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Ep. 674 Explosive Allegations Surface

2018-03-12 | 🔗

In this episode I address explosive allegations by a central player in the Russian “collusion” story about who funded the operation. I also discuss the Democrats’ new tax plan and how it’s a rare moment of honesty about their intentions.

Incredible allegations in this opinion piece regarding who is funding the anti-Trump investigation.

This Democrat representative admitted on television that the Russia collusion story is a “running joke.”

How did Alexander Downer come into contact with Papadopoulos

Another Obama official is going to escape justice

This coffee shop refuses to serve police officers. Where is the liberal outrage? 

The Democrats are now openly running on hiking your taxes.

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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bone workaday thereby gino shepard who should show how are you today monday i am ready to go who sang that's on amazon is good for you you sure i got that eggs i always get pop culture stuff wrong i solicitor song in a car with might with my mother remedies yeah my allotted to over you mean yeah it is but our by mommy solicited jackie wilson that's rubber johnny bridge jane wilson and he loved hall and i choose to sing hall i know it's all the time is blue eyed so yeah memory david the cases on the list there whenever that gaza i remember that grown up in a car driving out long on his body can i just lodge a formal protest by the way with daylight saving time is officially the worst idea since the
low flow far said in a low flow toilet paul flush erika the love love ass it you have to wash your hands for about twenty five to thirty minutes just to get the soap off your darn hands daylight saving time is the dumbest thing ever i added this morning at like the equivalent of about four thirty which is supposedly five priority which is really for thirty years at daylight saving stuff to do fox in france poor joe who doesn't morning show how they get up like what you need to go to sleep at that because you you're like a forget it i'm not even by whitman the actual i may get up a too which is really one which is like one o clock is i club time in new york city people are still in the club gimme a break me daylight saving time officially the dumbest idea let's just say i'm daylight saving time forever if we want more son about that lets you stick with it i am talking about floored stick with it please me now why would a dumb idea hate it
i busted up my elbow again this weekend grappling which is really it's been had been epic bottle i got a call facebook pause you wanna do in a fight simulation as folks if you check me on facebook fight simulation class anna please remember she's just pretty cool it's like we're on the gloves grappling you know the grappling punching gloves that have the figures they if their meal and an get to like knocked the hell out of each other so i have a pretty cool picture on facebook but is more relationship debate a male isn't but go check it out loretta gonna love for you today folks democrats of release their new twenty twenty platform joe we're gonna hide your taxes yeah yeah we did we macho bad or something we get we got us people listen macho man joy just want you to know that oh really i've got a lot of emails there very upset that macho man is not around and i've had a request for the due to come back to sell ha
did you see that posed by the guy that had the due time dear that's from crowd or steve crowded louder with crowd of which i would like a radio guest on export thereby yes right that tax plan i got a fascinating brake on the doubters dare saga and a couple of things are so state you know go anyway today show but you are bodies it my patriot supply a building an emergency food storage plan is the cornerstone of preparedness she kept pre prepared without food as macho man would say i've recently started doing that with my experts at my patriot supply you know they wrote down the script recently started doing that the export of my love my patriot supply but i didn't actually a long time ago i've got like a boxes of emergency food for them folks this is too weak to build that foundation i'll only tell you once today tell you once today can get this damn bond gino special offer from my patriot supply to buy one for weak emergency food kit only one hundred ninety eight thousand give one free here
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your family for the worst i won't be telling you about this amazing offer again eight hundred and eighty eight four hundred and eleven eight thousand nine hundred and twenty six or prepare with dan dot com that's prepare with dan com go get that emergency food folks that is a vital part of your security plan for your house and you prepared is okay where do i start here are let's start with this one is a great story certain legal direction so democrats are finally coming out you know how i always told you joe that they rarely run on their ideas they always running identity politics because democratic ideas largely suck give us your money give us your health care send your kids to scrappy schools you know that's really that the entire genesis democratic slave push in legislative agenda right yes but i will give them credit they finally come out put something on paper that is it's not what you stunning pledges mission targeting you is a racist massages foe before biggest phobia whatever else right there
put down their new tax height plan down and here it is folks so few this thing in your ticket about vote democratic amid terms and twenty eighteen twenty twenty here's what got ready for you baby yeah we're gonna corporate tax hike of twenty five our pressure up from twenty one percent yeah that'd be have baby you baby twenty five percent corporate tax twenty one now so for percentage point tax so others bonuses you got you can dad out nice hence the sarcasm obviously dripping from my fangs we have a high the deaf tax common yeah baby eleven point two million is now the option is going back to five point six million that's great you didn't that awesome a farmer whose basically cash poor but asset rich which is
