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Ep. 637 Release the Memo Now

2018-01-19 | 🔗

A December piece which is critical to understanding the Obama administration’s coverup of their spying operation.

Why is Simpson from Fusion GPS telling contradictory stories about his relationship to Bill Browder?

Why releasing the memo is important

Are people going to lose their jobs over Obamagate?

Is the FBI investigating contacts between the Clinton Foundation and the Australian government?


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Get ready to hear the truth about Amerika showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan. Bon jour! Welcome! the damn dog, GINO shareholder Joe. How are you today low? Is the workers working Joe and I've been up since, like four o clock in the morning job because he works and is also bananas, but he me this morning is like Dude Remember the Rob Schneider Skip. You know the five thousand different ways whatever to say Dude Joe, and I will but this morning dude, I I told you My only treated out what six months ago that this thing was gonna explode, Obama, gate and spying scandal. Folks, I've got so much to get to today. I also, if I can, I'm going to Desperately try to debunk this stupid
If that there also that, because goes and seeing this is whether some our bomb is now responsible for this exploring economy. So I get a few minutes. I want to cover that two bit my hush are we in a new level of information disclosure. As of today as to where this thing is gonna, go yet state. Today show is going to be I am really having a hard time even getting my thoughts, because I have so much to say before we get into it if nobody by bodies it brick house nutrition. We get it for the show love these guys of my sponsors from the beginning. They ve got a new product out there that kicks, but it's probably their breastwork. Yet and I want to say that, because I've had a role in them producing this product, I love it. So much of my guys, you gotta get a fruit and stable powder people don't have time to eat. Eggplant licorice, personally Jerry's blueberries all day, but we know we should. We know they,
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brick house nutrition. That consular damn. That's brick, nutrition, dot com, slash, stand, go pick up, feel the greens and am getting tremendous tremendous feedback, I'm using it as an ice morning. Pick me up at my green tea with a little bit of caffeine. It has got cherry kind of licorice taste to it. It is terrific stuff. This is food. Folks, food you're not gonna, be able to get anywhere else. It's like an insurance policy for you, fruits and vegetables. Go up pick it up that a brick ass, an attrition, dotcom, slash them you get something out of the way first, so the A memorandum last night is treading on Twitter release the memo. What is the memo where our rebate of right? Now there is a House Intelligence Committee, memo that members of the house Red last night, that described this basically, but I've been telling you over the course of the last five podcast episodes that there is an ongoing and, in my opinion, illicit potentially illegal spying operation going on against the Trump team body,
Obama team. While they were still in office. We laid that case out. I think pretty thoroughly over the last five episodes. Now a lot of members of Congress who may not have been written on it are thoroughly read it. They ve seen it. many of whom were disturbed enough to do, interviews last night and one apparently Scott Perry who I've met before it seems like a pretty nice guy said that it was. He d be like stuff and folks. If you'd been listening to my podcast for the last five days, you probably understand exactly what he would say something like that, but before we get to the explosive I think of the contents of this memo, and obviously I have not read this memo, but I'll, be just thought I'd like to read it, I dont need to read it to put together the case. I've made. You have linked everything everything up, out there is linked, my my show notes without making any this stuff up, but just one thing: first, before we get to it, there's a little bit of em. I don't know what to call it. Yo, intramural kind of fighting going on in its it's really off. Putting to me am I get it
They hope, because it doesn't, I can to advance the cause, but there are a lot of people doing great work on this rift worked. Show me make you full screen. in here. So you see you there you go there's a face. I get it folks. Absolutely respect and Joe. I don't think anyone can deny that where we ve seen good work, we ve cited it. We ve mentioned that on the show and I've actually to my main. Rather I've tweeted out your articles to some of you tweet. It out your articles to some of you folks here you're an I'm, not your enemy. Putting together Map Colombo, and I in exhaustive book on this day, where's the links it's gonna be out soon and we are we put noted all the material your enemy, but there is a choice. A kind of thing back and forth last night, where I had suggested folks. The dossier is not the issue. It's a big story, the fray dossier against job. As a Information source to acquire a Pfizer warrant despite the trouble, is a huge deal. I'm not trying to minimize that, but Joe, where I need
crystal clear with you and everybody else. You understand, I think, there's some confusion here: this story is so big that I don't you I think that, although substantial is the big story, the big story about the dossier is was the dossier how ever illicit we composed used to advance our cause the bigger stories, but was it the legal cover for an already ongoing spying operation? It's the Trump team I am saying this because there was a Twitter feed is all budget getting distracted with this higher and stuff about motive. No motive matters Maybe it's that I was of federal ass, the gator and understand the Austin powers of the police state when necessary. I'm not pat myself on the back for some guy, I'm trying to give you my bona fides, you that that's what terrifies me motive matters. If the police
tat was used to cover for bigger things and there's connections to be made by remembering the names we need to make them. and I am sorry that little individual components of the story fit into a narrative tat you you know you may like or not like, but that doesn't make the facts any different. This is important. Ok now this is where now modem. So let me just again tie that, because I think one of the things we do pretty well on the show is make points make points why they should matter to you too much we have as to why Obama would spy on the Trump team matters it absolutely matters. The mechanics are important. Yes, to expose how the mechanics can be used to come up. The engine of the United States government and I get its own citizens, but the motive. Absolutely matters. The motive matters because the play
