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Ep. 635 The Biggest Scandal in US History Keeps Getting Worse

2018-01-17 | 🔗

Another incredible Democrat scandal that the media is ignoring.

The connections between the Clintons, and the Obama spying scandal keep piling up. 

Was the author of the Trump dossier connected to the State Department?

Insane liberals are now attacking the President Trump’s doctor

California leads the nation in liberalism, and in poverty. Coincidence?


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get ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gino welcome thereby gino show producer joseph armor cost our unit at well from the snowy middle of the eastern seaboard dont good man yeah gosh today i'm so glad to be out of the northeast gosh you now wait for those you would mean asking me about my stem cell treatment i'm getting a lot of emails on that i have my own stem cells taken out my back if they take out a little fat pockets in your back jack immature joints are asking me how are you doing people santa have arthritis i have this condition that i'm not your doktor obviously it might give any medical advice than just telling you about me it's been going swimmingly i can't even i think it is basically destroy the europe politics business in the future i'm just saying my job
it's really amazing so for those you've been asking i feel i feel the need to update you cuz i feel like i know you all personally all right i got a lot to talk that's a joe and as always knew it you shouldn't comment in left right and centre about the biggest scandal that new s history which happy to say we have been at the forefront of and for what i said to you yesterday during the show folks remember the names commit them to memory for those you miss the point i was making yesterday when i was a brand new federal agent working counterfeit cases credit card cases supervisor mine was very bright guy real good streak before it was a federal agent said never ever forget the names commit them to memory because you're not going to be able to put puzzle pieces together view don't recognize the names you're not going able to say it while there's an name let me go back and look do my files the minute spot a name you should be able to oh my gosh there's that guy again he cried
up in a wire tapie creeps up on a financial transaction well dory came out yesterday and of course if you remember the name you're going to see how it fits into this scandal and you're gonna see how i think been proven right and based on some of the traffic i've been getting from people i know we are ready to break this thing right of an era so much about bodies that i talk it thanks for all the feedback on this product love this sponsor i love it because i am an avid second amendment supporter and a big advocated paradise and preparedness means self defense as well folks anyway can fire a firearm anyone that's bill it's not complicated pull trigger the question is can you fired accurately now by firing in other words pulling the trigger on an empty weapon is a very very effective way manufactories these recommended it highly when i was in the secret service it's a very
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dot com competitive shooters dry fire ten times more than they live fire folks people are sending me their targets from a monday and then again on a friday and now go and from groups that look like basketballs two groups it looked like golf balls with their shots go give it a shot gonna i target proto come as i target pro comically a promo code here say be so my promo code dan my first name you get ten percent off i target pro dotcom ok so i said remember the name so yesterday i see an article that life said the creeps up which again will be in the show notes if you are on my email lest i will email you these articles every day the un's news picks if go to my website punch you know that comes sign up for my email list or you can just view the articles at bunch you know that cop so i see an article life's that and because i am familiar with the names joe and i've asked all of you to be familiar with the names as well i see a story that creep up in the story is about some
suspicious financial dealings between the australian government and clinton foundation now the it was written by market tap scott who i've met before and its against that like zat lord ingram site and let me read to you about before i read you from the peace let me set up where we're going with this ok member get remember the names might the deed are your premise of what we're trying to prove the most the most concept i scandal in modern political history the entire premise for trying to prove is obama bomb spied on trump this was an entrapment operation this thing operation and the your a team knew about or in some ways facilitating all these people go into trump look we got information on a clinton's take it take it take it take it take it there does this thing up the entire time now to do
you have to have people approaching the trump t right job we ve said this over and over again some names of people have contacts who have contacted both eyes again they may be dupes i am not suggesting that the people approaching trumpeting even know who they are working for i'm just telling you day approach the trump team thirty million emmett aguilar his dad dad the australian government now remember that third name joe i know you know what you ve heard a lot of alexander doubter ministry of foreign affairs for the australian government why is this name important while if you listen to the shows you know if you don't i'll give you that the the readers digest synopsis right now the new york times own reporting on the matter because the the question here is why was the obama team spying on the trump team everybody scrambling to give a reason although no one can explain what the trump team did toward being spied on nobody can explain a job there's no point
