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Ep. 645 Why The Democrats Are so Angry Today

2018-01-31 | 🔗

Interesting highlights of Trump’s speech last night.

More terrific economic news for Trump.

This piece debunks Democrats’ lies about the Russia investigation.

Liberals are panicking and are now talking about a second Trump “dossier.”


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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby gino sharply should show how are you today i'm doing good man would have what a day i shall ye shall have been very busy run into each other face to face finally that the dream team the wonder twins active agnes back in dc but we pretty much joe would you say been added for about forty eight hours a day everywhere i'm looking there you are all over wash didn't i was over there workin with see our growth and so if man what a day i've
like four hours folks are not even get it but i've i've not making this up i said what will you do listeners that i was at a sea pack speech wants indian culture is very second she opened up the speech by saying she was sick and i said you know i should have done because i felt bad for her the whole time and i quote was distracted i always promise if i was ever not you know into it or did i would never do the show's over i'm here pretty stoked about doing it and after last night speech this is so much to talk about some breaking news again i think on the spot beach and not just a speech but on the trump investigation to joe this apparently a second ass yet so now the first crappy dossier that's not so now we need a second crappy dossier is just in case the first crappy that's it falls apart you wondered twin wonder twins of crap beat at sea it's so i gotta get to that to get a few other things i got a really good sort
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calm promo code dan you'll get percent off member competitive shooters try fire ten times more than they live our because far is where tat folks oaks where you gonna learn your trigger control your site eleven go check it out ok last night speech first i wanna hit just a couple point before i move on to some other stuff so i thought one of the more telling moments of the knife folks and it shows where the democratic party isn't i want i want you to ever forget this is the portion of the speech where trump mentioned americans are dreamers too now it's interesting because i've i've kind it hammered this point of my my twitter often about the language democrats used to win the arguments in advance when we start referring to people joe s dreamers who were here illegally but you ve automatically seated the moral high ground than the sami joe think about right who wants to support a dream a re run of the poet dream dreaming dreaming mainstreaming streaming is good folks the democrats oh
the message and game for the longest time now i have mentioned this he read before but i want to tell you why why they all domestic game that is someone said this to me a long time ago and i never forgot it because they were absolutely right they sit here's the problem with you ve heard this before joe i see it on your at the republican party the donor base a lot of them will contribute to the party and guide where the party is going to go there a lot of high end activist and people like that people who want to point the prince or ideological direction and of other party in this direction right they are at and have been traditionally you know natural resources folks the picture of the petroleum industry i'm commodities folks right people who are in commoditized feels when marketing doesn't matter but i promise this will make sense in a second okay don't don't lose the people who died
republican party and support it are generally people in commodities type feels marketing is not a big portion of their business at me joe if you're selling gasoline it's like all of you know what what is marketing by my gasoline it smells like real gasoline is really nothing to say it's kind of wales it self it sells itself it's a commodities product ray the democrats activists donor based outside the case you have tat people we have like the apple google crowd these people their entire lives or marketing these are people who go out there and they have to make like you know the iphone sexy in penal beats headphones and all of us that they have the and marketing is their thing they can sell ice to an eskimo right as i say that is what they do liberal democrats have own this on message we finally have a president based and that state of the union last night finally who figured out that the problem with the pod the republican party is not the message it's the message
what he said last night a couple of those lines and grant that i don't want to be hyperbolic or exaggerate the state of the union hill get a small bump out of it and you know week later people forget but it's the accumulation overtime of collective small bumps which lead to it overall bumping presidential approval which leads to re election so i don't want to downplay it either but he's couple things joe lesson i knew and i were there at sea or tv due in the cover jim i need but if tat lighted americans are dreamers too and i thought yes fine your presidency since is a weak spot with the democrats folks the democrats tedious so bad the arrangement syndrome so badly or so emotionally invested in hating the president that the democrats it's for god but i just told you it is bad and when you agree joe it has been there there there superiority in learning messaging not the message is different than
constantly enabled them to beat us back and beat us back despite having superior party platform now got a present who seized on the moment the democrats but the democrats calls you were deplorable we didn't ill that american exceptionalism is no different in greek exceptionalism is obama alluded to that time in the speech and americans were like wait what this is crazy now obviously you have a present sees this week's part right cross left talk right away americans are dreamers to bank or for a moment in the speech couple other quick things on it you can see a lot of coverage and i you know your death talk radio on all day and i think one of things show highty different as we try to focus on some people are talking about when waste your time but there are a couple other stand now parts one of them was the congressional black hawk is and i brought this up on fox last night congressional a carcass which is really all democrats may
