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Ep. 653 Is There a Soft Coup Still Ongoing?

2018-02-12 | 🔗

Is there an ongoing soft coup going on? Why the continued efforts to obtain kompromat on Trump?

Even left-wing outlets are acknowledging the ongoing efforts to obtain foreign information about Trump. 

Former CIA Director John Brennan is in a world of trouble for his role in the spying operation against Donald Trump. 

A terrific piece documenting John Brennan’s ever-changing story on his role in Obamagate. 

NBC transcripts of John Brennan’s controversial remarks to Chuck Todd.

Are our roads and bridges crumbling?


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get ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome the thereby gino shall produce joe our union mr hardest working men and rock n roll who i see everywhere i'm doing ok do now spent up here who is crazy allow me to add the longest day ever on friday i did this for you in addition to the show prep which takes me about takes about two hours for every hour contents we do an hour show friday show took a long time i did that did my and our atv head did which i do at one o clock eastern than i did handed he's radio show than i did a fox taping for a fox show then i went out filled in eleven for three hours ended lord ingram after i did levant on fox who and i was just got up early the next morning to do fox and friends i was beat man i was so tired you do i i couldn't get away from this we on how you doing a great job but
it's a lot but it's important listener missions important ever more so i took the job i rarely if ever do i prep joe for what i'm going to say unless i send them sound cuts or he sends me one because i like to get a genuine reaction he is the audience ombudsman has become an integral part of a show but folks at a time i'm really i mean i'm really is what s coming off my snowflake ie but i'm really scared about where we are right now i mean it swear to say i be line if i said otherwise i know you know we give off an image but she's marijuana show landed pseudo whatever were produced we like manly staff but i have no problem telling you that i came across them information friday on levine broken the new york times about information that was supposed to be exchanged and u s government paying a hundred thousand dollars of a million dollar schedule payment to obtain compromising information trump and combined with some other information i got an folk some
leave you with this very simple assertion before i dig into the content of the show and it's the title that today show is zero ongoing soft coup attempt goin on here now a lot of ulysses conspiracy fiercer as always folks i just gonna view the mainstream media is own reporting on it you make your own conclusions but i deadly serious with that question are we watching a lifetime of soft go i have evidence to back this up i we gotta pay for the show and dumb luckily we have great sponsors you do so so beginning to that potential brought you by bodies wax our acts it when you aren't cleaning get really uncomfortable i know happens to me all the time so his trouble they each their painful and get plugged up making it really hard to hear it happened to me with the secret service when i plug that you
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rex dot com to order you reusable you're system today that's go wax are acts that calm go wax our acts that can offer co dan my first name the end for free shipping right your front door go check him out wax are extra com thanks guys for sport to show we appreciate folks i haven't capital letters here are my show notes and i mean this in the most deadly serious tone possible what hell is going on so now we found out in the last week friday filling in for marketing on the radio while i'm on the radio breaks on fox news at the new york times is reporting that the united states permit spies that work for the united states government their little unclear as to from what agency an essay or cia pair apparently the mission was being led by the usa which is odd given there and they but to regain secrets bottom line folks is the united states gum
made a payment of a hundred thousand dollars to a russian source again here we go again with the russians show to a russian source who supposedly had compromise information on trop now to be fair the story says not tell you were to tell you is accurate it is the new york times after all but the beef the story insinuates that they pay me were made to obtain an essay computer hacking tools internet hacking tools that had been stolen and that the true compromise or compromising information was being pushed by the seller folks what the hell is going on i have said to you from episode six twenty eight number six twenty eight not the date six twenty eight on don't machines are playing us for fools and we are poor
into their hands combined i just told you that knighted states government is now paying what that listened according to the new york times the money has already been paid to iran some guy who claims again that they have compromising information i trust this is only now they what joe seven i wasn't russian become forward claiming they have information on trump we can i met with what else we learn last week we learn that adam schiff right around the fall you know summer right through a time of twenty seventeen adam ship the democrat right king member on the house intelligence committee one of the most powerful men in washington dc a democrat responsive four oversight of our national intelligence infrastructure folks we now know that he was involved actively and i reckon where did phone call and on that
corded phone call adam ship is actively seeking information from a russian about compromising information including photographs apparently photographs put drop in an awkward position maybe a nude photos whenever they show the ship on a reported call seeking information from this from this we are setting up meetings there are emails later on trying to get compromising information on trip what what's going on but he's going on we i'll have you s spies paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for providing information on the u s president we have a real
