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Ep. 660 I Really Need Your Help

2018-02-21 | 🔗

Twitter is targeting conservatives again. I need your help to fight back. I address the ongoing media effort to silence conservative voices in the debate over firearms and public safety. 

Is the United States really the most violent developed country? Or is the Left deceiving you again

Are mass shootings on the rise?

Criminals do not care about gun laws. The evidence is everywhere. 

Can the president obstruct justice in the Russia probe?

Did the Australian gun ban work? 

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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know i want the damage you know chauvinism joe how are you today and provide a way to get the man what folks it's just that it's for my loyal listeners out there in our voting lists the shell occasionally i really appreciate your support but i need you now more than ever needed you in a while not me to be hyperbolic or melodramatic no need for unnecessary emotion in this by dumb for some reason wax yeah i think we all know the reason has been this non stop assault going on on conservative thought social media and elsewhere and there have been efforts on going for a very long time the silence conservatives my twitter account last night gotta ban from promoting adds no one will give us a reason why why yeah
joe but so many go into this little bit during the show i also been under attack for basically every media appearance i do on the firearm second amendment issue but again last night people there just making things up now a lot of these reporters ok they're using the emotion surrounding this tragedy the really silence people who have a voice in this and and monitor really are genuinely of interest in in fixing this problem and folks it's disgusting it's unbelievable what's happening i'll give you some details during the show by yeah i do need your help and i'm gonna ask us something of you if if you don't mind that during the showed i am sorry if i sound a little this combined later but it's been a long night for me with my wife trying to go to my twitter account and figuring out what what what was so you know no braun
we genuinely folks can't we not like playing dumb with you but i can't figure it out the only thing i can figure out we did wrong is where conservatives and if there's a this viewpoint discrimination going on over twitter and in other places but it's getting really really a boy hard folks today show but you by our bodies at filter by thank you for it to all our sponsors you keep the show free i do appreciate their website filter by that calm that's filter by be eu wide dot com folks it's cold
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an officer really great company i talked to them are there i don't really get their customers to go check him out if you have any i felt for a commercial location or your house go to filter by that calm that's filter be you why dot com right so what happened here last night i'm mean i'm at sea pack for those you were coming down i was coming now from new york had a really busy day yesterday i'll give you a lot of behind the scenes as you know this is an hour show and i'm joe and i are very concerned by giving you quality content in a short period of time but that's why going to let a personal stories but the personal story in this case is the story so am i busy yesterday i was up at fox and i've been doing a lot of media appearances i did one in the morning for fox and friends and it did brien kill me radio show up it news radio i didn't came down and did out number than jumped on a train back to d c and one righted they took her karlsson suited for those you don't know tucker karlsson studio foxes indeed see the rest of those places outnumbered and fox and friends or up and
dark so to say i had a really busy day yesterday would be enough statement again it is great matter i don't like wine snowflake is most was good day but it was busy i say that because it's really tough folks to go on the air basically three between foreigners idea to phone interviews for five times and too this same thing in different ways you given him saying joke me joe jos bit in the radio possess a long time and you know what i'm saying all right at me and get a guest on whose a frequent guest on your radio show there in the morning at the b c b em and that's what makes a good guy the good gas is you learn how to say the same thing in different ways to keep people interested in fresh got that makes sense i bring this up because this is difficult we're talking about unbelievably difficult topics right now
what happened down parkland is not easy to talk about when three million people are watching in prime time in during the morning and millions or listening on the radio and in case of joe and i and our pod cas programme here million two people a month it's not easy to do this all the time it's a scam really difficult to do it when what you say a when what you're going to say you know is not going to be popular but you believe is right joe and i dont say things here and we don't take positions because we believe there quickly advantageous we say things because we think they're right and we think we're defending first principles and real principles in your liberty having said that i am contributor friend or a tv that's not a secret i set it on out numbered reset and on fox is on my twitter handle it's not a secret it's not meant to be a secret i'm i'm happy to do it i enjoy working there but
every time i go on television to talk about what happened in parkland and propose something that i believe is an actual fixed to the problem and i so discuss things which i think are obstacles to solving the problem i find myself under absolutely relentless attack by media hacks who just cannot us the opposing they can to stand then opposing view joe the only acceptable view right now i haven't told show any of this the only acceptable view right now the only thing you are allowed to say gun control gun control gun control and if you don't say it you are to be asked her size you are to be shut up and you hearted you are to be effect in fact media media shadow band i mean it's everywhere folks is media i'd it's the daily be stomach and a link to their articles but here's what happened so last night i was on talker show and didn't appearance on the show and we were
