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Ep. 638 Can Washington DC Swamp Rats Ever Tell the Truth?

2018-01-22 | 🔗

Make no mistake, the Democrats shut your government down.

Stunning new text messages about the “investigation” into Hillary Clinton.

The FBI lost critical text messages?

Why is the NSA “missing” critical data on surveillance?

An incredible article from last year showing the depths of the Obama administration’s deep-state subterfuge

Why was the NSA under Obama so committed to “sharing” information in new and creative ways? 


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Waiting to hear the truth about Amerika upon his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bone, GINO Lavender, thereby GINO show british jobs, our unity hey another week, more information and entertainment. Now man is such a gold mine for material arable for the country, good for material ass. You know by the way I hear you ve been like. In fact, thing, my brain and a good. I call on everyone bed now. I bet better back five kids, friends, neighbours that baby that's an armored car. They never been aware that in China I really a K. I just said that the right of my guy babbling legal age, a border, more things didn't phase me. You didn't even think about it. They realize what I would say. Listen got a lot to talk about. There's a lot of debunking to do on this shut down, get a ton of questions about the Democrats are lying again because that's what they do
So we are Democrats out there in the country. Voting people were generally fed up with a lot of what's gonna talk about Democrats and capital, hell that are seemingly immune to the true there tell You things that are so factually incorrect that a modicum of research on it would show you that they Just misleading you aligned you, I also have some: let's call them interest developments on the ongoing spying scandal and I've got Joe you know I keep saying order matter. She right get houses broken it. The cops show up, you're, pretty standard stuff near capture wipe houses broken into you. Gotta problem, retro order, wrote row. Jackie I've got some ancient thing order matters stuff, you're too, and some sound bites and are gonna blow your mind against states united. I shall but you by bodies max our acts manner how to use this stuff. Yet neither is it bad. I was interesting. I have up, I gotta hair cut and I must again some hay like little pieces, a hare in my ear, and you know I don't
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saw a cut in wait for an a match. You so for the above, shut down the Obama shut down. They stuck it to you things, because this is what the liberal Damn crash. Do they weapon eyes, government they weapon ice government, the former, the IRS they weapon eyes, government with the spying scandal, these things all tied together. Folks, they are interrelated. It's a conspiracy, theory stuff! If it actually happened. Then it actually did happen so much Mulvaney who's, been the face of the Trump team. During this new no Democrat and for shot down I'll go through that in a second he's better, their publicly saying. Listen, we're gonna do everything we can to men why the impact on american citizens of this government shut the weight but Joe. I thought The idea of a government shut down under the Obama administration when they did it was really stick to the american people and make them feel the pay, because it's not like they actually pay for the way they do? Ok, now
George, you remember that shut down. I will have real readily yeah. You email time. Remember the world. Or to Memorial, oh up the barricades to keep out of folks. I was there might not be met unlike at the scene when it was going down, they put up barricades. Take world war, two veterans in wheelchairs away from the world. more to memorial, I'm not kidding I was there. So what They mobility, sorry about this shutdown of core they're going to do the same thing right. The federal government now in the truck they're going to stick to the taxpayer, no wrong. What did he say? Mulvaney and I'm quoting here this shut down, will look very different than it did under previous administrations. We're not gonna weapon eyes it. So what are they doing? Joe national parks? They're? Keeping? quote open and as accessible as possible there allowing a to run with emergency funds there trying to get people paid,
extra funds? They haven't, laying around they're doing the best They can to not basically got. Liver, shot, Kitty Podge the amount Can people who fight at this government? Now I got you can I mean yeah rivers, your call from the folks, I'm sorry I'm sorry? I don't you know with the show we try to dial we try to use reason and I China, get emotional? Because I don't like for women it's a rookie move in radio packet screaming I love a petition is ridiculous. This is re Dick as I was there when I sure these world war, two friends, get off to pass and be denied access. I was down there. I was like Is this happening? What about what is like the gestapo here to quote from the Wall Street Journal. I'm gonna get to them
annex is shut down and, secondly, because you're lying to you talk but the contrast in the Obama shut down and the humor shut down. Where trappist entertain trying to do everything in their power to facilitate government, while its quote: shot down just really shut down. I we all know that submitting while she Journal, says by contrast, the Obama administration acted fast to block and locked down parks and public lance. This is re. Listen to this folks look register every morsel of is going on. on the eve of the twenty thirteen shut down park service. Spokeswoman, Jane For my part, iii com leagues about a scheduled world war, two memorial visit by aging or terminally ill veterans, job. Please leave these pauses and there because I'm and are sometimes Joel, ended out silence on the shoulder, but
I'm I'm seriously formulating a brow. How I'm going to read to you the next sentence in a way that impact you enough that you will never forget what a piece garbage a lot of people in the Obama administration were so this. What I'm about to read get us a corporate is Jennifer. Murmured depart servers, spokeswoman talking about. Governments shut down and how they were gonna handle terminally ill world war, two veterans going to the war or to memorial, here's quote He asked whether quote we are physically prevent people to use of some barrier to gaining access. You know like Joe. gee barriers fence tape, saw horses or something We gosh, I don't care, Submiss show what do I we want to right now. I know it's not the right. to do folks, but if there was
for a time I wanted to drop a bomb on this show this. Is it How do we restrain contain and blood? cough terminally, Ill world war, two veterans from seeing an open memorial, their king the point is how to do with Joseph me. Don't look at me. I'm gonna get you go in full screen right now: ok about Gotcha, Bremer Army brother. Do we use Jersey, barriers, fence, TAT, so our horses, they tell you why. How proud night sticks? How about we just treat the crap out of all present. So what about handcuffs you don't know, maybe not even here, because maybe the flexi ties laxity tie here later, just plastic handcuffs Joe bears an idea whose an idea I was there when they came out no wheelchairs by the way you don't like the boots. They put.
