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Ep. 671 Fight Back. Start Dancing!

2018-03-07 | 🔗
In this episode I discuss how the tide is turning in the liberal culture war. I also address outrageous liberal hypocrisy on the firearm issue and other subjects.   News Picks: Liberals want to ban guns but consistently embarrass and discredit themselves by having little to no understanding of the firearms they want to ban.   A university instituted a policy allowing concealed carry on campus. Here’s what happened to crime rates.   This piece discusses the data on the opioid epidemic.   Are we going to see a second special counsel to investigate the Obamagate spying scandal?    More devastating information about the failure of liberal cities.   Is President Trump’s tariff talk a negotiating ploy?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i love that a damp on gino shepherdess joe how are you today and hang in there dandy element goofy maryland whether about lord it's it's down by me and martin county its looks like this about to be a massive thunderstorm and am glad that my suit our people the people i work with with the fox staff and all the other heads they have entire studio on battery backup so my whole studio cameras skype computer focus right everything lines is all on a big massive battery because it yes one out great before me recording the ascent i'm still talking to joe looking at his elvis look in a mug here on skype so we're going to go little sore today yesterday was dead day for those views dad left and left it is the most taxing exercise known to me
and i don't know what it is about dead lives i think the fact that you start from a dead stop i mean you're literally lifting await up off the ground i am just so i m not working out today which is good i don't know why telling you that but i would die my mom acts thou my nervous system is fraud i read something that power left there should do this professionally dead don't do a max dead live up to seven days out because it so taxing on arrest is important to me yeah is i got a lot to get to today i got a lot of comments on viewer feedback i got some of its important i've been very inspired by some of the email z s today and so many of them but a couple of network critical but critical for all by the wrong i'll tell you why in a minute and i also get to an article on out stand in peace by david please forgive me for saying your name wrung her sonia at the federalist but it's a great piece on liberal hypocrisy to want to get to that are taken
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our audience is so great show me we talk yesterday about how i know some of you are confused because as i said the other day that we were right the culture and i believe that yesterday show i was reading a piece by david brooks at the new york times said we were losing their culture war but winning the political war that was proxies opinion not mine folks i really genuinely believe we are starting to turned a corner on academia the media leads on on hollywood celebrities in it and the musician crowd out either attacking us embassy and social media i really believe the corners in turn now i didn't say door yesterday show that we won the culture war it is clear for a long time it's and joe gave a great example of stockholm syndrome where a lot of us have been beaten so long in the culture war by being called racist xenophobic massage it is six above their islamophobia photophobia kissed the forbes as we always say i'm going to put that on a shirt when their jobs right like we are that they were there
as this takers where the hostages and eventually be almost feel bad for them well like well maybe they're right maybe we are a bunch of gun knots and maybe we don't like people who look for the rest we while you know that's not true but we kind of down because we're if we ve heard it for so long you're almost like well i don't know is it true european been gas lit for so long lighting where you been told a lie so confidently over and over and you been isolated from the true you been told the lie that if you're a conservative your racist you get it massage you don't like women muslims even told for so long you know it's not true that events the only way is there some through this i don't know i don't get it i'm starting to hate everybody knew death with there gets what they want you to believe that's what they had some people i think back down instinctively because they are afraid i think the tide is turning and based on the feed
back from yesterday's show which was phenomenal and inspirational and thank you so much i have never ever felt bork tat we are turning the type and folks again this is gonna be a long drawn out culture war this is not going to change tomorrow maybe next year maybe not a decade the point i'm sure make a series changing bit by bit by day by day and more people are getting up dancing gave the example of the guy at the music festival on view to that guy gets for start stance and creativity stance and crazy and intelligence agencies uses video to show that it's not the guy that gets up first it's the guy that follows the guy that gets up guy gets up he's dead so these dance and crazy everybody's just like they laugh at us conservatives idiots races rate women you everybody algae bt q everybody you hate everybody's white male we do
everybody laughs at us marks us but you know happen at the music festival again second guy gets up and start stance and with the guy following his moves they laugh all the sun people like air looks fine third guy fourth guy eventually the whole music festivals dancing their heads and step up a dance on yesterday's emails is a trial dance and going on out there guy ye may be i got about a hundred emails about this let me give you a couple examples really can do i have never been so inspired emails me yesterday and says maneuver driver i play your part asked believe me you don't have to play my play shapiro levine's billy i'm happy you play mine i'm honored but i'm not so mr promote by job even though it is my show here
