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Ep. 640 The Coverup Continues

2018-01-24 | 🔗

An incredible piece detailing why the Clinton email scandal, and the Uranium One scandal, are Obama scandals too.

Another disturbing Democrat attempt to distract you from the Obamagate spying scandal.

Jim Comey is lawyering up, now he knows he’s in legal trouble

Why did Jim Comey’s former Chief of Staff suddenly resign?

Read this memo about the “missing” text messages and pay attention to the bolder text. 

The NFL’s public relations head resigned. By the way, he’s a former Clinton acolyte. 


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a show that's not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i won the day about gino shepherdess joe how are you doing very well dando doing with china from a fire hose and get you all the information i mean it literally coming in so happiness so much information coming in nightly from emails and from sources and from geller media that i'm i'm really haven't a tough time just kind of channeling everything to tell you what the most important news of the day is but i think i've got to get it then i got a lot of notes on predictions from yesterday show both of which sadly seem to be coming true one on the missing texts from the fbi agents and another on the leaks from yesterday's show you know again
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if i talk pro dotcom check it out ok so yesterday i said to you yesterday show that i thought this was a canary trap that this was the missing tax are in fact missing i believe that i set it on the hannity show last night just to recap of there is a sensitive period from december two may december of twenty sixteen two may have twenty seventeen when the special council was appointed the russian you know air quotes your collusion investigation is going on we're joe mysteriously who these fbi investigators and f b i investigator and this lawyer is having an affair with whose intimately involved in this russia and hilary email investigation ah what crazy these texts are just got nobody could seem to find them i had suggest to you that those texts are not in fact gone and i dont believe they are now read to you said i will put this in the show notes today this
gotta be in the show notes at punch you know that com please go there subscribe subscribed to my email list that will send this right to you this link i want you to read this yourself and from senator ron johnson and centre chuck gradually last portion of this is critical they were there there turning to the fbi neo the e about where these in tax in the period they cover and at the end of the year the letter it says the oecd expand that our request to the fbi to include all text messages between stroke in page from november thirty eight twenty sixteen through the date of the document request which was july twenty seventeen let's be clear job there talking about the period where these things these texts are alleged to have been missing here's the lessons here the oecd receive these additional messages on october ten twenty seventeen what do you mean you receive them you to have a more you down now
knocking the of the allied cheesy office of inspector general to be clear and to simplify this story joe they the internal affairs for the federal government that are investigating this entire fiasco the fbi grow up on the current need male investigation the f b i screwed on the trump rush investigation they are involved in the investigating the investigators ok i gotta go as and johnson to u s senators republican to be clear that this problem with that but so we understand where this is going are asking you i e g weight or these things really missing as you said you had them i've listened can't conclusively prove to you although i sat and i mean this i'm willing to put my reputation on with this show and i set it on how did he last night that these texts not missing folks here something going on here they are either laying a trap for people here or they are leaking information intentionally to catch leakers i dont believe these texts
missing at all and i believe these texts are the keys to the kingdom they are going to discuss the entire effort to reverse engineer a crime against the but ministration to be clear because some people were confused on the sun email i thought i clear but i may not have been when i say reverse engineer a crime i mean standard way an investigation occurs is complaint ass discovery the crime prosecution it doesn't start complaint thus the geisha kate a crime to justify the investigation and start a prosecution and other they had a reverse engineer a crime go back in reverse engineer a cry because there was no crime after the investigation that should have been started in first place so what are they doing neighbour covering their investigation and two things i think that this is important the two things i think the two elements that were
parts of the reverse engineering in other words to cover their tracks if joe and i are federal investigators right shoulder and where invest gaining someone we just don't like right we find nothing now we realized in the course of the investigation we did things that were illicit immoral and potentially illegal we broke into the person's house we sward were search warrant for their house and the facts we swore to warrant true and we find nothing now the sudden joe or and you're in a panic we have the reverse engineer crime so now we looking for the mattress tat right did he rip off just take what you say we were doing that the whole thought to cover their tracks so what i'm suggesting the logan act and the dossier had everything to do with the dossier was an effort by the fbi working with christopher steel morbus fusion gps being paid by the democratic party this was their effort the dossier to provide ex post facto facts to justify it
investigation that should have never started in first place a crap i gotta do that as the governor like that the folks the logan act was part do without the logan act as an effort to embroil might flynn in this the logan act ye did that the u s private u s citizens cannot negotiate with our government officials on behalf of the u s government is never it's a joke its ever been prosecuted in history the united states the logan act with using like all let's get on with the logan actually talk to the russian ambassador which i the eu is convenient because winds in the dominican republic when they monitor the cop many views before if those for those mr show a few weeks you i'm sorry i'm talking fast but i want to set up a couple more things here is in the dominican republic taken a break after they ve trump whimsie election it's convenient right around this time period obama administration kicks the russians out of this house they have up in new york
