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Ep. 672 Skin in the Game Matters

2018-03-08 | 🔗
Summary:  In this episode I address the “Trump Paradox” and his skin in the game. I address the Special Counsel, government spying, and the recent actions by Jeff Sessions. I also debunk silly liberal talking points on the tax cuts and liberal economic policies.    Liberals keep saying stock buybacks are a bad thing, are they?    Just how much power does the government have to spy on you?    The “blue wave” in Texas was a total bust.    Why are liberals evacuating liberal cities?   Here is some great information about the upcoming midterm elections.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i have often been thereby gino chaperonage joe our unity a committee from the studios of w bonn gina where do you feel like dancing and dan yeah oh my gosh gesturing shawl mags tribe georgiana nitric oxide tablet i forgot to take one before thy love these things let it drop that bad now w p o angie i know usually w like a more w k that's usually have worked right carriers are on the base on the coast from yesterday feedback on the show i just want to really sincerely thank you all i had to say the answering emails after eight o clock last night i read them i promise you that you the feed back was tremendous but we
close to between you tube tube channel emails twitter and facebook we probably got close to a thousand emails yesterday only so yeah thanks a lot folks she ate it i really means a lot to me i was your staff that didn't intend on colored ransom separation of ran it just gonna happen so thanks a lot i appreciate you share in him i got some interesting stuff for you today have been digging into this bob i am now seem to lab call skin in the game fantastic book in there's a couple things he talks about and related to the election donald trump the ill of christianity and me with the superman movie like how the hacker those three things tied together now state you and i promise you this this'll be interesting and our i want to talk about the scope of government surveillance and how this is actually working and why this is so disturbed to me and puzzled by its not disturbing to liberals the scope of gum
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and feel the greens i got some great feedback on it yes i told you a taste great it does not it's like a vegetable through prouder i promise you my i have i think it takes a little bit like a cherry drink i love it i drink it every day go give it a shot feel the greens available brick house nutrition that calm slash dan that's brick house nutrition dot com slash the pick it up today ok so i'm ridden celebs books in the game analysis and a two hour pod guess he did we are now you can't talk with russia britain disguises fastening he wrote the book the black swann the fascinating book in if you you know said this is not one of those twelve step self help book podcast but sometimes i read it it really changes my life in the black swan was one of you should drive joe crazy cuz i used to quote the book all the time it's it's kind of yeah it's a great book and one of the lessons i took from the book which is incredible as an
five summarizing to lead poorly he can you know he can email me in this me i will take a personal but i'm doing my boy because he's such a complicated guy the things he says in the book digestive it is it visit one of the lessons learned from successful people is not the fact that their the smartest not the fact that through the best looking at the strongest of the fast sister whenever it may be or they had the most money growin up one of the com allergies amongst successful people is they take advantage of a kind of black swan events in other words a black swan is a rare event rain and he says that a lot of these people are successful because they collect opportunities collecting opportune meaning you go to watch five thousand cocktail party four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine of them all total waste of your time why did i just do that and boom cocktail thirty five thousand you meet a guy goes wait here thereby gino
what are you a ten million dollars or that hasn't happened yet but if you'd like to offer us a ten million dollars the joe and i are certainly open accepting erect yet point being collect opportunities the people were successful life go out there and they collect opportunities with others cocktail parties this meetings anything you can do to go out there and interact with others ripe but i kind of from this point talks about chase trains but chase trains in other words if you're gonna go out there and collect opportunities commit to it and do it told chased the train train scheduled to be there at eight twenty and you get there at eight nineteen forty five seconds and you're running for the train than your fault you the train was there hate twenty maybe you didn't do it you got there to allay ok that's your fault collector opportunities but commit to adult chased the train either get their early
don't do it guy that was agreed but he wrote this second book and it's about skin in the game and it basically is a breakdown of of the assignment of risk in society i get to detail the sort of book review the shell but it's it's its critical of the political issues we discussed the day and specifically what's going on now especially in trump country out there there's a paradox which trump i'll get back this the game thing in a second but it because i want to do get to deep into the book there's a pair box out there which from that people being a very difficult time understanding and when i say people i do not mean you i am talking about the media this go intelligentsia hollywood the academic crowd they have a really tough time understanding the appeal of trap and here's the paradox the paradox is that they will understand that i understand any conservative republican
the paradox is how is it tromp as a billionaire i very rich guy by any by any standard yet he appeals to the middle class in a way that billion airs according to liberal class warfare ideology should not that's the trump paradox a webpage books given the game explains this in a beautiful way he says listen we heard this approach before but he's right he's like a thief you have donald trump is in fact he's lost money in the past the appeal that's why by the way another thing about from the appeal of donal tromp too i shall not folks i'm not condone i'm not saying losing money is good please not misinterpret my comments saying a a sec you will pass that he's had as it is some kind of basque