i play your podcast in my ober thing he's a driver in massachusetts juno who you are sent to email mighty username peace said i poor ratings from liberals i get in my work are particularly because i play your part has nothing to do with the service down it i'll do it again what's that rather keep tat said your dad's your damn right i am with you man i had a lot a conversation last night about debts in i'm not going to tell you what it is but it's a very prominent serve active pod gastric was is producer he knows where he is for an hour and a half western i'd be about debts and brother how'd you said to me what are you doing with that spots or sit there out money we don't want because we
fear we dad's get off your dad's that's how you turned his ship around we didn't the damn sponsor and he does it either go find another show so you are a body we dance here i had another guy you know who you are too says listen i sit around a lunch room in my factory am i going to say where the matter says time these liberal start spout nor about their bs fire right back years you know what i know i'm never going to get promoted i'm an outcast i know ever they can't fire me but they'll never provoke me i'm gonna eat it a little bit their problem
good for you you dance i am with you man i'd left job it was no guarantee joe what do me when i left ivy literally when i left my first radio appearance was our jos radio station w maybe i'm in a morning walked away the secret service nothing no retirement zippo cash out bipeds zero there was i got zip s but he laughed just like they laughed at the dude atom zack festival who was dancing they laughed three the articles from what is a two thousand and eleven when i left the secret service the baltimore son so i suppose what is this area leaving the secret service to run as a republic in america i we almost
broke man we had nothing zippo there was no writing written conjured yorkshire appearing on fox news in your conservative podcast will eventually explode and be the second biggest podcast in a country that was not a that joe what i didn't think the damn pod guest ideal three years later that's what we got a hundred listens we thought it was a big deal you remember that for that i do we like we made it now we post darn thing at an inn within a millisecond that's got ten thousand lizards cause we dance here i am with you i am guy got skin in this game but fact i just picked up this love now seem tell abbeys toward the black swan author he's got an book add that skin in the game i've got
skin in this game folks i am with you to the aubert driver and a factory do and the ninety eight other people who email me about dancin you get dance since our fight man nobody's ask you not to take up a musket against the red coats nobody you live in the most pay her time in human history we do the poorest among us some of my flat screen tv cell phones and the biggest problem in this country is obesity not starvation but there are warriors out there who understand that even their small fight you may miss a promotion you may get it restart rating for over you know what that's a real sacrifices to rid sought valley forge it doesn't have to be you know what that
i may come some day will you may have to defend your country against a foreign enemy i hope it never does god forbid the north koreans get restless but fights not here now but there are fights here now that you dancers they saw a god bless you for doing that freak in dancin that's your call you know to the guy you sent me the email about hank william senior i talk about yesterday there ain't no light many very depressed at the end of his life this act is no light at the end of tat there is a lie need inspiration find inspiration in the fight not the resolve you're here for the fight listen i'm a christian i love jesus christ i'm not your preacher you are welcome here are a few are jewish if you are a few practice islam if you are an atheist if you are a rough
the fairy and i don't care you are come here any time you are welcome to email me i will do my best to respond to you but i'm tell you what ever religion you practice i choose i want you to challenge me on this basis throw tenant of your religions core message is i guarantee you want to sacrifice the hunter story here goes on and on and on throughout the world's great religious it's always a story of sacrifice meaning you our here to dance you're not here to sit there and smoke cigars sip brandy and be a fact slob you're here to five the fight is your mission that what you're here for you here to put up with this not that there are going to be moments of joy that nothing like looking at my kid nothing nothing
like look at my kid joe i know you know this feeling boy do you live and die with every moment when laugh in that way only your kid last there's no smile like that on your face ever that is the sound of god coming out of their mouth you live in with these kids you owe them the fight you owe them the fight that's what they're here for there are moments of joy but those moments of joy should not overshadow the fact that you are here to fight and you're here to dance that's your mission that's the why why does not some euphoric theory you know a feeling of joy some chemical enhancement that's what the light is the light is it all my life was full of suffering your life full of suffering is the light that's what you're therefore that's why i left i had a nice fat and comfortable life i did i oughta
juicy government salary a government car was guaranteed to get promoted and left it the top of my game and the secret service i had nothing to lose by state and everything to lose by leaving you need skin and the game you know i hear stupid inspirational quotes but sometimes they they are pretty helpful in and in an making it analogy to how this battle works right you wanna be chris four columbus you gotta leave the damn shoreline ok later you gotta say all right i may fall off the flattered but if flood man we're going to change the world we keep sale and nobody falls off we're going to change every day suffering the sacrifice tat is the fight you know
