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Ep. 690 Economic Warning Signs?

2018-04-03 | 🔗
Summary: In this episode I address the importance of combatting liberal identity politics and the warning signs on the horizons with regard to the economy.    News Picks: No, the Reagan tax cuts did not cause the deficits.   Is a trade war brewing?    The liberals have now moved on “Christian privilege.”   Is artificial intelligence going to be watching you in the workplace?   Trump’s EPA pick makes a solid move for the auto industry.   Liberals love attacking inanimate statues.   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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get ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want thereby gino show producer joe how are you and this fine tuesday i'm doing well daniel thank you very much may man that you for the feedback and yesterday show appreciative is very newsy it was a monday and i know we got through a lot of stories yesterday and it was kind of a different format i think that other shows but i thought they were all worth talking about even if in some abbreviated format you know usually i'd like to dig deeper than other shows out there on the stories but yesterday was critical we get all that stuff out there i've got a lot of trusting stuff for you today as well i don't want you to miss today show our second of it because all the stories are interesting also thank you to everyone has been going to a new section on our website bunk this map colombo on bungee know that combat we'll be picking some
banking and i will get into that today to wear and method a great piece on did the if the reagan tax cuts cause the deficit so i'll be talk by that a little because it's entirely relevant to the conversation going on today and i gotta out of other stuff to aright today show brought you by bodies equip let me tell you something this is the greatest toothbrush effort now you may say rightly said their sponsors repeat hyperbolic no no i am not i bought the door or to brush myself and there sir sponsor can get we start from them ideas me a free be my daughter talk here of course i can't use my daughters to brush chiefly state she loves it this quip too this is a major i bought my own and i told my wife paula right yes taken her head and this is a great
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heck are you talking about he makes is terrific point that i think some arises the essence of federal government intervention i think this matters now because we are seeing this more with liberal far left radical activism the the position of global rules on the entire country the whole assets of federalism folks the whole essence it was a different stage we're gonna have different agendas based on different needs you at agricultural states industrial states states would port states landlocked states what a lot of farmland states would not a lot of farm them states with mountains states without mountains this all matter folks mountains can be natural geographic diviners that provide an echo make up now each economic you know you could homage well basically further for the different free commerce i mean is that it's a barrier that be hard to get through but you know before
mention of blasting powder and the ability to create roads through them different states had different needs all principle federalism was the federal government was going to lie it itself and that the rest of those rights would be delegated to the states now the problem we are seeing now especially with regard to a lot of these current debates and i'm gonna get to a few have meant a minute these report stories going on right now trade wars the pierre scrapping the epa is in the process of scrapping one of the few mandates for cars obama put into effect these were all rules designed to go national that are having selectively different impacts in different areas of the country one of the points to lead makes any points out about political universalism in other words the idea simply at rule should apply everywhere globally if on a massive scale you'd better way to say it is that people don't think that way
there are specific size groups where people think differently depending on the size of the group and i remember listening to and he can't talk episode appreciate was mike munger where he did and on board mobile episode on this how the identity of the group and the size of the group matters to how people think some of you so make up this will make all the sense of the world after ivy this quote from tulips new book he you can buy the saying by geoffrey van scrap it says like this because i guess i am at the fed level libertarian at state level republican local level democrat and at the family and friends level a socialist where's the rules that apply within our family you are the first other you're the mother you are you are the monarch or you are the queen your rules matter these it's not a democracy in your home right it's not now what say goes i'm joe as little joe i have amelia and is about and
what i say goes because i know best it's not we're not voting on it it's not institutional republic it's not a representative government it is essentially a monarchy or in some respects use us with my own the means of production in my house you know you you are not allowed to take possession of the means of production and i will destroy beauty the goods as i see fit as a socialist government wooden folks advocating for socialism maybe the adobe ridiculous but it's an angel the point that he's making that the size of the group and the identity and make up of the group matters but peak in fact you your family the rules within your family apply within your family and for many of you were quite well within your family does not mean those rules are transferable at a larger scale scaling up universally to the iter our collective united states that's the problem more having right i've read this last night i was like me
and this is such a great point when it comes to the gun control debate right now this is an unbelievably good point it's a grape when it comes to your tariffs when it comes to epa fuel mandates how there trying to impose the left a set of universal principle universal principles upon every one unit the principles of narrow universal background checks a ban on what they call assault rifles which is a meaningless term they made up with no risk backed whatsoever for the size of the group maybe there's a small group of farmers in you know iowa somewhere who have completely gifts meads fur and i are fifteen style rifle then someone who lives in los angeles posing upon him you