and of morality i'm not saying any of this i am simply choice explain away the the working class middle america whenever called fly over country appeal of a billionaire we she's never bromley couldn't pull it off no one else signal republic parties been able to property as tools let's talk it on the part guess about our trump is lost money joe blots of in the past and how the democrats in the intelligentsia while a cloud he's gone bankrupt the time jeopardy he's gone back and ease every he's learn from its values like that's what happens to real people friday have skin in a game trump scott skin in the game and how trump the losing money by trump and gaining by the way no i want someone who's perennial you know you re other constantly go bankrupt all the time nobody wants that he's got back
its success will after losing money on certain business endeavours that didn't work out just that is always pass deep is open and about a lot of it on whatever with howard stern show wherever he appeared he was it's about is passed with women people the guy's real i may not like it i may not agree with it but at least he's honest about it i saw an interesting tweet yesterday where people so well the trip response was a natural response two years people not having skin in the business game get talking about business also politicians lying about their past if women or men and i'm getting opposite being exposes frauds which came in office body do you just go to that we started our views everybody mysteries i got i regret it like finally that reach is that lying like these other guys to breathe
fascinating analysis that i d in the game part of it that he had his own money in the game the business world well i'm not in the billionaire business well now but you have the billion dollars either you are in the business world would you rather you know a lot of us have lost money business made may velocity thousand twenty thousand i'd rather the loser billion this skin in the game is fascinating and one of the lines i thought the sum this up i ties in whose book is this is a natural response to years of politicians not having skin in the game one lying about their past number two and number three joe a natural thanks to a generation of explaining and not doers he talk about this difference in the book how we have explain honours forever everybody's a great point of iraq obama the left me could he give a speech all that stuff
of war are receiving its fundamental for a merger people were going crazy people children aged convincing year my god sometimes that's the guy be like this is the greatest speaker ever a portuguese wrong on absolutely trouble the natural response to that obama is explain her he wanted to do everything dead did has a catastrophe but he could explain the hell out of a job at the time or you see you there ginger resume global warming is fetters forever barack obama gave some amazing speeches yet did nothing ride
he wasn't explain or now you ve got trump skin in the game has lost money has earned money as a pass the lot of us do was open and honest about it many cases has lied about it at least lisa we know and he's not a particularly great exploits home but darn good you're we gotta gods we gets supreme gore justices we ve got regulations and government red tape you wiped out it is either past explain in the world i believe that what we generations up explained ers derek supply joe how many exploiters of europe obama then explain or john kerry and experts in all pillory and explain her yet equally george w mitt romney exactly one year he laid out of what
rami had like what of five hundred sixty two point economic planets great we love it made great good job i'm sure you did your work on a lot explaining why lot of supply as we said in yesterday's showed not allowed a dance babylon there's a lot of explaining madame la to dance trot was buried series of bill were papers natural response to fifty plus years of splinters is joe would say and i thought it was really brilliant analysis of how skin in the game is but starts to matter now now is poor our skin in the game on a number of topics the banking crisis how crisis was inevitable why because of bankers and modifying its economies eno skin and again they what are ya tax may also cover your losses that's no problem although you worry fanny but he got bailed out these guys
it sponsored enterprises other banks got bailed out other finance institutions some did some didn't mean skin in the game there's no reason for you to act responsibly you have no skin and again but there's a great loss i know but i'm gonna move i got news of the day i promise you but i just then i'm sorry if this stuff but it doesn't really peak interest but i i think it should folks it explains a lot of the wye about what's going on right now in the country there is a great line of the book from a spartan woman to her husband i you know it's it of course no one the request we know but it's it's a quote that's become quite famous speech of course famous warriors and woman says to the husband you die you either back with your shield or on it now ass a d i quote than it appears you may may sound like just a simple called action but it's not a celeb explains a brilliantly the idea
the spartans was if you ran from battle joe you wouldn't run your shield why because if you run you turn your back in your shield is held in front you don't have arms in your back they don't work you're on move an affront did not move backwards it the same so if you run from battle you would what will your shield you drop it is useless your turn your back and you run its heavy fighter flight finery and ass if you were to if you engage in flight rather than fight all come back here that is spent every moment now come back with your shield meaning who fought because if you and you wouldn't have your shield or come back on it meaning come back bad meaning you fought notably in battle he talks also about intervention is foreign policy and how this is an interesting generational spartans and others how these generals lead their men in the battle and how many mom died in battle themselves how that's
the generation we live it anymore you gotta budget politicians out they're sending kids all over the world no skin in the game whatsoever despite mould pull failures in intervention is foreign policy etc for policy show i just think it's a very interesting critique we should consider how that sport quote kind of points are the opposite of what we have now everybody you the kids in the battle makes these decisions about your finances about your house about your interest rates these guys have no skin in the game themselves their lives are perfectly insulated from yours fascinating one more thing on this he talks about to talks about the appeal of christianity on them and he's not using it to a religious conversation and in a book is talk about how the natural the of christianity why christ being human and