sickly most farmers out there and with the democrats call fly over country in but you and i would call home i don't live there but i would call that america right you have a bunch of land you farm for a living it's been handed down to you you don't have a bunch of cash in the back of your planned it's worth a decent chunk of change because it's a family farm say that is worth now something like you had an exemption now if you if you were to pass that any that land on as an asset you would be taxed on four basically five point six million dollars worth of worth instead of eleven million by the way including the fact that land was probably bought already we taxable income so you ve already been tat but member now what wise up happening with the death tax because liberals joe the irony of liberalism is liberalism sticks everybody even liberals sticks him in the crowd punches them and they got kneecaps some the eye this is the whole idea the death tax just somewhere try
fuck you you had an exemption on eleven million and assets now the democrats want to lower back to five million this is there excite planks they want attacks it you ve already pay taxes on money and again the irony of this is that a lot of these farmers in middle america that are forming in producing the food we eat better asset wealthy but ash poor because obviously their wealth is tied up in the land they can't afford to transfer that lay to their kids at is lower tax rates exemption rate because if they do it they would have to pay tax bill joe good before it cash that they don't have well you're just like your opinion man yeah well like your opinion man they do
makes a triumphant return yes tat is just european man because programmes are happening in the real world outside of liberal opinion is then the farmers in middle america after then sell and get rid of their farms before they die because they transfer it they don't have the cash to pay the tax in form of assets they'll be dead obviously but there are state that's three is called the debt tax they'll be dead there are states will have to pay the estate doesn't have the cash what happened show they sell it to one big agriculture companies are going to come in right away before joe dies because joe kantrowitz rossland the little job because if he does he has to pay tax bill so what does he do right before he died he sells it to a pig agriculture company way way way way way get yea the whole idea here with liberalism was
big corporations have big agriculture in anything they put big in front of his horrible and awful and is destructive to society in general i thought that's what the idea was so it's not the idea any longer so we're making big agriculture companies which i don't have a problem with the left does bigger because america's middle class the small farmers and even with big regional big assets and land but our cash poor heart out selling their assets basically at a premium because they have no other choice to pig agriculture companies sorry to mean a get off topic there but again this this stuff i ve me crazy because people out there who still despite all the evidence to the contrary swear liberals or in it for the little guy so here's another one hears out of the democrats new tax i planned for twenty eighteen they're gonna go
they're going to raise the top tax rate from thirty seven to thirty nine point six percent nice job yeah baby democratic flavour bring it yeah doors that plan will probably is that i beat the funny thing is he's flavors gets at my ease bobby they held i wonder what tat so you can these are going up if you are in the top right back it again for thirty seven thirty nine point six democrats twenty eighty nice job fellas nice job well done way to bring it folks but again i will give them credit by not being sarcastic at least now they are putting on paper what we ve got we know to be their agenda forever which is taking more of your money but now it's on pay for you can't run from it put the article from legal insurrections good one up the show notes today a punch you know that companies check it out it's really good it outlines all this stuff out but i just i want you to make sure you understand for i get off topics i and a lot of news was a busy newsweek and yet one
yes seriously just on stan dad voting for democrats is vote against everything we ve seen in the last or three months four months or so as a as a consequence of the trump and gop tax cut play and i can come to because no democrats voted for it happily call it a bipartisan taxpayer if a single democrats voted for this thing but they did not want so it the trump geo tee a geo p tax cup plan the fact that you got bonuses and the economy is growing as a result of it that was because plan vote for them rats and twenty eighteen and that's all going away just so you understand i'm just put it on the table that's not it up in the end it's a fact it's odd paper read the article yourself there are links in air the actual democrat plant in case you think any of this disciple balikh or exaggeration for effect which it is unbelievable but again at least there be an honest folks that's what they're all about our
i get a lot of comments on the last day people were surprised i think about it last week that i didn't comment on the story on friday but i wanted to feel it out see how i would approach it show you know i will only say i added tales of course fragile but you know how we always tell me but remember the names remember the names when it comes to this trump russia collusion fairy tale collusion between the clinton's dnc and the russians i will tell you to remember the names and the case could you never know where they're gonna reappear and there was an aim that reappear began in an up at peace the daily caller oh thereupon ask our old friend wrote it up at peace a day pretty reopening and shocking one now just so you understand the reason i didn't come adopted on friday is i'm trying to figure out his he's in for doing this and i peace over the weekend in the wall street journal
