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Ep. 676 What Happened Last Night and Why It Matters

2018-03-14 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I break down the special election in Pennsylvania last night and why the results matter to you. I also discuss ways to fight back against potential political losses in the upcoming midterms. I address the stunning revelations about more Obama administration connections to the spying scandal. Finally, I cover school choice and an Obamacare lawsuit that could be the victory we’ve been waiting for.   News Picks: Republicans are beginning to worry after last night’s special election.   The recent hit job on Trump’s education secretary was full of lies.   The media can’t make up their minds on what the firing of Rex Tillerson means.    Is Obamacare in real trouble in the court system?    Another stunning revelation about another Obama administration official and the spying scandal.   Did Obama use Fusion GPS too?    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds lack of data thereby gino show producer joe how are you today on the right side of the dirt so things are cool man yes you are on the ups yes i found we liked out yet we definitely like that after that session this weekend jujitsu i got back into role and i feel like i do the dirt maybe a little more comfortable at this point about the dead man everything hurts always joints it will born i was a kid you got beat up a little it is fell asleep sleep for six to eight hours you woke up you feel great now you wake up you feel worse so amazing don't you feel like you which they wouldn't want to sleep all liked it just pool of sore chemicals creep said why you sleep at night the amazing boy yesterday young blood a news
cover obviously these pennsylvania re somebody give you some analysis on this you're not gonna hear and other places listeners there's no way around it now tell you though and importantly why it was bad what but in pennsylvania there was congressional race last night i'll tell you why we shouldn't jump off the bridge here why did not full blown panic mode yeah now and i'll also if you some inspirational words from someone who has been through a brutal congressional lost just like that i guess you could say though that does cyclone got land blasted he got lampblack that last night that is absolutely correct there by our body and i use that term very loosely caught her lamp ran by the way as a republican although he was a democrat which was interesting but i got a couple of early inspirational words on this because i don't want anybody to people we all tend to reno be like liberals who lost their minds trumped arrangement syndrome everything there's ways to fight back your folks and i'm gonna give you a few of those
also couple stories year on some incredible breaking news yesterday which if you're a regular listen to the show you have already heard about the open gate spying scandal button plop couple a boy amazon dropped yesterday on this thing and i didn't appearance on how did you last night where discuss some of this stuff so again at that are today show by by bodies i target one of my favorite boxers here listen anybody can fire a firearm it's not hard you pull the trigger and now the round goes downrange me that's the way it works but that's the way we you know we were we going to fire a firearm with her in self defense or hunting you want to fire it accurately obviously you know when i was in the secret service we had an expression in a responsible for every round me and you better know where those things go got to learn fire that weapon accurately god forbid you need it one day to self defence situation so that's where the eye target pro system comes in that's a letter i the website is
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your firearm accurately to great product its highly recommended for people interested in self defense people who just bought a firearm and want to learn how to use it and don't necessarily time to get to the range military cop serbs special weapons teams personnel are really really great product go check it out to have it is a letter i target products com as i target pro dot com albert competitive shooters people do this for a living dry fire ten times more than a live far promo code dan my this name d in newgate ten percent off go too i target pro dotcom check it out you will not be disappointed all right so i'm gonna die in a christian theme movie and the race in pennsylvania last night you hurry they got the heck where do i start i got an email yesterday from a guy now this this is where this is all going and it was a great mail i read all of you re males and i can't respond every one of em but keep sending am i right by promise you i read them
some of my really long and i have the kind of skimmed push it a but by wolf i read them and u i read them somewhat semi anybody yesterday you know who you are and it was great it was a quote joe former roman poet in the republic quit this eneas and the quote goes as follows the victor is not victorious if the vanquished does not consider himself so you're darn right there are no victories that is a great quote that is an accurate quote added described where we are now in the culture wars by the liberals are political wars there waging against us they on us to feel vanquished but as the quote says the court victor that victorious if the vanquished does not consider himself so
we lost last night ok we lost the race it although it still not decided because of the slim margin victory by the democratic conor landed pennsylvania's eighteen congressional district this is ay ay a major loss unless we consider ourselves vanquished and we walk off the field take our toys and go home now happened last night why should this matter to you folks it the loss okay and a bad one hears why the pennsylvania's eighteenth congressional district is a solidly republic in district it is a in the cook pv i tell you what that isn't a second but it is an r republican plus eleven a republic plus eleven district the cook pv i named after political analysts less named cook stands for the partisan value index it is a measure of how republic in our democratic a congressional district is it met
