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Ep. 679 Shut This Thing Down

2018-03-19 | 🔗
Summary:  In this episode I address more stunning revelations about the relationships between key officials involved in the Trump investigation, the Clintons, and the judicial system. I also cover the new liberal narrative being used to attack Trump and how it is a Trojan Horse for government regulation of the internet.    News Picks: The Mueller investigation continues to act in an unusual manner outside its mandate.    More connections between the Australian diplomat whom media accounts portray as the initiator of the Trump investigation and foreign intelligence.    More on Mueller’s out-of-control investigation.    Read this December piece, and the recent revelations about Judge Contreras and FBI Agent Strzok are even more disturbing.    Government is looking to regulate the internet; here’s one avenue they’re looking at.    More on government’s desire to use the Cambridge Analytica case to regulate the internet.   The bump stock ban in Denver didn’t go as planned.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bon jour thereby jean ojo producer joe you're not doing very well tat you have some news to report to our audience your identity was stolen or sought that yeah yeah somebody got them a number of my debit card and real good well folks listen told you how to bring this up there and to show here's why right this is what i used to do in my former career as a federal investigator and what are the ways people steal your credit card bring your debit number that guy investigated tons of these cases when doing on a secret service financial crimes taskforce is they use these skimming devices in restaurants so you'll give your card to a waiter air waitress wherever it may be and they walked back to the register your card and they have a look device it looks like gum what kind of a guy
it looks like the swiping portion of any a machine when you swipe your card you not the ones you insert the card in one you swipe it through and it's in your hand to take a handheld peace they swine credit card or debit card steals the number of joy yeah that's how they do it so joe s aunt em you ought to know what happened but i was in a restaurant of some i mean it may or may not have been but that step the case of the way we use to investigate m undefined your crimes taskforce joe is i'd say you know good colleagues say oh my gosh i got this you know back estimated would call you say hey listen up from whatever bank of america chase wherever it may be and i've got forty or fifty card numbers that were stolen can you guys take a look i would say do me a favor run like a bachelor bored on it and tell me the last charge on each of those cards and of course we like always at joey bag that's right here you gotta joey bag it don't it's restaurant who is the server who served joe i'm a it was rebecca downloads
let me see the scammer joe the expression the eu has not just warning although although the ropes out there and criminals you're so easy to find this pathetic don't think you're getting away with eight they don't do it they are duper easy cases the cracks are that's my public service announcement we have yet another easy to crack joe you'll get your money back to its opinion about but i don't be eighty and you are unbelievably easy to find it is the dumbest crime don't on two may seriously man i got a lot to get to a barrage you listen to the special this week and i'm not going to redo it i do have turned on fortunately hit on some of it to get to some other stories that are going on and a huge to see all the words of donald trump it to shoot a huge scandal brewing what the pfizer court a sound cut joe cut for me but i pulse old articles on this that are gonna just blow your mind
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the reasons that i've been asked you to be patient with sessions is that number one the inspector general report my car which is looking into this entire pillory color didn't email investigation debacle crimes that may have occurred as a result of it may have spy rolled out to the russian investigation as well the report hasn't been released yet so that's one reason but the sec reason it be patient is the deal j has been stonewalling the release of information on his case for a long time in the release of information they have been engaged in has been rejected in other words even lacking out significant portions of information at o o some of the pieces that are blacked out joe are super critical this is that the investigation that make the fbi agents involved than the case look awful now one of the peace of information that was blacked out where text messages and rejected between lisa page and peter stroke to with the critic
one was investigated woman's aware critical pieces of the fbi investigation into hillary clinton they release some of the text messages that we're damning an offer will that insurance policies about how they hated donald trump about it where he could be the next president but one of the reduced pieces is the the congressional investigators finally got their midst sancho by go into deejay themselves reviewing it person in on rejected form and one of the exchanges remember we say remember the names one the exchanges between this guy peter stroke who was a senior level manager at the fbi involved in the hillary email investigation and was later on the special counsel investigation of trump before he was removed one of the critical changes this lawyer fbi lawyer lisa page was about a pfizer court judge the physical the court used to spy on trump a fire court judge by the name of rude off contreras sir
knows contreras how do we know stroke knows contreras because they text messages he says rudy zaga pfizer court folks are not making this up rudy signifies a cord lisa stalking elisa pages also his love interest they were born carried by the way this lawyer for the fbi who are working on this in hillary clinton email vessels and the trump special council showcase pay we may be should set up a cocktail party where we get together with about what six people or so and we start and we talked to reconstruct receives my body contreras is late the guy who accepts the guilty plea from ho mike when we can general my for now i got more it before but i wanna play this conscious to set this up this is bob good who's running this investigation from the house side he's a representative congressmen he is running this from the house side this investigation he is a very
