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Ep. 664 Are Liberals Losing the Culture War?

2018-02-27 | 🔗
In this episode I address the Democrats’ panic as they transition to a new narrative in the Russia case. I also discuss the catastrophic failures of Broward County Sheriff Israel and his disturbing comments on his leadership. I also address why liberals are losing the debate over the Second Amendment.   Conservatives are finally fighting back against liberal economic warfare.   This piece explains why the NRA is an influential organization, and it challenges silly liberal talking points.    Finally, a company stands up to the liberal economic war on America.   Was Trump, himself, spied on? Check out this piece.    Dealing with “aggressive violence” from a practical perspective.    This piece challenges the viewpoint that justice has been done in the Russia case.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i welcome the damage you know sharply said joe how are you today i am always glad to be here daniel yes it s got we got a ton going on and yesterday i die do this i told you i was going to say something i didn't say it are the show because i was excited about yesterday show to get so much information i miss something so i will backtracking cover the man afford thing today which any mention and why i think it so significant its it was critical piece i'm a little of settlements thank you to all the email feedback on the show and i thank you for feedback folks i made a big announcement yesterday this coming monday this coming monday i will be he's starting my video show for those hu i have been asking it'll beyond an hour a tv available for free there's no no payment no pay while nothing at in a beaver
but an hour a dot com and our aid he d com it'll be at five thirty eastern time that's five thirty eastern time starting next monday so to be promoting it all week this week do in some live content at five thirty we the full night shall by tat are beyond today five there bp were as well and energy tv dot com so thanks to everyone who fought for your patience i appreciate it's been a long time come in but i am happy to be over there aren't i that's what i want to get too today i've i've i've got a really critical piece on why the second amendment debate is absolutely guaranteed to her liberals in long run to hurt them electoral speaking they can when folks and i've done this a bit before and got tremendous feedback but i'm going to speak explain why and i also get into it absolutely some peace i see
that i'll have to show knows about the difference between joe violence and aggression this is important critical conversation and it was really well said anne echoes the speech i gave a long time ago but i think it says that a lot better so many get into that so don't go anywhere it's gonna be a terrific showed and i put a lot of work into phoenicia today show by nobody should i target that you to everybody supports our sponsors but the eye argue pro system is the best system out there to practice in the safety security rode home to practice your marksmanship listen anybody can fire fire i'm the only question is can you fire it accurately folks god forbid you are engaged in a self defense scenario and you have to engage with a firearm you have to be able to hit what shooting at the eye target pro system allows you to do that in the safety and security of our own home now the range is important of course you want to live fire when we can but sometimes it's just not practical either you have to drive to get there you can't get there to may not be arranged is local can get expensive you have to clean your weapons afterwards that's all great you should do it but it's not
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he's promo code dan you'll save a terrific ten percent by the way competitive shooters to do for a living dry fire drill fire ten times more than they live far this is the way to take you try fire practice to the next level right yesterday i mentioned man a fortress quickly on this you folks the demo that's our going to there in a panic right now ok they're memo was a disaster we discuss out in yesterday's show the memo base we confirm the worse parts of the pfizer abuse process the men oh confirm that the court was never told about hillary clinton and the paying for the information used to spy on trumped up confirms that the deep defies a court basically use the dossier tub achievement buys a court made its decision based on the fbi using the dossier which is a critical distinction that the dossier put them over the prob probable cause fence
the fact that the information was false folks is critical now the democrats are starting to realise that this is gonna blow up on them that this is a day they can't sustain this forever and why because our court record's there are court records their transcripts of what happened i said this yesterday so i said to you i said pay attention a matter for pay attention a matter for here's what's going on in yesterday's show notes i put a piece by andy mccarthy and heat this is worth he makes it really great great point that i had missed he says its attention on man afford and his partner rickets and to be clear on who they were so i don't want to lose you just remember this very simple case obama spied on the obama team spied on the trump team and the use false information do it that's all it's ok i d get lost we didn't six twenty eight on this isn't like the walking dead or somewhere if you know if you mrs and want to seven nothing makes sense this is a very simple case the
i'm a team spied on the trump team and use bad information it do it bad information paid for by trumps opponents that is the since the case doll lost in the wandering wine vehicles they used to spy on the trump team was a campaign manager brought on at the time in poor man afford in his partner rickets makes sense show simple stuff right why is man of fort important was there narratives continue to fall apart there having it of time ladies and gentlemen justifying why in fact they do the fourth amendment out the window and spied on a presidential candidate so first it was apple is that it was carter page and it was papadopoulos again that it was carter page knows that they keep go while this guy did something in that guy did something the problem is they can't find the something they did because this something they did is based on false information member papadopoulos what guilty the lying to federal agents that the russian collusion they can't
i did anywhere so the democrats i argued yes you are buying time right now their buying i am by putting nonsense memos out there they are just in time because they need the transition to the new boggy man and the who bogeyman is gonna be paul manafort now there's a good body of credible evidence that man of four may have been involved in some shady dealings i don't mean to downplay that are all unlike pay each and papadopoulos his where the evidences i think pathetic at best speak he's a forbear age it myself there evidence against matter now he is entitled to a presumption of innocence like anyone else and he should be i don't do his day corn and no poor man afford i don't recall at any point even crossing passed with them i have definitely never madame and i dont know partner rick gates but he is going to be the new buggy man and my car
