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Ep. 639 Are The Text Messages Really Missing?

2018-01-23 | 🔗

Bombshell new texts centered on a secret society of government insiders are some of the most disturbing yet.

Another terrific Byron York piece about what’s coming in the investigation of the “missing” FBI texts. 

Read this piece about the media’s hilarious attempt to downplay the GOP victory in the shutdown fight.

Read this January, 2017 piece in the Washington Post and ask yourself “who were the sources?”

Great advice in this piece regarding the Trump tax cuts


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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i wasn't it thereby gino sharply said joe hire you did i am glad to be here today and doing well thank you are listen i've got some i don't know about trying to avoid sounded you excited because i this is really a troubling time for our country this is a devastating story but i've got some pretty solid info for you developing on this case the obama it spying scandal the biggest scandal of our generation and i absolutely can't wait to get it to you but i do have a lot to cover i wanted to suggest the shot down as well our i mean you don't listen pro drop it tromp whatever you may be i am obviously supporter of the president i have been consumer ages that where the winning he's the guy
twitter you may not like is twitter habits that's up to you i personally don't care i meet the substance over style anyway but joe was the last time the republicans one government shut down fight the short answer is never ever what i always ask you asked me this i'll tell you sixty one how my gosh man you don't look so we want to wait till you see this guy runnin around and see packer saw me looking at all the things i ve never seen there i don't know you haven't either the republicans always lose until now and a media will still pass this guy job he is here taken completely entirely different approach to politics whether it's a use of social media whether it's a new form of messaging whether it's not caving to democratic priorities this is the first when they had no why so want to do that but i really have to i gotta get it i have some crazy information which is just blow in my mind i today nobody by bodies that i target of these guys thanks for the great feedback on this system of euro five
for our own are out there that encompasses a wide swaths of people you have hunters you you know you have thy sportsmen out the eu target shooters you have people who were just interested in self defense second amendment supporters yeah you have these officers military folks people work and security arena you should be seeing this one thing what matters to you marksmanship listen eh body can fire a firearm it's not hard ok it really is it trigger bullet comes out very dangerous ok can the fire it accurately that's the question ok how do you and proven that while the i let you let her eye by the way not the organ i target the dot com is the website the eye target pro system is a sin help you take your dry firing to the next level now be clear about what i find it somewhat sent me an email yesterday and he said you know precise safety i thought i was but will emphasise out again dry firing means safely double trip an quadruple check that you're fired arm is in fact are loaded quintuple check it
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be agent a senior level manager within the fbi joe peter stroke you know when we as he was investigating the clinton email case here also involved in the the trump investigation as well any also is the one one of the agents who interviewed mike flint at the white house in this now controversial interview i think history is going to tell the story of my plan for our differently than you have any idea ok we'll get that the second batch just so you understand fbi manager peter stroke is intimately involved but the clinton email investigation and the trump air what's your investigation ok stroke having an affair with the within an fbi attorney by the name of lisa page they are texting each other back and forth these are the tax the anti tromp text there there there is supposed to be fifty thousand ted
but it's not clear just an eighty mccarthy treated this out yes she's right and want to want to mean i'm gonna get the facts at kyoto we're not clear yet fifty thousand tax or between stroke and page right or if those are the fifty three the text on the server there looking through so let's just get the facts are let's not you destroy the story in an effort to exaggerate fifty thousand tat we don't know if that's their tax while we know right now that's what they're looking at that may not be just them ok so just to be clear on the back story here those text or damage they too about how much they hate tromp how much they hate trumps supporters they talk about how they need an insurance policy engaged trump is elected their devastating almost too that if you been listening to the shop what are the new relations why am i talking about this now why does it matter to you the new revelations and i'll put a piece in the show today from pga media are that there are five months of tax that are missing