did you find that a little odd joe that trump gets up there he starts touting the lowest black unemployment rate in decades am i can say is because the way they measure in overtime and underemployment we can cut for that we say you and i know that black on employment the black unemployment rate is very very low right now in other words the economy is doing quite well for black america trot starts talking about that this is wouldn't you agree joey non partisan success story i would certainly oh so you damn right you would hope so and you'd help wrong because of course the democrats you know scrutiny over again what do they do the congressional black hawk sits on their hands they don't even get up to clap and folks again this is the democrats party falling apart because they are obsessed with trumped arrangement syndrome rat then giving him a small victory and a small moment for him to to non partisan moment for everybody to say ok you know what they are
then some issues in all communities but the black community unemployment remains stubbornly high under the obama administration now we can get up and clap is not really a trump thing it's our thing rather eminences them talk they didn't even do that on their hands the whole time what a disgrace a total disgrace folks so i but really interesting article monsieur said i applaud you know dot com please subscribed to my email as they are sorry to how the about it but it really helps us get the message out but a really a piece of the daily signal that cover some of the other highlights of the speech but i'll leave you with this i thought it was a great speech i thought it was aspirational i thought the part about annihilate and terrorist was it was terrific the sandals anymore why not send them to the poconos when i sent him to two hawaiian beach yes we're killing terrorists want to kill us that's how people talk and one more thing i'm sorry it's they have so much to say this morning edge trying like motor through these topics it sure i get you they the good stuff last night while in a panel
is trying to explain the trump phenomenon and why i trump despite not having the most polished her or eloquent speeches joe why what he says resonates so many millions of people i brought up the fact that the dirt who about trumpet personality it i think i understand not uniquely but because i grew up under similar circumstances when you obviously a billion like he is by eta the queen's guy joe i'm from queens new york think about queens new york eyes this explains a lot about tromp don't forget this folks ever would you europe in queens you're never everybody has a chip and their shoulder everyone in queens and reason i must say in a bad way was a queen skit because the brooklyn it's in the bronx kids are the tough guys they are they just it's just attitude on your you must brooklyn one you must be and thirty brooklyn new that's the way it is from brooklyn you automatically soon to be tough the queen
kids never had that built in edge so they were always like you know he always want you have a chip and you shall you must want to start a fight you with brooklyn broken guy just show show your tough there their mobility that's why do martial arts and big martial arts and grappling boxy i don't know but that's queens right not only that they don't have the money prestige or the manhattan kid so on one end you're not as tough in edgy street wise or this is perception by the amateur by reality but united often edgy street wise as the brooklyn kids but you're never gonna get this social acceptance of the wealthy elites like the manhattan kids do so there's an edge on both sides and you see these queens kids always having to prove themselves and that's one of the reasons in folks are not covered for any by a most certainly not trying to provide suggesting air cover for trompe i'm just trying to explain to you why she oxen does things he does b i totally get it this is
these guys because of their age and the need to always kind of impress people because i've always beyond that as tough as a broken kids riches and enhance kids show they all talk i keep does do exaggerate stuff you know to give an example the other day when you know i was growing up i you know i used to go in this bagel store that was next door to my house and i died ghip bade the beagles good and i remember chat with the guy one day and you know tell a story about the guy want a beggar skype cosmo newbie cosmo cosmos richly shortly forty million i guess we're think forger does but everybody gets it gets you not now right yo laughable as my notes chosen honest guy you know shows a church going i to joe that's a lie rachel you said he's worth forty million whereas to a queens guides not because the queen skies understand that there's always a built in level of ten times exaggeration so it's not a lie to the queen's guy because the queen's guy who's talking to the queen's guy understands that four hundred million or forty million really means four hundred ass you say it
see we're going there right yeah yeah desecrated that's a queen snake ok now the that's explains away the exaggeration portion of of of trompe that's just help guys talk but the builder portion of him and why yeast he's got this bravado and the reason i'm even mentioning this is because a lot that came out in the speech last night like a big aspirational speech like we're gonna chest puff a little bit we're gonna kill terrorists americans are dreamers this is great but he was a bit there too and the thing about builders and new york's my father was a building inspector need ie stout with people like god trump his entire life when you are the elder in new york you to deal with things builders elsewhere everything went to the degree you have to do any of you have to do what you need to show you have to deal with the mob you have to deal with city inspectors all the time if you have to deal with inflated contractor prices when you're a builder in new york you have to be tough and
