet exactly just it. I don't care, because I have no thanks to international there, Nonsense, narrative but she saying that are things he said in a testimony. Joam that may the dossier, the
we palatable option right now for the Democrats, the stand on, no matter how bad it is because their hiding something else now and what I mean by that about by the the only path palatable narrative. His Simpson does say some things in air where he says Joe. You know what we data, because we worried about blackmail for tromp. You know we did it because you know the first Theo had these good contacts and he's. I am I six agent or former my six agent and he knows good Intel when he sees it, but then any ethical questions he has to answer. He you don't basically says I'm not answering that question. So the Democrats, we said well, if we got to rely on this crap Sierra right now to hide the other stuff. Let's release the transcript the Simpson, where he mildly, defends it cuz. This is the best we have. Does that make sense you, okay, what are they hiding by going? back to narrative number one that sea,
and exposed in the reporting year ago, the dossier that started this dossier dossier. This is work stop and an I'm, I'm I'm just ass question here. Folks, ivory, I'm being I'm not trying to be silly with you, king, a question: I'm not making an assertion! There's a big difference. The question here and I wrote this down to be clear- that I want screw this up on whose were true team members, american citizens surveillance there, either try to make this the simplest possible, their email and phone records without a warrant, and why Now there are some outlets out. There are some people who have done some really good reporting that taking some leap of faith on this, I'm not comfortable with that's. That's five I have no problem around thing: they have their own content and some of its very, very good, I'm not get comfortable. making the leap that a the an essay f b I d
base, was being used to read Trump phone emails without a warrant I'm not comfortable saying that yet now. I am comfortable saying that there's a whole lot of evidence right now a substantial, albeit that that may be the case. and that might be what their hiding the Democrats now. You see what I'm saying go let's go back. to the dossier the dossier did it narrative, because if we had the real narrative that the inner say enough, be I we're spying on trumps phone and e mail records without a warrant and their american citizens all by GOSH. Are we at all world the trouble you gave it I'm saying so, let's just stick with this crap fascinating, even though we know it's crap makes sense. Now you may say, then we wish where's, your circumstantial evidence at best that they were doing it's because I know I'm, I'm I'm trying to play a seesaw here. I'm done
the question out to you, where the phone and email records fight on I'm telling you I'm not willing to entirely make that leap yet, and I don't have a solid sourcing on it. I'm telling you there's a lot of evidence that this step may have happened. Here's inhabitants, today show noted a difference in it. In addition to the the Strassle peace Joseph I'm gonna put up, he spied interviewed. Sarah Carter from US Sir she's, that's our accorded that combat, but she was it circa back. Then it's a piece, from the earliest times glamour of around twenty. Sixth, when thing was all breaking news and their views at me to give you a quote from the peace, and this should make the hair in the back of your next. They end up. She says in this piece: it circa. and she talks about a Pfizer court ruled Pfizer Intelligence Surveillance Court document that was bout, exposing some problems they had with with searches, and I put that in a show notes to get them saying she says
For instance, a ruling declassified this month by the foreign intelligent surveillance court chronicle. Nearly ten pages listing. Hundreds of violations of FBI's pay the sea protecting minimization rules that occur call me watch what're, minimization rules just to be clear, minimization in a criminal case. What does a federal agent is? If you have a wiretap going on Joanna Wiretapping, you for terrorism, and you start talking about your laundry tomorrow. I have to turn it off. I can't listen to that. I can only that's called Mademoiselle at minimizing how I'm exposing myself as a federal agent to York conversations right what minimization? As you can hear, minimization referred to open on the Pfizer side. Minimization takes on an entirely new contacts. Five, the foreign into Adele Intelligence Surveillance ACT. Allow U S. Government entities to spy on foreigners on foreign soil that's an American is involved Joe. There are minimization rules, this its. They say time out, stop there.