sorry joe and i sifted joanna it's really where it such a bad spot we have the light of the rude what's that acts that are missing are missing between december fourteenth of twenty six to and may seventeenth of twenty seventeen a critical time pay attention time periods gonna become very i think are yes why those specific tax are air quotes you're missing in a moment they ask you an interesting question i am not sure you're gonna get anywhere else you may i hope you do again i don't i don't claim this brief you want to steal it go at knock how about i do not care joe and i'm just tired by this and a phone joe is stuck in traffic take it run with it you don't have to credit me or anything i don't care just interested in the truth getting out i mean that this tax really missing we sure about that
joe do you remember the show now but keep him i showed us joe doesn't know any of this either ivan i told them before the jokes i really appreciate genuine reactions from joe joe do you remember the show we did a little while ago where we were so just think that the information that's been leaking out may be leaking out in an effort to weed out leakers in other words don't you find it odd folks and if i were to stop me if i lose the odd joe you are the ombudsman for them i asked the question does find it a little odd that the three major i'm shell a detroit stories that broke in the media over the last six months or so the media all report them all wrong and all had the exact same fact wrong and almost the exact same time remember this year what were the three story a story one is the famous joy bay har moment at the view we get chopped off my point
the russians as i can't write joy lucid or of course what's the story brian ross from abc report turn on the air that mike flynn ordered was ordered try to contact the russians and mike flynn was gonna was gonna be a mole on this that was their story a story was true the story was it mike when was asked to contact the russians when when tromp was the present alike in other words what might flynn job was fits the national security adviser appointee the united states well what a bombshell now i said to you in conjunction with the following two stores and gotta bring up that i'd that was not a coincidence i don't think you'll make more sense in a minute store number two was the deutsche bank story which i was on outnumbered when it broke live on the air when
story broke did all my guys deutsche bank bob mothers looking at the trumps deutsche bank financial records oh my god we got up now story wasn't true burma maybe look into deutsche bank but it wasn't for trump that's and they all got that right so first story they get wrong was the candidate the candidate was the book piece of information was wrong in the first story flynn was not asked to contact the russians candidate it was president elect that one tippit ages the whole story now keep in mind all stories have some tippit a truth but the one key piece of information is wrong and the media or get it wrong at the same time so the first story when asked the kind of course yes but as the national security visor not as a candidate second story deutsche bank someone's looking into deutsche bank but it's about trump third story was that done you knew wiki leech stories wiki retraced out the donald trump within encrypted key for
information about these russian emails or whatever and they reached out on this date well the best story that is true but the date was right why the media all report the date wrong the dates very significant votes could just like the candidate story the candidate just president elect is this story the day was their wiki leaks are already publishing information and dont truck never but junior by the way never responded to the email sober finally as i said before the story is wiki leak spain down trop junior that that's the story ro others story there together it joe dear if i send you an email to job here is encryption key go to zappos dot com and by a pair of shoes would you not look at me like i had ten heads yet you be like
a day and i can go to zappos to get a parish that no need encryption what what's this story i gave george encryption gaiters zappos when he got its act because it puts use himself they dont dropped u story is wrong as well why am i setting all this up and i'm not repeating a show i want a leading you to a place i have suggested the eu based on quality sourcing that i that was a deliberate misinformation campaign in conjunction with people the au j in the intelligence community who are trying to weed out leakers in the government by giving them intentionally false information but giving them enough truth that the stories believable remember we always talk about that i love the movie i know people hate it put the miami vice movie with thou it's as they empowered feral and and other guy jamie fox the anti cop guy i watched it before it is anti caught by the way how there
rather than this operation in theirs deep embeds in a lot force a community that are leading to the criminal community and we'd amount they weed out false information about dates and they give different dates the different people now that when the data arrives to the criminals desk and computer that way our data is gonna indicate where the leak is because they give different things to different people they give the fbi one data folks i'm apps be sure of is that this is what's going on right now that there is the britain misinformation being fed along this channel because deep state operators here are working with press not working for the american people and are leaking sensitive information and the sensitive information as it flows to reporters is going to determine in reverse engineering way with a weak or tsar because they know who specifically got what information so i go does that make sense giants like we're watching a double head her you know we don't know you yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely now i am