brought this up panel last night off the area was a great point said that some latest republican one time told them that he did like trump because trump wasn't a handshake i i don't know heard this show in a kind but it was an excellent point gavin brought up the guy who told gavin this man like if trump her hands on a deal that sometimes he goes the guy tall gavin like sometimes he would stiff contractors ok and but i heard when does like because you know what if i was smarter at the time and i knew it i knew now i would have responded but i didn't and he wasn't stiffened contractors the difference in new york doing business if you understand builders in new york is job you'll get a bit from a contract you will say the services hedgerows meanwhile fifty of its fluff built in and ended up again to the contract with all by the way price changes now two hundred so trumpet combated table being the queen's builders was big nano we set a hundred were pay an hundred well did you really get stiffed
it was a trump doing business in new york and trying to maintain some integrity for his business folks that's what i'm i'm not apologise for the guy just telling you i'm trying to explain away why you at this exaggerated language and while you get this guy this tough kind of edgy talk when he does a deal with people because that's what he's had a do is alive and i think that came out last night in the state of the union it was aspirational unless with most stated the union's you know not she is probably likely to happen but i thought it was a good speech nonetheless to get up but to get to a tv show also brought you by bodies that filter by folks we filter biogas to change our air filters in your house it's winner now it's cold has been freezing everywhere from dallas to minneapolis to new york to dc where we are today you gonna spend a your time indoors and the air indoors can be up to a hundred times is polluted as the air outside your pollen al the aggravating pollutes mould mildew in the air my system folks i had to
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that i really appreciate you supporting responses sponsors great company make em right here in amerika let's back our team up zeppa keeps the shell free for you all it s a really really solid company i appreciate your support on that ok so this is work it's interesting i didn't tell you this yesterday cuz we were oversee our tv i want to talk in front of too many people are planned a second dossiers come out i'm a guy named cody sheer folks the first dossiers you know in the case and i explained to you was is and is an integral part of a part of the trump russia fiasco because what's alleged you have happened with the dossier is we do the reclaiming campaign paid a law firm to pay a company to pay a british by a former british by to pay people connected with russian intelligence to gather bad information a drop the take away from that very simply the here
routine sent me to an operation that got information from russian and tell her son trop folks i want to be clear on this because sometimes we have to rely on the table but not that it's not illegal opposition research on political candidates however untoward and disgusting at times it's not illegal i'm not alleging hilary did anything wrong with that what was wrong about the dossier which would just to be clear what that was for those you made a miss the beginning of the story the dossier was a compilation of these lorries sordid nonsensical farcical ridiculous tales about donald trump that russian intel provided the hilary it was fake it's been bunked it's not true it's tails were so ridiculous that how anybody believed them in the first place is incredible the problem with the dossier is elements if it were used by earl agents to up
i for an application to spy on donald trump don't ever forget that i remember as i always say thirty thousand feet remember what we're talking about people get lost in this case and that we are talking about them trump and his team being spied on the spider by barack obama and his adapt personally but his administration and the effort to come the whole thing up ok don't ever forget this we're talking about now the fur stasi aid which i just described to you joe has been entirely debunked right there's i'll be in the reappearance of a second dossier and you have to ask yourself why why is a second dossier appearing now now this second dossier was not an up by the same people who did the first ass fusion gps christopher steel second dossier was done by gaining coty sheer whose political operative the highest order right folks i'm going to suggest to you because i've got a lot
to get through this really damning stop that second the emergence of this second dossier is damning it's in full full blown panic but right now now you may be ass you have a wide i don't get we go with this remember what i told you initially when cnn had an inkling that the dossier cnn and leaves left leaning media outlets and you know that crafts and congress had an inkling that some of this may be true and they thought they get rid of trumpet impeach him anyway so related matter if it wasn't like a fire information on joe and his jaywalking scandal ripe and i think it may or may not be true but i think we're going to a peach joe is president anyway i just feed that stuff the sources and the media have put it out there and who cares if we find that it's not true two years chosen peace that there's a matter where this
we got thrown for aloof is donald trump pass the tax cuts his approval rating is palm now the democrats who seeing is not going to be a peach so neither in a lot of trouble because they fed to the media and the fbi had used some elements of this dossier in an actual lee proceeding to spy on the trump team and now they realize they're going to have to deal with it because trump is not going anywhere see we're gone what is so the dossier the authenticity of it didn't matter because they thought they be rid of trump right at this is making that's perfect they fig they be dumb with them whether it was faker not folks didn't matter one bit the merchants of this second dossier says to me these dude at ladys and a democrat party are knelt down mode because now they need to rescue elements of the dossier because when the memo comes out the devil nunez memo that