yours are the same. There is an incentive for them to cover up things that happen during the Obama years, uranium, one, the IRA. And deal quid pro quo? Is this all matters now Joe. The big story, I think here in addition to this thing, operation conducted against trumpet an effort to entrap is people is the fact that cop men's friendly's and hostels paraded in this. You have that sound I ready there. This was a gem found by my co author, that's been out there, I've I've seen it before. Forgive me, I can't remember where but haven't play a lot of sound for you examined so busy trying to make these connections. But let me just described you what you are about the here and now and the premise now we're trying to set up Obama spied on Trump, far Governments both friendly and hostile advance,
spying, operation. This is a sound by from Bill browser target by the Russians for his support of the magnet Ski act, fast, folks. You have to understand this brand. it supports the magnets key act, the magnets, the magnet the act is a is a busy bill supported by Pass supported by Ben Cardinal Marylin, who I ran against me. mid ski sanctions right Jeanne officials who were involved in crimes and money laundering in that kind of thing, so these sanctions would apply to them when they come into the United States. They would prevent them from doing things they want to do the Russians hate magnates key for an obvious reason. Russian the guards and wealthy people connected to the government. Politicians included, don't wanna be sanctioned internationally. They want to be able to do business using: U S dollars the Eu S institutions and to travel to the United States. They hate magnates. Keep set clear,
I am trying to make it as simple as possible without losing your Russians, who are very powerful, are being hurt by magnates me: ok, bill browsers and american finance financial guy. Basically, who did covers some impropriety in Russia and is targeted by the Russians prouder in turn supports magnates? Keep prouder is then targeted by fusion GPS S, work fusion, cheaper, rather broader view. didn't you remember the name, remember the names, remember the names, fusion, Gps, obviously, is the same political up research group. By Glyn Simpson. That is also working for Hillary Clinton too. Pile negative information on Trump, which is
provided to russian intelligence. Think about what I just told you you're about the- Here the voice of Bill Browner, testifying Capital held a senator Linsey, Graham about He knows one about being targeted, quick, it's only forty seven seconds, but who he thinks is paying fusion gps to target him bill prouder. But fusion GPS is also targeting Trump the question you should be ask yourself: is who's paying fusion gps o Hilary. Nobody would die in scale be fiction, but a novel that nobody would buy, Skype be fiction, but an unfortunate maybe it's true, let's just break down sort of y here easily. Fusion gps should have registered under far because they were acting on the path of the Russians. That's correct side is Hornet absorbed that for a month,
the group that did the dossier on President Tromp hired this british spy wilder getting it. The FBI, you believe they will work and for the Russians in the spring and summer of two thousand sixteen they were, receiving money indirectly from a senior russian government official gay. Why The spring and summer of twenty sixteen, when Jim call me already acknowledges underwrote, there's an ongoing counter intelligence investigation. There is already in operation on going to hit these trump guys about. Some Its inclusion is not happening. He already acknowledges there's an investigation. Ongoing call me already acknowledges, as we said in a prior episode, that he did not notify according to policy according to this,
your policy at the time with their with you here does not notify Congress about this ongoing operation. He acknowledges this to representative, released the funding from New York that he didn't. out if I did knew but Congress did not know There is already a cryptic spying operation ongoing, despite Operation undergo under ongoing. Excuse me against the Trump team, this all entrapment operation is ongoing, use The information from an organization being played paid by Bob paid and played that was, and talk about a Freudians slim being it and played by Hillary Clinton campaign and also by a high I can government official according to a guy, so intimately involved that he's been targeted by fusion GPS to folks
now. Do you understand why I I'm not focusing on one particular thing anymore: I've how to change my mind on this too. How do I do this without folks. I'm sorry, I'm struggling do this today, but I'm I'm really. I don't give a rats. who gets credit for this? I mean it. I really really don't. I am so disturbed by what I have heard over the last couple weeks. In this case, you do me a favor Transcribe my words verbatim and make them your own. I dont care, I'm not trysted, even remotely who get. the credit for this. I don't care. I have linked please stop. I have cited people's reporting, I'm telling you what I've heard is from I want to say it without, but people that's just leave it to people who know. I promise stay now. I can.
I can't tell you any more this Is not as simple as a cup Queries and a dossier. This speaks to an abuse of power on a global scale. the Russians are paying a political now. give opposition research organization working further, Britain's at this. time their working for the coins and pretty hiding information. Do their intelligence sources being used by FBI to target a major party presidential candidate, the guy where's our capital oil saying this. He didn't tell this to a blogger, not knocking I ve done great work on this up just say: he's our capital he'll saying this gives entire reputation.
folks. It doesn't only end with hostels. I think we can all agree now the Russians tried this. Ok us and our election listens to yesterday, show real yesterday show notes the rest Let's have a history of sowing chaos on all sides. Now, if they are linked, That, in our view, that entire interview is in yesterday's shone out to be clean, the interview, a browser and Lindsey Graham list. Do it it seven minutes long while port this this, then made a Porsche Zeke States, not the entire thing, but it's a seven men apportion. It covers. In more important new. Listen to that because brow, points out later in the interview we just don't have enough time today to play the whole thing, Joe that in its history and experience with Russia, this is not uncommon for the Russians. Just like. I said on yesterday's show too so chaos, because this is what the Russians do.
