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Ep. 688 What Is Really Happening Here?

2018-03-30 | 🔗
Summary:  In this episode I discuss the real reasons behind Jeff Sessions’ decision not to appoint a second special counsel. I also address a solution to our health care crisis that Obamacare is holding up. Finally, I address the problems with pension funding and how it relates to you.    News Picks: Why did Jeff Sessions fail to appoint a second special counsel? It’s complicated.    CNN analyst attacks “conspiracy theorists” for stating facts.    Democrat strategist loses it on Fox panel.    Is Facebook fact-checking political videos?    Hillary is losing big money on speeches.    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Get ready to hear the truth about Amerika showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Jean. I wonder thereby Juno shall produce Joe. How are you today I'm doing very well on this good fry Yes, I am a Christian, so thank you today to my personal, Lord and save your Jesus Christ, for he go what intolerable suffering, and you know human in spitting on you and beating you and fly Can you and crucifying you to save my tortured soul? So thank you very much for that very solemn day and Christianity. Obviously, most of you know Some of you weren't Christians, as is the day had we celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I and the crossover Easter Sunday coming up, which is going to be here. which is obviously the most celebrated day in Christianity. The resurrection of crisis that some yet.
Big deal. Romana. Religion means allotted Soldat Religion based show, but that it does made a lot of what I talk about new reasons, I believe in individual liberty, big our rights granted by God and all of those things. So I thank you all for hear me out on and on those topics. Hey I got a lot to get you today on the show em, I gotta say I'm a little banged up Joe I'm filleted from ARC Levine tonight. So if you want to listen, I will be from sixty nine eastern time on the market in radio show you can listen at market, ensure dot com or whatever your local station is he's on. ten million stations across the country, including Jos, W C Vienna, Baltimore also listening, but I'm alone, because I type worked out three days in Iraq. I wanted to take off today and my back is still injured and I keep thinking to myself. Gosh just take up break once in a while. You hear yourself up, but I can say that it's just not in my gene code so but a lot to get through Joe number one, fellers ladys, I feel
really good today, for the show mind is totally clear. get it in I got People may me, they like ready, go crazy on Jeff sessions. I've got explain it. Take it easy piece of what's going on to you about the lack of appointment for a special council. I was gonna, get this topic second or third, but I feel like some of you even in the car now are getting go drop off like complaint letters to the Department of Justice about Jeff sessions turn around go home. Let me extremely interesting to nations. Everybody's, a freedom, project, Academy, America, schools or nothing like we remember. Growin up, we grew up in safety and learning was more than say spaces and garbage propaganda stuff and even
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your free information package today from Freedom Project Academy, enrollment ends in July, but folks classes do Philip fast, you that's a fact. That's freedom force. All doubt: com free Four f o our freedom for school dotcom, don't forget to tone down, Bonn Genus and you are not sessions he's gonna do a shirt with my wife is almost done with the online. Almost done with the online store. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everybody who is expressed interest in that. That means a lot is going to help us move the show in a positive direction provided source revenue in case we have to deal with the liberal Jobs at her, so heads good, but I will research has taken place till here's? What we know. So last night Jeff sessions was revealed through a number of interviews that he is not agreed. Do a special council
on the Pfizer abuse process, and I promptly got Joe. I kid you not close Stu, I don't know a hundred emails Dan. You said: take it easy, let us down again because I'm going to be a special council I thought: how do I break this down? Ok, number one! Let rationally talk about, what's happened so far without a special council now the special counsel for the russian collusion fairytale, which we all objective, because there's no collusion, I get that everybody The special council to investigate the misdeeds they malfeasance and Miss visas, Department of Justice, the spying scandal and the Hillary Clinton email investigation offers corrupted that is not happening right now, but what been happening without a special council Mikhail spent, fired the number to the fbi- and I don't think there but Mackay, but all I get to that. A second.