your crime if the better farmers outside your warmer cause how spying on him you think there be a reason why you nobody could produce a reason why the the the stories changed a thousand times because a corridor page because it george papadopoulos because a steel in the dossier nobody has a reason and nobody's produced a crime one of the reasons the new york times reporting which they ve changed on by the way the new york times initially set it was carter pages trip to moscow who it was an invite for the trumped happy not started the whole thing job then carter page thirty i've changed its own reporting and now says no with rage it was george papadopoulos is meeting with alex and they're down or in a london bar who alice the doubters ministry of foreign affairs for australia it's that it's that meeting that set the whole thing off again are these people somehow interacting with the trump team and
having some connection to either obama fusion gps is working with the clinton's or another go we're gonna end a minute the state department itself now so i see this article yesterday now that you ve got the background to this ok i see this peace yesterday and thinking and i remember that aims hairs from the peace in life said mark taps got please read it at my website is that by the way the guy psmith referring to is an investigative reporter australia just so you know i quote from the at the centre of smith's complaints are former president bill clinton former secretary of state and twenty sixteen democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and malta australian government officials in senior diplomat alexander doubter that governors a commissioner to the united kingdom now ok great what's the complaint their complete
and this is from this investigative reporter who tab scots reporting on his report in life set and you read the picture without long and supplementary super short thick forger words the complaint i sat there were five meant some financial dealings between the australian government the clinton foundation involving money changed hands to the current foundation under some false pretences joe backdating been voices and things like that other items things that boy sickly money changing hands and you can read it it's not particularly complicate about an aids initiative the bottom it is this that there has been some reporting about money going from the australian government to the clinton foundation that was done under false pretences and somehow downer was implicated in this again setting the connection over and over that i've said the people and i had to i had to underline this again people we are approaching the trump team right then your time ladies and gentlemen i am own
all of the not bag liberals listen to my show and i know it i could bag liberals or listen to my show and i know it i conspiracy theory really the new york times are conspiracy theories i'm only telling you what the new york times said that the alexander down or meeting show that was right the momentum doing the dreaded air quality or with papadopoulos in a london bar which by them down or the governments high commissioner to the united kingdom that trot zone reporting says that's what set off this whole trump rush investigation all of us doubt or now had some dealings with clinton and the clinton foundation and is involved with some money changing hands it may have changed hands under some false pretext i've just covered reporting joke on a serious note how do you see why that was the suffice aber god is a federal agent to remember the names here yeah because if you don't have an they keep calm and actual but if you don't commit them to memory this
of slips by you and you'll be a reader report ok so what's there's a guy in australia who is apparently been accused of some kind of misdeeds with the clinton foundation and money what does that have to do anything that's the same guy shows up in a bar in in london and meter but that believes that the new york times to saint initiates the most consequential counter intelligent spying investigation u s history are out that happen that's crazy remember what i told you the other day order matters joe lives integrated community where no one can just come and go right jos houses borderline burglarize than in the cop show up joe gated community house burglarized cop show up if you mix those three around even though all three happen in the order is wrong you am a problem if jolly the negative community cops
through his house resettlement is houses then burglarized after that we ve got problem there suddenly like wait the cops had something to do with this the order matters why am i bring this up us who contacts who first folks this to take away from this remember were trying to prove the obama team beyond reasonable doubt that is you have to prove anything you beyond reasonable doubt at least in a criminal case trying to prove that the obama team illicitly spied on the trump team i'm give you a series of facts reported by the only about media unless they're willing to run away from it and discount their own reporting which i haven't done yet the order matters it down or meat would papadopoulos in this then bar member papadopoulos is a low level trumps arrogant and get it