american citizen here we have to theirs different procedure. It's not open season now trumpet, an american citizen is so is this team? So if they work shut up in this. It has to be a time out. So now I read that there is now a new understand what minimization is gonna keep reading now. Some of this will make sense as to why the hair on the back of a lot of people lack of standing up the behaviour. The b, I admitted to a Pfizer judge just last month, range from illegally sharing raw intelligence with unauthorized third parties to it the excess to accessing intercepted attorney, client, privilege communications without proper oversight that the bureau promised was in place Years ago, the court also pine allowed their fears. The violations are more extensive than already described now your baby, I read through
this entire ninety nine page document from the Pfizer court. It will be in the shadows, folks, pay particular tension the page twenty in particular tension to page eighty three. Page. Twenty is where they talk about on this disclosure that she's roof referencing in peacetime last year, which says to me our card or know somethin. Page twenty hits the fact that, basically, The FBI was spying on American. Now to be clear that does say many these cases. It looks like an innocent mistake which I believe him when they walk through the way it works and multiple can occasion transactions, in other words the fact that amount Begins may have been caught up in a web e mail chains and it may be a human error in not minimizing that, because it may be that in Syria, but Joe this is that be clear on this
he doesn't say they're all human error. I got that if it's not an error, it was down intentionally right. seem to what the M, but is it the Absence of evidence that the evidence that evidence of absence doesn't mean the absence of evidence, receptive added something I screw that would up. It is a good one. Eighth of the place want just favourable aright another piece from there from the circuit peace, the most serious over the most serious problems. With this queries, of the inner say searching for american data was forbidden to search, but the FBI pay close attention to the f yeah. I was also forced to admit its agents and analyse shared espionage data with prohibited third parties, oh boy, ranging from a federal contractor to a private entity that did not have the legal right to see the intelligence now
This is where this next pact- folks, I hate reading from these things, but this is because you understand where we are backtracking, a bit structural rights today that the reason Democrats exposed these simple fusion gps. Testimony about the dossier, I told you I think to avoid a false statements. She saying that it may be because their covering up something else- that's even worse, and now they have to rely on the list so the worst stories, which is the dossier, did didn't, even though its crap I'm telling you the step to that. I think what this is there are seven and to violations which, which is the fight back provision that as the fbi- and I say this to- basically- I and tap into phone and email met a data. I think what that could be potentially is looking into have information on the Trump team,
but it may be. The sharing of it with a third party who that there party is that private contractor, I'm not with to say, although I think, given the Simpson, testimony a lot of people. Making that leap which would be staggering now. Let me read this last paragraph warrior because member, Circuit that calm had this piece of land. last summer. This is an old This is a new job, but is this a hint legitimately asking is this ahead. She says such third party sharing, in other words spying on Americans, using the FBI and giving it to a third party right. So third party sharing, is a huge political concern. Now is Congress and intelligence community leaders try to stop the flow of classified information to parties that could illegally disclose or misuse it. such as the recent like that
closed, intercepted communications between the russian ambassador and trumpet First, national Security Visor MIKE fled Wall she doesn't say there and peace to be clear. We don't do conspiracy theories here and I to get to that in a second too. It is at a hint the she knows something. Why did she make dad can action there without making the connection with such as she uses that I don't know I've. I know Sarah from Fox, but I dont know Percy. I haven't Astor. I know some people are making their connection out there. It's all about bill body, internet, I'm not comfortable, I don't have solid sourcing ought to make that Leap Joe, I'm just when you. If what is being connect, It here is true. That means the FBI. That would mean the FBI and the inner tapped into the meadow database. To me,
men of medical deliver many data beta beta me it had a baby, how much work which he has done database. They tapped into that get emails on the tree When potentially phone transcripts of the Trump team that's what this would mean an end potentially gave it to a third party. oh you may say to yourself well and that's just reporting from Sarah Carter, I'm gone put in the show notes a document link to the Pearl twenty six, two thousand seventeen, ninety nine page foreign and it's not our degree by foreign and geez, I told you a pages twenty and eighty three, but I'm gonna put the ninety nine pager in the show notes for you to look at yourself and pay attention page twenty and pity page. Eighty three where It says in the court's own documents, show the courts our view of what happened that that's what happened?