i suggest to you that this story the text messages missing is the fourth chapter to this now three chap their book about information intentionally put out now this pay attention here this is gonna be important i dont believe the text messages are missing why would that come out why would it leak out then that our text met their missing these text messages spling mice gestures to you is this has been a set up the entire time the five month period there the text messages are missing between december and hey if twenty seventeen is a critical time this does the time you may to go back in this new a show here this is the time
where the reverse engineered crime to cover for the ongoing spying scandal on the trump team where reverse engineer crime is is simple and did through legal channels i'd know that was complicated but bear with me format during that time period following let me read you some critical data secondly i have to take a lot of notes your folks because this is where i know the scooby complicated show but you're not going here this anywhere else just bear with me for a minute ok hold on one second here ok here's some dates for you the dossier leak occurs right around january eleventh herself twenty seventeen david ignatius of the washington remember the named remember the name to remember the names ignatius writes a wash the imposed article on the next day
january twelve twenty seventeen the fbi confront when under disingenuous pretences at the white house on january twenty fourth of twenty seventeen the text messages between stroke who confronts when at the white house are missing for that type or but joe air quote missing now you really jarred the audience is going to need you here cuz i i know what i'm trying to say but if it doesn't get a crutch now let me just you got to stop me now live it's u something here hope you know what i took a screenshot to make it simple ok this is from the david ignatius peace on the twelfth follow me according to a senior u s government official g who's that we'll get to that in a second
flynn found the russian ambassador sergei kiss the ex several times on december twenty nine the day the obama administration noughts expulsion of thirty five russian affair as well as other measures in retaliation for hacking folks is critical pay attention here so a senior u s government official is reporting to the washington post right leg information about cos when made to the russian ambassador remember i told you there's no crime here the crew i'm they're trying to reverse engineer and fit into if trying to fit a aids where peg into a round hole is they been spying on the trump team with no predicate crime the entire time they now the election they are now in holy mode so they're like we got fine oh cried how are we going to cover for this we don't know what to do clap in a panic sally yeats theo jason a panic someone thinks up
the idea to get back to this quota second from the pieces but i gotta such up here so one says joe to locate act using the logging we're going to log in by the way is never been enforced in the history of the united states ok that the local act which basically says private citizens can conduct business with foreign officials for the usa nobody did this is not a serious crime nobody has ever been prosecuted need to deploy us years of the republic and it's not serious it's a it's the jaywalking affair is not even a jaywalking because people have actually been prosecuted for jaywalk here it is less than j wiped off of the jail walking crimes it's the jail walking of jaywalking crimes that is that a real thing it is it's in a box but it's entirely jades a joke but folks listen to me they don't have anything else right i promise somebody get
back to these fake stories to that don't do that don't lose me i was still with you we're still way stolen now we go on sir member asia is reporting during the time period that the texts are missing show that a senior u s government official her is report bring about flints phone calls with the russian ambassador how the hell do you know about flynn cause i thought they were spying on the trump team why what's going on here somewhere border at the washington post knows about a listen to phone call that the united states its government under barack bomb still is listening to during the transition of president trop folks is this insane now ignatius goes on in the peace but it flynn say and did it under the u s sanctions the logan act though never
enforced bars u s citizens from correspondence intending to influence a foreign government about dispute with the united states was its spirit violated the trump campaign immediately respond to requests request for comment how the hell this david ignatius know about the logan act know about peace that calls has never that the logan act may have been violated when he acknowledges in its own peace that this has never been enforced folks you think this is completely random tat he joe in other words what i'm getting at is a washed imposed reporter just invented this himself all the local that's it let me read number one through our sooner u s government official may i suggest to you that that official been stroke and page or p