The Pfizer judge responsible for the Flynn, please Testimony Contreras, has been added and has been forced their refuse from the case. This ok page tax have all been coming out. Exposing the scandal and by the way we recently discovered, as we talked about this week on, shows Whitehouse involvement through the White House Chief of staff, a sneeze away from the president. That was more data. These means we ve all uncovered this without us. sure Council so it's that this out. I wanted rationality matters year, this is what is already happened with no special counsel. I that out as what he did talking about sessions and the urgent. Here's number two in this: what's already happening now. So that's what he did, but It's happening now, as we speak folks
Why do you think there are no problem, congressional hearings with the. major players in this. Has this ever occurred to you now think about this? Shell? Ok, you know Peter Stroke is right: the other agent who was texting LISA page those tax have become public there. They are having an affair. They for a guy named bill, pre step and the FBI precept, work with a guy named Martha, who we talked about yesterday, who had an roll over visited the White House about this case and had a role in the drafting of the Hilary exoneration letter. Why aren't these pull up on Capitol Hill, Joe Vieira thought about that. yet everyone else's up their clapper. That's why I'm I'm Jim call me that Susan Rice going up there we're all these people. What are they doing? What are you doing daddy here? What the hell's going on here? What
Hell's going out here? You think there dare pointedly weeks, maybe the Legos Bay battleship. What the hell do you think they're doing. There's a reason these people are in upon on Capitol Hill. It's because there's a darn good chance, Joe? We're getting there's a deal you pick it up put on putting down there's a dead, good chance that people up on a hill are and asking them to testify in public, because no already testifying behind closed doors, two sessions team that is already looking into this- you get it like we need you don't care for this good on sessions. So
number one. What's already happened, Mikhail out, Contreras out, broken pages, Tex everywhere deep. The house, while the House investigation into Trump collusion, no evidence of collusion number three, which I just kind of disgust and moulded motions me melted into two who was cooperating why I are these people not up on a hill if they were so intimately involved in the spying on of Donald Trump, and the acceleration of Hillary Clinton well, what they all just disappeared, what are they in the infinity wars? Lando adventures movie like you, don't you dear, theory with that that alternate universe stubbornly an alternate universe where they go Pizarro Superman, lend you Serbia, where you want to say something I am I'm wondering, and I have been wondering why haven't heard a word from Struck- were paid
peer. If I meet nobody's nobody's out trying to interview, I M no nobody's God to their way, is that you know what you get an order from Kenya, where CNN it's your house tomorrow, look at for an interview right. Why Anybody interview in them is everybody so quiet and, more importantly, Joam, actually glad you brought them, because I forgot one point of this and you keep me there. Why do they still have jobs and the FBI, where there's still working there endemic Abe out to buy off professional responsibility of see you have a nice day, wouldn't want to be Why are these other people still there? Why they? we're all intimately involved in this. They ve all been ousted.
Why are they still there? May they cut a deal? You think there could be a folks one of us- and I am I don't know Jeff sessions I literally never met the man in my life. I don't I Even if I been in an event which F sessions, I can operate. all ever meeting Jeff sessions in my entire life. I have, Your d never had a conversation with him and I am a conservative. I am not two people, I'm loyal to ideas. I have no loyalty, and I don't mean this is a slight no law healthy. What's, whoever dejected accidents, I don't know him, when have. I steered you wrong on this. Go back and listen to him episode. Six. Twenty eight turn out where sixty the episodes in from that, when I start covering this, where advice the urge you wrong. Tell me one thing that, and I I I
been steered it places by other people. When a I dear, do wrong. I keep putting this information on the air because other people have at this the or me wrong. we they ve told me has come true listening, it's twenty eight. we think we set happen Joe last, sometimes because they talk about it on his morning, show and he's like air. We already heard that on our part, guess like two months ago, legs be a job at its December. Take credit for other people have given me this stuff. Ok, I didn't figure out like I didn't invent the pythagorean theorem people just talk: please stop that. I trust people that are very well connected. Take it easy on sessions. Give it I'm stuff has already happened. Now we ve got to go
tap and what is happening and who is cooperating now number four, there's a big outcry. Because sessions is not name the special council, What has in fact named someone within the just apart Justice Department to look at this whole thing. ladies and gentlemen, this is let me give you a little bit of information in case your ear ill. I says where some like a toll jerk and I'm not really not trying to Joey, sound, engineer and executive produced for the part. Guess I I our conservative contemplation. I wasn't one point: a secret service agent and a federal investigator. That's what we do. I oh no Jack Swat about Joe try came over to my house. What I'm trying to show me how to do the PA pot. Guess I have no idea what he did. He put sums often melded some stories again today should economic, whatever Joe, I don't know what you're doing it thanks for coming down, but, George get his best. I have no idea what you go does ok, it is not your for that. A lot of people don't really have an idea about how the justice system work. That's not what you do
I totally understand a bride special council prosecutor, has no special powers. He is play a prosecutor appointed by the Department of Justice, a special council, because they believe there is a conflict within the Department of Justice that can't be handled using a regular attorney for the government. That's it Now you may say: well, there are conflicts year because they are investigating the GEO J. I agree, but those conflicts, unless you can show me they haven't lead to action in the past, I dont think there qualifying. We ve already got rid of Mc Cavan and can Contreras there already investigating and booting people out in the OJ evidence. Do you have that deal? J is not in fact, looking deeply into this
I can special council appointed now would clog up the entire operation that is ongoing now to out these people and they would effectively have to start over from scratch. Now the guy, it's been a point. Did his name came out yesterday. He's They are for a while, but where this isn't knew, the guy My name is John Huber Who is the United States attorney in Utah, now keep in mind. Sessions did not say at any point here. for closed on the opportunity for a special, Especial council. He that's not what he said. Joe said: no special council. Now, why be he already has a guy looking into this big guy, I'm not explaining this right, and it's really upsetting me. A prosecutor for the government, a lawyer for the government is known as an Eu Usa and
the United States attorney or review I'd say to turning the one who actually runs the office, they are these were the United States if you weren't federal agent like Horowitz the inspector general, who is looking into all of this, who is unclear. All these dirty dealings- Essentially, the internal affairs agent for the government heart which has no charging authority at all. None when a federal agent I can investigate Joe arm across to the cows, come home. If we, USA in assisting United States attorney for the government says I am not charging Joe. You know what happens to Joe a thing zippo. Federal agents like Horowitz are in investigators Bay no zero, zero Ro Prosecutor authority at all. Jody wonder by being crystal clear on Yet- and I didn't I didn't know that none a federal agent has. This is the whole
if, behind the gym, call me exoneration speech with Hillary Clinton, yet Jim call is in charge of an investigative agency, not a prosecutor, one that was the entire beef by can derivatives and everyone else about Jim call me speech, Call me had absolutely zero authority as an FBI, the director zero folks to make it Material decision on Hillary Clinton. None. He is a process, the cuter. He is investigator. I can tell you how many times as an investigator, I brought a case. To the USA's office, the prosecutors Assistant United States attorneys that I thought you was a slam dunk one. In particular I thought was a gold mine of other bad guys in our area. When I was in New York and they said sorry we're not interested- and you know happened.