not be. They were shared profusion, Jp Aspirin, but that we share part? This is not speculation. The speculative portion is the leap that was in future GPS. It was getting information, raw intelligence, information, wiretapped. Basically, information from the FBI. they sat Insane Mass creep in me out freak. You out man or creeping up, I'm up, by sound a little punch strike. They folks, I have had the craziest four days ever. I just got home. I am promise, I abide totally in the mood to love due in the show, but I have been just beaten this, not the laid out this scandal from start to finish. They were blown. Exploding in inquiries. Everybody wants to talk about it. Now I say in a room with four people, I'm not going to say who yesterday and laid out this scandal from start to finish. They were blown blown away, blown away, what's interesting just before we, we I'm. I answer some other soldiers
we clearly on this, but then we want to take a little bit if you are going to redress unanswered questions. The first thing I addressed the rehabilitation of the trunk dossier by the democratic and, again I'm doing this low folks, everybody gets there, re having it the Democrats, the chair, that's because they have nothing else. They have to cover first thing else: we don't know what that is. Yet. I have not seen the documents the FBI presented to Congress. I'm not cleared too. I'm not your wealth, seen him outside of Congress either, but the fact that Congress, this weapon out and now saying hey, look at the transcript of the dossier. Joe wasn't bad liquid Simpson set of Congress. Strasbourg theory that they re having a dossier as if have nothing else and arrest is gonna, be devastated, which make you say what the heck, if they see the unanswered question questions, as I said, we're gonna take it. That is, are they covering four?
ever know to violations, in other words the FBI and the USA. Dumping intimated data looking looking into it. and clearing without a warrant Trump team members. That is an unanswered questions. But the so much you folks, I'm really sorry, I'm a deeply upset, I'm not trying to jump around. I just I've. I feel like I'm doing you a disservice. If I don't get this all out. Ok by doing our identity. The Wall Street Journal today and I like While she journal my take any cheap shots, but they are definitely not. Libertarians has a piecemeal It just like I just on the Wall Street Journal, we voted on yesterday. Now seventy two to be clear: Joan is there for an intelligent surveillance act. Provision which allows the FBI to dip into that met. Data with the USA, just like I just on the way Street journal has an absolutely puzzling peace in their editorial column company,
makes no sense at all job. Before I read this quick wine from there. Did? I not just tell you in April six of twenty seventeen, there is It dated foreign intelligence Surveillance Court Review document, ninety nine pages long, which lays out violations of seven. Oh, you did just tell me that yes suited burial. It will be in the show notes. Read it yourselves might make it up again Twenty page, eighty three, but you can really is very readable. I read it yesterday applying come back. The whole thing it's great. knowing the it's already been lying down, an official court document, their violations, here's a peaceful of journal today, which should really scary. The journal says they're talking about seven and two an illegal jumps into seven, oh two, despite America, show they go, there's no evidence. This is happening and requiring probable cause made, dissuade the FBI for making a seven to query the opposite of what the
host nine. Eleven laws are meant to encourage this. What do you mean? Yeah? Well, that's a scratching your heads sexually knots that's, but it sounds better, but I am a scratch my what What do you mean? There's no evidence. What are you talking about? What the court put out. Documents saying the FBI has TAT into the meadow data of database in a way Not commensurate with its own minimization procedure it's there, and how did you miss that I'm folks. This is not a privilege. Information to pour document out there? I bet it email to be by no less than probably twenty people and thank you by the EU s most, I read them all, but that's why I'm say, and also you know.
Where people get have sent out. Why did you give me a shoutout, because some people say who said to me, don't mention my name and other people say I don't care if you buy sovereignty to keep everybody out of it. folks. This is serious stuff and it is salute. We know time to minimize the threat were under, but it is I'm not accusing the whole future of lying about it. Maybe they just don't know, but wondering why they would write down in a peace now I want to just get back a second to this, What what's your solution for this because yesterday there was a vote on this. I am in ran Paul's camp. Before I get back to you and answer questions, it's important Next, the seven o too, echo the Wall Street Journal. Tellin ya, don't worry folks, american policy, finally, there been no violations of seven to its natural folks. It's real simple to warrant just get away it involves Americans get a warrant and line Joe. That
They use here and what I just read, even while she german well, if they have to get a warrant, it's gonna dissuade FBI agents from tapping into the database. Folks, The whole idea, I mean that's like think about the argument there, if you are rotarian or a conservative did you take the same, argue the local police, your job, the local police, are going break into every house at four o clock every day to check for drugs in contraband, because it gotta, be really easy, then, to find out who the drug dealers are in the neighborhood, and then we come I think you should have they get a warrant Joe that's gotta dissuade them for break. It announces. That's the point that point. This way to do it. How did you miss bad debts? Oh boy. Some crazy, libertarian God a libertarian. I love liberty, but did they think we're all much Joe to everybody libertarian droll quota crazy. This
then I'm giving you the average read the peace read the peace talks. Point is to stop people from of what we're may miss a terror attack. You know what Joe we may possibly be a free country. You know what we may miss a drug deal or not breaking into every house, and then we may miss a drunk driver, not setting up a police checkpoint on every corner. In America, but you're free this freedom matters. This mean anything. Does it mean anything to you folks this is insane we oh the Trump team. Spied on. We Oh the FBI, spied on Americans Jack may not have been pervasive, but it was pervasive enough that they had a conductor. Compliance review at the NSA and surveillance cotton surveillance court lost marbles over it?
