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Ep. 661 Conservative Voices Are Being Silenced

2018-02-22 | 🔗
In this episode I address the continued attacks on conservative voices and the efforts to suppress honest political debate. I also discuss some positive news about the economy that you may not be hearing about.    The hysteria to label everyone Russian “bots” may lead to liberals as well.  Was Michael Moore “colluding” with the RussiansWas Barack Obama a “deficit cutter”? Are we looking at strong economic growth ahead? Read this brief piece.  A Trump bump in approval ratings? Absolutely.  Why the war on guns has failed.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gino i welcome the damp on gino show but you should show how are you and a fun continues its doesn't angelo and now it's from people you know wheat i get people added and now i do work for you no i don't i'm not a paid contributor over there oxford i get a guy fox taken a shot i can't believe it it just dumb it never ends folks it is really incredible really i mean we can do to what are you gonna do we don't even know where we see that want to i could hear the boy folks i got a lot to get to today s sister but you re probably tell em a little sister the dead never stops the attacks never end of year a conservative god forbid you have a different view point you are
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through these really busy times and tough days the desk as a great way to get through its ten our energy pale works great really appreciate you give their products will lock brick house nutrition dot com slash dan is the website that's brick house nutrition dot com slash stand go check out their products they ve been a sponsor me from became ever really great stuff sir appreciate them being on board i folks the m mack the isms in full effect this is where we are now in a marriage over the old joe mccarthy that means not it's really a great analogy because it was different historical ties but it's a term the left is used against us for a long time as many letters have indicated to me but i'm their stand that this is what's happening right now there is an ongoing effort to shut every conservative voice up right now i got how we kurtz a fox now coming after me from an appearance i did on tucker saying that that somehow i suggested somehow that these these witness who are speaking out didn't have the right to speak i i i i don't know what to say folks
this is a media critic howie kurds who up currently did not even watch the media portion that he's trying to cover i know just given me the look like his is the real story i'm not kidding folks it's up and media right now how we kurtz announces fox news guess we're comments on parkland shooting he's insinuating that i set at any point that these these these kids were traumatized by this should not be left speedy listen to my showed that he listened to the show i was even on i know i'm diana the same thing show what is this guy wish we had a digital camera down what are you even talking about how we use media critic it's not what i said matter act i said specifically during the tough tucker karlsson peace that these these these kids we're traumatized but he's had a very valuable voice and that the point but the signs missed was was
part where i think they could be the most valuable my critique was that of the media that was highlighting the supply side measures of this is this is this it was simple to say no gun control in all this was going to go away why do we not allowed to tat we ve got to talk any more no i'm serious manner we not allowed to talk without a lot of an opinion about anything ever you you you empathize with people its fake it's all fake you guys just want kids dead kid speak out use l a break them speaking out you say listen they think they these kids were traumatized by this could have something really interesting to add to the debate about what the signs were missed and the mental health debate i think on control just i have a different opinion but all the sunday he's trying to shut them up kid we talk anymore you don't say anything you're not sympathise you say anything it's fake you open your
on twitter you're a russian bought you don't open your mouth on twitter look at these cowards their hiding do you realize there's nothing we can do folks the truth is on our side but i i again i'm not not trying to be debbie down or actually some good stories tat i want to talk about to cause i am dump china lighten up the mood in light of everything that's going on a little bit and try to frame the stories so that though you know we can get a bit of an emotional break from the truth of the last couple weeks but this it's getting harder and harder to deal with folks i mean three day you're either a russian bought you're either a coward or you're you're an accomplice to murder this does an end this is why i begged and you did yesterday with you to please follow us support to spread the word if you can because otherwise there
no way for us by ourselves joe and i to withstand the answer we have a good following ok but this is not the following is not good enough and it won't end with us now no i won't in with us joe you don't want a bench appear own agnes and someone after that and next thing you know you'll be stuck again with joy reed and joe scarborough is your sources of sources of information i have a story in the show notes today please check him out of babylon gino dot com to show you how ridiculous this is that one you know because now joe that new line by the left if you speak out if you say anything that doesn't toe the line right now if you anything at all you are now a russian bach interesting and art up to show notes today who was one of the favourite targets of russian botz in retreat in her stuff often joy it msnbc i didn't use that name just capacity