i know i go to a lot of books in the shown eventually i'll get a booklet stop it one of the books it really changed my life really i read a lot of books i love books is she rossi spoke why the universe is the way it is he's an air a physicist put in the bookkeeper talks about he addressed the intersection of above religions spirituality and science housing universe is not explainable without suffering and versus not explainable without a higher power its explainable how microns and micro inches and and and micro seconds if they were different by anyway the universe wouldn't exist there is no way that level of precision is available without some benevolent creator but also addresses the value is suffering how everything worth having everything require some degree of suffering you need to dance
what is procured malibu from the natural one of my favorite books ever great movie to robert read for a huge lead but it was a great movie there's a line in the book with a girlfriends talk to him the path to who happiness is through suffering we all live two lives the one we learn from and the warm wounded after that the one that we all live too i think about it the one learn from the one we suffer the one we make mistakes we fall on our asses that life and after learn from that life we live our real life after that i just one we learned for those mistakes we move on the real after happiness this a second line of that quote i read it been reversed but it's a second line and i quote the path the true happiness is through suffering damn right it is the greatest lines ever in a book that's true happiness
temporary happiness is nonsense anybody can sort a line of cocaine or main line heroin or fan mail or whatever this latest opium crisis is any but he can do that the question is who willing to dance and fighter real fight i'm out on the other side knowing you had a positive impact on the world do your personal suffering from tat man get out there and dance how we're going to change this you want to start fighting back you're a cop get out there we got some radical kook left wing socialists professor you get up and raise your hand you dance home when i get to see too break in bad take it embrace it take a picture that paper with a big c on it
that ought instagram posted on twitter sent tell me i'll retweet it i got it because i hate socialism got for you i've got almost four hundred thousand twitter followers let them all see that sea because but that sea not stand for it doesn't stand for coward i can tell you that if the coward the professor gave it to you have some balls tenants you're not gonna get promoted cause you're a conservative then you kid we cannot louder or in the lunchroom but told nobody there stood near but you are told one guy eventually gets up and sees you dance and it says army lodge with that guy i've gotta did too afraid your lunch tables eaten with you
but you gotta suffer first i had to suffer first we almost miss mortgage payments we couldn't paper to get my kids teeth fix it socked every of its sucked now about four then remember me sit near with you on ebay trying to figure out a paper a freak microphone for this policy has the same microphone right here this already twenty you're lookin out right now josie i couldn't afford the damn like or phone we have to put it on a credit card it's this mike i am now tat bring into right now you gotta for a little while how we turn this around you you know a company you know this folks you not u instinctively now you're gonna have to dance soon there are companies
when after sean hannity and other companies out there are companies that one after me companies folks itzhak cancel accounts you know what it took me four hours one day to chain my car insurance it sought but at eight freak and rally forge man that was my fight for that day and that was the fight i had to do or a movies i damn well want to see just a guy i like to take a break politics but i can't because i dance every day i gotta dance head it's driving me crazy sleep anymore i bear last night this life is a dance on that wine i am here for you because i know you are we're gonna have to suffer don't get to see movies any more i got away from the cup free because i will not give my money to people not what
to dance in hollywood who cap ass well in dance i have to change airline tickets because a stupid moves made by our lives every day because dance you're in a school you got your kids grammar school and a teacher said some dumb stuff about the present a united states entirely inaccurate nonsense you know what i tell my kid you dance bacardi making worse great i mean accurate to that school you free dance because the dance matters you dance all of us have an opportunity every day
to do one small thing it is the only way we're gonna fight back you are the majority you you can win this we're in a classic prisoners dilemma right now prisoners dilemma for those you don't know what that is prisoners dilemmas many economists to make it simple prison but make any sense think about it you have thousand prisoners and say a hundred guards one of the prisoners thank god they don't do this but it's an economic paradox research can all get together say but should take over the prison they overwhelm the mai manpower the prisoners the lumber those speaks to a coordination problem thankfully what's this the nation problem the word gets here a prisoner we're all gonna write re take over the prison
guy doesn't trust the other gotta do it he doesn't want to write himself and get is but kicked it's cool nation problem we have prisoners dilemma amongst conservatives is this dilemma is we're afraid to dance and we're afraid speak out even though we know that guy next to us is probably quietly with us but i don't want to be first one to speak up in the lunchroom against the liberals because if i speak up and nobody defends me i'm going to be the one that's isolated no one's going to stand when my folks someone has to get up at the music festival and dance first be the and with the biggest heart be the one with the biggest with it with the within unbreakable steel will and joy