a thing, One guy brought to the locals because you can always bring it to the member that the federal government in the state are two entirely different entities, manufacture the local governments so other things in the secret service. We do as if you brought it to the prosecutor's office to federal law, the eastern District in New York in our case and a USA's office. What things if they said? No, you could do. Is you could bring it to the state police if the new year stay police. When I was in the New York Field Office anew in the secret service, if they said no, then you could here, the? Why pity and chances are one of them would take the case if it was a good one. Many cases, that's what happened, but in any cases you know what happens. Nothing thereby pity, says job not interested. scanner, bad. They forget about right, forget about it. Whenever I forget about it, we gotta go that Daddy Brass Go Bob drop anybody out there pull that forest. We depreciated forget about forget, but we need that they have on until enough
happens to the bad guy. Yes, folks bear guys get away with bad stuff all the time yeah. It is critical I dont this is important. I might be a I'm not being long winded about this accidentally. This is that the entire core, the criticism of sessions Don't understand. I think a lot of folks just don't understand what their role is. I agree with you now appointed Huber. Is a prosecutor. He is a United States attorney who as prosecute oral press. The curing powers that the entire affairs, investigator Har, which does not have I think him to work with Horwitz, is on leave oblique damning to all of us call conspirators in this case for stairs all ready, a guy working in tandem with an inch
affairs investigator, who is already recommended determination of anti became at the. Why was the central figure in this? There is already a lawyer working with him. What is that tell you think it through take a second here. Why it would sessions feel the need to assign a government attorney too. investigator. You think the Invest the gate or found something yeah They may have found some stuff there. You think they may one. smells up no one on their eye. I think we need a government attorney, a Jeff. You got one matter of fact. I do. I gotta guy from year to year, old, Johnny Huber folks
this is already going on. Sessions made, in my opinion, a brilliant, both think the criticism of him is entirely complete The unwarranted. I would bet my personal reputation on this. I don't Oh this guy the criticism is based in just a. lack of understanding about what is going on Cuba? There is already there meaning, they needed someone to drop charges. The investigator cannot do it. He can recommend them. He can right up, complaint and information are charging document. He cannot charge no matter what the fact that there is a government
oh you're already working with him, says to me something is rotten in the state of Denmark. This is very, very, very add for Jim Coma and Andy Cape. You do assign a government prosecutor and a lawyer for the government to a case that has no chance of actual charges. I just told you that I walked in with open shot cases. Folks, I'm not in cases where I had Joe armor costs on tape committing felonious loans, and I yeah I got up, and I said Mr, U S attorney! Look at this! It's a tape! Armoured cars for Smallbury sorry were put times. It was just they were bogged down. They had too many cases are not enough. Lawyers they would have and all the time you do waste, a government lawyer and dedicate him exclusively to an internal affairs investigation. If there isn't a damn charge, their people
I went, I'm telling you Just hang in there. hang in there. I don't want you and that's why you said that you don't think they're finish with my caveat pay, are absolutely not finished. My cape, ok, we're making headway here. I got where the Mccain remember right here. Another thing: the administrative procedure for removing someone from the FBI is the same as a criminal procedure but leave they waited on my cave for reason. If you are listening to us, if you listen to one of my earlier shows and again forgive me, I don't have the exact number we have a small staff here we keep aberration lean to keep a cheap. We don't want to run six thousand AIDS pursue ok, we do as well keep the show. Joly gets expensive when you have as many losers as we do it seriously. Folks, the server space alone is a pain in panacea, but I expect
You before that Administrative Lee As for removing endemic cave is dead. rent and the criminal one. Administratively, why we You keep Andrew Mackay the number two with the FBI, whose intimately involved in all of this the Hilary email investigation. Buying on of the tribe team, defies abuse the MIKE Flynn, disingenuous prosecution, Joe, why Ridge keep him on to the FBI in the FBI Toby last minute possible. You might want to have some inter agency questioning to do with him yet Yes, you pay attention to the show that God sometimes I'm worried. I like it. He hear me when I said that I wasn't hinting yeahs, because Andy. Mackay is still in the FBI, which he was until the last minute administrators from the FBI and internal affairs, people and the FBI and professional.