our idea of what the rules should be completely disregards the size of the group and the needs of that group by imposing your needs upon him you don't understand and i'll be why the essence of the bill of rights was to limit the power of a federal government because a federal government disregards the size of the group because whatever the federal government does applies to everyone regardless size the group you live in the united states it happens this makes sense show it's a wonderful point and mugger who is very libertarian by the way great peace on this how the size of the group matters how there were some groups and some urine examples where some people who can cooperate with each other through set of impose collective identity basically the socialist ideal but they do it voluntarily what its fishermen fishing some part of the sea that all know each other they don't want to over is that part we're talking about all groups right but i mean you
span the rules to the bigger and bigger and bigger group including the entire united states and you ignore things like subsidiary local control that all those out the window and why am i bring in this up because it breeds resentment it breathes resentment don't mean breeds action i think you can a tribute the allow should have donald trump to a number of factors i want to oversimplify this like a lot of people tend to do but i think doubt question one of those factors that drove people to the poles was an anger at the imposition of rules at the local level the federal level that did not apply at the local level whether an attack on their firearm rights regulations like the waters of the united states rule that out of farmers who are like wait i have upon that
back yard and now some bureaucrat from disease flying out to you know that too i will farm country to tell me what to do with the water my backyard pound san component for someone else to really great book by the way i love i'm i'm almost done with it i'm getting to the jordan peterson's book next but i just thought it was a really terrific point and it's worth discussing folks maybe it's time for the federal government to start to recognise that a soft secession is already going on we can't listen i'm not talk it's for the media matters idiots that thank you for this to my show and promoting it you doped appreciate it but this is already happening the irony joe is this soft secession braided by this resentment of collective rules imposed upon small groups of people tat joe ironically may have found so
those rules palatable voluntarily may have they may have said you know what we're gonna here's what we're going to do with the farm land we're gonna reduce pesticides on our farm land because your pesticide spraying over onto my property so farmer jones is farmer bob can you know can we work a deal out that you stop using over sprang or overseeing whatever it may be it's not rules that are binding it's the imposition of the rules by dc bureaucrats who have no respect for the size of the group at all people act differently in small groups than they do collectively the size of the crew matters that resentment is driving people crazy you know i've been revised we also another point it brought up a while back than that forget away heard talking but they said we make great partisans terrible ideologues how you know we're
for a party label with very little idea behind the ideology sometimes and i think the ideology here gets lost because people just want to vote for what's not happening now sometimes and his resentment is being gin dopp because people like rules are being imposed upon them that they don't want there is it really amazing amazing point and it's the size the group matters subsidiary matters folks accountability goes out the window and representation goes out the window you don't think about it if eleven martin county florida you want the rules to be and end the people who are accountable to you at the lowest level of management possible i live in palm city you want it to happen in palm city that way your vote matters because fewer people voting
obviously your impact on a palm city election in your impact on a federal government election or far different right job right you talking about one of three hundred thirty million people verses one of gas i don't even know how many people live in palm caddy upon city bit assures heading three hundred thirty million you're vault matters more there also being this or that creates accountability amongst people who want to do things do you create new rules to spend more money but secondly it creates representation is she was well where what the ideas that are represented in palm city by the electorate have a chance to fail or have a choice to succeed and already imposed upon the entire country meaning if they fail and palm city the rest of it we can take heed and not do it but that's what's happening now you have it grow expansive federal government imposing rules upon the entire country where they may not apply can't escape the failure and the failure gets hidden by a compliant media visa free obamacare
the different states in localities could have found entirely different health care solutions instead at a federal solution imposed upon them great point really i like that he has put it sooner they all could found a different way to do it who knows you know okeechobee we florida could have found a terrific of care solution everyone one of look at what's happened instead that's not what happened you everybody got forced gotta barbecue shut down your throat its fail collectively the media continued continues to cover completely disregarding the size of the group i bring it today jokers cuz we're to see in this now and ever to stories sorry for the the intro there but i think it matters and it sets up what i'm but i went where i wanted to go right there are two stories that busted out through the media psycho yesterday one i'm gonna give you the good news and bad news let me start with the bad news for the bad news is as i predicted a trade war breaking out folks i get it i am expecting the emails that's fine it's your show