he makes the point one of his pieces and i'm dumb summarizing and not as well as he does in his peace medicine yesterday show note that the transition to this attention on man afford is going to be the special council bob mothers way of redeeming the fbi what do i mean by that what do i mean what do i mean is careful to be very careful to did you get to take away your job ok mallory right you you see i'm gonna does my mother right now seize the writing on the wall bob mahler is a special council informer fbi director at practiced attorney in prosecutor bob dollars a very smart guy don't agree with a lot of what he's doing metaphor i think it's his investigation has been entirely corrupted by people inside who have alternate interests outside of justice but having said that smaller is not dumb don't for a second think otherwise mahler there stands right now he must that collusion is a myth it didn't happen you again folks uk fabricated story it either pandora didn't and his eyes it didn't happen mahler vienna
former man himself former director the fbi now stands having bad and i think and in masse deeply in the swamp himself mahler to save the reputation of the justice department saved the reputation of the fbi and i think it's there's a little bit of anti trump atmosphere maybe not will with him but unquestionably with his team is specifically his top bar pitfall andy weissmann who we know can't stand trump president hilary election i think he male sally eighty anti weissmann kg actual her the former deputy attorney general for refusing to press to enforce trumps travel ban picking our joy very good job you gave the middle finger to trap nice work it's what we know oh there's anti chop animus on the team what they are trying avoid here is the earth to avoid making trump look like a martyr so what they're gonna do joe to justify this debacle of spying operation and even bigger dubai
calvin investigation into a collusion crime that never and even collusion is even a crime is their guns come back and i will love this metaphor is a really bad guy and we got him for this with ukraine and this on tax evasion and this on monday uttering at all this stuff and therefore the iter the trump team was war did keep a mine this equally has nothing to do with collusion at all they need a buggy man and the buggy man keeps changing remember that thirty thousand foot the obama despite the trump team they had no but instead do it the democrats to buy time to distract us from the fact that they basically use them constitutions toward the paper and through the fourth amendment out the window so they have to find a bogeyman lord george papa dapple this was in a bar this is called the case of the changing boogeyman the czech casement agenda is it's like an honest this is like
but your lawyer on friday the thirteenth there are like china jason keeps coming back with this what it's a different jason every time so you know what there is a difference because in the first friday the thirteenth the killers the mom actually people forget about that remember thirteen year the killers the my right but this this is what this is that this right you're too good point its changing jason each time you know jason number one you puppet arbitration number two carter page there with your ball metaphor jason before rigorous chose to normal make sure you remember the showers see this is it every time a matter for i think just a my clear on this no man of lord i think mahler understands is the one with the most evident criminal baggage again in prison if of innocence guilty in court i in this case i believe in the constitution give him his debt if he's found guilty
in court we should all roundly condemn but until then he is presumed innocent that's how we work here we don't do lynch bob's ok folks two way this works i just telling you pay on the evidence i've seen most of it by the way which has publicly available to court filings as i said it seems there is at a minimum some evidence of this crime for man what enables seamlessly move onto manner for being a bogeyman joe and mccarthy in closing on this because i want to wrap this up i got a lot to do today in closing mccarthy says this is going to be the way that the democrats leave everybody called because so in the end just like benghazi pisses me kind of adding some commodore but just like benghazi just like fast and furious just like the irs nothing's going to happen i don't mean to disappoint i'm tellin you max
these premises that everyone's gonna be disappointed in the end the democrats we'll be disappointed because in a way they were called out for abuses of the fourth amendment the republic is you're good disappointed because the democrats come back again and be well maybe we abuse the fourth amendment but look man afore put you big didn't try you get what i'm saying jellia in which again is kind of like really crappy for everyone might just this definitely doesn't when the day now one final thought on this overall arc story arc we ve been doing since six twenty and were audiences exploded and thank you so much everyone who spread the word our audience is almost like triple the thank you so much and we ve held at which as you know i was thinking about that i'm give me feedback on this on twitter or you can email us i'm thinking of doing a timeline show to kind of i myself it's been awhile of butter a special i mean it obvious show like anyone like taper today's early but i'm thinking to do it
it be on monday or something joe do any time line show where we just call we and collective we walk through an entire timeline in some the entire thing up not to put it stone or something i don t episode six twenty eight forward but to reorder young people because yes it is a simple case obama team spying on the trump team without evidence do yes but there's a lot out of new wants to it in between that's fascinating enter things i'm coming up with every day that yeah sure the other day that surprise me and this is why i thought at the time i show how you know rogers tells i believe tells trump day after the election and it is me mike roger the usa to render tells tromp i believe he did during their meeting a trump tower that there were some spying going on and trump the trump team evacuated from tower right and goes up to bed men for those you listen amiss that point fascinating turn in the case but another