divine at the same time how that it is planes away why so many people are fine christine the appealing i'm a christian a full disclosure address i'm i'm a mirroring his thoughts much giving you a conversion speech raining like that but that that's an interesting part of how christianity that crises i need humanistic he had actual scale in the game you like quite literally and that's the appeal but one more thought on this too i i remember seeing that said i give this superman moby dick what does that has dominated there was this most recent one man of steel which was ok i'm henry cable the actor rum antsy too many movies any more about that came out like four years ago and i like a bit and i hated it in other respects and the reasons i hated it and i couldn't figure it out until i read a critique afterwards superman's indestructible
has no weaknesses other than kryptonite and even encrypted are you always know like he's a win me a drink is what's the kryptonite goes way goes back to being indestructible one of the reasons i i didn't like the movie is there s no skill and gave super bad he doesn't really and i'd feel pay me does get hurt you don't get beat up he's got superpowers again he's getting stronger than any bodies in the recent bad man and the dark tonight we're so appealing to people like me a hero eighty hero the veto it may be the polish or others is that there cumin be beings yet there but get a actually yards i thought of it in relationship to the analysis out of eleven look how we're naturally attracted the people of skin and gave it superman that he don't have it yet you know we were talking about that just the other day you and i are about our favorite part of the bible one of my favorite parts of the bible was when jesus when the temple and went berserk
are you kindly hooty was human we both said that overturn a money tables and chairs and other parties easy healing lepers and he gets tired yet the end there's a guy he just gets tired because that's the appeal of the village and so interesting points in a book i highly recommended against called skin in the game by nasa nicholas tell a really really great book itself some illuminates he's no matter where you are by the way and religion foreign policy it at least open your eyes to some things he says it are indisputable he's absolutely correct these people doing farm whether you like to foreign policy and i do not in fact have skin in the game story the damn wanted to get your great great great peace and tablet mag today by the dire an interesting piece there would be in the upon gino dot com please grabbed to my email is i appreciate you doing an these articles and it talks about the scope
government surveillance and how powerful the government's ability right now savell you is and no matter where you are on the ideological spectrum folks they should sir you and concern you deeply i talk about in a recent show the to hop rule if you don't what this is you better because if you live in the united states and you believe were still in a fourth amendment guided constitutional republic i would suggest to you that you are wrong you're right living in the united states you not write about living in a constitutional republic that is still strained by the myths of the fourth amendment the limits on government power against illegal search and incision why do i say that the two hop rule folks allows people it within the government to get
born in a secret court against you sought an open proceeding you have no opportunity to go in there and make your case the proceedings of the secret court will not be released publicly you have no idea what was set against you the government can go in and get a warrant in this secret corps based on probable cause it say armor cost joe here is a is a far an agent and is in violation of u s law you no ability to challenge the evidence the evans will never become public and you say hey what's the problem maybe he is well it's not joam it's not you so they can look into this this is why the carter page warrant on the yard the fires of warner carter pages so critical because i believe strongly that the page warrant was as a vector a vehicle to get into that trap
team and see their conversations via the two hopper layers outworks i get away despite on joe i'm to hops so let's say joe is emailing no bobby i then hop wants to bobby and i start looking bobby's emails and whose bobby whose bobby's emailing as well let's say bobby is emailing joey now i get to the joey and see who joey's emailing as well folks think about that they needed a vehicle they were trot but we already have those you be listening to the show the entire time you know they were spying on the trumped up there spying on him through foreign entities that were providing intelligence and circumvention of u s law vote at these were spying on the trump team people were being in my opinion useless ponds to set up the trump team in framing operation you know about the names million aguilar off downer
people who may knowingly or unknowingly i believe were pushed into the trump orbit to get information from the trumpet but they needed a legal face to this so they needed at some point a warrant somehow to put a legal face but i believe was in illicit immoral operation at best they respond on their political opponents they had enough our trump they had nothing our trump so they have to go around about war where do we go papadopoulos they probably try then found out they had nothing there either they got a man of fort yet can get something a matter for which they did they did get a warrant on metaphor to listen his conversations but they probably said skip page too and let's hop but top we get a warrant our pay let's say page email carter page at some point email this is hypothetical by the women have just giving you too to give you that i read you a call for this piece it should disturb you this is war