scan up and dance man as were i didn't really you and me they're going to all at today i mean i seriously had you can see joe why now blacks and i just had a little note here just addressed the emails i didn't now expect to go down that road too late now yeah got to wait get no going back but i was deeply sincerely impact that i mean almost broke down a couple i'm just now reading these emails because that's all i'm here for man among the show for you it's all you and it's all for the fight to thanks i on a little bit of a lighter note i did get some emails yesterday some echo desire we stress the positive and negative thank you for the good ones but for the umpteenth time love the feedback but the book
unholy alliance i can't believe i keep having to address this i appreciate your emails on it there are to be ex called unholy alliance there could be ten books i don't know titles a very com in my second book the fire is probably name of about fifty different box out there i debts i give you the author unholy alliance by david our words i keep getting emails i don't why people do this now what was written by j sexual oh no driven by david harlem that's there is another book written by j secular which is a great book to by the way called unholy alliance but that's why i give the author so thank you for the feed but there's no correction necessary it is only alliance by even our wits i promise you could view google that it will not go to the book by j secular and i i'm getting a lot of feedback on the free trade show listen folks
i get it on tariffs i get it i understand your emails i can see the point to you wholeheartedly shine it is not our friend and has engaged in grotesquely unfair trade practices i entirely agree with you under a percentage stipulate that point i also stipulate the point because its correct by the way that china his entrance onto the world stage and into the world trade organisation has been unprecedented in human history i actually covered this on a show months ago yet how either to a page very rare that i changed my mind unless there's conclusive evidence i mean i just i have an open mind on you don't get me wrong and i want to sound like a hard had i just i've done a lot of homework on tariffs and economics i love it and i haven't seeing evidence otherwise but i did listen to a podcast awhile a while ago unrest robert e content which is shall i highly recommend
he comes out on monday morning settle once a week show but he had to show a while back and it was about trade and forgive me i can't remember the year the person he had on two different format than the show and the guy the point that yes free trade works but china now joe has been an unprecedented entrant onto the world stage never in human history the point he was making us we have we seen how hundreds of millions of new people and employ and employees and and and workers in the communist sense jump onto the world argued start producing cheap stuff at one time we ve never seen it boom and said that this has caused an unprecedented dislocation of american manufacturing assets and basically the bankrupting of small town of many i don't disagree with you but the emails i'm getting say then that's why think trumps proposed terrorists are a good idea i'm just asking you to it
i say this with the utmost respect because some of the emails or downright like hostile i absolutely open to any argued the terrorists will work if you can show me something it seems a lot of the responses i've been getting or people who are responding emotionally and i get it if you like your job to this this really sucks i don't blame you one bit be pissed not one bit your darling hollowing out america's manufacturing capabilities because of a war then practicing unfair trade practices is not my recommendation for the future i'm please suggest suggesting these is that the evidence is given too bad scenarios right one tariffs and crappy chinese foreign trade practices manufacture devil bathing in many cases that terrorists are not going to be the solution because it tax on us there's no no explanation and if i send me action
article i'm happy to read the ike i'll make you i'll make you an offer and i promise you have my word semi something from a reputable you are setting out on me like the new york's lines with wash depots kate oh harry is anyone who think tanks even under from a brookings even a left leaning thinking i promise you i will read it and will do we addressed the counterpoint you could show me some data that the imposition tariff he's not gonna hurt our entire economy i promise you i will read it i am not looking too it joe do you think it's a recipe for success to piss off your audience now it is it not here to do that now it's tried and true it's a try to you i'm not here to upset you but i am here for the truth however uncomfortable and i'm open to anything so please respond back with them and i will say this on yeah got those modest idea that show was about seven months ago
right i was but so are you he's right is about seven months ago i think the title would give it away if you go to the library and arm i'll i'll try to look it up again but maybe i can linked to the econ talk podcast but the guy does make a compelling case that china is an on president trade threat and i dare point she makes that i told you at the time chain my mind on trade a bit you ve got emails from free traders go not draw with you i dare you are free i am just saying there are points in cash points and we can't we can't be naive to the fact that china has presented us with some very unique difficulties they gave you how i remember oh my gosh i get help from both sides put folks you know listen i can't just give you this you know it the appeal about dancing and an you know i'm not willing to dance cause i'm afraid to lose a few listeners either i'm open too any ideas you send me i'm simply thank you i have not seen any compelling evidence this shows about evidence we ve always about evidence let me sum