there's the leader of the district the republic in lean of the district on the average over two presidential elections of how deeply republic in or how deeply democratic it is arm republic eleven joe is pretty i'm republic to give you in apple avow republic in meaning it is i ran a district in maryland can grow districts which at the time was a d plus six a democrat plastics and was considered universally by everyone who i spoke but any experience and politics too entirely unwinnable now we came within a point of winning that race in what would have been a huge upset at the time but we didn't win we lost that was a deep six this wasn't
our plus eleven merely twice this says that as republican leaning as the district i ran and was democratically and look like this guy lamb may actually have pulled it off folks that it does me no good or you any good for me to sugar coated and less enough unaware monastic own may pull it out apparently there's a lot of absentee ballots out this ability of a military balance out the chance reporting and auditing are unlikely at this point i saw somebody absentee counts from one counties that we're going sixty forty four lamb the democrat so i dont you dont being likely at this point but it does mean no good to lie to you go nothing to worry about here there is something to worry about you but we consider ourselves vanquished aid all when jack i'm gonna die this into
christian movie in a minute but let me give you some explanations as to what i think is happening here so you want you stay and how we can fight back elect orally some take away there's a suburbs network effect going on here folks you may not hear this analysis anywhere else mute view may but the upham we're having now which we didn't have in the presidential election to that degree with trump is if you we are touching a suburb anywhere as the congressional district joe and some of these guys the pennsylvania eighteen had some areas that did touch suburbs supper we are now turning against trump in in droves at this point now have a theory for why that is i call it the network of the suburbs network effect the lot of people eleven the suburbs show me where where in the cities
retry maybe see it around where you are baltimore works in baltimore w c b m one of the sub sport more county you know you have day areas surrounding taos in and around their yeah yeah exactly a lot of people who live in the suburbs work in the cities the cities are virulently vera thirdly i d tromp for i know reasons why cities vote democratic rely heavily on government services whether its public transportation policing your tends to be it decide that's beyond the scope of this pod guess but we as cities ten dleam democrat there again the real it is they they rely on government services that's one of many many reasons and it would be too oversimplify when you were can the suburbs and your constantly surrounded by people who were out trump
we need to know how to say it's a family friendly show chops trot jobs that is a bad guy guy item i can't use export as those it's worse than that you all know our trump arrangement syndrome sound that's why i'm hesitant to open my yeah or this one but when you are surrounded all day by people who rip this guide is shreds paste just pure emotion not reality what's happening after awhile folks that's gonna take effect so you have this suburbs network effect where you have congressional districts that are touching a suburb somewhere we the us off race to even though ass off loss to the georgia candidate who was that one of the first special elections after which they had we are places that touch suburbs shoe and touch cities these suburb network effect if your congressional district touches the suburbs you are seeing people being cameroon aided by a non stop eighty trump tie
aid emanating from the city's secondly so it will take away number one from the restless and again you touch the suburbs your congressional district you better start mobilizing now and you better start we get out number two voters right now who voted for trump in the presidential election are not not all but many of them or have no allegiance whatsoever to the geo pay and after all the geo peace reluctant to do anything outside of the tax cuts i don't blame you are giving them anything to vote for what are they given him to vote for it the tax cuts gray what else what about plant paranoid what about sticking up the second amendment right what about getting rid of obamacare that failed these euro to move on agenda items you can't just sit back and rest on our laurels and go away well listen you know we cut taxes ok great that's terrific what do we do about spending are not much by bound not much these
a core items that matter to people to the agents is not to the geo p its trump how did that affect the pennsylvania eighteen race tromp was on the ballot it was special election for congressional raise it was to converse lamb legacy i will try showed up for folks listen people don't vote for endorsements they don't i'm telling even if it is trump they vote for candidates why does trump wasn't on the ballot any allegiance was not to the brand it was the trump so cops name isn't on alot of people just didn't want to show up but a lot of democrats did because their allegiance is not even any more to the democrat brand their vote democrat more importantly it to the anti trump brand so on the other there is anti trump title