responsibility. Folks in the FBI, who look over malfeasance in the FBI and Miss visas can bring And they may came and Andy, you better start talk and pal, and you better start, Talking now, you may say doesn't have the right to do that. The member is right to say, do not self incriminate. No, no. because it's not a criminal proceeding. It's an administrative one. There are no criminal charges now to be clear you can't beat a confession out of em. Mackay may say I go pounds and I'm telling you anything. You know what the FBI says. Donald I have said this to a lot of people on the apprentice you're fired, you're fired, you're, fired Oh, he was fired. Also. What I'm telling you folks. They had to keep em on they need.
information. If they had found. Aired Andy Mikhail earlier Andy. May, cape than theirs. I think the hold over his head. They have, job hanging in the were hanging in sitting there right in front of him. It was like a sword of Damocles moment right. They had his job. Andy, you better talk. You gonna lose your job any. How to talk too many. Gets fired now what y'all I plead, the fifth, because the rest of its gonna be criminal and wisely be criminal. We already have a prosecutor assigned. Why would they do that. begging endangering their yang it really of the belgian going it's making alive. guys, I gotta tell why I love it by the way that we have a hyper critical thinking, intellectual. What is your email? don't bother me one bit. I don't mean to come off like some condescending jerk here at all. I'm not. I deeply
the fact that nobody in my audience takes anything I say face value. I do that sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever know. Listen, I'm The next, whilst guide, protracted nobody, and even trust, my old sources, unless they back it up to three times and unless they have a track record What telling me stuff? That's true! I want embarrass baron, you myself only ever saying dumb stuff, but you double and triple check to, and I'm glad You guys we're like all look look. What have put sessions then you may have been off to us to take it easy. the giver. Let me make one final point on this, because I don't want to spend that money. Time on this, but this is an important story. This was Oh yeah, move by sessions appointing the sky Huber now I know There are people right now, cringing or what do you mean Dennis? Wasn't Obama hold over so was Horowitz. so was hard with the OECD wade? The guy who's been exposed Agnes entire debacle spike,
it finds a gate then email gate, oh he was an Obama hold over to. Why is that Brilliant move. To a point. guy from number one outside of diesel. Huber whose from Utah the utopia He has no connection heir to the beltway dynamic at all and an open behold of what do you think that would matter because when this guy drops the atomic bomb of prosecuting aerial charges on of the imbeciles involved and spying case it automatic greed decapitate the Democrats, instantaneous line of attack, which is gonna, be the report. Is that really was an Obama guy? How do you figure that out by the way it was an Obama guy that investing if the case and an Obama guy that prosecuted had that work out job Techcrunch had network out for you folks don't play. hackers, while they're playing chess they know
who exactly what they're doing. Let me just leave it with this pay giddies it all Okay. Alright, I got some more stuff to get through too busy news that I want to leave you the Weeknd yeah. It was a good Saint Joe's, giving me the heads. I like that one but I you know I do like. I do less read your view: remote met if one person email me aside, fish that I actually read emails, which I do, and I text me about three hours a day. It's driving my wife nuts, but we got about five hundred emails a day now which I know it sounds crazy, but it's true and really helpful by the way, if you use the email, my website, it's up you know that comments as contact us, because my wife and I then both read it and it gives us both the opportunity. Read it in some of the administrative stuff like sponsor stuff and see things she can respond through. So it's really helpful. Ok today show what you by bodies a brick house, nutrition. What am I a
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taste the wishes and we all know we need fruits and vegetables. This is your fruit, vegetables. Sure! Do you do that? Like a white connoisseur, you know here? I dive. Let me live in it, it is it is it so god I love this stuff, I mean really is delicious by the way did get one complaint. They said that by here, Ex pillow agreed yesterday, which is amazing that I've twice now I was gonna, get you a pillow and didn't get it yet from here with sleep. I gotta get on here today, because it is the gas pillow around here it's incredible, but they were like get em damn pillow around our message would produce. Like you, I Can I get through this one quick? I do me a favor. Don't get that country. This is Jeffrey too, but our guy by the way on CNN, who has always been personally very nice to me said you see and, and I dont know warm will never do see, And again, but to ban, was never to see him in the green room and he was always a relatively pleasant guy but he said something yesterday that was so dumb. I'm sorry that, call it out. So I sent the suggest this morning so quick cod, but it's
It's taking a shot at you for basically asking perfectly valid questions about what the Hell one arm, which spy Gate Pfizer Gate in Hilary Game play that cut now. As far as I can tell most of the accusations against the FBI or lunatic conspiracy theories, just not grounded in anything and- and I think the attorney general did inappropriate thing here, giving giving this to the inspector general. That's why we have inspector generals, but I expect there will be nothing found here and I think sessions did the right thing. Ok, So it was a lunatic conspiracy, so Mackay was fired. Andy became than to the FBI for Israel. five, a gate, the Clinton, email investigation, probably for the when my claim debacle as well, where they prosecuted for false statements. He didn't make fascinating he was fired by the open, the officer, professional responsibility of the FBI and it's all we're all make in this subject.