working with them who are now lee king information to the washed imposed to damage the trump team and are now in a panic to cover their own tracks for an ongoing spying operation against trump and already setting up the narrative with the tops in media eager to take down trump planting a seed in their own head in the media's head going hey what about the logan i allow get act that's a great idea all right that story sounds great puts a local act logan you know the climate has never been prosecuted in u s history yes that's it let me ask the trump team for common sense like the ban roads the obama administration fiction writer who was on his national security team sound like the echo chamber he talked about me i ran deal how stupid the media people were folks flynn was set up when was set up and if you pull
giving otherwise you are an idiot i'm sorry he was set up from the start now of you have asked me what wide plead guilty let me put you in my flynn shoes folks you are now being bankrupt by the entire monopolistic use of force powers of the united states government coming down on you they view on a nonsense false statements charge at almost nobody ever gets charge with i know this i was a former federal agent you ve got nothing you're alleging mike and is part of some conspiracy to overthrow an election with donald trump and you charge with fishing there's still a dispute of even lied they had a trench to the call i don't remember what i said to joe five minutes ago but now here suggesting that when but what you think is involved and the biggest conspiracy in u s history to overthrow intellectual and all you ve got on him is why and by
will you tell him i'm going to have to your kids i'm going after your bank accounts we're going after everything you bankrupt the guy eddie you say too i tell you what we'll make this all go away as long as you do two things it's important joe right number one you shut your mouth and you don't talk the two will let you off on a false statement charge were no jail time what do you do folks here is the man he's not he's not superhuman here she's am at this point guys looking at bankruptcy he's looking at being put in jail for rapid a mattress tear off at some point if they find more mattress tags discover them when after his family they tell him you shut your mouth and you copy the shut your mouth part is important because nobody knows what's going on in this case more than flynn and i'm too
when you what's going on with this case is set up and has then a set up the entire time basis by the way now does it remember a week ago george i don't even know what i'm loops our folks but i'm losing track of time this so much info breaking on this case do you by joseph ignatius came up again a few shows it ass he did because he wrote a piece in the washing impose desperately trying to over the tracks of the fbi in this case in the peace he almost acknowledges that the fbi is working with a pay political operative put tries to cover the fbi's tracks now does this makes sense ignatius has been relying like on the fbi for inside information let me quote again according to a sooner u s government official there you go our time ignatius is reporting makes him and a couple to this entire bogus narrative decent
higher logan act garbage narrative was leaked team from the start and he was a dope do logan he doesn't know what he all he knows this they don't like trump p never it's true why being fed information from fbi insiders about a crime that no one's ever been prosecuted for in the history of the united states folks this is set up i've told you from day one set up is the story call it what you want trap meant a sting a set up in illicit operation i dont care determined ology or the verbiage you use this is why i have insisted you from the start that although the dossiers a critical component of this i'm not sure diminish anybody's work i don't believe it a real story job right don't
your story is what was happening prior to the dossier and why did they need the dossier and the logan act in the first place and i'm telling you they needed to provide legal cover for what was ongoing illicit operation that if they lost the election with they did was gonna be oh moment like you ve never seen and attaching miss to the white house which is their i'm not fabricating these connections attaching to the white house through sally yeats and obama is critical i'm sorry but there is no offense intended i mean this but there are people out there say we gotta keep it but one of them at a time don't try to it to the white house or it's going to get lost in the morass no no no no daddy i'm sorry that is the absolute wrong approach if there
no attachment to the white ass snow bomber had plausible deniability i'd be the first one to tell you but the way to take down these scandals is to find out how they started and pretending this was not somehow initiated in consultation with the white house and barack obama is to ignore the biggest scandal in modern american history it is that that is the real story here watergate only mattered when nixon's eighteen minutes a tape disappeared and they found out that somehow he was connected to the burglars that's the only time remember watergate festered for watergate we joe you lived or what i did it's not obviously dino around four watergate when it was happening in its critical moments i mean is it sentient thinking being ok watergate oh just droned until they could find a connection this is important