on cars. When you know pipeline ticket, why don't we put their wheelchairs? Let's do that? Let's get a government put four wheelchairs. Do you understand? This is what This story is not unrelated to a gate and trumps by the way I'm making connection here, and this is what I think we do on the shelf, uniquely in many respects, we tie in themes and stories that are seemingly unrelated, but aren't the Obama administration. These peoples a government as a tool. I said this in the Glen Back Show: gosh five years ago, when I was running for office, they were new to government. I Amber the transition seeing them looking around like the ears and the owed their budget dear and headlight. They Your government is a cute little toy to inflict Midge to reward their friends to conquer their enemies, Obama even set at one point jaded remember yeah sure do it was their cute little.
They employ to hurt people to damage people to reward friends to conquer the enemies. This is what they do. It was the same thing with the spying scare, the witch I'll get believe me. I got some Joe put together an ice quick couple. Portfolio a little portfolio soundbites, editor damning. They did this to damage people. Here. Let me read the mother quote from the peace deputy superintend. of operations, Karen Cougar Cuckoo role, but it man is that name appropriate political role, cook are Hollow Kook around replied about this: the barricades that keep the terminally a war war to vets out why? Yes signs it barricades airlines that big sets no sweat here. It's even worse about this story in the journal Times, I'm gonna put, it must show notes it's it's subscription only, but I'm giving you the gist of it. The same people gel same people.
Google Rollo and the other lady with the park service here that were that were by Recording outward a war to veterans from an open memorial, the exact same people that I take the quota year here we go. I wrote to quote down because I want to take too many screenshots, when asked about gaining access, Joe by employees, to National Park Service offices for stuff they may have needed personally and professionally these. the insiders the bureaucrats to swap brats. We could talk about forever, who Corolla National Park Service team. There replied back. Oh yeah, do no problem just the barricades back. That's an email. That's not me making it up. It's not a conspiracy theory. These were government employees Joe make ensure their own we're takin care, polio, no problem go right into the office, put the barricades back, but those where war to vets, Diego
We were near that you make sure you get them in a triangle choke and choked em right out. I think they get the gun interred award for that. Do we have a golden turn away. You're gonna made up lots of new fake Alex. Neither gender I had afforded and has taken up and go home would be about twenty twenty five thousand bucks, but we're gonna do that. We're gonna get that made up by the weapons to be run in a contest soon for assign book and brain kill me. It was nice enough to send over some well, sir. I just haven't figured out how many of you the contest, so I have five books. Brian kill me now include five m. I signed new book and I love Yes, I love given stuff where my earnest will send you both kill me and my mom just trying to figure out how we can either Carthage. We have any suggestions. Email me, Daniel up on Cheetah that come always looking for cool ideas and always for free snuff, to give away you guys cuz? I love your ladys at it. Yeah Joe. I mean this is the case story. Where are you
have to be really cautious before the show, because it's easy to scream near, but folks, I'm Do you see the relationship here between how liberals and their their love affair with government as a what they believe to be made to wax philosophical. It is important to understand this lip are obsessed with the idea that the only benevolent force in society worth supporting with tax dollars, control assets, money, scarce resources is government that people and government they believe don't have an incentive to do the wrong thing that government, if it gets the money, will do the right thing will allocate resources better, we'll take care of people will show compassion, but you understood and by doing that, you also empowering one of the only forces in our society that has a monopoly on force, the ability to take your life and take your freedom, and when you in power that force it is inherently corrupting you can folks you'll think about Joe think about
There are powerful entities in society that our government right apple knocking Apple is companies say Apple Joe. We could both agree has a whole lot of money, a whole lot of influence, a whole lot of employees and a whole lot of products. We all use that power. That's power folk, that's hard, or in soft power. The problem with apple is apple, can't arrest. You write and pull can't force you to do a damn thing: they can in at the vice you to do something they can say? Hey if you go to Antwerp, we're gonna, pull our ideas, library, but that doesn't matter you if you just say I don't really care mosquito bite it. No one is going to arrest you when you're a liberal You see government as a benevolent force, and as a result of that you know air courtier, benevolent force and to fill. It pick will of government and you power thinking, it's a good thing and you have power.