information about russian emails from papadopoulos or was down put up to it by someone and down or meets in a bar with the proper and then report back the order matters anybody by authors who contact who first joe you file you look at you you drag me on tracking well you can now that i can see a pretty well you look like you're giving me a puzzle faced but you gotta say and yeah you're disinterested jos given me that tucker karlsson to i love that look when he tells his head to decide not good water matters yet is down or contact american intel first and its jesse's is genuinely suspicious show or someone contact downer first downer than contacts papadopoulos in what i believe to be a set up or assisting the entire time that's the question here ok that's what given that this is critical stuff ok now
i want to read something for you yesterday's why cover this yesterday but i want to read it again because i'm about to dismember folks keep reminding the question were focused on now to prove the obama team beyond that this was set up in entrapment operations have to show you the elements of my assertion that this was a set up and entrapment operation is thing operation happen to show you that i have to show you people approach the trump team not on their own not on their own but at the urging of others who were through a trap people on the troubled me following job right a lot of people who hit papadopoulos the people who come into contact with carter page it's not random this happening to entrapped the trump team and to keep my not suggesting the people that approach them are in on the scam pay a guy on the street joe a thousand dollars you have no idea what you want to knock on your door to morrow go hey
you're one of those george clooney oceans levin guy you wanna go robber bag show us i deal with this guy is the guy has no idea joe is always somebody approach the guy industry game a thousand dollars to go approach go about robin i beg the question is who is the doodle gave him a thousand dollars to approach joe dad the question that the connection who told downer if anyone to go meet with papadopoulos if anyone we ve already established in our relationship between down or including ok joe now let's go let's move on to another yesterday i read this and i want to read it again this is a piece in the wall street journal yesterday about the state department in the i ran this is important folks sergei labourer off the russian minister of propaganda here
lever of missus john carry the russian foreign minister negotiated the ariane deal with the former u s secretary of state but on monday vladimir putin's our policy front man uses annual press conference to berate the u s and all but the where that america must leave that country to russia and i ran why am i bring in that up again reading it again yesterday because if you understand that this was all a smoke screen all of it too give currie rush in favour in order to get the irene deal through all of this makes sense because the figures i'm giving you all have some relationship to uranium and the russians desire to control uranium and needing the united states to see that interest to them in order to yet their support on me i ran deal right honor being involved in a lot of these uranium deals between the australians and the chinese the australians and the russians now quest
i got yesterday when i have which i haven't answered adequately and forgive me folks because i wrongly assumed a lot of people understood it but that's my foresight yours i'm this is what we do in the show question i got was ok dad but you never actually explain why the obama team wanted the iraqi or so badly that they were willing to basically cedar nuclear fuel or the russians placate the russians and allow them to control the world's uranium market you never said that folks there's a lot of theories on this and i want to say i'm in a cause i'm always the open and honest i'm speculating here but i'm speculating based on things i've heard and things i know in some research i've done i owe you an answer wreckage mislead these things out there the obama administration needed to rebalance power in the middle east the administration i think sense the turning of the tide and i dont believe that the obama administration was a big fan of israel that is not a mystery to anyone he had at
asked an icy relationship when netanyahu the bomb administration for reasons i should say beyond the scope of this cause that's why you're here the obama administration was seated with post john f kennedy democrats what i mean is super liberals liberals who not stand the idea of representative democracy and free market who the only representative democracy in the middle east right now israel you may say ah mccammon daddy you telling me he was using it ski like tactics to attack israel solely because they are representative democracy in the middle east yes and if you red david horwitz this book unholy alliance which is must reading but i mean absolutely must read for anybody interested in me action between liberals and medical islamists
reed unholy alliance by horror which where he shows how these two perverse ideologies far left live not not democrats but far left radical liberals and eighty four types how they have ever thing in common radical islamists centralized state control one using joe one book boeing at the altar of government one babbling at the power of religion either way it's it's it's almost monarchical i may bad choices the upshot of your darn right you did helps latin privately do you understand how this thing whole premise of of horror which book unholy alliance is that that article islamism and its devotion to a turann a top down form of governing is no for it i can not democrats but extreme liberals day only worship they work
