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Ep. 634 The Breakdown of Law and Order

2018-01-16 | 🔗

A troubling piece about the coming civil war

The Obama agenda is being dismantled piece by piece. Liberals will not accept this lying down. 

Caution ahead for Bitcoin?

Democrats are horrified at the thought of Trump cracking the black vote.

Black unemployment is at lows not seen since 1972. Trump can take a victory lap. 


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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i wasn't it thereby gino shall producer joe how are you to produce a jos ready to go yeah man i'd black so i've got getting information folks people or call me people or email and may it's all good again some of it i'm gonna filtered through but ever since smythe series or shows on the biggest scandal in american history obama spying on tromp which saw gonna come out so with this oh i e g report and the above i'm administration will be looked at as a stain on american history if that my getting more so i got a couple of interesting aids yesterday manage a tiresome stuff up and i also have some other stories to get you was well one particularly about its
older story joe we discussed in the past by daniel greenfield about the political conflict blue brewing in this country mom it's called the the impending civil war oh you could easily yet we talked about it but i want to redressing peace in light of the dismantling of the obama administration agenda which is happening right which are sown and other pieces good stuff so don't go anywhere rotation but you by bodies it i target no of these guys that i target folks anybody can buy a firearm frankly anybody can due to fire on the question is can you fire it accurately that's what matters i was in new york city cop a secret service agent in light of the secret service you responsible for every single round why because your firing near the president in an emergency scenario can't accidentally myths and hit the wrong personal guy it matters now there are some tricks there's some techniques to firing a pistol accurately rifles while of course but i target is only a pistol a pistol a device and i'll tell you what it is in a minute but you gotta get your grip right
we gotta get equal light on both sides you gotta get the front site aligned across the top these are really important tricks now website is the letter i i target products com that's target product come you just tell em up on a weapon yap nine millimeter you have three eighty you have forty five c b you have to fifty seven sig that matter david send you a laser bullet you drop in your firearm now no manipulations necessary it all off the by special barrels you have to buy a different gun special grips nothing you drop this laser but in a firearm you have now comes with a target and new products so way until your heart's content i promise you won't be able to put this thing down you depressed the trigger it hits the laser boss i gotta damage affect your gun in any way and the laser but what if it's a laser onto a target they send you and you get to see exactly what you're rounds go in conjunction with the coolest phone up you ve ever seen semi escort i see people on a monday they sent me there their targets pictures of screenshots on friday semi the targets again the shooting of wings off a firefly go to the itar target
oh that come let's letter i target pro dot com and use problem dan for ten percent offer member competitive shooters dry are ten times more they live far the range is great but its expensive clean europe you gonna buy rounds you got clean your got out go go pick up the target process them i target product com that's i target pro dotcom promo code then you're gonna love this thing you're not gonna put it down ok so i'm i saw a piece in the wall street journal today and they can't get i just want to pull this back out to thirty thousand feet because i don't want anybody confused about what i'm trying to get through you and again i've just covering media reports the thing yesterday about the british passing intel onto the united states is not in dispute has been covered by the guardians been covered by cnn what i been here how we have a two way show either cnn the guardian or lying about their sources or it actually happen and i i lean towards the letter but i want you to remember the we're thirty thousand foot thing i'm trying to prove the obama team spied on the trump team in an interest
an operation they wanted to entrapment because they wanted dirt on them to cover something what were they covering my three on this and just to be clear on this joe my theory and i but couple other people i strongly trust we agree with is again that the eye ran deal was what the i'm administration wanted they needed the i ran deal the arraigned they'll have to happen in order to get the ariane deal they needed the russians on board in order to get the russians on board they turned a blind i too the uranium one dealings and the russians efforts to overtake the year to over over hold on one second second you ok sorry folkestone no cut that out my my love my wife to death but she just got back from a procedures i kind of a few case you heard the door alarm so you sure you're all right in air she looks really tired her mobs here so while this is our show you know it's not lie but we treat it live so there how she's doing she looks ok so you can tell i caught off guard really
my wife we have a group she could relationship so they want to tat the add that the russians one of the iranian one of uranium for both economic and obviously nuclear power reasons the obama administration strain off was a look the other way while the russians person to renew masses in the united states in conjunction firm squeak ass it russian support for the ariane deal which the obama administration wanted from the beginning what's fascinating and bring in all this up again not to repeat prior show content but because as i said to you yesterday i remember the names remember the faces remember we think that always comes back because i read more stuff and get more sources and more information that comes in i'm constantly reminded that that's what happen let me it's you from the wall street journal editorial board today in a piece the russians their relationship with the united states in their relationship with the former obama administration this is this should ring the bell for you the you know the russian foreign minister spokesman sergei lever of suddenly there