is joy read of msnbc she russian bought two so that was one of their favourite targets for retweets to get their information out joy reader rushing polluter what michael more who showed up at a rally that's now strongly believed to have been promoted by a bible bye bye russians who interested in sewing chaos michael michael more of us of far left liberal fame me no michael more with all those movies that he did easy all of a sudden see a russian bought two or is it just conservatives what about that wooden shoe now here we found out over the course of the uranium one investigation took millions hundreds of millions and speaking fees for people associated with deals involved with the transfer of uranium to the russians are they russian bots to folks do you understand this is not going to end i knew due to fight this is a call to action for you to please please fight
follow us spread the word spread the word about the show if you choose i like it i'm not now press anybody but this is this is getting bad and it's gonna worse they see the strategy days and they know what they do joe they smell weakness and they smell weak republicans out there and i'm gonna ask you this anomaly move on do you believe what we're doing or not do you believe even in the second amendment you believe in the bill of rights do you believe in the right to speak out if you believe that this is the time to do it fast spread the word stand up you're afraid of losing friends on facebook and twitter and other forms on speaking out folks we're losing the country please i'm i'm really i'm possibly asking for your help we need it please spread the word ok lack or not scattered different story for now here's the ban
mine is harming jacon storing the while she journals very good and it's about john bruton and a former cia directors pressure potential pressure on the fbi how this could be a story to initiate an investigation for those you listen to the show you know it's a really big deal because the central intelligence agency as i said does not have a law enforcement mandate they cannot go and arrest people showed no allowed people to know that the cia are there not cops are not law enforcement officials ok they're not police officers you don't have a rest powers they are intelligence or intelligence gathering entity now brennan goes in brief harry reed in org still twenty sixteen this is important job and the cia direct or other obama brief stem attic senator harry read in august some the information then exit into a letter from harry reed too fbi requesting a criminal investigation because remember the sea i can't do that
where does the information come from where lot of that information was in the dossier why is this interesting and what's wrong here what's wrong is that job brennan later says in a hearing in december that here i don't know anything about the dossier that he's unsure of the details of the dossier to be more precise while how was he ensure the details if the briefing information that he gives to harry read all of a sudden makes it into a letter where some of that information about the dossier appears in the letter in a request to investigate i've told you this is the next you to drop this is very suspicious material here the cia should not he pressuring people especially the fbi to engage in law enforcement operations unless there is some significant you don't they listen we got an intelligence you don't legends feed on a potential terrorist attack there may be a need to make an arrest of course but against police part of this is very strange so
bread and a former cia decker directors run for the hills but jenkins brings up an interesting point you do i said the other day and some other outlets picked it up joe i don't know if you noticed i saw it on hannity and limbaugh picked it up to how the entire the thirteen russians is curious because for all the talk in the indictment about the involvement in the re election by the russians in an attempt to metal for all the talk about that folks they actually charged the russians with with donating or making financial contributions in a way to do up to this the election they don't charged with that and i the eu based on the peace i put in the show notes that i thought that was quite curious and i think it speaks to some involvement with the hilary then campaign and russians that may be let's a the may not look good for the click campaign i think mahler may be afraid essential if you have if you listen to show you that they will do they did not charge
the russians were basically election fraud based crimes down there they charge him but why or fraud and conspiracy and i think it's because the involvement of hilary and the russians is gonna be is is a little more intense and were being led to believe and if mahler sets a precedent joseph that that russian election fraud and russian election money and russian attempts to influence the political process if they charge him without specific crime i think hilary is in fact in more trouble than we been led to believe and i think may be why they didn't do that because hilary seems to always get a pastor like the teflon thons of politics here's the problem of the jacket says listen the cia has a lot of information show they obviously have information we know we don't know about half court some united that goes without saying to have a level of clear its show and i dont have we're not read it on skiff type programmes that he bore right the way this is not a skiff this is about gas but i
i was in a sea i cleared secret service agent for awhile and they probably have a lot of info and the interesting angle he brings up is that they probably have information on steals contacts with the russians as well that man maybe a little bit more extensive folks now this is really troubling because steals a foreign agent himself remember just because steel used to work with my six the british intelligence outfit the end they are a friendly country to us someone be clear on that of the embryo that but that doesn't matter is still a foreign agency is not a u s citizens i want to put words and jenkins mouth but it's interesting how racist if they have more information there in his extensive contacts were where are we how about them i mean what level of involve made this hilary have with the russians folks this could be more frightening than we know and i