eating happens later on a trump tower in a puzzled by it and i thought if we did a timeline and we walk through it maybe can crowd source to the listener so let me give you your feedback on it i think it would be fascinate walk it through over the course of an hour put the facts brain timelines and by the way the timeline is i have it ready because again the book near matt colombo and is almost thought i like the idea by the way i think the list that would like it yeah well your feedback matters joe ok this is important i ve got a lot of other stuff yet today show also partly by bodies it filter by this invokes your age rack systems work in overtime it was really called this winter so to be working overtime four makes a spring comes around down here florida in a lot of pollen aggravate grady allergy aggravating sees me aggravating allergy agri lady pollution any immediate i make up the words all the time but it is true mulled mildew clogs up europe you felt
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dave tie breed better with filter by their camp that's filter be you why dot com filter by darkened gray company thanks for supporting ok voter intensity have a note here because we talked about this on a prior show months ago but it's important to bring it up again i hear that one of the general ongoing threads throughout the show is always been why matters folks that you know that the great awakening for me if i may share personal story with you is was not understanding the facts and the data sir and economic debates healthcare debate school choice debates that's it joe i mean i can research what the reagan tax rates dead and i can look at what tax what happened a tax revenue what happened a growth that it was good i'm glad i that don't get me wrong but that was the eye opening profound moment i had the really deep
breaks into my psyche that that really changed me and shook the ground i stood on ideologically was a deep understanding of the wye putting together though the pieces of critical theory putting together the pieces of identity politics putting together the pieces of why the left not necessarily the democrats is an important distinction but why the left does what it does because when you start to figure out the why that the left is oh we spend about control it's not what they tell you on their face is just a disguise its a patina over an underlying ideology absolutely hell don't gaming gaining control when you understand that everything else falls into place and make sense in other words one of the crew cool questions and this happened over the course of time it was not a road to damascus moment by reading a lot of books you know unholy alliance by i think by david horwitz
what else is another book a milton friedman you know the capitalism and freed of thomas souls vision to the anointed oz book by dancing and about the history of the left and l time in years reading this you start to see these common themes about how the less is about control what i mean by that is europe ice to hear one of the things that disturb me all the time was people questions i couldn't answer especially you know when i was just a new to the moment they say things like but i don't get it with a laugh although they claim to support you know gave each joe in the algae bt q community but then they turn out see now they support people who support sharia law who met even kill i mean we're gay and in some of the in some countries where where people support a radical form of islam and but these are i'm telling you the questions they would ask mean ethical was i hadn't thought a lot of this through but when you are stan that the left is about control
in other words controller and when i say control and i don't mean this and other worldly ethereal where i mean it in a very grounded down to earth why they are about courage all of your money regard so the amount they don't care for a dollar one hundred hours when you then there about control of your health care and you are you stand there about control of your kids education control of your business everything else it all make sense because the end justifies the means to get there even if that means and this is the profound of the premise of horror which this book unholy alliance means joe aligning with groups that contradict your stated values because remember your stated values are not there for the left is really not about the algae bt q community el dorado
they're not i don't care what they tell you they use the algae bt q community hispanics black voters and identity politics simply as a vehicle to implement policies which allow them to control things in your life you control now does that make sense parkland but the exactly i dare say they are using the media and we because in the media because they folks i'm gonna get them that was approved so they understand fully that the gun ro at the second amendment measures they are proposing will do nothing i understand that i do not plan out with a joke that that is it there is a perfect say what they get their agenda folks is not school safety programmes it's not i'm not talk about democrats regret the radical because when you propose simple ideas like
what if we arm the teachers are europe eddie you're crazy cray you want these shoes schools to be issued in gallery euro cent folks they people walking the criminals make the rules why because criminals don't follow the rules it is asymmetric warfare if criminal says i am got and we'll get to the aggressive violence thing in a minute finally i fully understand that gun law only work if you obey the law if you are a criminal intent on committing murder why would you care about filling out a form forty four seventy three to get a gun legally please answer me that question why you would care it was premise joe behind broken windows policing in new york the theory of policing in new york for a long time when i was there was
you don't rested turnstile jumpers because then the cops going to be doing paperwork all day and he's not gonna be there to stop the robbery then build jack maple rudy giuliani came along and they adopted this form of broken windows policing and you know what these sea change into your folks i was there i saw it you never brought in someone for smoking weed and busy precinct ever that the desk lieutenant or you right out of their men to be honest free for the serious stuff you know it de change was the guy jumps the turnstile who smoke i join in the street i marijuana was his own email that some of them with the on a lot at sub just say more by the time the guy jump in that was the very same guy who committed the robbery on a train now you mean that sound obvious to you now ladies and gentlemen are absolutely telling you with one hundred percent certainty that that was
not the case when i first got me am i pity you didn't bring knows people it you didn't bring them in you avoided it cause you you didn't you do you assume they were different people that's what really cut crime dramatically in new york might my point here in this entire thing is that they are not focused on hard solutions the air they could they are focused almost exclusively by using the median using their vehicles they argue about almost in i focused on control true of the firearms supply control in the hands of government control enhances the government they control keep in mind this is this inversion crowded tells you the police are the most brutal people amongst our hunting minorities in the street who make the very same argument the police are the only ones should have guns does it make sense now my man these questions that it when you understand the left is strictly about control folks it is a statist ideology bedrock in a
