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Ep. 687 Another Bombshell Revelation

2018-03-29 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I discuss the real reason behind our massive trade deficits and how to rebalance our economy. I also address the cultural impact Hollywood is having on America and why the relaunch of the "Roseanne" show was significant. Finally, I address the liberals' two-front attack on democracy.    News Picks: Another bombshell revelation about White House coordination in the spying operation on the Trump team.    This article should be posted in the office of every lawmaker considering an attack on the Second Amendment.    The mainstream media caught lying about the census citizenship question.    Maryland is moving toward automatic voter registration.    Jeff Sessions’ DOJ makes another strong move.    Hollywood is doing some “soul searching” after the successful relaunch of “Roseanne.”    Liberal judges say tear down that cross!      Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gino welcomed the damp gino show producer joe how are you feeling very well to be welcomed here on the damned bond gino shelter or less welcome here i people method by the way the do no drop in oh yeah yeah well that's just like your opinion uh we believe me baby i've brought him back in a couple dates your age i know a couple weeks ago i said i was gonna do a contest i have six book here from brien kill me too is nice enough to donate copies of his book andrew jackson the miracle new orleans which is an amazing book we get the opportunity to pick it up by the way as i have said copies of that nominal include six copies of my own book which i'll sign in it our task that i will be announcing that context contests next week along with some other big news my wife is prohibited
from this closing the details of the contest but let me just give you a hint i've been deep inspire by all your dancing stories of regular listeners you know exactly what i mean i mean really inspired you guys and ladys out there are just a year in full beast mode and i love it why want a reward some people so i'll be announcing the details of that next week will be giving away some books i got a lot to get through today in clue some commentary on what happened with the culture war and knee roseanne show because there's the divergent opinions on this now and i think never miss a little misguided and it's probably not we thanks so state you and for that i want to talk about the trade imbalance in a couple of other things was just a lot of news going on a breaking bombshell last night from sarah carter well all right today show brought you buy and listen i'm really stoked for these people because they have single
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thing like a dead horse but i want to just three because this is a you know this the topic right now everybody with the the tariffs and trade wars and there's a lot of economic information is out there and the peace the journal somebody complain that i didn't say the authors name because some some people are subscribers is a guy named sean rushed in r u s age tee o and i'm not gonna put in a show notes gazette subscriber only but as always are summarised the main points we here's the the gist of it folks said do you repeatedly do not get overly concerned with tariffs trot i shall not tariffs excuse me sorry folk summit i die but really good less and sometimes when i sleep really good my brain is like you need one of those nitric oxide tablets to like give you that brain boost anymore dopey really concerned with trade deficits and trade about as i know that is very important to say you say that people i know i'm gonna get you males and that's fine i'm i'm ready for it i'm used to it like i said if the show is not for you
because i say things you don't agree with and the show is not for you i don't know what the tie i just don t the economic facts of the day and if you don't like it you don't like it i don't know what else to say doping overly concerned with trade imbalances because trade imbalances are be are not are not the debts we think they are and this is the with the guys trying to say in the peace let me just explain to you in analogy what i mean here archer imbalance is more of a function right now of our status of that with the dollar as the world's reserve currency here's what i mean by the joker if say the world's reserve currency with gold and gold has to be mine like literally physical go right and every the gold was form of money now the reason the good gold people like the gold standard and people like me love the gold standard is because you can't print go right it takes f
or to use gold is money why joe you have to my mind to go literally into mind you have to mine it you have to put it into gold coins and the very process and by the way the supply of it is is constrain its limited by there's only a limited amount of gold in the world so you can't and it mostly you can endlessly print for all intents and purposes money and could endlessly electronically created right if you want you just create new money for the federal reserve print print print print print right the reason liberty in its types like me like all this because its naturally constraint now what would it in a world with a naturally constrained money supply where government couldn't print money and evaluate talking them come what may happen is trade imbalances joe would naturally balance themselves here's i mean by yes i've used
example before so forgive me if you heard in our prior episode but it's important right now because this sean rest in peace is really really good let's say there was a trade imbalance between us and china whereas donald trump was a china china and you he says it twice china china and they were buying we were buying more their stuff and they were sending more of their money there somewhere and they more their money there what should happen is say yes but forget china she's gonna inside a lot of emotion i get that lets say there are two countries in their retraining and one country there's a trade imbalance so more money more gold is headed to one country than the next why because their buying more products then you're selling right in a perfect world oh if we're we're selling fifty widgets to them and they are selling fifty kids back
