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Ep. 656 What Can be Done to Fix This?

2018-02-15 | 🔗
What can be done to prevent targeted school violence? I discuss some research findings by the Secret Service that every parent and school official should read.    I also address the growing controversy surrounding the alleged DNC “hack” by the Russians. Did it even happen?   Finally, I discuss some positive economic news, debunking liberal attempts to talk down the good news.    Please read this Secret Service report on targeted school violence and some of the warning signs.   Why are leftists so unhappy? Prager has an interesting perspective.   Did the Russians really hack the DNC? The story seems to be falling apart.    The spy agencies were criticized by the courts for a “lack of candor” in their surveillance requests.   Another terrific piece pointing out some of the issues with the cryptic Susan Rice email.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i love them thereby gino shellfish joe how you hang in there dana right tone obviously what happened yesterday i found out i was in my car and i in florida about sixty seventy miles north of parkland where this horrible school shooting happened and you know it the first story first broke i didn't know the severity of it i don't think a lot of astaire now it looks like seventeen dad mean kids you know their kids they got a school now there's too worried about do you know when you were a kid nice gotcha what are you worried about him in these days you're snapchat account and test you have passed your driver's license tasks whatever it may be a europe that you like you know the exactly
a gift girl of bats and i next year whatever it may be a next thing you know new now itself i mean you ve taken here last breath i mean had had a yet what do you i mean adjectives learned aren't gonna adequately described the horror of what happened yesterday get apparent supposedly some of their kids had then identified up too late last night because as they ran away they didn't have idea item they may have had an backpacks but they fled from their backpack so your apparent don't even know i mean i obviously that it's really just and you know it unspeakable horror me my wife said to me last night is a former secret service agencies is maybe you should talk to isabel joe and tell her what to do isabel being one of my daughter's whose school now and i said to my wife i really i don't have any good answers right now have some may think good answers will dig into some of that today about what i
schools can do when i think teachers can do but i dont have any good answers for kids but let me just explaining why before you get this show i didn't really intend to go down this route my daughter's fourteen therein askin in a school where you follow orders you follow instructions if the teachers don't lead is very rare that you're gonna have a bunch of teenage kids really in an invite i meant where they are told to do with their toll will understand can it be chaos in the classroom otherwise our very do what you want that's not the way work you down when you sit down you told to be quiet you be quiet you listen the teacher instructs the class it's very difficult to get to it's to act independently in environment like that is unlike in a mall it makes sense joe in a mall you they're your friends you hear gunshots you run the classroom they're gonna look to direction from the teacher the reason i say that as i didn't have a lot of good advice for my own daughter but i do i think
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when i was a an agent with the secret service naked came across an idea they said this and i think we can add something to this debate about how to improve security our schools and the logic was sound the logic was that there are probably some similarities between people who enjoy in targeted violence against political figures and people who engage in targeted violence at school targeted violence means sought random it's not a street robbery it's it's someone with the intent to picks up weapon or even attacks with their hands and we're gonna fist whatever it may be but they are targeting towards a certain people or group of people whether its political figure a school so the secret service and set at the time i think we can add something to this discussion so back it was while ago the reports about ten years ten years old but they put together a report with national threat assessment center i am going to linked
report it's a ninety nine page report but here's your folks eat up its line out in such a way the report that you can read it in sag mature enough to read the whole thing but there is some take away is going to give you on the show tat anna if your apparent if your school administrator if you're a teenager and school there it just some we take a ways i want to include today hopefully to contribute to the conversation for the better to may be improved school security in the future data the study is similar to what they called the exceptional case study project the secret service what was at the exceptional case that he project was in a valley waste they did in conjunction with the mental health community joe of people engaged in targeted political assassinations are assassination attempt in other words the inner the people try anew the assassins or attempted assassins people attempted to assassinate someone and they found out
some incredible things there were some commonalities amongst these assassins you know one of em i always get stuck out to me when i was in the secret service and interviewing people who had made threats was targeted discrimination that you know when you when you watch movies like in the line of fire about the secret service sector clint eastwood movie right and one of them you come across from that movie with john malkovich assassin character is that the dangerous assassins are the ones that focused joe like a laser on one tartan in other the the should present that movie malkovich wants him and he wants that guy that's it in this guy's the most dangerous out there the rio de as men women who have engaged in that type of behaviour assassination targeting political figures the most dangerous one show are the ones that are very promiscuous on their targeting one day there targeting a hollywood celebrity the next day it's a politician the next dates and other politicians the next stage country singer dodge
once you are the most dangerous and i know that that that seem strange that you would think all their so mad at one person but that's not typically what happens so they discovered some important commonalities amongst these people they to themselves the secret service and national threat assessment centre well you know we could probably do the same thing with people who engage in targeted school violence and find some commonalities there the i'm analyses are striking here they are this is for a mom my third boxers i don't even have the book in front of me this was just stay a manuscript i sent over but it took a screen out the page so it says some of the startling findings of the report talks about the secret service report which should concern every parent of school age child child were here's the first one this really stunning folks the perpetrators school violence often tell at least one person about their plants give out specifics before the event takes place and we obtain the weapons they need typical