marxist background that these state and that that the the bureaucratic and elite intelligentsia should control everything because this is what matters because you are too stupid to do so big as you are too stupid this is them talk and again not me because you are so dumb you should not control your money you should or be able to separate yourself from state on the security front by owning a weapon to state should control your security the state should control your health care what you want they that they need to do tat you from any sense of individuality the control to be able to spend more money to be able to protect yourself this all still go a use the media to highlight this stuff they don't want solutions my point about the broken with those was eight was obvious it became obvious the people the same way
talking about the because i don't like to lose you in long winded answers but it's a good it's a joke made a good point it introduced an interesting vehicle here the guy who doesn't fill out the background check for forty four seventy three big he buys a gun off the street illegally there a damn good chance he is the same guy that is going to go on and murder someone with a firearm this is not ground breaking news folks when you don't care about paying for the train you jumped the turnstile there is a good it's not a perfect chance it's not even probably a fifty percent correlation but it's a correlation ere you don't fill out the back ground check and begun storing you bite a gun off the street you have probably going to commit a crime with it later and if it's a small chance
the same guy jumps to turnstile they're probably gonna go you're probably going to beat a guy rapes robs or or or assault someone on the subway laws matter but laws matter when people follow them criminals here are engaged in an arbitrage system to find their way around it and it gave a keeper mine i'm not making the argument you too we should have nope you know no checks and as is of unfettered access to every its clear as day to me if you're a fell in with a history of violence you should not be in possession of a firearm legally illegally or anything else deeply making the case to you that layering on additional laws its i make an example young people are still murdered right all the time tragically all the time but we have laws against murder right we have homicide laws that that's why i objected what what
additional homicide laws like no no homicide homicide times like this is really like homicide this time folks we have these was we're wasting a lot of time on bureaucratic legal mumbo jumbo that is going to do nothing and stops people from doing what really really works increase penalties after it's not restrictions beforehand i that is at their head saying all you know freeze reaches restricted do you can't say fire in a movie theater that is not true it is not true that is free speech is not restricted by you doing that moreover do your have you ever walked into a movie theater and had someone ask you in advance if you intend to scream fire in a movie theater no i haven't been have you ever had someone asked you to fill out a background check on
have you scream fire in a movie theater and pass before you buy a ticket that's a negative dan that's right but if you do it there is a penalty by the pen be works why because a lot of people just don't do it because i don't want to be arrested for causing a civil disturbance or whatever it may be does it work all the time no what you're suggesting for firearms is different you're suggesting a pro active restriction will not be allowed to buy quote assault weapons which is a nonsense term you are not by a magazine with ten plus round you are not allowed to do this you are not allowed to do that their stopping you before you go in the movie theater despite the fact that you have done nothing wrong you ve nothing wrong simply suggesting to you that we have to stop wasting time on all of this other garbage banning
rifles magazine size is all this other stuff that's going to have no effect and focus on the penalties afterwards for actually screaming fire in a movie theater it is a nonsense example nobody star you before you go in the movie theater but people do stop you from getting a firearm just ass joe who lives in maryland where it's almost impossible to get a concealed hang on my you bet me it's you and even see the movie in maryland let's focus on penalty stage you steal a gun why i don't twenty years you stay they break into ass you steal a gun you use it commit murder me the tory life folks no i'm not i'm operative that conversation about it all in excess of punishment either i believe in the constitution even when its inconvenient but
put that conversation they are not now this is an important point as i said i this is why liberals will continue to lose your folks there are engaged in a war liberals and listen to me this where is this really worries me i hesitate sometimes to show too much emotion on this because you don't mistake my passion for weakness i was born this fight like many of you are also wouldn't be doing this even stress to the maximum these days and most like rip my office yesterday for different reasons but the taking of people's liberty whether through legal obstacles to the acts sizing of your liberty or the out
i banning of that liberty in and of itself the anger at the taking of that liberty will always overwhelm the joy liberals obtain from doing what will not work digest that from an i'm an explain liberals know full well that the gun control measures and everything like the term because you're not you can't control guns you can't there's three hundred million of amazing there's did this probably worldwide is not possible right lip was fully understand that the measures they are proposing are nothing but cosmetic and nothing but a vehicle folks and a patina a cover a mask too radical levels i'm talking about to an actor underlying agenda which is to disarm everybody in america that they can to make sure
that you are only reliant on the stay for your security or health care your economic well being and everything else because member the liberal premises you are too stupid to run your own life you are nothing but some you knows on edge created and you know it ruby you don't know anything about it you definite you shouldn't have a gun because what i have a gun there's a sense of independence in your personal security date all want independence ever one telling you all this and i had to buy won't do that explanation because liberals know what they are proposing is crap y know that because when you pay all people jobs liberals democrats europe regular does moderate democratic regular moderate democrats matter republicans and conservative when you pull
