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Ep. 636 Another Explosive Revelation

2018-01-18 | 🔗

And the winners of the Fake News Awards are....

The Washington Post tries to provide cover for the spying operation on Trump but inadvertently blows it up.

Watch the opening of this Capitol Hill testimony where a witness exposes the dark secrets of Fusion GPS and their relationship to the Russians.

Another secret “Iran Deal” exposed.

Russia played both sides in the 2016 election. They’ve done this before, read this piece.

Don’t buy the Democrats’ nonsense about the government “shutdown.”


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get ready to hear the truth about amerika showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby gino sharply show how are you today you though i do not expect that joseph of course always curveball for me on his open which i get along positively bells about where'd you get that right i don't know in other words that i just picked up somewhere on somewhere only internet authorizations likely before i lost my queens acts and although some of you think i still have one hey i have so much content today both related to what's going on government shutdowns something happened in wisconsin sanders scipio out i'm gonna try to get a lot of but i also have some unbelievably our explosive developments proving us right on maybe the scandal in modern american history are you getting right you place your body by bodies
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and i don't say that because obama when he was in the present united states had a decent stock market about trying to diminish the obama's poor economic growth speaks for itself he gave them saying and i am not tiny diminish it further by go at all well forget the stock market even though its rounded up overturned because it happened under obama too i promise you i'm not doing that i'm cautious about stock market stock market jumpsome what happened in the stock market because i think a lot of what happened in the row bomber add to some degree but what's happening now is an effective loose money policy and other the federal reserve in essence printing a lot of money and that money joe what we call chasing yield jason yield being return you know you know one or two percent return you want an eight percent returns and get a u want ten if you want ten you can get twenty percent right so when you put a lot of money which is what the federal reserve during the obama regime but why happening as you wipe chasing yield any of chasing stock market return so there's a there's a girl
and concern and i promise you gotta get this employing got you know just blow your mind information on that it's crazy ants rushdie's but i want to get this out is critical there's a lot people email me say hey listen exist trop bump in the stock market right now is this logic or is there going to be a massive correction now my humble indian is i don't think there's going to be a massive correction like we saw in the bush your session but i do want to give you to alternate perspectives on what's going on right now and then summing up what my opinion at the end so this is quick i did homework on this yesterday i really was h and they get this out but again there's so much info its hard for me to cram this into an hour no one waste your time so let's go a perspective number one job selective number one is no we are not there not going to be a correction twenty six thousand is just the beginning and we could be it down forty thousand had for years right so i
this up under the headline joe you could see my pages of no look at that all you like that just like i can't even read that the summit at school i summed it up as theory number one are we in a new growth normal meaning the day since the stagnant obama economy two percent growth rover and we're in a new growth normal of four five percent and you yeah jos like celebrate mere yeah we're just at the beginning of what is in iraq the explosive economic growth now a great line the wall street journal their rapid column china i took a quota subscription only somewhat gotta put the peace in the show notes but i will read to you what i think is very important it's kind of buttresses the let's call me up
must show the economic optimist i buy it now this twenty six thousand maybe cheap it this is a really good point there is a quote from pieces at a corporate growth tort corporate tax girl rub shoot me at corporate tax rate i put growth that's why i'm confused at a corporate tax rate of thirty five percent show a dollar of earnings turns into sixty five cents after washington takes its caught ok so as to combat the old protectorate before the trump tax cuts of thirty five percent a dollar of earnings and not everybody paste thirty five percent for the purposes of this let's play ball at that dollar turns it sixty five cents dc takes its car ok look at the new posts tromp tax cars twenty one percent corporate tax rates so they say dollar become seventy nine cents not sixty five cents that's better
that sounds a gas if it is at least as good a genius and economics to figure this out of writers and every day and the the court by saying that's an earnings out of twenty one point five percent with these stroke of mr trumps pen now i want to just frame that up for you for a moment to buttress the argument for this guy and a dominant dismantling a second because this is what we do that rolls down liberals follow up with an idea and sell the idea and ignore countervailing evidence i'm gonna make both this is for you and i give you my opinion and i get to some other stuff khazars it's a booming newsday this is why i am an optimist about the economy job if you work in a business we about every business in the united states that according to the numbers i just gave you just when the stroke of ten got a twenty one point five percent but mirrored in right if you weren't in one business that came back with that you would be like that