knowing what's gonna happen of course the russian ambassadors ain't gonna call or try to contact the incoming national security adviser about what's going on here i am of the firm absolutely convinced belief that obama did that that action kicking out the russians from this house they hadn't new york knowing it was going to instigate a call that they were going to monitor between flynn and the russians again reverse engineering of crime there now investigating the russian ambassador in all look what happened joe we just have to find a call my clint their targeting flynn setting the russian ambassador rob believe me he's a good guy and mr russian and no mistake my words here i'm just trying to tell you how they set up when they the russians out of the house is making sense show knowing leisure going to contact the incoming administration knowing flynn is going to talk to them knowing their monitoring flynn the whole time under false pretences which is the logan
this is what i mean by reverse engineering of crime if you fall lord engineer a crime the right way i should say engineer if you forward investigator crime you're in the gaining you come up with evidence you use that evidence to build a prospect noble criminal case you decide on what the criminal cases gonna be we're gonna prosecutor clinton loegria logan act and then go back in time and start a lot cover your tracks for what you did for i'm you were already convinced you were gonna prosecute that's not the way this works ok also one more thing on this year's up in thing screenshot from byron york from a pc had which i put in a show notes a few times from december they were talking about this again this is more evidence that flynn the time has no idea what's going on this prosecutor the fbi is targeting him and i don't believe and i i think it's just my flynn not kiki did anything wrong which i'm convinced
point outside of some you know it the strait of mistakes he made i'm convinced the choice is be told far differently but here's a p why you are talking about when the fbi interview him remember this folks during the period the text messages are alleged to be missing the fbi it goes to the white on this important job yorks tweet screen shot miasm accompanying text with the tweet joe he says flynn did have a lawyer present with this fbi meeting because he paced we had idea that anyone he did anything roger doesn't even know what this about so here's a quick word from that europe peace screenshot you later that day talking about today the fbi univee spin when two f b i arrived at the white house to speak with flint alone for the national security council typically would be informed of such a meeting and be present for one person familiar with the procedure set but that didn't happen in this instance and fling didn't
include his own personal lawyer to people said he met it's u federal agents alone according to these people know what new any of this was happening said another senior white ass official was there at the time apparently it was not clear to flynn that this was a personal conduct and other white as official set so he didn't even think of bring a lawyer why would think about being alone i don't let me ask you a common sense question of course if you think you're being interviewed the fbi and the potential involvement in criminal conduct you know you committed why because you committed is it a first you do if you're a senior wider sufficiently get a lawyer or advice someone that there's a problem blue europe may lawyer up if one does not have this folks i'm telling you that's why these critical text messages that are missing when all of this is going on i absolutely believe number one are missing and two are an effort the fbi to get rid of these text messages because they lay out how they are going to cover their tracks by me
manufacturing a crime against might flynn i have no doubt ok so that was point number one yesterday's prediction that the text are missing i read to you that the letter how why g says he hasn't so the i have money don't i think they have secondly i said yesterday i said you can expect bob mahler leak because bob mahler vox i'm sorry but i'm not sure any more mother's a good guy in any of this i'm just not it has too many conflicting interests mahler should refuse himself and step aside molly personal and professional friends with gm call me ace actual player in this entire scandal now by the way little side note this body do you got call me blocked me on twitter you believe that
yeah shredded out this is to be fair i block everybody a twitter i do if you'd say some stupid i block is a sign that china claim some kind of moral high ground but it's kind of funny that i've been shredding about twitter any block me i couldn't find them yesterday like what happened three blackmail because i believe in its lodged by calling the central player and all of us he's the director of the fbi is all this is going down you really believe he doesn't know call me is personal very close personal and professional friends were bob mahler mothers mercury for staff john carl and is also the d o j national security division head where this case originates an ipod this logan act manufacturing over i'm originates that was smaller body now carl and in a minute i have some sound here because this is important i said this lesson a handy do not forget this guy
the scandal is so so deep i got a part of it don't go anywhere tonight but so much information put out you and other great peace by arlene mccarthy to but number one is missing text point number two with the leaks yes as if on cue joe three ex come out right around the same time number one it's leaked at the interview jeff sessions whipped did we not call it all look they interviewed sessions by the way cares so what are you intervene with the secret service what i wanted to job i interviewed with the fbi to when i wanted a job i resent you'd wants about a burglary at my house by the cops the fact that they interview jeff sessions means absolutely nothing but you to state what i said to you yesterday they needed story tell led to distract from me devastate