Kay, also instability, instability weakens weakens, strengthens the opponent. It's a very simple GEO political strategy, to hurt the major world actor on the national security and economic stage, so chaos make them weak turn them on themselves. This isn't some various plot. It's been going on forever. The Russians are stupid. Does what tell does our intelligence tries to pick out the price amidst Joe our counter intelligence, in other words Joseph our efforts to Stop russian chaos actually seated it, and so did that story we weren't what, our counter intelligence apparatus? Fbi, CIA d: I Odeon, I Tire intelligence, law enforcement instrument, infrastructure designed to combat russian chaos, actually did achieve pet
Seated, the cheetah pad head of chaos and grow those little GM seeds. We got worked we got word argue Joe week? Tat The story. that is the story. We had friendly's involved. You see energy folks, Frida damp shown oats. I have CNN and a guardian too unclear generally left leaning outlets ideologically already reporting top this, in the sure, just read: go to my website bongino that cop I get it. I dont even sell ads on my website. Just go. read the show notes for the last week. Cnn and a gordian already reported on british intelligence passing information through United States on Trump aware. Some of these
intelligence may have been provided by russian hostile actors or where they were, they dupes. As Joe Just there's never been more appropriate armor cost comment for a t shirt. We got worse. we don't break down the motives, the CUP her stories them Catholics of how it happened, then again. the memo from what I've heard. Covers this aid. where's the names of the players involved in an ongoing operation to violate the privacy rights of free american citizens who were spied on during the presidential campaign, do there's, the rub explosive that is in, and I have not read it folks,
but I know what happened based on publicly available reporting, combined with on it Vegetable sources, pointing me in directions and away from others is just about their that's all I know for a fact is just natural met effect and on that day, Anybody out, but there's one Did you a story about a White House visit that, I am absolutely sure, is not not accurate. it happened, but it's not not like people say, be careful. I dont report on some toward absolutely sure it's verifiable folks. Secondly, social point number one on Stan. This is a global collaboration, why, with HA stores and Friendly's too Over the United States- and we got work and played suckers the entire time. What's the global collaboration
quickly available, reporting on the British already reporting on Intel on trumped to the United States. All oh, the Russians paying fusion BP. One to love. Against magnates key, but Care will replace a paying fusion gps. I keep saying plane because it is afraid he's getting play. By fusion GPS, paying them to get basically the same sources to turn around it them informational information, Donald Trump- and you thought Information was gonna, be real folks, what makes this so devastating- there's a great catch by Chuck Rostrum. Today we call or had Tipp there again. We folks, I didn't make it dear dear information. I am not trying to take credit that someone else's where it was a great catch, active, Chuck, Ross Daily Collar. tweeted is tweet this morning. Look at my time.
He noticed something in the Senate, testimony and versus the house. Testimony Blunt Simpson, Joe again, remember the names Simpson. the fusion GPS founder, whose work For here, Loretta gain information on Trump, while working for the Russians as well rid of magnates key, which the Russians hate. You need the Russians have an incentive here to provide Simpson through steel with misinformation. You think so chaos operation, there's a good cheer. Sorry, I am I but so much information. I'm I'm really! My apologies folks. I can't if you over the weekend without getting this out their cause, I know stuffs gonna come out over the weekend ad absurdum. Simpson testifies to the Senate and House, and there is a huge discrepancy. Joe between is too testimonies test. Body on one side of the hill
He says he's known bill browser the guy. You just heard the sound by from he said he's no them since two thousand and nine testimony on the other side of the hill. He says he hadn't. He hadn't heard about browser to roughly two thousand thirteen or later on Obviously, folks, both of those stories can't be true- and I think it's reasonable to surmise. Simpson is trying to do ouch himself from a knowledge of browser and browsers activities, because Simpson understands that the connection to Brown or the Russians paying Simpson to discredit prouder, which discredits Simpson any attire dossier. Henceforth, peep in the two thousand, I you did so you ve known as can arrive at a bit too tat, dirty war, it Joe! both of those things can't be true right. I either met Joe Armacost in in two thousand and nine. I met him in twenty thirteen. If you don't it's someone or known?
someone is a pretty pull question it? It's not easily misunderstood what it would Simpson in his testimony, tried obfuscate and cover when he met prouder, because he's trying to cover a trail of being aid by the Russians to target Browed or who knows about being targeted is testifying vocally against Simpson. Capital Simpson, in other words, is trying to detach himself from the Russians. Folks I've got a killer source on this, and I very care all about what I put out there. So much to make a leap. Yet Joe knows about the lead, but. Simpsons relationship with the Russians is more troubling, then the demo rats or letting on It is not new. simpsons relationship with the Russians goes back a long time.