Meadows cut. Even now, here's mark meadows a good, solid republican congressman from North Carolina. I'm on Lord Ingram show last night respond about Dickens because rubber this support play, were you been said Joe? These are conspiracy theories. There are not based on facts or making solemn here's meadows with a very good. This passion responds about what the facts actually aren't. I challenge our liberalisers. Tell me where meadows is wrong. When you look at the facts, the facts speak for themselves. Lara when, when we're looking at, is it in a material faggot Peter struck had a relationship with the fire, a judge and they concealed. The answer is, yes, is it a fact? and we now know that the investigation into Donald Trump started late July within so days? There was a meeting with the Department of Justice where these the White House is leading the what ok Jeffrey Tobin from CNN? What part of that not true,
getting it through the Son of Internet, I'm getting tired of this stuff, but what part of Mark meadows, you said, is untrue. We know from the tax. They concealed their relationship with a judge we of the five a judge was, in fact, if I suggest you took a plea for a guy MIKE when intimately involved in this case we know the FBI themselves and said they taught MIKE when was truthful, prosecuted and anyway, using the special council We also know Hilary had an email server. We know Hilary. Thirty thousand emails are missing, we know, and they may caves. Wife took seven hundred thousand dollars from Democrats associated with Hillary Clinton to run for office. As a Democrat, we know it became failed to refuse himself until a month after the election, we know, Call me how to counter intelligence investigation go and on against Donald Trump and refused to tell Congress about, despite its obligation, to know fi oversight committees, he refused to tell her about four months he hated from them. We know that
we know, Jim call me said that the dossier that the FBI, Jim call me headed used was quote: salacious and unverified, yet they used to spy on potentially innocent Americans Jeffrey. challenge. One part of what I just said. One part you ve seen Hilary thirty thousand missing emails detects stuff from drove page or made up allegations by Jim call me that the dossier was on somewhat salacious and unverified Jim Coma. You say you didn't say that met better fact, Jeff Tube they spied on an innocent American using a court reserved for terrorists. The far intelligence, surveillance, court and house a foreign agents and yet you can verify a single fact in their outside of Carter Pages Trip to Moscow. You can verify one single fact: they used to do that to spy on them. Jeffrey email me me on twitter keyboard GINO. I welcome
myself on the air. If challenge any of those things verified. Oh, you didn't rating go through the woods procedure by the way to proceed. you're to verify the procedure set up by in conjunction with popular, whose now the special council investigation, oh by the way, what The guys you have to sign off on information is being verified, for they submitted it to the Pfizer Corp John Carlin, today, O J National Security Division, who, by the way, was Bob mothers of former chief of Staff man, that's crazy. How this stuff goes down challenge any of that Jeff. Am I wrote? What am I wrong?. But yes, it's all conspiracy theories. You see. This is what the left as what annoys me. So I thought this guy was a nice guy. They may be, but he clearly has no idea. What he's talking about this case should be embarrassed. Putting that only a horrified I want to here tomorrow and renounce everything he said and never
publicly about this case again at that actually does its homework because issue humiliating himself Firstly, this is what the left us show in To avoid and marginalize any voice that exposes the net Venus? That happened, bind the current spy gate, Hilary Gate and again. What are they? Do they marginalize you all by saying, hey, look at your superior. She gears put your wackos out. There really were all crazy, we're create we anything, I said there was false sane totally. Such is really pisses me off. I knew what left this is an important story. You have to get to the Somalis debating what's more porn, especially on Friday shoves. I know I once Monday must she was an and you could check me out, an inner atv dot com, which I always appreciate. My show is live at five. Thirty p m every night live
your time. Five, thirty p, you can watch it and our ATV Dakar Apple Tv Watch on Amazon fire. You watch in a row coup, so please check it out. The viewer ships been great. We get a lot of good feedback. I appreciate that. This is a key Strasser. Has a really wonderful piece, any yeah, by the way, a lot of these a lot stuff, albeit the show no steadied, describing what I just talked about a punching other com. But she also has a really good piece today in the Wall Street Journal. It again it subscriber only, but is it true? thick opinion, peace, and I not see this coming. Folks Comparative that I put the information out there, because I think it's genius we had a conversation with the beginning of the week. I went on Friday about the omnibus built the signing of the budget, which listen, and was a disaster. Was it there ass there. It was not chow First, the shackles it was a mass now the bad news. Yes, the budget bill
of the Republicans put out there. The Democrats pushed and Trump sign was a mass. That's the bad news just accepted it was a mess. The good news is Trop knows it was a mess, as I If you are mad, they show trumpet recognize you got screwed over. He knows he got bad advice on this and I believe he is absolutely committed to what he said in a press conference signing it Joe who never signed crap like this again, Strasbourg gettin some wind at the hell that even Congress now Joe even a republican swap rat dogs up Congress. There are some good guys up there. You know you got there. Jordan House, freedom, cock should get some decent guys, but a lot of umbrageous swamp rats, swamp dogs, they'll spam. Whenever they can't get reelected, they don't really care. Conservative principles go out the window, but even some of them are starting to realise Joe the best pill was a real pig and air and a lot of trouble always right sure you folks.