from their own home or from a relative sound think about what i just told you if you're a school age kid listening of your school administrate if you're anyone involved in schools these people who attack the schools typical tell someone about the plan and advance giving out specifics now it's not a police state i not suggesting that every kid who says ease you know all mad ominous show up and i'm gonna be tommy tomorrow is a potential murderer but there's a question show that a lot of the majority these kids you engage in in these any school violence incidents have also one and that should be a warning sign what does that mean what's the action i'm ok so they told him what do you do you know you don't know out all the attacks it didn't happen why because they didn't happen what are basically saying that you can get those kids who say things like this the people and other students in front of us as a school psychologist in front of a school administrator in some cases
severe enough maybe an interview with law enforcement if it's a direct threat there maybe it's enough to stay that off but you have there were some point reported in the words if you're one of those school age kids or administrative and you see and hear things like this again you know sir something say to infer that somebody times it's become almost wrote that it doesn't mean anything anymore but this case the study was exhaustive joe it was well research study the kids it told people but they were gonna do keep your ears open open your mouth if you hear something like this second take away many the attackers developed the planned weeks in advance and did not act impulsively that's important folks that's important because the weeks in advance buys you time time your friend advise you time to respond you see instagram photos like joel reported on this guarantee this all the
i'd shooter in this that they were mr grant photos of hair and he had you know he's a young kid uneasy seem to have an obsession with firearms you know this give it that does it mean anything per se a lot of hunters like their firearms to a lot of young kids are competitive you know shooters or they may just be interested in self defence but the fact that this kid who it as you know was unknown discipline problem at all these pictures there were typically weeks in advance planning that goes on here joe meaning you have time to respond again keep your ears open keep your mouth open too if you he if you see and hear hear something like this it's your obligation to say somethin here's another take away from this is important for people like us responsible gun owners out there many the weapons using the attacks were taken from the home alison ahmad here to lecture anybody folks its that's not my job i'm not your priest them europe i am certainly not you're psychologists but maybe
i got owner you being a gun on which my obligation yours as well you got a secure those weapons i know you know that again i'm happy and preaching about it myself i've certainly at times been been guilty of at least one of them i once and probably some lacks gun security but now that i have kids it's a whole different bogging lot of them then came from the home when i wake wendy report come out again i'm sorry this so most tenure probably over ten years old please tell me why the hell i'm here in this for the first time i know i tell me saying this on national media that anyone who will happy how is it that this stuff is not out there in the answer i dont know you know that i think it is joe my experience working in the secret service i a knock on them they are not appear agency there a law enforcement protection of fish is a passer do this is this really is it's good to know but it's a picture oh and eight that date or they are not an effective public
laces outfit and it's not their fault here you know they just don't know how to get it out there me what do you do a press release and you know you can't do a big press conference once a week and i feel like i'm it's my job to put this in full aftermath i tweeted out last night the report and the link by the waste folks please read the report again it's ninety nine pages but you have to read all ninety nine you can read two or three pages haven't come away are better for it will be show no it's up on gino dot com and if you're on my email list will email write to you don't miss it but you joe on the outside site out there i have no good explanation you shake your head wondering what you were shaking your had it makes more sense i've never heard that before ever now it's well here's a couple therefore i am that this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone but again it for those school age kids listening this close to this one i mean it pay very
close attention to what i about to tell you many of the attackers were victims of bullying sometimes your boy now why do i say that again you know the younger kids and teenagers listen i'm going to call you kids but i school age and even younger i again oh my your preacher man but as ever kid this get it become a serial murder or later on now but some of them are and you know you have to ask yourself are you doing the right thing are you do an easy thing you know the teacher religion class my wife and i one of the things we bring up all the time is you know do you gonna be accepted and take the easy route or you want to take the right route sometimes and be almost moral outcasts there are sometimes words convenient to let that kid that debt that thirteen
boy or teenage girl eat alone at large who knows a good person but nobody wants to be friends with because they're not what ever they don't fit you your stereotypical you know edgy image or whatever it may be god forbid you get picked you get voted in an instagram shower that can really you sure about that you sure you're making a right caller you make an easy call lot of these kids victims of extreme bullying you know think about that next time you know you have the opportunity to do the right thing instead you take the easy route out to be part of that you know whatever you want to call it the in crowded whatever it may be not good not good at all last one and shockingly some of the attackers communicated their plans to other students who this is amazing joe i mean really rather than reporting the incident actually encourage the attacker to carry out their plants a what i mean
i'm not making that up that's in a river again folks read the report yourselves available to website bungee no dot com check it out yourself so some of these attackers told other kids about the plans and its of them reporting it to administrators or launch fishermen are the parents whenever they actual encouraged the attackers to do it now fair here reading it like an with some sense of a psychological background i spent the couple years in graduate school studying neuro psychology in havre learning and claimed to be you know the yes sigmund freud of our time but folks i dont think these kids took the other kids seriously i don't think they really mad tejano what do we do it do it i think they just they didn't take them firstly the point here is that's irrelevant the relevant as if someone set what's relevant issues means if someone says something like that to you it's your job to say something and report it