if growing out there amongst trumped arrangements syndrome people who are spreading the anti virus everywhere again based on this point what appears to be joe emotion alone because remember lamb ran almost as as as a softer publican the allegiance the anti trump brand is being done by anger so the point i'm trying to make the excitement to get out for the geo p thank our vote is not there because the exciting is for tromp not the geo p makes sense shelton for trumps not on about but the anger eighty trump getting some people would trumped arrangement syndrome the come out and vote for a brand there necessarily associated with the democrat but this created as is being at the top and anger is a more powerful motivator then the leaf you'd have false excitement for the geo p brand which isn't there i hope that makes
its anger is a more powerful motivator to actually sort even during the obama years there's nothing wrong with saying that during the i'm a yours joe people felt like their health care plans were under attack which they were to this awful obamacare they felt like second amendment rights are under attack that their their income in their businesses weren't or attack we sort maryland with the rain tax when a governor martineau valley instituted a rain tax people are getting bills for thousands of dollars for attacks the impervious surfaces on their property people were man that's a power motivator there wasn't enough corresponding commensurate excitement on other side for people to get our vote for a guy wasn't trump that's in a way to be expected but we should never ever accepted now to have one ok one more here submit a good news for this by the way so what our plus eleven district that's kind of a big downsides
big upset there's no way to paint it any other way but the dishes it's gonna be gone in the upcoming alike pennsylvania there was a supreme court case in pennsylvania has any supreme court case when they wiped out the district lines it's a bad case a terrible case but it looks like the district yes we know it's gonna be gone anyway so this way a been that the real our duty is for as much as a message victories this wasn't it was joe again i'm that's a point i'm making does me no good the law he arrived as a tactical victory for advancing democratic policy initiatives it is as irrelevant the victories your ever gonna find yes it's a flip from her public into a democrat it's in the sea jim days come up this november that test probably not even going to exist so pact decreasing king dont lose any sleep over elaborate but
jeanne wise make no mistake this was significant for the left and it doesn't do me any good to sell you otherwise now how does this tie into a christian theme movie at their folks you know but the left frequently exchanges cultural power for political power and vice versa when they have political power like they did under barack obama needs policy a democrat house of democrats senate they will use that power go power to implement the powers of the state and decrease the power the individual they will take your money they will take your health care to hire through higher taxes through a bomb care they will destroy your choice programmes to send your kids to schools h use not you choose the democrats will use political power endlessly when they go now political power right now they dont have the senate they don't have the house they don't have the white house there exchange what they dont have in political power for cultural power you're seeing it with these walkouts where there you know they're they're they're there let their using
basically kids to advance one of their agenda items meanwhile suppressing the views of other kids you may have different opinions this is what the democrats do they love cultural power now relationship to our whether with the references to quote we started with the victor is not victorious the vanquished does not consider himself so why they are we vanquishing cultural power point i'm trying to make here is the democrats may well very well be on the road to taking back political power which they will use but i dont we emulate their strategy remember when they whose political power like they don't ever now they just take over to the culture do shaming on college campuses do hollywood movies make us look like idiots through you know tv commercials you know puttin messages and television shows ross post to watch making us look like idiots in the media that's what they do why don't we pay them back for
there are ways to do this and we have to start looking at moving from political power to cultural power seamlessly if we lose folks we may lose the house we may lose the senate and the upcoming elections i don't think we're going there's a set up by the way things are good chance removes aus i think trumped stands a decent chance of getting reelected but we should be moving seamlessly to the cultural round and we should take it now there's gnp movie out let me just caviar that lower caviar in their buyer beware here right i know i should start by beware the sense but i'd as one for this that i have no financial stake in this movie at all i dont know anybody associated with it producers my purse they have never met any them i'm just telling you there's a christian the movie out right now it is a call i can only imagine about the song you you go to church you probably heard this august become very popular too great song
the christian theme movie out now is about that song in the writing of that some folks about dance and as you know you got a dance we got a dance baby dance i told you i did the whole show and i thank you for all the tremendous dancin stories you can send enemy call this to show you know what i mean but there are he's the dance every day to start to take back the cultural side of this equation from the democrats if we lose political power and this is one of em i went be more than happy to treat out there but all of my received but i just want before the show and bought a ticket to this movie folks the answer and probably not going i don't think i'm leaving it have the time go see it if you can't see it by a ticket lieutenant that's crazy direct me to buy a ticket to a movie i have no financial interested and i may not be able to see pia ticket why folks
