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Ep. 680 The Liberal War on Free Speech Continues

2018-03-20 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I discuss the Left’s increasingly sophisticated war on free speech and its disingenuous appeal to conservatives for help. I also address a spending fight going on with regard to Obamacare that speaks to the lack of guts and integrity on Capitol Hill. Finally, I discuss a fascinating survey addressing the reasons people are evacuating liberal states.   News Picks: This piece covers some of the important battles in the fight for free speech on the internet.    This faith-based movie’s box office numbers stunned Hollywood analysts.   Don’t fall prey to liberal tactics to control internet messaging.    People are leaving California in droves; here’s why.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds thereby gino show british joe how are you today all systems godaddy ready so you know yesterday i was talking about this attack coming on the first amendment folks there is a tidal wave a storm coming ashore here from the fire and they are going to use us they are there to use us to attack dismantle our free speech rights they're gonna use it through commercial vehicles like twitter and facebook and i'm seeing it already many into that it's important because i'm going to explain to you how it's going to happen i'd i did a lot of homework on this last night i pulled a couple of really good pieces that i explain the problem really well and now i think we're gonna have to fight back because there is a serious problem this
in bridge analytical story about facebook and you don't have a choice team abused facebook show me while the obama team did it even worse in my opinion is just it it's it's open pandora's box so be very very careful don't fall prey to the left and there in their tricks these people i've been now that every system baroness doctrine went away on the radio they ve been very upset that they can control speech remember that jump euro area with the fairness doctrine right if the fairness of iron correct me if i'm wrong joe you had a present on any controversial political topic whenever they deem to be political you had a present opposing viewpoints yeah so few i'd like a rush limbaugh yadda have you know the tom hartman on or some liberal and what why happening is a lot of radio stations just stayed away from politics all together as a result right yeah yeah we headed i remember deal with it yeah yet was a mess
now that went away the fairness doctrine decades ago and ever since then the left has been on the march to control speech because that's what they do are today show you buy buddies equip listen this is one of the cruellest dogs explaining how this work so very very rich didn't podcasting when you get news answers you know because you wanted obviously guide your audience in the right direction and tell him about a product you should have some experience with so they usually send you a sample so one of the core if things go on i get from be it in this industry methodical free start from a lot of cool companies yeah matter back i got a holster from it who company yesterday you fell holster company would be unfortunate if it's just i credible i really appreciate that very nice but damn you get a great free stuff you know of food in step but what are the coolest i ever got cost price is this quip toothbrush matter fact i got it
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a book ins are in line now as i said to you before watch we lost the once the fairness doctrine what the way of the woolly mammoth fairness doctrine which as i said to you controlled basically controlled radio speech because radio stations and want to be involved in politics they had two weeks supposing viewpoints nobody wanted to be the subject of some fcc litigation and like i told you joe was in the business when this one i allow radio stations were very hesitant to get involved in politics at all when the fairness doctrine disappeared from the landscape of tourists we'll broadcasting the explosion conservative talk radio happen because you are free to put rush limbaugh on and by joe and shown hannity mark levine and you didn't have to put kooky liberal on the air to whom nobody gave a crap about now listen liberal podcasting does very well for us to be clear pod save america pod save the
as you know and i said i disagree with them i fight with them on twitter whenever i can but i respect their you know platform they can you know you know i'm so i'm surprised it does as well they can you know you know i'm sorry i'm surprised it does as well as it does because in general liberal radio talk shop yeah they don't do very well offer can you remember what job when they tried air america at which the liberal talk radio network and it was an eye was an abomination say it was a good thing us money from day y know people who were involved in it who during could serve video now shall remain nameless but it was it was horrible air america liberals generally did not take to talk rating but they do seem to be taken a casting an elementary crystal clear i have no issue with that at all i mean big our rights advocate for all i'd forms even really dumb ones like a lot of good ideas but go forward to your thing and they ve been very successful pr has a very successful podcasting network but we ve been successful do
our show bench shapiro steve the econ talk you talk about all the time on the show andrew avian michael nor there a lot of very very successful even liberals we're very same rational and good guys i gave reuben who has a very the excellent show you know and he is definitely not a conservative but he's a very smart rational guy who is very respectful of conservative ideas folks that far laughed cannot have this i'm not talking about democrats or you know a lot of moderate democrats are not trying to suppress you're free speech the over well make majority of radical liberals are desperate to bring back the defect this doctrine in any way shape or form to keep conservative ideas off the air and the way they're going to do it is what is by using this facebook thing in a lot of what's going on right now is a vehicle here are the two avenues and the spectator article