the same style joe just a different got one worships top down power to government the other through religion why is there the old bomb administration is seated with people who wonders stan there is a symbiotic relationship there and they need to rebalance power in the middle east a way from israel which is developing relationships with jordan and the saudis they need to develop and empower the shias and i ran the irene deal is a polluted disgusting deal from the start i think meant to rebalance power away from israel because it's a representative democracy and represents everything far left this hate you may question my judgment on that i think you're wrong that's not hard from well let's not i've spoken to you about this on the show off the shower the obama administration commitment to basically the art said right subsidiary subsidiary being local control obama
their team seeking global control because you can't escape it that does not mean that we were tory away i just mean power that centralized because you can't get rid of it local power or you can leave you can move centralized power you can't this was all a smokescreen to get that through and they the russians on board now that was a lot folks i'm sorry but now let me jumped to myself the first point against the redoubt forget me on that one lady we maybe i'm not talking down to the audience i'm trying to put these pieces together use it for you systematically and methodically so that when the show is over it makes sense in you're not lost in information we said fifteen minutes ago premise overarching premise of the entire series it shows you ve been doing spying on trump to prove vomit respond on trump we have to prove or the obama administration was unjust obama we have to prove their worth some kind of an operation going to prove
operation the fact that i believe they were trying to entrapped the trump team you have to in trappers people are going there to approach the trump deep we have the i'm not saying they know anything it doesn't matter all that matters is who put them up to it i gave you the names under the names it keeps coming up is downer remember the names down in that connection now now involved with the current foundation doubters involved papadopoulos making the connection now i said you the beginning of the show i was going to make a connection between the state department to this is very troubling basing this on reporting by byron yorker well respected reporter again i will put this on in short it sweet its readable at the show notes please please please sign up for my email listed house may get the information out or go to bond no doubt come again and read it sorry to keep mentioning it but if you don't read the articles i dont have
enough time every day to cover the minute detail you're missing in each one i give you the thirty thousand foot view york explains in the peace joe there maybe just maybe the christopher steel relationship was i've just with the department of justice the fbi and the fbi but was with the state department as well now let me do that actually it's where we go in our little confused right crystal steel is the am i six british intelligence agency that is working for fusion gps higher by the clinton campaign to gather dirt on trump the dirt few gps they get they get through steel who vignette joe is a russia expert now the running theory i've been operating on is still gives information effusion fusion gives information to the clinton campaign in the day and see some
that information makes it into white into the white house so yeah now politics interacting with law enforcement intelligence the president's the head of the department of justice and that police all information is used to initiate this thing and the entrapment operational trump but this is what is even more fascinating this is why reggie that carry thing about the ariane deal john areas the secretary of state in all of this is going on the entrapment operation spying operation on tromp carries in charge of the state department i just read you that peace again from the wall street journal he can rwanda tape and listen to it again where carries working with the russians on the i ran the and the russians miss him they want em back stranger that happens now we find them by byron yorks reporting joe steel had a pre existing relationship and by onto be fair yorks quoting another author of a book in its in the piece you can see yourself steel
ready had a pre existing relationship with people with in embeds in the state department as well people working did did the deep state bureaucrats in the state department on a case he worked with fee for the international soccer jurisdiction on corruption scheme now you see how this web of connection so the question here again order matters what're matter who contact too we know now the alas connections to the state department we know these dealing with hilary who was the secretary of state obviously in charge of the state department the question now would steal is is fusion gps and steal contacted by the court campaign to get dirt on them or the state department p we'll make the connection between steel and the fbi because now you have all differ ballgame if the
enforcement gun carrying entities and have a monopoly on force the federal government rightly on private police forces if the power the federal government the fbi's unleashed because bureaucrats in the state department have a pre existing connection to us by working on political information on tromp if they make the connection in other words are they going to be a need to check the sky out here he's got some so now we ve got add another layer the scandal that is absolutely mine blowing order matters who can't acted who first who contacted who first sorry i don't mean to be joe can see i'm ray i have so many notes i don't want to miss anything now we know steel as at a minimum pre existing contacts with the state department as well the state of our both not a law enforcement entity