I am entirely behind, ran Paul and a marsh get a warrant, get a warrant get a warrant. gotten american in this get a warrant cash constitution matter, try to get sidetracked them still, but this is important stuff. Folks, this stuff is all interrelated. That's that the web, we weave and complicated topics and complicated podcast. Ladies, you know you want stop. There's a thousand other people you can listen to. Word is screamer types when I on a scream at school. I mean something, but this is employed. Stuff, so not a joke, get a warrant! Ok, getting back to the unanswered questions cause. That's how I want to sum up this entire week shows so now we have. Unanswered question one was the trump He spied on using seven, oh two without a warrant they are american citizens. That is now in their purview, to do that without a clear connection to a national security interests? If so,
What was the national security interests on tromp? We stone. Have those answers. Don't even dare tell me the Logan. I left you off the air. Ok, second unanswered question: what did Obama now What did Obama now it's an open question. I dont know. Folks I was not there. or the proceedings as this was going down, but having experience working. the White House? Not in the autumn? We don't sit in on the meetings I up. I just want to be clear on this understanding how the mechanical part of the White House works. You can't oh me, Joe at the most consequential counter intelligence investigation in american history being conducted against the Trump team by the be I was going on without the White House knowing and Jim call me in his March testimony twenty seventeen already acknowledges. The White House knows my quest, is not when, but what did Obama note and
Obama knew TAT the F the eye and an essay was using seven. Oh two and the data job to spy. on an opposing presidential campaign? Houston, got a big big problem. Folks, remember water. it was a burglary at a hotel for some crappy Dnc documents at took down a president shook the whole country sitting president using me technical monopolised, take force powers of government to open up the email I'll phone records of a truck campaign during a presidential campaign against Ache Obama, singly area and Hillary Clinton. Wholly Craig Do you have a problem? Are you kind of see why the rehab having a buddy
Maybe they need that. As you all know, bomber didn't do it. The dossier didn't give it. That's here is for us to have shocked us her boy, Did you do bad mice, Nelson months from the Simpsons, but you're Procureur. But I shall I mean this is a mouse and more that's the best you ve got now. It is that's the reason I'm closing straddles peace and Kinshasa starts from W from Wall Street Journal that we say about the dossier. This is so bad that this is all you ve got lap, hoping and praying at this point that the media will pick up your narrative that don't look over air at seven to inspire our Trump Potassae. I did it Dobbs aright. Under its request is number three, which is more of a kind of a statement and a couple questions in their so again, question under tools,
And did Obama no it? What did he not when what did he know when he know it is a way? What did he know when he figured it out? Was the trumpet spied on that question under one folks? question number three, which is going to be a married up with an assertion I'm gonna make. I do not do. Can piracy theories. Ok, I don't do it. Its cause me. A lot of consternation puts Momo my audience. You are free to believe I respect your opinion, whatever you want, I don't If I don't have some evidence to say something, and when I'm speculating we say it we're clear on. Had I been clearer that the shows, but when I dont have evidence, I'm not interested, I get tons after my e mail box got one the other data by about look at this in its garbage. I'm sorry thank you, but it doesn't make any sense. I know the real story. Bond, now here's the question here is why, in bringing this up, if Donald, tromp was being cultivated by the Russians as an asset
that was your national security reason for tapping into the meadow data database to get the phone and email records of the Trump team. Joe, do you think anybody any more seriously believes Vladimir Putin was cultivating Donald Trump as an asset thinking he could control now. Are you serious fault, you? Don't allied troops I do, but Joe does one with a straight face demos, Ardent anti job communist actually believe anything controls, Donald Trump, Are you serious argue? What are you a complete wacko doodle All border controls is guy. Nobody here is an old staff doesn't could draw you PIG Vladimir Putin was gonna control, Donald Trump, hey we