this piece of sergei lover of missus john carry the russian our minister negotiated the i deal with the former u s secretary of state but on monday vladimir putin's foreign policy front man use this it will press conference to be eight the united states and all but declare that america must leave that country to russia and i ran folks but tat most able to look at me other people proposes i you're really about me we are just tell you that they love the obama administration they did the russians beta with the russians only became a massive geo political foe after tromp was elected and they needed a new narrative the russian out before that the obama administration loved them and was basically working with them on this stuff
opening line sergei sergei lever of missus john carry the russian our minister negotiated the area deal with the former u s secretary of state that wants to charles baking that up etc some some kooky blog site here right i'm just trying to tell you that's what happened they needed the right to keep quiet about it all the fail of the i ran deal they worked in conjunction with them and i pulled the trade off was the united states look the other way as the russians purchased uranium in the united states now i got a tip yesterday i i'm still kind of lashing out but i saw a story the new posts at the gate and covered yes so i'm not i don't put any out of the show that i am a reasonable confident i can i can prove but i think job the
missing thirty three thousand bleach bid emails from hillary clinton linear postmen and start the fbi has these emails i believe that's true i got a good tipp on that yesterday i also think that the thirty three thousand emails contain information that are absent only indicative of a quid pro quo on this in other words here's the money here's what we're gonna do here's how we're going to look the other way absolutely believe that that's why the clinton's went through such efforts to scrub and get rid of these thirty three thousand emails a limit servers bleach bidding things blackberries disappear smashing blackberries folks there reason people do that ok if joe and i are under investigation for a bank robbery we didn't commit i have joe you can see it here brand new iphone ex right you see i a bit i love it it's great what what
you take a hammer to that if there were no e mails what's i mean really fits in illicit investigation its thinks you're under that investigation right joe but among destroy my iphone to hide information of a crime it doesn't exist see this thinks why you guys have estimating investigating me for bank robbery i did nothing wrong but if someone a subpoena we want to see your eye format hammer the thing literally like him the thing a big guy whatever the snakes but chick take a look don't mess up my phone right right destroy their own property they bleach it is amazing to eliminate these thirty three thousand emails p i has these the question and this is where i have a little bit of information i am hesitant to put out but people s show the sweet because if i get this thing confirm this piece of information or blow you might fbi has these emails the question is who knows about it in the fbi and why with that question matter joe because
players we ve told you about managing both the trumps special counsel and the halo the email investigation joe already seen clear evidence of political bias would players like me came with players i peter stroke and pre snap the counter in television question now which working on answering a godsend for but i myself put it actually take a firm it yet is who knows about those thirty three thousand emails what are those email say and there your question is why don't we know about it yet that i'm workin on now one more loosened to tie up with regard to this are this case here i hadn't say this and i spoke to someone yesterday who pushed me in a different direction i'm working on some in the book of esteem re about simpson infusion gps
there is some russian connections there i'd considered but hadn't considered a certain way working on that too but one of the things i got pushed through yesterday was bruce wife ok restores the associate deputy attorney general at the time this is happening nellie net his wife now you know you're following this right nellie works for you shouldn't gps and his hired right around the time their compiling the dossier she's an expert in russian affairs now bruce or is also the head of also daft that's working on the project cassandra case or as a management official of the department of justice in charge of project cassandra in some manner and the decision a project cassandra which is a d lead project investigating iranians proxies like hezbollah running guns and drugs across the border josh mired didn't expos a political follow me folks is important and you know i'm not a fan of political i can't say that enough but me
i did an outstanding eleven thousand fourteen thousand whenever word peace exposing how project cassandra i raining proxies running guns and drugs into the united states show how a lot this was side mine in the open i'm administrations efforts again yeah ran the old yo keeps creep up uranium the obama administration wanted the ariane deal so desperately that the allegation in the peace what he alludes to mire he and i use not easy overly accusatory but its clear based on the evidence he puts out their joe is that price j cassandra what would have been one of the biggest criminal investigations in u s history in iranians proxy running guns and drugs into the united states the fight against terrorism it was all sidelined in an effort to keep it out of the papers keep the information paper so that the area india would go through why make sense right is ongoing page every page in the united states that are the iranians through their proxy or running guns and drugs into the united states killer