a rather long but good one about russian ambition that i said right now we got it i think i'm comfortable noughts discussing this let me rewind disguises important stuff better make us real simple for you go thereupon oscar is a russian oligarchy in extremely wealthy russian business man connected to vladimir putin he's we mean when we say wealthy i'm talking millionaire talking billionaire type status with a beat right very can did into the russian hierarchy of power putin included darrow is definitely connected to this trump russia investigation because he has a a lobbyist by the little guy but the last name waldman this lobbyists is also connected to christopher steel how do we know that so just follow me here i'm some of you ve heard but it's important because i what he said something in thereupon gets a blow your mind an idea because i want you to be sceptical about but just a backwards the background little bit
wild men reached out to a democrat centre walled means a lobbyist again it works for this russian oligarchy there are positive waldman reached out to a democrat centre and said hey i can connect you were christopher steal the russian spy who produced fake dossier and those tax when they were released became quite a controversy the senator bismarck warner right so now we know there are pasqua has a connection to lobbyists who we are absolutely sure has a connection to steal because he's in text messages that are at the speed to be real saying to a democrat center i can connect you two christopher steely wants to talk about some stop now suggested to you that this was part of a russian effort to influence the election now thereupon comes out this week they may well how by the way i'm i'm convinced the information steel received was entirely fabricated
or the information still receive from the russians to put in the dossier to go get the trump team was given to him by the russians in an effort to come the u s embassy they knew what was fake but they were given a tomb anyway knowing he would publish it rapacity joe brightened up in the daily collar and in there this is amazing information is only just read to you this quote this is gonna pull your mind he says he's talking about a guy named daniel jones the annual jones is a former senate as former senate aid diane feinstein liberal democratic centre so this is our pasco writing about what he learned from jones peace is yet more sixteen twenty seventeen daniel jones himself a team member of fusion gps self described former fbi agent and as we now know from the media and ex feinstein staffer with my lawyer adam waldman stop is lawyer adam waldman who is all
of a guy connected to christopher steel trying to connect christopher steel to democrats centres you track and ok so he says this guy dan jones met without a woman my lawyer and this is how waldman origin excuse me this how jones the stafford of do democrats centre thy advice i described fusion to walled meant he discussed let me quote a shadow media organization helping the government funded by a group of silicon valley billionaires and george soros what tweet for all that i now i believe that with the media frida my lord testified these facts to the senate and tell his committee on november third mr service is not coincidentally also the founder of two ethics why dogs ngos attacking representative nunez committee memo
which is some interesting now i got a lotta commentary on this ban how did you not talk about thereupon goods you know that there are i ask you say in this whole thing was funded by soros in future surrounded by serves folks here be correct there are certainly a lot of and he says not coincidentally but there were a lot of odd coincidence as in this case here's why i'm still suffer fact about this whole thing and i think you should be too and why i held off on friday i've always told you on the show that the hallmark of a conspiracy theory is it can be neatly tied up in a bow and all of a sudden a piece together like wow look at that you oughta be like a conspiracy theory you it's just that's the whole mark of a new name a conspiracy theory and deb we know is is busy i was largely nonsensical and always some like a bit of information like
and yet as i did at all we got it is always neatly tied up in a bowl i find the fact did he's writing about so not to be unbelievable i may in fact be very sure some of the things he says we are sure but i was reading this week in a fast making peace in the journal from an expert on russia now use the term export always loosely but this guy it's a very good cometary any said listen the russians there are providential power joe that in other words that they are not a real world power they don't even have a top ten world economy their country's decaying its demographically in a time bomb but putin sees himself as some god gifted anointed one and he sees himself on the world stage as some kind of you know anointed world power not a real one it's almost like a guy complex reminds me of a movie theater malice whip nicole kidman where she marries the surgeon and in legal proceedings when he he get sued for one of the club
inside one of this surgical patients die you think i got it like this is prudent he has this god complex not commensurate with its actual place in the real world why bringing any of this up because he goes on later in the peace the talk about how all the russians can do right now folks they have nothing they ve been defended straight and they have nothing our economy is collapsing they are in a demographic time bomb the country folks is literally dying it is dying the rip placement perjury is they are dying love is not enough our economy is a failure there economic system is a failure all written has is watching the west us collapse quicker than i am which he wants to aid the process listen