talking about the student protests and no matter what you say joe they will destroy convoluted and tear up your words and make it sound like you're saying something you're not talker and i were absolutely joe crystal clear you can watch the hit yourself it's up there i'm sure somebody has its somewheres google tucker calls in the embargo and on the other we specifically made the point that the kids who were involved in this in this unbelievable i mean a member because i can't even imagine what it must have been like how absolutely have the right of course to speak up matter fact i made the point that their voices would be very valuable in this especially with guard joe i mean let's watch the hit with regard to miss signals don't you think joe like if you wanted to find out what was wrong with a kid in high school and how the fbi and the local sheriffs department missed all the signs who do you
on a talked you joe you want to talk to the kids he was surrounding with decent these kids and teenagers were involved in this have an unbelievably valuable voice i simply made them wait at what i find odd in the media and again just watch the hit folks watch the appearance sorry using mediate jargon here i made point show that i think i run equally the media is focusing more on these teenagers and their take on supply side gun control measures which is as i said a of verbatim a complicated and layered issue where i think there it requires you to study what happened what happened in australia what happened when they ve instituted gun bears what happened with the boat with the assault weapons ban and the clinton administration these are complicated issues they are relying on these teenagers and they're using them the advocate for an agenda on that end and i which is fine i only because
so queer these kids have beyond the right to speak out they ve been through something horrible but there focusing on where i think these kids could be of enormous benefit which is how all these signs were missed what these kids see in crews what is there not focusing on any of that new point i was trying to make is this isn't the kids agenda the kids can say and should say whenever they feel like saying right now i was simply make appointed the media is minimizing that end of it too it's their agenda joe not the kids agenda these teenagers are not you care what i'm saying i find odd is when it comes to other situations were victims of crime have a voice the media is really not interested in their story word showed think about victor of terrorism the victims of crime from illegal immigrants do you see i mean these these families don't get the voice and a platform i mean
the extent and i'm sure they ve been interviewed i don't want to be and i want to do it the media doesn't and lie about they getting the platform that that up victims and an eye just find it into its not a knock on anyone other than the media for shipping but equally it say one thing and doing another that was the point i was trying to make gotta get some water folks has been a long night now just like really bothered now what happened after that so after at relentless atlas assault you know wake up nonsense last night i'm dealing with twitter what happen i mean how many times have i promoted you know my account on twitter and twitter and general aimlessly especially when i'm in four mark levin in out last night that sometimes we run ads on the young therefore our show to promote the content of the shows like facebook and twitter is part of a marketing budget i get an email last night joe again i'd tell joe any of this by the way on a lighter note that is some outfit you get on their what joel
like a v neck elvis look in fonzie t shirt on with his elvis hair and strings of hair hanging down the front of his face he i'm tellin you look like the gravy sweat nervous right now very much any with the regular bizarre invokes i got a light not meannesses have had such a rough night but i find out this morning joe that our count is now ineligible to run adds at its head for inappropriate content what is right of course i didn't tell you because i you know i always prefer genuine reaction on the show folks i haven't i looked through my entire count i dont know what they're talking about i genuinely have no idea i lost about five thousand followers lesson i so i'm going to ask you a favor i am if you could tweet at jack j ac k he is the twitter see yo and add to it support
but appreciate amuse you asking them why in fact were prevented from running ads and i'm gonna ask you another favor i buy please folks i know this sounds very self serving but it's it's we just a response this i've never asked you to do this before outside of just mentioning the accountant but them please follow me follow my account on twitter because if we can advertise our content while the liberals out there can say ever they want they can accuse us of being accomplices to murder the and our people be accomplices to murder they can accuse us of all kinds of violent disgusting things and we can't get our content out there because where in fact shadow band and prevented from advertising our content than mortal its own folks we're going to lose a social media war so i'm asking you please follow me please it would mine recommend the account to others is the only way for us to over i mean i know i know it sounds self serving i entirely understand that my apologies in advance but i dont typically make this a part of the show but i don't
i am disappointed i dont know what else to do i can't i can't fight at beast right now i'd like to see better go the way of my space personally and i see another outlet that's fair and open button right now there isn't one that's it and we have to fight new platforms we have and enforcing that's the only platform we have me cancelling my twitter account slackened do me any good or you they go to the conservative ecosystem any get you know dan i think our listeners would be happy to help out i do i think a guy that nine just from the correspondence is i think they are glad to help you you seen the tweets males emails even you get when you and show has with z one year is achieved hello joe to add joe has one i need your help folks on this i would really deeply appreciate let me just wrap this up i say one last thing i got an email last night actually yesterday afternoon
one of the more horrifying emails i get a lot of email folk so typically what i do is i have them i read i promised but i sometimes i've gotta scan through to get to the point it sometimes because it s a lot of email that comes in i got one yesterday that was just heartbreaking and i mean can't verify the authenticity of it but it certainly sounded by all accounts and by the detail and to be somewhat legitimate so i felt that passing it on would be appropriate to you all it was from summoning coral springs i'll leave out name everything else but obviously and it was an account by someone who is there at the sea in a response mode and the accounts of some of the kids running out with you now how do you say it like pieces of other body