i appreciate your feedback but again it you don't want to hear ideas you disagree with that's fine but the show may not be for you and that's ok too i don't like it but that's fine your choice i born everyone with the tariffs that there is potential for a trade war a trade war is it is it a try where's attacks war i hope you all understand their rights attacks war that's what it made war is a tariff is attacks that's all nobody gets right a tariff is a tax imposed upon foreign imports into the country and first i want to win the exports lead the country somewhere else a trade war is a tax war my problem with the tariffs imposed upon steel was it was going to reignite a trade war and a sense of mercantilism that we had hoped that been long exhausted i get that down
i'll talk to that in a minute to take it easy i'm not china is not our friend i entirely understand that china has been devastating to trade by their intellectual property self government procurement practices a number of nonsensical things are doing that italy damaging global trade cheap garbage they produce and ship out potential speed knowledge there not our friend points highly stipulate but make no mistake our of war a trade war is attacks war so what happening now is we impose steel tariffs and aluminium tariffs the chinese have now respond in kind by imports seeing tariffs on and just to be they are to give you a sense of scale here cause scale matters tariffs are small there only imposing cares about two to three percent of our exports to china the chinese folks are doing it too damn
president trop what do i mean by that this pay close attention here they're picking markets in select swing states and congress no districts tat are gonna real damage to president its chances of reelection yeah down one of em pick one example there were many and i have a story at budget dot com at the show notes pleaser subscribed my email is thus anthea from the washing examiner which discusses wisconsin ginseng you may say ah you know what's so why their taxing wisconsin ginseng no no no don't think small here there taxing ginseng from wisconsin into china for a very specific reason one of the county in wisconsin that produce since ginseng is a swinging type county that help didn't trump win
its concept if this a rough on ginseng attacks to be clear wisconsin ginseng supporters who sell their ginseng that china if this tax shuts down their ginseng market or cuts it in here for even cuts twenty five percent of their sales this is going to be very damaging to the local economy chinese or not our friends but they are not stupid no they are selectively picking products job farm products ag products they are picking pork products that are going to damage add communities that tromp one folks was the most obvious penalty from the start i was wondering how they were deciding what to throw this impunity tax rather this was not random ok they did this on purpose now this is an opening salvo now
get it i know what a lot of you are taken right now george it's gotta burke truth further trade policy guys i war is not winnable its you were going to beg prosperous you as farmers and swinging districts that is good but eventually there's going to be a political backlash that how we went from that i dont understand i i get it alone you are trumped support so obviously i am i support the president but this is good idea their threat max by the way to start the tax major member i told you so two percent of exports the next step is to be fair play manufacturers back manufactures gosh i i slept good so i too much stumble unapproved basic words
airplane manufacturers soybean production major league exporters into china we are too talking about thousands of jobs not hundreds of jobs and swinging congressional districts this is gonna i put i took a big note here this is the alien a trump country now james freeman who is a really good writer at the wall street journal has a peace today where he quotes and other journal peace and i want you to stan why i'm so worried about this i read i like the president i support him what to see him reelected i would not talking of my show knowing there's going to be least a hundred emails telling me what an idiot i am today which is ok that's your show i get it i would not by doing this if i didn't believe that this was
genuinely a bad idea here's a report quote from free means peace today you s face there is reported robust demand for their products in march but say rising prices for materials tied to new tariffs i e taxes threatened to slow the industry's expansion the institute supply management said monday its index of factory activity settled at fifty nine point three in march doubts take from sixty point eight the prior month any reading above the indicates rising activity as measured by factors such as product sales hiring and production the latest reading was below economists expectations guys this guy's not falling i'm not trying to be chicken little the trump tax for a brilliant idea his slashing of government red tape is been amazing his appoint so the courts even despite democratic destruction have been terrific an admirable i'm sick
we trying to suggest to you that the evidence these terrorists are working is no where we are getting isolated successes to be expected in industries that benefit from the taxes of course if we make chinese steel and aluminium more expensive steel and aluminium industries you gotta pick up the question is why the stock market down everywhere else why is factory growth expectation down why are we then telling farmers in wisconsin you have to pay for this ginseng farmers poor farmers do you understand this is europe from the bush administration tried steel tariffs they got rid of them they govern i'm almost immediately because it wound up costing hundreds of thousands of jobs a care of war is a tax war that is all it is the chinese are going to raise taxes on their stuff so we're going to these taxes back and they are going to raise taxes back who do you think's paying
taxes you get up without again to you i'm sorry what you'd understand this what's going on here this is u s factories please are you this is you folks your jobs did the problem with their growth there citing this i'm not making this up there saying rising prices for materials tied to new tariffs are slowing the industry's expansion i that's not my opinion that's a survey of u s factories why would you take it making this up i know its common but that's fine we are alienating people with the economy we are what five hundred point drop yesterday plus in the stock market these rational financial types discount few that's worth stock prices are discussed did values a future earnings it's like first interest rate you think a couple