this is a good economy now absolutely seven thousand jobs he works is but hopefully will got some news common will be break em out up soon you know that that breaking he knows how to show yap joan i have some stuff going on it but joe all these jobs let's say where joe works now the company he's at twenty one point five percent growth in his earnings that's a phd joe biden said that's a big deal now every company in the united states is seeing a one point five percent bump in earnings with the stroke of a pen that's a pretty darn good case to say hey i'm i think it's the buying of the u s economy now i get i know because i have a lot of really smart baby i love my knees i get it i did on the path myself by this statement the business school a major and finance i get it that that's it
overly rosy and optimistic twenty one point five percent girning square three for everyone and why why in a second but just play ball for us i am trying to make bookcase i get to the camp bailing out shooting the counter evidence of six or eight seconds i want to make the point here that what democrat i will tell you here is not all those are corporate earnings and those are just going to make the fat cats richer which again i have explained to you a thousand times if you don't understand how cash flows in an economy you make stupid statements like that when a corporation a business makes money it can do three things it can consume it invests that are spend that that's it consuming spent see i asked consume investment it can consume it on itself in other words it can consume the money and rebuild its factories it can rebuild its product lines it can pay employees more whenever chooses to do it can the money invested in business it can merge
but can acquire it can by stock in another business these are they only three options folks ok org spend it on dividends and shareholders or it can do a combination of the three money hasn't disappear the bottom line is if you're a liberal and you don't understand basic cash flows basic financed and basic econ one i want to go cool prefer coach you couldn't get richer really some apple the straight apple yesterday announces that bring in the ocean of dollars back into the united states joam according to liberals there to see what is the tim cook of apple is taken up he's taken all of it here cash and he's goin out these buying what folks what does he by thirty billion dollar homes i mean do you want to damn you have to be an economic to believe this of course the cash flows into the economy and it flows to middle class upper class and people who are lower income it doesn't get
stuck in fat cats park in such a silly now on me optimistic front that pay twenty one percent growth by and now just one piece of evidence that this you know it's not gonna be twenty one percent across the entire economies one not every company limits their business to the continental united states job so if you get it got the united states but eighty percent of your business is overseas may not help he was much unless you repatriate you know what i'm saying number one and opportune some businesses you stink and a corporate tax it's not gonna help them because their bids this thanks to distort use make it a pet rock or whatever and nobody cares okay so just pick a little cautiously optimistic front they may say or side today say or side which is a stocks are wore away overvalued get out now this is like
the black all people you know these are the people who have predicted you know ten of the less to recession these are frequently the dark minds they're saying out now and here's some of the evidence they have for this the p ratio show these are important that it's important people make em out to be bp ratios restocked p ease they were for price earnings ratio in other words the price of the stock compared to the earnings of the company a p ratios important job because when you buy a stock you not buying this stock and was going to sell you a stock if it's a growing company at what the companies work today everything about giovanni i have gino ink is my company right if i know this year my company its activity regions make it effort to take similar company makes a million this year but i know next year we haven't contracts joe that are anticipated to bring in ten million i sell you a stock or apportion michael may the values the company at a million knowing is gonna make ten million next year problem
probably not because job you're not finance guy correct but that was not that i was rather easy for you to figure out right was easy for bulgaria easy piece of course it was easy pc because i'm not going to give you a company at a price worth a million it's gotta be where ten million issue so that peace he ratio the price of the company compared to the earnings of the company is a multi paul basically of what people believe the company is going to be worth in the future the p ratio for an entire economy is what they believe the united states economy will be worth based on stock market metrics over the course of corporate earning trap so p ratios now are based the seventy percent higher than the historical average meaning meaning there s people are really optimistic about the earnings of companies in the future than there in prices joe way elevated compared to what they pay for stocks in the past you know what i'm saying in that's you
seventy percent of your darius like one or two percent seventy percent so the the basic will say well on our now now keep in mind just me there seventy percent higher does it mean we haven't reached scenario number one the optimists scenario that we're in a new normal this may be a new normal where we're maybe in the future historical averages aren't always the best way to measure future success obviously sometimes east averages are and always the best way to measure future success obviously sometimes the oracle average of innovation or collaborative growth in the united states for our union compare it through the the nineteen hundreds do that through the nineteen fifty and fifty cent sixties only compare that you know that the carter years and you know you all of a sudden you see how these things can get skewed so you have to be careful about now to say there's also one more point they bring up on this we are in a catastrophic amount of debt this is not disputed we have twenty million dollars and government debt but folks