we com measured deliberate guys on a flame throw at all he is a republican to be clear but he's either interviewing with maria barter roma from fox annie
that's something it's really critical here about this contrasting listen to this sound cut play that we need more documents and we need them now and we need them unread acted by the way maria these latest revelations about peter struck and lisa page talking about a federal judge a judge contreras who was appointed to serve on the five a cord and they're talking back and forth about how good that is and how peter struck needs to be catching up with him and talking to him that was made available to us earlier in a redirected form was only just recently that we had the opportunity to see that text unread acted that clearly does not draw any conclusion about what that judge and peter struck may have done or not done but is clearly material to what was going on in the fbi regarding how they were treating this course as i said and i and say i
quoting my old friends from queens my italian bodies get i thought you would sessions there are things going on here they are dealing with unprecedented obstruction now a simple sessions rose the department of justice wire it just now on redirecting redirected documents and texts that are clearly indicative of at at minimum minimum some sense of miss visas folks sessions is in a bind right now he did make a bad call with the refusal refusal is hurting him away in a number of ways there are things going on in there are pushes being made within the d o j i believe from sessions and people here pointed to clean this mess up finally not say
he's made all the right move i'm just saying take it son is that the now i said you doin that that sat there some sound out tests or use unlike industry lingo here there are that's our clip there that there was something important in a moment important and to take away from that if you listen to it was he said good lad goodnight whose the senior but the house of representatives investigator on this in charge he just got the stuff he just got to stop they are dealing with on this committee unprecedented deal jane fbi obstruction they don't want to give up he just got this text from stroke talking about how they want to set up a cocktail party to talk to the fisk judge who is ultimately gonna be responsible for sentencing mike flame later on the day just got this folks
this step is just coming out now they are the bureau does not want to give it up now i will put in media in the show notes do you have a cough button by the way to show how do you not does your coughs knock mice i watch him coffin i don't hear anything i'm i'm party self down on the board i'll look at a guy mr sophisticated sound guy idea you are nothing about back in my butt off the agony fell so contreras this is important about the true they're just getting the information but i want and looked in and research some older articles here and a copy send it to be too so thank you but i believe that already gotten us from another let's say entity i'm gonna put new show notes and i must read story from december that's difference what our show notes and anywhere else out their aggregated we pull all stuff that's relevant again right now you're gonna pull put in a show notes are washed in examiner peace from december here's a
from the piece about these same pfizer court judge that shokhin page or texting each other about influencing we have em over a cocktail party small cocktail party they say judged by the way who conveniently was responsible for the mike flynn sentencing to the nonsense false statements garbage here's a quote from the examiner peace about the judge contreras listen this one joe could this december country i told the former army general that process here's will request less punishment and sentencing guidelines recommend always in that nice yet it's big ivan aspect of him when he's where it gets great if and only if he flynn that is provide substantial assistance in the prosecution of another person cheechako that other person be bring out the screw you put your dark right get those screws ready so let me get to
trade the prosecution of another person who at this point there is a high probability is someone within the trump team if not trump himself contreras who's this fight court judge who now we know the fbi agent and the fbi lawyer are trying to influence its not in question anymore you have good lad on tape talk about the text messages were their discussing this inform its operation the fbi hit those texts from the deep o j i tell you recently they find we get them and now we look back over what contrary did and the public reporting on this in a wash than examiner in december and apparently contreras the same judge who stroking ex we're trying to influence he told flynn hey listen you're only going to get off if and only if you provide substantial assistance in the prosecution of somebody else folks this is a witch hunt this thing that control this is total complete government which
tip to one of the listeners out there who sent me an article from lawn crime its a bit blog that pretty you know they i don't know what ideological direction there and if any but they have they seem to have articles which are pro and anti tromp but there is a very good pro law and order peace in their today i put the show no pseudo about how this case is totally out of control total gotta control it is this smaller special council is way way past their mandate they are so far out over their skis this thing is a disaster and i've i have another piece or maybe mccarthy there as well and eighty mccarthy peace even better it discusses how they can't seem to charge anyone with an actual crime related to collusion or related to crimes they talk about narrowed indictments i said that confusing to summon up for the mccarthy peace because it's so good at being shown cities while upon gino thou com and