and i'll happily read it on the air and address and happily gladly eager to ok i'll let me just one final point on this i disagree with the terrorists but i will say this if trump is doing it quickly as a negotiating ploy and by the way i have a terrific peace from cato by cato of their very very free trade but i have a really great peace by cato in the show notes today my website mancino thou come about our trump is use this before joe as negotiating tactic the another the threat of doing something and he doesn't do it gets what he wants me and i will say this to you because our folks up for i am absolutely prototype i think he's not a terrific job i don't don't mistake this for if he's doing it as a negotiator employ this it this threat pose tariffs its genius my simple points
if we do it there are gonna be economic repercussions remain a playful but if he's doing it to renegotiate deals on our behalf in other words the i bring out of tariffs in other countries hey the big round of applause and he may be the guy is a master negotiator as we ve seen he may vary be doing that but i'll put it in just think peace up and cato who you would take would ripped the president but it's it's really good he they say listen he may be doing this joe just to get a better deal and they show some evidence of him do it's a short article but it's really good some evidence in doing it on keystone stone and other things as well where he is we're going to do this at any backtrack but got a better deal in the long run so read the cato peace it's really really good ok but again i ll may leave with his thank you i do mean few for the emails i read all the critical ones i try to spawn to the critical ones i'm i can't it to all of em but i'm with you i support the president
just i'm here to tell you the truth if you can oh me another truth that would lead to it for now come i am game app lately to entertain it ok but our thanks for doing that pritchett i show also part of bodies that filter by why do people there's screaming and yell and on social media about the environment which is ironic because they you're very industry polluting the air destroying the planet but they have a change of heart air filters and ten years or so changed our air felt as your breathing polluted air right both my ass the air filters were black black they were met black they were not charcoal air filters they responsibly why yes prices even oxygen of my house it we were like i'm serious i'm surprised we were like suffocating gear frozen rising we're moving yes seriously like it's a lie gave it suddenly when i took them out my wife was like what is that unlike that's an air for us because it is it looked like one
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i did a sniffle and i always see joe go in for the pen so you didn't hear that sniff workers shows cutting it now because he's writing to tie marker down but the sniff always in there and it was the commentary about the sniffle and joe grabbing depend to mark where the sniffle happen so i like liberal proxies i like to show you that liberalism is not based on a course set of principles i conservatism it submitted to it solve them it's just the fat little will change their position on any air quality or principle because lip those care about control and when i they control i beat it exactly as it stated liberalism is a by product of socialism of of you know the frankfurt school critical theory it is a by product of a state centric system which diminishes the india diminishes the individual in what are you getting state centric system where the individual's diminished you can
all the individual to control anything you care troll your money i mean literally you get over us that's why they like i taxes you control you health care that's why they love single pair were government run healthcare uk probably your kids go to school that's why they school joyce problem is about control but in order to get there troll over those assets your kids your money in your healthcare liberal can't have a defining set of principles they can they will change their mind on anything in switch their tactics and harpy perfect example job was the tax cuts bill by trump and the ouse and senate republicans their path i if you to buy shows an event this argument put up a pitch it again quick because its indicative of again how liberals don't liberals care about control not principles that's what i'm trying to get out here somewhere crystal clear ok liberal so
principles and what they tell you there air quotes principles hours we believe in higher taxes right right well why then when trumpet g o p we're trying to pass the tax cuts bill were lip us out they are talking about how the you're only going to get crumbs back member nancy see crumbs i we thousand thousand crumbs wait wait nets man's to new york a lot of our liberal media which are still doing reports about how better fact fascinating up in the wall street journal today by james freeman i can't included the show notes because it's a subscriber only but here about how these liberal visas hysterical joe how these media outlets are still doing reports on turbo tax these fictitious american families are going to have to pay me or in taxes unto the trump taxicab plan but how tax captains are calling about going well you
is this this is the new york times how did issue a correction times at age were corrected saying this petition family that was gonna pay more in taxes under the tax bill instead of our three thousands actually gonna get forty three dollars back why why tat may be the biggest correction in human history so fictitious we're play fair muy a that's gonna get screwed by the tax on all four thousand dollars more taxes or whatever three thousand is now going to get forty three dollars back that is the one that it may be the most mammoth correct should i've ever seen your home it grows out the window my pointed are you the story and end and showing how liberals don't it's not about principles to them it's about control is there experts have always been higher taxes income inequality mabarak above rich don't pay it off