arts i've gone on them from other kids is easy it's it's hard to read folks you know you can't redoubt without being deeply impact it that's why i say to you i mean why do you think we're doing this do you think i read that and as a father myself as a are you dedicated his mighty glad my cameras network and for of it do you how do you think that is a dad in as a guy who dedicated his life to really what i thought i was doing the right thing being a police officer and being a secret service agent that that doesn't hit me right in the gut that i didn't read that and i'm sitting on a train and and get choked up i'm trying to fix this too i'm doing best i just want to do what works because the irony is the the individual who sent me the email
said at the end was its insinuating that the purpose of the email was that these kids had no way to defend themselves that these these kids were just there nothing they can do i'm just encouraging you'd understand that i am simply trying to give a fight chance to people aren't gonna have a fighting chance otherwise to the evil among us i'm not doing this for any other reason i get paid other folks for my opinion don't pay me and tell me what to say ever you understand what i'm telling you ever under any circumstances tell me what to say this is a vote we have about the we have this
can biggest conservative podcast in the country you think i'd say this on my show if i didn't mean it were the work and you know i work for you tell me what to say i'm out i say what's in my head and i am genuinely trying to help here having said that you know i brought this up in the past to folks with everything going on with twitter and this one of conservative voices out their folks sadly it may be time to seriously look at what a conservative economy would look like i mean this is i don't know how much longer this can continue but the mainstream media folks they're like media matters and others these groups that are anti first them now men anti free speech that are active police states supporters some of em
i don't know how long this continue and i'm gonna just leave it at this because this is i had some notes to get too when i wanted to be sure you understood that some point in the future you know we may have to go to subscriber model here because i i don't know if you understand how now the what's going on behind the scenes really is it's not just me folks it is a number of the press if you any of you were interested and conservative podcasting our conservative commentary or liberty base commentary are being a constitutional and having a public profile just warned you right now your profile grows as she will find yourself on the relentless assault people who are absolutely committed the silencing your voice and the more your voices spread around on social media through your podcast and television appearances the more they will try to silence you its power of the like
it is very very real the pressure is intense the pressure is is is sometimes it's a lot to deal with for me and others i spend about twenty percent of my time dealing with nonsense not radiated the content of the show but dealing the police staters on the left who want to shut us up all the time so some point i dont know if i'm trying desperately to date to keep this show free but i just want you to understand in the future the future may not be possible as the result the assault is endless they are true to stop everyone and anyone who presents even a mildly alternative viewpoint from speaking out ok sorry folks about the long way beginning my my apologies but i am i age to be honest with you about what's going on behind the scenes it will not stop
all right home i got a lot more to get to today there's some fascinating date i saw a listener of the show sent me i got a lot of great articles on email but this one was fascinating it was an article about some of the more disingenuous talking points out there about gun control which are not going to make us safer keep in mind joseph just to be clear thousand feet we are talking bad things i absolutely believe in my heart in my soul if every fibre of my organic matter that way make you safer and i want to fight against things that will not there some disingenuous talking points out thereabout gun control that i wanted to bunk and when one of them is is the comparisons they make to make the u s look like a violent country full of killers these comparisons are inaccurate so tat tipp the view here before i get to that today show brought by our friends over at i target as well speaking of
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someone sent me an article from mrs dot org which is a really terrific website about the comparisons made between the u s joe and what they say is developed countries and the liberal talking point here is that you know hate for what's in the u s is violent country because when compared to other developed countries you see the u s gun homicide rate is really high well as let me just quote to start this off when he called to me so start org peace and you'll be in the show notes today upon you know that comment let me huh we beg your forgiveness i forgot to put the cato piece i talked about the other day in the show notes i hate when i do that it'll be in today show up the kato piece just to rewind a bit is a piece about our this
exxon quote mass shootings accurate are they really going up and say it's a short piece but it's it's you need to look at it because you need to understand the data before we can make it a legislative proposals okay so the cato piece will be in there today but i'll put this mises dot org piece in there as well here's a quote from them nevertheless we ve heard it all too many times to count the gun laws in the united states are insane quote because conch like sweden and luxembourg have far more restrictive gum laws and are much safer because of it the u s has the highest murder rate and quote developed world presumably because of its lax gun laws we are told again and again and again now this the author of this peace makes a terrific point joe he says well are we comparing the united states to blur archly my genius societies like japan sweden and luxembourg when in reality that jody