the information contained in those tax that were released about secret society about how they have wrap up mit media exam maybe for example the f b i code name for the current nemo investigation folks listen to me these tax are devastating and you know what i'll get back to say if you get a chance give you a personal note for a second and i try not to do this cuz i don't want to waste your time but my wife this is on a roach thankfully comes back today mr mike i'm not good alone and shall last night i'm sitting when i get to talk to a machine a busy work trip and she calls me in its about nine hundred and thirty eastern time i just wrapped up on hannity and she said to me she's like then she never calls me daddy is a nickname which i will never disclose on the airport maybe one that is a good thing and we know it the area
you told me you'd left as she's as you know she knows me better than anybody on the planet she goes i saw you on tv tonight and you just look awful like you looked angry that really angry she why at i endless in its obvious i'm upset alignment about what's going on but i try to smile once in a while always remember the walter william see the believable brilliant economist who said when you talk about he was told by it was it milton friedman we talk about liberty talk about it with a smile but i was a smile last night in folks i mean this is a friend you and you know as well as of you fellow partner in this podcasting enterprise we're all engaged in here i'm devastated by this whole thing absolutely devastated mean i was a secret service agent in jos known me from the beginning he's he met me bobby three weeks after i left the job at a
morning media appearance on his radio station that b c b emmi sell me through this entire enterprise transition from private life as a secret service agent in the public sector than to a public profile running for office and i can't believe it joe i mean when i was a secret service emma patty myself on the back for them that this is in no way an active self praise it an explanation is too because a woman he made me yesterday the genesis just like you know you ve been yelling alot europe set i folks i have walked from one of the greatest jobs and law enforcement i was so proud of it i was asleep service agent my parents loved it i mean i was i was on an age the presidential protection division do lead advances around the world are to support kid from queens i loved my job it wasn't like i walked away in utter discussed but i walked away gave up every i did my best run regional guarantee this party s going to take off but i
all this but walked away from it job that i was proud to do even when obama was in office who and my opinion is the most destructive president modern american history i never once folks never once during that time as well do a lesser job is a secret service age is as a democrat and he's policies are terrible and what i can get to my head and why it was so angry last night because really do a fox it joe specially from i'm studio what you'd see around you i get the seed early so i can hear hannity show i can hear is monologue hannity did a damning monologue last night just this you can't to wit and not say to yourself is going on in our republic its i want a porch and we're the liberals i mean i can tell the story of the governor of maryland right now dad was a republican congressmen a republican who was
the first people to come out say nixon you gotta go body where are they democrats joe i mean you was a patriotic god fearing american not watch what's going on and say guys ladys can we all agree this is and at a legislative moral ethical and undemocratic abomination what happened and the fact that not only the targeting of donald trump decay tourists assassination of donald trump and me really go which octave donald trump but take care what happen if happen they not only want to that happened there doubling down on a narrative to distract you now getting back to where i was sorry for the site but it's important the leaks
or a morally an ethic we beg grubbed effort to distract you from the dish rejection of the constitutional republic and refocused you on a lying scheming political narrative that liberals want you believe that is factually not true they understand bull folks please take this to the bank liberals and democrats their stand that if the story of the obama gate spying scandal on trumped the real story gets out that it will for ever forever destroy the idea that democrats number one or in it for the little guy a number two that they're not police state supporters they are absolutely we state support any notice so they're out there with this its own mahler interviewed sessions while what a convenient timing there that wasn't it out there's another lee
by a media and entirely corrupted folks washington post and the new york times are nothing more than pravda i'd say do you yesterday when i described the reporting by a certain washington post reporter who seem to have information should have have an double down on defence of the fbi that these people are working in defence of liberal big state police state ideologies they are not media people he's our state apparatchiks now what did they come out with yesterday another liberal media reports discharge scandalous another legal member i told you weeks we're gonna happen so the first one was sessions was interviewed who cares so wife secondly and became the number two with the fbi whose wife rent
this is a democrat with the support of the clinton singly areas in virginia and he became intimate involved in all of these investigations that number two it leaks yesterday that pass them who we voted for stop the number one big deny the story but opportune who cares i dont want is that even matter that was a week yesterday folks you will see how desperate peace images are he standing a cable we vote cares what we voted for parenting said he and i don't care what it is folks can you point to me anywhere in the criminal
owed wearing a citizen of the united states to job i'm not crazy right of residence tells it he's allow joe what did you call for are the answer is i don't care i don't want to know don't tell the audience i know joe voted for but i dont care it is entirely irrelevant to the damp gino shop i know joe i know many votes when he has one weaver i don't care does it matter the or is it matters to liberals because they are desperate because the walls are closing in on obama they are desperate to distract there was another for to distract not necessarily a leak yesterday but one more i just want to get too and please read this store it'll be up at the show notes at punch you know that calm don't forget there isn't effort now by chief clown in congress this this