in those thirty thousand emails that are missing which i don't believe or missing by the way there may be some more information there to uncover a more extensive web of of awe of content between hilary and russians we already know about spoke about which i told you about the other day she was sorry the silicon valley the guess it silicone thank you for all the correction of silicon valley of russia and how these companies that we're investing over there something seventeen of the twenty eight companies donations to the cliff foundation and the fbi family around that these attempts to establish this tax cobb joe in russia were really attempts to steal dual use technology for potential russian military use these companies donated hillary clinton now the cia must have some intelligence on this they must have some something on steel contacts there if those contextual or more elaborate with financing those russians and are those russian networks involved also in
attempts to influence hillary clinton while using christopher steel to attack donald trump through the dossier that's it if it's really interesting storing forsaken from the story in the show i was going to subscriber only but i thought i'd bring it up because that there may be some information that we don't know about and i just think that may that made the tide of this some of this case if it comes public and i think it's time that if as long as it's not sources and methods at the public's entitled and also just to be clear what i'm saying is i think the end nightmare against the russians may have been written in such a way to minimize minimize the crime of trying to influence politicians in the united states precisely because hilary contacts with the russians truce theo may have been more extensive than we know at this point that's what i'm some ex ante up it's important i support i get that out their hope
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again folks because the democrats want a pain obama as some big deficit and debt caught her and they want to paint the trump team at energy shaking his head like really is this thing coming to its great wash in times peace that entirely debunks is now one point in the peace to be clear in the times which will be in the shown us it does say that i'm sorry that distracted a bit here it says that there were the clinton team ran surpluses which we know the current surplus is not in fact they didn't run surpluses there was never a surplus in any year based on standard accounting manners measures but it's a good piece otherwise and it it it says a couple things i want to get out their number one that's the bunk the myth that obama the deficit by sixty percent okay this is done using apps
they tortured statistics and it's done in a way to deceive you into thinking that obama and his team or somehow fiscally response but let me explain how they do this because the technically speaking there not inaccurate they're doing it hoping you are confused by the difference between debt and deficit when mama comes into forgive me if you ve heard this before but when obama comes into office is first year deficits to be fair this is not entirely attributable to him the first year fiscal policy obviously has some remnants left over from the prior administration but let's just stick with the first year to show you how they get the number his fur first year deaf meaning the amount of money the government spends in contrast to the amount of money they taken is one point four trillion dollars folks that was a record by far it was an astronomical amounts of money i mean a staggering amount of money now the
your prior underbrush and again i'm just to be fair push does have something to do with that that first here because there's some bleed over by so i'm just trying to be fair but last year of bush deficit show is four hundred and fifty nine billion right so forger fifty nine billion first year obama one point four trillion now when palmer leaves office the deficit is four hundred and thirty eight billion and two thousand transformative to talk about as two thousand sixteen actually goes up a bit but i'm i'm i'm folks i'm straining to even give their team the better the doubt not because i want to do that but to show you the absolute rank absurdity of their argument how silly in fact it's an insane argument ok obama's last year in office the deficit
is almost as high as the highest deficit bush ever produced the four hundred and fifty nine billion his was four hundred and thirty eight when obama left so if you're going to think about it that way yeah i technically the deficits did go down under obama from one point four trillion to four hundred and thirty eight trillion how far is thirty eight billion two point i'm trying to make is that their using that statistic is away to manipulate you into thinking that this was somehow some fiscally responsible policy folks oh smallest deficit is is that so alice deficit of any president in american history is up there with the largest ever his smallest deficit his largest is by far the largest ever at one point fortunately but requires you to understand or if i think there manipulate you they're trying to confuse you by saying that he said security insinuate that he's fiscally responsible one brok obama's in fact the president responsible for the largest accumulation of debt