these are international diplomats outside of ds ass the protection agents over there this is not a law enforcement entity this is an international foreign policy political view s advocacy organization it works for the government did they come ex steel that's your contact them was the overlaying information to the fbi and the planned the bureaucrats at state at the same time or we state through carry john kerry she's me their design get the i ran deal push through where they working with steel and in turn the fbi again to dirty up the trump team knowing if tromp one they would squash the i ran the ellen expose the uranium one scandal woe now why am i still talking about this i use jeff wake look at the sky but at no box
yeah i mean he's on fox senator flake slams present from the central let me tell you some about this turd my wife hates when i say that put that let you know what it is it's stupid word but if there was ever a turd in the senate is jeff flake ran in the same sentence cycle is this loser this guy talk money from every conservative group out there and back have every single one disguise it grace slabs pray that what is zero the reason i bring in this up again today is handy shone out these been all over this believe me he has impeccable sourcing on this and knows a lot of stuff i him and sarah carter and other people out there been digging into this story hannity for the last nine i believe him cause i've heard the same thing from a very similar source that job
these documents are going to be this classified eclassifieds as soon as she's made big d climb really excited but they show declassified the documents to get the fisa warrant a lot of investigative information the fbi took notes on interviews with this is to be declassified and according to handy source what did he say that it is we too absolutely like blow american mines wide open in his gonna rip you re to come but it's in government to shreds i believe it i bet if the information is going to come out soon is going to absolutely be what i'm telling you that the above my team was using political information relays steel and fusion who had contacts and the state department in the bureau to other cases they work with them the above my team was using political that law enforcement information on verified political information from a friendly hillary clinton reclaimed friendly to them too
spy and use the powers of government to spy on their political opponent to cover up their deal our desire for an i ran deal and their complicity with the russians in it why we'll see well say is this common but i can tell you right now the truth is and it ain't gonna be pretty you imbecile the liberals wanted to spend up a trump ira russia fair detail and i hope she would have been the peach by now and now he's not page too near like how we now we got a problem this then we got a problem now it's all common our what do we say now i don't know a barber was us me says be such a good guy insane ok i'm one small correction on yesterday show and it's not for me the folks
we have to correct something we corrected jemmy joe and i've done it repeatedly but i got no less than a hundred emails yesterday from people with experience and enhance radio operation lay me dad you don't need a ham radio licence to receive information so yeah i know maybe i end up forgive me because i have to go back and listen how i fry may a phrase that wrong so i don't want you know i love my audience i might i appreciate the feedback don't get me wrong email me anytime though is the wrong way i'd do you know i can't stand house had sought her what differences you i'm here those of you all but i knew that i but i was i gotta get out i may a phrase wrong one of things brought up yes i got a tip from someone very well connected someone who said that nellie or who is the why bruce or who is working profusion gps on the dossier because of her expertise in russia member bruce or is a high ranking d o j official working
jack cassandra that would end kate the iranians and a gun running hezbollah scandal by the way up the gun running scared likud swash by the obama team according to political reporting they're married nellie or applies for a ham radio licence right around the time this is going on and i said that one of the tipps i'd garden was maybe it's not is the transmission of data but she's receiving data and the question is from who i get i know i understand that of course anybody can buy him radio and listen and it made probably then is my fault but i'm not saying she was in transmitting given its angel to tradesmen indeed the last summer i think she wasn't she may have needed the licence to transmit to i'm just saying but the guy was saying to me and i phrase that wrong is you
focusing on the transmissions words are nellie was passing information possibly to some one else out there but that's not what you should be focused on what the guy said to me is focused what's she may have been receiving the licence and i that's where i think we got cross up i get it i understand that totally now i brought up in a show that on all shows ago covering this series of topics on the tramp russia fiasco the spying scandal that bitch braid crafty or based on another source a different sort has been awful because some of you may fairly say and this is the point of trying to make very get sidetracked i want to pull some up there is well nellie or joke happy that's stupid to apply for a ham radio licensed to share classified information we don't know what she shared but you suggesting somehow that anyone involved in this case quote couldn't be that is insane rubber the shall we did about trade craft how we