firstly right at all about diversity when you take into account the ethnic in cultural and racial diversity united states a more appropriate comparison amongst the quote developed world would be met go venezuela russia other countries but they are left out joe now why do you think countries like mexico russia venezuela would be left out a comparison of gun homicide rates and then quote gun deaths around the world well i'll give you answer our eye because their much in those countries and of course it would make the eu s look relatively safe in comparison now folks i know i encourage you often to read pieces i put in a show notes and again i understand that it's it's it's not it's something sounds a bid seltzer i got my website but they're not my he's ok okay there this is a message that or piece out of benefit from it i just want you to run
because it's a really really well done peace and what he shows in there the author of the peace he puts in there all this they pre select joseph they pre selected quote developed countries and they picked the ones that have these unusually low quote gun death rate but the war cuts that have this is just typical liberal you know probably gone designed to confuse you into thinking that gun control is some method to make you safer when i'm making the case do that it won't in strangely enough when you take our countries like venezuela countries like mexico countries like argentina countries like russia and you only include and when i say home homogeneous societies i mean people who are largely culturally identical base year after year japanese society give the swedes luxembourg but when you put in diverse societies that have different collections of people from different parts of the world
of a sudden you see the the study the goal mosaic looks different show the united states all of a sudden doesn't look like you know the most violent country in the history of humankind like some liberals are bent on on painting it now why would that benefit their agenda because they want to make you believe that we are so incredibly violent that we need to do something special to control firearms here because if we control firearms here it will reduce these incredibly violent tendencies that seemingly exist only in the united states focuses garbage this is junk now i have another line from this peace which is good see it when it talks about india the mrs org pete peace they talk about a prejudice about the developed world versus the third world in other words joy i thought you know liberals there their case was that hey listen everybody around the world rural gods children we should all come here these are all good people and certainly i agree not about
immigration component but i absolutely believe people all over the world regardless of the economic status of the world are created in god's likeness an image why agree on that a hundred percent so why the prejudice here's an interesting take from the peace he says he says note however that these comparisons always employ a carefully selected list of countries is important folks moats most which are very unlike the united states they are coming we're settled long ago by the dominant ethnic group they are ethnically non diverse today and they are frequently very small countries such as norway with a population of five million with very local based democracies again unlike the u s with an immense population and far fewer representatives in government per voter politically historically in demographically the u s has little in common with europe or japan so folks but but the authors trying to say here is if you can try if i'd say you're doing a survey
joe you doing some kind of a statistical analysis on the effect of a new drug and you want to compare two groups you want to compare it to stick to two groups that either the effects are randomize over the two groups but you want to make sure there to similar groups of people you don't want to keep it when it comes to these sociological research and that kind which is having a replica replica ability crisis by the way we produce ability crisis you want to compare groups that are similar because you may be getting effects that are different from the effects you intended based on the differences in the group not in differences in the treatment let's comparing apples to apples apples too also in other words you exactly joe you may just be getting in effect from the drug that's due to different to cultural differences or the or some biological difference based on the homework in eighty the population rather than the effect of the drug hope i'm not losing their bodies and make sense here if you want to compare basically similar similar societies
do you notice however all of these studies that are done on this day eliminate more diverse populations and other you know it and they take other factors out of the equation the reason there doing this vote is to make us look lot worse to make us like a really violent society more sure thing about the data is when you compare the united states to places like mexico venezuela russia and argentina and other places joe what's fascinating is these places have more restrictive gun laws in many cases than the united states in general member they vary by state have more restrictive gun laws and they are more violent they have more gun this so
how exactly i'm not sure how that makes your argument i'm not sure how that buttresses the left's argument that somehow more restrictive gun regulations and rules and laws are going to make it safer by comparing it two countries around the world when you compare the countries around the world the need to a proper analysis and you dont eliminate the countries that don't make your argument which is what they do new fine at the united states even know in total has some less restrictive gun laws and some other countries they actually have a lower gun death rates folks that in at it is exactly the opposite of the argument that left wants you to believe you understand that the it's the the opposite they're not that the left the election argument falls apart collapses there now another part of the peace which is really good i have a couple of them in their today the show notes on on firearms and gun laws that i think are really interesting here's another one the