american history there is not even a close second obama acute lady between doma nine and ten trillion dollars and in debt over the so this presidency is a staggering number staggering it there's there there is not even a close second folks now the debt the accumulated dead over time you know if i owe fifty thousand dollars on a credit card i've been using for ten years that's the debt but if next year i take in say hundred thousand thousand revenue and spend a hundred and fifty my next year deficit accounting deficit is fifty thousand dollars so they're using this sixty percent number to insinuate that there were some kind of fiscal responsibility now having said that folks i am not absolving in any way republicans of their role in running up deficits the deficits were quite low in some of the user clinton presidency they all balance the budget one of those years matter fact almost they never did i am not saying that
i am simply saying you that media outlets attempts to propaganda as you by insisting that he was some kind of a massive deficit carter and therefore his budgets and and his his yield for enhance government spending were somehow a form of fiscal responsibility are utterly outrageous and completely ridiculous so please don't buy that nonsense and read the peace in the washing in times for some comparison so you can see the numbers yourself you don't have to take my word for it actually buy i hope pray you know you don't go and seek out other sources of information to but that's how confident i am that this stuff is complete garbage in bonn ok another thanks to a listener out their eyes broken about an article route to three shows ago by jonah goldberg it turns out it was at town hall not national review but it's a really good article to be at the show notes today and i really encourage you to read it but they article joe we discussed about the war on smoking yet how the federal government and the other
industries out there and that you know that their and basically american interests that wanted to get you to stop smoking were very successful because they understood smokers and they understood everybody had a smoker and their family and they understood how to talk to him and i suggest to you that in the goldberg peace one of the young what is a good time away from it is that europe is that the left is fail on the on the gun issue because they make no attempt to understand us ever they they just don't know oh god owners do not know the language but it ain't people had a mamma cousin goldberg someone on the peace it's a really good piece i encourage you to read it and i'll be at the show notes thank you to the listener scented in but that'll be inherited we spend a lot of time repeating story talked talk about but it's it's a it's a good piece about the psychology of getting people
to move in a direction and how to get people to do things and how i think this this gun control debate and i'm using a request cuz there's not a debate as you're seeing is just an effort to sound the rest of it it's going to fail because they're not interested in what we have to say they're just interested in shutting us down as you seem with all this twitter going on all the southern i mean it's just as its where me down folks it really is it's just total nonsense what's goin on all right another important story because the liberals are celebrating over this and the radiation the debate is coming coming about it in the redistricting visit there's a year the pencil vain you may vary historian pennsylvania where the democrats over overturned the democratically elected the judges in it and democrat elected judges basically overturn overturned pennsylvania congressional map to make it more if you bought the democrats now you may
well the legislature and pennsylvania made it more favourable republicans ok you may not like that but that's what the law decades show the legislature draws up the maps and honour the courts i think this kate case may go to the supreme court eventually we'll see there is a redistricting case ironically i was involved in that set it to the supreme court but i just want explain you quickly for your liberal friends who talk about this that the redistricting problem the democrats argument about not having political representation is a function of their own choices now yes there is gary meandering exist of course it does absolutely door applicants when they are in power trying to get more trying to get more seats at the state and federal level by carving up of course the democrats do the same thing of course i mean it happens all over the place now i'm just trying explain to you though that the aid the disadvantage is it being a democratic right now have more to do with geographic concentration than anything because what i mean by the folks
republicans tend to spread out a little bit they spread between urban suburban agriculture type communities they tend to live then geographically different spaces democrats it of course we're not talking categorically but democrats don't show timid that's tend to concentrate in places like big cities so what wines are power the concentration of democrats gets quite intense so what you as you will have a district in say new york city or washington d c where literally i washed i know its not stem just play the game from where where hillary clinton gets ninety eight percent of the vote or ninety four percent of the vote so what happens when it joe this is not complicated math but fifty one percent is enough to win correct fifty plus what right i mean in racist where it's a
plurality you may need even less than that some primers you only need fifty one out of a hundred votes to win you dont need ninety eight the problem amaze democrats choose to collectively live in cities so what joe you have these races ninety ten you know in the five hilary five percent trump and they have with the democrats at least are calling wasted votes are not wasted they're just people tend to live that these three votes though counts it just doesn't add to the win it offers the margin of the wind right but it still counts the democrats so suggesting that these wasted votes are somehow a result of republican egg gerrymandering unpacking them into into tend to districts but as some of the lines of something to do with that but folks theirs we know way if you're a democrat in manhattan for republicans here if say the republicans take over new york theirs he's gonna be no way to car manhattan in a way to submit