haven't you ever go to business school or take a business course what have you have probably heard of swat analysis thats why like a swat team it swat within our strength this is opportunities threats they teach you some business school it's trusting matrix that you can use in strategic analysis and new business and basically that that the the gist of it is you made gate weaknesses by yeah maybe getting threats and leveraging opportunities how do you leverage strength by mitigating a threat and leveraging an opportunity it's it's a pretty good tool for businesses to see new opportunities in the future by brainstorming it's it's one of the few takes a business school you learn long would like i forces analysis and that present value that may actually help you and business later on i actually the lot business school i mean that it i had a really great time there but swat analysis year applies in this case
how do we mitigate a weakness in the culture war by anchoring a threat what's that threat that threat to us has always been hollywood now meet it in a conspiracy theory where we're not liberals here ok we're real us but it is a threat we is clearly overwhelmingly biased conservatives i'm just take the actor whose work just look go follow them on twitter it's not hard they hate us a trump they hate the second amendment they love big government these are not things we believe and this is a that is our ideology let's talk about threat violent way i'm talking about a threat to the things we believe in and our principles so what are we decent and clearly this is a weakness so how we mitigate this weakness by conquered now threat using a basic swat analysis here we take it
they take their strong old day care spare the success of christian the movies tat drives crazy they can't stand it that mad at ease let there be light which i think is out on dvd i do know sean began have no financial interests than this at all zero do it while we have money i'm telling you what i did i lead by example i will be buying a job dvd let there be light of his christian movie which did very well general seven million and sales on a three million dollar budget pretty darn good return vs me and this can only imagine i already bought a ticket came out there of seventeen on fandango twelve thousand seven deeds that i'd probably i'm not gonna make it go buy a ticket hey geared to theirs wrong hold or their stronghold
spend no money whatsoever on any of their sex drugs and violent fuel anti cancer but if garbage don't buy a ticket anywhere on their stuff otherwise but when used christian movie for some of the because our christian movies but does it make great some of the main apiary good by the ticket you don't even care if you go by the ticket and dance it will take their stronghold pretty soon it will be the day are seeing right now hollywood meant believe me when i tell you it is scaring the hell out of him they are seeing right now that they are going they have to change their they're they're going to have to change a lot of their marketing plan a lot of their money allocation into these movies because this is the only movies people will say but you may say to yourself but yet fair enough criticism i can already see seventy emails which school i don't mind you may say
why would we enrich hollywood producers even if they make christian films folks where i've got change these people these people are embedded in the cities i just told you about with a network effects are real they are going to stay liberal in perpetuity how great would it be if we can force them in her liberal stronghold to put out movies and information which advance our cause not there they are not going anywhere they will find a way to earn money lets me damn earner keep by producing what we want not what they want and remember you're doing what your opponent wants you to do your problem really doing the wrong thing for yourselves strategically we want them to do the wrong thing for themselves strategically because they are our opponents we want them to do that
watch any other crap shows on tv don't watch any of it when you see a christian more we buy a ticket for your ticket i did it i went dug out i don't speak with forked tongue here i bought it movie risen it was ok i bought the dvd you know i bought it we d for the movie risen when it was free on cable i'm not kidding i hit record on cable i bought it anyway take their stronghold because there's a darn good chance we may lose political power the anti terror wave of anger may not we i not have enough excitement in the mid term i think it twenty twenty would trump on the ballot we will but it too
eighteen there may not be enough pro g o p excitement because of their lack of accomplishments to overcome anti trump anger dont consider yourself vanquished we move seamlessly into the cultural realm and we fight these skirmishes it's a guerrilla war you know we we were you lose on a bathroom issue here you move into entertainment there you'll lose on a entertainment that you move seamlessly you make them fight a thirty front war you make them fight on some be front stay get fatigue like day been trying to fatigue us but to differ between them and us is they will feel vanquish because their snowflakes and we're not we will be victorious in the culture wars if we stick it out because they don't have the guts for this in the long haul their pajama boys member the obama