Force that has the monopolistic power to take your life, your freedom, your money in everything else. It is inherently corrupting as Lord ACT and said, power corrupts an absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that is absolutely true. Bingo. They have weapon eyes. This aid years of weapon icy government, the IRS attacking Conservatives our men and a shot down attacking world war. Two vets, the orbit MIKE, when this problem bomb administration having people arrested MIKE Flynn. This I put up with guy. This is all these are not independent stories. Why do you think? I'm a serve it. If I may conservative, precisely because I worked for the government and saw the massive power the United States government, discretionary power to ruin your life. Fascinating also this week, and I want to jump ahead, but the FBI,
shove lost critical tanks about yeah. They don't like Homer Simpson Diagram I mean at meanwhile Joe you and I were being audited in our new company here we started because we gotta talk, things go and by the way, a ton between a book in and are a tv and everything like add. If you but I wouldn't lose a single document about taxes, we'd be in jail or fine. You bet. kind of scam is this you take. This is what the founding fathers war for, I would argue, didn't tyrannical king in England did not have the power now that supposedly a liberty, loving constitutional Republic has the impact your life today. Ok, getting back to this.
on on the budget shut down because it just a couple of critical myths that need to be debunked immediately and I'm gonna move on to some other content, because I do have a ton of stuff to talk talk about today, its unfortunately, Z, Newsday, I mean that's great for my show my time, an american citizen on a one great show content I can. I can give you a great show. Without watching my country fall apart, so Dhaka number one The Democrats are now insisting there. Darkness move away from it. A little bakers realizing how bad it looks at the Democrats shut down. The government over elite immigrants, but their initial proposal, and this was, I had a debate with Chris Han Judge Janina Saturday night nimble. They all coordinator, talking points folks, Democrats, there say well, you know spy agreement on a
good deal that since were deferred amnesty for childhood arrivals. Okay, there A key point is there was by partisan agreement on that and a reply. bookings are not passing a budget because of this stock do you, even though there is by partisan agreement, limit the bunker stupidity immediately. Folks, let me tell you in no uncertain terms and to the liberals listening. There is no doc uphill There is no dark uphill Chris, on a wide debated decided to in age in this, what they always do, this able shiny red ball bunch squirrel watch ere I mean this is what they do. He said well, by partisan agreement. Our folks, five agreement that should always cold That doesn't mean there's a recognition of snow was called bill, getting ready for the president, the site by party. That agreement doesn't mean anything. Listen to me. There is oh doc, appeal for life.
Also me say it again: there is no Dhaka bill, then Hon came back with another one because it you know one lies not enough. They gotta, compounded Piquet back. Is that, while the work on one now Joe, are well, you were civics major in college. no now, ok, Neither was ok now, neither of you- and I are inside politician- swamp rats. Right might read me. Let me ask you this upon Capitol Hill, There are many give you a few choices. Summits is gonna, be a hard questions, so looking really pay attention here to get there. Europe has a say in my grammar school forest Brook Elementary right. Put your thinking. Kappa capital oil. Does it consists of justice? some representatives justly United States Senate or house of Representatives and the United States Senate go well, it's gotta more than that, the House of representatives at TAT very good? This is
hard folks matter of. I set that question of some stupidly no other way to do it. I think took to show you like it No like her you mess and would be here like this- can be discussed. So what are they come back with next thing well, there was agreed in this set it on a dark about, ok, but not in the house. So what you're saying is what I just said that there was no bill ready for the president to sign on doc. Not so, that's your base, We acknowledge as you're, telling me why you're telling I'm telling the truth at the same time- and this is what which which setting me, let's say about this trial. No kids listen a year that the Democrats folks. This is why am I am. I make my anger around. I couldn't wait to do the show today by what we do. Regular hit on Monday morning on Fox, friends now so for those you tuna, so much going on? It's one make sure you all now, but I got up really early and I spent my three hours, puddings together, because I just
understand how people get suckered so easily. By now, nonsense. Democrat talking point just make up. There's no doc. Uphill. There, bill for the president, decide what I'm telling you it's a fact theirs. oh darker bill, so have your friends, your liberal coup, friends telling you the government was shut down over a darker bill, say: what's the bill number that's pass them. Ass in the Senate, ready for the present. This they don't have it. It's made up, there's no doc uphill. We gotta say things five and six times you Emmi dislike. Can you just for a moment. God Folk seriously birth for commission use a Lord Vain, my apology, but can you tell the truth. For once, can you just one time democrats tell the truth. Do you understand although the Republicans are no great shakes. I think Joe, and I have been relatively few
