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Ep. 643 What did Obama know and when did he know it?

2018-01-29 | 🔗

This piece describes why the Hillary email scandal is really a scandal about Barack Obama.

Beware of the Democrats going scorched earth in their efforts to suppress the Obamagate spying scandal.

This piece perfectly lays out why the Democrats new “obstruction” narrative is a complete loser.

This October of 2017 piece is another disturbing connection to the White House in the Obamagate spying scandal. 

Why is the FBI lashing out at critics trying to get answers?

The Obama administration tried to manipulate the US census in order to advance their identity politics agenda. Trump put a stop to it.


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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour has welcomed the thereby gino show on monday i am obviously excited about dig and the weekend this path news the break in and i feel like we're out of it evelyn all over the place poor joe our natural manner and even our i brought a break in tradition of six hundred forty three she ain't shows ask it produces show how we do it you do an hour i that's good we gonna get that language cannot officially beginning people look forward to your answers on that so i don't want to disappoint anybody had a busy began i've got some really good news for you about a video show finally it's probably not what you expect but this weekend dallas students of things will have some promos for you this week so when i get those promises
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free shipping the promo code dandelion and that's how there's someone asked me how do they know how where the yawning i appreciate that you want to give us credit that's how they use promo code dan for free shipping go wax our ex dotcom ok before i get into something i wanted to double down on from last week show last week i made the point you during a show that did just bonkers numbers at ladies and gentlemen listening listen clearly to me on this one they are not covering up for ella requested the democrats who were panicking about the obama gate spying scandal remember keep it simple why comes razor the above team spied on trump they did it on glee immorally and potentially illegally and now they covering their tracks as the memo is about to come out exposing them democrats are panicking
but he's a conspiracy theories to them now it joe it's like you say you know that the day has twenty four hours you're a conspiracy theories their freak out folks and i ve told you last during last week of emissions with you miss friday show spain's listeners you probably listening right now just finished they are not covering four hilary it critical that you understand this i mean it into this in a minute it's important understand the depth and scope of this scandal they're not come bring for hilary their covering four obama and it was an angle it neglected to put in there and this week and i had an epiphany am i talk weather but other other in this case the came out over the weekend at a fascinating that it was not aware joe remember the call me pressure not the first one on july fifth the first one was on july fifty goes out and he lays out the case against hillary clinton and email scare goes our hand by the way folks i would not recommend
jimmy prosecutor nobody word because there's no case everybody's i quit my why come again everybody reset remember the second one right before the election we comes out says we are reopening the heavily email case because we have found emails on anthony wiener who was hilarious assist in homer abbot these husband did disgrace ernie congressmen we we out some some emails on air we don't after all their new but we are reopening the case it everybody hilary must like white what happened now to redo prior shows but it's important that i set this up this who's gonna die together i promise you ve second press conference a lot of peoples and all look commies got it in four hilary and i made the case on a show about two weeks ago gelatin a few member that he was not true the herd hilary daddy was covering four hilary yet i got two bit of information this weekend that i
it was fascinating that reinforces that point here's the peace i got when you're in the secret service of the fbi there's a constant constant battle as you can imagine if there had been a former federal agent there is constant battle between you know the suits and a working he's right you all the suits of course people you see it all the time in movies folks this is real it happens all the time the headquarters people are located in dc whether it's the fbi the secret service the de they're all next to the hail their next to the lobbyists their next to the politicians they get sucked into the dc bill atmosphere right the agents out there and task a looser the agents out there in buffalo the ages out there and melville where i was in new york outside oh you know in long island there not sucked into that that let me make scrutiny so i could see that elvis smoke they're not joad dare not sucked into the deep sea but they they're not there
i don't mean this in a nasty way i've i've i mean it almost as a compliment they haven't been taint by the ass kissing at me fear yet even say absolute these are fbi aids in a field who are chase and bank robbers child molesters you know why you name the crime financial credit card fraud a secret service agents were chasing counterfeiters we were cops we were caught with federal that's what we did right you're not familiar with the leave the intricacies of the deasey swamp the swamp rats and the slimy swamp creatures indecent you don't get it do you know you don't you not embedded in the culture i think i made the point clear on what does this have to do with the second commie press conference the point i made about the second call me press conference was i even now i believe even more that call me gave that second press conference show about hey we're put in the hilary email investigation because he was absolutely convinced hillary clinton was gonna be president and based on the text of peter stroke his number when counter intel now we see it