the pajama kid with the hot cocoa that's them you know how do you know i'm talkin about these are men we'll get matter cures these these are the bait is debatable else where the alpha's we have the guts we have that the gusto you have the physical and mental strength to stay in this fight for the long all this is your fight this is your dad's we lose a bridge vital to the culture war we lose in a cold right back in politics go where down make them fight everywhere until they are mentally exhausted i can't say this enough keep moving shift seamlessly one front to the next front to the next front to the next front do what a due to us take there strongholds left bridge shrinks mitigate weaknesses as our weakness and weaknesses in culture and academia how do we love
how do we leverage opportunities there how do we mitigate threats there of send your kids the hills beheld send them somewhere else go to work let's class get to see in that class for promoting conservative agent published that stepping everywhere on facebook and humiliate the professor did to you this is how we dad's don't worry too much about these political losses worry enough to get peter the pause but worry is not a substitute for action i'm asking we do things get out there and do something where can i get a fix everything i'm sorry i want that you should be smiled to was a loss than do us any get the painted otherwise but let's get back in a fight and start do in the next day because the democrats to sleep with this data in the liberals do not have the guts to fight this out in the long run they just don't this is the beta
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rowan scarborough and its it's about a book tat gave to the poor guy i highly recommend you do not buy it in its written by two left wing authors and propagates a lot of myths and a book about dinner logan act nonsense and i don't really i don't like the whole that the whole idea that the two core ok so the book i think is in other words on defending the democrat narrative in this case but there are some interesting revelations and a book it's by a michael is a coffin david corn and one of the things they throw out there in this new book on the russia tail is that a person who connected christopher state el the foreign agents working for the clinton campaign to go gather dirt on trump and who put together the dossier the person who connected him with the fbi are okay the meeting is possible better way to saint ok the meeting between him and the fbi was one victoria newland now if i always tell you
the names and i went on hannity last night and i put during a pot of email metaphysical beyond radio tray unhappy they were very excited about the connections i had made now those you regular listers probably know this connection already why is that aim drop in this washington i'm peace yesterday important victoria nolan work at the state department so according this book she somehow inserts herself into this and cod acts or is contacted by the fbi and ok a meeting between the fbi christopher steal a guy is already known to multiple people in the state department who know the clinton's because of his work on a prior case now i find it hard to believe that new and didn't know he was also working for the clinton campaign to generate anti trumped up who is noon neurons
former chief of staff to a man named strobe talbot who was i level diplomat in the bill clinton administration who is strobe tat its brother in law coty sheer you remember the shouts sure do who is cody sheer coty sheer was working with sid blumenthal in maybe a sid blumenthal hillary clinton right hand guy one of whom was work with sid blumenthal in libya and also passing information to the state department do our jonathan weiner about more darcy related stuff there was a second dossier that came from blumenthal so look folks this network forever ends i keep telling you this was a scan the whole time so now think about it because action between the fbi christopher steel is ok bye named victoria newland working in the state department newland
the chief of staff the shore talbot the clinton administration stroke tablets brother lobbies cody sheer coty share is working with sid blumenthal who is also passing dossier related information the jonathan wine or at the state department that is also making it to the fbi you can't make this stuff out one big happy family it's why that today although each other i've been trying to tell you the whole time it everybody involved in this case has either some can that the coins or some connection to a scandal and the coincidence that they needed to cover up by generating negative information on trumped there is there is another revelation yesterday too by the way that support but i just i don't want you to lose this one so the eighty trump formation in the dossier the nonsense about russian all this other stuff comes two sources folks it comes from sit blumenthal who works with the clinton's all the time over in libya doing this thing and has some car tracks involved with libya
second sources christopher steal a british spy paid essentially by the current pain to go join up information tromp from russia does the two source of information of all of this now all the lines how they get into the federal government on the information superhighway is now clear as day steel the information to the fbi the meeting to me the fbi is ok bye victoria newland newland works to work with strong talbot tablets brother in law is coty sheer coty sears work and with said blumenthal who is the other pathway of information into the federal government for eighty drop stop it it all acquaintance clinton's scam time its becoming clear as day i get if you listen to show you probably know that now another stunning malaysia please read the washed in times of peace but it is a good one another send a daily cholera putney show notes today that's a must read end up also in the book