across the spectrum the evidence is overwhelming sometimes upwards of web a bait super majority in some cases well over fifty percent and you ask people if it's gonna do anything to curb violence in you propose specific measures the overlap majority them typically say no they their stand that's not gonna work just ask them what i'm so their joy joe at enacting policies that folks happened after the assault weapons ban people in these paul's know that they understand that so their joy joe at enacting policies that they know full well based on their own surveys won't work is muted why because they know it's ball they under stan it would be like attacks caught package that was passed
that did nothing to cut taxes at all concerned but it be like all i am not going to fight for this i'm gonna lose my political capital i'm not going to go out there like this is a crap tax gotta doesn't work tat would be the it in a think of or a larry on our side of the iron it would we like you know we repealed obama care and ninety actually repeal it they just named it like you had ever joe i'm care and it was the exact same thing conservatives we go while that this is an appeal to the exact same thing under a different name their joy and air emotion motivates people action vote their joy would be muted can we all agree the same thing is happening with liberals this why they are losing and losing badly cancer silently on this i can remember debate
they are not joyful at this they are joyfully gaining control over your life but the emotion in the joy they need to go and motivate them to action and vote is muted because they understand even if this stuff passes that its cosmetic they know full well being bob stocks is not going to stop any criminal from assaulting you with a firearm he bought off the street they know full well that by the anger that liberty loving patriotic americans feel having ver liberty restricted when they did nothing wrong i can't buy a fifteen round magazine i can't buy a five hundred and fifty six chambered rifle i can't buy this because why because a maniac teenager where were you forty five visits to his home as being reported today we're all missed i now can't
i myself how i choose because of the acts of a maniac the anger at losing liberty will always invoke more action at the voting booth there need joy at an acting policies that are unquestioned failures folks they can't win this debate they absolutely care when another thing on this change thank you i have a terrific peace at the show notes that i mean i know i said and every day but this thing they are folks i put a lot of work into accumulating pieces commentary that is thoughtful and will contribute to your daily life i know you're busy i have a number of really wonderful pieces but this one at national review is a must read if you are interested in all its debate remember is at about guns is about control it is always been about control i buried and it was the whole set up there
control is nothing but a mask for people control i said in his speech at the annapolis saw in front of the gun there's mansion five years ago member that feature thing when nuclear and still run and on you to get tax eggs are nothing more than economic control it is still runs up the like two million views but this is a piece of national review today that i like this power and when i say this power i'm talking about anger not violent anger the anger motivate people to vote into political action this act losing liberty versus the joy on the left from taking liberty when they know that taking liberty will do nothing the you're losing liberty will always be more powerful arusha national view which the power of the energy and obviously dad
closure you know i in in nratv i don't work for the re work for enery is a it's it it's maybe animal maybe it's a distinction without a difference at times but it is important i put that out there but from the power the and our aid does not come from what the left wants you to believe buying off politicians folks panzer groups by of politicians diet do dispute that i ran for office ok believe me just go down a capital ill and go to any restaurant you can watch groups trying to buy our politicians whether it's you act donations are donations but why the end our re why why they have such power why them it's not the money folks they're not even close to one of the top donors to politicians are not even close unions play paranoid far outweigh the abortion industry the energy so why are they so powerful here's a call
from this peace its up at the show notes up on no doubt come if you join my email is this always will send it to you please read it short it sweet but it's great it says politicians who come from communities with relatively high gun ownership particularly from those in the south in mid west where america sir most likely to own guns are going to be hard press to go against the entire re knowing full well its members are easily mobilized at the ballot box especially come primary time when turn out as hurry love press these few interest groups are powerful enough to do this all of this makes the inner re unique in the universe of interest groups at large membership this repeated across key electoral districts motive primarily by ideological not economic concerns and exercising power through the ballot box it is hard to think of another group like this
hammers home my point shadows the members of the eight hour rachel these i've million members there are not motivated by economic gain there are not lost being congress for attacks and exemption for podcasting jos got up a black shirt on they're not in lobbying congress for an exemption on a black shirt industry that when they produce the t shirts lobbying lobbying congress because they want to hold onto their liberty they were hold on to their ability to defend themselves against aggressive violence which i'm going to get you folks this is quite literally a deadly serious thing people who live in american communities all over the country outside of big cities understand fully the police cannot protect them the police
maybe twenty or thirty minutes way that is not protection that is a response that is far different that is a response after the fact not a proactive measure before you take away their ability to defend themselves as they see fit you take away to the what do you defend themselves at all as they do in maryland and may issue states this is a literally deadly serious issue to them and their anger we're losing liberty motivates them across quote key electoral districts in large numbers in low turn out primaries you cannot be that the t shirt industry joe may have hundreds of millions of dollars in lobbying for their maybe he'll dramatic made millions to me have millions of dollars to give to politicians for tee shirts brother nobody but you start taken away a man's ability defend his family and used are taken out away in key electoral districts across the