the fight terror joe there's no way and i ran the is going to happen in the story rapid upright so who is in charge of cassandra at also deaf in some way bruce or as the thing as the entire investigation scratch my investigation sidelined why am i bring this up again because i keep it suggesting to you that this is an entrapment set up operation by the obama administration the genesis the investigation the order matters they approach the trump team constantly fusion gps connected people with information on the russians again in an effort to dirty them up now the question is how involved where i'm trying to get to hear how involved are the russians in this are the russians directly pulling the strings joe of certain people in this or
are the russians just in didn't sewing chaos and taking advantage of stupidity now i lean towards the former that the russians were pulling certain people strength now i dont know this inclusive way but one of the things it was pointed out to me was that now the or applies ham radio licence which is interesting because the ham radio license i mean folks to beat you know i'm gonna be no clear on this could it be totally innocent yes but again we have a lot of the icy we have a lot of wait sittings as in this case you applies for the ham radio licence right around the time fusion gps which is working with the russians through vessel in the sky and his work at a magnet ski she applies am radio licence as the dossiers being compiled and fusion gps hires her to work on
russian information she's also russia expert and her husband is now overseeing a major case against an iranian proxy this getting sidelined in an effort to get the deal through awfully strange how all this comes together but the point at which point to me sorry for the sick buddhist way home here but this is important is i'd always assumed that the am radio licence would be for transmission of information in other words here's what we got here sir i'm working on a fusion gps what's that supposed to be huge you right here an interesting question i want to put out to the audience here for you to figure out that opens up an entirely different pandora's box but if the ham radio licence was to receive information joe you being a sound professional you're probably pretty familiar with with that this this arena that is to wait that is a two way operation now
and we assume that wise transmission but dont remember during the height of the cold war is not uncommon for people who were spies people who were double agents at people who were spies to receive information that way too i mean member goes out an open air but the code doesn't right so it was it was it wasn't common for them to receive information the question now and i think the questions can be fascinating is if you if we can get this now you're should have to answer this question what was that ham radio licence use war what was the ham radio being used for itself and where receiving information and job who were receiving information from now that ties into the question here of how active of a player where the russians in this because i've been operating at the operating assumption the entire time that this is an entrapment operation set up by the obama administration dirty up the trump team to cover up your
ones role in the area and what the russians now had an active role in this i mean an active all in pulling strings instead of just taking advantage of of basically some dope send this man then we have an entirely different levels of screwed up i mean like what why it is that where the thirty three thousand emails come in as well are there some emails indicating that the clinton's may have turned a blind eye to active russian influence in this i don't know why of the thirty three thousand emails yet and if the bureau has them and has released them i bet you re at the edge of that question should be why why haven't you release these things crazy after our jobs june by the way the rest of the week as i have an interesting angle workin on because mad columbo when i finish up the book on this is going to be short for very readable for you all time light of all this but i'm workin nature staying angle on and citizens
early dealings with russia that is really really really fascinating but i have to make it explainable joe and i haven't i haven't figured out a way to to sum it up yet so we'll get it at some point as we are right that i got up i want to get to this other article possesses just damning in such a terrific peace by daniel green amber gets in the show notes today by the way the folks please go to the show notes by the weights upon gino dot com you can subscribe to my email list and please read this peace it's from markets from earlier in the year by greenfield but it is an outstanding peace that sums up where we are now and how this eminent either to the russia thing to this the union to the obstruction budget this p is illuminating so please please we will get an asset show us about your buddies if filter by folks the holidays or over but winter just begun and accordingly
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into the trap of thinking that the news of the day is not related to larger ongoing fight with a democrat party the democrats threat shot down the democrats boycott of the state of the union this all fits into a larger narrative with the democrats and that the democratic the larger narrative is that liberals absolutely committed to the dish action of a rules based government in the implementation of a discretion based system we i i've used that word discretion on the show probably a thousand times and shown i've started because i care it sounds very millcote got discretion that doesn't sound so that no no we thoughts folks the reason we have a constitution is because you don't want government discretion the second amidst says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed it doesn't say shall not be infringed at the discretion of politicians in dc the four speech must the freedom to assemble the freedom to petition does not have a writer and an asterisk next to it it says but that's it
discretion of elected leaders in washington dc swamp rats it doesn't say that doesn't say that anywhere this the liberal thing and it is a rare tivoli new phenomenon when i say new i mean basically post after your work he tried to implement discretionary powers of governor would get rid of it the two should weigh constitutional living breathing couch let me so you breathing type will change and as we see fit right whatever we get an office we're just gonna overrule and overthrow the entire system so greenfield rights is piece about these brewing civil war in the country and it's a pretty darn damning peace any says political conflicts become civil wars one side refuses to accept the existing authority the exists authority now being a republican senator republic in congress and a republican might us they