put into shone out notes this up number one net neutrality i have warned you about this repeatedly i always i know i'm gonna get it now i know jos give me though i know this is there a few things i bring up that i owe it's always always get whenever i talk about the death penalty i get ponderous if not as of emu which is called i read your emails like i said this is not a show i'm glad you know i'm i'm always open to different opinions on things i've learned a lot from you emily me when i talk about net neutrality i get overwhelm us up by telling you believe it or not net neutrality is the vehicle believe it or not net neutrality is the vehicle by which liberals liberals our hope bring conservatives join them to introduce the government as a regulator is all they need to do when they get
government involved as an aim i get later you get what i call the chuck echo effect jonas chuck after he was a former howard county executive howard county being in maryland chuck echo was a republican and he was very smart guy i call it the czech or effect because i got no a conversation with a one night at a this thing called was like the chocolate ball or something i don't always a charity maybe go then serve all kinds of chocolate skies pretty cool event actually and i get conversation those run for office at the time and he said to me that changed change me forever because it was so brilliant we got to a conversation about why introducing the government into anything ever is bad how government wants you give them it will never ever ever go away matter of fact it will grow said to me than the rest government always grows is but
as there is no power and yes there's no our only ass theirs oh power abs brilliant there is only power in governed stability to say no so where is met neutral neutrality advocates on the republican side of the fence there are some black shocking i still can't believe it will come to the army say what dan this is different you know watch we allow the government in their they're gonna level the playing field do you really want espies internet service providers to be to be able to discriminate onto the by the way the terminology the left discriminate we call a pricing but discriminations left his leftist term but that's the terminology republicans all adopt some of em you believe in this they will say don't you want the government to create a level playing field for companies to be
but a broadcast their content over there you know the internet service providers who have monopoly they control which is not true over the pipes over of the internet and it s it sounds like all ok that sounds a gentleman folks the government when ever they are introduced whenever they are introduced into a medium takes that power and uses it promiscuously over a number of other avenues as well in other words what i'm trying to say here let's say let's hey joe it works up a day is radio station at his radio station the vivid govern regulates whatever the water that comes into the radio station and has some kind of control and and and regulatory mechanism over the water coming into the radio station right rats right down there it's all right dad what joe doesn't want to do is get on the bad side of the local government do content in the radio station because all of a sudden the radio station finds itself on
receiving end of a government the lawsuit or a government my initiative because there too much water in violation of the water regulations at the government imposed on the radio station willing we owe rule by the way we ve request to bring back daddy roscoe manager drops yes just so you know joe there have been people you know what i'm trying to tell you folks his government powers promiscuous you may think that too the net neutrality debate is about them keeping a level playing field about what what next lex can charge and what other what other content providers can charge that is not it's about it's about the gun its power to say no it's about the echo effect what's government can say no all sorts of other things start coming into the equation as well because you have to get to yes oh you aren't you know your facebook and you want to build whatever
three in the united states somewhere to whatever produce face spock tee shirts i don't know what the hell it is you want some kind of federal tax deduction to that that should have thing to do would net neutrality but let me ask you something do you really want to be on the bad side of the government knowing the net neutrality debate if it's something liberals are pushing and there in charge how how now now you doubt because all of a sudden tax deductions at be that's being debated hugs liberals that tax that she goes away because you are on the wrong side of a completely air quotes your joe separate issue net neutrality all the obama it is strange that supports net neutrality and what facebook has a different position on net neutrality hey how bout that tax deduction we were talking about for all those factories you are building for facebook t shirts and the united states
we're are going to vote on that because there's power in no bingo exacerbates stare daddy i'm sure that's it astonishes me how many republicans don't get this government has the our promiscuity and promised it was power that private and these down i ever contract with a pest control i fly love florida is greatest place on earth but one thing about florida is the bugs here are pre historic they are they they eat human they are man eaters and you sometime you have to go out there like that that stephen when that crap thou hunter guy god rest his soul with a spear to fight off too i'm exaggerate of course florida is the greatest place on earth i recommend highly if you're a conservative you move down fewer northeast liberal please don't come down here remember bump bump beg you please stay