also can have original content come it very soon by the way a punch you know that can be going to really liked be be the the bunker thought have you subscribe to my email is still amount to you but jest of the mockery the peace job you read all of these smaller indictments a man afford all these other people on your horrified you like all gas they did all this stuff and i'm not defending what they did but my car he makes a fascinating legal argument that if you read the indictments any information that everything further data what actually charge people with those crimes they charge him with this other worldly conspiracy to defraud the united states charge you gotta read that he's how it's not really this is related to collusion folks thing is totally completely out of control so let me just some that portion of it before i move i've i've really do you have some of her information at please don't go anywhere that is
open your eyes to what a disaster this thing has become a total which on and a complete violet show the fidelity to law and order in our constitution republic so just the sum it up we have stroke in page scene fbi agent fbi lawyer taxing each other about it influence operation against a federal judge who was appointed to the spying court defies a court or the spying court at this point its foreign tells surveillance court when she caught the foreign intelligent spying court right there try influences judge discharge conveniently later on is this judge appointed oversea the hearing on mike flynn explain who was prosecuted by the way and and plead guilty but now the fbi doesn't
thank you i d be plead guilty to false statements the fbi even though the fbi acknowledges in public records call me and others that they don't think he line who is the agent who interviewed mike when o peter stroke now peter stroke the same guy turks thing your girlfriend about they wanted and forwards rudy contravened the judge who is the judge then accepts the guilty plea for my plan oh and by the way the trend is tells when you have all much off a little bit on your sentence ago if and only if you provide substantial assistance in the prosecution of another person folks liberals where are you on this where are you do you understand the lawn cried peace i haven't the show no say the blog peace they
author rented show says something interesting and this is where i've always been puzzled about where liberals have completely disappeared a why liberals have completely disappeared on us liberals this is the destruction right now of any semblance of law and order and fidelity to the city the constitution do you understand this discretionary power of government to target people like flynn turn on others despite their very little evidence of an actual crime can be turned on you in a heartbeat are you not worried about this you don't want to get you an up minute about in the new new new narrative here i'll show you how this affected me in a negative way but i dont support intrusive government folks were a lot of trouble here he's fbi age who interviewed flynn try to influence the judge who then took one sentence who then pushed flint tour testify against other people or or or turn states everett
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fire because they know it's what proves it marksmanship i target pro dotcom ok moving on yours this what this story georgia's blew my mind this we can't i've been doing some homework on downer cause remembered now we ve already established now that the case hence my flynn is clearly been corrupted arrived the investigators going after him where colluding with each other on how to influence a judge the same judge wines are taking a sentence from flynn winds up encouraging flynn in the centre stu cooperate against other people in this case but i said to you that case started with alexander down or alexander down or is the australian diplomat who meets up in a bar with a third rate back there sir george papadopoulos in lesson london bar and according to the new york times in a number of other officials i simms from fusion gps is acknowledges in some way shape or form as well this is what starts the whole investigation into the trump team because papadopoulos this third rate trump tee
back badger tells downer that he the russians have dared on hilary which by the way i think is let us not that he said that but everybody in the world do that the russians had darted but again i can't say that enough i think that the whole initiation of the investigations are forced to begin with folks down where is the key to this doubters that i've i've i've become more convinced by the day that downer is the key to this now downer keep reminding and remembered you forgot that you're gonna need this in a minute downers and australian diplomat australian what is he doing in a london bar parking to a trump t member and whose at this meeting up now there is some evidence if you listen last week show some report on the subject i should say the meeting was set up by a a friend or some female acquaintance of papadopoulos who is this woman
who sets this meeting up now why am i asking you this why does any this matter to you folks this what starts the fbi investigation the formal fbi investigations of critical distinction i've been made in the case you over a series of months now that they were in vain stay gating tromp through far and intelligent spying on trumped for the united states way prior to this and that they needed a legal face of this they needed that they were conduct an operation into joe armor costs and investigating felonious mope very right we d all of a sudden take this starts to get serious near like hey what if we lose the selection people are gonna find that we're investigating joe where we better get a warrant get some legal face on this they needed a legal face to start an investigation that's why its downer interview is jobs if i fight for losing one's vehicle ok good