that's the way they measure gun des folks a law the proportion of these gun des are not in fact gone homicides or or their suicide now if that doesn't make get any better for society whether you kill yourself with a firearm or or some other horrible way it doesn't make any but it's certainly excuse the statistics show making it appear that a society is more violent when the you know that you're using a statistical gun deaths rather than gun homicides in many cases takes into account that many of these people took their own lives now all be at horribly tragic that is far from then someone shooting someone else is just allegorical different i think that's obvious its tautological it's not i'm not saying anything profound but if we're going to have open conversation about gun violence i think its import that you segregate out what our guns suicides from gun crimes and gun homicides they are different and that
not what a lot of these statistics to you do sir summing up read the peace you'll find out number one that they eliminate a lot of the countries where where quote gone des even though the statistic askew not just discussed them get to it again to say it but you'd leave out countries where a gun des are higher of course you're gonna get a number that shows the u s a super violent country because you eliminated or all the countries where the data which shows that that's actually not the case is our common kate joe this is very you know if you want to do a study on people who say obese and you eliminate all the obese people from the room there guy who is relatively judge wade is gonna look like the heaviest kind a room in the obese guide he gave it up as i am sure that that's not statistics works like some water sorry really thirsty day
the second thing get the gun des the gun death statistic it takes into account a lot of suicides which again however tragic they are it's not the same is talking about a gun homicide secondly on this or third i should say in the peace which is interesting but this is actually from a wall street journal peace today this statistic by who is it john galston can't put in the shortest subscriber only but he makes a point ive made over and over again and i think an important one folks if got i'm trying to be so delicate but this topic because i just i am afraid i really really would like i'm desperately and they get democrats and liberals to listen here because i understand the emotion surroundings but i think it's an important topic if you premise if your overall premise is that more guns equals more gun crime morgan homicides at a more violent society joe don't you
thank you be able to show that meet that morgan who's having fact i mean this is not i'm not trying to set you up so don't you think more guns with den in fact equal more crime or gun crime more gun homicides i might think that it would be ass well ass we ve seen the united states is not in fact the most violent country amongst developed countries in the world as we just upon that but secondly that's not the case joe from one ninety three to twenty thirteen important statistic remember this folks nineteen ninety three to twenty thirteen guy ownership in the united states him out of guns increase by fifty percent and the number of gods greece by fifty percent from now the three to twenty thirteen so according to the liberals theory there credo their bedrock principle than gun crime and gun homicide should have exploded they didn't gun homicides drop by fifty percent listen what i just told you never
guns has gone up by fifty percent from ninety three to twenty thirteen number of gun homicides has gone down by fifty percent down your premise is not an accurate one your premise is simply not true premise is entirely inaccurate now i'm so go to include in the show notes an article and i just tweeted it out if you be kind enough to follow me on twitter and spread the word and art will carry picket had treated out from last year from march but it's an australian news article joe about these urge in violence in australia now again to australia they instituted a gun confiscation programme where you had to turn in your gun in the government would buy that gun back from you it was mandatory folks i already told you about the research between australia new zealand where they found no discernible decrease in mass shooting incidents after the gun ban i'll
i told you about the american medical association study in australia that showed there was no statistically relish in decline and gun homicides after the gun ban i put an article in their from march of last year which shows that there is actually been a surge in many portions in australia in crimes using firearms so what i don't understand again as we ve now debunked the idea number one that the u s is the most violent country amongst the developed world your question to your liberal friends as well why are you eliminating the countries in the quote develop world that have a higher gun homicide rate than the u s why are you doing that because you include them were actually not even close to the top secondly well more guns means more crime actually that's not accurate guns actually in the united states has meant less gone homicides that's just the data that the data does lie in the data is bench appear says it i always a fax don't care about your feelings
if your point is well australia did a gun confiscation gun ban and look what happened yet look what happened gunnar ship there's more guns in australia now by the way they were before the ban second take the research showed it a no discernible effect on either guns homicides or mass shootings by the way it's the american medical association for one of those studies not a right meaning outland and third large portions of australia especially population centres have seen surges and gun crime and gun violence or your point this is why i'm trying to tell you folks and why i am so passionate about this why i believe in what i'm doing simply trying to tell you what liberals are proposing has nothing to do with making you safer and has everything to do with an agenda the agenda has always been to stop the individual ownership of firearms and the ability to defend yourself and
really incredible about it joe is one more thing on the i don't want to spend even of lumber things i die i want to get too but the left does this a lot they will make opposing arguments about things and making those opposing arguments there miss their own hypocrisy you known example i've given in the past often is power schools and health care how the liberals if when you follow the money why they may contradictory arguments makes sense liberals will say you hear them often when it comes to public education jehu not spending enough money and the kids we're not spending enough money on the kids yet when it comes to health care by the way even despite government spending our health care system is still the best in the world and our education systems one of the worst gossamer spending too much money and then too much money and healthcare wait what is it in case public education system is failing