north and ruin your own states i'll get to that later don't ruin my stay back i love this place but the bugs down here are their dare do didn't they a soccer blot out eu points at a time i have a contract with a pest control company if i don't like their pest control company in a piss me off it has not to do it all with the landscaper ok right in other words a five are the pest control company landscaper the house eight or whatever it may be the garbage collection guys the sanitation folks they are not going to say you know what next week were not pick it up your garbage either as a matter of fact we're not gonna pay your ass metaphysical innocuous and water to your own either wait what they can do that government has a monopoly on force government is a monopolistic emir germanic power in some respects government can do you think they want because their powers are so broad you pick them off
one side while they get you back in another silence this is why the net neutrality debate is tat to me is such a big deal i why i'm thoroughly vanished that republic can shop on board with this now i'm not losing anybody here because i'm talking about a current events very specific case and this spectator peace that i have in the show note is fair testing the fact you too once all shows do that this is not a new problem either kay urgent political which was a key but he just to be clear that use facebook to us trump and their campaign in marketing their campaign during the primaries dont them during the general election which makes the story by the way even more embarrassing for the left is trying to make the some huge scandal they are going to
use this again do advance a net neutrality agenda that's going to be used to introduce the government as the supreme regulator and once they regulate and get the landscape and contract for your ass ever the things in jeopardy to the war we're coming to arouse the poor guy you surf secure pool the fertilizer guy fertilizers you're you two trees at your ass they are all in jeopardy because the government controls all of them do not fall prey to this day is tool member wants to bring back the idea logic control over the ideas space that they lost with the advent of fox news on cable and with the dumping of the of the fairness doctrine you see what i'm saying job in they lost control of the space liberal shift quickly folks are meant to cover a lot of turf and the show but it's an important important show liberal
move seamlessly from the political space to the cultural space conservatives don't we focus heavily on by and your bride part understood this and it was a genius a bart how politic this down stream but logic servitors don't get this what level lose in politics and they lose often they lose governor ships they lose state houses they lose the presidency they lose thousand representatives they lose the senate they ve lost all of this they are not it with it but they move senior seamlessly into the culture space they enjoy jeanne culture wars movement by culture wars is use mediums of man why i said to you last week the importance of going and buying a ticket to that movie i can only imagine which hollywood movies that's why i said to you last week the importance of going and buying a ticket to that movie i can only imagine which big round of applause seven
in point one million dollars and ticket sales they a tissue paid two million good for you i bought a ticket and even see the move you make those damn hollywood actors act in our movies acted mares you gotta liberal message no we're gonna sell where tell you what you are going to act and you're going to dance for us entertained are you a doctor but is at the glad he got here a whom we dad we're gonna do durham because we dad's we have to get better at the culture wars why because as i told you the liberals now lost political power they are going to move into the culture space in the culture space has be had dramatic for them they cannot competing ideas because their ideas ah fold their ideas give us more of your money raise your taxes we can't have any
a school joys turn over your health care to the government heavy regulation big government spending do not sell these are or mislead minority views may be true your thirty percent of the population at best subscribes to that kind of ideology religions off families are terrible spend more government these are minority views you see what i'm going with this joe the lebanese can't have opposing ideas to that out there because once the pity of the liberal platform is exposed in the media and act de mia on talk radio on television and in movies once the futility of those ideas are exposed liberals are embarrassed their embarrassed by their own ideas and they know it can't do good guess lightened like that you can't do well said gas lighting i repeatedly isolate people from the true boom tell people a myth repeatedly high taxes
taxes are great ip governments great it's a benevolent fortune but it only works if you i sell eight people from the true once people see the truth about the deadly effects in some cases of big government in places like venezuela and other places once the true after the collapse of the soviet union what a big hedge amount powerful government does the idea falls apart so the lip i was moved seamlessly into the culture space to control the battlefield ideas facebook twitter talk radio television movies jade fox news why do you think the liberal war on fox news never ends its daily they have philip media matters you sit near mommy's basements all day a watch fox news waiting to be outraged about something me many commentators show host says i'm not getting folks this is all they do because they have to control the space that's
hold your side of it but you may say yet the sounds very mc cobb so they're gonna try to suppress on facebook suppress on twitter suppress on youtube by day twitter where i've been banned from running ads and many other conservatives their winning their but an ordered a formalised formalize at their obviously already winning a culture war on twitter where i've been banned from running ads and many other conservatives their winning their but an ordered formalize it because we i just want to mention this yesterday and this is important is medical show to listen to i know packing but a lot of information but is very very important understand this the social media companies are worried you too twitter facebook these social media platforms and information dissemination platforms its will call them they are concerned about something gelatin concerned about lawsuits because they