scribes this what we ve been told describes the spying operation by the trump team and i'm sure it's going to get some point talk about the past that's where the dossier is used the democrats going to have to save face why they're gonna have to say at some point to the american public well you know we we use this dossier in here is why so now they need to redeem it shall now they need to redeem another gonna say look at sea we thought the task of israel because as a second one to lift it says this even though the second one is just as big a bs is the first one folksy worm go with the stated we care about the authenticity firstly thought they'd be rid of trump now but they know they're going to have to deal with them and if this memo is going to be released describing what they did in your name the spy donald trump with no power but because they are i'm going to have to answer to this and the answer
they're going to stop producing all kinds of nonsensical information at all will look there was a second dossier to it doesn't matter joe joe if i say your warm across his red hair and produce a dossier that says it it produces second thou see the joyous says as joyous red hair jody have red hair he has overseers black joe has elvis is it elvis is it the spirit of elvis lives and joe ok he doesn't have red hair produce a hundred dossiers it doesn't make a difference it is not going to change jos air they are trying desperately now to save face couple people said this to me an e mail yesterday i appreciate the car spawned it's as always when they said dan can you look into this what's the second dossier like this thing just came out now the answer is no it didn't second thoughts s been around forever what's been around since the spying started largely but their pudding out there now because make no mistake what i'm telling you they didn't care about
the authenticity of the dossier before they just wanted to damage trump and the media with the sordid since false accusations in that paperwork now they realize their spying is gonna be exposed they're going to do everything in their power to have to explain away why and one of their explanation show is going to be well we got a second one to of course was just logical that we believe it now i am broke with an interesting person yesterday gonna die haven't an audience thanks to you by the way exclusively as large as we we didn't a fortunate enough to have peace reach out and once the euro establish their bona fides you from the entire this so you call yesterday and someone said to me listen here's was interesting about the dossier to he said there is a asset verification process joe that they go through so talk lot forest
jargon here from it if i'm gonna use you as a source joe you in other words you let's say you're dealing with some guy and he's shady and he starts talking about robbing a bank and you go to the fbi and you say hey guys i talked to my neighbor bob he's talking about robbing a bank and you want to be a source ordered to verify you is a source jelly orange or we ve cause an asset as a aid law enforcement asset your information this two things that have happened folks don't forget this cause it'll make this whole trump they make sense for you when it comes to the dossier through a tooth you have to do before doing this joe swear it to em raising my right hand for jellia if i put my right hand up in courts a federal agent i swear to a search warrant an arrest warrant i am swearing net the information i have been there is true now that i've done my homework to make sure it's true the homework you have to avenues joe comes in he says my neighbour wants to rob a bank i want to talk about how you guys out i
have to verify the information independently of joe i can't just walk into court the next day and say hey joe told me his name is going to rob a bank and get a search warrant the judge would laugh you out of there so can do is i can go do surveillance fiscal surveillance like i can if joseph hey my neighbours can rob a bank i could say hey guys let's go get a surveillance team the van and let's look at your neighbor right not not really difficult stuff what else can we do we can pull some bank wreckage we could subpoena some some will be six months and months back in the days rights of phone records we can do and independent investigation that verifies which oh said is true and then joe then we go to court and we swear to it we say we can validate the acid joe is an asset get a call yesterday guy says listen there's a formal procedure
verify assets in the fbi and he said the one question you're not ask in which we may i but we may in advance that the right way is where's the asset verification procedure for steel where's christopher steals the guy who puts the good democrats are saying at least i believe he may be a pawn in this tube it crystal steel puts together these salacious allegations against donald trump in the in the dark in the original dossier john the one sward you in court he said what was the asset verification process did these their people work on it how did the f b i verify the asset and i thought cash that it's a beautiful question how do who said this guy's information is legit and hears why any when you find out how the mechanics of that asset verification process will walk through he said i if you're going to find some very disturbing thinks in other words
oh that red flags were somewhere along the way that this guy's information were garbage i mean you know i'm having this conversation last night there was great because the source was right about the whole thing here is this if somebody called you to morrow and said like hey trump's space alien and i'm a source for it you be like that's just stupid information but you know some of the information that i said was so ridiculous and absurd it should have immediately raised raised red flags at the golden shower story folks come on images down maybe she's a stupid story that should have made sense on its face piece of the fact that they didn't pick this up and not only the inner pick up this debt the stories were ridiculous that it almost nothing sure that the assets other information were verified as well or almost nothing according to formal procedures he said he's gonna leave a big black hole in this investigation folks what i'm telling you it's very important
i'm trying not to keep it to law enforcement wonky but the reason all of this and is important is because it goes back to what i have told you from episode six twenty eight on this was effort from the beginning to set up a spy on the trump team they didn't let legal formalities the constitution rules procedures get in the way do you understand what i'm telling you this was like cuba he states style tactics taken against donald trump at that time in american citizen in presidential candidate the constitution didn't apply to him they spied on his team but no probable cause they used information from assets and sources that they never verified and they never verified the sources either remember the we think the original dossier anybody can prove even happened was carter paid travel to moscow that's in i try moscow what the hell does that mean folks