again to adopt police if do what you want your money but i would not buy this book it is they are not our friends but i think to maintain some patina credibility joe they had a put some information and act like they were doing some investigative work right but there's the revelation in there that is just jawdropping that apparently in the obama romney race what are you opposition research firms hired to do anti romney opposition research was fusion gps folks it never ever adds views gps the same company higher by the clinton to iron christopher steel to go get the fake she information about job the obama
administration use the exact same outfit to go back up mitt romney in the obama romney presidential election well this was a set up the whole time the lever you're already and play the buttons radiation to push them we gotta go for you go try these views and gps guys general for patient whatever you want we use them on robbed of their great works that it read that we call on bees its grades great i'm it'll be the show notes today or bobby whose views a gps do they a massive payment do them obama so may the payment to perkins gooey the law firm we tired fusion gps for the coincidence the circle of deceit folks never never ends its it's it's it's it's sad really is how people are still get sluggard by this entire thing
i got you other stories they involve news of the day but they are important and they take a ways you need to know about so number one actually but that would be number four some stories but have you see me sixty minutes peace they did on betsy device it was it it was a job i've heard a bad you have heard a couple parts of it yeah would now betsy devices the secretary of education and a boy me a bit i cannot be candid with you because somebody answers to the questions that were asked by leslie stall of betsy divorce there was an easy answer to them in and i try not to get pilot the train i really respect the lot of what she's done betsy devices but they weren't answered well and of course it was aid to look even worse joe by sixty minutes which you know obviously is interested in a left wing agenda at a quest
since we're about the vast being the secretary of education she is a big believer as i am and she's done incredible philanthropic work on this in school choice on allowing parents to pick the schools they want to go to of course leslie stall had a pile on and she made a number of absurd outrageous claims and i just wish bud a large number of public schools are failing to see what's going on air and an initial pact abandoned and she started going along this line of questioning to that fire permits in line of our questioning leslie star was was this was able your visiting all these school choi schools joe and you know you're doing your thing over there but why haven't you visited any in a public schools are a large number of public sources are failing to see what's going on errand and in europe's sheep abandoned and she started going along this line of questioning do that you know well hey that's great these cool choice programmes but all day you know take money from public schools appoint point debunked repeatedly on this
which she couldn't debunk but she did so stop right there and said let me get this straight because this is what you have to do it liberals when you debating with em don't forget this folks liberals always try to lose you when the wankers that's what they do liberals love hungary and they loved to lose you in it they don't want to talk about big bold ideas that's not their think what they want to talk about is they want to talk about specific you pick studies and things like that and i hope to lose you down like a rabbit hope so what you have to do with liberals debating with them and i highly recommend you take this tactic is keep it about umbrella ideas all the time because for study you throw out there they will throw out another cherry pick steady perfect examples on gun control they'll say time a gun control you know we should australia and the united kingdom but could be while the australia things nonsense in and of itself but they'll say if they haven't had as many gunnar homicides is we that may have strict on control and then you know
come back and say things like what what about chicago what about washington dc what about brazil may have strict gun control in the gun i'd rate there is is this bit of it this time the point of trying to make you shouldn't go jos they'll always find a counter example and they ll always massage this statistics so the way you have to you with them as you gotta take it out of the kind of first principles here an issue we should have said the boy dub devotion to set the leslie stalls so the point you're trying to make by saying something like school choice takes money from public schools and a lot of these charges was our public schools by the way to but the point you're trying to make leslie is that money because the results correct after their try to saying i jump right if stalls premises that money leaving public schools is a bad thing what you're trying to suggest is that money taxpayers money being put it up this was a good thing ok now you have them on that point now
were you double down on them and will you hammer home and we go for the you we will you go for right it rafters you say well k listen we have spent four hundred percent more dollars at this a federal and local level on education in the last forty fifty plus years we have seen education scores flat lie so before begin to your premise and acknowledge your premise that more money equals better results you're gonna have to prove what you just said is in fact true and what you just said is categorically false but the states in the union and the united states that have low our students spending have great results some hi student spending half couple results and vice versa mean that clearly there is trend for more money better results the same thing