don't want to lose a lawsuit eventually now it's gonna be tough on that saying you know it's gonna be attacked road to hell but they don't want they want to be protected from any kind of legal and financial liability for doing they are doing in this widespread ideological war now again in surprise company there free to do what they want to want to be clear on that but lost its terrify these companies they want to be protected because they want to be protected from conservative ideas because their liberal companies job believe me you to facebook and twitter what if they could do it tomorrow would wipe conservatives calling a big time percent they could our care any less they want you out of here right but they need to be protected so what some point two culture wore their waging that you conservatives are crazy you're a bunch of kooky wacko gun knots you're all out of your mind day one that enshrined in politics legislatively
its reply now back to how we started now does it make sense how they're gonna who's this trump use facebook to get elected to bring in hall they spoke up and they are going to play the victim for a little while facebook all look what happened oh my god the truck team to data the obama team had to shut up trump deep took the data what are we gonna do listen maybe we should really look into this net neutrality thing and you know neutrality new introduced step one will introduce the government is a regulator once you get him a landscape your property they control the pool and everything else and that produces step to bang bang bang bang with it's gonna be then eighteen ninety six communications decency act what the hell is that even shows like you were reading spectator peace is also really terrific piece in the wall street journal today unfortunately it subscriber only but it covers the same ideas which is interesting because the pieces separated by months which goes to show you
i'm not the only one thing about this now that nineteen these six communications decency act what it did was action to thirty shielded internet company and have a presence on the internet from law ability for the content joe on their platform no no i'm just trying to re ambrosius gazelle the unemployed in the eu taking intuitive oh by the way you folks one thing get back as i promise i hate interrupted shiver this is really funny but did you see the email i said i didn't know i always acute show of fear fictitious i'm felonious mope round the umpteenth degree yoda aggravate hibernation and the forty second the great i make stuff up for jealousies of fictitious criminal yesterday joe was caught coughing on the show but joe has a a button inherited a pot himself down so somebody joe aggravating cough aggravating one hundred had the honour of
attention islanders although that was grey shell poor joe is but a fictitious criminal parts of get back here communications decency at first they introduce the government in that neutral as the regulator you need that first dopey a sucker then you you the decency act now you may say i don't get it if you're saying that the the communications decency act of nineteen ninety six shields these companies while what's going on now what's going on now is there's a this currently legislation up on the hill to start wiping out that exemption from league responsibility in other words let me explain this pattern of you at your arm acosta car and people i i'm on your site let's say in one of those comments somebody puts up
you know i hate come by illegal drugs from my place tony bag it out as you are not responsible if something were to happen there because it's you know you can't control what happens on the site outside of what you post for yourself right right which folks is sensible they're starting to now reconsider section two thirty and one of the crimes they are looking to get rid of the exemption for is sex trade now i listened again if you listening to the show you're probably like that makes it worse besides i mean no one wants to facilitate sex trafficking on the website folks i understand that but are the cop he's joe is responsible for what people put up on their websites even if they do that you can do your best to police it of course companies have an interest to wipe and that's the fao but
what you're talking about legal liability for that year opening up whenever they can see what the website more or less in oh yeah exactly against a great way to describe swatting the website meaning you could go there to say you don't like the website i just our posts the negative stuff about that for the purposes of someone suing amelia folks these questions are not as we can't breathe liberals and get lost in the immediate emotion of it of course everybody wants this absurd extravagant that point absolute he's stipulated belated is that we want to stop it is this is the best way to do it just follow me here that is one the exemptions are talking about now that their wiped white clean so now you wouldn't be exempt the problem once you open that door joe then ex it's gonna be drug sal's it's going to be right you name it it's gonna be money laundering it's gonna be you know the services this off
great guy you know website should we respond really do you ever website i do you want to your entire day policing the comments section or anything else or from from content people post on there folks this is serious stuff i'm telling you they're going to use this as a vehicle this is conspiracy stuff the lift the left is already out their advocating for this net neutrality the government in the door most of those ted get the camels under the tenth eventually all camels nobody insured use them as a regulator start clean the exemptions now what step three because i haven't sum this up for you step three in left war on free speech on the internet is going to be to do with the european union does and enact hate crimes legislation ah
where the rob schneider youtube clip dude these five thousand different ways to say did you see a serial killer around the corner dude you can view stew this is one of those i'm really confused two inch produce hate crimes legislation where people can be prosecuted for air quotes here hate crimes and people and we share a kind we got up hate crimes we defined by the government not you all new start advocating for lower taxes on your face proposed hate crime facebook face watch this cuz facebook or don't we don't want to be guilty of communications decency act violation of their section to thirty eight comes your barred from facebook for yes there is there is already is folks i'm not making this stuff up ray the spectator peace it is so it says basically it's in the journal peace again today i am not the only one saying this that is