or did fall call between the senior democrat the ranking democrat on the on the congressional committee responsible for overseeing our intelligence community we have him on tape actively trying to set up meetings to get up to get photographic compromise information on the president i did states whose from the opposing party i'm just telling you what's going on there now conspiracy theories when there actually happening none what i'm telling you is in dispute joe i'm not even done i know unfortunately yes the damn cried senator remark warner another democrat with sick forget oversight responsibilities over the intelligence community we fight that last week that he was involved in a text exchange with a man connected to connected russian oligarchy trying to
set up a meeting with now debunked you foreign spy christopher steel who produced a hoax dossier against trop folks he's going on what's going on here driving all this i've seen do you from the start this is set up the press of the united states is now there is there is on course generally at this point some kind of an for going on behind the scenes to engage with foreign spies and foreign television sources to take down the president did joe not have its indisputable nor the there are times reported this story on friday it has been widely cup even in left wing outlets the atom shift phone call and them warner text exchange with russia
and now the ship phone call was by register it doesn't matter what here they evolve into solar first world war our senior united states government officials the opposing parties active engaging with pranks the russians or real russians in constant attempts to get information about trump russian what is going on and its being led by the democrats folks even more troubling sorry of china look through i have so much stuff folks they get to his dislike it i mean here this is a real duty few been following my shell sorry to keep you nowhere doozy but i think it's my mom is to say that all the time new york times report on friday just
clear her joe me just pull out for second before i you know what that thirty thousand jobs are really gets from go with this ok what i'm trying to tell you now when i title to show today is is there an on going meaning happening right now and ongoing effort by senior united states government of politicians and people the intelligence community to take down the president united states serious clean your damn right are because the new york times reported on friday that there an ongoing effort to pay a russian for information on trump this is well they i want it is what the spine towards you don't think that's a red flag discard this russians coming forward with a quote compromise on trump copper as information you have a the house of representatives member on a prey
call seeking compromises on trump you have other senator senior democrat seeking compromises drop in a text that change what is hang on more disturbed in the friday new york times peace and i did get a few questions well what is it our times do whenever there usually trying to are you know indict trump their tromp whether the bridge claimed brushing collusion drop folks the new york times is desperately trying to cover attracts they ve been married to the russian collusion error that is clearly a hoax now a clearly false forever so what their true to do is as information comes in rather than tell you the truth to try to take it put their own spin on a first that way there you have some plausible deniability that they were you know listen we were part of the largest cover up robotic abominate spying in american history look we're report information on so are spent on this whole thing on the hundred thousand dollars joe to be clear that was exchanged with this russian for compromise
information on trump and supposedly spying does well it was really about the spine tools the trumpet stuff a second it doesn't matter folks this should be a red flag at this point clearly the russians are playing us make joe seriously is make incense year unfortunately yes you have russian prime getting adam ship you have run again trying to contact mark warner you have russian to repeatedly reaching out to our christopher to do the first stone the clinton campaign you russia is now reaching out again to the spy community which secrets on trucks for how is this not a red flag to you are you can you be this dumb matter but the i'm talking about the democrats ok very troubling from the new york times pieces equipped and this name should sound member what i always tell you remember the name's memorizing they will always come up
coty sheer in america in political operative with ties to the democratic party has been criss crossed eastern europe for more than six months to secure the purported compromise from a different russian said people familiar with the effort speaking on the condition of anonymity to avoid imaging their relationship with a full this is from the same friday new york times peace talking about a russian who asked providing information i trust that the u spy community pay a hundred thousand dollars war of a million dollars in promise payments and they say new york times peace is now saying cody sheer is running around eastern europe seeking the same information from a different russian here's what i want to know and i believe we absolutely demand we need to demand my intelligence community now who the hell making these connections because
the guardian joam easy if i haven't i've been taken so many screenshots gosh i don't even know what i have i don't have any more the guardian oh here we go i do have it which is another excuse me the intercept not the guardian forgive me the eta which is really more of a left leaning rotarian outwit in the european way the intercept has a fascinating peace this by the way folks please i know i say a lot to show notes today the show notes the show note by gino doubt com read the articles they are damning they will explain all of us they'll be if you want to subscribe to my email is so empty but this article from the intercept an oracle how to get into in tabletmag in a second and some other ones had some transcripts you need to see them to understand what's going on here this is important now keep in mind what we're talking about american spy community paid a hunt