this spy asset, our because this guy's grazed willing to work for us we're gonna, give him a thousand a week for information. We re always it and I really like waiting with bated breath the russian their russian conspirators in a room they wait for putting to talk. He goes to real dramatic possible time. Old shit We ve got Donald for a thousand a week. You gotta, you got a baby, guys controlled? He is in the bag. Is this the dumbest? bring ever is this? Stop dumbest thing you ve ever heard. This is just straight up, unadulterated, liberal. Soup that you have consumed in gallons Yoke, it seriously believe this with a straight face. Now I'm gonna get through. That gives that what that's that's one connection to why I don't believe in stupid conspiracy theories because that
Spiritual theory is frankly the dumbest thing I've ever, but I've got another angle on this. Don't go anywhere get another angle on this. Second, that angle is just straight up stupid, picking it up, because I'm in the airport yesterday fly and I D J, F K and so goon behind me. And yes, if your listening, I shall make it a sacred it you're, a goon, groom behind me. He starts up conversation, I should all people recommend me from Fox visas. Never out of bed interaction up until yesterday. I worked for mobile out, so I just don't see too many people, but when I travel people sailor. ninety nine percent of our needs Tell you this naturally shown that guy starts Arctic, The conversation no upham at all. Are you damp GINO from factor we say to you that guy from Foxier yeah? Do you doing shake his hand? quickly, fine, I'm thinkin he's a supporter when we talk Like two minutes per guy goes
we are on me, like I don't know where he's like a new. As your rash, rodeo you're crazy, entrench criminal unease locked up and about a t say like Joe, and I'm like the w p if over, like what do I do now, I mean I been out of one of our up you wanna, get in the royal robbed me what? Where does this big eyes yelling like a maniac, so I my wife, the story later and I like get into this again, I'm not I'm! Not people take out there. Really. I've already been audiotape put out my per by one eighty, it I'm not getting into this diagnosis, media guy. He deserved it, but I'm like what do I say to this guy, just a piss, this guy off right. So I keep say enormous. He keeps fire and usable collusion fallow guys lose. It is my pay. The t say people look like we can even let this guy on a plate. Well I keep saying oh guys,
brought why you show me appeared which drives and crazy. They are now I'm like opera because he's going to back me up, but I have to like triangle, joke this dude, and I really do want to do that. We seriously I'm in a great part about fighting The time is you're, never afraid of fighting, which is a bad thing, because out of I'm gonna get sued right, so I was sitting there. had I keep saying oh profile, you so mad and people now laughing because he's losing his mind. There's a bunch of trump supporters are at a guy's. May he dropped his bags at one point, and am I got boy he's not going to get to the bottom line? he stops at the end. At the end, the lie because he realized by being thrown on any kind of embryos. Its collusion man. I'd look at many. Only thing of substance, I say to Joe: is you, please show me into the United States criminal Code, title eighteen or maybe title eight, which can you please explain to me where the collusion statute is- and he looks at me- puzzled- they said to me: do you realize what you said is not a crime at all, so you ve been
bastard your time. The I bring this story and what is its via a year was- and I know, Persons or buts Secondly, as you have to believe two things number, on Putin was cultivating Trop as an asset, which is the most laughable stupid story. You need, and I q of sixty seven to believe in that, but number two If you don't believe in that, and you still believe there was some collusion like exchanging of information, you still camp do a crime either way you lose and they should have been spying on the Trump deep, either way. Collusion the wrath collusion. the you're. Describing it not smart show right, not advisable. If this about even suggested any this happen, I'm just telling you from what you suggest happen. I dont believe happened, still isn't a crime and the guy looked puzzled because somewhere in know its not but that's, ok, dude, living in your frack free world have a nice day. He knows who is now.