in other words give us your body but then they argue that we're not getting body back through the tax that's why would they do that i thought your principles will give the government more money that's the whole private we propose give us your doll because that not their principal they're pretty paul is control to get troll all of your money they need power to get our they need to convince you that the party in power now donald trump european republicans are bad guys so they get a room and egg awake we're so i was to be advocating for higher taxes but people hate higher taxes so low go out and lobby against the tax bill saying that people are getting a big enough tax cuts wait i thought we were for higher taxes no no not now we want to make trump and republicans what path we can beat them in november wait why what
how are you talking about these people dance ever am i right like a big up are you you doubt me you go out there all right so they were talking about the tax cut was a big enough despite the fact that liberalism supposedly about higher tax gimme another example what about palmer feel like you're born you could keep reply we're gonna cut your family's healthcare costs by twenty five or drought what is do you know bob who is a huge advocate for government run health care that the liberal credo that's the house they built their health care the base they built their health care ouse on government run can we love single payer despite the rationing at horrible service it goes on obama knows that so well principles just like they should have been higher taxes and they're not because they know higher taxes won't sell and they need power so they lie about it it was this
same thing on obamacare instead of i'm not telling the truth you up here keep your plan the government's gonna take over medicine and it's going to cost you a whole lot more money what does he do they why are there and they lie feel like a boy you could keep replied looking to cut your family joker caused by twenty five hundred bucks none of that happened it was alive from the start it was a lie because liberal don't have principles liberals art by men i'm not talking about democrats and i'm not talking about like casual political serves i'm talking about the hard core liberals out there they are pie early hypocritical they don't stand for anything can for a start we conservatives you made out i guess you may not agree with some certainty not saying we're all saint slits everyone's center i get a proper both are pretty strong give the people back their money rhetoric advocating for higher taxes is a disaster and the republican party
you're seeing and now with the terror battle advocate for government run healthcare good block in a republican primary there you'll never get we don't have to lie government elsewhere stinks it doesnt work that's pretty pretty widely accepted premise amongst conservatism i'm talkin about sell out swamp rat republicans school choice pretty much universally accepted amongst conservatives to be the better pay for there's no lying about it we are what we are because our suppose matter and because we want the individual matter then what we what the individual matter we don't need power all the time we just need to advocate for principles even if the party in power is one way to limit if we can get democrats support tax cuts great school choice great individual right individually run healthcare great we need the right ideas to win the democrats we need the right people when i bring
i'm sorry that was kind of a long winded set up but it's important because it another terrific peace again by by her sonia david and the federalist which will be in the shown us please read it about he doesn't address all the points i'm gonna redress but read the peace anyway to really get he talks about this guy this liberal right you wrote this peace bashing conservatives on the ghetto quote gun control issue joe and the premises the liberal writer joe is that you know you is come after us on the jargon at its total be ass you know we can speak up about the gun control issue even though we don't know what the hell we're talking about that's the basic premise and i do this as well the liberal writers point is that just because we call a magazine a clip it's not a clip it's not a clip so magazine just because we mistake a semi auto would have full otto we should not be
he got you know exempt deirdre are prohibited from speaking up an issue one nobody's prohibiting anything we're all civil rights advocate we i strongly encourage you to speak out for against i believe in free speech unlike liberals not ones suppress your thought but finally i makes a terrific point i'm going to elaborate on this point is joe knowing difference between a semi automatic and an automatic is the very essence of legislating against it yes kind of important its kind report and if you don't know that prince between one trigger pull one round and one triggerable multiple rounds potentially until the magazine not the clip is empty how the hell are you going to legislate against autumn firearms you know i know the difference he makes another great point
you're gonna talk about things like barrel shrouds and you have no idea what a barrel shroud is put barrel shroud is what you think makes a quote assault weapon and assault weapon rather than a standard commonly used firearm which the eight hour fifteen platform is yes you should shut your mouth because you don't know what you're talking about i dont legislatively you should shut up you should we got all you want of social media are just telling you you don't know what you're talking about like me advocating for lower taxes not knowing what marginal tax rates are i think we should have our module tax rates joe s what a marginal tax rates as hell if i know but we should have liked you what is your you're looking to take away our god given right to defend ourselves against commonly used weapons which the eight hour platform is by