then the money supply is stable than they're sending i say fifty bars a gold and where sending fifty bars and go back to buy their stuff right that makes any less it is a trade imbalance and they're sending more bars of gold to us for more stuff what would been is eventually gold would start to accumulate and in our country but whatever the country the trade imbalance was and as the gold starts to accumulate prices would go up more gold would be chasing the same amount of products so you'd have say a hundred bars a goal now instead of fifty chasing the same fifty computers or the same fifty chairs so prices would go up so when that country the prices would go up and it would make that country basically less competitive because the prices for the computers and chairs would be higher soapy i would say well let's go start by computers and chairs from that other country again where the prices are going down and its
it would naturally imbalance as the gold the money started to leave the country where it accumulated and start the chase the same amount of products it would have on back now this the very simplistic hasn't take it to the ebb and flow of commerce exactly exactly but were not taken into account productivity is i'm trying to keep this example simple because russians pieces very gotten up now the price would go down relative to the prices in the other country with a gold was accumulating and end i would say all well these computers in and these chairs are getting expensive here because all the monies accumulating here and is chasing these computers and just let's just go back and buying from the other countries and gold would start to leave and trade would naturally you remember when you what i'm trying to tell you folks i'm sorry from being disjointed here essential year by they may be too makers i've heard it before and i still need to hear it again by the way yeah yeah this is an important conversation here
we had used this is what i'm trying to tell if we had a stable money supply not base on the printing press and government whims and it was based on something like gold which had to be mine that is naturally constrained by its supply in the fact you have to mine it trade imbalances would not be as profound as they are today what happening in the united states is the prices don't go down like they would other country that was buying about low to starve prices don't go down and the reason they don't go down is the where's dollar is the de facto gold of the world we are worlds reserve currency meaning that a law international pricing and benchmark king is done in u s dollars mean countries need u s dollars countries them to stabilize their own currency measurable why's that bad well it's me
not necessarily first as we get low interest rates because the cost of money for us these relatively low because we're getting a free loan every time they do this but ordinarily if there was a stable money and not a printed money the prey the products in the united states would go down and trade would naturally improve rebalance itself now in the room if you let me just read you a quote from the peace because i'm sorry this is but this is so important to stop and i really wish more people would would understand i am so you know against using exclusively trade balances the decade economic fiscal and monetary policy i like this stuff by the weather listers due to you i hope so he says in the peace that friend against crises especially at times of major u s monetary easing or depreciation foreign gum stockpiled dollars in other words when he saying is the fact that we don't use all this money internationally we don't have a real standard called being a constrained standard you can't print it ok a
countries have or are forced to bench art devalue their money not to goal but to u s dollars so in order to prevent the collapse of their own currency like i said before by money leaving their country to go to other countries and price cooperated with that they have had to stockpile not gold but u s dollars which loud us to do what to print this at a u s dollars because people vacuum them up because using it in lieu of gold he gaza on a crazy number by the way he says a nineteen seventy three the world health five hundred billion dollars and foreign exchange reserves in today's dollars by the way that was in nineteen seventy three the year before i was born the world five hundred billion dollars in foreign exchange reserves you may say that sounds like a lot less here it was eleven trillion a twenty two fold increase about two thirds of total reserves are now
ahmed aided in dollars our dollars because of high global demand the dollar's international position is always stronger yet what i'm saying now presents can't go down you see what i'm sorry but like all the analogy before how price gold would leave the country if we were using gold instead of printed money it can't because people keep back weighing up our dollars is always stronger and u s interest rates are lower than they would otherwise be this in turn means that america's budget and trade deficits swell in tandem while u s ports are costlier and imports are cheaper regardless of trade practices folks not trying to incite arrived here i know every time i mention this i get really ass the feedback but what the author simply saying is the fact that the eu where's dollars not benchmark to some standard it's not we just print money for it it's not bedrock to gold it's not linked to call that sought handcuffed a gold it enables to basically print the hell out of it because far
governments just vacuum it up because there oh gold standards there's a dollar standard edit the price then don't just so the cost of our people are the cost about products these super high and what a p do they move their manufacturing overseas i agree with em we want a view that has sent me an email every single one of you i love you to death and i understand our manufacturing base has been in time i hollowed out by china century into the w tee o and a billion people but onto the market at the same time it is it was a very peerless moment in human history and not for the betterment of the united states in many respects i get that part of it i am a free trader and i want you understand that the trade imbalances in the trade deficit are not simply a function of just what happened with china if we
a benchmark united states currency benchmarked gold instead of the ability to printed prices would go down the costs labour would stay competitive and we would other better manufacturing base in the country but that's not what's happening because our government can basically print the living sonata things because u s a foreign governments scoop it up because it's the world standard now again a repair fits to this to i don't want it lets it we can talk about this in a vacuum tubes it's our interest rates they very low and other it's the cost for the united states can basically cell loans anywhere because people need their money put bond out there are well by it we need the dough we need that you know we need something denominated in u s dollars we get free loans all the time because the dollar is the eu is the world's reserve currency is an interesting p so i just want you to understand that a natural rebalancing would have occurred if we were