let me make a difference you may get one republic in seed out of a job but the i'm saying there's just not enough republicans in manhattan for you to what slice of building and half and say you guys on the left side is just not going to work the concentration of democrats and what they call the wasted votes is too intense republic spread out a little more so whereas democrats are winning seats the five five ninety ten applicants are winning seeds fifty two forty eight fifty five forty five and there did you know that just barely getting by but it gives them a number of more seats because the way their spread out that makes sense so i am not so es again that they were not theirs a partisan interests here in carbon districts in a way to benefit either party s not what i'm saying at all i'm just telling you that geography of the problem even if you were to
engage in a massive country wide redistricting democrats it's where you live i mean i'm not telling you to move out to increase your political or decrease your political clout i'm just saying as a result of your decisions you having a tougher time wrapper then yourself outside of the big cities debts and its just going to tell me i'm if you hear it on the show first we tend to focus on issues here i think you may not see that much of the mainstream media but i'm sure we're going to filter their way into the conversation be very careful about occupied all which all republican gerrymandering listen one d scratch gerrymander too that's the take away they jerry did you i've seen it marilyn i was a victim of it the congressional see by one point that was held by a republican before they gary mandated by gay but he went by twenty its roscoe bartlett many put a bunch i come recounted democrats an additional and the district was lost so i've been a victim of it but secondly yes run
partisan partisan carving up a district happens on both sides but number to the democrats are concentrated in ways republicans aren't and it's almost impossible for them to spread their influence you can't move a guy who lives in manhattan to a district and staten island you can't do it there's just away there not contiguous it's impossible that's why they're having the problem it's important you understand the distinction here all right i got a couple more good instead i so don't go anywhere some optimistic stories finally hey are less today today show us apart you by bodies it go ten i ve tried this out yet this is super cool a few geyser ladys out their campers outdoors time she just likes to be prepared years ago when you live in a hurricane zone like i do where communication networks go down this who was product when i originally sort i was blown away it's called go tanner like antenna what go go ten a geo tee and an egg and i looked it up i thought i
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get somebody email to text it's like overwhelming so i'm sorry by the way to torture you today in the show so folks joe is one of the finest i mean this producers here in the business but i have tortured him on today show you may sense it throughout the show i have bend i am it's been rough by a sincere apologies everybody tweet joe joe has with z one if you d soap and thank him for doing about two hours of edits ecology dossier poor guys i take it knows about child pleased that what this is about what are some good news folks council of economic advisers release their growth forecast this is really really good news and it looks like everybody starting to come around to the new growth reality that the with the left call secular stagnation in other words this a theory that makes
it is the right way because if you don't get this you're gonna do you not understand a lot of less not rhetorical nonsense and games they play the lead at the end of the obama administration was desperate to explain away the paltry growth rates just to be clear so bomb is growth rates during his time in office measure by gdp where some of the lowest in history manufactories first president american history do not reach three percent growth in any year of his presidency those are troubling numbers the left me an excuse so they started to bandy about this theory of secular stagnation sex the stagnation was of a far left liberal economic talking point and the idea was at well you know what this is the new normal low economic growth in the gist of it everything that's been invented has been invented and this may just be the way one in two percent may be the new normal for the future by the way that's operates bombers while that them saying not made it just a resort clear but now interest trumps only offers a year council economic advisers compounds as a growth rate
the eighty joe looks like three point one percent we'd skynet says that the secular stagnation is no thanks have a nice day but thanks for playing a game not dimension joe it also as we may be looking at three point one percent through twenty twenty now my opinion folks i think after tax cuts i think that's a low number i think we could it through point five now remember if we de member the rule seven's refiners jam you know your you're investments double and ten years that works for economic growth as well at three point i percent in twenty years the real economy would double if we can hit three point five percent in our lifetimes on forty three by the time i'm sixty three years old you will be working and a real economy that double i mean that's what's the average median income forty five thousand now shouting thousand thousand if the ec gotta be border in fact double the median income would be ninety grand eighty granted real money in today's dollars folks this is impressive now there forecasting three point one in the report but i again