maybe we shouldn't go in there interviewing her loaded forbearance which is one of his text to his girlfriend who is also working with the fbi so now they already knew hilary it's gotta be present remember folks put yourself back in that time periods view it like we see it now we trump as president view it it was in july faith in that period up to the election chris elicit from them imposing the odds from winning the election approaching zero nobody oh you and i both know nobody believed it we believe that go back and listen to the shows a raw deal and we can't fake it but very few others did i in the case they call me gave that second press coverage knowing this was going to come out knowing that there may have been information out there this is gonna tide of the houses are no bother scandal in a minute and he figured to himself i'd better get what we want to be the attorney general or what or if is just wanted to continue on the the fbi for joe he say let's clear that
deck for hilary now she's gonna win let's get it out there so that afterwards she doesn't have to answer questions and have attained presidency right because jobs the question would have been then well if you guys reopen the investigation why did you say some before the election keep my call me folks don't don't forget this call me is apps all these shore hilary he's gonna win he doesn't think he's hurting hilary he thinks helping our i know this sounds ridiculous but i gotta pee bit of information is going to make this make more sense in a second cause you're probably while that is why go out ten days before an election and say were real in the investigation alaric because he's absolutely convinced she's gonna win he doesn't want disdain or presidency afterwards and he doesn't want to have to talk about it afterwards either so clear and the deck joe got it near information i get this week is pretty simple apparently and forgive me i was not aware of this the emu
i was on the wiener laptop gosh you can't say that without smirk and especially given the guy's history on amis causing anthony readers because there's this is a family friendly show eta and there's enough you like a crazy person so i'm doing my own soundbites inevitably here's the thing the wiener laptop emails had been discussed or had been a pie part of a new york field office fbi investigation you see i m wrong with this now i hear myself little bit ok work it sorry bearable technical i got there folks the new york field office agents joe knew about what is going on with the wiener case remember now go back a second i'm telling you there's this disconnect between ups in the new york field office guys you restrict cops european agencies a bank robber chasers that's what they do and
quarters suits at are trying desperately to squash distillery investigation there are people the new york field office now you know what's going on job they have these emails so what i am hearing now is key who is desperate to protect hilary and his singly aries peter stroke peel price step and all the others out there call me now worry joe that new york feel office agents are gonna leave this to the press who so now does the press conference to make more sense because it understandable response or a lot of you out there would have been well you know ok he thought he was helping nobody had to know this was also going to be really damaging pr interoperable numbers folks what's more damaging only leaking it in the way he did a clear it right away which is what he did as well or new york field office agents leaking their real details of what happened and he answer of course is the former call me out
you're doing it himself this was an effort to protect hilary the whole time they were clearing the deck now why is this important folks i said i was gonna get into media circus i've got so much to get to contain a desperately don't wanna i'm on my biggest firefox is not getting you this information system port folks i had said to you want to show last week this case is about obama yes is involved in uranium one the fray god you strip payments to two from fraud to connect clinton foundation after bill clinton takes a trip with come over to cause extend to get them access to the uranium this is all emu scandal aid on the artillery board she the server hillary obviously did hilary email scandal it's believe artillery cause she sets up the server the private server but i made case to you last week at this was largely in obama scandal now when i say com each and joe if i'm losing anyone here please you
stop me and say brother i'm not getting this i'm trying to make a case to you now to point bullet point number one that this can call me pressure is the clear that deck for hilary because they dont want these questions resurfacing during her inevitable presence i leave the questions that were going to resurface where more amateur than i had led you want to believe now big time had tipped the mccarthy i will put an article up at the show notes please upon you know that com please read them folks please subscribed to my email is that will send empty it is a great article again about this isn't a bomb a scandal read through it again and i ll put up an american thinker article that doubles down on this joe hilary had a male obama on her private e mail server folks hilary did not have a state doc of email ever
the email hilary sent to people was over a private non secured server understand is why is call me desperate to clear the deck he's desperate to clear the decks because he knows hilary emailed obama from russian soil in obama email that is like we not oh papa at white w h oh don t o p or whatever white house whatever their official formal addresses are the european executive office of the president call me knows that the rush it's probably have these emails show now question is does the oh i g michael horwitz whose investigating although this have em too does he have emails from barack obama hilary or borough obama bomber loretta lynch or loretta to hilary to barack obama and