i mean who knows how many of these things could have been stopped if warning signs would have been would have set off alarm bells you folks it's it's i'm just trying to be helpful but he a couple more things member gonna move i gotta other stuff anything yet to as well you know from a security perspective as a forum rage and where this is all we did was secure structures and locations for the present united states and other other protective there are two things you have to keep in mind here and i will try to think of easy ways to sum up so i did think about this or that i think the best way to say it would be no time in terrain ripe terrain matters time is it you you're the attackers friend the more time he has to carry out an attack the more damn they can do now i'll get the terrain and a second you now your idea if you thinking about this is a counter counter the assault the counter attack counter the attack your goal
as someone interest insecurity should be well how do we then take time away from that person and the sir here is an easy want the ants is having response officers and response security guards there who the trains ready to respond now apparent there were some armed officers on that scene i dont know what happened yet and until i know i can't comment on their response but if you are in a school a euro school administrator and you don't have a trained response personnel at your school i understand you are giving a potential attacker time and time is exactly what they want to carry out their attacks there's a reason when you're a secret service agent and you're on the way can shift next to the president ten arms reaches the president why is that because it reduces the for you to respond to the president as we the same maximum the protect the minimum to the problem right
you all surrounded protect eu let the problem that the local law enforcement and our counter result team are swatted take care the problem where there to evacuate the president but you can't a vacuum the present you far away from you also can't how these kids if you have response officers that are not place that strategic locations and not you know and for all broken up this i'm sorry i'm not you could especially the jokers in the clouds and the added if you know that the forget it because i go on all day about the media matters buffoons but they just contribute to the problem here that but they do but i say it all you re trying to turn our school at the armed camps know we're not trying to do that we're trying to turn our schools in the safe locations where the kids can learn stop with the nonsense political talking points ok so time waited decrease the attackers time is to have response elements available there right away if police drivers have to drive to the scene and research into a scene they're not familiar with time is the attack
chris best friend having a resource officer with the resources to fight back on the scene cuts the time down and joe why i addressed at the way did he saw familiar with the terrain point number two time terrain ok terrain can be your friend terrain can be your enemy terrain for you can be a friend to meet terrain features could be your enemy now in this case the terrain features were the friend the attack or why because he was familiar with the terrain why because he was a former student now you i see that a lot if you read the schools safety report i told you about from the secret service and the shown us today if you re that you'll see that most of the attackers any school violence incidents were familiar with the grounds they were either former students or the new people and school now having said that how do you again turn time to your advantage like you did the first way by keeping the school resource officer there to respond quickly cutting the time of the attack how do you mean
the terrain work in your favour and not work in the favour the attacker the answer is again you people on the cap is familiar with the terrain not these officers who may be seeing it for only the first or second time listen up this is knock and police officers obviously was one i've i've active i defend them and will continue to these are the person the bravest bit they pick up they intentionally pick a career could be killed and on any given day because of their bravery but let's just can't that they're not as familiar with your school campuses even the students there because they're not there every day if you have a school resource officer with the resources to fight back their familiar with the terrain one more thing in the terrain features you have make the terrain as unaccommodating as possible for attackers what do i mean by this one of the things in the secret service joe we used to talk about i was making big thing small sum i discussed on the show before if your regular less noise the kaiser called the box within a box approach whatever you can do
to make terrain less accommodating for attack an attacker you should do whatever you can do to lock him down or car wherever it may be the attacker into a certain location you should do what should allow them access to begin with but assuming they get onto the campus whenever they cut a whole fence they climb offence with a weapon whenever it maybe you won't allow them down to a certain specific spot why is that most for a couple reasons number one you dont want them roaming the entire camp is taking advantage of a broader scope of victims that seems to be obvious but secondly the police response than can be targeted and if its a police response it it's an onsite school resource officer response it can be targeted even more precisely now you do that folks there are a number of ways to do it one of the ways you do it and thankfully it appears that it appears that some of the teachers yesterday did this you can just simply get doors that are better than are sturdy they don't have to be bullet resistant doors that would be unbelievably expensive but sturdy enough that these doors can be lock soda
requires some men manipulation and get them open what does that do that cost the attacker time it makes the terrain unfavourable locked school doors there are simple treacheries to do in the secret service door chocks if the doors open outwards you have these cones you can put on the hinge device at the top of the door they will make it difficult is it going stop him from shooting through the door potentially no but a second cost rounds as economic costs time yes this is important make the terrain unfriendly have pulled down gates what a pull down gay or order more excuse me towards that lock and if you have a big hallway men ice the school at saint pancras up in new york they use the rent out the gym two organisations in order to prevent kids and people gel from going upstairs into the grammar school they have big roll down gates of the law always so you could you couldn't get into the school it who had those at the end of school always there not that expensive you could stop an attacker from going