foreign policy experts from export right i mean everyone in the foreign policy efforts are wrong on a lot of things all the time but that doesn't mean some of their commentary isn't you're always fact pay sometimes in sage this a sage advice be cautious anything people connected the putin put out there even if it's a a bit of information folks that makes the case i've been making forever by the way that i have no doubt tromp was frame and i have no doubt the hilary team colluded with foreign nationals none i'm just telling you be cautious of information from russians their ties it up in a neat little george soros did there we go you know all the accurate joe ok bribery habits the books were able to call my co author in a book just write a file of sorrow stated chapter chapter twelve the last chapter twelve soros did i
be cautious that may be true analysing please don't email me nasty grabs are the three while you cannot read them but the notes data to wake change i talk to you you m m m a bee mammy back i'm just asking you as a friend to you to be sceptical because what will happen here is if we fall into this and this is a trap and we start looks ro stated therapist said so and it turns out to be another head fake and russian sponsored propaganda to get us to take ourselves down then we then become with the democrats were the demo rats fell into folks a russian trap the russians fed steel i believe bogus information knowing they could get it into american courts to target the political opponent of hillary clinton knowing made so chaos they make
information on hilary entropy see what i'm saying their goal folks as end if you this week and peace in the journal was terrific i'd included has shown us but its subscriber only sorts dino wasted nobody's tom but i'm summing up for you the essence of the peace they believe themselves to be a god like power despite no real world ability to influence at godlike power no economy crumbling military demographic time bomb they don't have the physical power to win this physical fight so what they have to do is to science and they have to hope that the left absence quicker than may do so what do they do they so this content their cards we putting out misinformation tromp was in a golden shower incident hilary code was born on mars this is what they do hoping the west will collapse on itself joe devil started packing each other and you know what work in it's working
the russian collusion thing is a sham it's a sham it's a scam everybody knows it there was a democrat report representative on we can new shows we can heinz h i m yes you know what i'll put it but the story in the shown as you can see the clip yourself an independent general review say not this russian thing is it is a running joke about curtis is constituent you think i'm making it up read the peace put it in a show notes that it's a farce the collusion stories made up the russians are trying to show discontent and i'm afraid this thereupon copies maybe another effort to do that to get us down get down rapid whole joe books roasted an again just one more time so it may be the case but i but not trust the damn thing come from these people this is the same guy connect into a lawyer lobbyists whose connect the christopher steel whose already been the recipient of bad russian info and now
we're going to jump right on that i take a deep breath on that one is all i'm saying is that make censure now meet you already given us bad information so you got anymore and information hu i would like in japan train with jump on the brain information gradations looks not so track record all right i've got another interesting tat bit of information scented by a listener which is really terrific by the way thank you to everyone who sends me stop i get are probably two three hundred emails a day on the show and i had a lot of them are really get some of now really blow me away and i got a great email from someone about an article i'm gonna get you a second right today also brought you our bodies and i target folksy item get process them what is the i talk
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can counter sparked australia's role in fbi probe into u s election this is a short but sweet peas i will have its assurance please check it out because job this again goes to show improve my point here that this was a set up a framing job on the trump team the whole time the evidence the evidence is getting overwhelming folks remember every single person that is contacted sorry scattered of my books at every single person that has contacted the trump team or that been contacted by the trump team or that the trump team has had some meeting set up with has been either connected to the clinton's or connected the someone connected to the collins down there is one of them here's the fur
in any part of this down or peace writer alexander downer meets in this london bar which your papa doubtless was a low level trump foreign policy if eyes are i mean as low level as you get one picture him at a meeting with thy ten other people and trump right now just to be clear on because some people have been a little bit confused some simple why target this guy papadopoulos right folks he had a really tough time the trump team finding foreign policy advisers they did i mean that's just the fact a lot of the other morris a bushmen joe presidential campaigns jab boyish we had rubio and others out there they had school got a lot of the heavies so people who are live trump was a young renegade kind of outside candidate the people they had scooped up but speak and it wasn't trump's fault show but they were not the a team
but doubtless may have been an easy target for these in this framing operation against trump he may have because they really didn't have any other options i mean who else was there to go to some of the other more season people on the on the trump team they had a few who'd been around we're probably you know smart enough to ignore eddie kind of approach due to be involved with the russians in any way if you get me i'll say it so this is an interesting peace because i've wondered the entire time and i think you should too how the hell you notice how but that was weird i didn't do that purpose is serious maybe in havana if i had had enough words monitoring how the hell was papadopoulos meet up with this guy down or in a london bar this can't be chance folks limit sweetest exists is interesting