what the hell are in those emails now there he said i bring this up and and someone tweeted to me in this i like that when you speculate you sent i'm speculating here but am speculating to paint a picture and i'm not spare waiting based on a lack of evidence we know for example the press conference happened correct so further idiot liberal what to call this a conspiracy theory depressed converts happen no the new york field office now the f b i had some information about some emails and wieners laptop we're now reasonably for it they call me wanted to override the new york field office beat them to the punching clear the deck in the press coverage by putting information out there so wouldn't hurt hilary later on the question i am asking you now is what within those darn emails that was so damaging that call me altered the a survey political election by deciding to jump out in front of the cameras what was intended
before is only that what was in emails folks i'm telling you this was an obama's scandal now i don't know i'm so clear let me be clear what we know hilary and obama email themselves that we know job that's not in dispute we know loretta lynch had a private non government email she should not have been using under the its pseudo near more nom de balloon was elisabeth carlyle or something like that we know obama's administration to epa also where his eyes his prior epa minister also had a history administrator had a history of doing this setting a private emails to circumvent government monitoring on the government system joe we now no hilary emailed obama the open question i'm asking you which will blow the doors off this thing in scramble your eggs big time is
does the office of inspector general organizing this whole thing joseph do they have the emails to emerge those email site now i have a theory for you here folks see that i'm gonna get into sorry which jumping around a bit but i have a theory i'm gonna get into here and a second based on and i'm speculating about because there may be clear i dont know if he has the emails i am sure he has hilary thirty three thousand missing emails i mean exactly sure if in that pile are emil's to burma problem so just to be clear what i'm putting out there but i dont know i'm working on getting those answers as hard as i can i'm shaking retreat i eritrea it's just not as easy as it looks most people are afraid they dont want to talk to anyone talk over certain middle media it's obviously so it's tough we dont want repeat the same mistakes the president i'd states made emailing heller but i'm not sure that but
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joe by saying call me was trying to clear the deck with that second press conference now information i got this weakens the fbi new york office had formation that would have been damaging to health we it of leaks either before or after the election call me gives second press coverage figures he's gonna put the information out their hilary is now free and clear for a presidency thinks he's help honor he actually hearts her i'm suggests thanks to you that that information that he has made emails from barack obama or to barack obama may i dont know that yet i do know hilary emails barack obama i do now that loretta is also operating a private email account and i'm suggests thanks to you that if the thirty thousand emails that are allegedly missing from hilary which i'm telling you they have our aim mr brok they could be damaging and what could they be about why would i be bringing this up now had tip another great source of email me this weekend said dan you forget about this peace from sean davis at the federalist four months ago this p
it will be in the show notes that aid is an absolute must read i can't tell you what to do you're my lawyer lizards and i love you but i can hide the highly recommend you read this peace and that's it so my shown outside punch you know that common my email is at our only today's news i get you yesterday's news that is re important today it is important that its report now with new information they said they don't forget this one folks it was peace by sean davis at the federalist agenda be a you know that calm and job right around april of twenty sixteen yes when hilary retains follow me focuses important hilary retains a law firm perkins co they retain this law firm and they use one of the lawyers there a guy by the name of mark elias to pay fusion gps to start this investigation into trump we following follow the money trail hilary and dnc pay a law firm perkins co
because they don't want to pay fusion gps direct jobs because they wanted they want to hide the money you can pay company it's going out using russian intel right he really want to hide it through lawyers they pay perkins co perkins call one of the lawyers mark elias goes out hires fusion gps who grand this russian intel from this guy bomb gardener few less and less if you listen alas we show and they put together the dossier on tromp this that makes it into the fbi which basically means that the department of justice an fbi were acting as political operators for the hillary clinton campaign the simple as i can make that why does the missing emails and the fact that obama may be in those emails himself matter because in roughly around the same time period in april when perkins coal was brought on poor joe who pays perkins co to obey for america his former campaign all die a what
they want is rise now are you like a crazy per you gotta eat like a crazy now i know that liberals or say there like you you must be a conspiracy theories now folks these are actual payments now how much did obama for america hey perkins co op ten box twenty bucks they bought of member pursuit gum five cents they want a pack of bazooka maybe pack of tops baseball cards maybe dunder if they were really in they pay two nine hundred and seventy two thousand dollar right around the same time cheese crazy how that happens isn't it now hope four america's paying perkins co that's paying this guide ago that's paying that where market it works our callias is paying fusion gps to go you know shop the russian deck get me