parliament does not how plausible deniability now we make the connection now back to what i was about with the operation what i think to out leakers by intentionally leaking false information it folks i'm sorry before i get that we gotta pay for the show and i do deeply appreciate your patience but these are very great sponsors and they keep the shell free for you so i really do unity show also bought you by our bodies it felt by a vote no way winners here now you gotta get those allergy migrating pollution out of the i spend most of my time indoors and you know in doors is up to a hundred times more polluted in the air out side too cold weather unfortunate especially for the north eastern endorse a lot you know want to be breeding polluted air can cause here allergies and a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your track system if you don't change filters believe me i know i changed too and it cost me a fortune you should have seen my filters they were black and they were not colored black like charcoal they were white and they turned
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that's filter by dotcom filter by dot com change jose filters folks don't worry that junkie indoor air go to filter by that comes a five percent set up or delivery today ok i'm getting back to this i dont believe the text messages critical period are missing so just to set up where we are i believe stroke in lisa page may have been the source for the washed imposed article i believe stroke in lisa page their insurance policy that there is insurance policy was in fact a portion of it at least when there but the assurance positing for against tromp is the logan act that logan act violation is going to be a reverse engineer crime against mike flynn to cover fern or eddie ongoing illicit spying operation by the obama team against the trumpet now why does this matter if these tax during that period where i believe this reverse engineering is going on joe member that their missing for
december two may write all the flint stuff happens in january i believe those tax that in fact line out maybe in cryptic terms may in fact line out how exam they intended to head for it and i believe that's why they're missing but you may say dad you keep saying missing like with airports why do you say that because i dont believe the missing i believe there were things got two separate things going on right now i believe somebody was tipped off in the end stagnation whether in the oj joe where the f b i put on your ombudsman had here that that critical period of tax were absolutely damning in other
birds gotcha someone looking into this theo i e g under my car which the one who is doing the investigation into the hilary investigation somebody either involved with that somebody in congress somebody's gotta source so to some one else hey listen there are some damning tax three december and may between these fbi fbi agent and this lawyer and a just lay this whole thing out someone weeks that to some one connected to the two agents involved in the tax or the agent and lawyer or some one connected to them they in turn do delete the messages see what i'm a with this is they already had the messages the investigators looking in to those files i already have the messages with you with it now i believe that
they told the person hey he's messages are really damning knowing the purse he's going to go back to them they're gonna be deleted they already have two of you so now when they are deleted you find out who the leak areas because that's the person you tipped off than the five months of messages were damning folks is this makes sense it follows the exact same pattern we ve seen about every other critical rake in this case get us there all of a sudden what happened show to further out the leakers member there leaking two stroke in page or whoever they are connected to hay those five months are damning oh my gosh there's so much joe those texts three new and bought juno about that bank robbery and in december or their damning what am i who went to college or joe delete the text about the bank robbery humbly
cops already have me joe rubber skirt who wear it like but body incline i'll be binding joe could be applied for this he's got along main a hair so we are telling joe delete the messages they ve already got the messages but there hobbes tell someone who knows joe man this is trouble then it gets back to them joe deleted the messages now they know who led to joe as well folks it was set up i am convinced it was set up and i am convinced that those tax are not in fact missing that this worry that has been leaked to the media has been leaked by the exact same person who leave stroke in page and their little cabal there of corrupted fbi officials is the exact
a person who told them you rid of those texts it is not a coincidence that during that same period this entire scheme to broil mike flynn in fake logan act violation all of that went down it also not a coincidence that nations during that same time is citing a senior u s government official who by the way leaks there m that oh oh get act was violated don't low gonna he was probably like what do you mean like wolverine that was a great movie isn't that the less well known ass the logan i you know where private citizens can negotiate with the government of what why come again what for i think everybody had a google the logan act here we were i'm go with this and i believe ignatius was adult the whole time was a soccer just got played p