by the way the government power rather than a trump russia thing i know a lot of you started tuning at six twenty four that but this is critical for other reasons beyond the scope of the trump russia they because i don't see how the fourth amendment applies anymore if this is what they can do page emails say you know why media area in the trump campaign in that intermediaries they can help to him to the next guy skynet intermediary stone trump junior origin tromp himself you ve got to stop what's the matter the downturn junior entrap himself with no prob pull cause whatsoever hops matter now use a quote from the peace ii says but scope is usually the use of controls talking about here is there are some limits administrative rules on how deep the eu can jump into these hops so this is the author what made challenging aims to spot the use of control should not obscure from us the scope of what we going on data mining in particular
is inherently about hunting through data that's all already there because is routinely collected or stored under legal requirements and made available to the u s intelligence community on demand folks there's a lot i brought you a bribe library of your crap already out there it's already stored on government databases they can tap into the moment they get a warrant we europe not allowed to see it's a secret or more not only that it may not even be against you it made it would your neighbor who emails you tell me again now the fourth amendment applies here please please back to me national security professions who disagree with me i'm fascinated by this i'm not being a joke stir a clown here i'm interested in your feedback please tell now the fourth amendment applies to me if i m ella guy who is i warn against him for being a foreign intelligence agent at given
the secret court you nobody has any ability you see it ever and a naked up to my emails please tell me how i was protected again the illegal search and seizure there please i'd love to hear it i'm not it here our job going on is for some types of communication data get a load of this folks it is possible to retrieve information from his much as five years back in a database so i'll get a load of is that only talking to my neighbour i've done nothing wrong by the way now you can by communications potentially from the five years ago our ghana my protected via the fourth amendment the bill of rights against illegal surgeon seizures by the government when you ve seen my data and i've done nothing wrong ex please explain that to me who were forced to roll that's the way you were right you don't get it search by house without a warrant go look look what we we found
matters tag ripped off killed data that's the way is works you produce the additives matter after challenge me on we i'm open to it it goes on this this importance a critical piece folks please read this thought that law he says in the case of a subject like carter page that means investigators who obtain a warrant in october of twenty sixteen can hunter communications going back several years before that date they can use their licence hop to probe the first and second order of correspondence linked to him at any point during that period in the same fashion links from past can then be exploited going forward here one more this is important couple were senses you what is it
is in practice is that under a single warring any on page had a text or phone call within the trump campaign during the brief on services his association with twenty sixteen was fair game as a direct connection all the way through the end of the last war and extension folks you understand the scope of government power is related to this peace you understand how damaging this is how were you protected the fourth amendment the fourth amendment doesn't apply to you because the government can all hop over to you as long they get a warrant into secret court where nobody can see the proceedings and you can't defend yourself no i really serious explain to me how that is a we're living the constitutional republic which strong protection against government overeat i'm open inherent folks that sounds to me like a whole lot of people in this country based
simple geometric growth after the words or sub potentially subjected to warrantless searches any other reasonable way to look at that aren't i got one more point i want to make on the topical in deciding to couple other things i want to get to what did also brought you by buddies go tena go tat i got calm go tell that comes here go terror that's like antenna with ago gino t an and a dot com what is go tenant you ever have this problem you travel overseas around on a cruise ship or your hiker or your you know you're into preparedness and you know that down here in florida we ve had this problem we had the problem posts nine eleven door new york by the ways while i was up there in the one of the secret service offices and yourself on doesn't work wireless connection cake it well t up three g doesn't work nothing works your cell phone can check out the internet connections down the cell towers working ever have this it happens all the time again if you had to prepare
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go ten dot com i'll give you a promo code dan thirty five to thirty five thousand that's dan thirty five go get this thing go tenor dotcom we love gotta do it's cool bad you know i love prepared swelling patriots platter i have one more thing so jeff sessions is finally talk about a second special counsel in case folks we need one the molar things out of control i told you the other day i'm not going to repeat the show but mahler's new focus on the uae united arab emirates and some meetings it's a song screen folks just like all investigation is a distraction from the obama gate spying scandal look look what dropped it there that's what's out the entire purpose of the probe right now the mahler pete interests now when the united arab emirates conveniently aligns with de facto susan rice and a lot of other about administrative ministration official authority admitted that they
spying in masking the trump team because of a meeting with the usa mahler needs the usa ye thing in advance the air quotes too highlighted in the media to do what folks again to take away from the main story that is the obama team spied on trumped up without the evidence to do it this is all a scam we're all beings goodbye these disingenuous nonsensical bob mahler probe mothers to be ashamed right now about what's going on he really should i'm sorry that guys gonna decorated career public service we thank him for it this is a total sham cautious met with some one in the seychelles talk about what a channel of communication should with russia is that illegal no it's not so what are we doing what do we do it's not illegal talk with russia by the way to know what you re reproof that rapid is so bizarre folks but suffice to talk with you but this