he be locked into one specific location you give life foresman access than you do you see what i'm saying john if you have a school with fifteen different wings and three thousand ah you know three times students you can completely locked down specific buildings always everything so there's no where they can go it makes the two rain unfriendly it costs them time what are they going to do now their stock in one specific spot folks time terrain and one more thing and that too making the terrain friendly for law enforcement and for school resource after school blueprints you should have money mail you should have hard copies local on i spent a lot of schools are doing this already local law enforcement police department should have a blueprint readable easy copy of the blueprints of the school on electronic format printed
they should be able to pull up right away on ahead of a police congo here's what we got here's your guys here's where we need to go here's where the entrance points are simple stuff folks but it makes a big big difference in the long run i think that they make sense and there's just so much under leave i mean that they leave the instinct as i said yesterday i my twitter account if your first instinct is the claim to want solutions as you simultaneously attack the character and motives of others who are actually trying to provide solutions than europeans garbage you're not seeking solutions at all trying to leverage death and destruction for your own political agenda and really shame on you i mean really you should be horrified embarrassed yeah i'm with you how i got some other stuff i want it the today our way more final thing i'd i'd know i was on foxes and i got some negative feedback on twitter and i understand i recall you feedback and i do appreciate and negative impositive zones is constructive and not like you're a jerk they get that allow too
but i did say last night did you know we don't no the relationship between violent movies and violent video games and violent kids we don't i mean there's did i willing at all to say that's causal the questionnaire has always been joe do violent kids dig out violent video games or do violent video games may kids more via you said that the answer is yes nobody really knows i mean and i'm i'm not i got some gamers you tweet it to me and they survive thereby gino saying violent video games or i'm not saying that i thought it was clear as day i'm saying there should be some government ban on video games that are vital to play them guy played guenaud guns growing up i'm not a pipe i dont think at least a particularly violent person that's saying at all all i was to apply is it if your parent of a kid that's got issues like this kid
it's probably not a good idea to expose them to violent content that's all i'm saying i just be clear on that i'm not deal because sometimes i think people see but you ve no matter how clear you are they come away the preconceived notions what you should always inviolate video get that's not what i said and say that it all i would merit metaphorically was very clear i'm just saying there's a certain parental responsibility here meet you i'm apparent frozen what absolving myself of this to police what you're it's your watching sent the government's job it's our job makes sense shown so i just want to respond to some of that there is some really negative feedback folks tunisia but you by our friends over a filter by hey it's been a cold winter alice down to eleven degrees one point new york was gosh i was up there go into a christmas party whose freedom i bought off i wasn't used to it minneapolis for the superbowl with something like minus five winners in full swing and your age vat systems working overtime training
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listening to the show one about to tell you is not a surprise if you just tuned in recently when i'm about to tell you may be a surprise you understood right it there's no evidence that the dnc i mean no hard conclusive evidence i should say dnc was hacked by official russian actors you understand i write folks the democratic national committee may not have been a victim of a hacking scanned the little another emails were words were stolen but we don't know was it inside job we don't off it was a fishing scheme we don't know if it was price russian actors working on their own for whatever ransom embarrassment could it up now let me be clear as i said yesterday shop we apps look we know that the russians are trying again via than our elections because that's what they do they so can i am not saying that the russians have i'm not absolving them of any responsibility in that i'm telling you with this specific incident the hack
of the day and see that it may not have been a hacking at all now what led to this narrative what one created a convenient narrative to go after the trump team because as as jim call me set himself the hat king into the day and see and neutral the collusion narrative are all married together in other its folks what i'm telling you is the democrats understood from the start in order to have a trump got to go with the russians and colluded to overthrow an election they needed to have the decency hacked by the russians cosette was an essential component of the narratives that makes sense show that look tromp new the russians hacked into dnc emails and the colluded with the rushes to make sure those males got out a embarrassed everyone hilary included you get you out of your idea if the right genes did not in fact hack into the dnc email system entire narrative of collusion cannot exist now either mccarthy's
have a good piece of put the showed us that happens you know that com i encourage you to read where he alive so this half way down these narratives are all interrelated so let me be clear on what i'm saying folks because it was a major break in this case the day and see was hacked by the russians narrative is not true the entire case against trump for colluding with the russians to get those hack team is out there to bear imperative democrats entirely falls apart because show how can you collude with the russians to distribute hacked emails date over fifty didn't hack up now what's the break in the case well fascinating knew that you can have to follow me exist gets a little convoluted but it's i open god jordan shock tell as a piece of a conservative review which make sure it put the star cr then i'll add to the show notes that i
talking about a lawsuit now this is fascinating because it involves basically a left wing or left leaning media linen buzzfeed the day and see which her a job with a deity i think they're left leaning i yes you're probably a safe back right pause feed let me walk you through sheer and joe as ombudsman please stop me if i'm if i can use any wielded the buzzfeed published a hoax trump dossier in the hoax trump dossier people are named in there people are named and accused of things which they categorically deny which has no evidence they did what they did people are accused of being russian spies people are accused in you can partner of of hacking and information filtration the people who are involved that people are accused of taking trips overseas including trump associates to coordinate conspire job there is