they need somebody somewhere to give them a air quotes your folks the dreaded airports a tip start this investigation legally because there are already getting information on top the obama teams already spying on him down the guy who starts this whole thing according to the new york times are not making any of this up down is the key down the key because it the narrative i'm trying to get across to you folks do all the homework in research i've been doing on this and sourcing good sources is that i'm team is set up they were set up they need legal face they were being frame for an opera it was already ongoing down the key to this whole thing so doubter mutual up adopt listen now we know we have a new piece of information to add to this puzzle that stunning puzzle these number one shot
knew that this guy down or is tied to the coincidence deeply puzzle peace number one which i've already reported worth repeating he signed a memorandum of understanding otherwise known as an m o you for obvious reasons with the clinton foundation for five million dollars while he was an australian senior government official and honour is still unable to account for the funds in the way these funds were spent discordant mark tabs got peace and live set which will be in the chair notes today which is a mystery so down while in austrian government official sign this memorandum of understanding given twenty five million to the court and foundation and audit is able to account for how the funds were spent now is it's starting to make sense folks why they needed trump to go down if he was elected or of this stuff they had all of uranium one the i ran deal this all needed to go away the collision
foundation investigation is all needed to go away point number two about downer i mention this one a couple weeks ago doubters then the australian board of a company called way way gives you a w e i away way is guilty of all out she's me away way was accused of being in of vienna in chinese espionage efforts mombi after that these government now hill we clinton's brother tony random was caught up in a scandal here for helping seek a visa visa approval for the vice press if a company to get into the union it states device press we're company who is involved with investment in a company and by the dove democratic now governor virginia terry mccall of a friend to the clinic
tony roddam was seeking visa approval one of those people with vice president a company that company was way way where alex and they're down or sat on the board of the australian branches folks the connections to the clintons are endless by the way cording to dick morris who made the intro between tony roddam and the investors in this company that were investing in the company of the dove now the now democratic governor of virginia who goddammit mission with the help of hillary clinton and and her fund raising network bill clay it made the introduction between roddam any investors and terry mccall us company accorded dick mars just he's after hilary was nominated a secretary state so just to be clear downer signs in m o you twenty five million for the clinton foundation people the money was spent
the monies under investigation downer sits on the australian board of a company called way way a chinese company accused of espionage for the chinese government they have a tough i'm getting in the united states who interview instead help one of their vps gett n o hitler brother tony roddam and why this vp this company want to get in all because they are looking at a project in conjunction with terry mccall of at that time was in we're still was a was a all friend to the clinton who makes the oh i'll bill clinton right to right after hilary denominated secretary state here's the peace i got this you can't from taps got the lifestyle peace which is justice stunning so turns out downer also on a board formally on the board of a company called hamlet and company from too
thousand eight to two thousand and fourteen joe haggling in companies described by this investigative report whose outlet described ass quote a return herman home for ex em i six officers who am i six officers these are spies for the bridge this government downers an australian now this is a global company i'm not trying to invent things to now but downers and australian downers not british he sits on a board from two thousand to two thousand fourteen of haglund a retirement home for ex british officers joan christopher steel the ex am i six officer who was
sponsible further fake dossier on donald trump and was paid by the clinton team they have today wash their money through perkins kui and an incentive to fusion gps and set the steel christoffersen was he british or australia he was british he was british she was british and worked for the mi6 off awfully convened tat these coincidences again keep adding up you may say what then you just said he sat on the board two thousand eighty two thousand fourteen this clearly happened there the two thousand fourteen oh yes you'd be correct but according to us a noose corpse australian news network doubter has come still better tat client conferences and gatherings of the group of hamlet and company guys ladies guy is the key to this whole thing do you know
were one outstanding question right now in the framing of donald trump and his team is going to be who set up a meeting between down or and papa doubtless whose idea was it how did it happen randy that's the key that's the key who set it up put a girlfriend what did the girl friend no i use down or meeting with this guy now adding further this federal records joe quota the taps got peace show that this haglund company were down or sat on a board and is still attending meetings right right that out of their u s reps for this company made rather large campaign contributions to who do you think they made him to judge joe you think if i said to you hilary clay would you be shocked