i think you could get higher if we can keep this going for a good strong period of time again in our lifetimes we could be looking at an even more vibrant robust economy i think there's a good reason a smile you know that the other council we cannot make advisable is everything they say gospel no of course not but i think the fact that secular stagnation is your everything that's been event that has been invented in the government's gotta be the source of growth in the future i think we can finally start to put some of them out to outdo pasture their theories and say hey listen guys really get this is obviously garbage and nonsense now chorus with another rasmussen paul arrest me support which will put nea don't say i'd like you to take a look at where trump approval has now pop to forty eight percent folks now you may say well figures a relative it was obama's at this time in his presidency about this was forty five so folks the arguments about trump
how easy now his approvals historically low and people can't stand tromp or not really based in rio you know i'm not a big believer in the polls anyway because obviously they failed horribly during the trumpet joe but i find it interesting that even the polls the liberals are trying to use are so dramatically skewed that their painting a really ridiculous and unnecessarily bad portrait of where trump stance now to be it would i think this is about i think this has a lot to do folks this has a lot to do with the fact that people are actually seeing the results in their own paychecks you know it's very four called we saw this with the reagan years you engage in a attacks cutting programme now in a company with government spending it even better but one of the thing about government spending that that government bending cots and government spending in general that doesn't have a hugely positive effect on approval ratings is it that scene is real money sometimes if i know
this right stop me but i think play it works as people assume government debt is somehow not going to hit the like it because it has them right away i told you about interest rates and interest rates as they go up because people won't lend us money as we get farther and farther and debt will be the canary in the coal mine but the reality is joe they haven't yet i mean interest rates are still very low matter fact that when people aren't going and getting car loans at nineteen percent they're not getting mortgages at fifteen percent and i don't wish that to happen i think it's going through sadly we don't get her spending situation under control but the point i'm trying to make joe is that it has hit people in the while it so people up it's not going to affect approval ratings as much as it should because people don't see an instant impact from as it makes sense with tat cuts and we saw this in the reagan years when he cut the top re from seventeen to twenty eight percent people saw a median income
in their own page ads you seeing that now with people getting bonuses were people getting raises and this is really a dramatic stuff and i think that's what's leaning to this corresponding bump and trumps approver ratings and if we can continue the economic growth as is as james carville's alleged said the bill clinton once it's the economy stupid i think the demo you're going to have a really difficult and how our time combating the they trump economic powerhouse that's it's been created since the secular stagnation is in the obama i have have left office they're going to have a really tough time explaining it away but what are you going to say to people if they get a job at seventy eight eighty thousand dollars a year and they will working for forty and fifty before what are you going to say to people thinking to three thousand dollars bonus what are you going to say to people if they get a promotion you know what are you going to say to people when their kids get a job you going to continue with that how you going to be the crumbs in collusion party forever i mean is that going to be your your your democratic campaign slogan
for a twenty and eighteen and twenty twenty chrome crumbs economic crime as this is all crumbs thousands of dollars not crumbs collusion collusion is this the best you ve got folks i think there are a lot of trouble if they continue this stuff i don't think there's a viable path forward electoral they remember reagan one forty nine states the they state he lost and re election was minnesota which was mandela home state and he only lost that state by a cup a thousand by these three thousand votes because economic plan was so part of their human maryland new york california so the economy and ah my given democrats advice i'm just saying i have this going to be your campaign plan going forward good luck is that is a complete loser all right here's a story i saw yesterday at the wall street journal which i thought was interesting and it just big do what i was talking about yesterday joe door in the yard the show about how the conservative economy may be the only path forward
these stories about this growth in our cart type programming it's not so much about cord cutters cord cutters meaning people who disconnect from cable but it's about growth in netflix and hbo when podcasting and is a really good story and it says it listen a lot of these people who may have been able talents before or entertainers who wouldn't it be given up i had form on whatever espn or comedy central whatever may be or now starting their own shows and their selling them to netflix and other places and are doing quite well and yellow listening and watching and it applies to me i mean the show is called the damp on gino show i always joke we wish this amazing they found a guy named but the ambitions you know to host the show called a damp gino show i know it's a horrible joke my wife hates it by some reason i get stop telling stupid joke but the show