had some kind of a gold standard internationally but a collapsed and since we don't have that that gold air quotes can't if the country and go backwards cheaper further while rebalance over here the prices the prices for labour and everything else so we they really high because we don't have to rebalance because we can just print the hell out of money i'm sorry i effect deca confusing i i just love economics it's my might make my pastime here readable i'm at the midst gimme quick solutions to this too they see number one we already addressed solution over one would be a sounder monetary policy a sound one terry policy would have short term potentially a little bit longer term consequences so solution number one would be to go back to some form of a gold standard now consequences acquaintance to that would be right now interest rates would probably spike interest rates would go very high because money would be harder to find
why is money not hard to find now because we print this not out of it if you couldn't printed because we bedrock to gold in effect we have to start mining our money again if you get what i'm saying job and the supply what he was constrained interest rates would go up probably dramatically their word probably be some form of a short term recession but in the long run it would make our money and your money stronger it would make even know that he's gonna sound strange but paul we use is important the doll are you have be stronger but so with the dollar of your employer because it would be worth more because they're not just printing endless amounts of more supply lesson are you less supply makes things more valuable why diamonds are valuable because it s not a lot of them we want dollars
be like payments now then would potentially mean your salary would not go up or even go down potentially but remember joe that money even less of it would buy more products so human say joe makes a hundred thousand a year round numbers raglan joe may show may have had compare caught joe may make eighty but joe they make eighty that buys what two hundred thousand dollars put five years ago what are you folks what are you what do you want a hundred thousand dollars salary their pies ten widgets or an three thousand dollars salary device thirty which is what do you want this the value of strong money this is why it is so difficult for people to get they confused real value of money what it actually buys which is its only purpose right money is is is nothing but fuel for
are you throw it in a fire if it doesnt by anything right money paper monies only value is transactions to get you stuff you need that's it to pay your tax to pay for you to live or for you to invest it's the only value paper money if not achieve i wouldn't fires no different than the paper you write on former my show note when i read for my showed up money should mean something don't in future the nominal value the numbers on the front with what it actually buy as i told you the story of my energy tv show the other day about venezuela that's thanks so much money that i had a lap three zeros off the face value of the currency the nominal values meaningless it doesn't by anything so there would be a short term downside the short term downside would be interest rates would go up dramatically because in the interest rate is the cost of money right if you but to get alone in a bank it has cost the cost is the interest rate joe
it's a long to start your warm across productions the banks i'll give you a lot for a hundred thousand joe a ten percent that's the cost if monies defined because supply of its constrained by an attachment to a gold standard meaning we can't chinese people who find it a little bit would be harder to find and joe they may say to joe joe it's gonna be a twenty percent interest that's a lot that a cause of short term recession is people have find it a little bit harder to invest the upside to it as the economy readjust the new prices and they knew better stronger real real real value of money not the nominal value money you may even get a pay decrease but you can pay or starve that's the boy did that hours worked more the dollar buys more to you get more for the same dollar you get more for the same dollar
ours was ninety percent of its value since nineteen thirteen imagine if a game ninety percent of the value imagine at your house would you five hundred thousand thou from cos you two hundred thousand thereby monsieur two hundred thousand to it doesn't out of the same two hundred thousand dollars would buy you at two hundred thousand they will buy you a million dollar home if there two readjustment your money would be worth something so step one is we have to enact a more sound monetary policy and and just show you an agenda thirty thousand foot of what i'm talking about don't get obsessed with trade imbalances as easily solvable things like thy tariffs don't that it's gotta it's a deeper problem than that worlds u s daily global reserve currency be in the u s dollars the lack of a gold standard this all plays into it
secondly there is another way to fix this the chinese or not our friends in the economic market this is clear as day one of the things we have to address immediately with them is their intellectual property theft and rushed in brings us up in the peace and it's a great point there stealing our stuff folks there forcing companies to relocate over there to get access to their market and say and i as a agreement here here's what you're going to do you gonna turn over all your sensitive technology to china he's corollary to your company now we should be doing that we're turning off all our intellectual power all our intellectual capital to a country that is not our friend and i'm clear on men but issue is bigger than just as simple as tears sorry i spent a lot of time on that and to hear your feedback on it i don't know how i never know how this stuff goes over ever let's ride but my email out there i mean reminds me some of our earlier shows we ve done whole shows on economic tat because i thought i'd love it and i'm a fast