moral vacuum of a human being adam schiff who the leader of the trump collusion lie and and feinstein who occasionally says something non partisan but how she's involved in this and i thought she had more common sense these and other democrat but the these are two or at least one because i want to stop to be fair to feinstein i don't even know if you'd washing machines what is its vices what week leak diffusion gps think she's in this too i mean for dissolve fairness where i mean fairness for what she's been need deep this nonsense do they our joe our demand being a social media investigation into the room these the memo hashtag claiming that its i shouldn't box doing it now come more folks folks do you understand i'm asking the liberals listening to this please please in the name of air
anything good about this country do you understand you are being played for a soccer this is an effort by the way they did a little cursory investigation of this i think it was the daily beast and reported that the release the memo hashtag which is true on twitter and by the way release the memo meaning the memo describe i being that congress read aloud dover toward your members of congress or describing the obama gate spying scandal they want that really so the public adam shifted trying to hide this because he says you're too stupid by the way to understand what's goin on that's what he told a week and news outlets that you are too you should see this memo although which supposedly damning members of car which are putting their credibility in line with this that you shouldn't see the memo because you're too stupid to understand it that's why now is although this has tag treading a twitter is all the russians doing it despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence that that's in fact europe
it is another effort by sick deranged police state ireland's in the dc swamp and in the affair but by the former obama white house destroy our constitutional republic and firmly entrenched the ability of them to use the swamp the bureaucrats police state intelligence operators and police state law enforcement operators to target their political opponents both now and in the future if this is uncovered absolutely believe it's going to be the mechanism by which the obama administration used police state powers the hammer their political opponents the amount can people are gonna be in an uproar and democrats a police state powers to do this again in the future folks we are in a absolute crisis right now make no mistake this
the extremely serious and i'm sorry if it sounds emotional and i'm sorry if this information is disturbing and i'm sorry that we have now done ten shows on it bore trying to it disperse news of the day as well but telling you you are living through the most serious constitutional crisis in modern times we we cannot continue to fake ourselves out to a ball fake here there we are living in a legitimate constitutional republic if instead constitutional or public there's no more right to privacy and police they powers can be used by politicians to analyze information analyzed political information mix it with law enforcement information target and bankrupt political opponents we cannot consider we cannot continue to pretend that is not third world police state nonsense we can't and if we don't fix this dry public pressure now and have somebody somebody
penalized for this whether it civilly whether its criminally on its over folks it's over it's open season on everyone by the way joe you when i included known i want to get to this end mccarthy peace to because there are a lot of people there again do a lot of good work on this and i want to applaud them joe degenerates lot of twitter sites or other anonymous mr joe he scares me or ones not so i think there are not really that anonymous but there's a lot of good work being done out there but there is it at out there that guy said this yesterday that we should not try to connect this to the white house and keep like playing down what to say small ball but stay focused on what we know but the price miss votes we do know things and what we know connected to the white house and i want to read you a damning is by any mccarthy today used on yo means work on this national review some snippet of it
shows you that this is all connected to the white house there's no way why would we not do that it doesn't make sense it's not gonna get lost him swamp if the schwab in is is is conclusively shown to be a brad having worked at the direction of the white house before i get to that today show also bought you by bodies at filter by thank you to everybody supports responses we love filter by folks dallas was eleven greece new york nine degrees minneapolis these two degrees when in full swing unfortunately your europe back system is working o t overtime baby overtime view our problem tell your filters you're not only breathing unhealthy are you just might find yourself with no heat in thousands and repairs i know i was there it was bad i had to replace two years now there's a better way filter by dotcom america's leading provider of eight rack filters for homes small businesses filter by that com areas over six hundred different filter size including custom options all ship tree within twenty four hours
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the mccarthy piece the gist of this and just that take this out to thirty thousand ft here sorry i was scrolling through some screenshots i take it i'm not sure if it's actually but i don't like to waste a lot of paper and energy and enough you know that about me and let you know why why why i'm actually like a free market environmentalist flows you don't know me i'm not a bad that a liberal via metals riches the controls tactic of state i believe in free markets don't like to waste a lot of paper and energy i don't know if you know that about me i'd let you know why why why waste if you don't have to put this mccarthy piece the thirty thousand foot view of it in conjunction with the other andy mccarthy piece which i put on the show notes a while ago about uranium one is that both uranium one and the hilary email scandals show support and are obama scandals i'm not gonna tell you they are not hilary scandals they are but the more emma jane component of both uranium one
and the hilary email scandal are that there are bomb scandals to die our rights the price is wrong bomb these are obama's scandals the uranium one scandal quick recap is an open scandal too in addition to the money the fragile strong relationship the millions in speaking fees that kazakhstan visit by bill clinton it was obama scandal to because the abominate ministration was well aware of the russians effort to monopolize the world supply of nuclear fuel damn nay played along in an effort to reset relations with the russian is knowing they needed russian compliance for a number of things including me i ran deal this goes out the window after the russian invasion of ukraine crimea the i'm administration ass the coverage tracks and basically