critically the federal reserve a central bank there are balance sheet is balloon from nine hundred billion to four point four trillion and as i have said to you before job they are in a lose lose lose scenario right now the federal reserve in essence printed money to go out and buy morgan back securities and treasuries in an effort to see press interest rates or beat it always is the federal reserve wanted to keep interest rates down because they thought it would sent devised borrowing and would push people into stocks will need to meet these finish the job you as the audience ombudsman system exists imply that sound a kind of digging up get yeah point number one the federal reserve by buying up these assets mortgage backed securities and bye bye treasuries artificially suppressed interest rates and kept them love when interest rates are low joe it's easier for
he put a bar or to expand their businesses i mean loans or chief larger cheap very get exactly tat everybody gets it's easier to bar to support your business at three percent interest then it is a ten percent so the federal reserve bought up a lot of stuff to drive down interest rates number two by train doubt interest rates joe they drove them down throughout the entire economy the effective was a lot of bond investments corporate bonds and other bonds and are index to index to four of treasuries and other things like that therein frustrates went down to which makes the corporate bonn not that attractive think about joe you're an investor you want one asked incorporate bonds you simple questions so do you a bond that pays you eight percent or upon the page you three percent muslim pays me eighty percent we don't even jays advocates for their right and you want to bother pays you re percent so there
maybe they ve de facto and de jure a side effect of pushing down interest rates was the federal serve wanted to push people show a wave bonds which are safer right bonds pay you no matter what unless the company goes to fall stock stone stocks go up they go down the federal reserve said well if we pushed the interest rates down will make bonds less attractive right yo because the internet go that push people into stocks i say ok how i open this up be very careful about saying obama pushed up the value of the stock market no we didn't the federal reserve did by pushing people out of bonds that we're in to interest rates are low and pushing them into stocks this is not miss theories just look at the quantity of easing charts of for the federal reserve how much money they printed and i look at the stock market its you could overlap them just one goes like this i'm doing to settle down
for one goes like this there like right on top of each other s will be very careful about the stock market we measure the step by growth rates burma had historically low growth rates compared to any present modern american history he's the first president ever two never reached three percent annual eyes gdp growth i debated goals be unhappy last night and i said that they had no comeback obama never three percent growth that's how we measure show this stan you you know how we measure economic growth by men bring economic growth that's how we do it he never had three percent and the story so bottom line is now that the first reserve is holding on to four point four trillion dollars in this spot and these bonds and stuff they bought up joe to keep interest rates down they don't what the hell to do with it what do you do now if they bought that follow me here this will make it a little complicate if they bought these bonds show interest rates low
when they sell these bonds the opposite is going to happen and interest rates are going to go on as interest rates go up it's going to further de value the federal reserve's holdings now because as interest rates go up the prices these things go down its little complicated but that is a tautological statement trust me at the trust me on this one as yields go up prices upon go down because no one wants a three percent by the interest rates are going up the back while just wait for five percent get better return right this we ve talked about this and i found out regulators universities somebody hans are ready to vomit because they know this that's good but it is important to understand that yields go up prices go down so that the problem is as the federal reserve cells what they have what they have is worth even less right so now member whose to the federal reserve is what the u s central bank is ultimately gonna be backed by the taxpayer it is not an
didn't think it's an independent such why it's not independent cut the crap no one actually believes that so that a pickle joe you do you hold four point four trillion dollars and assets trying to keep interest rates low or europe these four point four trillion dollars and assets and tank the value of what you have now and have the u s taxpayers backstop basically what you got by printing more money and destroying devalue their money so that's the pessimistic point of view first point of view or in a new growth normal it's an explosive technology a second point of you know what pe ratios are way too high stock markets going up cuz the fed printing money to buy stuff the feds going to stop printing money when it's not printing money interest rates are going to go up businesses a hard time getting loan because interest rates went up and joe when it traits go up what i told you it makes bonds more attractive because interest rates went up and what our people do it again say i don't need to stock market risk i'm going to pile back into pond what happens to stock market
it's gonna tang or so they say so they say wrap this up my opinion i don't believe i know i've been a stock may say it for a while i did to listen i'm not your financial visor really be crystal clear on this ok what i am i hedge my bats i some money in in gold i have some money in in india funds i have some individual stocks i like i take a little bit of a nuanced opinion i think we very well might be in scenario number one and i it's convenient politically to say that because i like tromp ah you know you're just saying ex obama's another now folks i'm not i think we were in the same gross scenario under obama and obama was sk we pushing a beach ball under the water the beach bob going to come out of the water all you need to do is get therefore obama was holding it there why do i say that folks a note of our