thousand dollars again to another russian joined up this became more contacts with russians joe clay me too negative information trop or being played and this draft coup advocates in the united states are playing right along like this workers they are new york times is reporting that a quaint inconceivably airy coty sheer who works with sid blumenthal hilary britain's enforcer that coty sheer is coty sheer is a clinton accolade of the highest order is running around europe trying to get the same information why bringing that up job because the intercept has a fascinating statement in here it says talking about the negotiations for this compromise on the exchange of the hundred thousand dollars joe says by contrast the more recent see
grit negotiations began after tromp selection is still ongoing and have been can did by u s intelligence officials working with intermediaries who mainly operate in europe let me read again go back a second hear me so now these u s officials working did to these russians who again more russian saying they have negative information on tromp by the democratic party has been working in eastern europe for more than coty sheer and american political operative with ties to the democratic party has been this crossing eastern europe for more than six months to secure the purported compromise from a different russian what the hell is going on now i mean it what
is going on here are clear operatives any an operative these intermediaries who is connecting these russians to the american intelligence community over and over and over and over again are we in the midst of a massive soft coup going on being engineer by the russians with those suckers in the democratic party so eager to take our trump that they are wittingly or maybe wittingly acting on behalf of the russian government joel it is not fair questions absolute how who approaches who apparently he's been dealing with the truck that's what you're doing million sergei million who approaches who apparently has been dealing with the truck that's what george papadopoulos from the trump team thirty million is a pair
we the source of the golden shower story that wind up in the dossier paid for by the clinton's we have monocular often is dad they set up a meeting with chopped julia who shows up for the meeting russian warrior also working with fusion gps we have our zander downer by the way i got some amateur blow your mind than this one arm across wait till we get that is our you kill me already do right i know i leave him in suspense here we are valid did a downer meets pop but the police in a london barn door let tat fact get away when i bring that up in a sex an australian diplomat supply only in that meeting put up papadopoulos says that they have the russians may have dirt on hilary according peter strokes that this is what opens up the counter and tells us investigation its trump whose doubter always into the clinton's also responsible for the largely
involved in a transfer view of austrian government money the clinton foundation who were these people intimately involved with the russians involved with the train approached the trump team and in getting me information back to the fbi folks what is going on well let me tell you because its unfair to keep asking you that question folks i've never been so sure there was a massive entrapment frame operation against donald trump during his campaign never the mill god contacts the aguilar of contacts that down or contact the repeated efforts bade the fbi and an eye when you right now the puppet master this entrapment operations one john brennand a former cia director bread and your guy there is a damning p a tablet meg had tipp the least smith who has been doing extra
mary work on this few read any peace i've put in a show notes you need to read this one oh it's long it's a good thousand words it'll take about twenty minutes but i suggest you take about two hours to read it i've had some sources on this for a little while i'm not trying to upstage least smith at all he stun unbelievable work but i said a while ago on the show that one of the sources had told me brennan has been a puppet master in this entire operation that who i the source you really if the cia had no role whatsoever in a far and british spy passing information through to the fbi had that information get there without john brennan scene it ladies and gentlemen we got a puppet master here and i'm gonna walk you through that in a second i've got a lot more to it don't go
we and for those you by the way want me to go to other stuff too i appreciate it but this is really really troubling stuff folks we found out on friday last week that again there is an ongoing operation to take out trump we'll take out as well is it at seattle mean assassinate amount of mean to sound like the term of the other stuff skinner we don't do that but there is an ongoing operation to take this guy down all right today show also brought you my buddies and i target you know folks anybody can shoot a firearm it's actually pretty easy you just pull the trigger you know that's not complicated the question would for your firearms a dead your ability to use them professionally is can you hit which are aiming at fewer hunting scenario law enforcement scenario military military personnel or you just interesting plain old self defense you obviously to be sure that god forbid you to engage with the fire on that you can hit we your shooting and the sea there we had this line you responsible for every round you shooting
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edit shooters try fire ten times when they life are you know why it works i target products com promo code dan there was a and forgive me for not getting to this sooner but now we're moving on the point number one i was trying to make is there is a soft coup here ongoing whether they do a crash are wittingly or unwittingly part of it i be candid weedy folks i dont know but this i do know they are unquestionably a part of it based on the report of their own mainstream media allies we have democratic irishman democrat senators reaching out to russians are fake russian seeking information or the president united states that is indisputable we also know now we have intelligence community assets who paid a hundred thousand dollars for a compromise information on trop joe who apparently work did to the source of the information the russian source to an intermediary while by