this is the most troubling case of of law enforcement corruption i have ever seen in my life they ve deeply starting on so many levels now couple other things it brought up to me and i hope someone's listening with some influence your cause i know some people pay attention let's say to our show i know because i hear i would like to hear that i shall not hide near their mission shark is it's the only place i said i'll talk about that some other time it's interesting tat fell off why better another just think about it is the air and you know something about this and i would love to do some verification myself so let me now you know what someone brought up something to me there was fascinating and if you re a former age not there and you know something about this and i would love to do some verification myself let me now you know where to find me i was told that jim call me was a part
i'm fbi directorate general which is an interesting point that call rarely worked on mondays or fridays they call me worked basically three or four days a week in wood would pet up to adapt place among say where the information seem pretty get em it to me especially the way it was presented to mean eliza relevant to any of this yet they re there with its relevant to this case because the number two with the fbi the entire time is andrew mackay who was a central figure in all this was wife is running as democrats for four states and in virginia and is taking money from clinton could singly aries lots of money manufactured about two hundred effie with seven hundred thousand dollars for a state senate race that's joe and i know politics pretty well to local level probably would of course why fifty thousand joe so reason a lot of terry mccall offers a clear knack alight terrorism of money is heading two to madame caves why my brain
and up in relationship to call me and as you know part time direct their status as one of the things it came up it was fascinating was who think was really running the fbi when jim call me wasn't right i gave you write brother edge we gave the number to the noted that the deuce there right so eighty me caves influences the number two may have been is kind of a two pseudo number one you know like he's really and control when commies not around very interesting point when you put together the chronology of events that a guy whose wife is a devout democrat running as a democrat taking extraordinary sums of money for a campaign from clinton acolyte is it the in time in thing on not refusing himself from the clinton email investigation and is also then targeting donald trump in a instigation despite donald trump what no problem because to do so folks again
what i'm trying to paint a picture for you here over these episodes is how not just not solely was the constitution through out the window and on trumps rights as an american citizen to two are keen to have is not have his praises papers searched and seas is communication searched and seized by the government not only bizarre violated but rule procedures were violated as well and they were violated by people who had a political if not ideological interest in taking down donald trump and protecting hillary clinton now saw going to flow here the thing that came up in the conversation is remember i told you about mike flynn how might flynn was was was railroaded michael in general michael was was railroaded they showed up at the white house to agents peterson and another age they showed up at the white house to interview him and didn't tell him it was a criminal interview what they talk
mike flynn and when they showed up at the white house navies even under the assumption from what i've got from very good source in that it was some kind of a national security meaning joe not surprising at all because flynn was acting national security visor that deny these the eye which he and he's communicated with these people before it at the upper ranks of the fbi s on unusual nation up to the white house and flynn has no lawyer nothing and right away they start talking about a conversation flynn had with the russian ambassador sergei kislyak before act before trumpet taken office folks this there's nothing unusual about the role he was the incoming national security advisor but they it's this logan act think they were private citizens can't negotiate on behalf of the government looks like i said before i'm not going to repeat the show the logan act is not serious thing okay no one is ever been prosecuted for it in the history of the united states previous negotiating with the palestinians wise and he in jail the answer is the local actors and even constitutional nobody gets thank you too for the logan
i think we're gonna get flint so peter stroke shows up at the white house with this other asian and the interview flint importance i m a cave in a second they showed the white house and the other agent in the room he goes after the interview and they talked a huge so they talk andy my hu i just told you is de facto running this entire thing right now gang they talk to my cave in the other agent in the room which stroke now strokes compromise we know that from his text be compromised by the russians i mean ideologically compromise eden is texts to his love interests to also works at the fbi indicate clearly he hates donald trump he can't stand them and he just doesn't want him to be present stroke it did emails are devastating struck involving the holding stroke in the other agent interviews flynn go back and they meet with a cape they tell me
in the office the what the one or the other agent in the room thinks that flynn was honest and open and sees no problem with the interview at all its stroke and mackay override disguise opinion and decide to go forward with a prosecution on false statements ladies and gentlemen why am i telling you this because to anybody listening out there this is just asking you to do the right thing over that of the region is you know he's but i know some of you do too when i say you you know what i'm talking about why isn't he upon capitol hill you know he's subpoena him you need to talk to him