Our criticism is sell out Republicans. Yet do you understand The Democrats are just institutional wires. They live you about everyday there's, no bill there. bill. You can't prove me wrong because there's nothing wrong. There's no bill. You shut down the government over nothing that Dhaka deadline. It isn't even until March rift version Oh bill. Did you say well? Why did they shouted out because the Democrats weapon eyes government, just like Obama, gave you that double barrel middle finger when he shut down the government? Twenty thirteen refused to sign a budget that actually passed and told World WAR two. mentally ill veterans to beat it and get back on the bus blue card rise. This is what crash? Do
Party of John F Kennedy he's dead. These or tyrants. These are Jude civil rights activist on the democrat side are nothing but enforcers of wise manipulation and a police state. That's is one they don't get at anti forestall violence. That's all they are there. no borders this party couple more nonsensical talking points they put out. because this is what Hon hit me with on Saturday night, any again there just making it up now Joe their realising that I was shut down. A government for a dock ability it doesn't exist that are messaging is what that american taxpayers have no government now, because we illegal immigrants have amnesty. Really a winter job right, binging, meaning they probably not a good idea. So now, what They doing there
try and change their messaging here so high. hit me with this other one, Well, no, no! The real reason now Joe, is the demo I don't want to fund their military with a continuing reverent resolution. In other words, there should be some extended timeline planning an actual year long budget right, yeah, wait, wait, wait come again, books. You do understand right for eight years, under Barack Obama they funded the military Would it containing resolution? So now let me get this straight now. The trumps in office see hours are no good new more. They were great under a bomb and by the way I agree see. Hours are really stupid, idea. Continuing resolutions that we should plan out advance like any other and three I'm absolutely in agreement, but your logic are you using with us that you expect us to believe like Dobbs? Is it now all of a sudden see yours are horrible. So Joe, the alternative is, let's not fund. A military it all double barrel,
little finger again. Ok, that makes sense you finally,. It takes sixty votes to overcome a fella buster. Why am I telling you that Joe is not a civics instructor? Neither am I. What would you need sixty votes in the Senate to overcome a fella buster, because who is filibustering. The budget pill that damage Brad's. It's not the republic is how are the republican shutting the government down how the demo Cats are literally on record filibustering the budget to open their government to death. The Republican need sixty votes. They only have fifty one. They can Do it alone the Democratic, Philip. During the budget and they are their colonies to go out there on tv, it's a man. This is patrol. Just that? How how is it to try shot down? Are you this stupid? The answer is there not there,
wires there? Why do you ve always been liars? That was the house that I think a lot of listeners and an folks in general meeting here, because they were filibustering so that their the guys that were against it and Joe Keeper mine yeah? They don't have to filibuster this password, a republican majority if the demo courteous said we're not going to filibuster it. What did Democrats are active? We taking a filibuster step to block the government from opening. Now they got divorced. Hum the Democrats obstruction the Republicans care pass it with a simple majority. They need democratic, come on board and because you say no when I can open a government and doping- people actually believe the are shut. The government that you know I've never told you about my my transformative moment for me. I was generally and independent in college. I had dinner Ivan, say was liberal, but you know most kids in college on four
we have had a lot of world experience and I don't like to like slap millennials. Are good, they just don't know much. I mean you, don't I'm sorry, you haven't been out in the world. You know life tends to smack Hey Joe and I've had Magritte smacks into figures in the past year alone that I had my entire yearns for years in college right, but I remain sit, do college and listening to lectures about overpopulation and how humans were like a virus on the planet. One day, I'm sitting in a drugstore. Waiting for a prescription. I had a throat infection and has taken forever pick up rush book, and I forget what was called back then I you know, of course, at the time. And I was I had listened to Limbaugh occasionally, but you know, I believed that left this thing at all this guy forget it tell him by you the worse and I go this chapter inconveniently that day or so we had this conversation, the class about overpopulation. I pick up this chapter in a book and Russia and laid out statistics in a book about our