misinform now the trump has got taxes lowers got regulations out of the way in the beach pulse popping out of the water think about what going on right now we have explosive growth in medical technology jean sequencing care are targeting we ve never seen before we have explosive growth in things like material science treaty printing information sharing technology gee transfer international transfer in services and and youtube videos for the kind academy i mean we have explored what was of levels of information transfer which are seeking new ideas everyday producing new products every day we ve never seen this level of information transfer in u s history and is ultimately going to be the ceding of new ideas that it's gonna be the creation of new products that is going to be the creation of new growth that is going to
the creation of an untold level of u s prosperity i think we haven't seen ever in our lifetimes bottom line i think we're going to see a little bit of the two more towards the first we are in a new growth here it's gonna be damaged the little bit by really part my leg piss poor debt trap she's my monetary and financial and fiscal decisions by the u s government but i dont think joe that even obama and terrible u s bureaucrats and political are strong enough to destroy the level of prosperity coming to a head makes sense that i sum that up ok you like that story yet my like did i understood ok are argue before i get through this i shut down politics again gosh i'm tired of this i'm tired of the shutdown politics i read a peace that i like the republicans
shut down everybody's endanger public inside if they shut down to government folks let me walk you through happening please quickly because people are really losing their minds if we don't get a budget passed by twelve oh one on saturday morning the government will air quotes your joe watchmaker quotes anything you like that shut down there is no such thing as a government shut out ok the governor doesn't shut down the military doesn't go home the secret service doesn't stop working people show up for during a shot down folks ok if the will be at the airports there will not be a shot down let's not be overly dramatic the democrats love that i find that ironic joe that's a democrat all reason for being shown by the democrats in capitol hill again not the mutton peering the integrity of democrats voters in america of the liberals you're on your own
interesting job at the democrats entire premise for being as a government is an absolute necessity your life now we know that's a joke we conservatives government is actually an impediment to most of the things you do in your life but their entire i missed for being is an american citizens only live in their prosperous lovely one for country which it is because of government right its fascinating because the democrats in pushing for a shot down to defend illegal aliens not even american citizens in the country i wait i thought i i i thought this was mary i thought the government was a necessity so it's all in this s city when you need that you know what will you do to make a political point but to save lives you'll shut down a government which by the way the clock back ready you shot that's really helpful moist hunt them around for real is gonna yeah yeah check that out a pretty cool always accompany round for i ve taken all the technology joan i have for the show you never find a clock in my room after hunt around on the computer so just quickly let's walk
through its happening here the mechanics to show you again oh your liberal friends or lying to you the g all ending budgets begin in the house ok spending their bills is she now solvent right there p house right now it's like they have the votes to pass a budget they have two votes to pass a budget items porn up a picture here make sure i get this right because this will show you how silly this is ok got it right here the bill stinks let me be crystal clear on is the bill initiating out of the gnp of the spending belgium but keep the government open so we know what looks like the geo he asked about i'm acknowledging to you as a conservative libertarian here the bills thinks it's hence grotesque amount of money i don't think briskly responsible but it pace clean caves to every single democrat demand outside of dhaka amnesty the words were illegals which by
wages joseph is not even up until march fifth there is no doubt deadline coming up with justice and to show the other two democrats are just lying to you so let's walk through this year the democrats blaming the republic is for an impending shut down which is in a shot down by the way they shutting down the government there telling us is essential for our everyday lives but the gene we already have the vote to pass suspended go to keep the government open conceding almost every democrat point what is a crap bill and a your say bad oh god we're going to fill a bus this thing in the senate wait wait wait come again you ve lecture us every day about the power of but never would force in our lives the government we pass a bill seating almost all of your ridiculous demands i've just told you we have an exploding death its caving our economy and potentially hurting what is an explosive recovery and use
we want to shut down a government on friday night saturday morning now dear ride spidey rush of areas like russia people from real linda the real labour things i get inside rushed yoga we have so many inside joke say you're gonna miss this hang him with us your makes sense overtime here's a path from the wall street journal tonight right so good democrats were threatening shut down the government first if they didn't get this chip spending chow health insurance programme its basically a government sponsored healthcare programme for kids its losing money like everything else it's poorly design but the democrats joe just so we're clear under point right we'd all get spending edge over so what what we can do what they always do they cave of course so it's so what's your geographies democrats are spent weeks attacking republicans for not re authorizing chip implying joe that choice