And this guy is being used by Hillary Clinton. The Dnc, the Obama the part, Justice Department and the FBI to provide the legal cover Or a spying operation trump: this is the best you ve got a guy being, aid by the Russians to lobby. F of russian interests folks keep None of that is in dispute, I'm workin on another angle. Now, when I get it, you'll be the first to hear now. one more story, not necessarily breaking but being covered up of Bob Geneticists kind of interesting the australian angle. Folks again, member, the names now coming out, then put the story and you can read it yourself. I I do not have a solid source on if this investigation is ongoing or I'm just telling you the people. I trust the reporting on it include mark Tab, Scott at life said
there's another story at zero hedge would dilute, which alludes to something I put out the other day that the FBI May be looking into connections again from what I said: the other day, Joe between the australian government and money? provided to the Clinton Foundation for various global initiatives that that much They may have been provided under false pretences. Now, some of the figures again involved in that money. Transfer are some of this same figures involved with fusion GPS, and or involved with the Trump campaign and approaching the term campaign talking to the Trump campaign and relaying that information to the FBI. Again Why am I bringing this up to rewind back, to my initial opening, when I told you widest motive matter, why do they? connections matter. Why do we
I wanted to steal this down to one simple talking point, and I get a lot of us, talking about are accurate and true and disturbing, but folks this is a global collaboration. numerous entities involved, In take down of Donald Trump, you can listen, I'm not if you do whatever you want to me on Twitter, because it's not just some conservatives are getting upset because I honestly, I don't know why I mean unless your show boating, I don't get it. liberals are now coming after me like this is conspiracy, theory stuff. What part? What part challenge me on my part to Britain tell real into the american government about Trump by the way from the guardian CNN. So, ok, Joel I'm a conspiracy. There's then by of CNN and the guardian are- are made your conspiracy theories cause I'm just looking at their reports. What part Clinton Foundation getting
Tiberius the New York Times using conduits that also met with Trump team, Poland reported back to American and tell him what happened. Oh you mean boarding by the New York Times you mean Conspiracy theories: the New York Times: what are you disputing Joe, what's come out in a memo is so damning that all the Democrats are gonna have left is this? Is it previously theory Gimme a safe space. they don't have anything else. There is no longer going to be anything to refute. Now I have a note here: I'm not jump in again the first opening was the broader, sounder, the browser sounder provide? additional evidence that future
GPS is working us and working to counter intelligence apparatus, the USA on behalf for the Russians, whether they know what are not second class. This is a global effort? It is not just our people, there are other people, hospitals and Friendly's playing into this thing, and the information is gonna be explosive. Based on replied media reporting. Nothing to do with me point number three in this once the memos release than I treated this out last night in a tree storm for the ages at the guide tweet one at eleven thousand retreats on it. there's no plausible deniability here for Obama they can action to the Obama D O J which she was in charge of. There's not going.
Be any oh bomb is only defence to this would have to be. I was the dumbest President: U S history and had no idea what was being done in mind of the american citizens, in that I tweeted out other deniability I gone and stupidities that defence. What is connection here, too, the Obama, I'd house, it's important that you go back an you remember. The testimony of EV when Farkas should say testimony to statements is more precise, want to be very clear. Buffoons, listen, uh, this stuff thee, common statements of Evelyn Farkas in Obama, administration, official. I MSNBC about its entire operation. First
some insane stupid reason. I can only a tribute to grotesque, hubris, pride or me Be just stupidity, and I don't mean that, like mine, is a real way to say that in a nice way, but ethics areas on tv, I dont know I I do a lot of tv a lot like fifteen heads a week. Ok, when you're, relatively new with tv or you don't do it often Joe you can get me unity or individual atmosphere, people coming to the radio station all the time, even at the local Renee get overwhelmed use. bumbling stumbling, I know Joe and I've been evolving. Magistrates on yea you're? Damn right, you gotta know you're step, but on these interviews I've seen it I've seen like first timers and people have done it, but don't do it a lot. They get involved of been absorbed in a moment and for Fifty sixty seconds in a minute two minutes in they forget there on tv and they d
feel the need to be authoritative and they say stuff, they wouldn't ordinarily, say Evelyn Farkas and Obama Administration official goes on MSNBC in an interview and in at MSNBC interview admits that View I've been going to Capitol Hill with information on the Trump team in an effort to get it out there before Obama leaves office. Folks, wife, I'm gonna get this sound by you next. Actually I really it's I'll get it for you, it's not hard to find and I would add, Virgil before, but you so much to get out there. I've just now, just so we're clear on what we're trying to set up I'm to set up for you that, oh boy, my administration officials drew out the administration sprinkled like rats. she's everywhere now, What was going on theirs where are you Obama, doesn't know that trumpet the expired on forecasts.