from a london base pr firm by again him at baumgardner whose gettin information from his quote russian sources that are making its way into the fbi which has now become fully hijacked by the hilary britain campaign and is now working like them not talk about the working agents and please us be clearance what i'm talking about level political managers if the fbi who are now working like a private security force for the hillary clinton camping now obama paid them joe for the obama personally be clear on this because the left will dig through every single pieces obama for america is paying nigh hundred seventy two thousand dollars for quote legal services and at this point is retained as a lawyer in proceedings for a while but for america as part of those lee the services market i as a very same guy who's paying glenn simpson infusion gps by the way to go
the trees in russia do a pr firm and their so called sources and christopher steel whose is it was ben i think a dupe in this you know who knows i definitely do p knows what he's doing but his name is being used to give credibility steals former am i six age not lucky he found information on tromp it's gotta be legit joe you following me here how nasty and disturbing this case is getting yeah i'm following i think everybody followed through that when this is a quite nasty man just to be clear to everyone where we're going with this everybody's track and ok call me to give a secular second press coverage clears the deck he knows there's devastating information out their new york opposite agents find something they find something here's computer there allegedly thirty thousand missing emails from hilary are some of them in there and i'm telling i think the ball that's gonna drop and and
did you say why i am saying there are some sources out there i trust there are some i don't they ve stared they we i started good men there just gettin crazy but there are some sources out there i trust that have been telling me and others that the m o that's about to drop is just a smidgen of what's ahead joe and i'm suggesting that will call me already knew or poor which may already know is some of these emails maybe emails from barack obama i'm telling you based on when i just told you joseph vomica sir that if those emails are emails about coordinated payments from obey but for america to a law affirm that hilary is already retain to go in information on donald trump from russian intel we now have a
full blown corruption scandal of epic proportions that ties right into the west wing of the white house and they are gonna have few places to run anymore obama the only joe show is going to have to be you show you or either the dumbest president american history who had no idea what was going on a j the fbi european director not of it or you did oh and you're gonna have to admit you were need deepen corruption scandal now keep in mind call me already admitted to briefing obama this stuff not on this specific stuff but there are already meetings would call me in obama so either this didn't up and call me side from obama to which he's never said he did or obama knows what's going on now do the i know i know every joey every folks i swear to you as my loyal audience i mean this every day i do this
i say to myself this i know i've i get it focuses more out of stock of going on stay the union tomorrow i totally get but so much bombshell smoking gun stories are coming in every day that i feel i'm doing you a huge disservice servers finally put this out there and as i tweeted out yesterday in the jim the liberals are scorched earth folks ok you got almost means nothing anymore joe because you know what they do i i kind of joking retreated alpatych its say so it really is can gun doesn't mean anything anymore because the liberals they do joe gotcha they shoot the guy who finds the smoking god and hope the next guy doesn't find a smoking gun the guy who shot the guy who found the original smoking got there ago scorched earth on this gateway positive i repeat that i tweeted that out too they are going to go scorcher now i want to have tipp the american thinker guy was it joe somethin i have his piece in the show notes to the title
the peace is democrats are good oh scorched earth on is red the peace that american thinker its awesome it talks about show how this gonna come out when the memo comes out and potentially i want to crystal clear because i dont know this yet but i feel very good based on the evidence and potentially a bunch of obama emails may come out those obama emails could be devastating in conjunction with the memo and the five months attack that we're just missing that we had set on the show we're not missing that are now we know are missing are going to be a picture so damaging to the demo that's an barack obama that day our goal character assassinate anyone who touches it you are going to be a conspiracy theories they're gonna dig up anything and breathing may count on you day going to go scorched earth folks because they can't member the republicans never lived down this watergate thinkers nixon was a republican the democrats
their stand the damages is going to do to their brand and they are going to shred anyone who touches it with a platform may include i'm ready tokay let me make one more you ain't gonna do you love this i see i can see jos facial expressions of jobs like our jobs jobs like my wife wikileaks detective stuff in the fact that where intimately involved and the uncovering of this give me a joke new life i mean the show is doubled its audience joe and i look forward to every show me now always liked to shows but there are some shows that excite me more than others i have never but more alive than these shows because i know joe and i know you feel the same way that the work me sean hannity sarah com and others are doing i know it's important and i know it matters i know we're on the right side of this folks filled with that permission you you're given today this is to me of even here then the first thing we did on this