was the media outlets for people embedded on the inside covering their own asses over and spying operation was ongoing with a faint crime they need the media with the general attention over the freight crime to make it more serious than it was and they use the washington post to do it and they played along the entire time suckers paid i cried he are you you maybe because you played along with this thing like total dulled and ruined the life of a adriatic american citizen by then it might flynn who may have me some mistakes are made a lot to folks gash i've made more than i can count but you did drawing this man's life over a cry i mean you ve never prosecuted anyone successfully within the entire history the united states and you did it cover your own tracks in the media played along the whole time folks they're not missing
i am absolutely confident be proven right on this those tax base are there in the eye the idea that they were missing was set up to get them to act they acted by releasing it to the press him quote leaking it again their catching the elite at the same time they do in a set up here who boy there is a lot their light you think i explain that well you didn't you simplify the india is joe is the i think we're going in some postman ok i have some more stuff here on this and i know i said i get to some other stuff but folks this is really really critical ok it's critical you understand what's goin on spect another bob mahler bombshell soon bob mahler the fbi shoot me maybe gifts caching
oh by the way yesterday somerset icu said forecast was secretary is as deputy assistant secretary state its defence of sorting out i didn't catch that but i gotta go list but if i did i'm actually written down i promise i did know that when i if i dont know what tell but we must suggest broadway through it to my apologies but thanks for that i always appreciate that stuff by the way expect another b s announcement from special council led investigator bob mahler the flynn you don't arch and p d pop apple is charge and play both by the way for false statements which again is oh is almost never charge unless you have nothing else to get someone on expire one of those two come soon as well to why bob mahler joe is not stupid bob model is a very very smart man and an end misjudging his tactical em political skills to switch
frame the narrative is a key the traffic mistake i believed mahler does not lie trump i believe mahler and his relationship we call me has impacted judgment in this case mahler quickly sees this special council going off the rails and everything i'm telling you i'm convinced mahler already knows in oil bring the narrative back from where it's going now show that this was set up this entire thing was a scam the trump team was targeted the investigators were corrupted in order to bring it back he's going to have to make an announcement so well say be proven right or wrong within the coming days and weeks expect another announcement from mahler about some i dont be you know in arrest for piracy on the open season felonious loans pre in the sixteenth degree some sweating in the gym it'll be another charge like dad munasa maybe me and joe joe and i
baby arrested for using too much hair gel although not really a case with me they'll make it up it doesn't really matter trust me there's another charge common i would expect that he is an expert at distraction i think she's to sum up and i went to one more store where we been cause it's weren't you understand that messages from december two may between these two corrupted investigators the investigator in the lawyer that were intimately involved the clinton email investigation to fling a review in the trump investigation are alleged to be missing i dont think their missing i think the f i think the oh i e g the investigator investigating the investigators had these tax i think they're damning think they may lay out the scheme to catch when on a fake logan act violation which would prove that this was a reverse engineer crime in other words investigation then create the crime not crime in and we investigate the text you gonna blow this thing open they'd
each to someone that these texts are critical by leaking too that lets say someone that's one week said to the bureau the corrupted people at the bureau delete them just get rid of the messages the story them so the media through some same intermediary that all the messages are missing the messages are missing it's an operation at the same time not only get these two but also out leakers as well fitting a pattern we ve seen of misinformation in the past with the three stories i told you about before where i believe information is being deliberately fed to people they suspect is legal the catch them in the act i bring the ignatius peace because it's awfully coincidental that it senior u s government official already laid all this out in january of last year interesting how that happens i'm tellin you take might take it to the bank votes
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didn't everybody being processed it's an having vibrant wonderful lives reached in everybody being miserable together it's interesting story but can require some set up and sell so indicative what's going on in venezuela right now whether literally robbing chicken trucks because people are starving to death the saddest thing i've ever seen not even taking cash in lahti locations in venezuela right now only credit cards because people are gonna have to do the why more republic thing at start wheelbarrows cash because there's so much hyperinflation gonna but it's i address this shot down that happened yesterday in this way gonna get sidetracked a bit tonight and expected to wrap up that quickly trump on this they'll care if you are a democratic liberal green communist republican conservative the pretence in pro trump never trump anti trump whatever you are there no disputing the fact that the democrats dropped a catastrophic loss on their government shot down now i explained to you on yesterday's show how the democrat shut it down i have a video on my face page also describing