around the globe some countries spend half of what we spend on education per student have scores that are far better than we do on on entered of internationally recognised metrics of academic success so do you see how one when you come back their overall premise that's why i always take even a gun control i always take it out to the big issue so let me get this maybe you're saying is less and less guns equals s gun crime and less homicide that's what you're saying rikers you wanna take guns away that's when and where is that shown to be true where's that to be sure because there are more guns in the united states right now a lot more and there's less cry so what did that's an irrefutable statistic their entire argument after that falls apart i decided coaching
class and try to be le here debate coaching mentor here i just having been through political debates and being in the conservative sphere and arguing on tv almost every night amino beyond tonight began on what is wednesday or tides talker so be it on every night having this debate in front of three million people every night after oh you learn by experience about what liberals do in that's one of the tricks they lose they lose you down the rabbit all come out of it abbott whole keep at it thirty thousand feet and they can't win now i can back this up here's a great gray great peace by the daily signal today on this debate the diversity of european the shone out but i'll read to apportion should matter to you about more money equalling better results in education which is not true nationwide joe per student spending has increased nearly thirty percent since nineteen ninety after adjusted for inflation style
dolls comment that the sixty minutes person their stalls by their education research is complicated glosses over increases taxpayer funding for education uninspiring to mixed results and examples of remarkable student success when parents have opportune please for their child education but the significance of average scores and percent funding increases lost on parents had just want the child to succeed the ability to pay by this in south carolina is so wonderful it is exactly which had needs richardson says routine in about a parody so one of the points you try to make their too is it the spending is increased the scores of i'll get to this course glad second but that still does not individual parents in school choice based programs you just want to pull them kids out of schools are failing them i'm trying explaining to apparent eminem i know i don't wanna confusion here but try explaining to apparent whose public schools failing that because a
point two percent increase increase and a fourth grade score and international metrics as a reason to keep their kids school again you have to take it out the big issue and the big issue on that front this is low why are you stopping taxpayers who fund the education system from taking kids out of out of schools are failing why pull it right out thirty thousand feet right out to thirty thousand feet and make it about the parent and the choice because that's what it's about and that was never done an interview while another call from the he's again about the spending accord to the nations report card or i believe the creator of average student learning state by state twelve grey there's a scoring the same today in reading in math as they did in the nineteen seventeen so folks the thirty thousand footmen that leslie store will try to make was a lie it's this
genuine she was trying to say all will look we ve had some creep up and scores and we spent all this but now you have it you have that it's just not true it's wrong you made it up you dont robbing money from public schools either the amount of spending per school schooldays they'd roughly the same spending per students gone up dramatically and a lot of these districts despite the growth public school of option programmes came by me love babe no no you can t you say goodbye education results either education results are going to be a function of what we have right now economy don't you ve isn't analogy i always give people right i spend a lot of time runner for office in maryland but the things i was found fastening about maryland which entirely refutes the left's argue that the government should run schools and pay for them what your money is you have you have a system now it's all this house all about choice when you're printing
county maryland which is an interesting count in a number senses it's it's one of the wealthiest minority counties in the country but they vote largely demo crap prince georgia's county but the school no it's very very wealthy portions of print churches county which fascinating reference shortest county maryland is it the public's rules are some of the worst and state despite the money that's there some of the worst in the state yet you i have some of these awful public schools and prince georgia's county and in right next door joe you have what else is in principle just county the university you marilyn in college park how is that they both receive some semblance of government funds right university maryland this estate school you have a problem tool which is entirely funded by taxpayers funds why at the university of maryland
ok it in the exact same place in county is these public schools is a it's a terrific schools very liberal school but it's a it's a wonderful school it's always unlike the top fifty four public institutions there why is the university maryland so good and the public schools right next door so bad because you the university a barrel and that if they give you a crap brought out you're not gonna go there liberals this is a complicated these are the kinds of thirty thousand foot stories we absolutely have to get through to our liberal friends choice matters choice matters because it forces they produce or the product to produce a product you want because you have a choice that's why school choice man that's why i was so bothered about this hid peace so just to sum up before him but the one final story here it's important money does equal results we have spent dramatically more money triple did