a week and a half ago it's mine blowing because i know there are people out there and i understand they gonna not knock and others who were doing great work too know who you are out there and twitter these folks because there's like again there's always a rivalry like i got it firstly i dont care i'm giving other p stop amity causing it to say that shown davis the federalist eighty mccoy the initial rita we ever not cite people always thick i joe what american thinkers article b in the show notes that i had and make this up but there's people are saying go slow don't try to attaches to the white house folks i can ignore evidence why we show why are we ignore or money trail echoes right back to an organization called obama firmer why would we do that you can't do that it may zero sense i'm acknowledges we don't know yet that these obama emails are out there we know they happen right i'm not wishing to you we don't know if i'm telling you get ready in case they are we can ignore the evans now
i meant to make another connection to the white ass for you that again is gonna punch you right in the face around the time these payments are being made from obama for america to them our firm that's also being it's also working for the hilary campaign this law from its paying off fusion gps to put together the fake dossier tromp so and it will be in the book all this in a float sharp obama firm because pay and perkins go dnc and hilary or pains perkins go perkins co is paying fusion gps who is working the fbi this dossier destroy the reputation of donald trump who else is working for both well one of barack obama's white house officials who is intimately involved in crafting messaging and things like that of women by aim of shale ameri she
working in the white house as well this is all in the sean davis peace who share le husband emma murray's husband is a guy named meal king who is neo king neil king shared by lines in the walls reach journal as rapporteur with who claim simpson effusion gps now who gets high by fusion gps right around the time these payments are being made from obama for america to the offer that hired fusion gps for the dnc o neill king and neo kings married to sheila murray whose crime things messaging in the white house whose working in the white house at that time right as a time is the white ass his campaign arm obama's campaigner is also paying the law firm that's being paid by hilary to a digital but vague dossier folks
listen to these shows twice if you have to but what are we say joe and every show remember the name and me were the names if you don't want but the name glens simpson you're doing yourself at the service this is the guy who's running fusion gps and is being paid by the dnc and hillary clinton to get fake information on donald trump that makes it back to the f b i remember communication channel and the order matters we said this in the past show however all of these people approaching the trump team in this but i leave to be a set up short a million aguilar off how are all these people alexander downer approaching the trump team and how is the information constantly getting back diffusion gps folks him i knew this was a set up the entire time the entire time this was set up these
level of coordination is still open the little notice i said the level of coordination not there was coordination between fusion gps the fbi the hilary couldn't campaign and the white house i wait we're not talking about an existing i just painted to you a conclusive picture of both money and people involved with the white house also involved with fusion gps who is unquestionably involved in feeding information to the fbi the only question joe is the level not that it exists the coordination that is why i want to dial back to where we were in the beginning that is why is critical critic all that these obama emails eventually show up because they could potentially be these smoking gun of smoking guns to show that it was this
scandal joe the entire time is ben brown and ben about barack obama now i know i'm going to dislike now we're getting into like real hairy stuff but this is going to be it's gonna be get i prefer i get this is gonna folks i'm sorry about that but we gotta get there these sponsors keep the show free so my apologies but before i get into his work to make sure we get we gonna reads i can finish the subway and now i'm really gonna blow your mind show brought you by friends at i target folks ever firearm if you know i should get one immediately or semi in our second amendment advocate but ivory a bribe absolutely believe in self defence and you should learn how to operate a firearm operate safely what is one of the best ways to do it the eye target process them this letter i people love this i get so many great emails about this i joy responded back the eye target process them what does it do it is a lie
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argued product come at i target pro dotcom promo code dan you'll get ten percent off that's ten percent that's a nice discount folks i target product come it's i target protocol promo code dan for ten percent off you're gonna love distinctiveness shot ok now i'm going blow your mind the rope it now i am hesitant to bring this part up but i think it's fair a bit to speculate now one motive when i was a criminal investigator both with the mit and with the secret service at some point you looking for motor vehicles motive although not necessary folks if joe arma cost you know counterfeit ten million dollars in u s notes and he gets caught motive good to know you want to find out if you knew whether people was he looking at you know was he looking to pay off some daddy had i mean it's nice for explaining the crime but it's not a requirement motive is going to help you
stand this whole story and i think i'm onto something a little bit here based on it a tip from any mccarthy's peace who had to pay him and i will include the peace in the show not read it also makes sense in a second again why not the shell but that's what we're trying to explain from episode one the obama my team sets up the trumpet they got a dirty up the trump tea they know like the trumpeting they know the trump teams a threat these targets approach the trump team as approach the trump team for fur to try to get an in their feeding information effusion gps which is feeding information the hillary clinton campaign which is war dating with the fbi managers at the fbi to try to take them trumped up it's a sting operation the entire time obama spying on trump they they they are trying to get there traffic on trump as their approaching and they want to get them dirtied up big time ok i'm gonna