they were not of course you wouldn't because it's true oh they make rather large donations to one hilary random clinton now may i remind you for thee the second thousandth time i will read headline updated updated at twelve forty nine a m eastern time april fourteen twenty seventeen it was a friday a headline from cnn politics remember the board down or sits on and still associates with the guy who starts this whole investigation downer who is an australian sits on a board of this kind but he described as a retirement home for ex am i six british intelligence officers quote from sierra unequal fourteen two thousand seventy british intelligence
its past trapper associates communications with russians aren't the u s counterparts folks folks this thanks thanks boy this thing thanks to the heavens like no case i've seen him now do you see why the damage hats are so desperate by the minute to make or the smaller operation never goes away because if mothers operation goes away and the attention the spotlight is highlighted and shown on the people guilty of this massive spying operation on the trump team framing operation on the trump team to set them up it was set up the whole time that this is going to the biggest scandal in u s history now i always say because we always get some
conspiracy theory left this goons on this show who then go and write about it afterwards just at sources what am i telling you that's inaccurate is anything about the memorandum of understanding between doubt any australian showing governors any of that false prophets profit false he signed it is anything i told you about way way anything i told tony roddam any of them calories brother any of that false now of course very troublesome right if anything i just told you about about hacked accurate and company package the hope for my six officers british euro british intel guys christopher steel whereby six guy report down down or at these meetings just look at the research look at the data look at the links
the evidence is overwhelming that there's something wrong here folks again i just don't know where the liberals are on this site i don't i don't get it just i don't understand how you're horrified find that this could discuss turn around and absolutely backfire on you just the unbelievably troubling stuff i want to get to this other story tube exists is really important but again just the sum up where we been so stroke in page stroke in page now have some involvement with dane attempt to influence a federal judge federal judge sent this when as you that's the swaying obviously there's a push to get flynn to testify against others very disturbed that's just come out now that's gonna be issued a drop again in the future also more thing on that story i neglected to mention the judge sullivan who's been assigned to lie into the sentencing of land and a delayed show that's good
turn behind the scenes as well i dont think might flynn stories over by a long shot i think that the plea deal work can and will be vacated against like when due to all the shenanigans that went on in the background with this judge and everything else so that's going on tobacco secondly downer be very above the remember that name down involvement in this is gonna grow and grow because at every turn there's some new reason to believe that this this meeting this eating in that bar in london in london we have now seen the connection between doubt or an australian british with british intelligence accompany that's evolve a british intelligence we have also seen cnn reports about british intelligence passing information on tromp they mean a one in bar that starts everything way way way suspicious ok autumn shrinketh forget to this one because it's too critical stories i wanna get
here's army mikhail thing i know i covered a lot of it on the special edition but yeah on them a cave fiery just a couple quick notes on this one one liberal hypocrisy on this i find this fascinating and i'd like you to bring this up to your liberal friend turkey by the cave useful this is unbelievable the government's atta control donald look at him a tyrant you first response to them should be let me get this straight you want donald trump in peace many of you want him arrested and prosecuted for it collusion crime not one of you can produce an iota us until a drop of evidence even happened none of you nobody has it nobody even some hard core democrat lawmakers have been forced to acknowledge on the record i'm thinkin adam shift in the mega mccain interview on the view they can knowledge that there is any evidence at all that there was any collusion with the russians between trump his tea
and the russians they can't do no cause no evidence exists so you go with this charter you trap impeached and prosecuted over a crime that didn't happen but when mackay europe is terminated from his job for what are you're billy was one of the worst run trifecta of cases i've ever seen flynn the fight accordingly hillary clinton email address again why is the number two he's terms from his job on that he would get into the weeks which will potentially criminal all of a sudden you're upset oh there's mounds of evidence of mikhail malfeasance and miss fees and write he gets are these not title do a government taxpayer pension he gets irish and you're all upset about it yet you want donald trump impeach fire and prosecuted for a crime you can't even prove happen you're hypocrisy is pathetic and i could get a lot of questions by the way about my and his pension
from what i know from me working in the government here's i think he's gonna happen so he's fired terminated from his fbi position before he can collect his pension there is some said to me well and in a few years he's gonna be eligible to collect a certain portion of it this is wrong to be careful with that folks there's the way the federal government works they have kind of what's what would resembles a forum one cape rogliano what it is you near yet put an amount in net amount accumulates over time and it's you know it's a roth you pay taxes up front if it said the first you pay the taxes later when you take it out grows tax deferred but the federal government has a system called furs the federal employee retirement system infer you put your money from your salary in there my being clear analysis of the second it's almost like a forum one case does work these accidents like it's already has