at the same time the new york times is reporting that a clinton the main coty sheer is running around eastern europe trying to get the same information crazy see how that happens i'm telling you the ring master of this entire operation to take down trump has been brendan over at the sea i now there was a damning interview he gave on the fourth of february on meat the press which are taught forgive me i could not get to it at the time because there is so much more breaking news about this devastating case what's amazing about this and i have some highlighted this job is clap and brennan both jim clapper hoop weep and if you ve missed the episodes on clapper gosh you missed a lot you have to go back and listen clapper was the head of the director of nationals the director of national intelligence jim clapper under the obama administration knew everything that was going on the spying operation against trot he claims now he didn't but his stay
answer contradictory in every way john brennan was a director the cia and the brok obama and according to people on the inside of the cia who have reported by the way or named on the record these are not of a source as they have said bread was the most political actor than ever seen as the cia director there so much is interview with shock tottered and even know where to begin so i had a line it out first and fascinating and let me tell you the overall again thirty thousand footing in the first part thirty thousand foot which is on this operation folks is still going on the russian our trying to basically overthrow overthrow political system and cause complete chaos and democrats suckers part number to clap percent of world issues me john brennan isn't a world the trouble i believe he's been puppet master engineering a lot of this and now brennan joe knows he's been caught and he's
all of a sudden starting to shift the blame to the fbi now here's what i mean by this they asked brennan about his role in that what he knew about the dossier and in may we have twenty seventeen he gave swore testimony up on the hill where in that testimony he clay is that all you know what we do know much about the dossier only found out about it in december which is nonsense that's total nonsense now here's how i know that's nonsense he say december twenty sixteen he found out about the dossier john brennan in a highly unusual move folks goes up the capital this is the cia director to brief democrats and at the time harry read in august of twenty six to keep in mind brennan says he only heard about the dossier in december he briefs harry read in august of over twenty sixteen joe months earlier this is fascinating just days later hair
we read fires a memo off to the fbi demanding that the fbi start looking into the trump team in what is a site peace site information only and then the dossier folks how the hell do you think that information got to harry red do you think it a coincidence that the director of the cia went up the capitol hill with deeply as to fight information by the way that was a hoax informed she's coming in from the dossier the coroner pay information which was false in four although he doesn't mention carter page by name joe the hairy red letter is clearly talking about carter pages meeting with these influential russians in russia which never happened it was a hoax folks even more disturbing was john brennan the one who ok the insertion of the dust
yea information in the presidential daily brief what did obama no and when did he know it if this information got in the presidential daily brief a hoax a hoax if oaks information fed to christopher steel through two sources russians endemic operatives cody sheer and sit blumenthal who fed the information through the state department back to the fbi and through christopher steel oh the hell did fake hoax information make it onto the president i'd states his desk in a presidential daily bree editing explains everything by the way debbie nunez is interest in owing to the white house back in march of twenty seventeen folks skinny get a little confusing so please follow me in devon nunez
the republican who is leading the idea that that intelligence oversight of all this stuff that happened the fire application he's the one the primary author which are of the nunez memo damning memo he does something very interesting in march of twenty seventeen joe right after trumps director of national intelligence dan coats is confirmed nunez goes over to the white house complex task information about it entire spying scandal and fascinating as he gets a press conference after which so disturbed by it and he says a lot of it had nothing to do with russians this is deeply disturbing why did he the governor whitehouse joe he went over the why i'm asking you a question you can possibly know the amsterdam because i already know and upset me a little but i'm sorry but he goes over the i announced folks because you have to understand house
gifts and sensitive compartment information works there is information joe kept only in certain spots it is not connected to the open internet they can't email it they can't acts security internet the information is kept essentially in what you would call a computer file cabinet you either go to that the imf a cabinet or you don't see it track and me jonah to skip centre its again so exactly why i did nunez have to go to the white house in march to review this information tat was so disturbing may i suggest to you that because information that was in the president's brief or some form of a brief to the that was only cap in skills or sensitive compartment facilities at the white house meaning it was notch knots to be shared elsewhere right right why
my asking you that question because who the information to the white house who did it who took a hoax dossier with informed she provided by the russians and clinton operatives who took that information and moved into presidential daily brief the evidence is getting for welcoming at this point that at person was john brennan or at a minimum he had a significant role in it now it's fascinating because brennan's claiming heating even learn about the dossier of december but breeze harry red who includes das in august the august before december obviously not after who and fires a letter to the fbi demanding an investigation and