elated by and i get a little you know if i can do a moment of picking being candid with you folks if you will allow me i'm very sensitive to the audience feedback on the show your show it's the shows here for you and i dont have a thick skin so will you know people email me as if i don't care i get upset i really do i made a hits me personated sentiment of my wife like you believe this people how especially special when i talk about terrorism things like this as if i talk about it as some kind of like to see no academic wanker doesn't give a crap about american workers which is total complete garbage it's a matter of fact my more money go next with the roseanne show is you set this up intentionally this way should be able so that is absolutely one hundred percent not the case i grew up in a working class family my dad was a plumber and a building inspector my brother's an electrician i was up in a secret service agent what i'm saying thing to you is in a world right now i bad options there are there
no really good ones we have to look at what the least bad option is and the bad option right now is this a belies our money and a our money would stabilize our economy would now actually re imbalance rebalance the trade flows surely re empower american workers and actually a brief report empowered again the value of the u s dollar but also as i acknowledge and point to i think it does require some offensive stuff against the chinese are up to now we have to go back with them on this intellectual property surf there's no doubt about their government procurement practices the chinese where are you going about the vile these chinese products compete on the international stage should be favouring your own stuff so i agree with you but i just the emails really cannot i get it i send know my way but they do i don't they
for a second this isn't my mind all the time these places have been hollowed out bought a places and i won't pennsylvania yeah you know in middle america there not the i understand that i remember going to cumberland maryland when i was run for office and you know you an alligator county out there in the places been decimated decimated the paper oh you know always places shut down this is real i get that its real i'm just trying to figure out what the best path forward that may not be for you that i told him that i'm also brought you our bodies have failed by buy in again what i think is the greatest read in human history he filter by its spring cleaning time unlike trump is cleaning out corrupt officials you can clean up the union make your age vat system great again and folks don't progress there otherwise does more than pollutes clog up your system it becomes inefficient ends carson you a lot of money sounds like a federal government and this is the area i love this guy's a great clean up the system your age vat system with my friends filter by that's be u i filled
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fork in the road over the significance of the relaunch of the rose and shall now this is an entertainment tonight ok i but i love but my show in the audiences we try to delve into the through the bigger why issues and the more serene ro components of the topics of the day so but this is important it for those you missed it be some roseanne bar they missed comedian from my you're in the eightys and ninetys ray auditors show upon missy named roseanne joe was a mega mega hit the shoulder large to eighteen point two million viewers to put that in context it was the largest that blanche i think it's six years for any show and they will and grace reboot only did ten million this did eighteen million and a second episode from what i heard the audience was even larger i read that
we as an interesting article my show no today from deadline dot com a bunch i bet my website a punch you know that comp check it out about this how large the audience was and how hollywood is now engaged in some soul searching let me give you the guy the bad about what this means and again josie audience ombudsman and serious forgive me if that opening segments sounded destroy that are confusing i just love economics and i is that why you joe a lot is the audiences voice bank it there are two separate virgin pass on how analyzes path number one is let's call it the good one for conservatives to keep simple roseanne in the new show is an avid vocal trumps supporter and and she does not doc the issue metaphorically opening show mostly about her being a trump supporter fighting with her sister jackie on the show play by lorry met calf
who is not a job supporter manufacture hates them she has assured on in the show and eat the pink cat if you know you know to media and assured that says nasty woman so this sister hates trump and she really goes after the show she doesn't doc it at all so the good serve it breakdown analysis of this launch in the fact that the audience was overwhelmingly large that hollywood is now going to get a big wake up call that hey listen supporters are a political force and you damn well pay attention to them in the economic model of hollywood you guys are going to continue to get small because ever what a b c that that lot relaunch the show roseanne joe what are they sell it what are you sell em radio you sell your right if you sell your stare
i was w c d on radio station time that's we sell tie based on eu right and in may podcast this is what we do i have a witch the c p m of course per thousand download that cost we charge a rate per thousand downloads that's why tell you please subscribe and tallow to show that's how we pay for the thing based on your ears our advertisers filter by helix we did freedom project academies you'll be a less reed showed that aid later they are paying access your ears why because i respect our bodies that's why we stay please support our sponsors these people chose this shit an you they pay till for you for they are paying to get your ears they're not running because it's a conservative show some of em share my politics some down but they respect you and to understand your buying power i guess i know this is this is i can't be checked here i get it that its benefits me to tell you that it does but i'm tell
you these companies don't care that does a conservative show there not political companies but respect you enough to understand your buying power and the fact that you that's why they're on the show that's why they're joe show is unabashedly conservative development shows out of tat you see we have shown in frank they are adopted believe me when i tell you john k c does that best around is politics at all he's a tea party is against but advertisers still comment you bet that has not been happening in hollywood shy oh in hollywood in movies have largely disrespected conservative on not only disrespected them have to be candid it pretty much crap on you there now shows on tv which make you look like idiots you know we're bunch he'll billy dobbs you know world what's your religious freaks kasza mentioned jesus you can't do that on a show and they make us by giving its even worse now a man i gotta go