grow at a percent that's how you disk the stock and the price the stock today if you think your company going to grow by half as much the stock is worth less money that's why people saw yesterday this is not helping now china they are not our friend and the threat of tariffs at least as had some effect at least and renegotiating some of the rules of the south koreans it's been marked impact for we ve gotten we received them of a quota hike in we're of cars even though when i close to that quota but i'll take it but the position so far as unquestionably not help now a couple of things here but you said to me listen they are selling as cheap steel its garbage ladies and gentlemen where buying it
do you understand that the chinese are sowing cheap steel that's where buying it just don't buy it i don't know any other way to say i'm not i'm not robbing them of responsibility for producing garbage stuff i'm just telling you i got have any emails i receive in them probably too your thirty from people saying but this after showing us the sheep why are we buying it you're not forcing it on us just don't buy it i mean no one talks about that any other way pay these courses crappy we should you know we should we should all be force not people don't buy them then we're buying it this is not some government take tat its framework where people are buying the cheap stuff prattle
made in china sell because this the assertions of a lot of the emails i've i've received from people which i understand about how they pay four made in america stop the hardy economic reality on the ground the you our truth joseph yet is that the made in china stuff cells because it's cheaper yes if people on a more expensive stuff made in china junk in steel wooden cell how the dispute that the only reason the chinese or an international competitor is because they are producing cheaper stop if you don't like it don't buy it but people are doing that they are buying it that is not what's happening secondly you're right
china is not our friend their intellectual property theft from our companies and the way they could your procure stuff where they force the government by made in china stuff it's been designed just for international trade the stuff they produce is cheap it is a lot of it is junk we had the chinese dry role here in florida that nearly shut down the housing market it is garbage in the case of the chinese drywall everywhere it resulted in lawsuits we have legal system for that thankfully that shut that down here and flawed and provided some remedies companies now will not by chinese drywall but all it had the chinese pet beef jerky there was a killing dogs is yet when there's some chemical and understand now this we have a legal system that thankfully get penalizing companies like this and broke off and requires some monetary
remuneration later on but folks the way to handle ip and gps aft and judge government procurement than actual intellectual property there is to it with the same rules imposed upon us upon them all right you intellectual property in other words microsoft goes to china and you have to give us your trade secrets ok you're chinese companies that do business in the united states have to do the same thing i've roper with that that is free trade is not stealing our intellectual property free trade is not mandating government procurement for maiden china when such a point i have such a big bunch impose the same rules upon them but my point is imposing these new tariffs had the most predictable spots in human history there was going to the attacks war now for you are paying these taxes you it is not i dont know what thought was going to pay this stuff
cities are paying now higher prices for stuff that's tariffs and act borders that exports to china and sell stuff overseas or now selling less stuff because their prices are higher because foreign governments retaliating this bothers me because i really really think this present is on the verge of doing some great things but this is a bad call to bed com and the evidence is overwhelming all right now i'm going to get the some good cuz i don't want to leave you in a bad mood and i know i'm going to get some emails on and that's okay again the show is for you before i get to that today show but you are bodies and i talk the eye target oh firearms training system is one of the best systems out there in a lot of great feedback on this you know competitive shooters people who do for a living dry fire meaning practice
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cleansing of government red tape which has been unprecedented he has really taken the reins off the economy and i think outside of this the thing that's unfolding quite poorly right now everything this is going very well he this was a nervy move joe i haven't done seen a move that takes you know yet what i'm saying holidays like this unaware scott prove it who is the epa administrator whose involved in as little earlier right now it's some rental fees for a condo but besides that our scrapping the bomb a mandate for me else per gallon requirements for the fleet for a fleet of cars supposed to have an unrealistic fifty four miles per gallon average by twenty twenty five now why is this port and it seems like a walkie story it's not the odd
but beale industry is a is key it is a bad rock key stone american business that employs a lot of people generate lot of revenue generates a lot of ad revenue generates a lot of marketing a lot of production a lot of manufacturing on a management a lotta consulting it is a critical u s industry the automobile industry they want question we had some struggles now when you talk two automobile industry insiders that are an interesting politics and are interested in in the business of building automobiles they will tell you that this fight its standard has been devastating s bashfully the u s carmakers why why is that because one thing we build with the best of them