june will be denied care you burn or not you up or no thousands of americans would pay it again thousands of americans with one more time thousands of them if there were a popular gets don't pass chip spending child health insurance for thousands of america's will die right this is just a democrat talking point all the time ok which was not set of course there are papa can do what they always do they cave immediately here's a quote by shared brown a liberal le hacks editor from ohio talking about chip joe this is programme it was created in a bipartisan way that has always been bi partisanship brown of ohio in december it's ready to go for a puppet leaders put it on the floor today would pass there is no excuse for this the lay that is hurting families he was still tweeting from the western europe is he was still tweeting brown about urgency of passing chip on tuesday but now republicans or offering three authorized chip in return
almost nothing this is an appeal some making this up in return for nothing the brown democrats still the budget the brass and you're telling me again that this is the republicans fault they are somehow shutting down the government my gosh you have to be an imbecile to believe this ok folks you're being scammed ask your liberal friends a simple question under government shut down very simple i want you to say to them whose a bus during the budget of the democrats explain to me again coming then please how there applicants are shutting down the governor trop has already said joe hillside it the republic past it and adopt signal area will still tell you the republicans are shutting down a government geo p passes bill granted stupid bill but doesn't matter
we're talking about the message not the content of the messages republican shut the government that please explain to me how that happened geo p house ass his bill obsess hillside it democrats robust you're spending bill although they get everything they want in return for zippo because that's how republicans argue stuff they give everything up because their diversion of dialogue exceeding every democrat demand trump says they'll cited democrats fella buster an immediate will tell you of course the republican shut down the government and people believe it now one last point on this joe the traditional thinking in dc and i know this well having run for office and having been an activist for a long time the traditional thinking has always been an now this from your time in political talk radio in the morning show is there applicants will always be blamed for a government shut that everybody is at its if so how a place that the republican party just takes it for granted folks sure that's true anymore because something changed
suddenly changed in november twenty sixteen and which aged is de donald trump tsunami came ashore and basically white ass of old school partisan politics and media relations out the window i i'm not sure the democrats are going to be able to maintain a government shot down for is upon days potentially weeks with the trump twitter account out there tweeting every day ready to sign i'm ready to sign dams why you fellow fostering remember the media as we saw yesterday with the fake news of words which i haven't even got two yet he's the president united states whether you love em i hate him and we know a lot of people in a media hate the sky the meat ass the cover joe what trump is doing if they don't eyeballs too now if i eyeballs tune now they lose money they go off the air they have to cover it
he played for dimensional chasse yesterday with the media by really sing on g o p the fake news awards and getting the media to cover their own mistakes it was a beautiful thing the fake news wars beautiful this same new social media message environment is going to apply to shut down the media we force joe to cover a democrat fill a bus of a past g p budget and there will be simply no way to frame it and lie to the american people manipulate them into believing that it's the republicans doing it there's no way of rules are entirely different now folks wake up can you do our liberal friends wake up its common
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more explosive revelations in this case what did i tell you at the beginning of the month when we started covering this joe i said the folks that the oecd basically the government's internal affairs office of inspector general report on what happened with the clear investigations being conducted by michael harlots is going to be devastating i at the beginning of the month information was gonna start to come out that was gonna blow the lid off not just the clinton scam the emu scandal the investigation into the clinton z investigation through the quaint foundation i said also information was gonna come out because it all connected folks remember if you ve been listened to the show formation was also going to come out about the spying scandal and what i believe if you listening to my show's over the last five days the biggest scandal u s history bar not that is member what we're trying proven the show the
burma spying scandal unstrap now i got an email from a guy and always appreciate the email it is some negative feedback go he said to me on i answer back right awake is frankly i was low but offended by it but it's ok he's keep sending your stuff i read it he said this then you sound like a liberal you keep telling the audience we're trying to prove that obama's tromp in other words you like you ve already come to that conclusion and you're just you're doing what so they have a pre existing narrative jonah which government good right and in ages you're all the bad habit is folksteads underpaid understand when i responded back to this this but the email or immediately that is not what happened here i can prove do i have been saying to joe for months i thought the biggest part of this scandal was at the fake does yea was used to secure a warrant the spy in the trump team yet what won't change my mind i'm not trying to prove