since the whole genesis behind the uranium one scandal and the obama administration efforts to cover the entire thing up later on now to the hilary email scandal you may say to yourself what the heck did how's the heller's email scandal and obama skin i'll leave it up to the brilliant andrew mccarthy of course to put the pieces together for us atta take some notes to make sure this was understandable let's see what's the timeline here jack that's the i'm sorry i'm just trying to i want to make this clear and concise so you will get what's goin on july fifty twenty sixteen former fbi director jim comin it is the famous speech about hillary clinton where he exonerates hillary clinton after the speech after essentially laying out all those crimes what's fascinating about that speech to important to remember that speak
is it there are multiple versions of this speech meant remember the dates here in addition to the names remember the dates so speech sure why fifty five twenty sixteen day after independence day he gives this speech and what's not in this speech is critical what's not in this speech is gonna have you say about obama oh boy on a june thirtieth version of this same speech there is a line in this speech words i'm sorry i don't mean to sound confused i wanna make sure you're not confused on a jewel they june thirtieth version speech or days earlier there is a line in this speech about hilary far and soil in russia
emailing in senior government official on her private account follow me joe for this is days before the speech yeah in that version of the speech is the line that hilary emailed quote another senior government official from the land of a hostile adversary russia honour private account who do you think senior government official was barack obama folks think about what i just told you why does this matter obama in march of twenty fifteen president barack obama on an interview with cbs joe now keep in mind june thirtieth there's a after this speech that's its hilary from her private account mailing another senior government official that senior
government official is barack obama that line is struck pun intended from your future i will get the job is struck from the july fifth speech call me gives on tv about another senior government official on me ouch of twenty fifty no we're talking about a significant time earlier obama in an interview cbs as says when asked about his aware yes because the new york times had just opened up and broke a story about hilary private email in march of twenty fifth in about hilary private email barack obama says when asked when he learned about it he says well the same time everyone else learned about it through news reports now how is that the email in question sent from russia
i'm hillary while she's in russia to barack obama private account was way before the march twenty fifteen interview so folks these two things can possibly be true barack obama care be receiving emails from hillary clinton from a private email account that is now state dot gub state tax will be inefficient count jeff you work for the state department or be whenever j karma cause that's data this is not a state tat cubby male morocco i'm a receives the email from hillary clinton but then say then a television interview i don't know anything about i just found out about it through the news reports is this
it makes sense now why they hilary email scandal is an obama scandal and the department of justice is in an utter panic to cover this entire thing up now the gets more interesting cheryl mills clinton com they dont also a lawyer notice i as a lawyer not her lawyer because she pretends to be her lawyer later but i'm gonna put that together for years well me of emails john podesta britain's enforcer and basically banana producers in the clinton have been married together their entire lives married there males emails fidessa shortly after that barack obama interview joe and says hey we need to clean this up those i do not say state that gap mills knows mills is now aware that the hilary email scandal
email sent from us so far and actors countries from those countries on privately there's no doubt these have been intercepted had been sent to the president it states and what does he do this is where mccarthy gets brilliant depend so he's in trouble to rise to clean it up later in an interview with the president's as well i was just talking about the email server not the private email account oh yeah oh yeah sure what's fascinating is the president seals these records now you may be asking yourself well of course you would see these record it but it's how he sees the records that really open your eyes asked how knee deep obama is in this entire department of just as fiasco to clear hilary and frame and set up donald trump later on
he doesn't claim executive privilege getting these emails basically taken out of the public view he doesn't claim executive privilege why because if we claims executive privilege show he has knowledge that the information in the private emails would hillary clinton sent from russia our power hopefully classified bye bye the very nature so thousand kleiber executive privilege he claims that their presidential records and as the sealed this guy knee deep in all of this obama that's why i keep saying to you this off all goes back to the white house i'm telling you it goes back to the white house obama is knee deep it all of this the effort to clear hillary clinton the effort to set up donald trump the effort to entrap donald trump the effort to put a sting on their team he's knee deep in all of this the prosecutor on the uranium wonder a case that
when a subsidiary uranium rome was involved in blackmail and bribery rod rosen steed who is the fbi director call me i'm actually mahler who was the department of justice jim call me whose ma she for staff john carlin where's carlin eleven wines up an addio j national security division where does kay start for the fire words to spy on trop which on carlin who had the oj national security derision who used to be bought chief of staff folks these p we are all in bed together in the swamp did not let me slow down a minute because i get excited here in a bad way none of this is coincidence but of what i told you is factually incorrect read them our third piece but which are provided you can see the interview should tell me what parts a conspiracy theory that the males were sent its in an old