oh evidence that these trips this these conspiratorial evidence even exists it didn't happen so well what happened after as feed published a hoax dossier were of course show buzzfeed got sued by but the people involved in this you said harry you guys your support to be journalist supplies feed don't you i have some obligation to check that information before you put it on your website and spread it out there so again follow me here the rewinding we're talking about then the hawks narrative that the yard dog what looks like hoax narrative that the russians did the agency the trump colluded with that russians to get that information out then falls apart if that didn't happen pause he publishes a dossier claiming a lot this stuff was conspired by trompe members and others buzzfeed get sued now was freed is trying to defend itself by doing what is in it
think tactic but freedom saying joam what we abortion is not defamatory because we don't know it's not true in other words by swedish thick and by the story you already stressed that the dossier may have may be true now folks from there's no evidence of that so buzzfeed has a team of investigators do and what work and around the clock to try and prove the dossier which contributes to that narrative i told you about joe the see was hacked by the russians trumped colluded with the russians to embarrass the democrats and get the information that entirely falls apart if he had seen was an act the dnc hack information is poor if the dossier pause feed is being sued for publishing it now they ve got investigators working around the clock or one of their investigators is bad degree asking for a subpoena from back from the from the court
to produce joe they d and sees records of the hack oh now now one accounts let me ask you you're not a federal investigator right you are an fbi agent cobb you're smart guy rare if the day and see was actually hacked by the russians and there's any evidence of that at all and the dnc is unquestionably a left leaning organization designed to support left weaning can left leaning candidates a left leaning causes in and both be is left leaning out lay dead bodies who tried to take a shot at trump publishing this dossier me before it was verified don't you two dnc would be eager to rescue buzzfeed from this lawsuit and save them yes i do dan where are my castle they give you a fascinating development in this city and sea will produce the records
see here is the seas do what a buzz reed upright you saw it i just did their given him the double barrel middle finger folks why do you think that is now gimme the dnc to be fair to the dnc let me tell you what their excuses and folks i i don't believe this i don't need this is so absurd but i have to put it out there the dmz joe was saying well if we give you those records on the hack it may suppose us two additional hacks in the future we will let what a waste ok so let me get this straight there have been unquestionably hundreds if not thousands of really dangerous computer viruses tat if whole traded our internet networks and our computers at home we seen them thereby this nor is by the way are publicized all over the medium what people do they go anti virus software that responds to air so what europe
let us now is it you publicized to the world that you were hacked by the russians but if you actually pretty evidence you were hacked by the russians what the russians or find out try to hack you again this work any sense so job the democrats money under tellin us we're hacked by the russians on the other hand are saying we can produce any evidence we react by the russians if we produce that evidence show the russians will attempt to hackers again by the way there so telling us that the russians are than the biggest geo political threaten human history and our hacking us all the time they are you you're crazy person does it make any sense at all the russians are hacking everyone everywhere all the time which by the way i either they are engaged in some pretty serious threats here sure but you're saying you kid produce the evidence you were hack because if you do the russians will have you despite the fact that the trying to hack you anyway folks out i don't get it the only poor
simple explanation to this entire story here ladies and gentlemen the all he plausible explanation is that we're not had by the russians and nato have the evidence so now buzz reads double down like we want the sure what europe is its turkey time and they won't do it folks i'm telling you again something's rotten in denmark ok the whole story is the house of cards is going to come down make out ultimately no mistake read the peace buzz reads response read that the agency's response and you're gonna start to save yourself wait just some so i can wrap the certainty and a couple of things i want to get to you the entire collusion narrative is built around the fact that
russians attacked dnc in an organised effort in conjunction with the trumpeting me that's all all collusion story go back to listen that six twenty eight no make sense the entire narrative falls apart if the deal she was not hacked by the russians because your story that trumped work with them to do it for support because there's no it there's no it did happen it i have to tell the dnc its turkey them now some of you may say well then we have that report by seventeen law enforcement agencies that by the way conveniently came out right around the time of the meeting with burma go parma susan rice and all those other people that she wrote the cryptic e mail about after they left office when trump got an ogre aided yes that report but that port did not say conclusively the russians did it why the fbi no federal law enforcement agency actually look dnc servers so they couldn't what it said
there were some patterns there so folks to be clear on this the damn rats or insisting the russians have their servers with the help of trump they produce any evidence to buzzfeed that that happen they have never let the fbi and intentionally to see those servers never let another federal law enforcement agency come in erin confirmed they were hack but we're all supposed to take them face value and a media parents is talking point left and right for there is no evidence today that the russians the org it was an organised russian effort that led to that hack there is bunch of evidence the russians are causing chaos and trying to destroy our electoral system no question about it but did b and c narrative is collapsing in front of every eyes they won't even help out their left wing friends over it busby unbelievable let me give you good news so there was a young couple interesting beds and wash your journal today have been hit not the economy lately because there's a lot of the left start in a panic