second special council think just a quick up common on that i am asking you as friends and getting a lot of positive you know but some negative on stuff to some people disagree with some of things i talked about in the show that's fine i didn't read all your emails please send them my way but i'm not i don't say things to get agreement i say things as i believe the true i feel very calm the right now and noticeably stammered a bit because i'm i feel very confidently leave it at that bitch sessions is onto something with the trump case just from a couple more months if nothing happens i'm with you i think he's been the refusal was awful i think other issues we can definitely use a little more spark i've just saying based on some pretty decent information i think there
something in this sky in this pfizer abuse portion and spying scandal just give it some time rather complaining you hear trump doing about him he still there he said where they haven't got rid yeah you're right and i i think disappointing that he's now this directive usa would bream on fox was a good one where he alluded to the appointment of an aid this is very important folks of an outside washington dc swamp person to look into this just give it a little bit more time and wait for this idee report to come out if we nothin after march and april i am with you thousand percent folks a thousand percent he's gotta go but i'm pretty cool
but there's something going on so that's a bit of good news for europe for tonight enough on that ok this is a great story i haven't done a lot of em economy stuff but i you know i loved the buggy liberal crap for me it's become a pastime every great piece in the show us unwashed examiner from a is a ceo for me diabetic sugar company is a really really good piece and as a kind of the box a myth i really hate that the liberals have been pushing out there about these tax cuts you hear this myth but propagated allied media loves it is well one of whom is god tax got your jog hunter millions of dollars are going into share by backs so what's the problem with that ladies and gentlemen do you understand i don't mean isn't in a condescending kind of jerky tone but maybe too the processing was conservatives bobby get this already been doing there
then when a company it's just a share buyback since when it sounded like a jerk do you know what that means this is war for lips a share buyback is a company taking money and its corporate coffers and buying accurate stock which is by who joe people while i don't understand the liberals tax cod is garbage its share buyback dumped to reach your daddy grid you're ok yours remembers what you folks because we again we do not powers on the show we do numbers rules of numbers down interest you you may want to i didn't show some numbers from the piece of this is actually from the west germany there are fifty four million americans joe that i've fora one k accounts
country has about three hundred million people are suggesting that fifty four million people are in the one percent if you are you have a serious problem with math ok you don't jays advocates for this where this is not complicated if there are two hundred million people in the country right eye sure you one percent of three hundred million is not fifty four billion ok so if your take share buyback shock they benefit the one percent fifty four may the people are invested in four one case that own wait for it way forward share yeah one liberals i know logic is tough you by the way a body with the forty two point five million americans i've been i already the visual retirement account law portions of which are addressed
stood in shares star ex equities wow now we're up to bout ninety million now there may be some cross pollination some may on wine and on the other who cares it seventy million i said it was four million of case say the cross pollination only sixty million total steve alien that's about a fifth of the attacks country that's not the one percent one fifty one percent one fifty one percent i've there when the method i work it out close no one per would be one one hundredth i wasn't a math major by call me crazy not one fifth let's hope one fifth the country corporate money is being filtered back to a fifth of the country and lived you're out they're gone too sure by about two routes get richer adults
you ever stop to do our liberal friends listening thank you shall see if that's their head scratching at which is much louder than when i asked you was my actual scratch you can't hear that as well as joseph we haven't done drops and why we need to start bringing some of those being the about effect on the topic addressed natalie portman in their pay like a crazy are you you're crazy pursuant to our liberal i mean do you ever say to your liberal friends who are the company these buying this shares back from where's the money going always owing to shareholders who now by the way cause you may sell but the company's buying back to shares folks their buying backs this there's which reduces the supply of the shares which makes the shares in the in the hands of the public network more that's the point their reducing the stock of stocks man i feel like i really feel beggars i feel like a portion of my audience right now is like
liberals really this dopey not all of them but someone fortune the or that's would share by backs are now let me read you a lot from john cochrane in the wall street journal the other day i can put it the show notes against subscriber only but it's a really simple quit explanation about how by backs work he says suppose company is a hundred dollars cash benefactor worth a hundred dollars it so as a hundred thousand cash joe that's one set of assets this is an oar and a factory worth a hundred dollars the company has two hundred thousand in assets rain assets correct yes so the company issues to shares welfare two hundred dollars and assets folks than each year be worth one hundred dollars they want it's love her lips because it has one hundred cash one hunter the factory total assets were two hundred hours it is two shares to the company though share
worth a hundred dollars each because the company has two hundred and assets the company shareholders have two hundred thousand wealth now as to shareholders each has a hundred dollar pieces stock in georgia our company i know i know but i get it but we have to do is because a liberals are still telling people that share by back your bed they imagine company uses its hundred dollars in cash now joe to buy back one of the two outstanding shares ok now it shareholders have one share worth a hundred dollars and why hundred dollars in cash there wealth remains the same in other words if they bought one of the shares back from one of the shareholders and gave him the cash there's still one guy one hundred dollar share and there's a hundred i was cash no longer with the company it's the other shareholder now basic well how does that benefit anyone