report you can all see formula or bomber what parts spears figure obama said he you know you can see the interview what parts conspiracy theory that that several mills emails possessed to say we got a problem it's out an open report for you ought to see if males isn't that nine she sent the email you know her john turley the professor on fox lesson i'd say he gave a quote i forget what the poets pacific you're not paranoid if there really chasing you guess bearest there even actually happened it's a lot of theory it's a conspiracy folks back to the mills part for a second because this is work it's interesting me also understands she he's knee deep now in both the obama an hilary email scandal member it's not just the hilary email scandal mccarthy's that take it back to thirty
fear the point i'm trying to make is the reason these scandals are so damaging is because they implicate barack obama the former present the united states folks i'll be honest with you the democrats would throw hilary under the bus tomorrow i'm serious i'm i'm i'm sorry killing a bit to be fair but i there is a lot of anger at hillary clinton for blowing what they thought was a ground ball presidential election if they could make this away joe tomorrow you aggression shaking your area either you when i agree they would throw hilary a bill under the bus and say what should be done with this and make them our next thing i know everybody renounced nixon once a bouquet nuclear republican i'm suggesting to you the reason they can't do this and the reason i'm upset of people out there insisting all its autonomy to the widest let's play small ball the reason that damn rats adam ship the leaks the obvious station that
on brushing collusion nonsense all of this is an effort to cover up what is the biggest scandal in u s history the fact that both the current me male investigation the iranian one investigation the bogus i ran deal all of ties directly back to barack obama and corruption with him within himself and within its administration that's d higher genesis of all of this nonsense mills let me get to i was trying to make i'm sorry existing you gotta be confusing mills in the fbi interview after the draft exoneration letters already drafted up in other words the fbi drafts and exoneration letter for hilary in advance being interviewing her male whose me deepen this i just told you the email or she acknowledges the press knows about hilary gmail and she also acknowledges and she by the way she robe
pedestrian on what she's probably not you happy about right she also acknowledges in the email that hilary has a private email and she knows do in order four cheryl mills now to ourselves out of this and not be forced in some eight or subpoenaed skipped force but subpoenaed to testify against obama mills pause a brilliant head fake i don't mean this in a qualitatively good way i guess you have to give the democrats crate for their devious mail sits on the interview the fbi doctorate hillary clinton claims she's now her personal lawyer which is not true by the way she's an adviser but claims attorney client privilege in other words our conversations with hillary clinton will not be subjected to the interview some form of claiming some form of immunity in there
in a lawyer email me describing you get what i'm saying folks she's claiming some form of protection communications with hilary in a in a devious lee brilliant move so our role in this entire email scandal becomes some short of privilege conversation folks never stops now back to thirty thousand features to recap every bit the missing tax i said to predictions were unfortunately right the missing tax i still don't believe or missing evidence starting a pile up thither there there are leaks that the shrine what's going on right now we're seeing them yesterday the mahler prob i am not convinced anymore that mothers a decent guy in this the mahler rob is an effort to distract as well the leaks about allah a professor effort to distract mr walls are closing it and the the closing in on what this is how i hi this is for you in this package
walls or closing in on mccarthy's premise that these big scanned our obama's scandals to the democrats would throw hilary under the bus tomorrow but they can't because as hilary goes obama goes to hence the appointment of bob mahler hence the refusal of sessions in the effort to get sessions to refuse why did the damn crafts want sessions to refuse because who was maybe the number two rod rose and steam who they are oh was in charge of the yard the dead the maryland diana say to turn his office i know i worked form is a secret service agent or under it should say for the record but under him he was this the issue present charge he was also intimately involved this uranium one deal now i want to show that might that's why pointed this is that this is this goes back to the white house and ignoring it is silly they heller
scandal and uranium one and i just walk through to you the evidence it that's the case i want to get you another point here keeps so much folks i'm sorry it's just so complicated but it is so critical you understand what's going on there have also been a series of suspicious resignations going on here that i want to recap a bit so you understand something why am i talking about this not to recap old shows i am certainly not at a loss for content gosh i could talk all day but yesterday we found out that the fbi chief of staff who was a hold over from the call me here at the fbi a guy by the name of james rebecca ii is now leaving the fbi which is fascinating because becky has been a central player in this entire hilary email scandal as well and was was asked it
the fire on the hill and conveniently leaves the fbi joe right before to his testimony up on capital hale now why would that happen let me give you some inside baseball your folks what's going on as if i'm a federal employ the support you understand this resignation again the fbi desperate to cover its tracks on it there are two sets of automated testimony you need to be aware one would be an end by the way are not mutually exclusive they can cross over at times you're a federal agent shell there are administrative procedures to force you to talk about certain things obama secret service agent and i'm involved in some scandal in the secret service administratively speaking i can be required to talk about that scandal now