other source a law enforcement source who had been in of than this kind of stuff let's just say by the way very good source and the sore says to me in a letter that don't give these any credit being like their inspector gadgets there now double o seven's remember this jane i do peterson oh great the fbi agent was involved in the current me male investigation who also interviews might flynn who is involved in the trump russia fairytale sky is an upper level counter intelligent sky and the fbi and is exchanging on open tax information about how him it is paramour is love interest is mistress there how much they hate trump and how they're gonna get insurance policy folks i mean seriously you gotta why would she get a ham radio licence to transmit information why
peter draw gooseberry followed me up we are forever exchange opening tell on a taxi new could be taken let me add to this why would jim call me a great unknowingly change exoneration speech and hillary clinton away from legal language to less official legal language knowing never gonna be documented i make a suggestion joe sure this is be this is very scientific folks are get ready made these people were just stops does that every here maybe they were just dobbs what's your seriously what your explanation justly clear i'm talking about trade grabbed only and i are europe absolutely right about the emails and i should have been clearer don't assume that the oars don't we make us even worse don't
assume joe that nellie or understood she needed and of a radio have radio licence to only receive port needed i should say don't you get it i'm going you guys are assuming way too much we have here you are the obama administration and you want to talk about crappy trade craft you have the bob administration leaving a massive paper trail about the most consequential and devastating and disturbing spying operation in u s history unattractive and you're you're seriously like me this lady should have no better they get a hand radio licence to transmit information there were one guy sent me my and began i'm not a thank you for the e mail i genuinely means but it goes down there are better ways to do that i know i totally get it there are also better ways to take down the trunk team do devious weeds then texting your mistress hopper an fbi found as the seriously folks there are
better ways to exonerate air quotes hillary clinton then actually changing the wording that illegally away from the actual statute to less legal language i get it to point of the poor the letter to me from the source joe from the person who had done this about trade craft was don't give the people that much credit because what the out could be all gosh you know these people work you know so dopey and they just got suckered into this this is what some of our more dopey but the overall scheme was hatched based on i think a hubris in an arrogance that they just thought they would never get caught it but don't confuse the dopey stuff trade craft with the eric in proportion because any
get soccer do like i think some people are in some people are are falling into the trap ago hillary clinton with suckered by fusion gps to all no no no i just oh do all of these relationship in connections they already had with people who are approaching the trump team through fusion gps but there our genuine examples you have just pure stupidity and i think this ham radio thing was one of them in addition to the store tax peter stroke his girlfriend in addition to the obama team and general getting information from the british on this this is all just dumb it was all going to come out so the mixture and joe this is a dangerous mixture of eric its pride hubris and just plain stupid so i get it i absolutely appreciate emails but i totally get it i got some other stuff to get existent point but today show also brought you by bodies at filter by them you to everyone who supports sponsors filter by love this year we love them too
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this is more a personal one today and i wanted to cover this because i know the players involved in this you know intimately and really it's really sad what's going on i mean we know about the attacks on trump i would make the case to you joe that no president american history has undergone the onslaught of it this president and and and questionably legal behaviour that this president's gone through my degree under attack a special council for something it never happened under it by a media relentlessly committed the fake news and lying about this president under attack by a democrat party committed to obstructing anything this guy does under attack by swamp rat republicans lie about this guy like this clown face zero jeff like on this floor who's not committed to attacking liberalism and destruction america but finds out president to be a convenient target yesterday's professor oppressive our briefing at the white house press room with doktor annie jackson was the
absolute most disgusting horrifying moment i think in modern view s media history now there the crazy loony tunes media types have put out they are this silly ridiculous trial balloon joe the trump is mentally incapacitated why folks everything has a reason because as they are seeking the twenty fifth amendment there seeking to use it they realize now impeachment is probably not likely and i told you why given the passing of the tax cuts and exploding economies are starting to see impeachment go away member impeachment not about crimes data sets out in the constitution i crimes in misdemeanours yes that's total garbage ok but he's committed a crime at some point in the life trust me the democrats want to find a crime on trump or anyone else that they'll get em ripping a mattress jaguar impeachment is a political process i don't care what the constitution says it always has been the political power