fuck off in a minute here to the second the bad but they were still on the good path here just sort clear the roseanne show was a cultural earthquake because it's one of the first times for a major major reboot not the first time but for up with something with this much investment with a slow pretty would some power roseanne still has some cachet they put out to show where not only they not hide being trumps supporters taste what braided believe character and to show goes out it with her sister about how to appreciate is for me a big democrat matter of fact that one point roseanne in the in character says to her sister jackie about the single pay or health care that that the joke jackie you just can't do basic math these are things show that were absolutely verboten in oh my gosh this this visit crazy you don't say that folks
hollywood got a smack in the face like you have never seen with roseanne they are selling eyeballs we sell ears they sell eyeballs now they are selling eighteen point two million eyeballs you have any idea how much money that is now we still wonder why this is good for us now we understand why i spent a good swaths of one of my shows less we talking about how important it is to support christian base movies faith its movies we base movies may say why are we given money to hollywood people anyway these folks they listen to me here yet this is a good come back you say what why would i give money to hollywood producers that are just doing this because it's about money they don't care about rosanna politics are trump they all hate trump because there are a bit propaganda machine make them
do what we want not what they want their natural instinct despite the fact that they either fox news phenomena they see what's happening what roseanne they see the backlash against the nfl despite the obvious my wife was this gross and was the most predictable economic success in american history joe let's do is show targeted at what fifty percent of america pop i didn't they do it because their natural instinct is as cookie not bag left this and they just scared they can't get past it they think we're all that's you roger elles who knew since left us roger else boca at a secret service graduation ceremony when i was an instructor any said some yet the graduation ceremony that resonated with me he was so sure fox news would succeed because he said this model was obvious we're only targeting fifty percent of america what other
since the you say that about my pod cares we like the second or third depending on the biggest conservative podcast in the united states folks care that way we still target a small sliver of people it's a good junk my download wise maybe one three hundred through the population right fox news was targeting fifty percent of american avi sittin on all watch you get that put the point there trying to make a special with the rose and things this is a huge market people who identifies conservatives or levin may say this better has now democrats is that makes sense we are not them we're conservatives libertarians republicans maybe dependence but we are definitely not hilary supporters are bernie supporters ok it was the most predictable economic success in in television history why did nobody before because it's not their instinct they are hard core left this in hollywood they are
their stand the value of propaganda machine they have and that is the eye balls in the ears of all these young kids middle age folks older people they can up again dies every body may and do what we want your stepping the proper get let me be absolutely crystal clear with you the problem get the machine is not going anywhere tell us gin video mediums whether its netflix hbo abc fox news is going nowhere people love imagery we are visual creatures whether you watch it on your smartphone your tv you stream it you tune into terrestrial television i don't care video medium is going nowhere what better message to send the hollywood people television and video medium production types that you want to make money you better put
producing more stuff like this and not more crap like that it ain't goin anywhere folks our choices are either allow the propaganda or own propaganda you own it because you're the eyeballs and you're the ears that is why this was such a critical moment this roseanne show now again to give you all sides because this is how we tend to dig deep into these issues here another side of this i noticed them you know ben shapiro seems to have some objections now let me to speak there i like ben a lot i know band and i have some different political views with regard to some things but ben show is incredible he's the bees the biggest conservative podcast in the car three understand amazing job in college campuses breaking down some of the stereotypes about conservative he makes some very valid
point so about the resenting his thing joe than if i'm summarizing i'm wrong for you maybe i was reading a tweet stream he had strain his line on this has been hold dear support for this because she's really not serve it if she's more of a caricature of what a conservative is to hollywood types in other words let me just say that clear in the show them the kid who has some gender identity issues you know sister obviously is a big sanders supporter and out of the stuff roseanne says about you know trade and things like that how they're not traditional conservative issue so shapiro point been like hey this isn't really a culture thing that one of the daughters considering being surrogate this really now much of a celebration of what we call
because cultural values it's more of an economic populist show that a conservative show you see what i'm saying joe roseanne speaking out more against the hollowing out of manufacturing in the show she's not really freaking out for bedrock conservative cultural values while the value of religion spirituality fair the values yeah i get it i be that but i disagree with them the left is smart show the lead the freedom train with the left those left the station a long time ago and what the left us the freedom train they dont speed away from the station because then people go my gosh my freedoms leaving and they get worried the revolutions throughout human history the masters the fact people don't want to their liberty and freedom go so what