somebody needs to figure out why two fbi agents show walked into the white house to interview the national security adviser and came out with entirely disparate opinions about what happened in that interview now let me ask you a question joe this one comes out one agent says we thought he was open and honest we re really see a problem with the interview the other agent who is a known trump haider been involved in covering four hilary the entire time is tax expose him as well ideologically corrupted in this house and gives an alternate opinion who do you trust the guy you said nothing really happen there or the guy you said all my clear we go get em pietro i'll go with mister not really happened yoga what mr nothing really happens you're a smart guy you be a great fbi age now when i found interesting joe is andy mikhail the number two instead of doing the responsible finding a waiter arbiter
between these two and to some middle ground y why you say in the interview was fine and you saying that you know the interview was terrible me gotta move forward that's not what happened mackay whose forward with this prosecution of might fled for false statements to the fbi folks i'm telling you this thing stinks so i'm asking anyone with any influence on the hill or any one else listening go far that guy you know is it from a subpoena so subpoena add testa forgot him to come and testify bring him up of a closed committee whatever may be and i want you to ask him what was said in that room and i want you to ask him why he was overridden by he thinks he is overridden and why he thinks michael and must be an honest and then interview and you're gonna find again some deeply disturbing police state tactics used again folks this or he gets worse and worse and worse i've got some more on this because this is a people call and left and right i have a different
source on another piece of information to be i'm sure they give you all investigative tips out there because judy don i'd all you ve male only folks were mme and i appreciate it word to joe what were developing as a network of like super sluice combing the internet for information i'm giving you all subjects here where to go with us i got some more and a second i did i shall also but about bodies a brick ass nutrition love these guys they were our sponsor an original original sponsors i use their products i loved the product foundation their creating product you wanna be a dynamo and the gm right little joe loves it joe it's great folks foundation i know i talk about feel the greens which is their fruit and vegetable assurance policy in powdered fruit or vegetable say enough to eat fifty two servings of fruits and vegetables a day but it's really good i talk about dawn to dusk which i take today but matter fact it's their energy pill product but foundations another great product as well as the original product
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commies hubris brought him down in this now i want to be this i had but of an argument over the phone last night i think this is critical especially for a lot of people following this case intimately who want to be kind appointed in the right direction in the wrong direction as happens to be a lot sometimes i'll say stuff nobody your kind of onto it but not the source of go go in this direction more what did things told us niger which is pretty fascinated so we know we're onto someone joe starts like paid attention to the bike satellite telephone is public assets away off it's interesting and i am advocating folks help me some about call me which fascinate they this for really smart guy joe he's really arrogant way you really love being the fbi director in because of the you know they d up accoutrements of the office he loved that he loved and a pat on the back he's the fbi the regular people kissing his but aveline j c comes off that way test and the source was telling me that he thinks that place
big role in this because call me here i don't know if i believe this but the source doesn't think that call me even had an active role in the targeting of trump in other words recall me it may not have been as much malicious don't get me wrong communist light trump and and again i'm giving you his perspective not mind some folks please don't semi emails always a bad guy get it i'm with you i'm just giving you alternate perspective from someone i trust who gave me pretty profound an interesting information so different person said said to me about call me that here is being guided the entire time by my your price that puts the number one encounter entail in other words on this trumpeting joe and the hilary think that he really was not that he wasn't hands on he was but it was his sense of
not explaining a swell and i don't want a light to my audience the point i spoke to i got impression which was was trying to defend call me a little bit like oh he wasn't really his fault it was mackay if it was price step it was stroke they were guiding call me in a direction and they were kind of hiding a lot of what was going on wise from him in an effort to drive a narrative to call me too and call me was kind of a soccer and i dont except that let me just explain why i will explain homey call me comes off to me as very non humble arrogant person and folks think it was the hubris that he failed to question his his upper management his brass suits the fbi were coming out of a sense of joe like theirs you'd better wait explains i can't be absorbed call me no one's gonna lie to me like i can't be deceived by mike s narcissism do nor two hundred percent he agency could not
gauge in a moment of self reflection where he said to himself like i'm looking at you now he looks at a mere goes weight is it is actually true chops called with the russians is thus do in golden showers i gets his hubris that brought him down and everyone else now the reason i bring this up again and i am doing this linearly going down my notes here is again it keeps coming up that the person the primary conduit to feed this information to call me that he's not questioning out of a sense the hubris nobody would dare lie to me of jim combing the person who who up once feeding while the show is andrew my cape again the number to a central figure in this entire investigation was commies hubris that that failed to protect him again the fact that his number two may have been misleading it now it that bob