We're population in the globe is a total math like you could fit almost everybody in the world and the state of Texas, with the equivalent for space of like european apartment and the rest of the world would be empty, and I was like is that true, and I started doing some homework and forgive me if that is the exact number but close to it, and I was like, while it is sure, like I've been lied to the whole time and all that was specific road to Damascus moment for me to find conservatism and an end to fight for liberty. I specifically member that moment at least peeking my interest in my boy? What else? If I've been my to about two and I'm telling you Folks, you been lie too about just about everything that democratic an to the truth now that we ve entirely debunked this nonsense about doc, Mother stuff I wanna get to hear today show also brought you our bodies at I target. Thank you for all the feed, back on the eye target process and by the way that the letter, I not like the organ used to see the eye target price system, as an unbelievable system for improving your marksmanship folks. If you are a hunter a self
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That's I target pro dotcom. That's a letter. I I target proto come pick this system up today. You will absolutely love it and use Promo Code Dan, my first name, ten percent off too that's a nice promo code, folks, they really generous of their and our customs. Service, is a novel. I target protocol go check it out. Ok, I'm having a tough time. we're not where to start here, because there I have to take notes and bold, because I think one of the things self praise thanks and unlike TAT myself on the back, there really sounds Nicholas, but you say one of the things I think Joe and I do differently on the show, as we try to keep things thirty thousand feet and then lay the case afterwards, but constantly bringing it back to the overall point, because the problem with some of these cases, especially the spying and of the Obama Gate, spying scandal on the Trump team His ladies and gentlemen is so complicated is taken Joe and I want now seven episodes yet describe it all, but I don't want you
Ever lose in this some big bird's eye viewpoint, its number one: the Obama in spite of the trumpeting this is not in dispute, no one's, nobody liberal, even the Obama teams not denying its Susan Rice submitted to it. Some at the powers are admitted to it. They already admitted to it. Psmith! That's out of this. The assertion I've been trying to make. You is that that spying was illicit, it was not done for eight legitimate national security or criminal reason. We have laid this out over course, of multiple episode, one of them is I've laid this out to show you to be, here here what I'm trying to prove again about talking down to the audience here, I'm up trying to keep everybody on the straight and narrow. Here. One of the points I tried to demonstrate as a former federal agent myself intimately familiar with the process of investigating criminals at the federal level and using United States attorney's office is order matters.
the Obama administration. If they were spying on tromp because they had evidence of I'm serious international crime or Trump. team in fact colluding with the Russians to overthrown election. Ladies and gentlemen, you, mine in Jos, entire support. I don't care that a Democrat? If there was a in tiller of evidence out there- and I mean this- that the Donald Trump team Coordinated with the Russians to overthrow U S, election, a Joel I would be the first ones. Go unimpeached peach them to jail water matters, and when I say water matters, I mean evidence than investigation right, not investigation and in evidence that, not away law enforcement works. So that's I mean by order matters here problem I have with the entire tire Obama gauge spying scandal. Joseph is its clear, for anybody paying attention that the end
the happen only with the intention to try fabricate evidence later for a crime that didn't exist, Matters I have some more The reason I bring this up today again walking through the solely as I have mother Her matters issues here. I was forwarded an interesting article by listers weekend and my wife's I've read it, I'm not trying to be. Like MR know, what I've read at the articles whole. That's not a new one. but he was right like we don't want to lose some of the things that happened afterwards. Now here's with the border matters right, member, order matters. Crime, investigation investigation then find a crime. I put an article in the show no say please sign up for the show notes. Please we are doing. We have really working hard to get you the best quality articles out there and no, not folks the difference, you my show notes and other aggregated tat myself on the back. I'm just telling you some of them
If I'm sending you is not from today. It's from Seagal, but its applicable today, you're, not I find that another agro other. We're going to send you out today's news, their great sites don't get me wrong, but its today's. This is today's events. At today's events may be relevant to a story that happened six months ago today. Show note. I have a story from months ago, right by the New York Times, sent in by a listener. Thank you. You know you are, and he was absolutely right he's like did for this- and I was like boom. poor yeah, gotcha, you're right, I'm like how did I forget this article? It open shown us, then what is the article that peace is kept at a darn article it's a New York Times piece about An initiative by the Obama Administration Post Joe Don't you important post election post election so about