This is why your voice matters- and this is why I get a little upset when people e me and say I've done given up. You know I get it. I've been there too. I know the depths of despair when you ve been sold out so many times like. I can't take the selling out anymore and Monday and Tuesday, I got a lot of emails from Magda folks trot folks conservatives libertarians non tromp folks say now that they are not true, folks are upset. The Republicans. The Trump folks are upset a trump and I was trying to tell you the follows you don't you can't give up, because the left never does that the left lose. Then they double down the next time. The left was gone. Control, legislation and Obama only to come back and try to redo under Trump. They never give up. You can either it's all about the fight, folks, sacrifice, matters Petersen says all the time really love in the skies book. By the way, twelve rules for living is just transformative, impede, since book. He makes a great point show not here to be happy.
If you think that the, Many of you believing you here to be happy. Is it's going to lead the sadness you are here build character in the face of suffering. That is a absolutely brilliant ma blowing analysis that if there's one life lessened you ever take from anyone take that but something we ve hit on the show before when I of reference, the quote by Bernard Malibu, the off daughter, the book, the natural made to a movie Robert Redford. We asked one of the greatest lines ever. You know the path true happiness is through suffering. We all live two lives, the one we learn from and then when we live after that, And it's the one you live after that matters, we are here to suck it up and build CARE in times of deep despair, my
It was bad. We Scully signed are our financial death warrant for the next few years well year to be exact, but still was a ridiculous amount by here's. The news, your voice, your collective voice and speaking up your like to Events urging display towards him your calls, your emails d, the members, your blog post. All of this has had an effect, there's a wish. Her up on the hill right now and it's just a whisper but folks this is brilliant, is Paul a nineteen? Seventy four the year I was born act. Out of the air and use something that has been used before too I spend some of the money. That's already been budgeted, it's called nineteen. Seventy four impoundments act. yeah. I know you, I was listening.
Pride myself on no one, but I'm talking about. I read this one by stressful and I was like never heard of it. Manufacturing pretty good sources up a nail eyed, and even here this was going on, but she has. Great sources up there and here's what it does show genius if they'd. If Republicans, if you pull this off, You will have not my I'm dying support, but you will have back a little bit of respect from the amount of respect you are. If you pull this off it'll, be genius, here's what it does show it alive. as for the rescission of funds approved by Congress are ready as long as it's done within forty. I've days and here's the kicker Congress in the Senate can approve it with simple majorities. What does that mean? Oh it means. Yes, we agreed this spent. There was an orgy of spending in this omnibus bill, and it was a total disaster to. in conjunction with the Republicans who hold majorities in the Senate and the house. If they can whip the Kok is today
and get them to vote unanimously, especially on the Senate side. They can afford to lose if you and the house, if they get them vote unanimously. You can say we're not gonna spend ten billion there and by the way, we're not going to spend twenty billion air and we're not going to spend if the billionaire and when I spend five hundred billion there? It would be the it is pre, mid term elections coup ever as long as it's not bs. Don't do it make it five hundred thousand dollars of money that supposed to go to. You know Running on a treadmill study in Washington DC, may it puts some I know you listen. You know, I know that you listen. And you know what I'm talking about the other you like what the hell you didn't, Jos, parliament, is he talking about it, but you who you are talking to you know who you are you
Oh, I know you listen and you know how I know it. You got back up there. get. Dress is on this right now start cotton big huge shocks of this order You have federal spending. Now the clock is ticking. You got forty five days now what you think and show you think this is genius. Why haven't Republicans done this before? I am thinking that well, Reagan has by Congress has to approve. And sadly, since nineteen, seventy four according to Strasbourg Peace, only twenty five billion dollars, which is nothing squad has been cotton. we'll spending twenty five billion is nothing in the federal budget. Sadly, it should be something, but it's not because we spend so much and it was largely done by Reagan and trot so makes a good point. The reasonable bomb and ever used its cost. Obama loves. Government spending. Obama spend a lot of anything bombers. Obama spend money on spending. Money
I think we need to study on how to spend more money. We spend money on that. That would be a right. Can we spend money on this study to spend money on how to spend money and how about we? our ties to the public government money that were conducted a study on study on how to spend more money. That would be Obama, but never used it either because I'm out of bounds, reformat a huge fan of Bush one. I think he didn't really care much about government spending anyway, but secondly, at least as to the degree he should have. Secondly, they say Bush believed in the line item veto. That is not that this point is, is not legal for them to use. They would needs need an amendment for that and he refused to use it, but it- has been used, simple majority. Now A couple caution signs here: it is
going to require one thing Joe, and he may be thinking this in the audience may be taken. This too will Dan if they do that they're going I have to admit some fault: why because how do you Ray payments for years. Taxpayers that you already agreed to support you're gonna have to say that's like Joe. You no sign in some contract with his body to spend it. money on his property, and then say and later on. I spent all this money was a mistake and we do. The contract. You're gonna have to acknowledge. Legally was a mistake. the fear here is that, before the mid terms, if they fail and if you do this, you better damn. Well, do it Republicans, you know you you're listenin, you better. well get it! Don't don't even promote think about proposing this if you are going to lose your colonies at the last minute, because it