and lay and we have some problems i mean you know about my tongue which you set but i love my ford rap thereby ford rap there is be a man bad and it is also what the things we build as well as anyone is we build trucks and we build damn good trucks the f one fifty corrado the ram we build good trucks they have their issues i get it i know he had a few emails from you but my love my rap there i law alot of people love their truck we build them we build them go they ve got some issues a workin out upon the imf i can truck is what is great and far it's the envy of foreign carmakers now the nice part about the american truck is that the price the margins on american trucks are quite high manufacturers of if you are la make a u s automakers had their say and lawmakers got out of the way we would probably build ninety percent trucks and ass you please and ten percent small cars probably just for fleets because that's where the
when you is that's what a normal business would do they would build things that produce jobs this is a shocker evan you crazy not aware that would be my family pay money yet we should put that animal that would be money cannot compromise where that now what obama did in another one of his genius little moves and i say that not qualify not meaning qualitatively good pm was an unrealistic fleet my per gallon average meaning this trucks and suvs as you well know do not traditionally get good miles per gallon otto the day my wrapped their gets about eighty miles a gallon so what the democrats and i'm republicans candidly that played along over the usa impose these fleets standards and these fleet standards mean that the average across the entire fleet has to be fifty four miles per gallon twenty twenty five that was the new obama push well but joe if you have a bunch of hours at are talks that are doing fifteen twenty miles again and what does that mean it means
gotta produce a whole bunch a little tin cans pieces of crap that get five thousand miles per gallon that nobody in the united states wants people why now showing you the complete impotency the federal government to get anything right in their complete lack of candor knowledge there predict by twenty bob i today does she's me they're prediction for today's market on the district distribution of the types of cars was that we would have by now joe two thirds cars and one third trucks the she will break down is the opposite two thirds of us trucks and suvs and one third of us have cars right now by doing that the obama administration is trying to dictate your behavior was prove it is looking to scrap this thing which is beautiful
because it would allow american carmakers took this is crazy joe to produce cars and trucks american the american people actually want to buy which would earn the money which would allow them to pay higher wages this would be a major boon for the american economy but what's going on here california added again as i said this is the point i wanted to get you before i intentionally m skipped over because i don't want to get than wanta be myself the contrast talkin bout the soft secession i know the media matters types they're gonna sit i saw secessionist crazy podcast what are you talking about a civil war no that's what you're talking about because you guys are just loony terms there are already states littoral states better sauce proceeding from the united states now why waste that because california joe a waiver from the obama administration to produce its own fleet standards which of course are are the fifty four miles per gallon california
waiver to do its own thing you may say what's your problem a guy with proper but that is new york in pennsylvania join them in that's a third of the u s car market so now you have to completely said different sets of standards now because california is now saying you can dump this the four miles a gallon fleet average but we're going to keep it which would mean what's cargo please have to produce two completely different sets of cars right they have stop selling suvs by a certain point in california so they don't mix up to standard so the car cup like what the hell you want us to do now there is already a salve secession going on amongst them what stage europe littoral states with marijuana listen i don't agree with them but it federal law there's a way to change it you already have a salve secession being led by liberal states immigration laws now we're not to follow those and yet
any time sauce sessions mentioned you get places like media matters who conveniently conservatives are stoking the flames of division what do i get it we're pointing out what you guys you're doing and liberal states suing trump everything he does rob sneezes worn out suing clean this is what they do they have already succeeded caliph when he's already said we're not following federal immigration law and by the way going to create our own car stand and now i understood and a lot of you will say what then i thought you believe in federalism i don't you believe in the idea that the state should be able to do their own thing they should but not in matters that interstate that affect dramatically interstate commerce we can have a country if you don't have some set of at least com in collective toward laws courts i'm in currency you can't
california and we're going to create the federal reserve note of california the state reserve out of california better said it doesn't work that way there is some collective identity that does matter to problems but the immigration crisis now there's oh sure there's a collective identity we don't give people time to adjust to wit more constantly seeing an influx of new people into the country here illegally you lose that and what you do as you get upon you get tribalism that takes effect this is why brought this up people act differently and there should be different standards for different levels of the group county city state local federal as we get to those federal levels that regret the rules that bind everyone these be rules where there is mass consensus we need an hour we defend the country pretty
its general mass consensus on that a common currency so if i travel to new york i don't have to stop in a bank and exchange florida dollars for new york does everybody much gets that some system of road semi you know what a seven thousand dollar told have to get into georgia from florida it is this makes sense don't rules at the federal level at the hierarchy go federal federal level that shouldn't touch it required everybody to obey contract law a driver's licence should be generally acknowledged from for you if you don't you shouldn't have to get forty nine state driver's licence is view live in florida your in forty nine more or not miss cases fifty one more because he thought it was fifty two states i know it out macerated that dopey speech but still you get my boy but those rules should be limited but why it both ways they want