The conspiracy thing again, a cause, that's a conspiracy theory. The collusion thing is a total conspiracy. Theory is no evidence at all and it yet, but I now you know why don't I personally do conspiracy theories out somewhat what met what? Why am I so? In other words, you why why, by constantly bring this up in the show folks, his senses, May I worked in the federal government for a long time I hadn T Ssc. I clearance Topsecret sensitive compliment that information. Ok, which means I got to see stuff in here staff that alot of people over the sea and air on a pat on the back, adjust the function of my job. You know everybody. to see and hear stuff that should be a public whenever position right after Joseph suffered meetings, Cb Eminem, why didn't want w Ba want? that the information is a little more serious itself. Doesn't matter you don't not. What's this close it very, very sceptical of people Who believe that the government is the puppet master of anything
some conspiracy theories out. There have the government doing this, and nobody knows- and I did that nobody knows and I believe that up a nobody knows and they killed anger buying because I work the government, and I would add there was one specific operation I was involved in a mighty beginning in I'm telling you is classified, and he says European ridiculously hyperbolic and overly dramatic these things classified at the absolute highest levels. and the reason I was involved in it is because of what the function of the job was. I am not making this up. It was information that, when I saw it I was I won't. I People involved the gnat who width Lincoln Nod to me in is that I was like dude. Don't do that then say anything but didn't have to waking and nodding at you and basically take but he had a government- can keep a secret they can they can.
It is by all the leaks coming out about the Trump team about classified information and our Carter's hint that a buzz at seventy two thing. Well, how did they get their midsummer Flint transcripts of that rapid? Nobody you keep a secret. No one doubts I don't believe in conspiracy theories, if a these conspiracy theories about the big bad puppet master government were true about what they manage to do to us. I'm telling you someone would have let it I'm telling you that's a fact. There's no way You see what I'm gonna do Joe theirs. Go to this case, though I have another recent source. You know you are very, very good who set me something brilliant that we haven't yet consider on this case and so the that appear. Damned bond GINO does not do conspiracy theories, because the government is too stupid to keep a secret again. Some in the government are not,
you stupid to keep a secret, though but the government Joe our job too stupid to run. spirits have hit for me. I got by rights, drought, a black I'm a patriot, redecorate military secret service FBI, but there are just genuinely stupid people this source, I am, is brought up a brilliant point. here it is in a nutshell if these guys, we're so smart and Edward, taking this russian collusion. They were trying to develop Trump as an asset, and these brilliant F p, I managers, Addio J people were onto this discovered the biggest collusion conspiracy in american electoral history. Why, a trade craft sucks, so bad trade craft in their sphere, spying jails. Then there their discovering spy, the intelligence and counterattack spying and discovering spice. How come there
press shot so bad Joe. I really attitude notes. You got Peter Stroke daily. Interview in the Flint case, an upper level managing the FBI involved in both the Clinton email and this just russian collusion conspiracy theory, Joe we have a senior level FBI guy who's having the fair, with a deal lawyer who texts are be devised how much they hate Trump and how their legally to the press eight do that's really great work. You are some spy. What supersede we need that keep that baby here. That is what, You got inspector gadget here, mad scientist sore, says to me who, as by the way, is that our great the source says to me who is just like we read in on this whole thing: that's all on how the procedure where such inside the whole case, but other procedures says this
is the worst trade craft, I've ever seen in my apply or life for people who allegedly have discovered the greatest scandal in human history, its a scam an hour ago again I d standby GINO, not believe a conspiracy. There is cause some people are just too stupid to do it. It is this unbelievable. This is, I propose unbelievable thing. I've ever heard. My life is sorry about that did you hear that Bell ring in my background? If you got that on the show that never I usually close my door, my wife left the door open crack. Sorry folks, that part of the chosen is desirable by office, where we're getting some nice and proving hopefully, one here in the future now going on, is not just that trade craft gray point the source brings up to meet Jugurtha to people in need intimately in this now Bob Mahler, whose especial counselling fascinating trump
call me. You was the FBI director general wow Jimbo. Why this whole thing was going on. Jim call me the FBI, direct right, the source, pray, for great pointers. What's there too record of success, and just a few notes on us, Here are some of the real winners, Enron or the end on case, which was by the way a lot of that was overturned, but meanwhile investigation they blew entirely and got led on by fake russian. Entail the roses case against the Euro, the uranium one scandal by the way, their broad rose, Spain and Bob Mauler Squash and add a silence people on later on. What's their track record of success like we're supposed to believe the trade graph of these two genius is now a trade crap trade crap, that's? What we're not a t- shirt trade crap Finally, on the trade craft front, this is another
point made by the source. Again has read it on how this works so great point. so Christopher steal this party this genius alibis. What what are you laughing excited about this and I like it- I know you're getting can see. I now know now that he could see me it's that show as a different dynamic, so we ve changed start mechanically right. I am exe because it so dumb again work I stand by you don't believe, because Pierce there's could some people are too damned still pay. So Perhaps I am I six age and Joe this, like James Bond, Christopher Steel Guy Workin for Fusion GPS, who produces a dossier a dossier that Jim only the F b I self admits, is salacious and unverified. That now we know was used to get a warrant too. Spy on or retroactively cover for the spying on the Trump team. The only thing they all they they can confirm in the dossier judge.