leaving to me i'm trying to show you what changed my mind and how evidence changed how i felt about now i've told you that is not the scandal this ample as was the dossier used to cover for an already ongoing spying operation and what shape my mind was ounds and mounds of evidence and sources that reached out to me with stating information so it's not that i came to the conclusion joe obama spite drop in and looked relatives knives given evidence that led me to the conclusion that obama you got it all wrong that obama spied on trucks i'm just trying to give in and read doubt to you my life jake chain that were i ended up there too so it makes sense to you now the explosive
news came out yesterday and you're going to see a lot of this what have we been talking about the entire time joe we ve been talking out this information superhighway between the fbi that is out is spying on trump door the obama administration the super the way between man and water we political operators do you understand stand out disturbing this is and i have said to you joe i've given you all the connections between people million aguilar off downer people that approach have interaction with the trump team and then of interactions with fusion gps or the fbi or the fbi or fusion gps through each other and i
do these people may be innocent dalton this too but you cannot ignore the fact that people are contacting the trump campaign and then going back to the fbi american and tell a fusion gps why are they doing that because it send entrapment operation it's a staying up that's why but we have exactly had we called in raw moment that kind of who's my point and ironically ironically who gives us at explosive development yesterday that basically proves that i've been making the whole time again we're not pose a problem pretty substantial evidence beyond i think are at this point any reason suspicion joe towards we proposed we don't want to check a bitter but why should they most of all places backwards hysterical member
ground ourselves again i'm trying to show you i'm confident i'm a spied on trump illicitly with no predictive crime i'm trying show you he did it using the fbi the usa and information from the british all previously reported folks you listened to the shows the links are all my show notes please please is please go to budget or that can't read all the show notes for the past week and that he did all this of the same information was flowing to the clinton campaign from their kyra contractor fusion gps information superhighway matters because if i can't show you law in force and intelligence information was flowing to political operatives fusion gps sounded dispute they were hired by the court and campaign my whole case falls apart i i
basis david ignatius arch knocked over a bottle of you heard that sound i have all if somebody supplements on my they're all over the place i have somebody supplements i can we get out of my own where there are serious take a ten thousand pills they tell us of all good folks don't worry i'm not i promise you jerk new stuff but now i mean bears very draw this is fast with thick ass it on my desk creating foundation whatever david ignatius puts out a p then the washed imposts joe said oh damning that i'm yours here that screwed this up and more unquestionably involved than this operation against tromp that's not in doubt b i this reputation against shrub adele keeper but again we're not knocking the men and women of the f b i do not misinterpret my words we're talking about a select group of managers here that screwed this up are unquestionably involved in this operation against tromp that's not a doubt but ignored
just showed just to be clear here that i want to confuse anybody the all we're all premise of ignatius peace at the washington post is that trumps attack and yet the eye but walk they did this all right look what they did right here's from ignatius piece which if you been listener my show is going to bring your bell quote fbi got serious talking about the trump investigation joe the f b i got serious only after it obtained its an independent information really i tweeted back to david what was that because the fbi jos on the record it mary the only thing it verified and a trump case was the fact that carter travel to moscow while travel to moscow in two thousand this
being a counter intelligent spying investigations gonna go out of their budget or are they listening to my podcast now the usa what we used to call no such agency are they listening right i travelled to moscow so they get this straight measures somebody read from his pay at i'm not done by the way you may say that quota that's important that quote starts everything off i got more but the pirates of his defence of the fbi spying operational trop which i'm telling you happen though is i don't worry it all started because they had thrown him from independent information what what independent information is that a guy as you know trump who claims report of his care painting and at best was a fifth level back venture took a trip to moscow that's i confess will you guys are amazing nice work fellows good job and ignatius parrots the talking boy
we have the fbi had its own david what exactly is that independent information we don't know but they said it's their jobs their body yet what i'm gonna start vesta joe following a small pre on the open seas because some into painted source told me joe went out in a canoe once on the severn river by this house in order this is the best we ve got you started aspiring operation are a major party presidential candidate running against your body in the state department if you're obama because our guy took a trip moscow at ignatius joe shamelessly puts us in a peace as if this is a viable defence i tweet rob history which is a serious i mean he might job seriously yeah not my s around you humble opinion is because i don't know david ignatius and all it maybe skype nor do the sky is i mean i've heard of but i don't know persons website i
my only guess year is he really and understand the intricacies of the case and through is ignorant the details because he doesn't remember what i said hashtag remember the names yet here remember the name is or the sequence of events because i've also told you remember the order of the order matters house burglarized cop show up no problem com go up your house's burglarize big problem exists she doesn't understand the names and he doesn't understand the order so he thought by putting this into peace and i'm just quoting imports are they had its own independent information what about a trip to moscow there at all our job good now it's all good now so more this is important he's talking about never why so you know what i mean a quota of so i'm just so sorry for give really excited about the story the means so much