he goes on somebody up because it doesn't get really too lucky but i want to keep the short sweet for you the reason companies do share by backs with their cash folks is because they don't have a way to invest the money now to make a reasonable profit and to to jump over whatever hurdle rate they haven't place if they had a way to invest the money to make more money what would they do paden fasted do you believe it i'm having a hard time with that one day and i know i can say joe joe is peace out really struggling for the guy email thus about corollary but he's pretending to struggle for the sake of effect for the shell if the company had a hundred dollars and had a way to make money you have that hundred hours dated vested in the company the reason
but he's do share by banks is because they're doing ok now but they don't have any profitable investments so what do they do they buy back the shares they shrink the supply of shares people see that as a sign of strength by the way not weakness because the company doesn't have any investments right now the money then goes by into the economy because one of the shareholders joe in the to ensure our company gets us hundred back and what you do with it he advanced sit in another copy that takes the body there stood a profit making opportunity this is like cash one or one but you can't argue with liberals pay i swear they make stuff up basic share bob we're very big like they put the money back at the shareholders heads and everybody goes and gets a match thick and burn the cash i don't think i like your tone you'd probably doubt because
quite hostile told how because it bothers there how can it be that i got a wake up every boarding debug liberals do kennedy all the time buyback is a transfer of corporate money back this shareholders that take the money into corporations that are willing to invest it by the way that's why it's a sign of strength and copper and makes it good point you're right right yeah he says if europe companies doing ok but it doesn't have any potentially explosive new investments right now sit not a bunch of cash that's neighbours do what you flushing the cast down the toilet they don't want you to outside we companies accompany spending money on everything everywhere and they blow it they invest in automatic paupers coopers nobody cares about whether it may be great i don't know about that market percentage of a dark but
it's a sign of strength because cochrane gives you let's say that companies all we got this kid this cash let's just say but on a project even though we think it's gonna lose money to start price of that but he would go down not up because people would say wait there dear flushing cast down the toilet joe on stupid projects nobody cares about it's a sign of strength for the company to take the money go we don't have anything right now we're gonna bible our stock the stock prices gonna go up for existing stockholders am we're gonna put the money back any economy so that the guy we bought this back from all the woman could take the case invest in another company is better opportunities to you explain this because i kind of new how work but these things i didn't realize i m sure i m not alone ya think that's a good thing i'm glad i hope so because i dont like a rat we give a lot of really really smart list i get emails from doctors financial advisers lawyers pictures of a blue collar work
you been in the workforce for everyone understand business better than any one person it on my skin and again he had also the doers people who get their hands dirty dare not display honours there the doers but they get it i'm cypriots explain to you that the share buyback talking point by the left just so we have to take it out to thirty thousand feeding it one of the liberal talk was turks by trump is suck people do with cher i back hundreds of millions of share by backed chair backs remove shareholders but with the shareholders owe us so well getting cash back to addressed somewhere else please explain let me again in slow motion how exactly that's a problem i'd love to hear it i'm serious i would absolutely love to hear because it makes no sense if you others their basic economics sorry i'm a little luck
i'm laughing because it's just so silly that we ve got him explained the stuff away aren't i got a couple more things for you before you that welcome back to our friends freedom project academy really appreciate them jump in back boy this is a really really great i'm online educational opportunity amer schools or nothin like we remember growin up we grew up in safety and learning was was in the safe spaces and propaganda unfortunately when it's become i'm now and a lot of places and even through the shouldn't even though technology continues to offer new opportunities for learning i think we can all agree that traditional moral values once woven into the fabric of the classroom had practically disappeared set we need to consider farina project academies fully accredited judeo christian classical online school for kindergarten through high school we're talking about an incredible interactive education wish
the term live classes folks every day with teachers and fellow classmates from across the country freedom project academy doesn't except a penny of government spending a spar funding shoot me thank god which allows them to stay committed the teachings didn't have to think not what you think families can arose students full time or you could start with a single class it's entirely up to you go to freedom for school dotcom that's freedom for school dotcom and request your free information package today from freedom project academy in roman ends in july the classes fill up fast they do that's freedom for school dot com freedom for school that calm and if you want to give the show some credit don't forget to tell em damn bond gino centre in the damp on she no show you could tell him joe arm accustomed thereby gino show sent you to they would mean that they had like that right tax cabinet left and right of course who is a person whose summons text