so this is it's our court its on demand you get it on demand it's free to you we helped to keep it that way for a long time this is growing as as a platform and that one of these samples they give us the guy who did that show talk soup on what was that on eu whenever it is he's on netflix now and he has a really low budget show that simple about an army and he's a set of one party joshua's if we're not the lowest budget show on netflix i'd be astonished but the show apparently does pretty well at another guy named them really matter i bring this up because even in our cart programming in the future the day tribulation networks are gonna matter and this is where this war on conservatives libertarians is not going to stop it distribution channel now is cable and
say the damp gino shall like now we're not going do that when i can have the demagogy notional on cable while he's a conservative you effectively have cut me off for doing that it's going to be up to places like netflix and hbo to provide alternative kind of counter programming the liberal stuff is well why do i bring up each beyond not targeting anybody here i'm just saying hbo just picked pod save america which is a very popular podcast done by some former obama officials and let me say and i mean this from the bottom of my heart i but being silly or urgent or ridiculous about it congratulations to the guys who started pod save there liberals their left this yet nice job you put together a business model people like your product like people like ours and like a lot of liberals out there and i'm not saying to positive amerika people are calling for any kind of a boycott are aiming at that but a lot of those are they just don't want conservative voices i applaud them aid
yeah just picked him up joe down and all i do like a video version i guess of pod save america i'm not really sure but i applaud i don't i don't i you know i again i vehemently disagree with their political views but that's you know america's a vibrant flourish in country where ideas should be able to flourish my complain is that i can guarantee you joe guarantee you that if our people to keep him why we may not be as popular as positive america but i assure you were not far away this showed a joan i put together thanks exclusively to you has on bonkers i'm most positive that if we were to approach hp how and say you know you guys entertain this for doing a video show that one of the i bake for them advance but i think it would be an issue that our show was political but conservative political might with the whole thing is when you look at the default position is liberalism is acceptable and conservatism isn't
it's a free market i can't be clear about this as i said yesterday about twitter that free to do whatever they want it's our company facebook to so hbo their free to pick but not pick up whenever they want yo netflix as well i'm just saying us as consumers we have to find a way to bypass this and i think the way to circumvent and bypass these distribution networks am i clear will you get what i'm talking about here netflix others in the future is going to go to subscriber only models that are found they'd by you and you go and pick out what you want you go to and are a tv you go to punch you no doubt com you gotta see our tv and you pick out the programming you want and eat the blue paper program it's the only way to put it on i can you know if i could do it for free and was independently wealthy i'd be more than happy to do it but again while these guys i just wish to favour would be returned on era because folks as i said to you yesterday during the show and i'll tell you again tonight i don't i
bore you with a lot of the internal detail some of them actually aren't even that boring but i don't want you know i don't want to share too much sometimes because i don't want to give anybody else ideas but the pressure go behind the scenes to silence a lotta conservatives out there is really dramatic and at some point we are really desperately gonna need your help i mean it's happening at conferences is you see this thing with this autumn i'm sorry foresworn we're sorry i demanded to get off track this is important it's even happening in relatively conservative areas the inner ray is having their convention in dallas year dallas not exactly a bastion of liberal is now to be clear lotta democrats in dallas no question about it but there political officials in dallas pushing for the end our to move their convention out of dallas yet folks it doesn't stop i mean have planned peril
i wanted to have its convention in new york city listen i apply you i've salute objective everything plan parenthood does but plant paranoid speak out they can have a convention if they'd like i mean you're not going to see me telling the dean on madison square gardener wherever they were to do it it you guys can o sees people this is the best what's going on behind the scenes i mean if we can even hosts the convention in doubt less than folks you know we're in we're all the trouble and this the kind of stuff i need you to be on the lookout for and that is why i desperately need your support i need you to spread the word about the show i've i've again it might sincere apologies for asking you for favours we try not to do that we try to just provide your show below maintenance but there's a really sincere and anna tough battle going behind the scenes and i could use your help in advance and cause folks and i thank everyone who has supported us in the show please
but upon you know that calm check out the show notes today i think you're like me have some good selections and please spread the word enjoy my email is thus a noose articles as always right your inbox are really appreciated thanks folks if your hats backed by the way please come say hello i'll be at the energy tv both be energy tv booth i'd be happy to talk you see you just heard in bonn gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance broadcasts on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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