if oaks ears what's going on the liberals are freak out the polling data on the effects of the tax cuts and the appalling data on trump approval has gone up dramatically the theatre ex cuts were at about thirty six percent approval when they passed because the liberal talking points at all you aren't gonna get attacks cod this is for the route you gonna get screwed over where rich you did by watch paychecks people got to pay judges at this age a bad thousand dollar bonus i'll take that take u r d j t that'll j draw appreciate that thank you very much our cash that check now what didn't help nancy pelosi and runnin ruggles grubs squirms saw crumbs does both crumbs thousand dollars now crumbs anyone i do rather well proud proud to say that i'm a free market capitals i'm telling you i know too well enough that a thousand dollars crumbs of cake crumbs
so this is killing the democrats right now killing they are taking a beating the tree tax cuts popularity is gone from thirty six percent to about forty eight percent right now trump approval is up about forty six forty seven percent which are very good numbers for him very good numbers also this is important folks and for congress a couple times and this is a number of republicans pay attention to they keep their eyes on this thing all the time there's a thing the generic ballot show you basically send out a questionnaire you do a phone survey phone poland you say ok are you more likely to vote for a republic in our democratic congressional candidate in the mid term elections very simple question that the republican do i get more thought that they were down by like ten points there now up by one which is a very very very good sign for republicans and a lot of strategies heavy tribute is that to the economy now with that set up set up being this democratic
making pull numbers are turning around the tax this working economic growth kicking in the democrats instead of joe doing what they did under in the reagan years by trying to be part of the growth forever you know tipp was pretty liberal but at some point she tried to work with reagan on things so they can at least take some credit for that the left is double down on talking the economy down crumbs before they will not get this guy any credit at all you this i follow some select accounts on twitter and i read the the accounts certain people in the wall street journal and elsewhere these people are the best weathers their thee what would you gotta know a good way to cut their like nepal reveres for the left if you i want to see where the left is going to teach me read their stuff in one of those people who i mentioned often on the show joe you ve heard the name before is jason firm yet
jason firm and wasn't obama economic adviser he writes pieces in the wall street journal emmy nato and of course the journal let em you know just like the wash post once in a while we include a piece by mark decent or some other republican but do you your journal let's put pieces and which is why again i've i'm unlike liberals i don't believe in snowflake innocent keeping opposing ideas out but firms up in the wall street journal pennies very telling because he does exactly this instead of trying to take part in it celebrating a growing economy the liberals twice eighteen strategy joe is gonna be to talk it down which again great liberals good stick with it that is a total loser it's not working for you and if you want to double down on it go right ahead i don't care i don't care at all knock yourself out and get smoked in the mid terms i don't care but began this guy to tell whether furman what he writes typically what's going on in the think tanks on the left so their strong
jeez thou to talk down tv can and their new talking point is gonna be this it's it's not everything he says is wrong by the vienna one immediately discount lot of what you say but i dont think what east although somebody's things out wrong he's saying it for the wrong reasons may i'm gonna make more sense intimate here this and we need to be really careful here ok when this parties right about he said if inflation and price start going up at a higher rate children wages you may be getting arrays but your search not getting a real rays which he's about that they ve been flee goes up it's god forbid three four five percent which is a lot focus at about one point now in two percent now and wages are only go up by say two and a half percent i got news for you you may be raise your lose money paid greater make hundred extra hundred a week ok great gases caused you to ensure more we that's a real problem and he brings up
very valid point that this may be in another i'm sorry maybe confusing office but it's in the opposite direction today it he aloof the inflation compounded but in another proper they say this is what happened during the push years we actually have some pretty decent under the bush years forty three not charged each w george w bush the problem shows people feel epoch gas prices were so hot so great hundred i'll raise gas cost you a hundred fifty more you basically lose money and ex about how in the united kingdom the same things happening over there now and that some of them working urban of politicians are being heard at the polls because even a wages are growing up in the economy is doing well inflation is moving and moving fast with me yesterday show by the way where i give a little law primmer on this inflation how it's happening why it could be a big deal why there are some warring sides now remember that your support so listen the yesterday shop but he says you know what this is where i think you want
he's a pleasant disinflation there's gotta be a problem and i don't think we're going to grow here's why because what's happening now adjust cyclical and it should be productive what he means by that and this is gonna be the damn stocky boy this is just the natural result of us coming out of recession and all this pent up demand and the economy not really growing it just all this pen up demand and consumption and it's all a farce folks that's nonsense that he's just making that up he's making up in here the numbers in his own pc counted the punks his own premise so just to be clear saying inflation is gonna be a huge problem wages may be going up inflation could outpace which could then i wrote disagree with and there i don't think it well though not they why the growth he's under selling growth in other words joan pray premise to be correct their prices will go up higher than your wages peace assuming that growth has to be low enough that your wages won't go up you have rooms
like you asked the cell growth short i think that's what he's doing that's why i'm not as worried about the inflationary nobody said isn't wrong if inflation is hard and growth we are gonna have a problem i'm telling you i don't think it will be just to be clear but secondly second point you makes us well here's why growth is going to be a problem and why it's not going to always facets inflation gotta be an issue because a lot of this is just sick local you know we ve been in a bad recession and it would just right covering its pent up the man it's not productive growth nonsense folks he is oh numbers refute this here's what i mean he says listen we need productivity growth rates in other words the ability private productivity the ability to produce more stuff and better stuff with same or fewer inputs that's what product that's what growth is if we produce a hundred vials of a flu vaccine for dollars how do you grow you flu vaccine company you it is a hundred and ten four nine dollars now you are more flu vaccines the cell and its