may because people are now trying to run in an endemic eric holder the former attorney general they're trying to defend the crown and defend mackay when i think it's clear at this point that mackay definitely screwed then up here so just to be you're in a wood where am i with this entire think k is the number two times he is the de facto number one based on call loose work schedule it is mackay who agrees which stroke after flynn his interview at the white ass to override and pull rank on the other fbi agents in the room interviewing flynn who believes waned essentially did nothing wrong it is all from a cape who decides to proceed with the trumpet instigation any also feeding information you know of course to call me whose making decisions based on what he's getting from a cape because it is a central figure in all of this folks emma caves wife is running as a democrat supported basically by its some point people who
support is a pillar bill clinton for a lot of money is spent a lot of money his way now one other point about my cape and this is a hint like kind of weakening our joe to anyone is listening suppose they may cave wise a added we described a briefer briefer his joe is like so what are those cops are agents that's really not a cop they're just like a suit like they ve never actually rested anyone you i'll tell you about it no i didn't know before but now tat the fbi eyes full of my i'd know fbi agents i've worked with them their their amazing they are there really terrific i'm not saying that to get a pat on the back and they have their really terrific their super smartening other stuff but there's a cultural divide in the f b i just like in the secret service and the secret service is a big divide between the protection guys and the krim guys the criminal guys there is cited protections where you we earn your reputation in the secret service i'm sorry you
do the president's detail you just look at different secretaries too bureaucratic has a similar culture there are there three guys i caught bank robbers joe child molesters of financial scam artist the street guys we're out there doing it and then there's the suits the bridge first the guy's you'd do good briefs they get in burundi do powerpoints but they ve never really arrested someone the word mackay i'm getting from multiple sources is it became a briefer he was a gamer music he leverage connections and the ability to look depart active part talked apart to promote himself up into the f b i get the number two position he also leverage this connections the entire time this work against them in this case but here's the link in the non here's why because from what i'm hearing there were some let's a communications potentially with mackay after hours that you would rather not alleging edith if this isn't like it follows sexual and for that's all i'm talking about is that sounds kind of weird after hours but after
work hours there were some coffee occasions that were likely there with me came about the progress of these investigations into hilary z trump and status of those investigations and some of it may have been on phones where those tax are easily recoverable now why do i bring that up in terms of the briefing thing folks gotta tell you everything you gotta have the entire scope with a story soon snare what's goin on the cave didn't want to be left out of anything because remember what i told you about call me call me it's kind of like a part time director here he's more interested in their given the speeches and actually get down and dirty it was the one briefing it became does want to be left out of the loop my caves weapon is information joe and he needs had information at all times because if he doesn't have the information somewhat beat him into the directors office to breach the director than the caves not a brief or any more is useless
the point is that is after hours they were some monitoring of the stuff tat was going on and from what am hearing there's some there may be some texan emails there about status as the investigation decisions that were made that could be as damning if not more damning than the peter stroke lisa page emails yeah it's i got that have as i do you i said are you sure and the source was like i'm pretty sure it still some was listening you may want to check out those tax if you don't have an already so we'll see we have with that i want one final story he molly hemingway who really right summer spect a killer pieces at the federalist this will be in the show notes today please read it it is one of those debunking pieces which you know i love because a democrats lie about a lot of stuff it is relatively easy to take down their argument she wrote a really short but great piece of the federalist being shown us the naples you know that com you are my email is will send a radio about demo
at lies based we adam shift lies about these memo on this process because i'm getting a lot of questions about this people saint dan my lefty friends told me that this memo that's going to describe despite a trumpet was written by republicans it so what what is that matter so who cares obamacare was written by democrats the memo describes a process folks fax or fax if almost as an apples and apple it doesn't matter if it was written by a republican or a democrat do you understand joe you should go going with this the memo ways not a political document is on a piece of legislation they very simple description of events that actually happen that point to a pattern of spying behaviour on the trump team by the obama team joe those events happened do they didn't it you understand like oak it doesn't matter that it was written by republican if ever public and rights you know that the north one the civil war and a democratic
another opposing document it doesn't matter with the north one that's a fact cares who wrote it it's a republican document say non partisan document that isn't that is totally completely nonsensical ok so some quick debunking on this what are the points are trying to make is that there's the democrats it is and molly hemingway this great job at the banking is listen there's national security information and dismantle we can't he's the national security information could damage national security which is absolutely fascinating job because molly brings up a terrific point democrats are now issuing issuing another member so wicked old time out red flag here let's go other though it so let me get this straight you don't want release the memo describing the process by which obama the obama administration spied on the trump team because you lodging it's gonna violate national security