why i need you to be very very very careful and on the ball when it comes to liberal pact exceed they're gonna play out over the next few months the liberals this little game where they call up facebook up to the hill and face how dare you help donald trump get elected and and and twitter how dare and an end to you know what that the liberals are gonna play this up facebook is enormous so we twitter they love this stuff they love it because and they get to work with these same liberal legislators on wiping clean exemptions gets them hate crimes stuff pass next thing you know there will be no conservative on twitter facebook youtube or anywhere anywhere advertisers will be peace will be pulling out google adds if you have a conservative web page no one's gonna wanna advertising your page because what happened some one point
then a comment on this page one time that violate the hate crimes like aren't we don't want to be associated with that guy no more for him i've been warning you about this folks defence doctrine crush them a crush them they need a return of the fairness doctrine the aid they need like a friday the thirteenth movie they needed to jason they keep coming back and back back they keep trying different ways tat is why i'm warning you with every it's a passion i haven't made i know i'm gonna get a thousand emails on that's fine you know i by the way if you get us one quickly email me i read them i love them my webs it is on my website has our email address but if you go he may be to tell me you should stop listening pitcher stopless that you have the email to tell i get there people it's i hate to say that job but it's interesting like some people get so offended an idea that doesn't comport with their veto with their thinking
as every george i mean i'm happy i put my name on the website for reason so i can hear what europe posing point of view as i learn a lot believe me but if you can the opposing ideas this bothers you then i don't know you can have to find a website and our another pod guess that jumps around and coordinate every single ideological worldview app i really mean it i've there are people on the death penalty show i did man i got some brilliant scriptural analysis from plan not john he was grave is mine i love it thank you but if you email me say i don't agree with you on this doubt dead don't let them go i don't want to tell you i'm i'm here to tell you that the truth and i feel like a lie to you but i am sure of it acts we'll be sure of it based on my understanding of how the left works that day or using republicans here there using among the net neutrality debate they are to use you on this communication decency acting pretty schumann
kate hate crimes legislation and facebook and twitter will have a reason to boot your caboosa off there by form forever i have now i ve been more sure about is an occasion think i'm making this up by the way this war on free speech there is a case in the supreme court being heard today about about the first amendment issue now it's a little different it up but might that so the pointed out all opening was the less war and the first amendment the fairness doctrine hurt them they didn't they no longer owned earned two other issues me own terrestrial radio it was the explosive both of the russian and bosh on hannity mark of ingenerable talk radio people which kills them it kills them because millions of me we'll get opposing idea you're gonna try regulate the internet but this is all a war on the first amendment the left hates the first amendment that i dont believe it or not across the liberals hate the first amendment the first amendment they wore of ideas they don't want a war of ideas they just want their ideas
case in the supreme court now job a new flights it say yeah and i a fairly it's an acronym for a bitch an organization that runs these pro life pregnancy century can go well give counselling if you're involved in a crisis pregnancy right in california pregnancy centres that are pro life were forced to put up soon means advertising abortion yeah i remember that how you ribbons yes isn't the supreme court today and i el i versus personnel who is the attorney general for california i think that the yard because data california is going to lose badly in this case you cannot fall a pro life pregnancy senator put up a sign advertising for abortion they are going to lose badly in this case goes to show you joe the left is not interested in free speech they're interested in their speech and if you dare if you dare
open up something like a crisis pregnancy centre to advocate for life you will he forced to put up their view too and they will i put you out of business as well because that's what they did right it's going on right now i'll update you on the case by the way but that we don't expect oversee ruling in it for a while but the arguments are being heard today i did show shall also brought about bodies have i target of this product one of my favorites ache it's a listener favorinus well based on the audience feedback i get folks fired a firearm god forbid the event you need to do so you have to be accurate with it whether you're a hunter police officer a military military personnel listed in officer in the military or your first time firearm onwards our responsibility to learn how to fire professionally and accurately the what are the best ways to do it is what we call dry firing trifling you look safely trigger on unloaded loaded weapon check it check it twice check it three times the way we use to make sure was unloaded the secret service rack the slide