On this MSNBC interview admits information to be given a Capitol hill about the trunk team and it there seven eight, and yet because they know about his contacts with the Russians. What now. I'm gonna referred refer again we're trying to set up the premises. No plausible deniability for Obama wants a memo. Comes out. Byron York writes a piece the day before my birthday December December, third, twenty seventeen just about a month ago, month and a half referred to this peace many times. I You re include this peace again in today show notes, because you must tell me what to do Not your dad! You mamma you preacher, but I ever had a capital must described. three this story, because that explains the take down the illicit
disgusting disturbing take down of MIKE Flynn and it scribes it and ban The reading this peace and the sea such events again, we impossible to not input eight Obama in an ongoing targeting operation of the Trump team, now began. put that in a show notes available punch, you know dot com, please subscribed to my email list. I will send these write to you. What's the point as of the Byron York Peace, that you should re read put out on December. Third, twenty seventeen. The premise of the peace is that before you know it shut up. I been asking you the question the entire time. What we The predicate crime committed by the Trump team to start this spying operation, because the order matters cry I am committed govern. spying, not a problem, Joe. It's not Let's do it all the time
is a federal agent. You get us firstly comes in the sources. credible, verifiable provides do an email, trail and information she's reap a piece of information about it. money, counterfeiting operation. We did a lot of that. The secret service of credit cards thing: you are you ok, What do you do you get your guy? You go out. You conduct physical surveillance. You look around you take some pictures of you know, but card changing hands or counterfeit money change. Again you send a source in. You may be record Few phone calls so doors comes in and in this important matter, spokes This comes in. Information is verified in ass, begins. it is not enough. The begins, So our cities come in never verify that's not the order. If you re your peace, its clear as day day
These sources providing information about criminality, Werner Their read? The peace, the only thing they had remember shore, this investigation that investigation sources order matters the Euro. Peace is clear as day that the investigations on going anywhere Application of a narrative and crime happens after crime investigation not invest. the crime. The order matters. York walks through systematically providing dates and comments are from liberal lawmakers. He walks through the genesis of a narrative they fabricated after the investigation into Trump, had started. What was the narrative? covered this on my December sick show go by.
listen, the Logan ACT. Folks. They needed a reason: spy on the Trump team. This is why I am not minimizing the dossier. I'm just telling you the Logan acted ass, yet this is all legal machinery used to cover for an investigation that should have never been ongoing in the first place. This is where me being a former federal agent. I become so frightened. I mean literally oughta be frightened like sitting at a quarter like a snowflake, I mean I oh, the power of the federal government. We had it it's troubling. You damn well better, have constitutional limitations. On that this is why this doesn't bother. Other people like it bothers me, or I may be amiss carpeting their words, but this is scandal discussed. Don't it's the order. investigation climb, not crime. Classification, for we investigate as I've been
for now. Six months on this is I've been all over this damn thing we invest gate crimes, we don't investigate people, you don't walk in police precincts, I dont, like my neighbour, go, find a crimes committed. You walk, the priest can say my neighbour just punch, my dog. Can you investigate? We investigate people, because if you want to find a crime on someone Joe, you damn well know what you're going to find a job and I would be in jail tomorrow. I'm telling you folks, I know, we're both centres. Ok, you want to find Joe ripen. A mattress take off you're going to find this This is why we don't target people. We target crimes, when a crime is severe enough, that you have a complainant that walks into a precinct or an FBI office. It says that my bank was robbed. My child was kidnap my neighbour. Broke in my house that war is a police investigation. We don't do it. The opposite way: complaint A person and it started,
I'm cover which they needed to go back and recreate needed cover. The machinery cover. Was the dossier all look Joe? We gotta find warrant hears why we ve been doing this all time? Why was that need the? crime cover which they needed to go back and recreate. In effect, finding Joe ripping a mattress tag off after they ve targeted Joe was login act- What is the Logan ACT? and this is why Obama has no plausible deniability alleviates is his. Is a high ranking d, O J official who apps Lastly, is communicating with the White House on an ongoing investigation? There's no way they don't know AIDS is the one after the election who approaches trump.
As he she still she hasn't been fired after tromp takes office, should be clear on this folks. She's survives through the transition she's fine, Later after opposing Trump on the travel ban, Violation of her job title, but that's a whole other story, speaks to our hey, four trump by the way, but that's all I want to get lost in the weeds on that he survives the transition with Trump its gates and Obama. Acolytes walks into traps office and says We got a problem with Flint the tribe teams, like we do. What's the prob now Yorks careful the peace. She never directly mentions the Logan ACT, but she hints around that. There were some inappropriate conversations now. Why Joseph? Why would she not mention the Logan ACT directly that we propose something to me because she knows it's bull. You think
She does not want to be on the record say: all she wants to do is feel around, because now there were in a panic, they lost, the election unexpectedly and as I've said you repeatedly now, they need cover for this entire spying operation that one at that was ongoing the entire time they better find something. Jos, dad's elected president, and the FBI didn't like Joe and start investigating job for no reason, and then they come in later on. I did it. Armor cause dad is, pressing United States that he's gonna find Tat we ve been investigating Joe for what nothing we just didn't like em who or what do we do I know we rip the mattress. Take up. Let's go approach shows that something going on here, Mister I'm a car senior. What is Joe ripped the match. he did. Europe. The mattress take off. Can I do.