rules to be limited exceptions and carve out for them liberals but tend in circumstances when it comes to health care education other things they want a department of education they want obamacare they wanted all national data follow immigration laws but they want to make sure everybody else follows obamacare why because it lies with the liberal ethos of control california those exactly what they're doing they know right now that if they issue the federal government of easier standards and get a carved out for themselves for their own miles per gallon that because did the size of california they will get to impose their will on others this is not federalism is wrong her spread realism this guy this federal is more work states rights no no that's not what you're doing you know exactly what you're doing you understand the power of your market and you are trying to get california to impose a de facto mark stand there because of the size your market on the rest of the country because you
dont understand hierarchical needs and group size you don't your ignoring it in your efforts to gain control that's what liberals want control of your money you healthcare new kids so the good a bad the bad news is the tariffs are going to backfire badly the good news is theirs going forward and i should have left it off with this is an important step through it is fighting this i believe california will lose this case if it goes to the courts they also impose the own mileage standard but i believe they will lose i think they're gonna lose badly as well our isolation also bought you by a buddies at freedom project academy amerika nothing like we remember growin up by the way this way spell up fast i got an email from my dave yesterday i told you they fill up fast this is a great great place to get your kids into erica schools are nothing like we remember growin up we grew up in safety and learning was more important and safe spaces and propaganda and even out
knowledge continues to offer new opportunities for learning i think we can all agree the traditional moral values once woven into the fabric of the classroom have practically disappeared why you need to consider freedom project academies fully accredited judeo christian classical online school for kindergarten do highschool we're talking about an incredible interactive education students at ten live classes every day with teachers and fellow classmates from across the country freedom project academy doesn't accepted penny of government funding this important folks it allows him they committed a teaching students how to think not what to think families ro students full time are you can start with a single class that's up to you check it out here is the website go to freedom for schools that come freedom for school dot com dotcom assure you get that order right because if you put the word back when you get an entirely different side at a wholly email exchange with a guy about this freedom for cool dot com or request your free information package today from freedom project academy
roman reigns in july but classes are filling up fast they got confirmation that yesterday so if you're gonna do it get on this that's freedom for school that calm freedom for school that's f o are not the number freedom for school dotcom don't forget to tell him the damp on gino show said you can't recommend these guys ivy enough ok another article i found deeply decision ring and i want to get into some of the wye stuff about it is george washington university joe is having a class our as some kind of symposium on christian privilege now we go first it was white privilege now it's christian privilege they're moving on rapidly to other privileges soon it what would enable privily able bodied privilege i have all these privileges now this is another fascinating not recent development aid the development has taken on a new had esteem after the statues war you know the liberal effort to pull down statues and more in that sector
two but it's an interesting piece i have up at the shone out spongy no dot com from college was a college fixed so go check it out you subscribe to my email is the gamble email write to you but the class joe s meant to attack christian privilege because they quote christians and receive unmerited works from institutions and systems all across the country do you understand what the heck is going on here what the heck is gone ladies and gentlemen the left is out of ideas entirely out of ideas they are completely fully in one hundred percent on the imposition of collective identities on people by the there has been no more damaging phenomenon throughout human history then the labeling of groups by collective identity any targeting of those groups subsequent to make me think about it the jews in germany i mean echoes
meaning as the list goes on and on and on of groups that have been given a collective identity over your individual yo yo individual characteristics good better indifferent irrelevant it is a fact did you i the identity or why you are christian you are armenian your black you're hispanic there has been no more damaging phenomena me jim crow laws slavery throughout human history and the use of skin color as an unidentified nothing there is now more tragic or disgusting than the use of non character related identifiers to impose a group identity are people in the irony of this is liberals who chairperson themselves as advocates of civil rights are moving us back in time to the use of collective identity as a d our occasion point for the value of a human being on this planet its i absolutely agree that is the thirty thousand foot umbrella you have what's going on that you liberals
simply cannot refuse you claim to be champions of civil rights as you entirely diminish the value of an individual and you found you that person man or woman basic skills tripoli on collective identity that may have but all do with how that person actually values himself in most cases does in other words i know for a fact wake up in the morning and say well what are you scottish french english things arm a caustic give you wake up in the morning ever know i'm a white scotsmen frightened i mean is it not every link even occur to you this is never know i mean it doesn't affair your actions and of no it doesn't of course joe goes work on pain of eyes light christian privilege dan you don't have to think about it babe well you may have this class did george washington university this is the strategy here because the left is