the systems failing we rank adored bottom of all the always cd countries in our education results in the broader the results we produce honour on on aptitude tests thou she's me achievement tests we write that this their bidding on achievement tests we write towards about yet you're still insisting that over the money obviously is not working we are spending money and our health care system believe me i'm not saying we have significant problems that our health care system of that entire shows i'm simply where there is still a significant private market free market component to it it's actually working in you saying we're spending to my it doesn't make sense now why why do they make two different arguments in one case for spending too little among case for spending too much despite the fact that the results are completely different they make today arguments because the public education system the money that goes into the public education system through taxpayers finds its way into basically
become in some cases a jobs programme for people who vote democrat you seen a bloated administration where a taxpayer dollars go in the education system and have also seen a lot of money wine in the wind up in the hands of teachers unions that in in meat just by the percentage overwhelmingly vote democratically the money you need to keep the money flowing to keep the teachers unions happy i'm not blaming teachers don't email me now teachers are great i'm talking about the organise interests that dont represent think what teachers really stand for my opinion but you how that money eventually benefits democrats but what happens in the health care system the money the end result of that money is not in fact teachers unions its typically hospitals doctors nurses and now it's probably fifty fifty half of whom are probably democrats have homophobic republicans in short it does not exclusively benefit the democratic party so the argument is always we spend too much we spend too much we spend too much because it doesn't benefit them but dammit
it's never see the irony there because they don't want to see the irony i should say liberals but you see the same thing joe when it comes to the firearms there make an argument about abortion right away you turn the argument on them firearms they have no date they they simply have nothing to say this play something like well you don't want abortion week you know if we were to make abortion you know what legal say even after twenty weeks then women are just going to go in the golly and and do men and you know web haven't bore any legal abortion which would be dangerous so the prince what you're saying just to be clear on this and an ominous what liberals are saying i am sorry i am saying laws matter i want to be clear on this the liberal say laws
what matter radio in other words you pass a law on abortion and of course what's gonna happen is women are just going to circumvent the law and have an abortion anyway it's gonna put them in danger so therefore why passed a law so joe i'm not crazy right laws no matter night but when it comes to firearms despite the evidence that the laws do not work their laws weapons band did that justice is own sponsored study the assault weapons ban did not work the australian gun banners i've told you now for two shows now did not work evidence i think that an increase gun ownership does not lead to increased crime rates despite the fact that there is an almost overwhelming man of evidence that your statements in your premise about reduce gun ownership increasing your personal safety are irrelevant you're asking for more laws despite the fact on abortion that you making the argument that laws don't work laws do work
and by the way we don't have unfettered access to guns we have a background check system we have a mixed system we have a prevention device from dangerous fell inspiring weapons we its illegal currently have do straw purchases another issue i can't buy a gun for it give it to you i can't do this is all illegal so don't tell me we have unfettered access to guns the conservative point is laws do work we have reasonable laws in place and regulations in place to provide criminals and and people were going to prey on us from accessing dangerous weapons we already have those but you what you one is you want more laws just to be clear joe to sum this up liberals are arguing for more laws that we pay used evidence will do nothing because the evidence is already there despite fact and on abortion you're making the opposite case that laws don't do anything at all this is you understand like what had why i wake up every morning frustrated about
i love my country i'm a patriot this the great place on earth and i'm happy to be alive at this time i thank god every day for the gifts and opportunities put in front of me but it is frustrating being conservative because when you turn that the liberals and you ask him that question they did they stutter and stammer because they have nothing to say because folks them it's not about reason and it's about strictly emotion they play on people's emotions to enact an agenda and that agenda is the dim munition the decreasing of individual liberty if it at the ecb at the except seven do individual liberty and benefiting entrenched power interests that's always this has been about it's been that from the start and when you point out the hypocrisy of it they either ignored or they just move on to the next target but that's it the argument to bring up to your friends well then if if if laws are going to stop gun violence and you know what what's your argument about abortion do you think more you know we could reduce the abortion rate in the country if we say abortion
i'm illegal after twenty weeks not are we do that women will get abortions are what you just said that gun laws or stop gun violence me while there's no evidence that its nonsense they make different arguments all the time which is just it's very upsetting what our second such ok a couple more thinks you're already today show finally brought you by bodies at brick house nutrition to one of our original sponsors the folks we held agreed that products sold by crazy so they had a really big huge rush of orders it's been very popular so miles has been very good and finally getting getting that that the feel the greens product the orders were a bit overwhelming that's how yeah but they have great stuff over there at outbreak as nutrition my favorite product is it is our foundation they should is it's a creating eighty people are now folks i know a lot of you ve heard about creating in the past you know it's interesting now it's one of the most effective muscle building a compounds ever