to me because it so critical have one negative email and the like are right but once you get back to the economics and news of the i know i am but folks this is do you want stand we are living through the biggest scandal in american history it is about the blow tell you how i know that but i know it trusts me try trust me on this this is about to blow and you are being read in lifetime forget watergate that was crap compared to this to just reset here i'm going to read again from ignatius peace and please pay attention because this is important steel christopher steel the british am i six agent former my successor who is working for fusion gps who is being paid the clinton campaign is a political operative he is not a law enforcement
i am telling you this because folks the first theme is working for the clinton campaign and i've sent to you the formation superhighway between the obama team and the clinton campaign is critical the president of the united states not the present a democrat party he should not feeding law enforcement intel to fusion gps or vice versa soon make sense joe what this this in your head is i'm reading this ignatius doesn't seem to understand this that steel is a political operator now the quote from ignatius piece in the washington post where he thinks he's defending the administration and in the fbi deals information didn't get much high level attention at first the austerity type information job but balanced then ringing in july after australian intelligence told the fbi about an unusual conversation two months earlier between
strangers australia's london high commissioner and george papadopoulos adopt talking about downer papadopoulos a trump foreign policy adviser as the new york times reported last month papadopoulos and told the austrian official that russia had damaging political information about clinton the australians decided to share this intelligence with the fbi after hacked democratic emails were published in july but keep in mind everybody no could not approve proper private server that none of this was mysterious this is work it's interesting folks setting up a second steals a political operative he is nature acknowledges in its peace he's already giving information to the fbi he says at first you weren't that interested now it gets better after this supposed papadopoulos down or meeting in london which given the sink shows shows the past few days is very mysterious london just keeps creep up here says now the f b i was very interested
based on the australian account knowledgeable source and say the bureau rico i another meeting with steel to dig deeper that encounter took place around october first in rome which deals old fbi contact folks do you understand what i just told you many cities peace is ignored alleging that a political operative higher by the clinton campaign to dig information we now know is provided by the russians which are we to get to a second in their efforts to so chaos in the united states that he's worth dealing with the fbi to them spy on the trump team he acknowledges this in his peace eddie i i used to get as it do you understand
i read this yesterday and by the way the book is almost done almost by the book is gonna blow my nose people ask me for a timeline executive summary all its common owen has it ever come mad colombo and a working fever says what i said this lake to colombo yesterday my co author had said wait what the worst post thinks this is that the feds there actually blowing the case wide open their admitted joe the peace that their own sources that make up the michael steel did not take maryland christopher steal a political operative for the coins is now feeding information to a long foresman eight three in the united states which then uses the information from the otter spy on trop at ignatius higgs pigs rock with this this is comical now a couple other points on this i know we're running out of time is it joe
soo much remember if its would try and approve despite our trump and did it to the fbi and we're trying to find out if there was an information connection between obama present the united states and the democratic party in an effort to destroy trump he's not the president democrat party he as a democrat who is president of the united states big difference remember back to the pfizer intelligent surveillance court document that i cited that on a few days ago so much information at their but this is important here i put it in the showed once again today you can the document yourself it's ninety nine pages long but all you need to do is focused on page twenty a page eighty three where in the world as intelligent surrounds court which is overseeing this operation to spy on tromp that's where they took it to the a court rachel they admit this internal review
there is a real problem with spy and joe because the spines happening there collector information on americans and its being shared with quote private contractors and third parties now jim evacuated about making any of us up we question i keep hammering you with stay tune who the hell are those third parties that are getting private emails and phone conversations recorded in congo chin with u s intelligent spying efforts and other hers who else is getting this information house feel exactly so ready in on what's going on here right with the bureau or even better how's the bureau so ready and on what steals doing steal you to work for emma six the british already in cnn and the guardian reporting have already
reported on as giving information to u s intelligence entities about trump you may be saying i'm not getting it you will there is an exchange of information that is violation of our basic civil liberties going on here power for u s intelligence and law enforcement entities are working with political figures not law enforcement figures to attack donald trump and are using third parties to do it don't ever forget that now two quick points here walking back to the thirty thousand feet so remember ignatius peace the sum that up to take away i want you to get from that is a wash in post reporter in his efforts to defend corruption i think at the highest levels of the fbi actually entice them by acknowledging that a political operative is working with you have be against strong by the way i never linked to one imposed pieces scrap red dad peace go