our at again sorry you you know the someone said to me yesterday in an email to show that today i should tell you this story in detail on on how we met got to show started maybe one day in a rough cuts episode joel might be a good christmas so yeah yeah we tend to do some odd non political stuff right now all right the blue wave the fictitious blue wave so yesterday folks media loves false narratives right the media this is what they do they love false narratives they love story lindsey storylines are usually fictitious they're usually invented but they're usually men to align with a pro liberal message on a certainly pro democrat message what are the story lies we ve heard four days and i want to immediately the bunked you folks to be clear when i the bug bestow on that's it testing to you that there
is an anger among democrats i'm not suggesting to you that their midterms two thousand and eighteen midterms might not be ugly for republicans i'm not suggesting any of that matter fact got down yesterday during the show telling you got a dance gotta go out vote twice the 18th coming up this is just as important is twenty twenty does the house of representatives there are going to try to impeach the president on garbage it is extremely i could almost argue twenty eight heats up us more important twenty twenty this point because we gotta get to a twenty twenty if we lose twenty eighty i'm not saying mc rats or an angry i'm not saying you're not mobilise they ve had some big ones in virginia in wisconsin and elsewhere i'm simply suggest thank you the media's trying to set up a narrative now to generate democratic statement that there is a massive blue wave everywhere there is it there is a blue wave in some purple states there is a blue whale even some blue states now
am i bring this up because yesterday joe the big narrative yesterday the kansas had their first primary law primary the twenty eighteen election cycle where they pick can its reach party is most we already know and this where he was what was all over joe you namely a liberal outlet i'll show you a story texas started purple there are probably aware of carbon taxes you ya all over the place ah timeout folks again we do facts we do numbers here yet these in turn out for the democrats in texas what were the actual numbers so tat crews who was running largely unopposed by the way now why does that matter this is important because this isn't this entirely refutes taxes blue wave narrative that your liberal friends want you to believe crows was running almost unopposed as the incumbent senator taxes which mean
this joe knows and i know having went for office before it is very hard to get people to show up in a primary election to vote for you when there's nobody rather heads do a joke you take off from work and go about today for me why there's nobody running gets you just because how he had nominal opponents but there was never any doubt crews was gonna win the republic apart none like zero ok so just to be clear there's a blue whale nobody is supposed to show up devote for crews gazette oppose relatively the democrats an opponent beta roar he had a few bad people running against them now he was the fair heavy favorite the democrat running against crews in the democrat primary there a whole lot of motivation joe to show up he had a of opponents but people liked pedro rourke right
but you would say to yourself just let me set this up that if there was a blue wave that there word a massive turn out of democrats in a democrat primary that was contested because there its motivation evolve because your guy is being actively could tell by someone else a veto vote york he's gonna lose and at the innovation on the republic inside if there the blue wave would be down for an upper since number one there's a blue wave and number two there's no reason of all cruisers relatively unopposed well the air quality we're wave was like a speed said to me a twitter which is brilliant you ever get there blue flush errors in the toilet ball here put demonstrating said and you flash enters a blue wave as as you flush this was the pull wave over the final numbers ted crews got one three million votes beta overwork at six hundred and forty thousand what what
point three six forty one what had boy three six forty one reasonably carpeted dead tat group did quite keep a binding almost no reason to show up at vote for it even the governor running relatively unopposed at the top of the ticket in the texas primary folks p very cautious these media stories to again just there because i got a couple more pieces of data on you for you you show up you gotta dance and twenty eighteen ok there's no doubt this is a critical election but that slap or playing into the media hype all the time and everything's a blue wave with them everything meanwhile the tea already there was a just a bunch of christoph republican show up at d c and green and yellow and spreading our people a story to pump the times over but when it's done carter energize this system accuracy and action there's a blue wave coming eight taxes it wasn't now a couple more numbers
i'm gonna put another article in the shown us today from axioms please check it out here is the title embryo de median out about there is discipline wave coming here to title the actually actually us peace exclusive paul's pig warning signs for senate dems big warrant i read that wrong big warning side for senate debs there are ten or so senate democrats run who are running in states one by donald trump most of em are in a world of trouble right now he's got you a couple once a couple quick montana how did a democratically elected my tat i love you montanans how'd you like this guy i seriously email me out of here as he you know i don't know much about tester better so john stir he is the incumbent democrat montana he is dead
on inane end up in a pole right now to a generic republican by the way generic they haven't even picked up looking at the run from fifty five forty two west virginia japan this is the blue waved tidy hallway west virginia and joe mansion and combat democrat forty three percent generic republic in fifty two percent fifty two three fifty two sesame mansions at all but trouble clare mackay go for missouri who narrowly escaped being thrown off perch last time forty four per john paul ii who appears to be delayed republican in that case fifty two forty four mc caskey fifty two republic in forty four fifty two where that's quite a blue wave writer in the attic oh donnelly the democrat forty five percent generic republic in fifty one north heidi high care forty seven percent generic republican forty nine here even get it this it's where their swinging at best usually leaning democrat wisconsin tab ball when forty nine republican generic republican forty six