yeah it's his money folks now for listen for as much as i dislike what amd mackay did that's i think people are getting confused the government pension component job robbie report if it were he would get paid as a a guaranteed benefit rather guarantee contribution which therefore one k first first type programme offers for one key type first programme would be the government benefit he's gonna lose sab make sense you know he's not they get their pension but he is going to be allowed from my beating of it to collect this money and do you know what sorry i'm sorry i have an issue with that it may upset people but it's the right thing it's as it was his money i mean if we listen if you get sued later on the pay than i do bad but you can't go wretch who actively take this for one k tied money in his first it's gonna be a really difficult hall so that's what
confusion is these not getting a pension it's the first programme that work differently if somebody he put into a four when kate i programme now there is some gum matching i get that but that there has been some questions on out i just wanted to explain that but the decade think remember this that you take away from this rica they bought the hill ray investigation folks they draft up an exaggeration letter while he was at the upper level of the fbi exonerating heavy artillery before the interviewer number to devise a court case they on a case that defies a court to spy on donald trump i believe under a false predicate i believe in and for to frame donald trump whether now that suggest that suggesting here that people in the bureau even knew they were part of the operation this was it an operation pushed by the clinton's from the start to set up i told you down or started this thing doubter is associated with the clinton's the pure
and people at the pure may a bit suckers the entire time but it does not skews whether miss reasons or malfeasance either did some day i didn't know where they did some damage did no it is still a fees there's a freeze its like a fast where the fees it's there screwed up they brought it is the fire at court they did not proper that the information the das yea was false mackay puts the number to fight only the case against mike flynn and she brought up the contrary case now so the screwed up the email investigation of exonerate or or drop the draft up a letter before they prosecute the fight the court they bring false info and against my plan the guy underneath him peter stroke whose work and underneath precept talking about a collusion conspiracy to influence the judge who senses my plan for a charge by the
that the fbi acknowledge didn't exist because they thought flint was honest and charge them what line to the federal judges said that right the fbi daddy was honest than his interview in charge them lying later on and you're you're you're really you'll lose any sleep over mc over mackay be in fire police liberals gimme a break gimme a break we get we get your political hacks and your principles went out the window a long time ago but give us all a break with the crocodile tears are this was an obvious case of judicial abominations here and investigative abominations that have to be corrected as of funky cold within member that's on toll location of love that's all that was a great threw back toe look look i is wild thing was as other went to a little known fact about bad thereby gina donna bob bob low probation their person but are in fact about it
they'll be here when i was a kid you know we go up new york city in europe new york city or only really two things at battered when i was a kid you play basketball and everybody one be a dj did you know that job so my friend bass say was jimmy but that we call them back because use the right graffiti it out with his like that was his name bad so my body as a dj equipment it is basement and you know the summer's at school we go hang out this base when watching tv it's the air we breathe i should like mtv wraps things and we don't get our turn dj boat and this is this is true if the user i view this my go to every time was dixon like some hard core gangster wraps funky called madeira and i would you know you have the two turntable so you can you know you mix it you go back and forth and fade one in and out i place my card score gangster actually imagine me with the thing in my ear you no job lean and with the head of ordinary here you know the look and i'm sorry
i should appear in a lab at twice at opposite buggy oh mamma do not already go crazy tat was way as a kid about getting at how do you was a great dj but the funny thing is the worst dj ever that was my only paul focus medea my and i was hoping someone didn't say hey didn't you do that last week sometimes it be a different crew of repairs this house ever forget that tax for abide saw em but i was i subs once at a blue bone i have these stories from my childhood get platypus the show contacts a little bit right before why have the wives of such a different personnel responsible rubber filter by a lot of screamers and the on social media there about the environment lotta screamin and yelling about the industry's polluting here and everything i bet you're all this environmentalist of honor but some are ravening we changed our efforts is what about the polluted air in your house changed that air france
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filter be you why dot com filter by backup minor ones to go shopping around for air filters and a store go to philip by that can't pick up your filters there please support our sponsors they support us they keep the show free filter be you lie down common of those guys this another one hears the new new new new narrative further tromp rush the kids i know we're doing a lot of this today but so much broke over the weekend and again as i always tell you this is never about tromp russia this is about the constitution republic the distortion of the fires accords to spying on americans the pollution of politics money in politics everything this is going to be tromp russia case is gonna be now a vehicle to regulate the internet way what's goin on here all over the place no no i'm not the original narrative trump colluded with russia that narrative is garbage but he knows it's garbage its fall apart