Folks? Do you understand they ripped the reverse engineer to cry made that's the best way to say this. Favourable engineer across the look? You know, and I am sorry if you don't know what the Logan I have explained a few times. I assume the lot of you knew you may not the Logan ACT means it? Basically, as a private citizens cannot negotiate with foreign governments. It is a nonsensical I in my in unquestionably unconstitutional nonsense crime that keep in mind the perspective you has never ever. In the history of the United States been successfully prosecuted and is really a laughing stock, I either weeping I can pay. I can't even comparative jaywalking, because there are people, Joe you who have been. fine for jaywalking. There is I wonder, who is ever been fined are charged with the Logan. I it is, plead violation. What actually constitute unconstitutional it is, Absolute violation of free speech- you can talk
but whatever the hell you want, you can coming treason against the United States. You can't really Foreign governments classified information, but you are absolutely permitted to communicate with a foreign government hundred per said. It is not sensible with the local you're not allowed to far, but what does that mean? What our policy what a few I mean what seriously, what, if you're having dinner in a restaurant and a guy you know, Kosovo's hey, I'm here with the kenyan ambassador and kenyan ambassador starts ta. in about some sanction against the kenyan government. You go yeah. I don't like that. I mean. Are you go to jail, you understand, FL, dumb, the local actors, Jimmy Carter would be in jail for first things. First, efforts on behalf of the Palestinians, Jesse Jackson would be in jail for
efforts on behalf of the north to Dick North Korea's Dennis Rodman would be in jail for go two or three. Nobody takes this seriously, but you're telling me that the Logan Reverse Engineering, a crime, the Logan. I was the predicate further, most devastating spying operation against the presidential candidate in s history? I have Ike. The amended. I think you can sense it where I'm Goin and I'm just I'm overwhelmed here, because I'm being bombarded from all ends, I got liberals it. Oh my god, you're good to conspiracy theories really, which part there jack, which part daddy, YO What are you tweet me, which part exactly the conspiracy theories, so I can make an ass out of you want social media. Then I gotta People conservators tell tell me like war on your mouse.
doesn't matter. This is insane ok, this is important. Now, let me read you some stuff from me from the peace here by Byron York is its important intermediacy regardless. I wait one more thing here. Now forget we are to cover them check where some scientists is important. So this is from the peace here about four Byron York about the reverse engineering of the low get act to manufacture a crime they are talking about. how the Obama administration they called on the Obama administration. These are these are liberals out there who are We're and by the way- and this reverse engineering of logan- I call them Bob Administration to investigate the Trump team for possible Logan ACT violations? We already know that. I just said that, but here's the important part and to do it while dammit, Brad still controlled the executive branch.
Why am I telling you this part? Because reverse engineering. The use of the Logan Active, see why ay? Ongoing illicit spying operation on the Trump team reached oh crisis, panic mode! When Trump won the election. They needed now to cover they had to start They are still the Logan act, narrative among law makers and the media, and don't forget that point. loser. I'm just I have a lot to take. Don't forget the point about the media. They have start. The media echo chamber had tip and roads in the Obama administration can reverse hath because are making a fool out of Ben rose, talked about the media, ECHO chamber they dominate. They have this darting Logan ACT story going after Flynn. Beef or Obama leaves while these. You'll, have bureaucratic control over the messaging from the White House
the messaging to Capitol Hill and wildly still have technical control over the cliff, so find information which they intend to leak. So They do this as well Marcus comes in these Obama, not low low level, but respect well, respectively, low compared to other players and go out there. Point Capitol Hill and other places give M classified information about conversations and spying on the Trump team. With an end tell them the narratives gonna be now folks. Weak link, not nod reverse engineering crime that this was I've done in violation of the Logan ACT and a Trump team was talking to foreign governments because might Flint had talked to the russian ambassador by the way, a job description of an incoming national security advisor. They then go out there and they spread This stuff around to the media echo chamber now a minimum
your connection for you. This is a duty. Yesterday. Was it yes, racial, pretty sure I brought up the fact that a certain reporter from the Washington Post is now trying to cover the FBI's tracks. the peace saying. Are you now? It seems like the F B. I just do its job and running down and I spotted him in a tweet? I haven't heard back from him, but I he's not a verified account on MAC and I should look Satan responds? I don't know that yet, but I'll check I respond back to him. Are you serious, like you, do understand that fusion, Bp ass were paid political. Operatives are also according to your own reporting working for the F B. I like that, doesn't bother you now hold onto that because this same reporters name is gonna come up in a second.