a thing you less money to produce folks that's how growth work that's what productivity is that's real growth he's that's not what's happening is just cyclical you get a job he said this is just all this pent up the man coming of a recession it's not real productive growth i dispute it and he refutes it because he says hey listen the growth over the last we need about a to two and a half even three percent productivity growth rate to stir really move any economy he's gay as ten years only been one percent year under obama those policies have changed you see what i'm saying joey's like productivity was low and in the last ten years yet because up morocco problem high tax obamacare regulations if we were continuing that under hillary clinton presidency or a third terminal new sway in light of the horrible news report i would say to jason firm in your right we're probably gonna have one percent growth because we're continuing the same policies but show that's not what he says he's like while you know
up has changed all that as he emerged about that's gonna change do we ve already seen a turn around my point is this folks way under selling the growth in the economy here's some good news for you in light of the horrible news we have had over the last twenty four hours and i want to get on to one final topic this business important smiled a little bit on the economy there are things happening that are going to enable us to be more productive in other words produce more flu vaccines and more computers and more you know what do i have gonna be telephones and microphones and i have a be twelve vitamin spray things are happening that going to enable us to produce more those things at last your costs and what are those thing i mean transformative things folks i'm not talking about small incremental margie time improvements big huge things are happening
the sharing economies freeing up resources what am i and by the sharing economy you have cars over the road right now it goober that we're sitting in parking spots wasting gas wasting time that are now are being used to transport workers and people around two jobs that people now who couldn't get a ride went away for a bus away for a train who are waiting for trains will happen in a car to get to their next job folks magnified over three hundred and thirty million person economy in the united states a boom you ve got instant productivity youtube if you think that silly i got more by the web but trust me it's not you a guy gets your job now twenty minutes earlier produces one more flu vaccine you got three thirty million of those doing the same thing while not everybody but you get the point you have unused departments now in manhattan the place is being used by air being be people who are paying i wonder and i for hotel who are now paying two hundred job what are they doing there are three hundred hours all their goal
their shop and at the local stores their buying more stuff it's freeing up resources to sharing economy is freeing up resources that were being wasted cars apartments rental space now being used in a more productive way this is a huge development the sharing of common secondly plan to spend as much as you know i love you can mexico and i want to leave people some good news tat these are all the way i'm just trying to make the point these are all going to lead to more productivity more products had a cheaper cause which is the very definition of growth material science folks you have three d printer and you have amazing new materials whether its bullet resistant vests or whatever explosive growth immaterial science conductor chips all these kind of things that are just growing in abuja metrical that are going to add two points activity me economy on demand
printing of things this is gonna be stuff that enables us to produce a fraction of the cost a fraction couple more things and they health arena you have massive breakthroughs in gene therapy jean research the ability and future granted not right now but in the future in our five times to knock out alzheimer's to knock out diabetes few on stay and of course we would save if millions of diabetics and the country did not have to inject themselves would insulin every single day could live completely normal lives eat like everyone else and not have to worry do you understand the cost in productivity seems that alone should we do that with alzheimer's with cancer job you would be talking about trillions of dollars in liberated resources not spent on medicine not to mention the moral and ethical benefits to all of us
of having done the right thing and save the lives of thousands of americans who now can continue productive lives and not have to sit chemotherapy all day folks it's happening one more artificial intelligence now am sceptical about the ceiling for it as i have said before and shows in the past this explosive growth in artificial intelligence the ability of artificial just to figure out everything from navigation technology and gps devices on the street to be able to you're out ordering processes in a restaurant you understand the capability of of artificial colleges network to explosively span productivity our economy and free up resources to do other things your game changers confirm in his cell in a short approach given these right around the corner folks i'm telling you if we can just get the government out of the way and get a hold and our government spending i promise
do you are looking at a productive tomorrow that has limits you can't even imagine it's your folks i don't see six and seven percent growth as being keimer what this point if we could just get the government out of the way i am my story i saw on the show notes which i thought was interesting and i europe i'd like dennis break our life that's really great content on his show and on prager you which has been a tremendous public service prager you is a website face page iran's reports together these short five minute videos at an incredible there really great i love them and he does a really good job well then its progress he's the daily signal which i will include in the show notes today i'm in india it shortly three but it's good meal he talks about but i have discussed july the dangers in america right now of these schism in the class identity identity politics any any premise
that's a wire left this liberal so unhappy and similarly gray pointing with disgust and show in other ways but they shouldn't sound that unfamiliar he said you know joe we conservatives are unhappy and basing this off the sums data and some questions and semantic total experience conservatives like you and i and the pretensions run happen we really it beat it to things like gay you know life's difficult it has its challenges and get incentivize is you to get stronger to overcome those challenges you compensatory fifteen well bench to seventy five five times eventually you'll get the three fifty year you're not getting ocean at your job while wine well i don't have the skills well how do i get the skills i go to school right let me enrolled school was schools difficult where life difficult you see how that logic train that reason train their incentivize is concerned i am less i'm not trying to put us all on a pedestal its breakers peacefully he's right when you talk about