just to you that hilary not only was trying to set up trump but with setting up obama too crap i live figure i saw joy new even send somebody folks mccarthy in one of his pieces out again i haven't the show nuts he says something there that's interesting and i'm not sure if i brought this up before if i didn't shame i make a bringing up now the use of private email in and of itself any a new email is all magically knows what is going to automatically know you have a private email you received anymore i don't josie email is show us a couple even one for conservative uni as it prepares a fast mail account i know because i we screw it up if i get an email from joe it's pretty much
evidence that i know joe has a private email because i got an email from joe hilary emails obama at one point again this is not up for debate this happen emails obama from russia hilary is not stupid hilary not dumb hilary manipulative i think he has the most deceptive politician i've ever met my lifetime i worked with her and i was not press that all i was impressed by heard devious but that's not impressive if you know what i mean it you may say etiquette we'll go with it i think hilary emails obama from russia purposefully big us now she knows
she's immune from prosecution later on during her presidential run and why would she know that had tipp andy mccarthy because minute obama responds to one of those emails obama will never a prosecutor because if obama prosecutes her what she gonna say joe what about does it you go to jail you look he's got a private email he said this sort of private email this is classified i was in russia you may say laughed at it's a lot of that's like that's like in the greece a separation from kevin bacon or whatever that stupid game is ladies and gentlemen hilary he's not dumb ok that act she put on when it henry esther did you white the server with a cloth or something this hilary is extremely smart this is not a stupid woman hilary understands why
can understands full well emailing obama from russian territory means war and the russians are going to intercept and number the minute obama responds or again the email she is now immune from further prosecution because obama under no circumstances will have his department of justice pursue a case against hilary knowing is emails evidence to there's no way i have a note here joe yeah it says hilary has them all by that let's just say hair on believable unbelievable and
mccarthy's but he doesn't say he doesn't go where i'm way and these a great guy he is he's understandably reserved he's a lawyer i'm looking for motive here i think henry understands at some point she's in a lot of trouble with this she either gets word that this is not going well our lawyers tolerance not going well they may have said the word some point a hails urine while the herd right now you're gonna run for president nears darn good chance you could be prosecuted for you no class we're having classified information on your server classical information by the way folks if do you understand classified information worse what why hill his case was so damning foxes i dont think ever get back this up here and hilary noses there information joe contained sensitive compartmentalized for me and that's contained only on specific computers they are not connected their knock it does wait i downloaded or
say downloaded off the internet so i have go to chose apartment to get information about joe has right ok then information joe it's only in your place and arnold merrill that info asian appeared on here these private email now joe you don't have to be at the tec to figure out how did it get their theirs way to do it joe you email it it's not connected to the internet as we know it why hilary cases so damning is so joe had you see what i'm doing here i picked up my notebook some an article in a facility either right the information down or memorize the information walk out of a sensitive facility and put it on the open internet it is absolute in such a crime go get lost in what happened here
information on a hill aris email did not mistakenly wind up their job from do they ready you re i have two physical you take notes i have to walk out a facility that unquestionably a bit in these places by the way folks says the door you are if you are entering its classified information facility you are not today information is not as you sign in you sign out it is a mystery that information doesn't leave there information is on hilary email she know she's in trouble she knows she wants to be the next president when she's the next presidential tall gonna go away but i to make sure my body at amusing airports barack obama because i think folks you all know barack obama or are not bodies they have never been buddies number
clinton talent teddy kennedy broke above me wouldn't get in a coffee while ago that he really said that by the way but bill clinton the if they are not friends hilary has to dirty up obama to so you start sending obama emails what a genius path why did she what a genius folks this happened it's not a conspiracy through she emailed obama i'm just saying thank you that the motive the motive here tat obama get sucked into by the way is that all look at this sitting abuse i email obama he males we back now he's faded into he can never get our security you now see the genius of this clinton scandal the whole time though you may say dear i thought you said it was about obama is here's the coup de grace is an obama scandal healers
bates him imperfectly any fall for the democratic joe don't like hilary the bernie and wing can't stand elizabeth war and swing can't slander barack obama told him to go get coffee or that they know nobody likes hilary i'm telling you to refer back to where we were in the beginning of the show them down in the scorched earth campaign to stop the memo and to stop all this from coming out is not to save hilary it's to save obama this has nothing to do with hilary the democrat efforts they would oh her under the boss like that in a heartbeat this has everything to do with pride serving the legacy of the liberal approach massive messiah barack obama will stand falls apart just like me carter fell apart after the ring begin presidency deliver