this from the MIKE Flynn piece on December five December. Third of twenty seventeen by Byron York about the Logan ACT, the reverse engineering of crime, the Logan ACT; ok, ok, I'm cool, here, a critical moment came two weeks later. On January, twelve. Twenty seventeen when the Washington Post, David Ignatius, reported the flu Kiss Leah calls, so just I'm gonna go on saying but just to be clear. We're talking about here You ve been Ignatius from the Washington Post claims is source by the way? Is a senior? U S. Government official is Now has information about Are you a citizen being tape? the United States government, under the false pretences, Logan ACT, violation,
if it Ignatius of the worshippers, has this information. On January, twelve of twenty seventy pretty interesting. Now, why would Ignatius go back then? What twenty eighteenth of you lose track of time. Of this, why Ignatius then come back later on view. Is ago and run in our bed peace or an opinion peace from his column in the washed impose now Trying to frantic We cover for the FBI. Can I just to you that possibly David Ignatius has been misled? by someone who either doesn't know or has a motive to cover their own tracks. There's the media echo chamber have any idea that they may have been as Joe. I'm costs would say: work to the entire time that may
We are all liberal. Bull bias has blinded them to the fact that they have been play by the russian government to I go on here, quoting Ignatius set its source was a senior. U S, government official, what influence Indeed it undercut the: U S, anxious sanctions, Ignatius asked the Logan ACT. They'll, never enforce bars. U S! Citizens from correspondence intending to influence a foreign government about disputes with the United States is important, As a stunning weak, the exist, Saint content of U S, spy intercepts are highly highly classified, but the Obama administration, let the information out, more light. Ignatius report set off a new round the media discussion about the Logan at this Two more action on Capital Hill. folks. You see how the Obama law
enforcement fusion gps rush in Sally AIDS, media ECHO Chamber Worth Ignatius CUP played. an Ignatius either Nosey got played and is desperately covering his tracks, or does it so he got played and is one of the worst operate. A penny peace, pride of pseudo journalist, you ve ever seen in american history is now trying to cover his tracks or, he so silly? He doesn't even know yes tracks the cover how there El, the David Ignatius get information, about a? U S, citizen, MIKE Flynn being fight on. absolutely under false pretences of a crime that no one has been prosecuted with. Success we in the entire history of the United States, Ignatius, isn't even remotely inquisitive about that folksy targeted Flynn.
Let me read you another quote from this peace because I can't get passes. I think histories gonna Judge MIKE went far differently says the same time inside the EU I'm a justice apartment. It appears the Logan ACT became a paramount concern amongst some key officials in the critical weeks I pay attention and critical weeks of December twenty sixteen in January, twenty seventeen. Why would folks? Why would be. I'm quoting him here. The Logan ACT become quote paramount concern in this we're twenty sixteen January twenty! Seventy! Well now Joe the elections over lecture happens in November now there Lee because whose now getting briefed by the intelligence community. What's going on daily
President Elect Tromp was obviously not sworn in January, but he gets the briefings, I assure you, I've been there to presidential transition. This is not a mystery. Now he's getting breathed? Now Bob administrations like the nineties. Soon we didn't expect this guy to win now we better come up with some real fast, because he's gonna find out pretty soon. We bid are getting here conveniently by the way. My graduate goes in visits tromp interim tower. On November seventeen, the admiral in charge of the ETA say, who's ready and on all of this by the way and Trop evacuate shrub tower the next day, but not all the coincidence show. So. Others, panic in the White House in December and January and it becomes a quote, paramount concern to get the Logan ACT narrative out their chief? Why would that be?
reverse engineer a crime that never happened to justify you, spying on your political opponent, just say, and it goes on. Let's reset a second all this again. Is me setting up to you Burma has no plausible deniability in this says, form deputy attorney General Sally Yeats, ass tall com. That the Logan ACT was the first reason she intervene than the Flynn case. Wow fascinating the reason this FBI agents were sent to the White House to interview Flynn in the Trump administrations early days. It was that interview held on January. twenty four twenty seventeen that ultimately lead to flints guilty plea. Don't you find it even remotely ironic that nobody has actually been charged with the Logan ACT. Folks
The FBI shows up to interview Flynn under at best deceptive pretences, I know this trust me Flynn has no idea he's about to be interviewed about a crime and amusing air quotes. No, no American has ever been successfully charged with it's a joke it's about to be interviewed for the jaywalking of federal crimes for ripping a mattress. Take off He has no idea fix. This interview is about something completely different He has no lawyer, he has A reason to ask for a lawyer: he doesn't I think this is a criminal interview. They show up they interview him. One of the agents at the interview goes back and tells age or Mackay that they think Flynn was open and honest the
one Peter stroke who hates Trop, as we ve seen from his text. Messages to his girlfriend LISA page seems to think otherwise. So they can get Flint, fulfilling federal, physic another crime nobody's ever charged with our both I told you my story, I am going to say to get a joke, but don't you find it strange that the whole point This for the interview is Flynn. the russian ambassador by the way, a job description and Joe. Attacking him on his job description using the Logan ACT, but we should be talking to foreigners but he's Charged with the Logan ACT that bother ready, you view never. charged with the Logan ACT. He's charge would all statements because the FBI has been reported, you look at the circular reasoning. We have a conversation with the russian ambassador. They have the transcript by the way,