views to accept their books and i put together some examples here one you have to shut down right now i put together the one two three you got about six examples here of democrats there i've been out right hypocrisy completely enjoying their minds on issues because they simply cannot accept the fact that they are not in charge malware where do we go from here where we go if you don't accept a duly elected government is being your duly elected governor what do we do what what's next don't understand as previously believe he's right a lot of em don't understand the damage their doing here now couple examples down number one i don't want to take this to heart just got at the end of the show but markets are now threatening to shut down if they don't get amnesty for these two of these after recipients peter
who came here illegally i don't have a choice shut down through the worst thing in the world i told you so let me get trade the operating premise of liberalism post after your has been government is in indispensable portion of our life none of us can exist without it we need for our retirement we need it for a decade we need for our bomber phones for us actually we needed for four food stamps we needed for all this stuff government is operating principle in our lives that is absolutely indispensable to our existence every single day right but a minute you don't give amnesty to a subset of people here illegally poor my new ports in the united states the entire government should shut down so what is it if they govern is it necessary and you can shut it down just to get amnesty then just it met the entire operating principle you been telling us is fair game for the less what sir in the years just admit it's garbage and you made it up because jobs
you see what i'm go with this if its essential for survival and you're threatening to shut it down aren't you going to kill people right do do you want you have the we're gonna die stuff thousands of americans would die that's we're not merging the joker that's so by would show uses occasionally by the way is joe neither jonah right even remember why he said that because they say about everything everything was it taxes school choice obama care nobody nobody knows you're gonna die all the time with democrats because it's always it's alright based on a republican attack on a big government policy that's failing republics wanna get rid of ababa get thousands of people will die republicans want to contact thousands people will die all the time thousands of americans would die every time caesar now video john vibrate in it do you know about everything so i don't
our thousands of people going to die or not i i don't understand are they gonna die or not so now the threatening the shutdown of the government you swore was indispensable to our daily living so that's exam number one of what greenfield talking about how police carve which brewing over into ideological cultural political civil wars because one side just refuses to accept that trump d up again ass the republican sentiment on legitimate so they just say it's a legitimate we're just going to shut down but wait weapon the straight you just said it was indispensable no not that that's not this principle because that socks secondly in news the state of the union democrats are threatening but a boycott the state of the union so i tweet last night period all of you do me a favor
nobody everybody and you did i mean this in your district if you have a democrat congressmen tweet them on twitter tell him you know what of course we gotta be nigh showing you kicked off twitter we're not divine the one that's for the left between them will you stay home from the state of urine y y all cares if you don't get up there is a legitimate government we dear democrats kip do us a favour all of you stay home just go home we don't care we got this work charge they all we don't care you don't risk the existing authority the government now you think i'll try is a racist you want to peace donald trump you think he's a russian agent it you're just like yours you just making all this up so just stay home nobody cares stay home example number two so one getting at dumped about democratic policies and how these accuracy show how they change their mind based on whose empower on only base the they don't see that government is legitimate so they don't see this as being hypocritical governments
for evil when obama was in office now there the greatest thing ever state of the union the union was this it a sanctuary the state of the union god forbid sergio wilson yells out you lied to above my gosh the media there guy should have been put in prison remember that rapture wilson mule i or my god you don't do state of the union but now a budget while democrats don't even want to show up for the thing at all that means that their did these guys are being portrayed as white nights some kind of praetorian guards of truth and justice again a policy because dammit i don't see the government is legitimate and if you don't see the government is legitimate there's no path forward another example which i brought up countless times because its thanks so badly of hypocrisy that it's almost impossible even for the most skilled liberal debate or to ignore
when arizona passed an image you bill that mirrored federal law and merely required people to produce some form of identification towards it kate their citizenship in some police interaction what are gonna be rage joe i'm mean a rise we prove you citizenship liberals lost their marbles job they went crazy and the premise folks you don't believe they i'm making this up go got the arizona state senate bill when it was jan brewer just put it immigration bill brewer liberals you're there too in point resist this job it was it's not a state issue immigration that's a federalist you by the way which their right on it is a federal issue so ok just to be clear is in office immigration is now a federalist that was their point trump gets off a state see the government is legitimate i get you don't