specks of ensure of impeachment have gone down the drain that at least for now the demo sam moved on to the twenty fifth amendment to the constitution which allows the cabinet in conjunction with vice president the magician the cabinet to basic we remove president's power if you is deemed mentally or physically incapacitated this never meant to be used as a tool for arm chair imbecile psychologists psychiatry on cable news network should not like the president's politics to go out there and say the presidency capacity in response the president who base joe always to shape the press and makes them look like the complete idiots they are the president gaza undergoes his prey it's a routine medical examination but he tells doktor ronnie jackson who is his doctor i'll tell you that no connection you at a man in a genius move yo he says they run go out there and do the press today and by the way they are we are all day and answer every question that's trump have toenail fungus
its trump ever had a hang mail does he i've clogged years this too die his hair is true beverly odds that alzheimer's as you take it an aspirin has trap taken ibuprofen has trump overtaken too much ibuprofen decision interjection has tropez diarrhoea this trope have athletes foot this trip have gout there's trouble mcdonald's what's this cholesterol does extra large fries there's trop supersize is meal when he goes to i've guys does he get a double the seaport megan on that front factors hbo has each other i'll be out the trump work out what does he do z do tat but of spirits it was the of europe precisely child labour which are you joel we laughed when he takes up body because aren't i could watch him now ripe it was the dumb press conference i have ever heard my and it was brilliant again dimensional chess move by trump sit out
they are all day knowing these jackals in the media one elapsed questions all day why georgia because they want to stay on tv they know it's we are broadcast all over the country medium ackles love seeing their faces on tv so what we bear witness roddy stay they're all day because once granted fair enough questions i'm up some questions here's the president healthy either fair question right joe you know president have been i get it i am not trying to limit the genius of follow me folks the genius of the trump team here was telling doktor jackson stay out there and answer everything knowing media jackals want to stay on tv and after you get past the serious question shall of course they aren t really there just think it ok what why has next to president where re bands does you wear oakwell what's the you re level of them are as i so k patsy about a cataract has ever had half a cataract has somewhat ever thought about a cataract has
what a cataract is did you study cataracts did now and our into this thing that they call countries watching this in genuine horror like mike are these the dumbest people on the planet maybe this is embarrassing questions were horrifying ok i had it he had a good bit on his shoulders about now i break it up first take away from one i'm telling you i like you something's up is it a genius political move by the protests by trump genius it was a genius move because he expose the media for their ridiculous jack like behaviour made them look like d narcissists they are but second genius mover send ronnie out there and i'll tell you why i know doktor jackson personally very well matter fact
let me set it up first cuz i've never also sounds like a pat myself on the back and i'm not a name dropper at all i don't hate that but if i hate when other people do it but it's important to the story it means something here doctor jackson is a more than credible on level patriot and an american public servant of the highest order i believe is a rear admiral ronnie jackson is respected by the obama's he is respected by the bushes he is respected by trumps and he is they whitehouse doctor what we call when you white house medical unit he's been a white house doctor for a very long time in both republic in democratic ministrations and although i you joe i strongly object to the obama administration and all their acolytes i have to give cause dan pfeiffer in some of these other obama people who are not friend they were at all for tweeting out yesterday doc basically die
dorani jackson is a good man why my bringing any this up because on both globally showing you the mental illness on the left joe unbelievably labour starck all went after doktor jackson he's lying he's lying about your trumps out healthy because folks they need the twenty fifth amendment they need trump unhealthy that's the only way to get rid of them so they start attacking doktor ronnie jackson's character even the obama people are going are you not disguise the best folks now the personal story i worked with this guy his beloved in the secret service beloved the staff of democratic republic administrations beloved by where my one way at the white house medical office i'd want us military officer white ass medical unit let me take quickly ronnie jackson we were over in jordan we
over in jordan i was doing to transportation security advance for la laura bush and we were headed out to petra it was a cop it'd visit needle don't worry about the details but it was a really complicated security up even i was the first lady on it because of the threat following the jordanians you're very helpful everyday ronnie was on that trip with me and ronnie and i know each other very well met if i show up at mar a lago on saturday i told my wife might this is dr ronny yeah such a good guy you know it we upsets me manner choked up bad put it we can whenever we have to attack people personally this military officer this guy you go make millions of dollars joe as in your physician anywhere in the country he stays in the military for years to keep a democrat and report can president's healthy and alive he's below