but still the President Trump Is the President elect their? the transition period. And errors in order signed by Obama. To share information gathered by the National Security Administration. to share it more widely throughout the federal government so that more entities have access to set information. Now I will put it he's a read it. It's not long. Read this peace, knowing what you know from the prior episodes at the Obama team at spied on the Trump team and I'm telling you they had no legal predicate to do so. The dust here was a legal front on an illness. Operation using the Legal mechanisms of the foreign intelligent surveillance court to cover, and ongoing sting operation against the Trump deep now now that you know that happen, why would they
bomb, a team Joe just weeks from leaving office? Why, I would they sign this. This memo, this initiative here to more. Why Lee share information collected by the USA, threw out the government? Now Italian to the sound bite that I know you listen to him this morning, I'm going to make the case to you, and this should really ring your bell and never run ringgit that they never ever again expected him. You lose. This was obvious and when Hilary lost they were in a panic order. Matters they had already done this shit? this information widely throughout the government and now have Go retroactively cover their their bots, and sign this document saying oh yeah, yeah we're just gonna distributed widely now may be as a means to cover an incident that,
already happened? Why do that? just weeks from leaving office read this article in the show notes. With that in mind, I'm folks, I'm just asking a question. I there fortunately, we spent a lot of inside baseball, going Ahmed Lotta conservative groups out there all trying to claim credit for whose I can what, in this case, what listen to me those you listings? I know some of you listen as well. You are all doing great work, steel everything I have. I don't care, I don't need any credit, you don't! Even if the linked anything, I'm telling you with absolute Ernie all Joe and I care about. Is this story getting out there? I have shared links. I have cited people I have been closed articles I will. I will something to say, send it to me I'll put it on my email is there are, I didn't normous number of people who were read it, but I'm telling you something happened here: Read the New York Times, peace and my guess is it was Jim Clapper who is
covering his, but here and people in need Poverty realise made already shared information throughout the government and they have put something to paper just like defies a warrant, even though the spying was already on going to put a legal patina, a legal foe cover on an already bs ongoing operation, I've just asking you to question: why would they do it? Otherwise, why. There should be some kind of controls between collection and analysis folks, think about. I just told you I don't stand the Austin powers of the federal government if the federal government can come information on anyone at any time else: phone records and its given where to analyse TAT Joe Eric analyze, they see fit your left a police state now there doesn't have to be a wall between the two but there has to. these controls and what
those controls, Joe due at the history, the United States, before Pfizer, seven hundred two and all this other stuff, those controls were warrants owing to a judge in saying we need information from this analytical pool of info. We. information on Joe Armor costs, because we have probably cause to believe Joe rip the mattress tag off or whatever ambience you get. My point. It wasn't a wall, but it was. It show point to prevent the guy made from analyzing information about innocent Americans. I'm tell You that's what happened here. order matters. Order matters, because the document comes out putting a legal face on the sharing of information widely throughout the intelligence and law enforcement community. I'm telling you the order came out after representative happening. Why
because bomb is sitting there, Joe in December, when this thing goes through a month. after losing going wholly. What the heck just happened. Now we're gonna have to cover our butts now. Remember, I don't have it with me, but remember that about a week ago Joe played a cut of Jim Clapper. the former Odeon I director of net. No intelligence who has access to all of this scheme. The sky, on Trump I'm clapper says multiple times on tape, interviews that are still out there. Data views that are still out there, he says multiple times. There is no warrant, despite trumpeting that he's aware of I'm telling This document is Jim clamorous. Every effort to cover his but to put an x
Post facto legal cover on an ongoing crap operation against two trumpeting that had no evidence we started in the first place. Now I've got some beauty soundbites for you Evelyn Farkas folks, who is Evelyn FARC summit to play for you to sound cuts, Evelyn forecast is a deputy assistant secretary of state involved What country Joe this is going to amaze? You shall put on your shot face here. Russia, various Joe GO, get the somewhat give each other heimlich movies, choking at his own saliva. So this women in the Obama, administration, Evelyn Farkas, right she's, deputy assistant secretary of state charge of Russia. Remember what we talk rubber or the USA is now saying order which all good now we're going to share information. We collected on people to out all these entities, although I'm telling you the already did it.