is it governs legitimate there's no path forward all of a sudden what they said but it doesn't matter now from passing some pretty stringent aura or do executive order things past i'm pretty stringent new immigration rules travel bans on things like that the state california and some others joe declare themselves sanctuary stayed sanctuary cities all over the country and the same democrats and argued it's a federalist you now say joe state issue now california do what they want what is it you just said it was a federal issue now saying it's a state issue these are double standards this is this is a mutiny near her tell you this this this really sorry does the the tradition of a peaceful turnover of power ok destroys it it you brought his lawyer knows and throw it in a garbage and if that's the point agree here let me read you call from this peace and gradually brought that because this is a perfect conference this is a quote from green fields piece about
liberal mine obama when charge now here let me read your call from this please gradually brought it up because this is a perfect conference this is a quote from green feels piece about the devolving of the sanctity of the demo pratt party into institutions that are less democratic each time they lose i know that's it accents after i read this i promise quoting greenfield after losing congress the left consolidated its authority in the white house after in the white house the left shifted its central authority federal judges an unelected government officials yet each defeat led the rat eliza democrats to relocate from more democratic to less dammit braddock institutions this part is killer he said this it just hypocrisy that's a common political sin hypocrites manure however within the system the has no allegiance to this system it is
perhaps no laws other than those dictated by its ideology ban might drop good job daniel green it accepts no laws other than its ideology now do you understand why i constantly bring up the term discretionary government and dangers of discretionary government when the law joe the constitution is bedrock and the right to bear arms the right to free speech the right to petition the governor the right to assemble these are not to quote greenfield oz dictated by ideology their laws dictated by big our rights guiding star principles no matter your ideology utopia freedom of speech bad it's in the first amendment the bill of rights that applies to everyone whether you agree with it are not when you're a leftist and you but
even discretionary government when you are in charge government is great and rules apply when obama was in charge and they were in charge of the senate sure immigration was a federal issue show the state of the union what was was a temple shore you know tax was mattered all this stuff matter when they were in charge because the discretion joe was theirs when obama was in charge bingo the laws it mattered it was their opinion in their ideology but their ideology was in charge when they lie asked as the house when they lost the house it was all about obama when a law obama now it's all about the judges of the church the church the church it's not about the judges it's about the law the judge keep rewriting stop folks the left ships discretionary government when they don't get discretionary government and they lose backup due to a legion to a law etc book in law freedom bayswater big our rights while they just ignore it that you have set you have states
this could we ignore federal immigration law can win nor drug lot wherever you stand on it i'm not a big supporter of classifying marijuana the way we do to be clear but folks it's the law i dont do it directed along what are we to my house ok you chain the right way a process fidelity and allegiance to the process matters folks that's why content useless i have so much respect for them when something about by the constitution even that hurts them still say it's the right thing cannot be easy thing but it's the right thing a tale every day of upon a respect for farmers out there who to objective things like the ethanol mandate i ever tighter risks for people who would benefit from a police tax code benefit by getting a better their business show and they say no that's not right i know i'd benefit but that's not for me farmers who would and if it burden there cornfields shoe ethanol so you know what it's not right it's viewing the economy i have autonomy
back for senior citizens right now who say you know what we have to reform the social security i get i paid in i did the right thing and i know you did but to govern screw it up and there is no money maybe that your your benefits should be this point sacrosanct but the next generation we gotta fix it i respect that i always have when i for office people sit near meeting with me you know what we re this organisation we think you should say this that chosen i just said i know why i'm going to say that while euro nor support would be continued on some kind of our well i doubt sorry thank you have a nice day i don't do that folks here some more by the way the tax laws can we discussed yesterday at the end of yesterday's show how these evergreen topics keep coming up california when obama papa wasn't office taxes were a great thing stimulus taxes that catches
actions we need government needs money to invest joe the government needs money for infrastructure the government needs money to produce jobs government as a produce jobs government just takes the governments the biggest taker for capital t take her but that was when a was in charge when they were in charge and discretion was there's not trumps van all of a sudden everything obama did the federal government was in charge in the law matter now the troops to charge a lot as it matter at all because i don't care about the law they only care about discretion when it stairs tax such matters than actual you new republic you need to give us more money number a fair share we gotta go after he's a corporate inversions get these tax evasion cooperation dr evil take their body thinking about now turn didn't charge passes attacks bill passes attach bill that will makes some very wealthy californians pay more money i thought rich or evil didn't you just get done