increases since the seven these on it the scores or flat according to the nations report i ve got nowhere so money is not associated with better results country spend less money get better results that is not the equation that matters that equation is nonsensical liberals why tat equation because liberals want to spend money that's why liberals want to spend government money and that be wise up and teachers unions coffers which vote for democrats that's this all reason liberals want to advance the argument that money equals results despite the fact that it then equal results secondly choice matters i just gave you the example you got colleges that have to attract your services they produce a good product you gotta publics foods that don't have to attract your services cuz you're forced to go there all of a sudden they don't produce a good product that's why
studies show also brought you by bodies it freedom project academy what a seamless transition was not intentional by the way about crap public schools right america's also nothing like we remember growin up we grew up in safety and learn it was more important safe spaces and garbage propaganda and even though taken i was u continues to offer new opportunities for learning i think we can all agree that traditional moral values once woven into the fabric of the classroom practically disappeared ain't it the truth that's why we need they consider freedom project academies fully accredited judeo christian classical online school for kindergarten all the way through high school we're talking about an incredible interactive education where students can live classes folks every day with teachers and fellow classmates from across the country freedom project academy doesn't except the penny of government funding
that allows them to stay committed to teaching students how to think not what to think no propaganda here family is going to roll students full time or they can start with a single class is entirely up to you go to freedom for school dot com that freedom for school dot com and request your free information packet from freedom prize the academy in roman ends in july but the classes do fill up fast that's freedom for school dot com freedom or school dot com tell him we sent over there if you want to give us some credit for the shall we appreciate it freedom for school that companies more important you go there if you forget that's fine furthermore freedom for school dot com it's a really great place i hears a this is a big story i been holding this for two weeks or so because there has been so much going on with trump thing and that russia kazan you know every day as a litany of news stories did you hear words go on i would obamacare joe in this lawsuit which one
there were a lawsuit out there amongst the states now in that embedded the tax caught plan the trump tax cutbacks was a zeroing out of the individual mandy tax on obamacare i hope this doesn't get too complicated but i'm going to up real simple for you at the end i promised you the gist of it is with obamacare no may they tax no obamacare case that's such we're going with this they have that you have embedded in the tax caught plan was a zero being out of the individual mandy tax meaning this if joe because now chooses not to get insurance that tax you use pay the penalty under obamacare is now sierra era so accord the supreme court ruling that saved obamacare john robber she saved obamacare unbelievably ruled that the penalty for
buying obamacare was in fact attaches very controversial it's not attacks or bad effect obama's people in a noose interviews said it was the attacks in an interview obama gave what george that monopoly he said it wasn't attacks because he did a run on the time about being attacked cycle so do they claim that we're just a penalty for not buying insurance while a pen before not doing something is clearly unconstitutional that's where they would case was gonna get thrown out it didn't get thrown out is john robert said shockingly but a penalty joe it's attacks and attacks this constitution well enough the purely genius move by some republic has put that hinder the easy way out the tax given these ever ability meaning they ok listen you can't eat this thing can't be the pieces here and is to be judged in total no tax juliet obamacare that obamacare is going to be deemed unconstitutional because no tat it's now are suing and there's a lot of optimism and republican
circles right now for a bit of good news again because i don't like to leave you in a bad mood after pennsylvania last night there is a really good healthy optimism in these republican circles that of super of the supreme court takes this case another opportunity and obamacare that obamacare is going to be deemed unconstitutional because no tax no law add that what i love about is the democrats are using are good at messaging alot of em gap i'd cited by this and are now starting to panic a little bit but listen you heard of your first up a lot of people are covered this right now if this lawsuit the supreme court i relatively coveted will be a death spiral for obamacare that there's no way you can survive no tax no law we will be free of the shackles of this legislative abomination finally i feel
thanks again for punitive please check out my and our a tv show tonight if five thirty eastern time it's available for free at an hour a tv dot com or also unroll coup she could check that out you can also check this out on facebook the energy to be paid and eurobonds you know that cover the shown us today i will include an article in the from the wash them examiner about this obamacare case it short and sweet but it looks like you exactly what i just said now obama care may be looking at its last legs thank the lord finally get rid of disaster folks thanks a lot i'll talk the all tomorrow you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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