goods information from the dossier folks i mean what the hell is going on here what is going on we up it is clear as day our own intelligence our own intelligence agencies the cia the usa the fbi there are operators in their who were corrupted enough to engage in a massive spying operation against the united states citizen who happened to be running for president john bread and cannot get his story straight peace amy learned about in december but he three in august red then debate an investigation from the f b i now here's where the least smith tablet mag peace comes it which i begging you to read smith is smith does
a really comprehensive job joe on explaining the oh deviations were john brennan to go and push the fbi for a counter intelligence investigation against trop ladys and remember the mechanics hear this central intelligence agency cannot investigate a u s citizen on u s soil for violations of u s law that is they are anna they are not law enforcement i don't care what you seen a tv with jason bourne or whatever in the movies i know a lot of you know this i'm not in any way trying to not babylon and a lot of has done some dome dissension intelligence agency is in no way a law enforcement entity none the it must be clear the show the analytical side the people analyze intelligence information and the lawn or side there's not a wall between them better there is different
mechanical difference between how those operate the central and elegance agency cannot arrest anyone there zero law enforcement powers at all somebody had to push the f the eye to start an investigation against donald trump and his team why because they were you as citizens you can that start a counter intelligence or criminal investigation against the u s citizen with our fbi environment who did that we ve been told twenty different story papadopoulos started it with the downer thing with the in the london bar which by the way i got a distance i gotta get to that the second take a check mark we ve been told that it all started with carter page is trip to moscow for me with these russian oligarchs it never happened we know we took a trip
moscow the meetings ever happen folks we told the thousand stories his brain the puppet master here i think so brennan clearly has access to this information is the cia director but they need an investigative arm they need someone would handcuffs the aid as having a cops smith does it a job piecing together the puzzles and statements by brennan where now let me give you just one can you read the piece i'm going to give you what's in it to show you breed the pieces of supplement and could jump the paul spere peace i have from real clear investigations you'll see clear as day here that it was on brennan who was poking the fbi to do this and now brennan is starting the outcome is the puppet master what is he doing he's blaming fbi let me show you when we read something to you ok here we go
this is from brennan's interview on february fourth would set a week ago were so with meat the press in shock todd he's talking about the dossier chuck todd here's the question how did you treated you said you looked at in december which we know now is a lie it was obviously looked at by the fbi we ve now learn that they ve tried to confirm some of it had some success some not yet i'd say it's they don't they say it's unconfirmed but that's about it that's todd's question listen to redo brennan's answer listen now because telling you he was the one poking the fbi for this to get involved in this investigation despite the fact that is based on a hoax listen to him now this this this this weasel try to turn around and blame the fbi amount of solving them of their role but listen tat we answers is well there were things dossier that made me wonder whether or not in fact they were accurate are true and i do not think it was i was up ox use me and i
we think it was up to the fbi to see whether or not they could verify any of it i think call me you said it contains salacious and unverified information just because it was unfair i didn't mean it wasn't true and if the russians violence something like that directed against individuals were aspiring to the highest office in the land there was an hour gazing on the part of the fbi to seek out the truth in it i wanted answer from job brennan right now did you pushed jim co me and the fbi to investigate the united states citizen because you had no ability to put us on any one did you or did you not you notice how we judge diplomatically answers that question job over the fbi and you call me at an obligation no you an obligation first to deter men if the sources remember i said to you a week ago what
brennan's role in this the cia has an absolutely critical role in the verification of foreign sources and foreign assets i said to you a week ago take the next year a drop on this is gonna be what was john brennan in the cia role in authenticating me information from christopher steel or verifying their source and turn verifying the sources of christopher steals information because we know steel was the purveyor the information not the source why was the cia role folks they are overseas intelligence gathering apparatus what was the role brennan now understands that question is going to nail him to the wall and what does he say now always up to you pr verify here comes the bus you darn right he's throwing him right in front of him and isn't it awfully convenient shown so
brennan needs it out now all we had this foreign and tell the cia does foreign intel did you verify nora was the f b i saw what conveniently joe the fbi had work christopher steel before you see weren't you do you see what i'm gonna just set very important yeah that he worked yes that he worked with rain knows he's gotta get the fbi and bomb brennan knows the cia has a role in authenticating foreign intelligent streams and assets bread and also knows in order to get the fbi involve he s the sucker call me that you call me that entirely unwitting participant in this but what did they do fishing gps than hires a guy conveniently super steel to go get it for me from russians and click not who joe conveniently work with the fbi whore so proud of you could say hey look a weak euro buddy you're all pal nice job values now bread