tiredly out of ideas in the political arena or there at the ideas they have or universally unpopular hike your tax take your health care expand failing public schools they notice they understand that these ideas are universally unpopular they have to get you to vote for that now they it gets you to vote for them because i just told you their ideas are not popular because our ideas are not popular they don't care you to vote for them they get you to vote against the other guy genius strategy a year in other words the world is a horrible place you're all victims i'm going to tell you what our ideas are but i will take this will protect you against those other guys and nay really hate you those republicans now i mentioned before it's not new to listen regular listen to the show but it's getting worse folks and it's getting worse because the world is getting better you may say does it make any sense what are you talking about as
economic conditions around the world improve as these pain of racism ebbs doesn't disappear never will but folks any idiot who tells you the countries in the same place it was during slavery in the jim crow era is seriously a moron or liberal i dont know which one sometimes there is still heavy pockets of people sadly and all over the world i mean especially you know outside the united states but within the united states as well as some people who just can't get that out of their head and we should make it the effort to combat the scourge of it but annie on who tells you that the trajectory is not upward and at the the disdain of racism is not receiving is just simply lying to you nebulae new or is really dumb there is no fourth option as the world gets better economic conditions generally improve around the world we seeing and these are unquestioned metrics poverty rates
bridge income per day it's going up some perfect there are still there they're still famine there are still countries that are broken governmental systems are still tyranny no question but as the we see the number of democracies get better than other of peace but who have a say in the vote the condition of women around the world not perfect but getting better as that improves the left in these specifically in the united states which is the greatest country on earth the wealthiest if the wealthiest and the most prosperous as conditions improve the left radical liberals will constantly need to stoke resentment why because i told you the left can't catch you to vote for them their ideas paul universally unpopular but they keep getting like in power because they ve managed to firmly attach themselves to the resentment strategy the resentment strategies is there
publicans erases the republicans or transit forbes homophobia islamophobia homophobia kissed the fobs and therefore we will protect you against them going back to the beginning of the shop where i told you this idea about greece size and how we may great partisans but terrible ideologues we attach our loves to political parties without understanding their ideology because men give us sadly not many who asserts that issue but people fall prey to the there i'm gonna protect you against them mentality what what are you who are they owe their there what are they really conserves know they're not but that doesn't matter we're going to protect you against them well you know the report because what do they say if i told you by knocking on doors and print georgia's counting georgia's county maryland largely minority black county in maryland will you not gonna door and you would be if you knew nothing
politics you would expect given the democratic bent of the county people would be pro choice high taxes big government there not there are not enough the doors i did but why does but the people in those neighborhoods vote democrat because we made great partisans but terrible ideologues we have been gas led by the media told a lie for so long that the democrats or the protectors of a little guy minority rights and other things despite any evidence that that's actually the case despite what i just told you that more pressure actually fostering resentment in group identity there actually doing the inverse that people believe it and they alone with the partisan label ignoring the ideology behind now that's port you understand that relationship to my statement that if things get better group identity politics and fostering collective identity resentments going to get worse because the damn
crash joe have to constantly search out do fights now first it was white privilege knowledge of white there's a privilege to being white folks i can't dispute that there may in fact be privileges everywhere there may be privileged to why there may be a privilege to being born into a middle or upward as family there may be a privilege to be born outside of a city there may be a privilege to be born in sight of a city depending on its wealth privileges just everywhere the problem with the left is and i gave us example once in the show in the past the way we should be here this is a society we should be saying ok how do we get people not struggling right now who are not in that quote privilege class
to those same standards how do we approve struggling black schools are struggling hispanic schools how do we approve the job market and communities that are struggling how do we get that's not what liberals do what liberals want to do to stoke resentment is not help people who are not quote privilege they want a cat you to represent the people they claim or privilege to stoke resentment because they will be the warriors for your cause against them but in country of growing hospitality and increasing racial harmony gets more and more difficult to stoke resentment at generally generally isn't there now does this makes sense their increasing search for a new causes joe white privilege now its christian privilege i haven't art t j media's masri it's out my show knows check him out of the website
an article from pga media there now attacking statues of presidents to hear this joe arcadia was in california arcade they want to pull down as does a statue of president mckenna yeah yeah because of mccann ways a tree the native americans dave this we'll never stop never stop until you recognize what's going on it is imposition of a collective identity a collective identity in this case the native americans the ideas the republican conservatives hate you how do we get believe that we have to find a new fight because it's not true it's of its course its nonsense but we find and discover new fight and increasingly prosperous country i got its statute statues first it was confederate statues and be presidential statues next thing it's gonna be any statue liberals anything it doesn't matter it's gonna be