committee i've seen there are millions of these in circulation millions not thousands you wanted get away but you i know what a magazine versus clip is you no semi automatic forces automatic meanwhile there is subjected to two completely entirely different rules to purchase what i am what i do know so you do know that throws up here you guys thank you emulating the liberal conversation talking alex true it's true i our states for rival the pod fortunately as her by the way good point george i forgot that one which addresses it does not i a light rifle you should oh that's it does it stating that is a big deal your fifty generally assault rifle fifteen illiberal as egypt as he's tip and down his glasses and looking at you and a condescending fashion with his bow tie on my knees
into estate tar tar into some kind of sauce or other we stand for short no you dump it doesn't it stands for our but rifle well you know it does what worries me is by the way someone a me yesterday you made a joke and i did they took you seriously you said you were given be a corollary and i think the guy really i know it corridor jonah i promise you folks show knows it's a joke he knows it's not call the corollary it was a joke thank you for the email i promise you showed is not for commentary if he doesn't know what he's too and if he does we deleted how to do that if you dives for me by the way what i that's what i was i do you get the lead at it said that rock it coronary he gets it is a joke but i guess course joe saying assault rifle because he knows it stands for arms like rifle arma light was the company by the way
stoner who invented the gas powered system involved with the eight hour fifteen platform solve these i promised to civilians first it was the military you picked it up late or not the other way around forgot about the yes please stop lying now i want to bring this up for different reasons piece you know before i get to allow me to say this is important let to take us to take away from the first the first part of my coverage please the peace by the way but you know that subscribed to my email is as always i will love email through prescribed folks i know it's a pain in the but but it really help let us keep the show running away may we were there not a pressure item on one a boy with the details but if you have the time please after the email is i'll send you the article in the federalists it's a great one read it but to take away from that for before i move on to what i want to expand on it is the liberal point here that the dead
take the authors calling out by the way joe is it jargon doesn't matter where liberals and we should be able to talk about issues even if we know very little about the issue at all so hold that point your head because again oh i love to tie things indoor in the show i'm here to make the point to you that the liberals principles doesn't matter because the laws we're all right over the peace that the federalist writer calls out is making a point jargon doesn't matter if you're alive you should be able to talk in legislate openly even if you don't know what the hell you're talking about i am now going to shred that and show you how jargon absolutely matters the liberals in every case where it does it back up there talking point i can be a second i welcome back
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don't know squat about guns that we think a semi automatic is automatic we think clip serbia and we think barrel shrouds make it in a quote assault weapon and is joe said we think they are stands for us all rival it doesn't matter at all but cargan does matter jargon matter everywhere else for liberals joe with you seeing this ongoing pattern amongst liberals who advocate for cultural marxism and open cultural warfare against us against people are afraid to dance the things they says oh the latest jargon matter but jargon is a free saying oh yeah yeah yeah now given following the following the news you seen that a number of college campuses right now they have a very specific set of jargon you if you deviate from that jargon on pronouns off a boy
you are a transit fall biggest a phobia homophobic culpa fob phobia how big is this phobic foe you are to be expelled from the conversation media we have viewed all use the right jargon i thing on fox the other day there's a college campuses was on fox had friends we can turn this is why i love tie in story scale that's why this those pieces so good and they said the college campuses there this is now the prescriptive set of pronouns it was like z xena warrior princess is princess i don't even know what the privacy folks about messing around the about trying to be a jerk i've no i think it was z or so were i have no what they were but what about my was actually at if you don't you or or know me i take me was it i swear i should apply list there was a z me
i don't i don't i don't even know what that is but if you or use those pronouns you clearly hate the people you talk you let me just shut that right down folks i'm not preacher ok i can say this enough i welcome here i don't have aid in my heart for well maybe one guy but i don't have it you know who that is should say i don t have hated by heart for anyone with the exception of one i don't everybody has their issues and everybody has their strengths okay i m you're saying to me that oh you didn't call a person by me see we he whatever that may i don't even know what they are maybe next time operate them and that we can
as the jargon is used not only i my prohibited from discussing anything with them joe but i immediately label that haider and transit phobic or or whenever a baby father phobic is two fold doesn't reviewed your argument i taught five minutes ago you were saying on your liberal premise was hey doesn't matter it gets put it clearly matters on social issues when it comes to all integration and and gender identity that matters joe does it matter but you be shut down and labelled nearly demonic the minute you open your mouth folks i haven't note here i don't know what i was trying to say this is their parker c i a woman i get to this is the policy on the left the cough medicine thing by the way this is another point note in they federalist be sorted jumper but he makes the point where steve schmidt this report so