this weasel has plausible deniability because now we go back and says hey look was the fbi job to verify this guy sharp that sure buddy another fascinating thing about this interview by the way i have the trend grab the entire interview which i strongly encourage you to refer members see news dot com it's in the links today at the show notes upon gino dhaka read the transcript they just it's not law just go to the bread in part is towards the end said dishonor define i'm reading it from that to have now for other the more that this joe this thing was a wealth of information even more damning shocked i didn't eight surprising moment of journalists the guy you know inquisitiveness which seems to be gone this entire spying scandal remember what i told you from the beginning one of the biggest part
so the scandal the set up the framing of donald trump was illicit operation to spy on him before they want the legal rules they try the legal round the fire court they were denied repeatedly they only got a pfizer court warrant in august they ve been spying on him the whole time i've i did to you the cnn and the guardian reporting ah the gc age q british intelligence operation sending information on the trump team to u s intel late gentlemen i just passing on to you left wing reporting about a british spying operation on donald trump why the cnn and the guardian doing it at the time because the time job they were trying to reinforce the russian collusion our tonight yeah man in the guardian at the time because you may say here's a quest
i get a lot and five dora explained it but i may not have explained the thoroughly enough and been been precise enough a fair questions danube condemning the media the whole time but you're using left wing media sources to back up claims you're make ok fair yes folks what i'm sure to tell you now and to joe if i'm not clear on this let me know what i'm trying to tell you is at the top i'm cnn and the guardian we're not defending donald trump and trying to claim look the obama team of spying on trop they were putting these reports in april in there stories about the british spying on trump too tourists and reinforce the narrative the tropic colluded with the russians and it was so serious even the british new gag that who gave such out just read the links read the legs
that are in neo bomber gay files up my websites called the obama gave i've gotta bunch you know that come read that links i haven't had its is on the united kingdom connection read that links you can see in the peace there trying to purchase the claim that tromp was so guilty of russian collusion even the brits were involved problem is the russian collusion never happen so now what are you left with you i ve pulled in your because now you ve been claiming a new cnn reports and guardian report that the collusion was so serious that the british were spying on trump ocean and you reported the british were spike trot why why why they do that why you do that they take they can't retract retracted stories so now this is why i use left wing reporting because they there nothing there's no where for them to run either
who played a role in the obama gauge spying scandal the went by reporting the british spying on trump or you didn't or virtual the story they can't retract the story because it's true now why did i have to it's you up with that i was not often tat i was doing that a purpose because this charter john brennan former cia director under obama interview is damning there's a corn you cold of information and here i can if i'd have to do ten shows on it i'm just can you really damning part folks brennan if you listening please seriously stay off the air and get yourself a lawyer a sap you idiot foregoing omnia here's a question from shock top remember this is about despite operational trump led by overseas intelligence agencies chuck tat is the papadopoulos thing
is the papadopoulos thing come to the cia aviator five eyes thing five eyes or the entire just sharing agreements between new zealand australia uk united states canada is the papadopoulos then come to the cia via the five wise thing it's a typo did is probably did the papadopoulos thing that would have been some information that gets to the fbi is that how it works listen apprentice answer there talking about the information exchange between foreign intel on donald trump before a warrant brenda goes now i'm not going to get into details about how was acquired all that's a shocker but goes on an episode of verbal diarrhoea that is them but the fbi is very close relationships with its british counterparts at noticed now we blames the fbi again joe now what he's doing here again because he pushed the fbi into this and now he needs the back out like the snake is but the fbi's very its relationships with their british counterparts and so the fbi
had visibility into a number of things were going on a bombing some individuals who may i've had some affiliation with the term campaign notice all the maidens might have right and so the tell agents that we collected was pulse against that and i thought it would have been derelict if the air b i did not pull the threads investigative threads on american persons who may have been involved with russia and working on their behalf either wittingly or unwittingly did you catch something in the beginning there because as we smith had tipp your points out and tablet made peak in tablet men tablet make peace genius catch he says he throws the british onto the bus but i thought the information started when an australian diplomat met up with
but the in a london bar wait that's what you said right the new york times reported show the new york times put out a piece in december of twenty seventeen about two months ago now stay in that the australian diplomat alexander down who we know as a relationship with the clinton's met with pop adopt in a london bar and in that london bar papadopoulos told them the russians had dirt on hilary i and the australian diplomat pass the information to it american intelligence officials cia how to be part of that but brennan says they got it from the british the fbi is very close relationship with the british counterparts when asked the five eyes relationship of which austria is part of it there's an australian have the information given the australian of the british this