if there's a threat of prosecution i can lie rapid say no but a minute actually you can be terminated i mean fire that might kill i come are talking like a tea for we're not left this year do you this they say it or do but at ministerial level if they probably applies at your job to jane chose gonna job in active radio station they probably of administrative procedures they can say to show we need to talk to you about whatever this raise or this equipment joe can't say not alarmed pleading the fifth they can say ok you're fired that they make their perfectly josephine criminally prosecutor spin fire right it's important understand this distinction there the administrative route to basically force rebecca edith rebecca to talk there is also a criminal route and again they not so much mutually exclusive but there is administrative we as an fbi employ he can be forced to go up the capitol hill now when capital joe he can say i plead the fifth
rats eda loses constitutional rights but the f b i can terminate has your why am i telling you this because right becky whose intimately involved with the chief of staff to call me was intimately invite then the drafting of the memo the member why just talked about about other senior government official that was left out of the call me speech the drafting of the we speech or i involved in all of this right becky suspiciously resigned yesterday folks abysses head is probably filled with facts some data critical to the obama it spying scandal and the cover of the hilary obama email scandal and the attack donald trump he leaves i bring that up because there's another person you may say to yourself this in the fair question joe you may be thinking right now you may say well why don't they
all resign at this point to cover their parts if they look into criminal liability right here's the thing mackay can't the mccain the number two who i told you ve been in currently involved in these is well you have the precept counter intel at the fbi you have peter stroke in lisa page the fbi and the fbi and the fbi attorney who were involved with the astrogation immunity flynn annie hello email investigation they're the ones texting you have call me is the director of the fbi and you have anti mc gave us a number two you may be safely suffocate commies out he gets fired making a wise and he leaving wise and he protecting himself mackay currently because he's not eligible for his pension for another few but wade administratively this is why i told you the two tracks may cable in a world the hurt on the criminal side i think he has put actual criminal liability that may come up but a he screwed he's in a pickle
because administratively you can be forced to show up he can't resign now if he resigned he's got say he resigned save retires in a couple of months peace why did he retired say i'm private show citizens i'm a lawyer up and his fbi administratively joe could do nothing about it but why he still an employee they have administrative rules and mikhail is in a bind my head thing out to people out there who are listening that may cable don't waste your time you're running out of time wicked to jail because once he leaves the administrative path to force him to go up and tell the truth is gone right big understands its he's out the door now why is this interesting also because yesterday
and john when the year as i was sent out an email yesterday analysed several moments and pretty smart people when rats start lawyer and up the ship is sick it who lawyers up yesterday jim call me this stinks to her heaven is that doctor fairly that's why i don't know where you gets is that who lawyers upper jim call me now how he lawyers up is absolutely critical i'm telling you i spent all night and this might my poor mother in law she's been with here with me i kick i'm on the phone taken note all day because i can i'm obsessed with this how com where's up his critical what does he do he replicates the cheryl middle strategy call me lawyers up and out that his well didn't announce it but we find out that his lawyer job the very same guy this profess
loretta colleges law professor and binding always never said at any point the path disguises lawyer is very same guy he leaves they classified memo to to get so the media test after easter by trump to start entire investigation now why is critical a why is it the cheryl middle strategy molly jim colonies in a world of trouble it is now on record that the information he leads men at the summit background historic story jim call me after he's fired as admit this is not conspiratorial theory this is a fact he admits it under oath upon capitol hill that for he was fired he had taken memos of conversations he had had with donald trump some of which classified information he spent take such information with him after he's fired
he's already violating the law he not only takes it joseph but he leaks it to a non cleared person this law professor he admits this by the way and he says he does it to initiate the special council investigation the trump which by the way is then run by his past body bob mahler are no coincidence there whose end hired by rod rosen steam who is also involved in a lot of this obama administration nonsense as the justice department official nothing to see their folks call me is now figured out that he's not the white knight everybody thinks he is he is now in trouble for leaking classified information to a private citizen so what is call me do taking a step from hilary in the cheryl mills investigation which he was deeply involved with this the fbi directive and it was only oh by the way that law prefer so i led the two all here my lawyer are is that's funny jim
you ve never met should not before he's your lawyer just like males mysteriously became not adviser but a lawyer to milton hillary clinton when she found out bid for males was intimately involved in the potential leak of classified information over hilary private email remember the email i told you about before cheryl mills we're in trouble obama got an email from a not non state doc avi mail account from raillery of the white house it rob apply better claim ernie collided privilege year so then i care before testify about this call me is well aware of that strategy find out yesterday that the law professor who was never his lawyer before he's never said this before now his lawyer because now call
me is gonna try the same thing and he's gonna say oh no that guy led the two that was my lawyer and these are privileged conversations therefore that he can't be forced to testify against me about releasing classified information folks it never ends with these people it never ever ever ends and you want to know why it was angry last night because in the end this fake fraud call me who continues to tweet out of where did honest twitter account quotes from whatever ciao certain door dante this infernal or whatever i'm ready what for martin luther king your comparing yourself to martin luther king are you serious jim call me was a supervisor the director the fbi during the biggest spying scandal in united states history the biggest com her up in united states history that spying scandal the biggest