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what does she gonna tell her she's my husband will put it thou not dead xerox this thing is it's like a video game we were but a teacher you had a fire professionally what have they do this you are late around you put it in a firearm you have now you have to make any manipulations do anything to it you pull the trigger on your dry fire it'll drop on this this lays around than omit a laser onto a target and i'll show you where the rounds would have one go pick this up today it's a great way to really take the proficiency of your firearm you fire actually to the next level go too i target protocol that's the letter i target ro the com i target pro dotcom use promo code dan my first name for ten percent often i savings i target proto come promo code ok quickly on the the austin bomb the austin bombs i should say at this point is low
at this point to be a serial bomber but yesterday on my nra tv show which airs nightly at five hundred and thirty p dot m eastern i met enery tv documents on rogue who at amazon fire is well please check it out thank you for all the back on and i i do interviews which i did joe and i dont do as a matter of progress on the show we may one day bottom especially for funds when it think we just i find talking to show my statement but i had you know i joey jones who is an american patriot the shows i try to do different shows for both and then if he s reactionary tv job here the show is there a website you can see it s an issue which gloomy away my if as i guess the best interview you ve ever had i had johnny joey jones who is an american patriot and a hero united its marine corps veteran bomb technician tragically step down and explosives from his injured quite horrifically
but you will never meet a more optimistic positive guy who left literally portion of himself in an oversight these battles are fighting for our flag and he talked about this austin bombing and told me some things are just blew me away described how you know mercury switches and anti disturbance devices and trip wires and how this is a really sophisticated bomber now the invent the proceed afterwards and how eat the of everything from fingerprints are you know crystal vaporize in these things they could still for a pull fingerprints after these there it's a fantastic in our view age and that no me to do a commercial for my other show folk but it's really really good guy check it out if you can at any rate he we started but the ten minute market a show it is really illuminating and at us the balmy things really troubling in right now forget odin right now let's just get the guy will get to the motive later on this
is one of those stories that really upset me i mean tat kind of you ve been a bad move but i was reading this story the wall street journal today about the obama care and i know you know some of you would like all we still talk about this is this stories about obamacare joe but as always but liberals it's really not and i took a note on this the stories about em about no guts it's about no heart and it's about preying on ignorance what is going on right now it obamacare there this is this stories really get upset some get ready theirs big debate going on with these spending bills and congress they're getting ready to pass over cod sharing versus tax credits let me make this simple for you because i hate when people make stuff bore the way obama care was design was tactically brilliant sick tragic for us
just slavery horrible but it was brilliant they did things in a care that they knew cow thirdly republicans would always be afraid to fight back against what do i mean they instituted an o care on constitute no cost sharing payments and what these cost sharing payments are joe they are basically events from the united states government too health insurance companies to offset out of power good cause for low income folks so if you're a low income that's a joke which is not pilots age always poor did have a lot of money and joe signs up for an obamacare plan but obamacare compliant plan if jos add up it costs for that plan or say five thousand a year joe doesn't have it if the insured company offsets tat to a degree that government will pay back the insurance company ok
makes out here it's it's it's a yeah it's a scheme i see the luxurious given me the luck i'm at its heart whole scheme but that's what it is government pays insurance companies insurance companies offset some of the costs for the low income consumers now their attacks grandison obama care as well the tax and its are you get a basically the government pay out to buy obama care plan even if you are middle class and above if the car sk go up as a percentage of your income as the costs go up you get more money the government to pay those costs the way they set this thing up is tactically genius there's a big fight going on right now if i lose anybody of course job you gotta stop me buddy there's a big fire going on the gulf men now is proposing and republicans included are proposing thirty billion dollars
paid the insurance companies for these cost sharing payments to pay off these companies to pay off lowering company that's beheld that that it steady it's that is but it's happening right now but it's happening gone right now now keep whereby mind it was five billion now it's up to thirty billion now now i'm gonna confusion get rich you know this is you play baseball what you don't get a bit this system other similar can't you see that your ass for this is the car bar when you can see the side of the rest of the curve boy you see that one of the palm it's the fastball ok this is the curveball liberal groups and say that wrong liberal groups all these cost sharing payments bait we join
i saw him go around for the sound void like i know what he's doing i could tell you ve given me the vote that the red flag charge back there three oppose now that make no sense of your regular listeners show because lit liberals love the government spending money anyway i mean why would they oppose question babies through insurance companies the reason they do joe is because they set up in such a way that it premiums now i dont want to ask you a question i want to set up in it prince companies can keep their premiums down the premiums they charge you and if they can those premiums down the government won't have to give tax credits or give money to people to pay for those a day general premiums now i d ask your question i want to set up and i could tell us is confusing this is but a minute my listeners herzog wary hours you a simple one liberals do they