motivating ideologies it motivates us the action because don't see ourselves joe is passive victims we see ourselves as active participants in a difficult life that requires us pardon up and overcome difficulty incentivize is asked to do things i go back to school and in jos cases we talk but how do we expand our brand bonn gino ache how do we get this out there how do we get our message our joe and i every day like little things how do we the website here how do we do that how to show chose always make a marginal fixes the sound quality why because jobs not a victim chose not like people once in a while we would get an ear how about something about the show i forget one time of bats months ago someone said i it sounded a little echo we today show and i like all day we're on that more what do we do we move the sounds tat if you're a victim you're like one at which a first response tat score that guy punk you respond bacterium
yourself don't email us again but we're not victims we lover you that's why give up my email and show i like to hear you have to say email me yesterday i don't really like basically you discuss in foreign policy i think you're wrong i sent it back thanks feedback but no thanks rockets magua as you know i i you know i appreciate you know like by perspective it this is the conservative ethos wife is difficult move thus the action to overcome difficulties editor hardens us up but that's what we're not miss a ball and we're not unhappy joe because even though we understand life is difficult we understand that we as strong children of god can overcome this by action and eventually with those overcoming those difficulties will lead us to a sense of fulfilment not trying to get manifest but it's important stuff if you choose to be liberal joe
and you play into the identity politics narrative men we need your mentions is how like when you survey them when you talk to them what we see themselves as victims of something else massage anti racist sexism islamophobia is the phobia phobia a phobia phobia folks is thick phobia far before nobody saying this stuff doesn't exist but concern the tribute that through the being a part of the general court the of life is difficult and easier things to overcome but when you're a liberal this is your ideology you are where you are because somebody did this to you and therefore there's nothing you can do its work in inside ology courses where they would call you know silly midst learned helplessness you learn be helpless because learn that you're a victim of your circumstances and there's nothing you can do when that's true it may be difficult to do it yet
if you are black if you are a woman you may at some point be a victim of some cases may be substantial racism and sexism but if europe serve it if you say you know what that really socks and we should do something fix that but i'm not gonna let it keep me down i'm want overcome these difficulties because life is difficult and this is part of that difficulty dealing with idiot but if you're liberalism indoctrinated into this this is it class warfare ass ever if you are a woman you are being held down because of men you this is what you ve motivating ideology is is to be part of that victim class and to be included in that class membership and there or you don't see you learn to be helpless where a victim of this press if it's a white male power should use nothing we can do what miserable existence what miserable existence i mean it that is a horrible way to live
forget joe i am to one s story for you folks when i was a cop the seven five precinct in eastern europe brooklyn one day i i go up to this desk supervisor and i asked to take meal which is your lunch breaks call me i said i you know i mean to take me were sarge an idea as you will tell me but all tat time i try to remember is no longer god gives me a real attitude joe i mean you know we have as a rule which was to be expected but even an unusually nasty attitude you know my what was that about so you're so the training officer this really nice guy i go to monitor and i set out its column jack first because i'm would be comfortable be put to say mother jack what's up with you sk officer there why you know why you give me such advantages estimate taken lightly to missus standard lunch break wasn't gonna phenomenal request or something like that and i swear he said this to make us you know he doesn't really likes
undisguised that much i was like taken back i was i bought wait what we're folks number one on that spanish and italian but my wife hispanic out but i'm not spanish and italian irish and german ok i'm not spanish but not that care if i was just about spanish but secondly i thought oh my gosh i can say that but he doesn't like and scarce we kidding me it is said to to me now if you know if i wanted to that's a a pretty crappy thing to say i wanted to play the victim stag while listen you know i'm in a file a complaint one all i did was say our i well you know what i mean take my meal anyway and i'm gonna go out do my thing and i just didn't see myself at that point now their stand out if you are spanish that would be really offensive and certainly within your right to file a complaint would be legitimate but i'm just
like a guy who saw like life's thinks and sometimes you gonna overcome things i just saw it as an obstacle to overcome in the fulfilment of my daily duties and i remember that story like it was yesterday it bother me a bother me enough that thou gosh twenty years later and i'm still telling the story but it was an obstacle it was a dopey idiot who was another obstacle to overcome he wasn't it from joe right of who is going to happen to me for the rest of my life even for the rest of that day sorry and give you right jail but just a lump in the road there some up and and it makes it move out you know and i just i wish we get through two more liberals in light of the conversations we ve been having this week listen there are really bad people view miss obstacles overcome them try to do so thing to change things that's perfectly ok but don't see yourself as learned don't don't learn be helpless all the time look up seligman learned helplessness it's an interest thinks of research project by what they did the dogs you know
shocking them in chaining i'm so they can't get away eventually i just stop trying to try to get away of seriously try to get away ok so thanks again for tuna really appreciated please go to bond you know tat calm check out my website got to show no say please read that secret service report i haven't the show out it's a good one you can take out little snippets it doesnt read like a narrative so you can read it and chunks folks say or do you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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