have nowhere to go everything so bomber care everyday eponymous we named by the way obamacare public palmer coming he rescued us all of this is about to be buried in a tidal wave of corruption coming ashore that no one in the democratic party is going to be able to escape from she bade a man folks she bade him in and it was beautiful and i mean that in the mouse nasty way beautiful can be used our one other point four the get you follow media hype salute is this i just hole twice at folks every have information about the census about all the stuff go into my head and i can't not put this out to you i have never been so inspired to tell a story of my life i've ever i know new and important work here i know it and i know can it be vindicated i put out a tweet it's obama girl barbicane gonna blow wide open cause i'm gonna get all these cookie absolve conspiracy theory not bag i said the text
you gonna be found conspiracy theory not big we been vindicated every time put it out in the show of exotic damn solid source give it to me when we bring up one work quick thing here rich lowry has always and obviously not tramper but rich lowery has a pretty cool peace national review i will put it to show notes well taken note there and he says now that you know member six months ago joe we seven collusion falls apart they're going to move to a shocking in there that now larry says listen this is going to fall apart to when he makes two great point the obstruction does this narrative against trompe goes number one how is trump gonna be credibly accused of obstructing justice by firing call me when he called he's already acknowledged the trap wasn't under investigation loud by the way bridge lowry is is underway
i'm sure he's a nice guy i'm not gonna be he is not a trumpet he's is that all but he's like this obstruction cases dumb he will think about it call me up according tribe corrie has already told him he's not under investigation i remember the trump fires call me what are you ledged reasons is because call me won't tell the public trump isn't under investigation so let me but there's three europe big justice by fire bring a guy who's already told you you're not the focus of a just this investigation make any sense to you folks the narrative would be set a plausible job if call we walked in there told him you're this the federal time in history the told there investigation to look into that that's not what happened you understand i saw what happened tromp was mayor
call me told them he wasn't under investigation wouldn't tell the public about it and trump felt like it was damaging the presidency in its ability to get things done my gosh is a brilliant point by lauer again who is no tramper tat this the first time in history they told their not under investigation fires the guy he's been accused truck investigations are happening remember joe important when commies fire there is no mahler special counts right there is no trump investigation there say trump team investigation has been ongoing but call me very careful to catch that that is not investigation the trump and collusion is a different secondly he brings up this terrific point about the alleged conversation with down began whitehouse cancel council where the liberal
now dublin down the rumour they are from an anonymous source you told an anonymous source who told them the resource who heard something went on now it anonymous source told them was the new york times it apparently trumpets the dawn began his council go fire mahler trumped disputes it i believe him apparently began said we shouldn't do that and everybody backed out so it's i don't know how it's a crime to you note not do some i mean if joseph i'm not going rob a bank i'm like investigator of robbing a bank okay so trumped did not firewall or obviously mahler is still doing special council investigation which is absurd that oh you ve checked injustice and wrong going about its doesn't make sense but he brings up another good point he says number one begins advice was political chow wasn't legal its mcgann that can wait out council apparently wasn't telling tromp don't firewall or because you can of course caddies presides these he falls the executive branch smaller in the deal jake a firewall or no problem lickety split mackenzie
this was political okay this is a bad idea don't do it it wasn't legal of course he's a lawyer its legal advice but secondly the stories coming now now joe is at mcgann told trump this because he believes this time the level of cooperation by the way between the trumped angel he believes trump but be cleared so my ganz advisers dove are you because you're not going to be convicted there's nothing you can pick you up at its just gonna make you look guilty how is this obstruction of jar you people insane and i a lot of you gotta say daniel trumped guide votes on just telling you which already out there by people who already even from people who are saying this is really dumb frustrating really is one more thing here on this matter what are the liberal defences i've seen coming out for this and i want you
be careful you have the information because i've been on fox a lot and i've been debating liberals and they keep fire and out new angles i want you to have an advance one of now they ve been saying i may mention says we're going to intervention against all while this peter stroke thing of course the guy texting lisa page all these devastating texts that are coming out and devastating devastating tax one of the line the fence bois mahler fired stroke again stroke is not fire he is still working in the fbi i dont think you been fired for one reason i have really good reasonably this the information stroke hasn't melon history cortex is so damaging that the bureau's terrified having this guy a loose cannon out there that's why they haven't fired and yet stroke is not why he's just been removed from the special council ok one things are saying those up mahler remove them so it's all good folks know stroke the one intimately involved at every stage of the snake he was on