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and in the way we handle the let's say complications because there are some that come along with liberty joe liberty means are going to be some people among us who when i dont mean this in a bad way i mean liberty is a pejorative i just mean that a free society there are going to be people in a free society who take advantage of that there are really people with some point by weapons knives guns bombs whatever it may be i use them to tipp part in kill others now though stop that altogether to live in a police state no one can buy ammonium nitrate no one could buy any kind of fuel no one can buy knives scissors anything else you are certainly not allowed by firearm ammunition raving like them now that would be in effect a police states also known as a jail and by the way interestingly enough weapons still making it the jails were people get shan't instead every day so police they tactics don't necessarily work in actual
they sure a police states ok the way we handle liberty in a free societies we allow people the freedom to you know songs you dont impact on the freedom of others to do things but we enact penalties if you abusers freedoms this is problem i've always had a gun control debate show and i was the term because you're not gonna control guns as we ve seen in australia yearning to control people they said speech five years ago folks when you go to bessie is the best way to describe it you know the old fire in a movie theater line well you have the right to free speech but you can't yo fire in a movie data which is actually not looked at exactly true the way that's always phrase but for the sake of simplicity that's than one of the examples yours you all have free speech but you can't yell fire in a movie theater actually you can it's the penalty afterwards it matters
why do i say that because nobody stops you joe going into a movie theater and asked you to fill out a survey about what you're going to yell out new movie theater and nobody stops you walking into a movie theater based on your say conservative beliefs or anything like that and says well you're a conservative who may scream fire in a movie theater test is ass we're gonna keep you out of the movie in other words its not pro active there's not a proactive prescription of liberty issued me restriction of liberty for forgiving there's not a proactive stricken on liberty i actually have a postscript folks dead series of book at my prescription right talk about a friday had slept sit right there there's not a pro active restriction of liberty there there they penalty if its abuse if you do up in the again fire in a movie there's not exactly a great legal sample but it's a one people know and for the sake of an analogy just role with me for a minute if you were
screams of the like you know i'm good at it do you shoot it but with europe there's a good chance you're gonna be arrested although you know you did we speed you went in there you had the right to we speech you abuse that you said something or you threatened someone and movie theater and in your rest in other words show free society be focused on penalties for bad behaviour not restricting behaviour in advance that's the issue i have with the second amendment we ok so much on supply side measures and restricting these freedoms in advance that we sometimes forget that the real incentive stop criminals and the evil among us is in the penalty fate we have make real penalties because we ve seen the restrictions don't work i've already told you about restrictions on gun laws how they haven't worked in the united states have the saw weapons banned in work have told you this what's the australian gun banned in work karlsson says there's a couple things we can do what number one we focus on the penalties penalties
the gun cry penalties for gun theft joe you we have a firearm legally or illegally you got some going on there you distract oh yeah i come out as part of the sad somebody comes out go another door right now and i was target esteem what was going on georgia like having to side conversation this is as you know this isn't alive show but you and i treat it like that only because we leave this stuff joke it easily edit this out but i just think it's funny we suppose we gotta have you i love the effective alive shows i lived did you ask me who watched so i saw these like what's he doing back there you know to remind me of have you ever watch old school one of my own order should be waiting crashes and many crashes confusing movies here at the end of wedding crashes right they go to meet well feral whose idee the grand poobah wedding crashes any starts crashing funerals at the end you see the movie annie's any
they meet him in the house and you realize what a degenerate he is and he comes down in his bathrobe after crashing a funeral and and meeting a woman at a funeral and he said this cow she lives with his mom did he say what's she doing in their talk about mom mom the meat loaf make my friends meatloaf until we place she doing in their wilfer that's what are my wish ways joe doing what is he doing in their joe to meet love outside folks against are we getting back to us so we have to focus on the penalties focused on panel four gun crime and forgone theft you steal a gun folks the elegant they get ten years do ten do it why not you steal a gun you stay a gun and commit a crime with it be what that's focus on it only twenty twenty five years i'm open i mean i'm not an interested in police state tactics but i'm interested in hearing and honest conversation about what did disincentive would be for people to stop doing so
purchases you buy a gun you give it to someone who is a whose pray promoting a gun or even constructively prohibited from owning a gun that there should be a penalty for it so sensible solutions that would do no potentially work but again the left is interested simply in supply side measures which is really really disappointing alright what else you get to today s couple storage here see each other squeezes one more year so andy mccarthy has a really good piece of national review it's a little bit lengthy but give it a shot i read through the whole thing this morning an excellent piece and it's about the can fusion that i see rampant amongst liberal commentators show when it comes to the power the presidency oh oh yeah you don't have time lapse of powers in the presidency only when it comes to drop like remember when obama was the president and obama neck