does is they moved the freedom train away slow slow they give me an example button and may make specific to hollywood like this you do it by slowly and incrementally raising taxes by slowly implementing state run health care by implementing new things all you know they move they move they move next thing you know it's all gone the government chose you health care and are controlling that eighty percent of your money they do same thing in their cultural marxism and the war in the culture holly what is left leaning they have a set of values they wanted across you they're not your values in many cases so let's it's on the men in the women's room and women in the men's room fight just as an example holly but i'll do a show and they don't wanna you know opened a few there's a you remember this issue ten years ago people would have been mike what are you crazy like we'll talk about put men in the women's room and women in the men's room this is a serious issue in maryland and in other states right now i'm not making this up no hollywood why
the deconstruct the idea that gender and an bile vehicle sex matter they want to do that that's the left's agenda because i want to get rid of any objective shoot and replace it with the values of the state that's why you know liberals can't stand the idea of gender prefer gender fluidity which is you know i don't even know what to say so how we will do is show that say ten years ago is up for anything you know a guy like pekin a woman's room and someone or come out and say hey what are you doing well today identifies were at first it they'll tell test the backlash knows kaliko murphy brown effect with the single mom right and this how they destroy their culture and eventually overtime next thing you know ten years later there doing shows not only where the guys like peeking in the women's room the guy a guy fears is to go into the woman's room and another guy calls them like a transfer what guy because he refuses to use the ones room instead of the man from even always got this is how they do it they
slowly but surely culturally creep away from the free the station until at the end you are like all my gosh like why am i back i'm supposed to be useful to him in his room do like this is what they do precisely regardless of your opinion on gay marriage i think the government should be out of the marriage business altogether i'm a christian might my it doesn't practice that but i dont believe government should be in the marriage business but regardless of your opinion on this is the same thing the hollywood culture did without as well for the point when you're obligated oceans obligated but you're joe obligated with and not a lot of these hollywood times to put a specific amount of gay characters in a show regardless of its efforts look about the story line or not they moved slowly the left is tactical so my problem
roseanne in the show is not a as far as i know and forgive me if i'm wrong but it's not like a church going ad do the same thing joe we the move slowly the freedom train back to the station even in the culture wars and i think although roseanne in the show is not a as far as i know and forgive me if i'm wrong but it's not like a church going add reno big advice for christianity or judaism more spirituality and general she's not although some values in the show there obviously not culturally along lines of what we would call conservatism it's a first step maybe that first step is showing people on a mass scale joe eighteen million people is nothing to sneeze at new maybe it showing a bunch of eighteen to forty nine year old people kids too middle age folks in a key i use accepts the key demo that their targeting
maybe it showing them first that people who support tromp or not crazy maybe that's just the first step folks maybe the second step and please read this line peace at my website it's not my sigh punch you know that in being the show notes and if you subscribe to my email is i'll melancholy it's a good piece read it there so joe talking about potentially a reboot of one a team alan's old shows home improvement now tim ireland is in fact a which warn rather religious guy maybe that's it next step maybe than that business show about a trumpet supporter it's a show about religious guy was you know really firm good strong bedrock family values now we ve already had some timid and shows like that to thrive savers is not the first it's the first they hit like this but maybe there the next step and then maybe the next step is hollywood would whole crises
these christian movies are blowing up at the box office rosy kids doing one in fifteen eighteen million to show this tim alan only two and twelve to fifteen million hey guys we gotta are put more spiritual christian base conservative base liberty based programming on tv yet that's how we win that's how the left one and that's why i dispute the second pathway that this was not necessarily such a good thing i think it was if getting them left to see trump voters and the concerns of middle america were involved as in the show putting in some left issues to a couple here or there you know some left leaning issues i'm ok but that i know you may disagree but i if the rosy and she would come out of the box with rosa and all of a sudden is reagan tax cutter and geez what happened it wouldn't have been real i mean taking
so let me give an example from your euro and a little bit of my norman horizontal all in the family yet all in a family had me head we had wasn't what's it big like hippy hugely a bit maybe it isn't web and i think tat one of the reasons the archie bunker showing listen bugger obviously said woloda provocative then character in the show was in parallel with oh captain that's right yeah by the weather getting a that show the withered the row houses that was found in my neighborhood glinda it's pretty cold but they buy it was meant to be somewhat controversial to show real people and real america sometimes talk and sometimes at a cute maybe that's what this did make he stopped with this nonsense that everybody's all cute and clean and everybody's fallen in with the you know identity politics left agenda engender fluidity and all this other maybe this
what we needed you know it's funny i had these two topics dude and i swear i usually try to time it out to give you a decent roper stories i rarely however two i spent ignored i have time are not one but two topics at the same time i thought this would be over by now but it's i think it's interesting so are again i would appreciate your feedback on the shut our eyes final for today i got a couple more things don't go anywhere for couple more important stories including a major league bombshell by sarah carter last night i was i i ten out a tweet i was i was then do guys doyle said the boy i shall also body by freedom project academy these guys schools or nothing like we remember growing up we grew up in safety and learning was most was more than just save spaces and nonsense propaganda and though technology can do