don't understand the liabilities taken on here this president john jay be get off the news get off the news get a lawyer and get a lawyer quick how did the information showed you see what i'm going to tell you how the information get from an australian government official to marry can intelligence officials if brennan saying now that the fbi's relationship was with the british counterparts when asked about called for the populace thing the papadopoulos thing was passed to what our not the british why does he slip and say the british had a relationship with the fbi whilst not fair meta asked the question and not give you an idea of what i think is going on your folks
folks that five eyes relationship is between the countries i told you the australians are in their relationship is it possible tat chauvelin some papers here is it possible that the spying operation the set up of donald trump and the framing of donald trump is more extensive than we even thought is it possible that other foreign entities outside of the british gc h q or all spying on the trump team and if by the way there is some media reporting about dutch counter arts as well having some information out there that's out their credible reporting it's not kook stuff what are australians involved in this too do you see why joe i woke up today thinkin mean gimme yeah what what's going on here foams
do you see now why brennan is panicking do you see now why brennan who to be clean what i'm what i'm what i believe may have happened to your folks i'm not so sure defy by participants in the intelligence sharing operation you straight the uk all these people involved in it in a larger more robust intelligence sharing operation we have at the rest of the world i dont think they started this on their own i've been i knew from the beginning tromp was set up he was framed a lot of people are starting to go down that road now i'm wondering who initiated the exchange of information in other words that american and elegance officials in the cia john brown included reach out to our intelligence efficiency we need information on donald trump or did far
intelligence officials reach out to brennan and say hey you have information on tromp i've said this over the direction matters show but order matters in this who reach how to who if britain or some one in the cia with the now full knowledge of the obama administration the obama team reached out to a an official response in an american circumventing u s law hole we moses do we have a serious constitutional crisis right now because the way it's being framed job by brennan and others no pun intended is all this information was so troubling at the british the dutch they reached out to us with it are you sure about that
are you really sure about that now i got somethin else you say that you are here we go this is from the bird sorry folks unjust and reading as we go along this is from the tablet mag peace by lee smith he says he is talking about the british slices british counterparts the times report based on interviews with former and current u s and foreign officials had claimed that the australians passed on the tipp did the timescale part of the story wrong perhaps down australia is far far former foreign minister had told the british police who passed through the fbi or maybe breaded misspoke or miss remember again it's likely brendan told the truth and the british were spying on and the whole time now from the tablet make peace it is important to folks you're talking about report from the guardian by the name of harding last name harding who had already in about the gcse through the british spying on trump
he says citing u s and uk intelligent sources harding than reporter wrote jesse h q played an early prominent role and kick starting the fbi's trump rush investigation which began in late twenty sixteen order matters are you sure that gc age q kick started or did we kicked the gc a q and a juicy h q and he asked and then get them the kick started joe we understand why that question is absolutely critical also do you ordered us this central intelligence agency at the direction of john brennan pride bar and intelligence ass to spy on a u s citizen was running for present i go on mother quotas is a great piece again we psmith tab mac according to one account reported harding this is as a left wing reported by the way for the guardy cheese the age gives them head robert had again
asked the material in summer of twenty sixteen to the cia chief john brennan the matter with the so sensitive it was handled i quote that the rector level you're an initially slow start brennan whose gc h q information and intelligence from other partners to law a major inter agency investigation what the hell is going on gosh dan is just just gets deeper and deeper and deeper what we're like who doubted dantes i was seventeen layer of heller's gotta be folks i'm citing to a left wing report from the guardian the cia director using foreign intelligence on donald trump from the british and other partners who the hell are they
launch a major inter agency investigation against startled trump remember the names robert had again sound familiar irregular listeners oh he's there you see h q had the british i say who promptly resigns right after donald trump is elected mouth and see their folks pay no attention we read bought rather said though any davis red square or even better that's like look squirrel and red ball tv worse folks how does it make sense why i have repeatedly said to you in discussing the populace alexander downer who is an australian diplomat meeting papadopoulos back venture in the trunk campaign meets with down or in a london bar the new yorker i'm says reported that this is what starts the investigation why is australian diplomat meeting with back venture
the trump campaign in a london bar let me quote they put harding's peace again at the guardian brennan use gc h q information intelligence from other partners to launch a major inter agency investigation who as other partners with the australians involved in this too and who order matters who asked the british and the australians and the dutch get information on a u s citizen by name it down drop in his team it was framed he was set up the whole time folks i got some more here gonna get you better quickly get really cold out there for some of you might warm it up a little bit in florida was called everywhere else people spend a lot of time and doors with alice was eleven degrees new york with is nine i was up there for that super bowl was five i think of one point winters in full swing and your age access teams working overtime you gotta take care that system is very expensive if you are probably maintaining your air filters you're not