here's how they did it before. Let's play a cut of But when fork is, this is her just days for the election she's she's the women's forum and she said something: that's awfully curious, that'll make more sense. When I play the second count, sound cut, achieving play Farkas number one. I think the most important thing for us- and I have to say, is it's not a done deal, as you said, and so to the Americans and the audience please the and not only vote but get everybody to vote, because I really believe we need a landslide. We need an absolute repudiation of everything all of the policies that Donald Trump has put out there, I'm not afraid to be political. I'm not. hiding who I'm running for Anna, it's very important that we continue to press forward until election day and through election day to make sure that we have the right result. I do agree, however, with general breed love that even if we have the wrong result from my perspective, America,
the resilient. We have. A lot of presidential historians have put forward very co here, we, the argument there, examples of all of our horrible presidents in the past and the fact that we have endured and we You have a strong system of checks and balances and act, They have Donald Trump were elected. I believe you'd be impeached pretty quickly or somebody else would have to take over government. Wait why Joe was kind enough to pull a cut for me there. We can have a what what what? What did you say this is ten days before an election high ranking Obama administration, bureaucrat member, we're too, about the sharing of information that people should have it she's already calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump. And the election hasn't even happened. Yet now you have clapper right. You play Calabria for military member we're talking about. How the Obama administration share
information they shouldn't have even been accessing onto Trump team, widely throughout government why they did it's gonna make sense in the second, keep her mind, forecast already calling for his impeach reside even elected yet, and here clapper covered, as shown by play him. Let me start with the president's tweets yesterday. This idea that may be present Obama ordered in illegal wiretap of his offices. If something like that happened, would this be something you would be aware of I would certainly hope so I can't say autism up, I can't swim. Officially anymore, but I will say that, for part of the national security apparatus that I oversize dna. There was no such wiretap actively. mounted against the present the President elect at the time were there as a candidate or against this campaign. I can't it for other title three
Rising entities in the government or a state or local, and they say if the FBI, for instance, had to face a court order of some sort for surveillance. Would that be information You would know or not. Yes, you would be too they. I would know that if there was a vice, a court order on something like this, something like a serviceable and at this point you can't confirm or deny whether that exists I can denied there is no face. A quarter ought not to my knowledge of anything at all. power, no bad guys. Being a federal agent. I feel like Joe. I have never been so inspired in my life, but this show really, I feel like I'm I get my desk in the Melville Field Office of the secret service crack and bank fraud cases. Folks order matters The question we are asking now did the bomb a team spy on Trump, and then
afterwards, try to cover their tracks after the election, the operator in thesis on putting out there is that an essay new new sharing technique due at the government in December is only a means to cover for what they already did Marcus knows before the election trump is, can you gonna be impeached or she says. She may have access to this information. We get a place of another second and clapper who's. They had director these the director of national intelligence, the Odeon I write, offices directly She felt it clapper is already covering is, but I had to take notes on this. In that statement, bookkeeper my clapper isn't with the signing of this s, a document to share information widely, which I think is retroactively, covering the pots for they already dead, don't like I repeat this enough is unaware you lose what I'm talking about. Think up, how close is an exit, ramp C left himself in that one sound by Joe? Would you know
I hope so well what if it was, you know if it I've been well not what I was a part of it. He says why speak for other entities and he s again Would you do well not to my knowledge he gives himself for all France in their wits to me either. There's only I have two scenarios either collapse. unaware of the spying and out of Oil, Peter Obama, doesn't want to throw him under the bus, but he's trying to preserve its own, but and for Some are willing to write off yet, although I indicted tore double Eve. Yes, there are extremely low probability. That's the case. Given position granted so there he doesn't know- and this is Putting bind is back, which I doubt or here. The more likely scenario is, he doesn't know. He's ab
movie stunt, Hillary Clinton lost the election. He now knows is going to come out and he's pushing Obama everyone else. We better sign so memo authorizing all this stuff, because I'm going to go on depressed and I'm going to say not to my knowledge, but I hope so well, I wasn't part of it, but I can't speak for other people folks what happened here was a constitutional abomination of the highest order. was spied on. Information was shared with partners who had no business looking into it. Information they couldn't get was given to them by far and entities based on the guardian and CNN Zone reporting on this institutional rights, were violated archive the tuition would use like toilet paper and now you're all covering their. But now this second cut Evelyn Farkas member in the first cut she says, for the election of first cut, she
seems to have some information about Trump being a peach. How could she have that information play cut? in light of this will make sense play for
urging my former colleagues and and frankly speaking, the people on the hill, and now it was more actually gained, aimed at telling the help people get as much information as you can get as much intelligence as you can before. President Obama leaves the administration, because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy that the trumpets folks, if they found out how we knew what we knew about their the staff, the Trump staffs dealing with russians- that they would try to compromise those sources and methods, meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence. So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more. We have very good intelligence on Russia. So then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were trying to also help get information to the hill. Woe.