James Bond Junior Steel produced it is that ardor page, a bad bencher, Trump mostly it mildly, Associated press campaign traveled around one point, Patsy, We ve been making verify and the whole thing. This is the worst trade craft. In buying Esther. If this was a movie, it would be called the clown princes of spying and yet we're supposed to believe John TAT geniuses J, Japan Junior Inspector, adjured, christoffersen deal who puts a dossier together, and the only thing that's actually true is that that Carter, it travelled to Russia we're supposed to believe. This guy in conjunction with Bob Mahler. Jim call me who are in charge of the FBI when there were some of the biggest boss, in a barricaded american investigative history. Where we're going down that those two in conjunction with Peter Stroke, who's ever
a fair with the joy of the deal J lawyer involved. The final who text on an open line, knowing the annexes will be watching about how much he hates trump. We're all supposed to believe this that this this these geniuses Joe discovered the biggest scandal in american history. Worse, post to accept this at face, but this was brilliant. So Thank you to the source. You are a genius first, bring me what you set me up by the way that it Worse, I just I'm giving you the highlights Europe where there was a brilliant point. and again harks back to beginning Joe as to why we don't give shout out sometimes because we get things were different people. It's not always what you think and there are some who are right about this work. Absently convinced are moving down the wrong path, and I don't want to do that to you. I'm Joe, and I very careful with the facts here. As you know, a liberals, do you get
date wrong. I got all they realize. Meanwhile, liberals get everything wrong all the time and nothing that so that's important votes. The trade. after we so bad Relying on that to be the guy relying on that to be the guy. airport, I guess what I'm going to rely on. All of this to fly Your narrative, Dad Putin was was cultivating Trump as an asset and we're colluding is. Is It focuses insane. it it's insane? It's it's beyond insane its loony tunes, its box, Bunny stuff, it shows about everybody's at my patriot supply folks. You have to be prepared. I live in Florida, Hurricane Zone and to not have emergency food is absolutely crazy. Got a nice email from a guide listener. Thanks facilities, be said with the Patriot supply Food, its emergency food available prepare within that come as prepare within dotcom he's. Probably
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buying insurance. You are buying mental sanity, protect your food supply, you sure everything else in your life that matters Youtube Are your house your teeth, We'll get an emergency food supply go to prepare with dandy, come as prepare with Dan pick up an emergency one month. Emergency supply food folks pick up a couple. I have Gush SAM rate boxes and thereby for people my family. So I want to once we have two boxes for everyone go. Do it but start with today go in there tat. I pick up your first box. Ninety nine dollars. If you can pick up to pick up three, go to prepare within Thou, come one month. Supply of emergency food today prepare with then back home. Ok, I'm one final outstanding question I might have here on this case and then I want to move on to something else, because it's important that I do have to. I know we've been covering this for a long time. The critical question I think, one of em critical since there are still unanswered versatility, unanswered questions? Verse was once Trump was Trot Sir veiled using seven? Oh two, their email on their phone records? The second question
What did Obama know how much detail that he have on this third if this is a conspiracy theory, it's based on the worst trade craft. In: U S, history and its really like a comedy routine for. the information superhighway I talked about. I alluded to the connection. The can Joseph between Glenn, Simpson, fusion, GPS and Christopher Steel, Non. U S, law enforcement, non intelligence, people and the entire since community, where and when and how deeply was the exchange of information there now in question number one I said to you: there are people, their hypothesize, and on this I am not willing to make the connection yet, but there are certainly some information there to make you go home. Was there Superhighway FBI queries into the database about phone and email records are trump, where they, the private contractors, fusion gps- that defies the court's own document. First, I don't know that. Yet when I
hard answer from a solid source. I will tell you, because that scandal alone is the biggest of the biggest scandal. we were just spying on Tropic, giving it the private contracts, they got, that's great nice work them fellows. We don't know that. What we do know the folks is, there is a potential other avenue. For the information superhighway and, when I say the superhighway in terms of the bigger larger conspiracy, here the real conspiracy I about how was Intel getting from law in force, classification intel classification to private citizens who had no authorization Rita, make censure the other question. We need to answer What is the relationship in detail between the. Where's Bruce or the associate the deputy attorney general, who met member also ran also deaf and Project Cassandra with the Iranians. The EP has bullock, Expos AY, and