you fail again, forget it. You think it's over now it is over Johnny, karate, kids, now threepenny, it will be over you. Can we do to failures in a row will be devastating if you are going to do it, you better, damn well, do it and get it done, but you are gonna have to acknowledge. It was an orgy of spending. Now don't give the demo, that's a pass either they loved. But you are, I have to acknowledge in your side that it was a mistake and that's ok lot of republican voters, not all- and I understand people who are willing to forgive you burn too many times. I get it but Republican, a conservative voters are willing to forgive if you do the right thing and you give them a reason to forgive you go in there, you do it you get it and you make it serious, don't give us a billion dollars on a shrimp study,
I want to see big huge chunks of government spending out the door. and you may gain back some loyalty. The great peace again it's in the wall. Street journal is by contrast. You know what if I included the shown us an omen, get a thousand email saying we couldn't open the peace, just look it up, it may sometimes they d, let the firewall go down if it's a really popular article, but I came Strasbourg today and it's just will the nineteen seventy port for empowerment, act and Do I look for another article and I will try to put that in the show notes at Bonn: GINO dot com so that you can read and write and folks next By the way we have original content coming, it's gonna, be there. gotta vessel, I'm hugely excited about. Next, we are a couple more quick things to get there for the weakened by law less tat day? This is a web. By the way we did response or something ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Nother gray company. Looking to talk,
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great peace and washed and examined today super short, very readable about that devious needs of all care and how Every time I tell you that they they drew up day If Obamacare was a highway, they blocked of every single exit. Rob you don't have to respect. The Democrats you don't have to like Democrats, but you our fear, their devious this because they drew this thing up to prevent any free market interference in Obamacare. No peace washed and examined today must read, albeit the show notes, bonds. You know that calm and, of course you subscribe to my email is I'll. Send it right to you. Did all the pieces, like the dream team for Healthcare, a path to fix our health care system. Some people email me lots Daniel, proposing solutions, fair enough Anyone know this super shortness, as if we had this job, these two things I'm giving to cite you say, a failure. If we had had a strong public healthcare plants, in other words a cup
cancer. You know HIV he had put Titus gave a car accident serious, ass polarization but left out adage make it all about. You know typical, like body. Management stuff check. Ups flew sees in that category, can be serious out of me to minimize it, but you know costs and calls, and that kind of stuff- and I was out of pocket, so you are covered. in the event of a health care catastrophe, yet flew Chechen minimizes that seriously because it could be really deadly, but you know, costs and called basic Healthcare get an eye. Exam wage You know you got a little stormy stomach virus or whatever it is you go to the hospital that stuff would be about a pocketbook, catastrophic healthcare ensures combined mad with it s, a health savings account tat. three money you can put into an account. You don't have to pay taxes on that would acumen if it can be spent only on those out of pocket cos folks,
ding ding. We would have a solution for this tomorrow. Why because the catastrophic plan would force p to spend their own money on health care for regular maintenance? which would eliminate what the Third Party payer effect, the third party pay, factors which driving up healthcare costs, a third party pay effect for those of you, unfamiliar with the term. If Joe goes to the doctor, the two people involved that person number one is Joe person number two is the doktor Joe agrees pay a price. The doktor agrees to charge a price. If they don't agree on that price, Jonas and pay, it when you introduce a third party and economics, you have a third Party Pairfect, if Joe Paste Access to the government he goes to the doctor or not, and in the Gulf it pays shows Doktor Joe, doesn't care but the price. Why? Because jobs ready paid the money, the government, whether you go said doktor. I even didn't give a crap about the price, the doktor. Also offences. Dive wants a charge as much as he can why
because there's no restrain on a dark, because he knows the patients not paint he tries to get as much from the government. Is you can third party pay off our single handedly, the largest contributor to the explosion in college costs and medical payments and healthcare costs in the country. but I doubt my mind you produce catastrophic insurance again and all of a sudden people go to the doktor for whatever colds and stomach aches and headaches, and things like that, and if it's not Let us traffic they pay out of pocket, say a doctor Joe that's a little too much. I'm not gonna pay five hundred dollars for you, too. You know swab my tongue. No thanks. go with different doctor, model is only worked everywhere in human history to reduce the price of everything from contact lenses, the flat screen tv is, it's only work everywhere. It has your percent success rate. Ok, sport virtue or that the Hell Savings accounts are there for ways to spend money is Milton Friedman set. You can spend money on yourself governments, but yet some
you can spend money and yourself you can spend money and other people. Other people can spend other people's money and other people. Other people can spend other people's money in themselves. That's a for ways to spend my the most have should way to spend money because costing quality matter, If you spend your own money and yourself, when you spend money on yourself, the cost of that. matters, because it's your money and the queen the product matters because you're spending it on yourself buying something for yourself. If gotta nature say, and you were spending your own money on doktor and hospital care. The cost of the care would matter, but the quality would matter too so its kind, related to the third party pay, for this would reduce the effect of a The explosion in health care costs now Obamacare. The dispute- just read you quickly from the peace process, shows you how devious they were in preventing cattle traffic healthcare costs and how savings accounts from reducing the cost of medicines. They don't want that. Now you may say why, then, why did over My cared close