telling us after eight years of obama how the evil rich need to pay their fair share trump passes a tax bill that benefits questionably middle class americans i've did entire shows on this just listen to them i give them actual numbers the left which is why you are unquestionably benefits middle class americans and will in somewhere and i don't i don't just to be clear on this for myself i don't support anybody paying higher taxes but there's no clue she met this bill well for some people who are very wealthy and blue states joe to pay more in taxes something we and told for eight years under obama was a good thing did we not joe pressure pay taxes are good expanded governments good governance vast numbers could produce jobs now we're do according to your own ethos we're doing that and now california he's trying to pass a law that allows wealth
california to declare their local taxpayers is charity so they can pay less taxes what is it you knuckle heads what is it our time just go to where taxes bad or the rich evil or past special laws allowing the rich do not pay more what is it can you give us straight answers should we can debate you this we in my time running for you can never debate liberals right you to paint a liberal button benefits of apples and the liberal goes and orange is a very good fear out further debates about apples like i says like i said that's a queen i like i says oranges have a lot of vitamin c sir that debate topic is to help benefits of apples are you insane as i says orangist make really good compost what are you can't that's why i love when they call in done when i'm alive on title do callers on my show here obviously or guess but when i do talk rate
four levine unhappy i loved the liberal collars and we keep a line open because all you have to do is let a liberal talk they always out themselves as entirely ignorant because they urban challenged they don't take the all they do is the flap every time there were just like your opinion we haven't used to do in a wild that's it that's their defence to everything when they don't do that you are racist we need a sounder for that there be a radio right that's it when it year while just like your opinion man and when you come back that to go near you definitely racist they don't have anything else apples jeez orange nectarines nectarines kiwis pay deflect all the time here's another one washington dc dc heller decision the dc heller supreme court decision determines that the second amendment is in fact an individual right nothing mysterious to constitutional is that these evil
all governments still won't issue a lot of these carry permit they just ignored it wait i talk obama was in charge of the federal government was a benevolent force and was all powerful so now there our government do the supreme court of federal operation the highest federal courtland says this second amendment is an individual right and abortion in these cases i know its not working or ignored and liberalising that's great that's where we love this because it love discretion they hate the law it is a by product get an offshoot of their desire to come fleetly ignore legitimately elected government henceforth but in green fields premise that there's no future in this i don't he's talking about an actual hard civil wars to be clear no one's advocating violence peace talking about and you know what i was going to get there
light at the end because so good but this is actually a good time to bring it up before i give you some other examples he says something really great and telling chow that you all need to remember he says secessionists people on a be separate incisive reunited it's the difference here is secessionist you want to be left alone so let's say california or would you know some californians or texans wanted to see they want to be let it alone they do not want anything to do with the governing all right he said the difference with the law is there not secessionist secessionist want to be left alone authorise never want to leave you alone they don't want to secede they want to subjugate there's a difference here they left isn't they now new york city where going to succeed the left what's new york city to govern texas bats problem here that's why these people are so darn dangerous
you need some more examples obstructing appointments i thought then obama for eight years show tell us the republicans were obstructions and obstructing the duly elected benevolent a real government was this evil thing now trump barely get anyone through the democrats obstructed every level demanding eight hours of debate on every trump appointees something that's rarely happen so absurd by the way did fits back into how we opened up with the shut down right so ones hunting and shutting down the government worthy most awful well since we could have possibly imagine by a government official under obama but now that the democrats are doing their job this stupid compliant lap dog bootlegging media plays right along and portrays the democrats doing the exact thing they told us was evil as again porthos the guards of a volley of civility i mean folks it's it's unbelievable it is on believable remember
each defeat they keep going down the chain federal judges first they lost the house then they lose the senate then they lose the presidency now they're back down the federal judges again use federal judges to impose their own ideology on others and they loved judge ships why because judge and the federal judiciary and even the state this year in many respects show are the ultimate bastions of discretion the government right there as long as aching convinced judges at the constitution does it matter an air discretion does the rule of law goes out the window and the government now is absolutely illegitimate folks is troubling stuff now i like to tie stories in for those you are new listeners i like the time into both evergreen narratives and stories within the shop i bring this up this idea of a budding civil war within the country here and the complete lack of respect for the government we have now because the trump rush
spying scandal is a pay attention is forces really important why i'm so concerned with these is better way to set this up about the i'm a spying scandal and trump and the cover up of the ariane d on uranium one and the effort to dirty up the trump team in entrapped them so concerned about it because liberals them seemed to think there is anything wrong with this and that's frightening you know when watergate broke you had a large swathes of republican saying hey listen this is not right we need to clean this up clean this up fast why not so i'm not giving a pass to every republican was i'm at the blood of them or their messed up too but at least they can serve it have constitutional is leaning ones understood that an order they continue as some unified country this