fairfax media this is from that story reports downer arrange a meeting with papadopoulos an american man based in london and may twenty sixteen which would event we become a bombshell conversation between the pair were the trump staffer let's he knew of a russian quote dirt file on the clinton campaign consisting of thousands of hack emails now later on in this peace they report that downer had some kind of pre existing relationship with a woman papa the was kind of white dating or had some kind of relationship with a time sir it was i hold hands you love birds from the three students is that like two stages i liked they did the you know that the double to finger poke and they put the block up
to block on them you know the block regulating the euro this idea that was my favorite part how'd you know try to explain to you given my background of law enforcement and cases are never proved folks they prove beyond reasonable doubt a blood bath he pulled out a lot of these things could be in fact coincidental they could be but the whence it answers in this case are adding up is it possible simple that this pre existing relationship between down or and this woman made pop about police the target i mean not like we haven't seen this tactic before now i dont listen it could be chance i'm just put that out there could be trying to suggest to you that all of these people who are approaching the trump team are somehow connected the people connected to the coincidence down are we already know truism austria
in government programme he will result supported they transfer twenty five million dollars to the clinton foundation while he was a representative in diplomatic fashion for the australian government we know there's a pre existing relationship there all of a sudden he knows this woman whose related to shoot me who is having is some kind of relationship a puppet apple is at a meeting get set up in a london bar folk it's just beyond odd how many coincidence as we have seen in this off over and over it happens again the russian lawyer who shows up to meet with tat junior all connected diffusion jp s of user gps is running a background investing donald trump paid for by the clintons beyond beyond chance at some point we have to start to save ourselves why mahler investigating this and one more point on this and on the mother to examine and i want to go into this too
another story the broke this weekend this was at bloomberg that mahler joe is now suppose we delaying any of it an investigation obstruction of justice investigations donald trump folks this this investigation is a force i've told you for a while now the smaller investigation is a force with all due respect to bob mahler and is is generous history of service to the country the ball investigation is a sham i dont know if it's personal i dont know if what it is i don't offered some professional slight he feels that double talk him up our mother by the way that bob mahler feels donald trump engaged and went with him i dont know what it is but this in legation at this point is clearly a sham they have collusion they have no conspiracy and israeli mccarthy's written frequently national review and he's right john the essence of a conspiracy investigation right in other words
donald trump conspired to overthrow the election with the russians the essence of it is getting someone at some point to plead guilty to the actual conspiracy don't you find it odd that all of them prosecutions in this case none of them have anything to do with a conspiracy between donald trump and the actual russians because it doesn't exist i shudder foxes morning now real purpose of this investigation not to repeat last week show but just quickly repeat the point is to come for the misdeeds of the current into i told you are connected to the people like down or and others who were watching the trump team and in writing the trump team out on things that are so suspiciously even non criminal the law enforcement say the russians via dirt on hilary that criminal remember they didn't papadopoulos for a crime they got papadopoulos for lying to the fbi about the meeting enough it wasn't what he did and a meeting was that he lied about the meeting i think you
afraid i don't know i take it in his head but no ones guilty folks to the actual conspiracy the mahler investigation right now is a smokescreen to cover up democratic misdeeds in their dealing with foreign national steel and the russians to get bogus information on the trump team to frame them at sea are we to cover for masking as we saw last week now the poor mothers looking into this you anything that united our bambridge meaning which of you miss last week show that's where susan rice is already admitted to unmask and trumpet with people from the united arab emirates out while mysteriously joe all the sun barbauld is looking into the united arab emirates and their influence on the election susan rice is already admitted that it was the united arab emirates meeting with the trunk team that was part of this large on masking scheme to spy on truck people wow and now all the sun bob alors looking into that you folks this is a smokescreen now i bring it up because two bloomberg peace oh now joe
smaller is gonna he's gonna hold off on the russian investigation they're saying it's because of two reasons ok you're u you take away this their sources by the way did number one man there is afraid that if he charges trump with obstruction that going to fire and were shut down or possibility number two is that it he doesn't this is when i believe otherwise if he doesn't charge trump with obstruction that there's going be pressure by the republican congress to shut this thing down notice what's not hinder the truth i am trying to be flowery and give the focus group tested talking points it gives a motivational speech here notice what's not in there that the sources none of the source of said bob mahler is just interested in the true bob mahler has no evidence of obstruction of justice has no