of the offerings to about to a Obamacare, make sure the government added and a role and overseeing all of this because Rosemont the government to control everything? It's always been about control, so he says this is bombing the IRA. The internal revenue code allows only those pursuant to a bomb, a care allows only those covered by a high deductible health plan to contribute, nature say catastrophic, I have given their high deductible should qualify as high deduct behalf clans health plans, but the Ach Obamacare ensures that they do not to qualify. I quote high deductible regular plans must not cover any care except preventative care, before payment of the deductible. They get sees it understand, second here, but the but Obama basically requires also There's catastrophic help when Joe to cover it these three primary care visits before reaching the document, why would they put that in their job? Oh here's! Why? Because this
requirement prevents any catastrophic plan from qualifying as a high deductible health plan and prevents those in said catastrophic plans from contributing to it? I'll, say: Visicalc GPS genius. if the like it. I surely don't put the Democrats a genius. They made sure the free market did not get involved at all in their take over the gunman healthcare plant, unbelievable stuff read the peace. Is it damning it walks through slowly. How exactly is short sweet but exam we have the Democrats anticipated any kind the free market. Intervention to reduce health your question and intercepted the football through Obamacare Now you know why I hate this thing so much in years later. I'm still talk about it because it speaks to the Stupidity of Democrats for passing it but the genius at the same time
gauging at a system of government controlled, doing it slowly and preventing any off ran from it. Just incredible: hey what thing with regards to yesterday's show, I appreciate the feedback a tremendous number. It downloads, by the way, are the economic section in the beginning. I know is a bit long and I know sometimes I do a better job of summing up an AL. He's, but it was a very complicated topic on trade deficit, sound money, the gold standard, how these are all interrelated. I mean even at one point I know Joe, you may have gotten because you ve heard a lot, but I got some feedback. We believe you know what they're that's the first time I had a And twice and three times through them, which I understand, but it's a really complicated topic, and I don't want to do yours audience? I'm not gonna do dumb stuff for you, I'm sorry, we dance when it comes to activism, but we don't dance can obtain Arnold dance. Ok, you Zeinab, entertainment, show I'm sorry, I'm guided funny and we have a lot of drops. We try to keep it somewhat sarcastic to lighten the mood, bears a serious show about serious topics and everything lasting peace today, a kind of
hammering home some of the points it took yesterday. It'll be Promise a lot shorter than yesterday, but there's a piece about how the British. the British. Basically, their central bank is claiming success for their money printing regiment, and I Spain's you yesterday how the printing of money does hurt the United States like it would hurt other countries, because our money, even though we keep printing and printing improving, should be almost worthless. If this boy constant he gets scooped up by foreign governments, because it is the global standard for currency so We have a lot of leeway. Other countries does the British, screwed over right now, their pensions are going bankrupt in mass and is a big such a mercy about a company in Britain. It has some historical ties to the war that there's there's, obviously some sentimentality Jonah going out of business because it can afford and why foxes is easily explainable. When you break the bunch of money. What happens? Eventually,
it finds its way into the stock market like it did in the United States under the Obama years and to be fair, Obama was in charge of the Federal Reserve, although he loved Big policy we but a lot of money in the Obama years, and it made its way into the stock market and over inflated stock prices. Now you may say: well how does that her pension funds, pension fund, are invested in stocks and stocks went up yet they do by the way. Eventually those bubbles burst out. We ve only seen that what tablets ten years ago that'll happen again. Sadly, but it did temporarily drive up stocks at the same time, folks it of down interest rates because it made money easier to find, like I said yesterday and by day, recent interest rates. What did it also due to those same pensions, is decreasing pensions expected rate of return in a future. In other words, if you put a lot of money and make it easier to find interest rate go down the interest rates to cost money alone,
I percent is more expensive than a load of one percent. You print a lot of money. You make it easier to find interest rates, go down so complicated, but when interest Let's go down what happens if your manager pension plan for Joe costs and you're in sing. A hundred dollars expecting it to grow in eight percent, show an interest rights are now four percent, you got some problems. You got some splain and do so these pensions are going grow presented. Put aside enough money, patient dammit, we're going to grow at eight. Now, it's only grow up at one. That's a lot of money to make up what else is happening. Dividends are being paid David. Sorry being paid by companies. Dividend should benefit what pension holders David. sorry being paid and investment in the company and the workers are people? Why is that? Because the companies don't have any money because we're Is it going? It's going
into the pension funds to make up for all the lost interest they get make because of low interest rates. So now the same pension funds, a hurry outlook, we benefited from the stock or give me you're getting no dividends and a company investing in itself and has no future and job you guys. We lose money, people! You really got this system, doubt interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal today, it's kind of complicated I can put it show notes, but to be fair here. Let me read you: it's I Joseph see Sternberg and the title is Britain's monetary stimulus has fed the pension crisis, really good. if you're a subscriber go check that out, but definitely definite check out the shone with a minimum for this washed in Examiner piece on Obamacare, it is killer. It's so good. I folks say
for tuna and I really appreciate a please go to punch. You know that cop check out the shouts- and I will see you all on Monday and I'm of internet if you turn it just ten Bonn GINO, she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.