in the white house had to be cleaned out that overwhelming numbers of liberals probably ninety plus percent see no problem at all with the obama gate spying scandal despite not an iota of evidence that there is a predicate crime the trump team committed to warrant the bay its entrapment scheme and most consequential in american history and using the monopolistic force of government to do it and police they tactics troubles me folks to no end because here's what i'm worried about and i i got to be careful here because i don't let you know i don't do conspiracy theories and i don't like melodrama cuz i'm not that kind of guy and so this job but i dont know what's gonna happen in twenty twenty and i had this conversation my wife and i ve never felt this way before but i'm joe
you only concern that people like me will become targets joe brought up something interesting yesterday me after jacques i was i kick in myself for up for it i said joe damn you should have brought that up right you know it you said joe said to me you should be scared not like this hasn't happened before when we had some one in the white house and i yeah that was a beautiful point the p phone records scandal joe brought up the james rose and targeting scandal a fox news share i gettin targeted the irs targeting conservative groups now folks i'm not be melodramatic don't think some hit squads gonna covenant twenty twenty if trump loses but what if how are we going to get ordered it i mean are they going to start tap and our phones such a crazy conspiracy yours now it happened tat always
so we'll be right i was like do we i swear i gotta get back on every record apportions shop like how did i not bring that up it's not conspiracy theory if it actually happen yeah it's conspiracy theory that the brits gave information to the obama team on trump it's not a conspiracy theory that the trump team with spied on they had the transcripts they didn't get it we s pay this happen it's not a conspiracy theory that the irish targeted conservative groups it just paid out millions in fines and admitted to it it's not ok piracy theory that james rosen from fox news was subjected to a press witch hunt zebras out information from sources in the obama administration this stuff happen this scares me folks i mean it i dont we'd like i to my fingernails because i mean when i say i was absolutely born for this brawl i was
have kids and i have a wife i am seriously concerned if twenty twenty if we lose in the white house what retribution is common our way i've seen these colinton animals ideal without twitter all the time philippe scrub brains nick marrow adam whatever spaces i've dealt with these animals i exactly what they are about they don't know what i know which is great but i know what they are about and what i am concerned about the thai this up to just to be cleared it to connect the story here your bombing administration spies on trumped to cover up their misdeeds secondly the left doesn't recognise the current government the left is interested in an ideological battle and respects nothing trump does point number three this is only going to get worse
that is why i am concerned because when it gets worse and reaches a crescendo if we lose twenty twenty is the left gonna win i only lose their minds and it starts by not everybody i mean a pill then a fair question are we about we were wrong for asking questions now why is it going to where she may say you keep bringing out but you haven't said why another reflect piece in the show notes folks again please go thereby gino thou come and subscribe to my email is i will email to you you got a red green feel peace yeah it's a must rate absolute masri senator liberal friends but there's another great peace and for may i be the shone out you'll see it's from like a local newspaper man is it good job we sent to me by a friend of mine is a conservative activists and this is about the dismantling obama agenda is falling apart that's how this ties into this
as this collapses even further and trumped completely dismantles the liberal war on the it can constitution and government the left this is not going to get any better you see my point only going to get worse and twenty twenty they're gonna be maniacal meaning we'll get ordered it or felonious smallbury on the open seas or some crime they just make up it's a rough what is that a real colonial you know what i got that from sorry folks know me to quit firstly when i first got in the secret service there is a wall there is enough the greatest calves are really good investigator eddie had there on the wall like it was a joke about federal crimes at their that people should be one of whom was followed by a smoke free on the open seas that's where i got that it made that up so shout out to the guy was really funny he was a character arrived here's where i was falling apart this is all laid out in this piece i'm going to put in the shown up this guy lays it out beautifully he says on energy obama's sick
it sure thing on energy was the blocking keystone pipeline why because they want america to be a chemical superpower because liberals don't believe in capitalism number one and they definitely don't believe in petrol chemicals they believe in clean which is really just a war on the economy i'm a blocks keystone trump gives him the big joe you see what i'm doing right now so bitter vulgarity tromp gives them the big a metaphor and says no fags we're not do and that we are going to part b keystone is gonna go right through thank you have a nice day see you obama on keystone on education obama institutes title my knees these kangaroo ports on campus where basically any allegation made against the male or female is is is run through entirely unbelievably unconstitutional system where these kids lives are being ruined over allegations of sexual misconduct tromp says no no