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honey save time brief better folks with filter by dot com that's filter by that come filtered by the communist sincere thanks to all our sponsorship they keep the shell free for your folks the downer meeting in the london bar i'm starting it seriously question if that was a coincidence meeting and outline the bar it is now patently obvious that there is a spying operation entrapment operation framing operation going on against donald drop wave donald trump way before and his team way before the formal filing in front of the fire a court three went to bed brennan has no plausible deniability in this brennan cia would have some role and authenticating foreign intel and a foreign asset brennan is now running by trying to blame the fbi when i'm telling you i think it's brennan who actually prodded the fbi based on the timeline here which is harry red with information in the dossier harry
then prods the fbi to start investigations including information in the dossier which he gets from brennan i am also telling you in the beginning this operation is ongoing folks this is i mean stuff our russians out there that this is just but a mainstream media reporting who were still approaching people in the u s government and we're giving them money to take down donald trump we have a senator involved in a text that change we have a representative all with oversight capabilities over intelligence committee evolved in a prank call to get compromise on trump what's going now the democrats are running for the hills i'm going wrap this up today with this they releasing their memo so now the while she journals reporting some sources have seen democrat memo and apparently the democrat memo street three themes i can quickly go to this all easily the box ok the first theme
democrat memo joe is going to be to argue for the credibility of christopher steel folks i too give you listen unless we show it doesn't matter christopher steals not the source of the information as a democrat a very talented lawyer points out national review you can be their teresa if it's not you our information and reporting on the information of others it's their credibility not yours not mother teresa us there no vicarious credibility so the demo that's memo for your liberal friends that that reports on the authenticity and the veracity and they end the genuineness of christopher steel is completely one hundred percent irrelevant because it's not the eels information it's the russians information and clinton operatives like blumenthal but one point number two they try to make in their first argues at sea the sec is that the fbi had good reason to survey mister carter page really carter pay now the bogeyman why is carter page a free man if carter pages to poky man why
the f b i use them as an informant and twenty thirteen to arrive thrush spies what is it is trust worthy enough to use an informant or is it not and now he is the russian spy why the free right now if you bought the fbi had good reason to survey carter page where was the probable cause boom too poor number three which is just utterly ridiculous is that the g o p oh it's partisan by the way that statement is part of eyes tautological psych saying young people are our future did she opened they d o p member was partisan of course it's a geo pre memo whatever argue about that too so they don't argue the facts it is argued that as part of the pre that's like me say forget the democrat meadow it's done by democrats that's it that's our point so down there's nothing to address because
aprons tautological it makes no sense on his face you don't discredit the credibility of a document by saying who came from you discredit the facts within it that she's done so for those this night and i'm i'm runnin they put one final story here because it's gonna be important goodwin outside i do want to get too to smother step this can be fast but i have a great the call by the daily signal train the shots i encourage you to read they're gonna run out and infrastructure plan today folks i am very sceptical of infrastructure plans ok infrastructures a local issue it is not a federal government issue i have some real issues with this your liberal friends telling you our infrastructure is crumbling that daily signal has some great statistics and now they can show you joe but that in fact is not accurate we have ever seen your problems like everywhere else in the world let me give you some quick numbers your bridges the number bridges declared structurally fishing has declared by i've been out she's me declined by half over the last twenty five years
that doesn't sound like we're in a situation that crumbling it sounds like a situation is getting better for our roads ninety three percent were rated fair or better that doesn't sound like an infrastructure is crumbling why am i bring in this folks i'm just asking you to analyze this in the light of the facts and not in the hyperbolic public crumbling because when they a crumbling the democrats do than a purposes focus group tested wording designed to get you spend additional taxpayer money on what should be local projects i live in part then he floored i dont want money from texas to build a road and publicity florida this should not the federal initiative i'm sorry arrive structure is not crumbling your questions to your liberal to leave its crumbling why are the number of bridges structurally deficient going down by half as a matter of fact why are the number of roads ninety three percent fair better that doesn't my crumbling let's be realistic that's analyzing the facts not an emotion i folks thanks importunity please go to my website please
the show notes today or subscribes to the email if they are critical pieces of information policy you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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