fraud investigation in u s history into the hitler email investigation and now is replicating the exact same strategy the hilary folks used to protect their own communications because he knows his goose's cooked i want to bring up one more point before we roll for me day don't forget this john carlin guy this arrogance not knows this guy leaves you know what i say suspiciously maybe that two strong of war but he leaves let's say abruptly who is john carl and why does this matter it man it is because corwin is personal and professional friends mahler just like homey is who is suspiciously appointed as the head of the special council to investigate trump as all of what i told you coming out calmly class
our information cheryl mildly classified information the uranium one involvement of all these players try to suppress the information they need a friendly mothers the friendly dollars former chief of staff is the obama d o j national security division had after mike rogers the head of the inner discovered irregularities in basically spying on of americans who called seven too but i don't want to get too deep in the weeks that might understand i'm saying that the essay discovers irregularities and what the fbi and any say or doing to spy on americans basically warrantless searches he demands a review by this committee i am office within the inner that submitted to the pfizer court the memo comes out and a two thousand and seventeen says we discuss this before that basically the fbi had been sharing warrantless
we acquired information would private contractors in third parties folks it's only the the scandal of our generation so there helping our emails and our farmers in their sharing it with their private parties and third party contractors up private contractors and third parties i should say yet nothing to see their folks rogers smells a rat he asked or a compliance council reviewed this important relationship to carlin i'm convinced that car in the head of the deal j national security division given their lack of oversight remember i pointed out with those tree house guys it indicated a good point that the urgent actual security divisions not subjected to a review they understand if there if the bomb administration is is going to initiating spying operational trump that's the place to start at department of justice national security division because the oig internal affairs joe does nothing they can do about it
carlin initiate this thing rogers smells a rat rogers asks for the review as the reviews about the come out carlin sense something's up carling asks for review to beat him to the punch in september of twenty sixteen after he those rogers knows what's up in other words like we better s review to waken another what sums unity around not one after that carlin resigns so what am i telling you parliament at the oj national scourges and has to know what's going on in the trump spying operation he has to pay senses rogers designed to him so he and goes to devise a court in a compliant requested on review basically like knew no work ten this all on rogers now what messing about this is called when instead of disappearing into the weeds
ireland goes out and gives interviews afterwards and i want you to listen to interview i have a sound cut here from jail of carlin and cancer pay attention this is very important is concerned that the trump team not in any way interfere with the special council led by his former boss bob mahler because as i'm telling you folks he knows that the special a full investigation is the only distraction he has left from drawing it and should the his role in the biggest scandal in u s history play that got the reason why right gave a special council with a measure of independence is because of the importance of that position they ain't seen too operate without interference by the political branch and before it reached any one else i would hope that department would take strong strong measures to prevent that from occurring i dont think
were to be fired without cause to block and investigation that it probably be the only official left the department of justice that time if the authority which grants it appoint someone and do so through their own there's to say hey i need someone independent to look at this and then to have that decision overturns to stop an investigation i can't think of something at the the career and local folks there would take more seriously than that folks that is a critical piece of audio let us recall and says again this is a bomb is department of justice national security division hat obama absolutely knows what's going on or he's the dumbest u s history i don't believe any of that this is the guy who is intimately involved
in with the usa and the fbi and the accumulation of data and has to know about this tromp spying scandal he's now concerned about what trump fears with the special council they know is bogus they know there's no trump russia but they need the distraction to continue for a peach meant they get rid of drop to make this go away so what does he say why brought up the suspicious resignations before he says well listen if trump gets involved with this base green fires a special council that there will be no one left it department of justice could they could all resign why would they all resign they would all resign because they would not be subjected to the administrative track where they be forced to go up to tat kapital hail and tell you about their role in the biggest scandal in u s history they can take the criminal round plead the fifth and not have to worry about any of it it's a dog whistle it's a d what sort of do exactly what right becky did hey of tropical
involve innocent shut system got everybody's to resign wake wink not not by the way ministry to procedures want apply anymore you just a private citizen you can all plead the fifth and this thing nice nice see how that happens folks telling you you looking at the biggest scandal in u s history when that memo comes out just watch the efforts to distract look she's am folks sanctity of four june and employee subscribed to my email esteban gino dot com i ve got to read these articles or are you just have to read and have a full understanding of the scope of the damage at this ministration did the abandonment duration to the constitutional republic it's unbelievable disturbing see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dont com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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