spend more or less government money they did blood ben government money actually they were more than reassurance about job did trick i promise liberals want to spend more so are you think joe spends more government money so the money on cost sharing subsidies or spending money on tax credits subsidies what do you think spends more if liberals oppose a mummy if liberals pose cost and prefer to subsidies which one do you think spends more tax credit yeah just that they go about best yes that's why they oppose cost sharing the obama administration set this up so win battled middle finger when you lose lose double barrel middle figure you still lose when the taxpayer those thirty billion lose they lose fifty billion you get it the junior cities guy allow yeah now you think
i can this here's a quote from the wall street journal peace airship often again although you didn't hear it poor guys dietary this is from the journal that get about this week's government spending bill the question is whether a deal can move as a part of this government spending bill and politics our it hard to understand health insurers this listeners sense this is going to its you off mightily health insurance telling republicans what is this a threat by the way that with of course sharing and reinsurance payments their guns ouch huge premium increases right before the mid terms a small house publicans and i'm improvising here cowards are that's looking for a quick fix to lower premiums and are holding up descended for the third a billion and reinsurance what africans scam so now health insurance companies say nay daddy oh here now this is gonna go down here ok you're gonna give us that
thirty bill they don't like tommy times from good fellows right or joint joey two thousand members names they like eight they have this is like a mob hit you like like a shakedown here right you want to put their sanitation contract outside of our network it yeah good luck i hope here you're shop doesn't burn down so you're going to give us this thirty billion car sharing or not only are we gonna high premiums right before the mid term to double barrel middle finger you guys right model we gotta do that you're still gonna i d paying more for the taxes please you have to give people to pay for those increased premiums does that not read the title is preserved it is this like is an abomination out now i've been following the reinsurance planning cost sharing for while those your regular listeners we ve done now twenty thirty minutes segments on this but now let me turn back thou i started this
i started this by telling you that i brought in camps you this is not a story about legislation is not even a story about paw sharing sawdust worry about tax credits or obamacare story no guts and no heart and preying on ignorance you know what this tell the one obama care is clearly this we get that why can't legislators job grow some nerves once in awhile really was spine and a backbone get out in front of the american people and just explain this to them in common sense terms how they're all being hoodwink by democrat hijacks this is scam it's a ranch scam these insurance companies now have us by the you know why because that's that's exactly how it would sound bite do these payments here's what they want for much folks their demanding a thirty billion dollar pay out of your money or they're gonna hike your premiums you know what we
to call love don't you think john call their bluff you wanted obamacare you love this we're call in your blood we're not given you thirty billion of our money and we're not given attack subsidies either right how about that were part of obamacare that you would have to get rid of that legislatively but you recall had raised premiums we're not cause either way we lose either we pay where a catch or repay you premium but either way it's our money why does anybody have the to go out say their cowering and fear oh my gosh if we don't give him the payments they're gonna raise premiums my i urge that we had a valley forge generation generation of you know of world war one in world war two veterans with such martin spine and now we are subjected to the whims of these spineless blob like lawmakers up on male who are too
terrified of the truth we can tell crash quits happen or good arrays premiums ah you was is would you just the truth for once just keep voting time get rid of this thing let the democrats vote again take up bill up to get rid of obamacare every day from out of the election every day take on this new bill every single day but get much more coddle and paul ryan on board and do whatever you gotta do to get these pills out of a hopper once a week once a month to get rid of all tell me george companies like getting a dollar more taxpayers money listen up a free man the capitalist your this is not a free market night this is it free market what the health insurance companies are threatening us now and tell them we're gonna pay every week let the democrats say no and voted down every single week your premiums go up you can point out to the fifty five of different votes or whatever they were twenty five
but whatever votes the democrats took to not get rid of this disaster ah my gosh i read this story i couldn't believe it i'm like i what a bunch of was his men and you know but just to be fair here i am obviously if you listen to my show not a fan of bernie sanders but i get now how some of these young kids get suckered into believing sanders is against this kind of stuff what she's not because he spoke out against you know that group this is it we're going to fight for the free market as what we simultaneously defend a bunch of crap companies that are doing that tommy too he's good fellows act does give us your money or we're gonna hiker premiums and get more money from you later you know we we win you lose either way news when do you no point with two ads on