evidence of russian collusion or a conspiracy to overthrow the election isn't it and it should not be an imperative right now for bob mahler as a public servant paid by you by the taxpayers to get the darn truth out there not to be worried about whose pressuring what are they gonna pressure to shut down are they going to fire on the i thought this was about the truth it's not about the truth so follow here joe i do i may blushing now there's there there's butler's delaying obstruction because he's either afraid he's going to get fired or he's afraid if he doesn't find them structures going to be pressure to shut him down there is no no from the source whatsoever about mahler actually looking for the truth where's the tab truth now i'm gonna tell you why he's really delaying obstruction he's the lange and investigation or conclusion on an obstruction of justice charge because they
want something to hold over trumps head right through the twenty eighteen elections it doesn't make sense any other way actions are coming up in november they need to get a house majority to try to impeach the president they need it they don't want to come out before the election more i don't if it's not a personal animists or what by bob mahler they don't want to come out before the elections say listen robs clear you didn't do anything they don't want to do it now because it's for any other reason folks other then it's the truth and when the truth comes out the democrats are gonna be horrified by the way it's already starting to creep out there that's all starting to creep out there amongst the liberal intelligentsia joe at the collusion narrative is a total farce you seeing it now
and i want to sound like conspiratorial spirit saturnine live is probably just joking but they did a funny skit this a funny skit this second a saturday i lived in a pretty funny ski this weekend where they were imitating the bachelor to those you miss the bachelor the bachelors this guy ari and i watched him with a show any broke up with this lady at the end and back i was really horrible foot looking thing to watch there's like watching a train wreck a live tv right but a woman was devastated and this guy came off really parbleu maybe just came off like like a total scam artist but suddenly liveliness get on this where they imitate the bachelor coming into break up with armenia of course is to set a live act is india the actors dressed up like bob dollar did you know about and it got diseases do you know that you think you're gonna break up and he's like you know you have no evidence a trump collusion and it was all about that breaking up with the trump collusion aired yeah to see those kind of goofy but it was funny right now
that's a separate live is in cahoots i've just tell you that even a hollywood tori asleep while there in new york but the entertainment community is starting now understand that this thing is a farce we i already told you by case you think in poland this at a you know my rear here that these dynamic get on the weekend shows heinz is already starting to acknowledge this is a running joke they don't have anything the end ass the geisha ladies and gentlemen is a smoke screen it's been a smoke screen the entire time to cover up democrat malfeasance and the fact that the bomb administration as a lot of explaining to do about starting investigations their political opponents and using on masking to do so they are in a world of trouble folks mark my words i've got a couple of stories i wanna get sorry show me the motor through the news but i feel like over the weekend i have an obligation to get to you what happened today show also bought you by our bodies
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it just seems like when you are connected and empower that your part of the insulated protected class and the rest of us you know like papa police and mike flynn you know you say somethin wrong in an fbi meeting here in jail for false statements to the fbi yet you yet hillary clinton who trades classified information over private email server nothing happens there for people die in benghazi their government does the federal government does almost nothing to respond nothing happens there the irs targets conservatives lois learn it gets a pension i understand your frustration i'm is pissed off as you are about this stuff the aggravate you more on a monday but you know i put out some good news last week we missed the shows i am very confident that sessions is working behind the scenes and some good things you're gonna happen but here's a little bit of bad news another article have the shown us today in the independent journal review is a gym
upper jaw looks like he is gonna entirely skate at least on one component of his disingenuous behaviour while has the vine that's right the price wrong bob was everyone does adam sandler movies that price is wrong bob what happened well this is related to from russian collusion fairy tale and jim cat a clamours disingenuous behaviour on that but clapper testified up the hill up in two thousand and thirteen joe and this is a particularly disturbing piece of testimony because folks i got an email from a guess we're gonna make any user names lacy mount appreciated listening but he objected to my eric irritation the fourth amendment evaporating i i had said last week that i'm the fourth it doesn't exist anymore folks clearly when the government wants to spy on you without evidence there are ways to do it you just a fact taken on maskew they can produce
evidence to a secret court that is not verified its paints done it already happened so he didn't like that which is fine i reckon i read a negative commentary to produce a nice guy now this is one of the most disingenuous pieces of government lying to you about the spying and the fourth amendment evaporate two thousand thirteen centre on y know as a democrat for morgan but at least has had his moments show where he's reason we consistent on things like government spying i don't you do not mind that he's a democrat i just did my being not i'd my people be non principle he ass jim clapper a question about the cat action of method data by the inner vote which we know is happening the inner through a number of mechanisms cooperative agreements interceptions of transatlantic another cables is collect information on tax and emails met a data we note that's a fact