entire rooted plain you take it away in a primary where it literally a thousand votes can make a difference now understand how powerful this organisation is yes almost nothing to do with money it has everything to do with the ability to organise its members to fight back when their liberties taken away folks you're making a big mistake by underestimating them now one quick differences what do i want it makes things i want to make in the peace also and i strongly encourage you to read it again some of the show notes it talks about them the difference between the inside the outside game how the democrats it now or trying to see how the various problems that money and they by people off in other words the insight game tee places everything else you piano assigning common joe they give money and eight they buy off politicians i mean it's what they do they they donate pact in money and say eight years opposition we really appreciate if you stood for
that's a big mistake the energy he's powerful not because the inside game it is powerful because of the outside game it is the it's game the ability to get people to vote because folks and and i'm the show we do facts and data here we don't do nonsense ok when you look at poles of one issue voters show in other words what percentage of the population say votes on guns along what percentage population votes on taxes alone there you we very small because most the vote on a cornucopia visa issues i access health care education and vote on just one thing but when you look at one issue voters the people vote strictly on the second amendment ability defend themselves is far bigger than almost anyone else you can't win now another great piece in the show notes about how companies are starting to figure this out now the hard way there was about
the companies that said i you know what we had these regional agreements with an hour members member's week in a discount for buying your hurts her stated they get delta big mistake huge they finally fedex stood up and said athos and respect furnished are they came out with a statement against my views by the way fenech said we support restrictions on non magazines and other things like that but we're not that's why i this the united states of america folks i strongly disagree but i will not stop using fed ex because they disagree my political views and you should neither what i care about fed ex does not what they say it's a free country and what frederick say we are not continuing this arrangement with the entire due to poet what pressure sorry good for you finally some cod i like it i totally disagree with the statement but that's fine we have sponsors on the shore they are i
aren t you ma percent of our sponsors have a six july brilliant disagreement with at least one thing i say and if we show you know what it doesn't matter i don't i gotcha their products are good companies and they use sponsor a product because we have a good sized audience not because we have they get married on ideological views joe you have that this clause where it sepia more you work in the views or does show this programme express are not necessarily the real response and eva chokichi about they should be read but it's not happy where's known forever this has been standard practice in american advertising since the dawn of time the sponsors don't they i'm not endorsing a viewpoint there simply tropic reach do an audience of which thanks to you by the way on this show is quite substantial and its loyal you know i haven't told you this but
our sponsors love this shell because you ass you listening right now in your car in your house i don't know some of you may be cut tomatoes in the kitchen you why ferociously loyal you know all i know it because this answers can be feedback go my gosh is your audience loyal matter they loyal that's why they're here don't care if they are supporters of tax cuts borell i'm a care or not but due care when they take action and for those you asking who the company was yesterday it was simply safe to good company but i'm sorry their actions i can't support that i wasn't trying to become with yes ridge didn't feel the name need to name them but bottom believe me i am saying is that these companies that companies are now and i felt like
gosh i was kind of a mistake i probably should have said that which is fair enough but action in matters and cool the facts for their actions not for what they said i disagree with their ideology and good fairfax facts you guys should go use facts and you know i tell my disagree with you companies position too but i'm proud that you stood up now what another interesting storm sorry adan imitate the story shone out today target boycott these other place i think the boycott of chick full not into this economic warfare i've said from the start may submit dad you ve call for boycotts yeah only in response to liberal boycotts folks i dont want this item why boycotts either way i dont want it i don't i don't want to boycott organ boycott these other place i think the boycott of chick fillet and others that happened at their all dumb i just said go by products from companies because they produce
stuff ok don't get into this nonsense or but once they take should it gets us i'm sorry i have the refrain and we have to fight back what happened down in georgia i'll do is headquarters in georgia outline atlanta delta the airline decided they were going to make a statement by discontinuing their relationship with the in our aim was a discounts type programme instead of doing what products did solution we disagree with some of their positions but we're not we don't boycott pay political views to the united states is not without a dead el the stated georgia a law make in the state of georgia said yeah ok yeah word state senate here and there's is gas purchase for airlines it's gonna specifically benefit delta down here to the tune of almost forty million dollars it's kind of attacks carve out no thanks have a nice day hey for
i don't like any other stuff let me be crystal clear on that i hated all by cop these products because they make good products but when a case action action hurts our economy you want play ball we gotta play paul to you i don't i care about to begin with so which is more of an excuse to say all good delta was getting carve out for forty million dollars and gas purchases and whenever it is thank you i stay no dice not today not in our time bob i i don't like it but folks were engaged in a really dramatic economic war here with these people they try to bankrupt everybody despite at if any companies listening do you understand how stupid this is these media matters led far left george soros funded boycotts almost always blow up in your face dermatitis up for you
for this same reason that gun control debate is blowing up in the left's face because taking the taking of liberty from people the over actions of a company that refuse to back freedom of speech and freedom of self protection overt actions of a company will always generate more anger then the joy of kooky left this who understand what they're doing will have no effect at all if not hurt the company makes sense show yeah what conservative up conservative boycotts work they work all the time the nfl being destroyed right now it is good redundancies down viewers ships down those are just facts hollywood they can't sell seats anymore folks this is happening target their stock plunged