but you know that camp go go go by the way you can apply to people ask me how they can listen to the show you can listen up you know that i'm have to download anything it's on iheart spotify itunes that's great download those of its can being propulsion but that com you can play it right there joe told me that yesterday we get it apparently new listens there my wife check at the website she's like debbie's right we are getting a lot of new lessons but read the show notes that i read the i suppose peace and read it keeping him the entire time there is oh evidence to start this investigation and number two is this guy actually admitting that steel the fbi working together why ok to more than one voice on this because i had another adam credo at the wash them free beacon who is just blowing the lead funds i corruption u s government corruption in dealings with the area this guy does amazing work i will put it
other article by him in the show notes today taken note on that's why i don't forget to such an important piece at relates to this story a lot of you have asked me i don't carry why they spying on the trump team they knew they were gonna lose and i've said to you because the obama i ran deal drove everything listen yesterday show where i explain could someone is war ok well why did obama one i ran deal so bad he want then i ran deal because of an unholy alliance between far left liberalism and radical islam listening restoration zadig conspiracy theory it happen we get if the terrorist mullahs cash this deal happen we allow i'm a pathway to nuclear weapons this is not a conspiracy theory it actually happen the bob administrations desire cash straight israel the only independent
democracy in the region supports the united states drove the i ran deal to get the idea deal they needed the russians to get the russians they had seldom the uranium and blake by she's me wink and blank as russian spot up the world uranium they had a blank that's how uranium one is tied to the ariane deal they need the russian russia's support on me i ran deal they agreed is seldom uranium and looked the other way as the russians corner the market on international uranium what are they they looked the other way and the uranium one deal corruptly that's its tied to the area and the amount what does this have to do to create our story to wash them free bacon read the story it's incredible apparently is another secret deal with the iranians show that was just uncovered yet again this is reporting it's out their credo does not do garbage work he does actual and stuff
early there was a little side deal the obama administration cut dated notify congress about about pulling sanctions for basically an irony of broadcasting network bottom line or you need to know what the recent protests the they're starting figure out now that the obama administration which had the ability to pass to sanction in iranian broadcasting network that was sent that was base we stopping internet traffic and stopping broadcasting against the regime the i'm administration pulled sanctions on them so now the trump team is like hey now that as a protest going on any iranians are stopping internet traffic in some respects and slowing down approach asked messaging we should action em and the state department go on white guys there's a secret we already stopped the sanction sentiment obama in everybody's like oil what was come again this broke yesterday folks this is not a conspiracy theory this actually happen again the i deal
the obama administration loved the iranians destroy wasn't destroy liberty destroy israel in the process and cut off all kinds of deals to make it happen including appeasing russians which all needs to be covered up if in the event hilary loses hence did effort the dirty ultra right a piece about in another secret i randy one more point i'm gonna put another and other peace in our things from the late times but it was sent to me by my co author to go it's a little older but i might keep in mind for those of you who are wondering to bigger question what why the russians joe so chaos on both sides will that doesn't make any sense like other words if why would the russians go to try to attack here and go to hilary to attack tromp which is what they did the russians provide false information on the dossier we know this show that was not job was that j positive for trump no it was all
ass the blood jog trot later golden shower on a pet whatever some of fairly enough of us we're why would the russians do that why would they go off tromp try to set top up at the same time as their attacking trump through militia information in a faint dossier reed editorial peace is not by a conservative guy by the way it's from ella times and it is a good short brief but strong history of the rush history of doing this all over the world the rush our chaos makers you ve done this in ukraine where use this information both sides joe you create what chaos in a vacuum and what do you do you come in and answer all the questions as i said to you a week ago the russian always play the vague folks as john said which is absolutely right to donate political sides added a money big as chaos is their weapon of choice
obviously they want the u s electoral system at financial system to collapse because they see global germany same thing in ukraine i done it before read the p about the russians history a play in a vague on both sides and it'll make sense why the russians were more than willing players to play like a fiddle christopher steel and these managers at the high into the fbi that wolfed up fake russian intel on donald trump i folks yet fraternity please gotta bunch you know that common read the articles today they are really really good you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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