we women say now for how long just six months that when that falls apart they're gonna move onto obstruction of justice that now rivers falling apart for them as well but there are new new narrative is going to be the regulation of the internet because trump colluded with like facebook to influence you and that's how they won the election you're seeing start to break this week in a rapidly moving onto this narrative now here's what happened adam sheriff i do it again shifty shifty chef this ice man unwashed in dc was on a week and cable news show now they're starting to shift to cambridge analytical what is cambridge analytica why does this matter and how is this now they're think their third or fourth twentieth narrative about what trump wrong cambridge analyse was ache research company who data was used in a number of election campaigns one of a mud the trump team included in that that there like a man
getting firm that uses facebook profiles and and things like tat to market information to you now what's the big deal about this one of the democrats new line of attack is that information was taken off facebook this ingenuously under false pretences to market political adds to you that war targeted to your profile little background cambridge analytical worked with this professor over in england who developed an app joe the was a personality profile thing on facebook so jabber go on facebook for those who are uses innocent taken personality quiz oh yeah you know i'm talking about how you talkin about don't take those personality mrs folks a lot of homer third party apps working its facebook and what they do is they harvest your data when you too
the personality quiz it uses the coup the access some of the data from other people in your face but profile as well including your friends there some this you between facebook in the company about the privacy agreement and if that was allowed or not i am not going to get into that i frankly dont care i i i really if if you're on facebook and your click on third party apps if the generally assume that your understanding at some point that you're given up something now i don't i agree with it but it's beyond this go for the part yes but you see where the disagreement is fair book is saying well we didn't allow you you know to get out just to all this other stuff and we demanded that you delete the data you had on the friends of the people that downloaded the app ok company saying we deleted it we didn't use it i you can the peace yourself about that dispute i don't i don't find it that that interest
but i do find interesting is that the democrats are now using this narrative joe using this narrative that facebook was involved the trump team in this company to target political adds to you they're going to use it to regulate social media but you social media and the internet are you again you think they can any of this up hold on i got some headlines for you oh mamma second hooks i pull them up i never say anything i can't back up ok are used for this from paul but today wash their secrets to wash the examined a calm and i'll be in the shoulders political add surge seven hundred eighty percent demand regulation or not on my name where's the other when i saw this is another sweet one governments will we go we regal reuters today writers that car march nineteen twenty eighteen years
the union law makers to investigate alleged missed use of facebook data folks this is coming next now let me just be crystal clear on this i have been a victim of what i feel is ideological discrimination by social media emma listen i should say the hate the word victim i sound like a liberal i've been targeted by twitter i think without an if i told you guys the story on the show and ladys out there but i was running twitter adds we actually forgot we're doing it but twitter as for us the pod cas marie advertiser packets we did some on facebook to a means pretty standard advertise for a shop we were back and from running twitter ads for a quote inappropriate content we were ever given a reason why my wife i will never told what the inappropriate content even was we
scoured our twitter file we have no idea what you're talking about now vacation ga dance just making this may be there were really inappropriate into folks there why don't know what they're too i've really genuinely don't know what you're talking about other people out there i've been targeted as well prager university with and from running adds to the and crowd or was just start suspended temporarily from youtube for or another preferred something expos a he did itself by south west the war or against conservatives on facebook and twitter is heating up liberal are gonna use this cambridge analytic ok just to be clear it was the trump team working on political adds targeted at facebook which is don job by everyone out there everyone there gonna use this now is their new new new narrative tits
finally target and get the governments involved in the regulation the internet i am begging conservatives even conservatives like me who have been targeted by twitter no doubt in my mind i have been discriminated against because i'm a conservative do not do not fall prey to the government regulation trap there would be nothing more convenient right now that for me to play liberal snowflake and say oh twitter they would after bait government go get em listen twitter sucks i hate it but i have to use it because not forfeiting the platform i'm not forfeit the way to get my ideas out there until an alternative presents and i'm full force go somewhere else but would never ever suggest the government fight my battles for me twitter is a private company for his bow sadly as they ve targeted me and others and i'm disgusted by a soul might