liberal boycotts almost always implode chick fillet remedy boycotted chick are you sure do you couldn't get a chick fillet for like a week western maryland time that happened the line was literally around the corner now figuratively yet chicks a boycott was one of the most successful take for thirty minutes station a marshall that damping themselves chick fillet boyd what happened with the usa are a good company i'm still a member of they were they had a beef which demands on hannity they pull that's very bad move now back with him now they ve since made some demands and understood that this is probably a baby's recurring curing with with anti show it doesn't work companies out there make a political statement she was stated we support this we support that we bought having said that we
absolutely refused to engage in economic boycotts and will continue to advertise whether an is audiences which is by the way conservative talk radio foxen msnbc another whatever you want to be conserved i dont care idle here advertising msnbc if they have no go right ahead to this actors on my show i really hope you're advertising on liberal podcast you have a ton of em you have i'd save america the listen tease business onawandah boycott there's stuff go show stop that you will not generate one ounce of of anger rage for me at all i will applaud you but to the liberal attacking us leave us alone you can't win this you are going to cost the companies and you were gonna cost yourself ok i'm sorry folks really caused so much content way i feel like i'm almost doing you with the service but the
for those who asked me why the shows not longer by the way for you knew listeners joe and i are original purpose we started was to give you a show that aggregated the best conservative content in the day i mean us i mean the best conservative stories we could find an ad some of our particular flavour i mean that's what our opinion is but it was designed fit into your commute so that's why the shows in our lives and it will be we just want to make sure you know you get the show in the time you can commute home so thank you for the questions on it from the new listeners but that's why there is an actual reason there are today joe brought you also by brick house their tradition one of my favorite companies in one of our regional sponsors listen they had done that he would take bombarded with orders feel the greens is just that they set wake exploded for them it is an amazing product now what is it it's like fruit and vegetable insurance there is an article by drudge today you can google it
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i said i would get to this and i want to mistakenly not today because we miss that mad efforts there yesterday was passed after the showers damage will have to call you back into a supplement now because i miss this but we will be doing more those by the way is breaking news concern but there is an amazing peace lou rockwell dot com you know i say it a lot but if you've ever been motivated to go to my website to join my email is to read the articles read this one it's so so good and it talks about the difference joe between violence and aggression forgive me for looking down but i want to read this and the analogy he gives is a topic we discuss often hear mutually assured destruction mutual sure destruction or mad conveniently named why the premise that when the united states in russia the superpowers both had nearly equipped supplies of nuclear weapons in the terms of lethal already that the nuclear weapons would never be use which is interesting premise
why spend hundreds of billions of dollars in technology and building weapons if you never ever ever could use them while the answer that's because as a both built the mountain built out their nuclear capabilities and payloads they understood that a strike would be met by a other buyers right from the opponent and it would be gelish or both their annihilation what's on russia they're gonna launch on us world then so the fact it i mean it's very simple game theory but we each day lodge therefore where dead so we might as well not large but we can't get rid of them but you're not going to use them because you just understood you just said that you can never use them because we don't be destroyed yet but if we don't have them we can get the other side that we could destroy them too say a mutually assured destruction pretty it was that night
what gives an analogy in this piece about what they call joe now nuclear primacy this fascinating nuclear primacy is the premise that if we can develop a strike capability that would take away their ability to launch back in other words take away their that nuclear primacy a lot of people are worried about this in the foreign policy realm a geo strategic global political folks out their think about this although because then if nuclear primacy takes right there then a mutually assured destruction is not a problem because if we can take out their ability to strike back why where's striking them yet we don't have to worry being destroyed ourselves what does this happen do with the gun debate or anything it was a terrific biology because the addresses the common confusion between violence and aggression the left
place these to all the time now i gave this that speech a why i cite this speech allotted probation linked to a summit i bet gave it in annapolis a long time about backstory i showed up at a second amendment rally somebody who had no me from china for office i wasn't particularly big naming conservatism at the time but a guy said i you know here's the microphone i had prepared this thing or anything i just grab the market it was extemporaneous speech was about five minutes speech want literally viral in everybody says their speeches go viral but we did find saw it everything like that nicaragua wants me into the second amendment advocacy movement the fact that i didn't maryland they think resident are people but one of them i made in the speech was it you know you oh create a safer society creating more sheep for the wolves the prey on that's what he's getting at in this peace rockwell that com which i will put again in the shadows
there is a difference shell between violence and aggression violence in many cases is except the boy aggressive violence isn't now think about that oh my gosh how can you say that now just think it through logically if your walking down the street and some criminal attacks you in your kids why you what your two daughters and you then respond and overwhelm him with violence nobody send you to jail of a trial if you're you know if you go overboard you beat the guy he may sue you but most people job we're saying people go well joe you walking down the street with little joe what happened some guy grab me by the back try to grow given what you do i punched him in the face nobody goes all my god what are you and aiming at now joe you and i you know what that is violent correct smiling is it aggressive now you its defensive die yes they get all i did not prove that is the difference