doing that everybody is entitled to their own of legal defence and to their day and an appropriate you know appropriate fashion why the obama administration want that they wanted kangaroo who courts on cotton college campuses why why matters folks because again as greenfield points out when the left loses they go down the chain they lose their they go to the presidency was the presidency they go to the courts they lose the courts they go to the campuses on that campuses they don't have to follow federal judicial rules of evidence you don't get your day in court data obviously idea discretion discretion crash they'll of discretion as long as it's there's an made sure to appoint point a lot of these colleges a lot of you know
judges in these courts that would make sure they found just about every man that was brought in their guilty of something drops said no facts were dumping that have a nice day jobs on the environment clean power plant ah the obama administration love this it was left to do this action of the states to get rid of all although these to lower all of your oxy oh two admissions trump said no facts done with that you're not going to control that we're gonna go act to a sound energy policy red national parks bomb expands the national parks beers ears and all these other places why would he do that because again now can control federal land then if their national parks and who has discretion over it oh they do trump comes in says no thanks have a nice day chops see later we're gonna return that right back to the states have for love that net neutrality don't entire shows on this we're going to request
if the internet under title to and who's control at all the federal government this great we love net neutrality trouble which people the fcc that's not tax happened i do not have a nice day net neutrality is gone right back to the federal trade commissioner we're going to leave the yemeni internet open and let actual is american citizens control it and the businesses that run it have a nice day folks on health care slowly dismantling obamacare they haven't got rid of it yet for getting rid of the individual mandy the individual man which made people buy insurance they didn't want mandated by the government troops as taxable abrogated scrap that have a nice day chubbs see later the csp bay consumer financial protection being challenged by the treaty rules on constitutional what was a sea of peace you don't joe humiliating massive amounts of financial data on every single american out there what why folks probably use later against you in a discrimination law suit if you're a bank or something like that on a
regulation and taxes regulations being wiped out at a record rate taxes being cut less central control by the federal government discretion going back to the people not the government over what to do your businesses in your money trumped comes in since that we're gonna white those out by the ever going to cut taxes to laugh is losing their mind and never forget kevin williamson wrote a really great book whenever at the end skype socialism summit forget the title was terrific book very readable and in the book talks about the left's new socialism they have completely and then the old socialism and others the idea that the government's going control the means of production like only what's jones surplus production company government comes in its deals it williams premises they don't need to steal it all they need to do is tax and regulated to definite owned anyway the government could blame joe right if it fails
the government point shout why should the government voted screw it up and take the blame when i screwed up take attacks and regulated get the money tell about operated and when it blows up they just plain job beautifully someone trump cuts the rain patients it cuts the taxes east is inflicting a it'll blow on new socialism one more point foreign policy the ariane deal trot said he's not gonna recertified yet the parasite gorgeous crappy deal for the year on the environment that was gonna screw the united states on we're out of that cuba where's go turned a corner on at two folks this is all critical this is why in bringing this up to all in the peace it's a great piece please read the shown us the left is going to continue to lose their minds they if it's when trump russia blows up in their faces they will move on to something else i promise you hey i'm one more story visits quick come but i do want to get this out you know i've been covering bit and i am very sceptical i like the idea i like blue
jane technology but i get a lot of questions about bitcoin folks on its dropping i'm just telling you i'm not an indecision investment show do what you i'll be money i lighting bitcoin is it is a very legitimate fantastic technology but be very cautious years why bitcoin has to be mine by complete there's not mind in the traditional way you'd mine goal joe yet start get a pickaxe you start hammer anyway you start sifting through water in europe that uses merle wanna bitcoin his mind by you fancy computers to solve complex mathematical questions by which you avoid awarded a bitcoin you're not europe burnt the hills to get the gold you have to figure out a math amassed problem basically one of the biggest server farms because he's computers are very very energy intensive have to solve these math problems exist
reforms to do this we're in china china's cracking down on this folks big time and are becoming exchanges now that should be a big big flag because remember just like gold if someone says hey you're not going to mine gold in them there hills and you're not going to have the gold and you're not going to have a form currency beijing and have it if they choose please continue their crack down a bitcoin and stuff these major server farms for mining bitcoin figuring out the algorithms and getting the actual bitcoins by solving the mathematical problems you're gonna a major league collapse and this on the agenda is not a financial via matreshka bitcoin i love grip those i'm just tell india you better watch what's going on in china because if these my get shut down you have the world's one of the world's largest supplier of minors abash essentially not mining the money your counting on big big deal end up by the way are put it we call bloomberg article today
in the show not about that short sweet about how the chinese are cracking now give it a look i folks say opportunity and in i really appreciate it go to bunch of their contract out the show notes today i will see you you just heard tan bond genomes ya get more of them online in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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