in two thousand thirteen when this wasn't public here's what brown widen ass jim clapper sequoia what i wanted to see if you can yes or no answer to the question does the so you can like any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans rubbing his add clapper responded no sir he then added not wittingly in other words i created no they were doing it i remember yeah but i knew there was a lie was a lie it was me ass no we absolutely knew the usa was collecting met a data at the time as a senior member the intelligence community it is not plausibly deniable he'd had to know he was lying now this became big controversy why by bringing this up now conveniently the statute of limitations on this runs out this week
it's all right he's locker nothing's going to happen you may say ah well what do you want you know people lie to congress all the time folks i get it i understand what is it government has no problem making an example at a view deafness piss you off it has absolutely no problem taking mike flynn to court prosecuting him for the city statements that didn't marry a perfectly with a transcribe i believe illicit we recorded phone call they have no problem hammering this guy he's now bankrupted he's gotta sellers house they have no problem at all but god forbid we make an example of someone in government who knowingly lies about one of the most consequential and in orton and i don't mean that a qualitatively good way i think it's a bad programme one of the most important spying programmes the government's running the collection of biometric data but god forbid
we make an example out of him for life oh you may say all was a mistake they put him on the spot so you know what don't answer the question say mister widened tenor widened i'd rather talk about this in a close setting that's what he said he lied people already said no energy double standards not willingly what was unwitting the nsa was accidentally collecting information it was a lie this is what people in government you know that the bow tie wearing grow acquire crowd and government they killed pretty crew this is what they don't get there set that america's distrust of the intelligence community in government is growing therapist i bet american distrust of the media is growing get stuff this doesn't help what it is somewhat in government finally pay the piper for mistakes that have impact at us
buying or all of us and in your lying about it joe we'd never ends what's going opera lowest werner probably nothing that and by the way it's they saw no one a hammer you with too much you know negative stuff i as you may say well there now you know less rigorous and be patient the sessions things work it out i think people are they get prosecuted i do i do i do i'm just trying to tamper with some bad news while clapper is obviously not going to be prosecuted for any this law we learn or may in fact skate the benghazi thing know what those poor geysers for patriots are dead don't think there's gotta be a price to pay for that i do i think however that the sessions case adjusted so you understand the marker and the difference here two sessions case against pfizer abuse and spying on then the framing of the donald trump tee the reason i believe this is different i described earlier a bit less reach show
its sessions is already given indicators things are happening i've it did someone from the outside he's from outside dc he's been looking at this he's conveniently been looking at it and the timing is right around the time false statements were made there something going on here behind the scenes i believe sessions is if i may be wrong and if i'm wrong i will correct myself i give you my word accuracy pride myself on it ok i think folks sessions is protecting i says is it a show and i want to say are away i think sessions is protecting trump from himself trop is that i think is that a good job i you know i have you ever seen where i disagree with them based on your feedback and some former shows butt trumpets politicians and outside its greatest asset but sometimes it's a flawed dealing with the machinery of the
i don't think he's familiar with how this works in order to protect came from an obstruction of justice charge in a case that is likely going to prosecute some of tat political opponents show when tromp advising trop about what's going on in this case i think you're afraid he may tweet about it or made talk about it publicly which would invite and obstruction of justice charge that's the reason i think sessions is got a zipper on his mouth right now silent his gold sigh is absolutely golden pm standards this is this could be a feat i'd love to off the cuff nature i do and i am not going to go just saying sometimes you have to you have to protected from yourself sessions knows what's going on behind the scenes i dont think trump is ready on the entire process and i think that's a good thing
i think it's the only way to make the people guilty of this framing and spying operation pay pay jude in the court system and the legal system for what they did make sense i hope it does because i'd i really am i've been bothered by this everybody's dino on sessions right now just give the guided the end the martyr solemn asking and we see some movement on is all right a final story for the day which scott under my skin if you saw me on fox inferences going you saw me discuss it this rear their storage or about the oakland coffee shop that has now refusing to serve cops yes now do you watch maya and by the way thank you to everyone for tuning into my new nra tv show it's free it's available at nra tv dot com it's on roku you check it out it's at five hundred and thirty eastern time today and every weekday it's half hour five hundred and thirty to six five hundred and thirty p dot m eastern i have