it is the left's constant conflation of violence with aggression that confuses people the point he makes in the peace which joe i did not set em up for that at all is that what the left i you to believe is that defensive violence is equally is bad as aggressive violence in other words we need to get your guns away too because hey man violence and we need to control outlaws way way way time out year you're talking about you want control defensive violence do sort of i have to forfeit away my right the concealed carry in blue states like maryland and new york because of a group a violent people it's a brilliant point now where are my pet myself on the back or trying to create some kind of intellectual equivalence i understood this i especially in that speech but i didn't
take your age i guess so cool as to the writer here he does a fire better job of phyllis ethically explaining what i did and in a relatively emotional speech you dont create save for society creating more sheep for the wolves the prayer he makes the point in the peace at the firearm joe is the great equalizer in defence of violence men basically you cannot deprive these people of their means to defend themselves against aggressor that's the theory behind this you know nuclear your primacy that when you effect we disarm a nation's nuclear ability to strike back right by new remember right now the russians have the ability strike us we have the ability strike down therefore nothing happens thankfully could we not want to wipe each other out if we were able to a factor
boy disarm than not by taking their nukes but to engage a nuclear primacy where we could take out their counterstrike ability right away job we can they can't hit us back anymore we destroy that this a foreign policy a leaders who believe this be the goal of the united states nuclear primacy our summit day people who argue forgone kid put their arguing the same thing you know was just saying nuclear i miss you great because we engage and violence against them but they can't fight back oh by the way gun control is great what what what are you saying you're suggesting there may the exact same argument but to the eye allergies conflict you say the russians are in danger because if we engage a nuclear primacy we can effectively disarm them but you are not in danger but we effectively disarm you what is it you may say are again that's kind of a strange it you know it is not its
pikachu a larger why matters thirty thousand footing the joe and i concentrated to show all the time and why there is why are you can violence with aggression you're not the same aggressive violence is a threat to every law abiding american and by you arguing for quote gun control and effect we d facto restrictions on preventing americans from carrying two firearm of their choice to defend themselves your say they should be able to defend themselves because you'd i understand the difference between aggressive violence andy france violence you are simple conflating the to violence while we gotta control violence dewey no no serious question here or there we have to control aggressive violence because you're saying we should control violence in general you're doing it because it's a talking point you're not understanding the fleet the actual deeper intellectual debate
that you have the god given right to defend yourself now there's a reason folks i spent you know you're my life i excuse me yet twenty three years of my life to cut back in recent years in my head you know ground fighting boxing and tie boxing in judo and wrestling american ashley greco starve take down because i ever plan on start in a fight in a street because god for forty three years all some young but thinks he's gonna take advantage of me and my kids walking out of a movie theater ain't gonna happen i'm not violent person but i practice defensive violence twice a week in my direction to place god forbid i've got to defend myself good luck starts day is violence a baby we talk about violence or aggression they are not the same thing because what you the conversation giotto aggression then over
it gets uncomfortable for them but i don't have the right to defend myself it gets aggression is that what you're saying so you saying why that should be prohibited what they're all cases defence of violence now makes no sense the call from this pizza gray peace please please read it says this and is the practical solution for dealing with aggressive violence accepted it it's impossible to eliminate the means to inflict arm impossible you can eliminate firearms not altogether but you can try then matter they'll get a gun they'll get a knife in a bomb they'll run you over it doesn't matter accepted impossible to eliminate the means to inflict hark except that some people will seek to harm others that is an incontrovertible fact of human life there are the wolves among us that will never change three
create in yourself and other decent people the ability to respond to predators with overwhelming counter violence history shows us that when people do not have the means to defend themselves they will eventually suffer atrocities the moral argument is cut and dried what one more perry and i will repeat this is such a great piece folks i really can't encouraging strong enough terms to read it one more a human being is the absolute owner and sovereign over their body as such they have absolute and inalienable right to defend themselves from regression by others by any means available or necessary as law it's those beans do not harm innocent people around the cash what a great peace what a dynamo need powerful powerful stuff
you rarely do i read a peace and i changed the entire course my shop and that that is a really wonderful piece check it out today let's see how we do it here boy were already like way over time aright joe hold onto those cuts for tomorrow listen folks tomorrow i will i won a gloomy just set yet for timor here i definitely want to get into this proud county sheriff he needs to resign immediately they feel the years were before during and after they were atrocious they were catastrophic they were deadly is attitude after which has been horrendous but i want to get into quickly some of the shirking the responsibility tomorrow in them and also some cause ever recorded now one that joe was kind enough to cut for us that are just horrified and you'll be astonished that this guy still as jobs are don't mr marshall please go to punch you know that calm subscribe my email is amply spread the word in the show i you're i try to like every one it does so your comments on social media so i appreciate thanks a lot
you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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