how they shut down but is simple to describe republicans voted to pass a budget democrats threatened to fill that's all you need to know republicans let's pass a budget the democrats filibustered the body and the government shut out it is no more complicated than that now trump who really it just is taken this i'm not going to follow the media narrative thing to the its level has just site that you know what fine democrats want to shut down the government ominous fight them on their own terms they are telling us permits necessary to our daily life there shut them down over illegal immigrants i'm going to hit him on twitter he did some terrific twitter messaging and the democrats cave two days later how do we know they came because they got nothing in the bill that that the members the bill to keep the government open show the democrats got nothing new in the bill then was paid a couple days ago and why
all the democrats voted against it max you that there were three that she's me voted for that gun there were three democrats the voted for the government there to stay open now the vote was eighty one eighteen with the overwhelming majority of democrats now voting to reopen a government with nothing new there's no way to frame that other than a catastrophic loss for the democrats i'm bargaining you job i want you won't be you say to me we're gonna cut off negotiations until you give me sake two days later you come back to the table and you go you dont want peace sounds good there's no way to frame that other i mean if you re good other than i won i want it she wants me joe comes back joe proposes see a few days erica's mugabe sounds great we'll take it i win you lose trump one this
the democrats now are linking their paws what we do they don't know what to do but i want to propose something to you why this happened joe the democrats i have grotesquely misinterpreted the trees mood on immigration if this was a fire about medical care or medicaid again i'm absolutely for responsible reformation of entitlement programmes i hope you understand that but i'm just try explained you tactics for this ideology if this was it shot down and say the democrats made it about medicaid or medicare whatever it may be joe there was a potentially could more than the public interest is a lot of people around those programmes even other broke right the democrats asking you to support a government shut down over people weren't even citizens under the mists it can believe that
working class americans who make up the large swathes of voters in this country we're gonna go oh yeah that logic so i'm at a shut and the government for me to support people and even the country illegally now you may say why make such a stupid move folks the democrats are married to identity politics understand post j f k the party has entirely divorced itself from the working class america there nothing may bring to the working class that resonates with them nothing train gender bathroom usage heavy government spending not if this resonates with working class americans please understand that more crap know this too to report the hemorrhage of middle class working class american voters they're losing in pennsylvania wisconsin michigan states trump one they have decided
only way to replace those numbers joan those laws votes is through illegal immigration what they thought was that they frame this is being about that dhaka kids that brought here by no were no choice of their own they thought it would persuade enough hispanic voters enough minority voters enough young our voters and enough female voters sound like the new democratic identity politics coalition by the way that they would pay wade them to engage in this vibrant active ism against the republican party it would persuade the republicans the cave like they did in the past and joe decide benefit it would encourage enough voter anger amongst said groups to turn up in the twenty eight ten elections and take back the house here's what they didn't take into account you engage in identity politics and a strategy like that in other words telling people about white privilege and how working
as people of matter and that we should defend illegal immigrants first with out i think that your name and are family i mean skin color religion have consistently i did entire show on this after the trump election they consistently underestimated the act in reaction portion of let's be clever we're talking about their action tell p pull their identity matters your name and her family i mean skin color religion biological parts were male female union tell them that's all that matters tell them that's what matters and that republicans hate them because of that republicans don't like you because their racist they don't like you because their massaging ass they don't like you because regime for sound familiar they ve done this publicly for reason tat the same groups we will protect you against the republicans and hate you what did that's the action what the democrats have failed to take into account is the