I don't remember what I said to Joe five minutes ago. Forget conversation, while you're transitioning to be the national security. Advise you he's probably had a thousand conversations. He doesn't remember every word of it so because he does Remember it, they don't charge him with the Logan ACT, while there were allegedly there the reason they are. Therefore they charged with false statements, so they there there because of a Logan ACT. He's not charged with the Logan ACT here. there because of a crime. No one's ever been prosecuted. For ever I'll there there they have a trance transcribe phone conversation of him, talking of the russian ambassador. They got big As they are pushing the slogan act, nonsense and air
the reading it, they don't charge him with the Logan. I they charge him we're not accurately remembering the entire transcribed conversation wholly crises. How does the EU have to be that seem see? What's going on there, we're getting a person, not a crime, nobody has successfully been prosecuted for the Logan ACT in the entire history of the United States. It is now A serious create is not even a prosecutable crime constitute may be thrown out tomorrow morning. Folks, this I mean this is the most explosive scandal in: U S, history. there is, there is no doubt there is no. Doubt in my mind,. You will see in the coming days as these memos come out, that the content We have provided you over the last six days. Few,
back and listen that we were spot on. That the real scandal here has in an ongoing spying operation between The Obama administration and others in an effort to take down Donald Trump and that the allow Good contacts between the Trump team and others out there were not random This was in entrapment operation. The entire time. Remember, the names they're gonna keep coming up Am I just wanna hit one last topic? Quick? As I said, I would in its important- and I know a lot of you I got an email. Yesterday said I miss the economic stuff. We eat some of it yesterday, but just quickly on their some Great piece in the Wall Street Journal tonight believes Games Freeman and he had a great quote from Reagan. Jail was a classic and they asked Reagan. Apparently they said how did you know? Your economic plan was working tax.
deregulation, you know but generally conservative agenda and begin answer back when they stopped calling it reaganomics right. Because I didn't want to give Reagan credit so when it was working they of course they wanted to credit Jimmy Carter. Whenever evokes warning Warren caution the but are trying this again now. They are true. This scam that these tromp explosive economic growth we are seeing is all attributed to a. I got a couple. A quick tin It's your to blow that nonsense out of the water. Here's number one! Don't ever forget it! Do it on your forehead. Therefore, First corridor trump gets into office, Joe unquestionably right unquestionably the time we're trumpet Obama linked the closest to the economy. the transition quarter. The quarter covers Obama, leave and trouble swearing in this is the time where, if your premise keep in mind taken out to thirty thousand feet, I miss the Democrats are making is all
handed off a golden football to any economy, and all of this growth is due to Obama. For that to be true, The hand off how to be a golden football, not a football made of let what was the growth rate, during the transition that Burma handed Trump one point: two percent. what have been the last three subsequent quarters of growth after the transition over three percent. Ladies and gentlemen, I just giving you the numbers dispute I'm at your own peril, not mine, I've just relaying to you facts, Bobby handed Trump. A turkey. Which she immediately turned around it to nearly triple growth rates. He was given. Second.
Forget the Obama stock market have said this repeatedly and I'll be honest, forget the trump don't measure any is by the stock market stock, market is an indicator of view. Her growth- and, I think of me Obama years easy money that was chasing healed, pointed out yesterday- show in detail. I'm not gonna go over it again. Today, interest rates are low. People were chasing a return on their money. There was no place to go, but the stock market. The FED, wanted this the substitution effect. They wanted you to substitute less risky assets for more risky assets, and that's what happened. Look at this, el of money, printing in the Obama years and look at the March forward of the stock market. It is right that they lockstep, secondly, p o box, a year's productivity folks, we measure productivity. That's how do we measure growth productivity, what we produce productivity, that's how we measure growth, producing medicines, producing retain food, water building, steel, That's how we measure growth product.
The growth in the Obama years was that historic, glows, historic lows. You measure and economy by how it grows the output. It produces the more out. but the better off are the same output with less inputs. Either way we grow historic, closer the Balmy has investigated giving nonsense the investment for investing in properties, investing up resting in capital, investing in factories. How you grow to produce more stop history, closing the Obama years yet mergers and acquisitions were high. Why? companies had money. They just here the Obama economy so much. They didn't, invest in a row. Companies ages pot other companies to merge their regulations to merge the regulatory compliance departments, legal departments to be able to combat the Obama administration step usage record highs, NEO, balmy, use labour force participation, record Lowe's under the Obama years productivity.
All of this at lunch. It is absolute nonsense to attribute any of this to a bomb and I'm going to leave you with this one point: he is the first president in american history cuz. I get some questions about this tune. ever reach three percent and new ally's growth, annualized annualized annualized, one more time, annualized cause people send me out. My liberal friends said in quarter of twenty to twenty four teeny reach three percent growth. We we're measuring it by year. He never ever not one time. It is eight years Three percent growth is the first president than ever. Do that widest three percent matter, Joe because spin, the historical average in the United States Obama is the first one can ever hit that target. I folks play he's good upon. You know that calm subscribed to my email list. I have these cuz, you have to read the Byron York piece and a couple of other dudes he's in there that you're not going to want to miss and I'll. Hopefully I'll, get some more information on some attempt. I've got that I can get out to you on Monday,
I see on you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get Dan's podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.