statues made from you know of concrete that was produced pre one thousand nine hundred and fifty because it was produced in a jim crow stick day will you laugh it will never stop i took a note here liberals will never stop the search for new points of division to stoke resentment because resentment is all they have it is entire bedrock political ideology is the imposition of a collective identity native americans trans gay black hispanic not individual identity dad mom family member soccer coach employ none of that matters to them its collective identity because their policy suck their policy sucks so bad that day to impose a collective identity and am convinced that group and the members of that they put you in that other people page you in that they will protect you they will come
some search for new flashpoints to do this it will never ever stop now does yesterday show on the culture war make more sense how we kudos the fox news for fighting back against this coordinated attack against the ingram shone out fox news has said no no no more and you should applaud them forward she is back on the air on monday jack abernathy released a statement yesterday and damage good for him god bless him we are done this will stop the majority of the population that realises that this stuff is crap that its identity ethics and the smoking of resentment when they firmly rejected when they reach through gestures like this company's boycott boycott right back hollywood celebrities attack us we never see their moved academic
college want to get into pro trump grants in in a chemistry class you recorded put it out the media for everyone to see they suspended we fight the suspension what i told you from roman poet greatest line ever the me is not vanquished until it considers observes i so they consider themselves so we are not vanquishing we never will be we fight everywhere they fight a thirty front war we fight on every single from its i'm going to stop until we stop it folks i appreciate your attention here let me get one last thing we do in our time here we're getting a few minutes so a map colombo my resident the bunker in chief was now writing for my website punch you know that com has a really great peace up about the reagan tax cuts it is important because the talk of doubling down on the trump tax cuts which were terrific and i applaud the gnp for doing that but there is talk about making the income tax side of a permanent even lower
rates a little more which i think would be a great idea the argument come up as it always does and that's why matt does stuff and by the way you have a question for us to debunk there's a email my website send it to us under overmatch if it's a good one we will debunk it for you any liberal talking point you know like we will happily take on if good but matter two key points in this thread and deficits were not caused by tax cuts the pieces detailed summary logs very readable but it's terrific they were caused by france spending number one there was an increase in defence spending the combat the threat from the soviet menace no question about that so that was governed the guy amid spending side there was some increase spending but also inflation inflation was tame during the reagan years due to vultures policies at the federal reserve when in place was teamed peoples incomes and not not right then comes nominal incomes right there's a difference mobile
joe makes fifty thousand dollars mandate buys ten bars a gold that's preferable joe make a hundred thousand dollars which only buys one bargain you see the different right now when inflation was high wages one up and not real wages joe just nominal wages but whose money was worth less what did that do that put people in the carter years into higher income tax brackets who effectively weren't making more money i was making a hundred thousand dollars but only bought one bar gold whereas fifty thousand bought then and now jos being tax that a higher rate even though is really not making more money so one reagan inflation people did not went to those higher tax brackets joe but their money bought more and by not we need to those higher tax brackets matt points out in incredibly easy to read vashon how it the government
eventually lost a little bit of money because they didn't take more of your money because your money bought more and you didn't move into those non inflation adjusted tax brackets a great point read the peace i think you're really gonna like it we appreciate your feedback on it and we're gonna start the contest soon i've been reading all of your emails i have also if you sent into submission in the past a few years after recent it by temperature emails about how your dancin out there percent me males about and it could be listen i'm but a pic six winners many re free sign book in a free copy o brien kemys excellent book jackson the battle of new orleans anything the gym you change the shallow from sierra the fox news that's good i like it i loved but i'm gonna pick six winners you know some people have billy baldwin's some people he i had a guide in work who had had enough and finally stood up for himself at the lunch table and work and told his fell employers as if you know how he felt
obviously it's keep it know i don't want to get any fire or anything like that but i going to pick the sick best emails of stories of people dance and out they'll start a movement anna as you know the graph book and a copy achilles book andrew jackson the battle no one is which is really good pick it up if you get the chance but we'll get on that so i'm gonna go through and we'll get him out of the email you back when i get your address and will send them off hey thanks for tuna folks i really appreciate it i hope you like a show ray and again jemmy your feedback on tariffs i know have you any disagree and that's fine i really hope not delusional you matter to me and i'll just tell me the truth in uniting the truth matters i talk to you just heard tan bonn gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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