a special council he interviewed mike linen on the folk down on them the fake logan act violation thing he interviewed hillary clinton he was one of the people involved in the writing of the exaggeration letter he was one of the people meeting in call me office about this case although there is no going back and changing history this i was a central player in the biggest spying scandal in u s history there is no going back now get out now that we remove them it's all good it's not all good because my plan is still charge and the special council investigation is still ongoing don't fall for that trap stroke was intimately involved in decisions that already happened him lee the special council not being fired joe makes none of those decisions go away we crystal clear on that year i'm just thinking about the end urge policy thing this this makes it puts in a completely different light that was his tail that we need an insurance policy right in case trop as elected was his texan i believe
insurance policy the entire time is the working with the usa and the hillary clinton pain to accumulate the dossier to use it to get pfizer warrants later on i have one last story this is an interesting one folks i'm gonna get to the darkest up an efficient way to the state of the union to see what happens on this because i don't believe this i get it i am a trump supporter and by banks we were pretty fair in our analysis of poor by the way if you listen unless we show but the weak dollar to be fair the trumpeting their walk in that back right now by the way which has noticed here did you joe so that's great so now there are starting to walk back comments about the week i'll listen unless we show when you'll understand that's good dollar strong economy folks weak dollar weak economy that that is an inviolable rule ok but i really don't believe that offer on darker where they're they're going to legalise one point eight dhaka would trumps apparently offered one point million dockers
and said a path to citizenship i don't believe this was a real offer now you may see you just covered for tromp because you know the conservatives conservatives did not like this the arrival that's pretty clear foreseen it might the amnesty portion they'd like the fact that in migration and visa lottery and stop right away i'm telling you i am absolutely sure were trumpeted here was was strategically brilliant heap out a deal i said this to my wife today joe giving the damage it's the core thing they said they wanted right joe darken the one point eight million guy killed dreamers as they call americans her dream discuss abusing their lingo right knowing democrats will never cut a deal with trumpet immigration ever ever so what does he do he gives them what what's your guys here deal knowing can take a little heed from conservatism but also knowing joe at the same time liberals are
we're going to take to deal and what does he do forty chest brother liberal straggling we don't want that deal you know where i live i thought you were about the dreamers do you have the dude we have applied have been awhile play the do well just like opinion man that's all that's all the key gave up what they i was brilliant knowing the entire time they were going to come out to meet god that dreamer thing we wanted yeah well let us just like you're mad they don't have anyone to go now so i'm just saying that conservatives hold fire on this i know you're upset about the pros immigration you i'm telling you it's not a real proposal it was done to out the democrats i set it on fox and friends on what saturday morning it six thirty this was
at a real deal was meant to out them is not being serious about immigration and it worked like a charm once did sir i said i would into but we'll see what happens as stated in one final story we spoke a long time ago about the young the ass census how obama was trying to change the census remember this charter is right to add a new category middle eastern north african heritage the sense now folks liberals want is many sub categories and the censuses they can get why is that i tried to write this out very simply why do liberals want labels they want labels on people because they want you to be an american but hyphenated first because when you i think it is the first portion before that high in that they are going to tell you republicans hate they hate you because your minority cause your woman union work or whatever it may be so liberals love categories because identity politics are centred on categories if you don't have categories i can't tell you republicans hate that category okay so
they decided in the set in the census obama to put out an edict there was there we can create new categories get middle eastern north africa this would create new minority categories which would create new activists groups which would create new vet comes which would create new lawsuits which would create new lobbyists which would create new government money going to groups who fit in the groups preordained by the census folks this was a genius move by the obama administration again to create new sub categories of victims being abused by the republican party that activists groups we're gonna have to lobby on behalf of to get their votes i get their money into the democrat machine it was a genius blot trump squashed at nice move on to chop rejected it good job donald trump said no we're just going to stick with this senses as we have now no thanks we're not going to create new categories of people thank you very much have a nice day i'll put the article in the show notes at the daily signal beat it i'll maybe i'll give it a little more tomorrow so it's pretty cool story but the trump team sees
jack witherspoon s has nothing to do with recognising people's heritage folks and everything do by creating new class of people which democrats can pander to tell them republicans hate them make no mistake i fucked excavate unity and i really appreciate it i will see you out of our please go to budget that comment subscribed to my email is sharing at some great pieces and you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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