the margin of error debbie savage now michigan forty nine generic republican forty five now the racist get a little tougher but still we pretty much cleaned up so far in the pulse ohio shared brown or public an archie brown fifty were nazi forty five pennsylvania bob case fifty two lou barletta forty three down here and fly are the nelson fifty three scott rick scott may be the nominee there four hundred and thirty seven a little bit of trouble those races down ballot but folks that is not a blue wave by any measure let's not be ridiculous little gas lightened goin on here gaslight a year maybe i covered that by the way those of you who can check me at last night and energy tv you can check it out a rogue who by the way thank you for everyone who has been watching you can also just go for free i could get a lot of questions how can i watch it and are a dvd come so posterior nothing just an hour a tv calm five thirty eastern time i'm on every it's a new show called we stand madame vine gina thanks everybody check it out please spread the word on twitter i covered have gas lighting this i just right
peter lie over and over this blue way people start to believe it's true and you may say well what's the benefit of repeating that story over and over again the benefit is today enfranchise republic is from showing up it's not worth the john doe vote twice eighteen media said there's a time you always come and go you worry about it everybody stay of this listen in i'm places there will be it may not be great twenty eighteen but it's not gonna be blue wave like the democrats want you to please i one last story here i have a story up i put it yesterday in the show no i'll put it up again today some of you may have missed it causes a fascinating one for business insider you know liberal there was a forest fire it's a forest fire that destroys everything it touches liberalism is a band of hypocrisy liberalism is not a set of principles it's a set of means to an end it is a means to gain control over your money it is a means to get control of your kids a means to get control over your health care your business in everything else that's what liberalism is
liberalism is not a set of guiding principles liberalism is not based on principles liberals will say anything in order to advance power you not to repeat chosen a pass but you know that one of the the bedrock suppose of liberalism is always been increased taxes give the government more view money except when any to attack trump on the tax cuts nancy pelosi somebody's tax cuts are crumbs meeting they weren't enough for what is an answer they not enough or as we must give the government more money they like constantly about their principles ironically the greatest down midge suffered by a subset of our population by liberalism are liberals will you may somebody me by that liberal sums greatest impact is obviously in place we liberals have monopolistic control over the people were liberals run baltimore francisco they're all run by liberals so liberalism ironic
where does the most damage to liberals who dominate places run by liberals i bring us because business insider has a really great piece about you all rates a human rights what the heck does that have to do with liberalism does a great story joe it is so hard to get a u hall out of san francisco that u hauls charging the two thousand dollars a truck to move because many people are leaving san francisco and drove liberals by the way who are moving places like texas it places like like nevada and are all bring the politics there from relatively conservative back the liberals i ask you this and this is a simple question folks adam i say this and in the end they most non humorous fashion pass why it's a genuine question for the liberals listening if liberal
as is so great wire liberals evacuating places run by liberals you voted in why it's a serious question safe does this go also when the peace by the way is the number one city for evacuations it's like snake pushkin members colonel doolittle escape from this is escape from san francisco people can get out quick enough if this such a fantastic placed the live run by liberals garment aided by the liberal ethos why is it liberals can't escape fast enough and you all those even out of trucks they get back out of their why why is it that when i wrote a piece for conservative review a while ago about exodus from liberal states why is it that when you look it grows common states they most amount income in other words people taking their jobs their money out of states aren't leaving from blue bates why
that those states have negative adjusted gross incomes people leaving and states florida texas nevada why is it that those states are winning all because have no state income tax and run by relatively conservative legislatures and governors in some cases why is it why can't you explain that away it's the for paradox the liberal power we love liberalism we elect liberal we run our cities based on liberal principles and we move out of them later when liberalism kicks in can you please why about away to me please read the he's a business insider send it by the way just so you know nemo wrap this up said to your friends your liberal friends and asked them for an explanation i am guaranteeing you but they called the british debating when you tell your opponent what your opponents gonna say before he answers that where he can say it here's what shows
that's gonna say here in says it looks like a fool right here they're going to stay there they say well it's not liberalism amidst people move for all kinds of reasons they do and all its people for all kinds of reasons are moving out a blue states to read it states that it sunk joe in some limited circles we recall that lu lu that there are some pattern year mugs blue states that irks people enough get the hell out of them as quick as possible that's the aid we're gonna give you its but i will read states people are leaving red states were blue states they're leaving blue states were reds then mandate liberality there they get six foot fix calls not yes gonna matter folks thanks again for tuna and i really appreciate please go to my website budget that can subscribe to my email is read that acts years peace the tablet bag peace
at surveillance is really really terrific and also put a few other article and i saw that really issues especially the one about share by backs that explains the silliness illiberal argument i folks the automobile thanks you just heard tan bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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