in dhaka with dependent a phone which was an unquestioned usurpation of legislative powers by the executive branch liberal commentators have no problem with it despite the fact that mccarthy points out this peace by the way rather eloquently that obama himself said he couldn't do it i see your mouth there that's an f c c ban where joseph you can't say that jack joe turns as might down starts kurt did you know that works cardy such cursorily turns is michael yes bobby himself said he couldn't do dhaka occasion do it you know over at any what did it an ally a liberal media outlets and no problem with that europe but now all of a sudden they haven't of renewed focus on the powers of the presidency and liberals want president tromp arrested jar hasty indicted ivy brought out in handcuffs for even the execution of his own powers under the
second afraid which are defined by the executive branch so mccarthy is a really good piece little lengthy national view but he points out that these arguments furred criminally charging tramper ridiculous i'm just quote quickly one part from the peace and i want to show you what the real sanction on the president is because folks you can't indeed or charge the president for executing his own powers you can't you can try good luck with it but i'm gonna work is a way to take care of that but it's not that it's not the criminal process here's a quote from a party peace he says be better if the president hued too that norman custom it would have been better if trumpet not plaid on my plans behalf to f b i judge director james call me just as if it would have been better for bomber had not publicly announced in april of twenty sixteen that he did not believe mrs glint should be indicted by the fact that it would be preferable for a president to refrain from signalling how he wants investigation to turn out does not mean such signalling is tantamount to a criminal obstruction felony
the authority that fbi agents and prosecutors exercised when they way and on the merits of investigation or prosecution is president's power there is no power that the president's subordinates may exercise that he may not regardless of norms and customs folks all executive powers are vested in the president meaning the department of justice works in the executive branch and under the president if is making any view uncomfortable by the way i promise i'll get it there is a check and a balance here i am not suggesting in any way that the present as a king or a monarch right i'm sick we suggest into you that all whole executive powers are vested in the president not the department of justice that the pardon just this gets its power and derives its power for the president of the united states in the office of the presidency so it is the fbi that works for the department of justice if the present
had taken call me in and demanded that he fired jim call me and the maid did that he shut down down the mike take it home in addition persecution comic demanded fire himself if he had taken coming there's always a fire jim call me and demanded that the flint investigation shut down to educate let me john let me just be crystal clear what i'm saying it's not advisable it's not recommended i'm not saying it's ethical or moral right simply saying and am i believe look mccarthy's a skilled lawyer that that is perfectly within his purview to do it right there is no criminality or obstruction there it is not going to work you are not going to indict the president for executing so powers you may not agree with it now you may say gosh what's to stop a president from just unilaterally becoming a tyrant at an end and a man king folks we already have a process processes impeach impeachment off this is a news flash develop now that's not saying where i'm talking about
execution of legitimate presidential powers and others the president word you know our presidential trip pull out a shank and stick it in someone's need cap and attack someone and obviously there's then it is not the legitimate execution in presidential powers folks be amusing ridiculous example but it's tough talking to the left as they don't seem to understand it but the president the ultimate prosecutors discretion its prosecutors that work for the department of justice invest it is at work for the fbi our powers as mccarthy says and i quote i just gave you were did if you need to hear it again are derived exclusively from the president it is under his office so you they claim that if the president says hey we don't want to navigate that we're going to investigate this we don't want to do that we're gonna drop this we're gonna look into that the power you have to do that is the rocket exclusively from the president do you understand that it may not
be advisable i'm simply suggesting to you that it is not it's not even remotely criminal depressed to get rid of the present is impeach he could be he could be peace in the house of representatives even go to trial in the senate desired over the impeach yeah i've been pierce first step through peter is obviously the basically the charges in the house and in the trial and the senate presided over brian by the chief justice of the supreme court that's the way it works bill clinton was impeach t t did not he does not die convicted so to say of the trial and the senate but folks that's the czech and bow so check imbalances you can get rid of the present of the impeachment in is not indictment criminal charges for the legal execution of his powers however politically on advisable please read the peace it's important to understand that because the left doesn't there so in
trump derangement syndrome stuff show that they seem to be lost in all this and it's really upsetting all right folks thanks for bearing with me today i'm sorry in the beginning of the show to spend some time on that but there really is a lot going on behind the scenes that i really need you now by audience please if you wouldn't mind helping us out would really appreciate it so thank you so much please check us out of bongino dot com and please check out the show notes today always available the website know my email list if you join thanks so much see you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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