is to offer new opportunities for learning does i think we all agree that traditional moral values once robin woven into the fabric of the classroom have practically disappeared that's why you need to consider freedom project academies fully accredited judeo christian classical online school for kindergarten all the way to high school this place is great we're talking about an incredible interactive education where students at ten live classes every day life classes everyday with teachers and hello classmates from across the country now this safe ace nonsense propaganda stuff here you know why because freedom project academy is accept a dime not a penny not a scintilla of government funding which allows they committed to teaching students how to think not what to think families can roll students full time are you could start with a single class check it out it's entirely up to you go to and this is port you get the website right because i got into a big email back and forth with a guy got the website wrong and it was some like what philip fast that's freedom for school dot com
freedom for school dad come that's freedom for f o r freedom for school dot com and request your free information packet today from freedom project academy moment ends in july but classes fill up fast its freedom for school dot com freedom for school i can't tell him the damn bonci no show send you you will not be disappointed places incredible aright major bombshell last night by sarah carter of course it'll be largely avoided by the mainstream media i am going to include another one of these must read pieces in today shone out at my website bunching oda com it is linked to sarris piece about some new information joe new formation that's just gonna blow people away apparently ethic a photo with this now i didn't that's sometimes i take screenshots but i can explain to a pretty simple
the some new text first off before even get to that what have i been telling you what is it what's the theorem we ve been operated the hypothesis we ve been operating on f sessions evidence take care swift sessions it is i'm telling you things are happening my caves been fired the idea reports bring common out which is damning people are operating in the fbi b absolutely convinced joe ah yes her i wish we had little danger that they got you things are happening just give the guy some time things are going down what are we i now yesterday before we get the sarah card will be another piece in the show no safe in the washing samara now we ve i doubt there's an investigation going into the pfizer process in other words into the process used to spy on drop all we just found out you don't think this is
then happen in the whole time think there were little cooperators in their little i had a birdies whispered in people's ears folks the vested geishas already go nuts scrap that for a minute that's point number one take it easy what sessions on to take it easy or take it easy not particularly more text messages are coming out between peter stroke one of the lead fbi investigators in this case and lisa page who was a fbi attorney he was working with and had a relationship with as well these tax messages the creeping out they slowly coming out as the oecd report coming we find out yesterday that the white house the white house itself was like
we involved and the coordination of this attack on donald trump now folks where do i heard that before i don't know and thereby gino shells maybe but i was talking to you that's right get rare now dive the sourcing on this has been solid sal resources are not i'm pretty sure they're not mine based on what she says in the peace ashikaga just say who they are but she cancer you know where their common from me so by those hints they're not my sources but i've already tall do that there were some white house involvement in this now we know that what we learn cyrus peace according to her sources is it there was a meeting in all list of twenty sixteen between a fbi investigated by the name of john martha who at a key role by the way folks in the hell exoneration letter member that co speed why'd you call me about
exonerated hillary they laid all this stuff out and then they said i went by the way we're not going to prosecute so this is a upper level manager in the fbi follow the timeline here so be quick guest early august he meets with the white our chief of staff dennis mcdonough to talk about this case against trump against the trump team and probably about hilary to white ass chief of staff you are now a breath away from the present united states martha meets him in august why is this time on august of twice if seen why is significant because what happens in august of twenty sixteen to join on bread and all job where did we say that the the master of puppets year might be job read it again under their body inertia john brennan august twenty sixteen what does he do here
also as is bought up the capitol hill and gives a briefing to the guy over eight there harry red included about this case includes in the brief in which is highly likely based on the array a letter read produces just days later briefs them on the dossier he said he knew nothing about in december which is after august so we in august just to be clear about what we're talking about for those living that there was an issue i think the white house has no attachment to this scandal at all august twenty sixteen senior i level managers the fbi who had a role in drafting the exoneration letter for hilary went in meat with white us officials the white house chief of staff stone's throw away from the president in that very same month the presidency i ate directorate noted political hack and a liar and john brennan brief met oh
on a dossier he claims he knew nothing about adjusting he's after that briefing pair we read fires for a letter to the fbi requesting that they investigate trump of which by the way right after that stroke text lisa page here we go insinuating in the text that this was all plan the entire time there well like can yeah you got it i don't want to do so now there's this guy to hammer home what i'm telling you the return but he loves i could tell you from estonia that this the white house new the white house was deeply involved in this brennan was running point on it bretton woods
was brennan's limitation in this though folks you listen to show a couple weeks ago you already know the answer to this and it was a trusted political hack of the white house brennan has access to farm intelligent stream brandon is the head of the cia he has no law enforcement powers at all they need to bogged down trump in the united states legal system using the law and law enforcement tools those laws foresman tools are not available to john brennan the c i a cannot swear out a warrant but who can the b so brennan needs the fbi and jim call me brennan no to get the fbi on board can't peace in pressuring the fbi himself joe