republic and made the point i see an end to that how again the job in the talk that doesn't matter when anti gunnar say that hey it's harder to get a thing a cough medicine than it is to get a firearm really you have to fill out of forty four seventy three to get cough medicine but you don't like it makes you sell it canadian so again to point of this whole joe is it i want to point out the nick i'm gonna take the somewhere else liberal we'll tell you jargon does it matter when it comes to an issue they want to fight against because they don't want to do the homework their lazy they want to say it's bad you're gonna do any homework on it on any day on how firearms actually work no nodded but when it comes to other issues in society there were they think they can leverage identity politics to make you look like an ass then jar it is not only matters it is everything all right now want once one final story on that viable works i want to tie the subway i bring such a i was on the air one time at a rate
your station and some guy called then i think it was a holler and he brought up how he stigmatized at work because he had called and from forgive me forgetting the order and i'm not doing to some purpose he had called a guy a man gay and not homosexual or a homosexual men homosexual not gay i forget what was the point is the guy sounded like a genuine guys like i can't believe and like i have no hated my heart for anybody medevac i like this guy but i was may have two because i was automatically deemed somewhat i hate or homer full because apparently it's you're not supposed to call people were gay homosexual or homosexuals he didn't know i don't even remember what the right order was folks debts to do tat the weapon icing of your debts to very weapon isaac jargon with a better you may say and fairly enough you may say it will then are we weapon icing jargon when it comes firearms no we're not
jargon is a use of specific words in a in a very specific field which is used amongst people in that field which sometimes can isolate people outside of the bubble of that feel when you are talking about firearms of which there are hundreds of millions in the world and you are talking about actual clear critical categorical distinctions it's not jargon it's like saying that all that just jargon call it a car a truck because you're not a truck driver no car is a truck a truck is very categories calling one z or knee is jargon because people are five year like wait wait wait what do you mean what are you talking they don't understand it there is a very
clear this there is not a clear distinction between z and me and zena there is it it is a subjective difference it's not a clear difference to many people out there in the world joe between gay and homosexual they don't mean to impunity integrity of any one hour character they don't know it's a subjective difference one day some said if you call someone gay that's offensive that's it it is not a subjective different shows it makes sense to say semi automatic firearms are not fully automatic it is not a semantic difference to say of a our stance for assault rifle it doesn't at just factually wrong that is an objective difference it's not the same it stands for arm allied rifle now i want to bring something one final topic and will balance here
because it's interesting also have when it comes the gun laws some of the younger kids have been co opt into this gun control agenda but there's but the same kids by the way who support drug legalization find that interesting why do i find it interesting because the arguments they'll use for the legal asean of drugs are well drugs an all bad there are some components to drugs marijuana can be beneficial in some ways i'm talking about the arguments league people who offer legalise legalizing drugs which are largely by the way young millennial america say now when we make laws we're supposed to make laws based on paviers joe we would consider universally or at there's mass consensus that their non productive for society right we have laws against rape rob homicide burglary because there are very few people who think these are good things or add any benefit to society at all on trust
fairly enough a huge restriction on drugs either i'm i'm the lot of the millennials on certain certain portion this debate by the way they ll say while joe listen as i decide to use drugs or marijuana doesn't necessarily impact others in some way i'm say i've given their what you saying is there are some not so bad components of this no it's fascinate about the gun control debate packets please lost on the gun control debate you have millions of firearms owners going ok you focused on the table school shooting apartment in it and unquestionably horrific tragedy of son speak like anyone imagine what it would seem look like afterwards but you entirely neglect the millions the tens of millions of god owners out there who have fires because it gives them a sense of self protection because they hunt because their sportsmen
maybe they just enjoy shooting at the rage there positive aspects that are too how does the drug argument work but that doesn't the same principles don't apply to the fire mark in other words what i'm saying is the reason the drug argument works for you in contrast to purgatory laws is because you believe it is not universally bad well i'm ass you open your eyes and say well maybe that applies to firearm laws to enrich gripping firearms it confiscation firearms are not universally bet they are tools good for a lot of people opening ice it matters are rife thanks again for two and a man i really appreciate it please go to the website punch you know that calm check out the shown us that i've got a few other great articles and there too for you to read i call the news of the day give you the best ones i fight pressure
and i will see you all remarked you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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