the agreement on the show i do called liberals versus liberals where i pay play issued me play video of liberals debating themselves it's fine people see the really like it because it shows the hypocrisy and stupidity in many cases of liberals who can't seem to take a principle position on anything and i sat on the show on friday show in our tv that you tell me an issue and i'll tell you with the liberals have taken opposing positions on it well fascinating about this oakland coffee shop cases you ve seen very few liberals joe speaking out about this saying i a bridge too far there's an oakland coffee shop that is now refusing to serve cops they're saying why do we not want cops in here are commute he feels unsafe around am not making that out those big debts if that sounds dom it's because it it's ok now folks i'm i'm a free speech bill of rights constitutional advocate
you don't want to serve cops you're a moron i wasn't called the fox's foxes morning you're a total disgrace to the country or a national embarrassment but that's your business really it's your bride i know that makes for i was a former cop i know that makes a lot of people uncomfortable you don't want to serve comes i would never i wouldn't give you a penny of my money at fact i don't even like wasting my time on you now i've gesture and point out that again liberals cannot seem to stick to principles the reason many of them if you follow some of the twitter traffic joe had been quiet on this is they'll tell you on one hand joe well it's a private this they can do what they want they can who they want to serve we agree we sure we agree poured stipulated what what's funny is when it came to the oregon baker the family
melissa sweet cakes that was asked to producing a wedding cake for a gay wedding who said listen we're christian we don't we don't who gave wedding cakes all taught me how to be buried grub did they were literally put out of business i think the guy works for the sanitation department now they had a shut their business now liberals double doubted said if you show their prey spare usual the principle with cops just to be clear was payment it's a private business they could do what they want but when well it's a sweet cakes the private business here is their principal joe principle musing airport urine public sphere burn your servant a public you need to serve everybody wait wait what what is it what what is your got the whole idea of a principle is that its immovable its star in guiding light it goes to show you the absolute hypocrisy and foolishness of the modern liberal the next time they bring up to you the gay baker case the gay cat
can abandon the gay paper case absolutely j j k the gay wedding pay a case in order ready of those cases break up don't go in case and say what is it we're out or understand so much eight discriminate against a guy or a woman you ve never met in your life because they have a police uniform on they can be mother teresa modern law enforcement don't serve them kick them out humiliate them and embarrassed them and make them go elsewhere but for company that says you know what we don't do gay wedding cakes listen up version where i'd make a cake for if i don't you know what it's whatever it's on my thing put at first reading be consistent say it's not my thing i mean i'm a christian i ever see believin independence it a bit but i for this guy and this woman unfortunately they ve been they ve been irreparably harmed by this because these
people on the left is we have we not frustrating there never you understand are never going to give up i said my wife lastline i'm sitting there and i was watching a m one final thought on this this watcher microsoft commercial common on no common they are using he's a rap artists than an actor spoken word of ever they call it common was just on the academy awards the oscars bashing knee and our re there on the other side of god but microsoft use them as a spokesperson because again it sets up the principal i've talked about on the show over and over that the default position in the cold wars when i was at anything on the left is ok anything on the right is inherently extremist an outcast if you were to say anything positive about the internet you probably not be given the same deal but microsoft doesn't mind at all that common speaks out against the inner rain against trump because that's the default position
metalogy the way to fight back against this is going to be some day there is going to be some form of a conservative alternative economy that develops show simon one final thought cake roger rails whittemore before he was some he's out there these but roger s gave a speech once when he was still running fox the secret service training centre where he went down there the etiquette into a guy i know a guy and it was things in the speech when he this proposed fox news he somewhat pastor mike this is a crazy idea you know who you know who you marketing is too and he was funny as reply was like well you know fifty percent of america that considers himself conservative or reasonably moderately republican right
that's what's going to happen in the economy now as all these companies and all these guinea you know that the left as a target these companies a target as they try to ankara people are trying to bankrupt sponsors roles that you are going to see eventually the explosion of an alternative economy placed you're going to see you know amazon wants to use you know liberal messaging or wherever it may be inner ads you get to see a company called whatever amazon that's gonna come out be their competitors ere you know what this is an open space for conservatives the minute they can do that with enough financial backing like fox news did you're going to see that the fall of these companies just like you saw for cnn msnbc and other legacy media types it's only a matter of time folks only a matter of time you get for children and please check out the articles i have today in the show notes that really good at punch you know that communist above you subscribe to my email list i will email thanks la folks
i will see what about you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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