the action is that when you tell people the republicans hate you because your black your hispanic because your female because your muslim because your jewish whenever it is that a forty percent of the country identifies themselves as republican and what they failed to take into account is it whereas the demo that's think their talk until elected lawmakers and generating some kind of activists pace with it really doing the entire time was pissing or forty percent of the country they didn't want to be called a racist yeah as thank you yoga guy they didn't get that so what happened here again try the same strategy look at is evil republicans not passing bill because they don't want to protect people who were in the country illegally the young kids what they didn't take into account was the reaction again democrat
working class motors republican working class voter saint way way tee time out i thought in is government and now you're shutting down over people aren't even could you illegal are you insane bingo bring always right and those phone boards lit up and democrats were like again like we got a problem here crazy kids republicans like this isn't quite work it out like we thawed folks we better chip better open up this government right quick one more point or wrap it up folks were living in a knowledge economy now we are being in an economy not based exclusively on manual labor anymore over last hundred years we ve evolved from an agricultural and manufacturing society to a knowledge economy it is
simply not critical that you exit out your backyard until a field anymore to earn your earn your keep you can go to school can develop software you can develop hard where you can work even on an assembly line you are going to have to have some knowledge of computer of systems job they i'm eu the perfect example undecided even attend to go on its rapid i mean you can vouch for me too the audience right it even in your field you ve been in the sound engineering terrestrial radio feel that you have seen the incredible changes in technology right huge you deal someone correct in saying that if i were to transport you back twenty years plus and when you started in this business and said to you you only allowed to have the skills you had on day wanted w c b em now you would be completely lost right in june joe right now deals with adobe ids and he's dealing with higher quality mike's podcasting even exist when joe gotta be rich wife smartphone forget about podcast there was even a smartphone you have no idea
joe does behind the scenes loading things up the army different platforms sound cloud spotify of honouring filtering out multiple from wave forms and i can't i don't even know what your guess again and you try to explain it to me i was lost luckily paula figure to them yet but we are in a knowledge economy shows flip and switches any more like i wasn't a day why am i bring any this up because americans notice folks you cannot can can you to sell to them the identity politics argument that supporting millions of people from around the world who do not have the skills joe has is somehow valuable for our economy that's over it's over it is not the manufacturing economy of a hundred years ago where yes my great grandparents came here armoured cars is that scottish french english whatever who am i glare purge immigrants there was a day for a time my wife
is an ever you know what she does web development and web design because she's smart and skilled i'm not suggesting people who come here are smart i'm just saying we can import millions of people who don't have the skills any more for an economy and a job market that is not going to be able to pay them you can ask someone who doesn't speak the language and has no skills to go work in jos field and develop a pod guest or build the card afford factory they don't have the skills americans understand this it's not zena phobic its common sense ass we need em productivity and people matter people our assets but they have to now are economy we're not killing fields anymore arrogance know this and that is why the democrats blew it again backing illegal immigrants over
african citizens because american citizens understand that either you'll immigration if you're coming illegally folks it is largely because the legal process wasn't working for you because you probably don't have the requisite skills to be here and a merry of smart and up to this and it till democrats get they are going to drop incredible losses annabelle losses over and over they may pick ups seats in the they may pick up some seats in the senate but i'm telling you overtime if you want recipe for disaster stick to this unfettered unskilled illegal immigration wrath to replace working class motors you're losing and you are guaranteed guarantee to get smoked out over time a hundred percent are thanks again for two did i ever favorite asking it please sign up for my email list upon you know that com i have some tremendous articles from pga media today on this text thing the tremendous article from the byron york to wash and examined about what's coming next and also
oh i'm here as it had to do this job but i want you to please please beat this where my email is different is an old piece from january twelfth of last year it's the peace by david ignatius from the washington post i hate lincoln to them but i want you to read the peace again with the idea that ignatius source is giving up the whole begged doughnuts that the logan act is gonna be how they cover their tracks read it it short it sweet but you can read it be like while bunch you know that mrs to my email is today thanks folks see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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