so who does he use very red and the democrats up in the congress he walks up there he briefs harry red fires off a letter the f b i now the fbi's gotta get something done can claim hands off i didn't do anything i just brief them on fake information conveniently right around the same time that members fbi or briefing the white house and the press chief of staff the fbi i who is already by the way i believe involved in this but knee its needs a push gets it from harry yet hate we we cover this morning on the radio show when i heard it the first thing i thought of was wont menu that three weeks ago we did we talk about a while ago but salaries or ceasar as great as sarah there is terrific and resources are not mine i can just tell by the way she rides and yeah
we heard a lot of this stuff and we discussed john brennan's role in doing this a while ago but now sarah peace is really good and i'm tell you brennan needed the fbi the fbi is involved but needed a congressional poor sure some formal reason they get involved they needed to put a legal face under investigation indians role in this and going up to the hill and talking these people harry red men harry re writing a letter to the fbi requesting the investigative was exactly what they needed to start this whole operation and a stroke who seems to know this was all on the plan from the beginning we're gonna wait fiery red to write this letter and then we're gonna get going on this text is girlfriend their lisa page here go right after an article in the new york times comes out about this this this stuff fascinate i find it somewhat to make this quick air there's a twofold attack on right
democracy one of them is automatic voter registration i'm going to get into more this later by the way of my nra tv show enter atv dot com to mail bomb roku and amazon fire its live every night at five hundred and thirty p dot m eastern time thanks to everyone in maryland is now going to be looks like the eleven stage sawdust joe to pass automatic voter registration yes so there's a too braun attack going on in our election system and the twofold attack by the democrats is a substantial and is just as dangerous as any of these foreign attacks we ve seen as well they want automatic voter registration very simply and this can be based on anyone's interaction with state agencies now who has interaction with state aid and sees people not of a more in the country illegally they how get you signed up for the voter roll so that they can go out and target you its relative the easy if you're on the voter roles for people with walk list to go out knock on your door and listen voting
you should vote i'm not disincentive icing anyone about but you should be voting because you can vote your legal you're in the country legally and you an interest in the process if you don't have an interest in the process and don't care you know that you're a disinterested voter than you know what that's fine do your thing it's for your free the vote or not vote but ought radically enrolling people in a process which potentially unrolls illegals as well is very very dangerous so number one is this automatic voter registration we're seeing it now in maryland trying to nominate clue in the show it's a short one from the hill about this today they would be the eleven state to automatically role people which would in my opinion unquestionably including league people in the country illegally as well illegally now what's fascinating about this as democrats are fighting on both sides of this but in some respects or some republicans i only bring this up because the democrats of
us control of a state's republicans control the overwhelming majority of state legislatures and governor ships including in blue states like maryland massachusetts in illinois democrats hate that saddam crash want to overturn the ability of the states to control with their congressional districts are what's fascinating about this as democrats are fighting on both sides of this but in some respects or some republicans that's romany jump in democrats are saying in pennsylvania we don't like the gerrymandering here because why because republicans control the majority of congressional seats in pennsylvania but it democrats are arguing the opposite now gerrymandering is great because we control every seat in maryland outside of one the heresies seat on the eastern shore use the bees split for for you know what ten fifteen years ago about they look was in the congress right member that now we have been won
is this matter to me so the democrats eric holders waging a war against partisan gerrymandering because nation why because he understands that republicans are in charge if democrats weren't the governor ships i promise you hold there would be fighting for part century gerrymandering doing those democratic governors could do what they did maryland and take away congressional seized by redrawing congressional lines using computers what's fascinating epoxy the problem i have this is some republicans are fighting this as well and in maryland involves me because a screen court case being heard this week when is it a bet benny shack versus le monde involves the six conditional congressional district marilyn rye ran which was unquestionably gerrymandered badly and why you know we lost by a point but folks but i'm trying to tell you be careful with this be very careful in introducing a judicial component the drawing of congressional wines because what's going to happen is going to happen in pennsylvania where you can see
eight cord shoring up districts that depending on the part of some breakdown of the state court is gonna resulting democrats district not republican wants don't introduced the court if you allow the politicians to control it at least the politicians are somewhat accountable you know what you know i departed some minds in maryland great wrote for larry hoping for governor for re election he gets to redraw them when it comes up and twenty twenty you don't like the democrats lines vote out the democrats involves me i thought don't throw it in annex i ran and at district in my name is being invoked in the supreme court case annum i'm not necessarily happy about it in some respects so i did the democrats be informed about a two that is their vulcan my name say hey look the empire gino almost want it wasn't a partisan gerrymander so this interesting stuff
please go to punch you know that cop sign up for my email is there and i will see you or are you just heard tan bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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