all of a sudden that all got sideline terms. The around the earlier Randal was a was a of big desire, the gold medal desire, the Obama administration. They needed the Russians on board. So also I told you. I think they sidelined the louder than information about uranium, one which we need to go away. They did mantra to expose any of that, but or what is the relationship between or and Simpson and Simpsons, why the oars Nellie or who works over a few gps works for Glenn Simpson. She connect, the and obviously to her husband, whose working in the Justice Department is this. How if seven oh to data its phone and email records, the F b I should have had on trumped- show if they had it. How exactly did that information get into the hands of fusion gps? It says in the peace, the F b I was working with private contractors, but even if that's referring to something different, which it may be job that is
mean that the the or Simpson relationship. Wasn't. superhighway connection between law enforcement, intelligence entities and fusion GPS, because remember Bruce or works in the Justice Department at an upper level manager. Positioning knows all of this is going on his wife's working Workin for fusion GPS. That connection the connections cleaner? But the information on that superhighway. That went there isn't exactly crystal yet and that's kind of one of the relationships I want I want. I want to flesh out the second he s mercy wanna, get to next, while begun really long. Today, I have one final story: Zammit discussed any more news at the weekend way backed up Joe. You got that kind of our friend names you play that cut, for this is hysterics Nancy Pelosi Phocis. You can ever go week without one of these days gems planet, so that terms of the bonus set corporate Amerika received a versus the crew.
is that they are giving to workers to Cairo put. The shoe is so pathetic itself without and I would hope that, in the with their big, Did you bring money home at a very low rate that they would, in asked in infrastructure and things, but they can. Experience has been that they will do. They will do dividends, they will be stopped by backs, and things like that. I think it's It's never can't! Yes, man are you like a crazy person, This is an issue for real American they're getting thousands of dollars and bonuses Java, neither you nor Reiner reddish things, look and wealth the bay, but rather Thousands of don't write let me offer my. Are you sure this is the path we want to take right out? The Democrats, people over the country are getting
dozens of dollars and bonuses due to the Trump tax cuts and the election path. You want to run our next year's Nancy policies over here. The crimes from long shanks table like this is a brave or are you crazy, member brave? I miss Reblong Shag, stable? Are you nuts one final Why not create that's crazy, Dnc to get it back, it's only the point about. Is that really where you want to go in the mid terms that thousand How about a budget grubs? You will leave you to pull. herbal snobs? I meet a guy, my guys, the great on what take a bath, the great on washed Taiwan and our leaders and finally, point under Nancy also shows us. Somebody else's want to point out the hypocrisy. The Democrats in the cookie loony tunes left Nancy what's he talking about the immigration debate and talking about guys, able doing a trump, steady, Hoyer dignity. I know I call them the five white guys you're about that
she's. Maybe they should open a hamburger stand, so she makes jaw and over we racist comment about race, but now Nobody in the media accuses are being a racist. I should say no one not know age or media outlets said Nancy Policy is a racist shooting say racist carbon. She makes you impugns people based on race, a trace issues. You got these five why guy sit around a table? Torpenhow Perker Stan? Nobody here are very sesame trot. To comment on she D say needed in about you know Blake. Poor countries that you know what he said. If only you it's an export of buying call country sending people, he makes no reference to raise at all Joe, and what's that, Left wing media about our troops are racist. Folks, just forget it give up on this. they are dead. These people are imbeciles, don't click on their stuff ignored and I'm telling you by the way, trumps comments are not going hurt him.
He sang it and say: oh by the way, is to be glare but based on attack So I got yesterday from another person I used for political advice whose votes Oh cried all the time the person the attacks yesterday was, like you know, what's good for trouble. If do better and immigration, that common, showing it hurt him one bit guarantee, I folks say: to get for in police spread. The word now show. I really appreciate if you can review S on Itunes, we appreciate it where I think we're close two thousand reviews now and please. but upon GINO dot com bunch that come from scratch, my email s this there. I will send you some great great article state or missing, see. Also you just heard TAN bond GINO she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get Dan's podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.