by everybody around them and we liberals have two savagely and peace we in the most disgusting way possible attack this guy personally as if he was lying about a medical evaluation he gave to the president i stage only because its trump this is insane ronnie help me i'm finished the story i'm sorry i just get i'm so upset by the story we're in this security woman i wanted to go to medical school to type desperate had been taken the m cats a member i'm a secret service agent anna just committed to becoming a doctor ronnie i'm me to tell you what he did it mean but he went out of his way to connect to me with the body and their mother who could help me out at an advanced stage of my life walk me do the complex in medical school process it was absolutely see arose in it for him nothing this busy guy by the way he said
more time email me the here's what you need to do i mean i was blown away and this issue ronnie is an they do they attack can partially because this is what liberals are not democrats i get it the far left are sick troubled disturbed people folks now one final point on this i had a whole bunch house but the story really up got my goad folks what are they premises that or one of the key points i should say be more precise here is roddy said donald trump weighs two hundred and thirty nine pounds and is six three donald does way two hundred thirty nine pounds at six three i'm telling you doctor jackson secondly to lie about anything i honourable man the dopey lip those who are most of em are pajama boys and pajama ladys who don't work out themselves who are soft
aren't hard rocks right these are people who rubber of work there a day in their lives these are p who generally look like bernie sanders people have never lifted away run a sprint thrown a candle our banana matin jujitsu class or a box and class their entire lives of course it would then start posting pictures which is what liberals we're doing trying to prove ronnie jackson's lying joe of other people who are six two wait two hundred thirty nine paths who are muscular and ripped indiana fallon saying really donald trump two hundred thirty nine pounds because i think i'll drop would admit himself he's gotta know its eyes by any isa fat but he's always gotta but he's got a seven year a little bit of a belly automatic things get when these are big guy he's is what we would call we could show member husky ask your last guy right i don't think so point deny that normal jackson why am i bring this up there
because liberals are such pajama in her are so soft that they never been in the gym and they don't understand that muscle is certain fat folks i am six one two hundred and twenty five pounds job look it up i hear you're my seventy midge right arm right there ok broke my friend led say friend set up a new york is about five ten and he's out two hundred he's the same ways trump this guy doesn't work out he's a good guy i know him very well leave the relationship acts i wanna get bad but he knows he's a husky fella manual labor so if you now but but he's not weightlifter by any means he's five the he's only two hundred pounds folks must is denser than fat posting a pig
of a ripped and i fell lineman towards your thirty nine pounds and donald trump shows how stupid you are not ronnie jackson let me give you a quick example here about why this matters and it goes to show how dumb you are by posting this job yes because what their mistaking is their mistaking mass the mass but body for the way you have a body without taking into account density here's an analogy to make this makes sense and our job is to keep her mind i'm not unaware that i could having this conversation with our intelligence audience is dumbing us down by twenty iq points but liberals are a dumb we have to get it to things like density and mass because this is how stupid they are ok joe if i give you a two pillow cases of the exact same size and i fill one with feathers yes and
fill one with marbles what do you think is going to be heavy its exact same pillow case that's what's gonna be heavier i'd have to the sack of marble guys it's always been role now joe to be clear you are you have you don't have a doctor philosophy in physics you are not a phd in physics correct and correct and you have never been in the marble or further industry so you have no idea what the actual chemical composition of these items are neither one of em then but comments to tell you that size the pillow case right same size does not equal weight because density matters any marbles are more danced and feathers right density matters
gauge out see liberals they'll get this isn't what they do is they have quite the size of donald trump and they show you a ripped nfl athletes with the weight of donald trump because they're so dumb they dont understand donald trump basically as a few more feathers in the belly than the six pack of marbles you dumb numb scholars sure you the stupidest people on the planet will you please bob humiliated yourself down full of marbles dominoes full of feathers marbles feathers marbles feathers are do me a favor this is the last story the day for the show you my position in my show called today is muscle denser than fat and do yourself a little physiological homework assignment and you will see how stupid you are discrediting yourself on twitter yesterday you monstrous idiots
i'm sorry i know folks don't like the ransom but this is like and i'm a pie i really i mean it i kid s is so infuriating first tackling a man of deep character like ronnie jackson and then posting on twitter and advertising your own stupidity about the physiological density differences between muslin fat and assuming that jackson's jackson is lying because you don't know there's a difference between the two is unbelievably stupid if there is a total pole of stupidity you are the chief at the top do you are you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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