fuck i'm getting any anything i had to do a twitter i'm done with i'm never running adds again i'm making personal statement the government solution is ever a solution that will always always backfire on conservative you have to remember that joy marxism more going on against conservatives anything they can do to gain political power in addition a cultural power will always backfire on your face they already discriminate against us in advertising on social media they de mia if you give them political power they will make it formal and what they'll do who is they'll make some kind of a hate speech law my gab over in the european union and the hate speech law will only be conservatives they'll defied haste each conveniently something conservatives do and you will be banned from social media altogether if you allow the government to get involved don't fall prey to it folks i know it's tough medicine i will believe me there's a part of me
desperately wants revenge against twitter government go get them for me don't fall prey to it democrats are going to use this cambridge analytical case this company this market company it was used by the trump team to target political adds based on facebook profiles they're going to you who's that narrative to get your liberal friends to push for gum regulation and they are good going to try to soccer conservatives into this too i think that is why you are seeing right now a renewed effort by you to face book in twitter to squeeze conservatives out ban their ads suspend them to get them i know this sounds crazy folks but i can't see any other logical explanation to get them to do
the liberal calls for government regulation the internet which is going to blow up in our faces the minute it happens don't fall prey to it don't fall prey to it think twitter would like nothing more than a hate speech law they can fall back on tibet conservatives from their platform which would do can be we watch joe would protect waiter from law suits we being baited doll all pray no it's it sucks right but what are we gonna do what i'd i'm not running adds anymore lose anything toward loses why what did we do ninety nine dollars about twitter this is why i don't lose i saw their stock i lose nothing yet socks my feelings are promoted snowflake deal with it it says we are we say yes a little bit there's going to be another platform this is not going to last forever we
we'll find a way we found acts when we only had the media we stare they found facebook when they had myspace now facebooks turning a corner twitter turned a corner youtube we'll find something else it may not be there but there's a but government intrusion into the internet is going to be a disaster for conservatives please don't fall prey to it one more final thought on this folks with social media facebook twitter instagram please understand you are not the consumer you are being sold you are not the consumer rights roberts makes this point over and over and over and as he can talk podcast
you are the product not facebook understand when you go on facebook the solution is not the government the solution is you wizen up whatever you put in sport is going to be sold you're the product my facebook you you are being sold it's locked in bridging a vault or anybody else it's us we do it understand when you sign up for an easy pass or sun pass your in florida then that information is track not by david company in the x files but it is an electronic record you know can it be track listen you have to i'm not lecturing anybody please i'll take them that the goal of the show i make dumb decisions everyday my life ok we do we're all human beings i'm telling you you lie
the convenience of facebook right for what you like to talk to your friends see their pictures whenever they can trade often the community is you're the product the information you put in to communicate with your friends your being sold you not the consumer of the procure the product i never thought of it that way it's a tip roberts it is a genius point i heard he mentioned this yawns ago but i thought of it light at cambridge analytical we're blaming cambridge analytical for what harvesting data we ve already given a facebook folks you don't wanna be tracked get on facebook no i'm serious i don't know any other solution you don't wanna be tracked by facebook delete your account i wanna be tracked by twitter delete your account is a trade off i have willingly made i know there discriminate against me i know twitters illiberal platform james oki sovereignty expose them i know they buy me from adds but the
if i make is i get conservative content out to conservatives who have taken this platform over who have forfeited certain amount of information to get on that platform understanding there the product it's not me hello pages where you have to pay to get in there now it's free but it's free because you or being sold you don't like it get off you dont like tat the indians of aceh pass you dont like being tracked i should say hey care ass no one more where you go and they may still they probably of licensed readers that's the irony in all things but in a perfect world you may after sit on that line and pay cash every time you go to a floured at all your pay for the convenience but understand your creating an electronic record of wearing you travel on the florida turnpike dounia i no easy answer for you other then if you don't like it get off that is
they are doing to aids is not cambridge analytical fault it's our fault for giving information to these companies now more reasonable you don't have to get off but go in and all those preferences and stuff you haven't facebook delete them get him out of there visual read these books iverson this music god we i wouldn't give them a dime but being sold never ever for that the things you like the things you comment on everything you the products do not all pray to this government scam to use the government to regulate this now we can regulate and ourselves by regulating what we give them you are being sold i folks subject for children i really appreciate it please the show notes of all these articles in here today is a really good ensemble pieces and original then come very soon you really gonna like it i'll talk to you
our thanks you just heard tan bond gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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