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the about the exodus from liberal states and how the exodus is getting worse now the problem with this night tweeted this out the other day in the german i met one of the great puzzles in my lifetime joe and the way you can go back to some i said before with the obama your story that no godson overseers talkative about politicians but when i said they please nearly they they thrive on ignorance they really believe that people can understand the conundrum i told you about cautionary they can't you just afraid to explain it to him that's what i meant by that finally want open ended but it also plays into this next story the exodus from california has gone up dramatically a hundred and thirty eight thousand people at last the california historian cnbc i haven't shown austin i strongly encourage you to read not just because we're leaving california folks it's an old story of talk about repeatedly but this
the abc stories really good because it talks about the reasons people give because joe in the past when you and i have debated this with people write about people leaving maryland were joe lives in new york where i grew up i lived in maryland to people brazos say joe all will people leave for all kinds of reasons are necessarily the taxes ok we have the reasons we have the serving people left california joe for arizona texas and the vat largely other places as well but that's where the most of them went conveniently its run largely by republicans the reasons cited number one cost of living number two housing another prominent reason the california again tax california also has five at the top ten most expensive rental markets and irish stated joe shows the people in california are
class american working folks now i only bring the story up folks because do they are this story entirely refutes the liberal premise that one directive for the little guy and to their egon my vision is an economic this vision for the middle class dumping class or leaving read the cnbc peace if what you are saying is true in the bastion of liberal values california where you are virtually unchallenged by any conservative anywhere at the day why there are small pockets of conservatism at best in california at best there is no significant statewide presence in the conservative movement at all zippo your ideas reign supreme also reign supreme you all people are leaving a hunt in thirty eight thousand people evacuated your state so i too
an agenda day one of the great conundrums of my lifetime something that's always puzzled me is how at least on the east coast north easterners move down here to florida where i live and have for the last three years and then vote democrat as they simultaneously complain about the same democratic rule states they live in i dont get it i dont know stay and why you wanted to escape hard core liberalism action to go voting in a hard core liberalism down the states it doesn't practices because you believe that state that does in practice it provides a better life than the state that does not make any sense so rose you suppose we voted for the little guy the little guy can't afford a house can afford to drive a car for the gas tax i can't afford to live cost of living leah bang see oh well because of
and you do what you can't even existed a state based on the income you add you fleet in droves and a new vote this stuff in as you leave and go to other states i dont get it what gives again this is a basic folks i don't know what you do it just pure ignorance there are laws also do this who i believed i genuinely don't understand that policies they have enacted in the states they left are solely responsible for the destruction of the romans i really don't think they get and i don't think they get it to tie it again the story number one today because liberal those are so well mainly effective in the culture wars academia entertainment television just about everywhere you go they are so overwhelmingly effective in the culture wars that they have made
the gaslight people is joseph an isolated from the truth that they actual we believe that the reason they're leaving their states are because someone someone else did it just not the liberals makes no sense they believe you may say what are you talking about then i have argued people when i use the radio host up at which are working w b l i have are we call on you i'm not kidding member that guy call tomorrow god rest his soul i forget his name leo where some joe he used to call on all of them baltimore that has not had a republic in elected the city council since the nineteenth thirties hey you call it i'm not kidding and blame republican for the demise of baltimore that is how effective the recruits control over the culture and remember that cholera forgives made reference
right right yes fried fresh more use that that was those were the better i'd love tom tom use they eat him up and he'd call back all the two friends they would go out it fred was confirmed stu republicans room baltimore folks just why californians leaving i'm guaranteeing you because the democrats own the media and the messaging and they ve isolated people from the truth disgruntled californians i'm sure are convinced somehow greed capitalism and the republican ideas somehow ruin their states that is i i'm begging you to return the story one to do not be a soccer for this now neutrality upcoming pushed regulate and they're gonna try to get conservatives you're gonna say they want to have but you know what twitter and facebook we need a government regulation and you know suckers you don't understand what's really gonna be like gatt
like brave heart at all be a soccer don't you my name or any one else to invoke a government response it is disaster once the guy permit no sunday the tent trust me this will not end well and when you read the spectator peace he closes it by saying exactly that this does not portend good ending for conservatives if we introduce government control because they win your war and they will move right into the political space when they get political power back and it's gotta be you who gets put it off the internet i folks its again for tuna really appreciated please check out the show notes at bonn gino dot com appreciate if you subscribe to my email it means a lot to us helps us get the message out an arch got my showed an eye five thirty pm eastern time energy a dot com its life thanks a lot folks
the automatic you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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