you release another subsequent memo to judge sure that what if it if people get the national security stuff in the first memo the second member will make sure they really safe as scariest folks there is there's nothing in the memo that is going to violate national security guidelines policies are procedures the republicans are stupid they're not going to say we have a cia asset russia by the name it joe we beg doughnuts and he gave us this information by the way russia's please don't kill him if the release this member that's not what i don't be an idiot regrets releasing their own babble if if this there's national security information in the case in the member why you release in your own simple quest and i mean shows that makes sense great point by molly by the way
the peace you see she would she always rats my love molly when she's on fox ass ever since she is an amazon superwoman she must crashes edge get the best twitter thing ever says in her twitter somethin like i won't be bullied into your group think but thank you have a nice day my greatest twitter line ever so another thing we're here too is the democrats wrote their own memo and there the vote taken about them and the democrats or come and go and looked at republicans who were in the majority in the house we get that through a voted to release their own memo and now their voting to keep hours quiet folks again that is a lie listen to me very little of what democrats ever tell you has even the remotest air of authenticity to it i spent my entire life debunking liberal miss the most of what they tell you is a lie this is a lie to the republicans did not vote to sit
as a democrat member folks ok that's garbage here's what actually happened again molly describes a centrepiece republicans release their memo through a procedure first the procedure wise to release the memo to the members of congress so they could read it first before they took a vote on releasing it to the public why because with any member of congress had a substantive objection naked potentially rewrite it they could look into things if there was some national security things disclose they miss they could take that out makes sense right shamrock yet they said to the door if you if you're gonna released around memo we're gonna subjected to the same process that's the vote
taken which the democrats said no no we want to release in and around or do they are the ones who objected not the republic is it's a lie it's made up it was about do you understand what i'm saying tat it was not vote ever to release the democrat memo it was a vote on the process which the democrats didn't like any democrat squashed have said it is a bunch of crap theirs and everything out of ships s crap any does it he eat so eloquent eloquently greenow speaks out is crap that people believe him remedies ease police a believable lyre which is he's dangerous what else another myth about this is that they didn't notify them minority party of these investigations going additive theo j the fbi in other words the member that describes show you pay procedure and a process by which they looked into the dear jamie fbi democrats you say why you didn't tell there was an investigation into the f b i go really joe backing
march devon nunez gave a press conference at the white house about disturbing things he saw i mean you the only idiots in amerika would know there was an investigation go and on by the oecd into what happened with the fbi during the hillary clinton email thing like our you lost a u clueless are you insane had again this is a total lie or you don't even have to be a member of congress she set to turn on the news it is complete sensing garbage file again one quick thing is one of the book again as a partisan document thing it is not a partisan document it is republican written document that describes things that actually happened in one of the things the democrats are going to hide behind because their devious chose important they're gonna say well if you're alleging that say obama administration on this date did this thing joe and they spied on trumped him using these methods and the state mechanically to seattle lie release thick released the source documents on that boat
democrats and now they know you can't released the source stock in its why because or stock means would disk i've sources and methods and would release national security information and the democrats in a deep sea do flip a rule no the republicans will never vote on that because i don't want to compromise the aid spies an essay methods or anything like that but this is the democratic aren't they their amazing they are the biggest erst manipulative lies very they're going to say i don't believe any that obama in do that yards republicans if you dont released the source documents on that none of that happen you just making it up knowing the republicans will never do that this is that this is the i wish to say something else which is that this is the crap we have to deal with all the time what these people folks their maniacs i'm telling you they are absolute maniacs these people are so entirely corrupted it's pathetic but did mollie hemingway piece i'll put it in the show notes one of the great peace avenue shone out today good once and over by a lesser thank you very much from investors business daily i will leave you a good nope
folks wages arising again forty eighty percent of small businesses say to thinking about giving significant raises and bumps the economy's coming back wages are going up they were stagnant of the obama years read the piece it's a short one but it talks about the survey data out there i think the economy next year is going to rock and roll i think we're in a really great place so i don't think those midterms going to be a little rougher for democrats and expected so give the reader to read and i'll be at the show notes today it's really quick but it's a good one to say thanks again for tuna and i appreciate it and i will see automatic you just ten bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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