folks there is so much in that sound bite number one, I'm glad Joe found clapper because it The distinction I'm trying to make here is clear. Labourers ACE career. long swamp rat Joe in a few years the audience ombudsman, not because this is a very critical point in this. He is a core: we are long swamp Brad, who is intimately familiar with the intel and longed for the powers of the United States, government, Jim Clapper, after Hilary loses and Trump wins, knowing the spying operation. That happened before, which I believe he did intimately on this and he is in a world of hurt he knows that he was involved in a institutional abomination and sees himself having legal liability. Now, the cover a zone, but he asked for this research of information. Memo to Retro,
If we cover for what already happened, he all goes out makes media appearances where he covers its own pot and leaves off ramps everywhere. While I didn't know, I hope so, I was apartment. I can't speak toads. Just like. No doubt right, not to my knowledge He leaves himself off ramps everywhere. Why? Because for all? my beast with Jim Clapper. This guy is smart because Swamp Rancho and he There stands the power of the swamp and he knew oh, is he is in deep deep. He gets it contrast that would forecast, in that media appearance on MSNBC, I just played for you who's a bureaucrat she stopped. Not a doctor of medicine, a medical doctor but Doktor Philosophy, specializes in Russia, Farkas, the career, long bureaucrat so immersed in the power of DC, but not understanding, intimately the intel,
general law enforcement powers that the United States government, because that's not what she does she's a bureaucrat that this dope Goes on MSNBC at Bay. It gives the same explanation, but instead of providing you're off ramps like clapper. Does she provides on ribs for everybody here. Look at her. She says we are. they tell on Russia. We wanted people up or capital here to see Evelyn where they author, I used to see that data you're talking all know they weren't, so you basically broke the law. I did you're sure. No idea because she's a bureaucrat she Joe you soon that distinction, yeah, sure Eminem sure the listeners argue our law enforcement guys like me and Intel guys like clapper, although we, I think we're different, obviously different people who share different ideologies, we stay in the autumn power the government to turn its power on you because we wielded it.
Pork is, has no idea she's a bureaucrat She goes on pc and basically admits to her part in a constitutional abomination, antics, nothing of it or yet we all this intelligence and we want to make sure people up on Capitol Hill. now. Are you saying how this is all tying into the memo? memo is a way to cover. What's already been happening, and illegal spying, operation against Trump were informed fishing is fed widely throughout the federal government to people who have. business, seeing it at all Perseis, that's a problem asks for the memo recovers, but does tv Here is the cover is, but because he's afraid of the intelligence operation he runs because he doesn't brought it any more. What the fuck is that Don't worry, bureaucrat has no idea? She goes on tv because she's been so unless than the swamp. She doesn't even understand a power of it to turn on her and she
Do they approached Graham, let's do it now. You know I like timing, because I always tell you remember: the names are always gonna, be re up every appeal. Let me add a little caviar too, that remember the dates to the timing of that peace joint entails before the show that a mess and BC hit by Evelyn Fork is where she admits to sharing information widely throughout the government on the Trump deep. What does she said we have The truck team has no idea how we know we know now. We know you spied on them now we absolutely no. the data that is critical, the data, appearance on Amazon BC as March. Second, twenty seventeen why? that matter to you, because what happens on March, fourteen twenty seventeen, Donald Trump, sends out the tweet from his twitter account saying that is wires were tap than Trump power. Now
I already told you that might Rogers visits Trump November, seventeenth of twenty sixteen. doesn't tell the White House about it. Mike Rogers, MIKE Roger The times headed the USA. He goes up there and I believe, as do many others. I might claiming proprietary interest in this. That Michael, Rogers warned tromp on November seventeen. They are listening to you. They are spying on you. notably they are spying on you hear Trump Lee. Tromp tower November. Eighteen, the next day forbidden stir and immediate doesn't ask a damn question about it. So one of the questions outstanding is. Why would prompt wheat from November. Twenty sixteen to March of twenty seventeen to send the tweet out about Trump Tower being wind, wiretap. Folks, I'm going to suggest to you that it I have been in response to the
media hoopla surrounding this march. Second Evelyn Farkas, appearance on MSNBC, where she comes out and basically openly admits that they were lit. turning to the Trump team and sharing the information people who should have had access to it, that's Listen, I'm not in the guise head is to no one I went told me they are making to spend your wheels. It's a little speculation on my part, but I'm trying to put pieces together. like any investigative would using a timeline there had be a reason I'm going to suggest that may be enriched, wants to this Farkas appears where she admits to basically sheep exposes Obama Kate for what it was. all this makes sense show you. I mean that the timeline. The names they're just devastating folks is pretty clear. I have interracial botch barbies a brick ass nutrition, hey thanks to everyone,
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they call common liberals. They use we mean common and misery com. Who you no net neutrality, major lobbying you'll, be neutral and miserable. Together, I wanted talk about a lawsuit going on, and Canada for their single payer healthcare. It's gonna blow your mind, you in a minute. Wait there sewing for what this is crazy and approved you, finally, that The government does its common is common and misery tional. Mr Marcia, I folks thanks again for two then I appreciate please go to Bonn GINO dot com you can tat. My show a bug. You know that come in please sign up for my email. Is there as well thanks You just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than on mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.